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tv   101 East The Return Of East Timors Children  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2021 5:30am-6:01am +03

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fields are appearing again in their territory as are drug trafficking groups putting once again at risk the fragile stability and peace achieved allison the beauty and just. finally that's a regular moon but at the moment we've got a pink super moon which has been gracing skylines all over the world and it is it happens when the moon orbits closer to earth making our lunar neighbor appear 7 percent bigger and 50 percent brighter than normal and they will be 2 of them see it the 2nd one coming if you miss this one in just a month's time. half past the hour these are the top stories india reporting 350000 new coronavirus cases the world's highest figure for the 5th day in a row also it is reported its highest number of daily deaths at 2800 so the u.s. the u.k. e.u.
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nations saudi arabia turkey they are all sending emergency aid even new delhi's regional rivals pakistan and china have offered to help the world health organization says it is also doing everything it can to provide support and the situation in india is beyond heartbreaking w 2 is doing everything we can providing critically keep meant in supplies including thousands of oxygen concentrator is prefabricated field hospitals and. meanwhile the u.s. says it will release up to 60000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine to other countries after accusations of hoarding this is after a call between president joe biden and india's prime minister narendra modi is promising u.s. assistance it's not clear exactly how many doses will be diverted specifically to india. in other headlines israeli security forces a clash once again with palestinians at the damascus gate in occupied east jerusalem police have been stopping palestinians from gathering on the steps after
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prayers a court in iran has sentenced british iranian aide working as a means of gary ratcliffe to another year in prison she was released in march after serving 5 years on charges of plotting against the government this latest jail term comes from a new charge of spreading propaganda u.s. attorney general mark garlands announced an investigation into the louisville police department in kentucky law enforcement has faced scrutiny over last year's killing of briana taylor will be the 2nd such investigation ordered in the past week after a similar probe into the minneapolis police was announced and ukraine's president waldemar the landscape says he expects to meet russia's president vladimir putin soon russia close access to the current straight on saturday and had amassed large numbers of troops on ukraine's border before pulling them back. in with you in half an hour's time when east is next.
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on the channel. last thousands of our programs will be documentaries. subscribed eugene. al jazeera english. who are. these people barely know each other. separated a lifetime ago they don't speak the same language but their families together at last. thousands of children were removed from east timor during the indonesian military occupation. raised as indonesians or abandoned far from harlem and their east timor was lost generation. some way to
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break a family break a person and break a society by taking their most loved members. decades later reconciliation begins. the children are coming home. one o one east investigates a favorite union can heal the wounds of a generation. that's out i don't doubt i will but i love history happening now total. sorrow in iraq either that or i guess i there at. the very least samia putra
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has lived in west java for most of his life but this isn't his homeland fee was taken from war torn east timor as a child in 1977 by an indonesian soldier for. i write in that i love. honor and with aura. around them i said they did this i did a lot of them with the money but i think it. was decided that i could do it if you got out of the. south. and i bet a lot i'm going. to get i mean there will be a visit to walk the what up and i know. room and then i got you know.
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the really tall we've had in mind. or either as an uncle or told us. and i quote this word. one of the soldiers at my job he took a lease hung with him to quit his job and adopted him into his family. he got it out of the law that said i have to leave my. body. so that i want to live on my side as a little bit. faster than we were they said they were headed in the lot of them was when he was the last one on and i was and that was what i did want to have you know as a lot of people. around. this
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soldier changed on these his name to see me a putra meaning son of sunia and educated him in the indonesian school system. in time and he says native language faded along with the memory of his family. danding 2019 after 42 years ago jolt of memory returned with the death of his adoptive father and a visit from a stranger. having. said that. i don't have a loss for. the bus now there are. there. were a lot of waves. i am not to tell you though are they an untidy lia i need to. see how far along in the sound
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of the model is this far as i am. going to learn a lot a lot of the model is the government area a lot of americans may learn that it down the ulema some by the new lands need to learn and it would be a. long unplugging the like ali's nina pinta it says she was abducted from east timor as a child she too had her name changed and was raised in the family of the indonesian soldier who took her. unlike alys nina says she was treated poorly by you know my decided it. was more. that she buys you bundle mass or some new. news or don't draw up on a. yellow card is no longer most unusual but. those in your life you know that shield all. infalling we send in mining is here and you
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said long before you really knew the out of there. maybe i escaped to age 17 and moved in with a friend and changed back to her timorese name her longing for her family haven't faded. by autumn blown up tired to be on time as i. want to say i don't mean. to be given up playing on the monkey and so i get what i want the ad to. be a humanitarian. finally in 2009 i mean his family found her her mother had prayed for their union for 30 years and i am us but again. it was my my be long i want to call with
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this i had been. really pumped wanted of. those at the sea air yes i could as a monument up adela nannie. nina is married with 2 sons she works with an ngo called asia justice and writes to find other abducted children and take them home to meet their families. she will accompany al east as he returns to east timor. busy for today begins his journey. his indonesian family is anxious his wife tika has barely spent a night apart from ali since they were married. elise is anxious to he's only recently learned from a phone call with his brother that his parents died some years ago. harbors for
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their passing. so that's the one up or how. fast they go forceable. great to look at them or mr new. cat i've always thought out that i was happy that if this rather awful lot of california. all. silo rocks and valleys and. already were going to die i think. that. by that point i was a law partner up at the marble. here .
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before returning to east timor alice is taking part in a workshop at a jobs learning center involving. a knife wound up and down. several times on the ground. or. at least joins a group of 14 who like him would take in his children from east timor during the indonesian occupation. indonesia seized east timor after the withdrawal of the portuguese in 1975 and held it through to the 24 years. they were massacres rape and persecution. thousands starved in camps. and children which taken opportunistically at 1st and later as part of
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a state sponsored mission to educate and civilise. i know yeah. maybe in the beginning there was a feeling of trying to save children who were perhaps separated from their families there were many of them who were taken to become operation assistance by guides and porters by the military i'm sure there were also people who took them to benefit themselves. about supervising the workshop is director of indonesia programs galu one detests a minute in there and that it is that the man the money idea and that out and. buy it and then when you got. that idea that i'm going to. get the newly. in someone up until i'm beggin data to come to not only alone
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but. turn up and go. do that to my mind to. those records of are. believed to be going to whatever. might be said to you directly. to the sort of thing to. come to. my body to rest would. be to work bloody. as i was and it was down around where sir you are some world problems with women who doesn't you know. it looks. as if he. is somebody doesn't walk up to. somebody in.
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fewer than 100 people have been reunited with their families in previous years is a widely accepted estimate of children taken is 4000 a job believes the true number could be much higher but. the people that we've been able to find there the survivors they're the ones who managed to find a way need to be loved or to be fair and to find some kind of education or to find some kind of more so that they can survive i think thousands didn't survive meaning as the workshop concludes the group walks down to the beach for some sit. you know it's been on for some of that is a realisation. that
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they were gonna sock it to them. yes but this everybody cyber support of our own. side of our economy you know. a 100 up from i guess everybody. people to want the most. you know he said coming out of something they lost it was a brick i was high up. in this because. in fact. the following morning elise and the others stopped the journey home to east timor. they're now just hours away from seeing their families on the particular. drug i'm in the money with and the money will come in but. there's
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a buzz of excitement and nerves in the group. none of them know is good. quite what to expect. here. that. they touch down on timorese soil. up to decades in a foreign land they hug at last. solemn like manual a met by family waiting inside the vehicle. live now it's a way to know they would think really out. there on their cars and
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moderately chill. a. little. bit. at least as siblings could make the journey here to maintain their waiting in the village to welcome him home and is eager to get going let it.
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day's drive to the mountain region of a knowledge that last saw as an 80 year old. the most welcome. for the part of. the world and saving up. for last. week.
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i was out on. the. minds of what. i was eating at. it's off to do as we arrive in the dry heat of a no or. order to power. obviously is met by his cousin and younger brought up this has been my permanent always need to gary and tony i was just
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a baby when i was taken. thank you all for the body thank you thank. you. i think. in the village there is a welcome ceremony. for me. to go now how to all be in venus salaam about on my own. in the sun yes my modern living. now won't be outside and i don't want to. just. for the low growth of the most of. the local.
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places sisted is in the race ahead we're going to back into the family. and the government says you know the message was if you do you're going to be. here not on the mind of a b.m.i. the person writing about a bad moment to go over there are. going to see. if he's 9 siblings for a here to have died. or was he. going to. get it open for him i found his eldest sister speaks for the family over the. last time here but for all i know good luck last battle has about a star now. i feel like and. then either you know how how i. mean down the line and definitely look sad i don't i'm making
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a. alice alice alice. yeah yeah. you see how much higher gold i had as i know i have a few more food. how do i make it there this. all went all my talk back i mean. i miss you but. 6 6 6 6 reconciled with the living now must make peace with the did. he not a lovable francisco the. butt of francisco. any mama clara. than any thing and the next aware. that any luck at all michael.
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i'm not sure about back. but if you want to stay. but if you can. get pretty good boarding. i'm not born then. there was born. in the shadow of the church where he was taken 43 years ago and. tries to take it all the. grasses and. many are going to do. you say a higher. evil. monkey.
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there be good on ya game. happy. to hear our. past is happy with the amount of the rain. oh yeah the valleys got mandia needham grew out of the i am nice that mongolia. got now the goodness must i am some idea. that feeble exams i might make us and some of the. man out of our cialis you need to go sad that i'm sayin you are i and. look on are not. in me. to. leave in the. healing in the.
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nina lives with his family and travels east to see her mother. it's been more than 10 years since they were reunited. for a long time visiting harm was a big deal now it's almost normal. for the media.
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and i'm. not going. to the north is the beach where nina saw her father for the last time. in 979 her parents were forced at gunpoint to give her away. as i was upset. that the more it. up i say.
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so and that is them but i have. to get rid of. those so. it was. somebody who was i. it is in the running. on. those photos and that is the set up again. for some timorese memories like these are all that remain of their parents and a childhood they were forced to leave behind. others there's still
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a chance to reunite with their loved ones but time is running out lost generation. port moresby the capital of new guinea is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world one no one east investigates the violent against the stealing feel on the streets. there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places the state. really invests in and that's a privilege as a journalist. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you stand on cancer culture. the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution
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get organized what are world leaders or governments missing talking about targets like 2040 or 20. up front with me. on al-jazeera. the situation in india is beyond how to ricky the w.h.o. and several countries are scrambling to help as india grapples with record breaking coronavirus cases. i'm about this and this is all it is either live from doha also coming up heavy fighting in me in ma this time in an area controlled by rebels from the counter national union.


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