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zakia al bottle he was sentenced in 2019 and stripped of his citizenship their release comes after weeks of protests denouncing the living conditions of people in jail there's also been a coronavirus a break in the prison where she was being held and finally they're calling it a pink supermoon has been gracing skylines around the world a superman happens when it all but it's closer to earth making our lunar neighbor appears 7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than normal it's going to be 2 this year the 2nd one is coming in about a month's time. i'm not bothersome with the headlines on al-jazeera the w.h.o. chief has described india's escalating covert 1000 crisis as beyond heartbreaking india has again reported well over 300000 new infections for the 6th day in a row nearly 35000 people have died in april the u.s. u.k.
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european nations saudi arabia and turkey are sending emergency aid the 1st batch of russia's sputnik v. vaccine will reach india on saturday and the world health organization says it's doing everything it can to support india and the situation in india is beyond heartbreaking doubly joy is doing everything we can providing critical to keep meant in supplies including thousands of oxygen concentrator is prefabricated field hospitals and laboratory supplies the u.s. says it's going to release up to $60000000.00 doses of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine to other countries after accusations it was hoarding it follows a call between president joe biden and prime minister in the interim already promising u.s. assistance but it's not clear how many doses will be diverse into india a rebel group in myanmar says it's captured and burned down an army base near the taia border. a court in iran has sentenced british iranian aid worker nazneen
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zacarias radcliffe to another year in prison on the charge of spreading propaganda she was released in march after serving 5 years and charges of plotting against the government u.s. attorney general method garland has announced an investigation into the louisville police department in the state of kentucky law enforcement's face scrutiny over last year's killing of briana taylor a black woman shot to joining a botched raid on their home it's the 2nd such investigation ordered in the past week turkey's president says the u.s. decision to label the mosque killings of armenians during world war one as a genocide is wrong the massacres in 115000 in the final years of the ottoman empire there's a lot of one says us is manipulating a historic tragedy those are the headlines the news continues and all does it after the stream of the by. want to.
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represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material to any country to the conflict and yet we meet with the global news makers about the stories that. are. higher for me ok today on the street how is india coping with its 2nd wave of covert 19 cases a collie overwhelming hospitals medical professionals and health care as what do you want to share with us about what you know is happening in india why is this happening and what can be done about it that is our show today jumping to you and share your thoughts. right now the fear is not there you're going to duck the fire the more will happen if i go in because there is no medicine there is you short of
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the oxygen trust me it's really it's got a good oxygen very do i can't express it in words i am struggling through his last words were you don't get these ping these basic ingredients from my friends and family and trust me i'm feeling most of your kind. thoughts to lisa began sharing what it looked like now in india do it is an image center where people are dying in need and how do i do that better than if we get head there not age oxygen beds i feel really does and what not how do i feel loved and not because i can not sleep when i can only in the fact that there are people we do not end up worse because to get a band they're going to die not to do all of it only god could not afford to manage an oxygen cylinder because he could not afford to only just bit this is the largest democracy i'll be forced to live like this that is a question i want to be putting to our panelists nice to have you nice to have you
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. nice to see you here as well so i'm going to get all of you to introduce yourself to you while what you do away your from please start 1st welcome to the stream thank you for having me although i'm going to practice reserve auto. i've been covering the fact of the 4 of us i'm going to only dance i mean they're good i'm currently in boston. our old university has an even saddle we're writing a book about a pandemic thanks for being with us but it's nice to see you introduce yourself to the stream audience. dr gonna go go. and start this raised in. been working on the front line from last one your been running group would i use you basically. specialist so here's a fun nice to have you with us here on the stream please introduce yourself to our
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international audience. this is a look at islam look for a political party. the party which is literally parked in the country and a member of the parliament and i work for that national spokesperson of the park and thank you dr i am just looking at the ministry of health and family welfare trying to get on the numbers of people impacted remember that last comment are we supposed to live like this what does like this mean i'm looking at the cases here active cases of call up of cove it deaths have gone up of cove aged 19 what is the situation from your perspective dr. frank things are definitely bleak we're seeing a huge huge it's not even know it it's oh well it's a tsunami and we're seeing clearly would be about $2530.00.
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as timid say that maybe we had undergone being me really are not but the way things are right now it's worrisome it's alarming i want to share a part of a report from elizabeth parliament has been reporting in new delhi and she's been going to the hospitals she's been talking to people just to get a sense of what's happening down on the ground here she is. have you found that you are and that is that it. takes over but breaks down as he pleads with staff in india's biggest coded mine hospital to admit his wife much moving them in the family she's line in the back of an ambulance breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder he tells al jazeera they came here after being turned away by the hospitals we live in let's play out of it i have no one else except my wife and child who have left in the world with an acquaintance who is no one to look after
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us we aren't getting a bed and i've tried many hospitals but there's no one around to give us a bit. saw so many people pointing my finger of blame at the government saying the government should do it's not like a year into a global pandemic he wasn't aware of what could happen with a 2nd or 3rd wave so what do you say to those critics. well there's no denying the fact that the cases have saved going to a negative ad that people are looking for a hospitalization and looking for bad but let me assure you know that and let me also inform you that the picture which you have just shown it's it's not like every single hospital you have the similar kind of picture and this must be one of those because we had a because we had all of that we do we just don't show and could be some experience of some people but that's the nation the state government has definitely looking
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day and night and to ensure that all the patients would be a speculation must get girls but didn't have a bed in the hospital and they also get all the systems what they need in the hospital because it is sort of it and then you have no evidence you have a capacity x. and suddenly if you have to figure you explain convos and then sudden all of a sudden well you need to amp up your capacity and then you feel this kind of but if you have got it for a couple of days but everything is going to streamline and i'm sure that going forward all these. girls that you're trying to show to the world is a little become only history because everybody is getting the kind of attention and the government under the leadership of the honorable prime minister has is and we in the situation on. the enemy basis and all this instead which need to be given to the citizen of this great country is being given to the content so what you saw that history of people dying so people dying our history. can you pick up here all
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we're looking at a couple of individual cases all things are weather cameras a pointing this is not or of. go ahead this is all of us in there are suffering and i don't know all i don't know if b.j. these ruling party lives in the same country as the rest of us have this point because this is firstly this is every single hospital in every single city and the 2nd point is that this is a 1st. this is. some experience us of some people in some cities even if it were some experiences of individual cases who happen to be at the hospital when the dust camelot was there. are said to the government were. were not this message out of hand saying that it is a one off just a far 2nd if those are 1st and this is a sudden surge it's not out in storage i reporter for caravan magazine that the
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scientists you know as early as october are by then the prime minister's national scientific nost force they not need all true february and march when they knew that the time that nick was. just treading like a fever through india instead they were holding election rallies and they were allowing pilgrimage and now when the cases that get reported and do get caught on camera are that the g.o.p. has a. standard playbook of this misses this need saved as a one off. and oh well. consarn you know it is that dr carlos said there we put 5 straight days the reported 300000 cases 2500 deaths and all of these are huge numbers of active estimates and flora the problem here at this point is that we have a government which is looking at $2500.00 deaths $35.00 or 330-0000 cases that they
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themselves are and is somehow able to dismiss that as saying it's a one off and it's history. i mean i dismiss quantity of costs yes of course well let's put it's fun to. see that we have not been insensitive dumb and a bit of a sensitive and since i don't we have all of us concerned about a citizen and what needs to be done for our systems and to ensure that they get the best kind of attention and that is already on the plan that started all of them time government functionaries and a mission that is doing that and plea having said that let me tell you that they never made instances i'm not denying the fact that meant that a sudden surge and it's not only exception it will do it to india. same thing have been counted in europe and that's when the sitting got in clearly and united states that yes go back to the history of a few months ago to last given the prospect of what would and haul it completed
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this september and bad process in the united states despite the fact that the united states it used to be number one in terms of the medical infrastructure and the facility and yet there had they have had a high price at that point of time and date it is it is and try to be in a country and fair to blind to pinpoint a country when there is a crisis and i think that the message is loud and clear from the government that we have to collectively work when there is something crisis we have to look at look to really we have to ensure that whatever it needs to be done to ensure that citizen gets the right kind of attention must get must get from the government and such experiences what you have the work you are trying to shut this about the country and it like it's something which should not be explained by the 2nd of his great country and if you want to make this is an exceptional there's always something to talk about let's not let any absolute let's talk about the what people what indians
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are doing to try and help themselves because they are all right now an overwhelming sense of covenantal and money hospitals so this is on child until it is talking about civil society child to walk out how will connect people with for instance oxygen also all get them to hospital and this is her experience how the last. it's not just very real. information also i lot of people hundreds of these. find information they really find them grasping by them because you know going to exhaust certainly in. my risotto i saw his latest model minister you know me how accordingly is he so we are trying our best to verify across very very information so that we do not. start by giving them foreigners who was information in such prying games. so what i'm thinking about is how did we get into this situation because a few months ago i think into
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a few ok we had some very severe lock downs it doesn't seem to be it doesn't seem to impact us as much as other countries considering how many people we have here and it was almost this size of not quite relieved because that's not right for global pandemic but a sense of i think we're going to be ok and then i want to share this with you this is from pato on twitter with a large population i think observing the coded 19 protocols is a challenge distancing sanitizing a wearing a mask is a great deal fumigation of attendance facilities and not don and this might be the real problem though to cover the 2nd wave is that because it's just art to stay apart from other indians is that the positive possibility for why the 2nd life has hit so hard. well i think the reason for our a huge 2nd really was that we got complacent after after the 1st we had come.
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in 2020 we responded really well with the harsh lock down and remounted still have a grip on the cases but then for not for a period of going in i think in january february and march we got going to listen and that is when huge public gatherings happen. as happen you know fairs happen gatherings happen and i think all these lead to a sense of sent off your listeners and people that maybe it was just just a fluke it's all or that's what that's the message that people got and i think that's the main reason for a huge surge this time. beyond our control i'm getting a lot of response when you see the chief thank you so much i know it's the very early hours of thing morning when this live conversation is going out. says the
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situation is really die a here we have acute sort of medicine spreads and oxygen it's so bizarre that anyone is not able to secure all 3 let me share that with vigil for joe because you are also keeping an eye what is happening on the ground in india go ahead the shortages talk about those there is a shortage of everything are anyone who's following the news will not go there are there is now something called or oxygen. that's between steve government this was a health system that was how to get the best and now it's fallen apart the hospitals not all the graveyard awful people are dying faster than the government can count. and. who to say a to talk of shortages would imply that there are certain other things that are out of area of the my again. and in the middle of all of this let me point out there who may lie that the grenade is still on they are working is now beginning the.
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the the crisis not shortage can armies or can you nice solution without the huge the mind that was created for these health services because of the political decisions taken by the beauty of the i nor our stars are saying that they're very sensitive and they're very sincere. and again he called it the star then sarge when neither doc or not are i all excited it's only started for the yippee because they were busy looking at the elections. it's so difficult to get answers from those not only if you don't ask them a question they point the blame look at court happened last year in america our look at what happened in europe how does that absolve what india did this by having the years notice to prepare and then putting people under a very draconian like lockdown and then in milwaukee not colonial let our law court
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academics act to settle a split using power or. biz government has taken every step in the last year against national public health security and at this point when the surge is completely out of control and the lack seems i met a stranglehold every country in the world is trying to act in it that people ask quickly as it can as against india where vaccine a whack scenes are the last expense in the world we are the pharmacy of the world and we are our of x.e. charts our $15.00 to $2030.00 single charge not only india has that kind of money. i still i don't know what the sensitive got a link does because you don't have them at this point i cannot mince words and make be j.p. . you know i not here to get facts the fact is those limited numbers are good and i just want to get it for me of course yeah
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let me just give you some statistics how to start the sticks and i think it is. important for everyone to know that when we demand a something which you can assess based on a day to day experience and oxygen what you are trying to get in there that is a shot to go up to the u.s. so there was a good one but a bit earlier and the one where they don't to do it and there to be a problem here tonight on a daily basis if you just take the average to some that it is 3800 while the capacity in the country and that point in time was so in other 200 metric and we tended to end up with 1000 as i find i do not understand i do not idea what you are actually saying but i do understand this so let me play this to you and then you can tell the families who are looking for oxygen what you actually mean what when you say that because i want this to be a useful conversation so let's let's see people in india who are looking for oxygen
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for their loved ones and then suffer then you can explain what you are saying then we can understand those 2 things how they go together let's have a look. how do you do i took my relative to a hospital but they refused to admit him and told us to take him to a different one but this hospital is not admitting him either oxygen in the ambulance is running out we have a patient here in the middle of the road without any hope of it made him or me i had made a habit but my mother is admitted here and i don't think they're taking good care of her the oxygen supply is irregular and the care is very bad the oxygen cylinders need to be filled up every half an hour they're not even looking at it nobody has come here for the whole night last night her oxygen mask fell off nobody came to check it she was suffering and called me kept asking me to come and put on the mask again they're also not letting me see her i asked them to give me the p.p. kit and i would take care of her. stuff and we've got context and i don't need to explain the context of the things you are in india so when you're talking about
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this it's more about supply a shortage of oxygen how do you explain that to the families. when let me let me give you really got a picture of yes i said in the beginning itself that in some cases some shouted abuse it doesn't have excluded but it is going to sponsor look and that is primarily because of student mine and beyond the capacity of that particular hospital of that particular. normally worked on like they used to 'd keep it and distort so that's why i didn't mind what they were looking to refill it or to do it to sort of from the suppliers and that has taken a little bit longer than the particularly i'm talking about the venue because the government. does not produce oxygen but this sort of from a different part of the location explain what leap is that in the middle if you had all this stations out and the route literally the out so it did take time so that's
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they didn't force planes have been sent to action did especially related to. to. supply oxygen and oxygen to the earth and then it's not going to ship just a 2nd so it may have some shot at well a couple of them but i'm sure that we followed all these issues are being replaced and level of supply in delhi these are the premier league and yet there are some shortages in the never good state but north situation is in control and we're going to betray that it isn't please show us any space apart i do not expect that any will see any more al-jazeera or any of the reports about oxygen shortages that is what you're saying zuffa i think there's something i want to do if you would allow me to do this is what you just push on a little bit because we can speak for half an hour about oxygen or no oxygen let me
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show this to you this is the this is a president joseph biden he's quite had a call with president modi. then there seems to be some progress here and i've certainly seen in the news today the u.s. will send a vaccine materials other supplies to india officials say dr kaka what do you and your of the medical colleagues need what should be the next steps i think the next step should be to focus on basics. had you had a good vaccine development in india that are indigenous maxine's we have called the shooting of collection i think we have not met but need when you do plans expose and i think that once exposed and also indian population is that senior did you would be more and we want the vaccination program to be accelerated act a piece in which the cases are rising and somehow seems like a task that is in human leave that those are really not exact 1st then. dr cohen
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how do you say report 6 percent what or what made you going to this kind of statement you know that 140000000 people have already been accepted at 150 would be but i don't know if it kind of 1000000 people we need to execute in the country so in order to secure them but as i understand your question all this is off our this is after the lesson between someone who's sitting in the g.o.p. and someone who is an honest and he's the fairly just in the i.c.u. and i don't know it was a little or something like i mean i didn't give it everything i did when i got it so this is not at all this is awful what a i myself i'm not going to you know that my you know my it's i'm just simple calculation to make if they're not given that they're going to be honest people who still have access let me get back to the most important person i know i wasn't going to let cannot put up a very. good idea i'm somebody should make this i certainly part of
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a program and this is this is actually going to give permission i mean i did my sponsored letter to credit that. allegedly did i get their ged and out of to come back to me i have never been back to me i guess just so that you can see me so you can see i'm trying to talk to you i did also to talk a while to you and your medical colleagues need i feel that that is a conversation that the overall in part of the pain will be interested to hear so you can target that efforts i have one minute left now please what do you need that 1st question i think it's too much of an enzyme to define and go well close to live from one oxygen cylinder to another oxen to linda we can just live like that because we live under so much of pressure we can't live under so much of and out in public in richmond they're not getting beds they're not getting mental or toes and not getting oxygen we can't live under that that a lot of public because we are ad differently and we need oxygen we need drugs we
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need basic medication we need hospital supply. and this is not the time in which we can raise our hand and say that it's you know we managed to you know break all of the pandemic we could not manage it's just the beginning and if if the attitude of the government remains as such in which they say that you know you've done everything for the public that is that's not enough you have to do more to do better. that is the voice of. oxygen cylinder. release working on that sunlight into. a fine covered 19 and. bring us your experience thank you as well for bringing us of the opinion the work of the thank you for explaining to us what is happening in a why it is so important have a look on my laptop these are people that you should be following on twitter is here. as. is right here and so watching everybody i will see you
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next time on the stream take. me on. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world. there is an emmy award winning investigative program is back exploring the phone in the u.s. . 60 years since last elected leaders palestinians go to the polls but will the elections be free from foreign interference from hostile to hostile more hotels explode political conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the frontlines and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption. may on
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on a hand out is iraq bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera . the situation in india is beyond heartbreaking the w.h.o. and several countries are scrambling to help those india grapples with record breaking cases of coronavirus. on about us and this is all to 0 a live from doha also coming up every fighting in me a lot this time in a border area controlled by rebels from the calon national union. a leading rights
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