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desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 known for d. the state's health experts and environmentalists and things wanting for months of the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on dogs because of the 19. oxygen equipment and vaccines the world rushes to help india recover cases hit another record high the w.h.o. says the situation is heartbreaking. come out santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera supply to meet the demand the u.s. will make up to 60000000 doses of the astra zeneca bank seen available to countries in need. also another year in prison for the british iranian aid workers and into
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gary run through has been found guilty of propaganda and 1st minneapolis now louisville kentucky u.s. attorney general now this is another investigation into policing after the killing of black woman brianna take. the world health organization is using the word heartbreaking to describe what's happening in india right now for a 5th day it's reported the world's highest number of new covered infections again it's over 350000 and this time with an unprecedented number of deaths 2800 of them the most critical shortage is still oxygen but beds equipment and medicines are also in short supply and the situation in india is beyond heartbreaking w 2 is doing everything we can. providing critical acumen to and supply use
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including thousands of oxygen concentrator is prefabricated more by field hospitals and laboratory sop loyce. doctors in india fear the worst is actually yet to come elizabeth per animal the report from new delhi. india may be experiencing the world's worst outbreak of cholera the 19 but millions of people still turned out to elect to regional leaders in the state of west bengal on monday it's one of 5 states that has held elections in recent weeks despite the drastically rising number of infections that. hospitals across the country are facing a critical shortage of beds and oxygen the u.s. and u.k. have responded by sending life saving medical supplies to india we want to try them all the support because they're close friends increasingly important partners but also we need this kind of international collaboration if we're going to get through the pandemic we don't be safe until we're all safe. once the aid arrives armed
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police are deployed to escort the precious cargo that says regional states accuse each other of stealing oxygen. soldiers god a newly opened 19 care center in new delhi india there are 500 beds so far for the many family members who couldn't get their loved ones admitted to hospitals even fewer people are being turned away being told that they can only be admitted if they have a referral and have prayed registered the center also says that it can't accept those who are critically ill leaving many with nowhere else to go. as many people die because of a lack of help promised on the day and the more he has been criticized for allowing the larger political and religious events to go ahead that led to the government asking twitter to take down dozens of posts critical. of its handling of the pandemic this stems primarily from the fact that this government does not take very
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kindly to criticism its very sensitive to criticism and also from the desire to try and control the narrative as days have gone by this government has come in increasingly. for criticism increasingly from citizens and also i married a idea i may say from from the court. on monday them address high court and this happens he of chennai said india's election commission a single handedly responsible for the 2nd wave of the coronavirus elizabeth piron an al-jazeera you daddy. so indian health officials are increasingly warning about the need for precautions they're really urging people people to wear their masks inside their own homes to prevent the virus from spreading further. if you that i would say that the time has come where we should start one of the masks even inside our homes earlier we used to wear masks while going out of our homes but doesn't
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infections are increasing and if anyone gets infected decide our homes when we should wear masks it will be very beneficial. now u.s. president joe biden spoken to the indian prime minister narendra modi to outline how america is and will help the u.s. and also releasing up to $60000000.00 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine after mounting criticism that it was hoarding them while other countries suffer more from the white house correspondent camille. under pressure from global governments to do more to help takeover dying team the united states is sending much needed medical supplies to india there are a number of areas that have are of great interest and are a great need to india at this point time oxygen is one of them at india's request we are exploring options to provide action in related supplies and we've identified u.s. commercial suppliers of friends of beer that are immediately available to help relieve the suffering of curve in $1000.00 patients in india they've identified rapid
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diagnostic testing supplies personal protective equipment and additional ventilators on monday u.s. president biden called india's prime minister modi to discuss how the 2 countries can work together to protect their populations. india is experiencing one of the worst covert 19 outbreaks the world has ever seen and oxygen supply are short the u.s. and other developed nations have been under criticism for stockpiling vaccine doses while poor countries struggle after weeks of hesitation the u.s. now says it will assist india in boosting its vaccine supply. why 53 percent of the u.s. population has received at least one vaccine dose of them a dirda pfizer or johnson and johnson vaccines and appointments are now easy to obtain but vaccines for america's astra zeneca stockpile have not yet been approved in the u.s. still the bidens of ministration will now make up to 60000000 doses available for
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export to countries like india following a government review before any astra zeneca doses are shipped from the united states the f.d.a. will confirm any such doses meet its expectations for product quality the u.s. is also sending a team of experts from the centers for disease control to help india manage its crisis the u.s. actions are reciprocal india sent the united states assistance in the early days of the pandemic when the us was hard hit now the biden ministration wants to return the favor medical professionals say the u.s. move is a good start but more must be done and what's needed in the long term is quite clear a waiver of all intellectual property patents. that control or that hinder district global distribution of the covert vaccines and other covert related technologies as india battles its covert crisis some countries and airlines have
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banned flights to and from india but the white house says it has no plans to ban travelers from india to the united states can really help that al-jazeera the white house adopted a fountain as the senior vice president of vaccine research and development blue with biologics we speak to him quite often he explained earlier why if d.n.a. approval is necessary in order to export these vaccines. i think there is no holding they shoes that the f.d.a. has ruled that they any medicine should get approval by the f.d.a. you cannot just distribute medicines odd around or go to different countries because if they were they the united states would provide the as the us that is in a comeback seems to david about you want to say ok it's not something that's not good for them medic and whites good for the others so there is really a double edged sword here and therefore what does the oil just have this is that
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and even before the u.s. that has an account vaccine will be provided outside the united states the f.d.a. has to to get the the ok from the f.d.a. to do that so if the is an independent agency that you know sent this that doctors and physicians make the decision so that would be the best approach to it which is really that right that i point at this point the hold up is that related to the timing i think that once the citizen it had finished and then we had also started to eat about some of the same. and various events in europe that gave us a pause and trying to understand exactly what's going on think secondly there is the nature of the protocol you know the clinical trial with us has in it that there are some few mishaps there and i think the f.d.a.
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had a quested or cuts of deployment vision or on to other news on iranian courts has sentenced the british iranian woman not an insecure iraq cliff to another year in prison which was found guilty of spreading propaganda there is outrage from her family and supporters so it's just a month since she finished a 5 year sentence in a separate case paul brennan has the details from london. photos of a smiling and relieved nazanin cigar iraq left last month after have 5 year ordeal seemed nearly over having spent 4 years in jail she spent the final months of her prison sentence under house arrest at her parents' home in tehran wearing an ankle tac to monitor her movements but hope she might soon return to the u.k. were dashed by a new charge of making propaganda and now a guilty verdict which nelson and husband emphatically rejects last time around we're trying to court this time around and. saying you know we've watched this now for a year. we've clearly been and as collateral. and we are still. sick
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are exactly the project manager with the charity the thomson reuters foundation was arrested a tehran airport in april 26th seen after visiting her parents she was later convicted on a national security charge an allegation she has always denied the new propaganda allegation dates back even further this new conviction relates to an event here at the iranian embassy in london back in 2009 a full 12 years ago and antigovernment protesters attended by nasa in iraq cliff at which she gave an interview to the b.b.c. persian service now cements friends and supporters are frankly astounded and appalled that it should be resurrected now for the purposes of this new criminal case in tehran and they fear that there are bigger forces at work here. nazanin is one of a number of jewel nationals in iranian detention many observers draw
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a direct link to a $550000000.00 debt owed by britain to iran for a consignment of chieftain tanks ordered before iran's islamic revolution which the u.k. never delivered there's also the issue of broader sanctions and iran's nuclear ambitions i don't think it's right at all that now isn't in should be sentenced to any more time in in jail i think that it was wrong with it it's wrong that she's there in the 1st place and will be working very hard to secure her release from iran her ability to return to her family here in the u.k. just as we work for all our jewel national cases in iran now as an ins legal team have 21 days to appeal against her new conviction and they've already said that they will pull brennan al-jazeera london to me and mar where heavy fighting erupted at an army outpost near the time border qur'an rebels say they have
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captured and burned down the camp the fighting comes days after regional leaders made a deal with the military or to solve the crisis or try to release the southeast asian bloc assy and had called for an end to the violence against demonstrators. a check on the world weather is next and then. it was very bad people were getting killed daily they'd have you dig your own group then shoot you in cold blood violence displacement and cocaine al-jazeera visits a remote area in colombia where the government is failing to make promises to return families caught up in the conflict. and mexico is experiencing its worst drought in decades we're looking at how people are coping with the dry spell now into its 3rd year. it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored point qatar airways.
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we got the rain clouds now gathering across central and southern parts of china so what's the weather coming through here and it will eventually make its way towards the east china sea and beyond ahead of that sits fine in try high pressure in shots so some pleasant sunshine lots of lovely spring sunshine there for japan as we go for each is day 20 celsius in tokyo a $21.00 in the socket $2170.00 in found out he comes out west the weather that will make its way in secu she as we go on into weather stay much of japan turning increasingly wets showers started to push their way through some wet weather to into north korea that wet weather will push up to the far east of russia bright skies come back in behind me some pleasant sunshine but full of the cloud and rain down towards southern parts of china well combine fall into parts of taiwan but west the weather coming towards hong kong could see a little bit localized flooding as the downpours say tame want to see heavy showers too into south east asia mainly really across india china some weather weather
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coming through here over the next hours and then you see usual rash of showers to malaysia and on into indonesia some showers too into southern parts of india some lovely storms rumbling away here sri lanka could catch a shower would say elsewhere a small that hot sunshine with high temperatures. support qatar airways. we tout the untold stories. we speak when office. because of all sides. no matter where it takes us every foia fear syria gavel myra. and palin and pasha which tell your stories we are your voice your news your network al-jazeera.
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or. the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the w.h.o. chief describing india's escalating crisis is heartbreaking india's reported another $350000.00 un sanctions the 5th day it's hand the world's highest figure. the world health organization says it is doing everything it can to provide support to india additionally the u.s. the u.k. european nations saudi arabia turkey are all sending emergency aid even india's regional rival pakistan's office. and the u.s. says it will release up to $60000000.00 doses of the at street vaccine to other countries after accusations of hoarding it's not clear how many will be soon specifically to india. but stay in the u.s.
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where attorney general merrick garland has announced an investigation into the louisville police department in the state of kentucky law enforcement there is face scrutiny over last year's killing of briana taylor a black woman shot during a botched raid on her home it is the 2nd such investigation ordered in the past week as a similar program into the minneapolis police following the 4 officer derek showgrounds guilty verdict for the murder of george floyd's. the investigation will assess whether l m p d engages in a pattern or practice of using an regie reasonable force including with respect to people involved in peaceful expressive activities it will determine whether l m p d n gauges in unconstitutional stops searches and seizures as well as whether the department unlawfully execute search warrants private homes. it will also assess whether l m p d engages in discriminatory conduct on the basis of race more from rob reynolds in
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los angeles. this is what's called a pattern and practice investigation and has it much as as that phrase sounds it will look into whether the louisville police department has a history of abusive or on lawful practices whether police have been singling out residents there for harris men or process or. stops on the street or other types of police activity on the basis of their race and whether there was any accountability for any police officers who may have done wrong and of course whether whether this was a case of racial bias last week america garland the attorney general announced a probe into minneapolis police just after former officer derrick
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chauvin was convicted of murder in the killing of george floyd last may there is a separate civil rights criminal civil rights investigation underway into the brianna taylor death that will not be affected by this larger probe into the city and the police department i think that from what america arlen said it looks like a focus will be on the practice of executing these so-called no knock warrants and what happened in the case of briana taylor was that the police did not really announce themselves they burst into her home and had guns drawn and. did not really identify themselves according to some witnesses. turkey's president's responded to the u.s. decision to label the mass killing of armenians as genocide as massacres in $1015.00 happen in the final years of the ottoman empire project typer one says the us is manipulating
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a historic tragedy which upsets turkey and hurt relations. kinda argue a lot of misery is just not as you hardly know it is true that these incidents were unfortunate similarly the muslims have also witnessed unfortunate events on these lands these tragic events cannot be manipulated by the west we as a people as a government cannot manipulate any of these tragic events more from our correspondent wrestle in istanbul. this is a continuation of the strained relations or turkish turkey and the usa so the 2 different approach to regarding security issues of today's 2 major nato allies are the source of the friction so us governments have been critical to particular over several issues but the chief among them are the turkish military operation in syria and also turkey's pushes a russian made as $400.00 missile systems which are not compatible with nato but
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i'm going to say is that the 1st military operation in syria was against isis to clear its border from isis and the following 2 major operations were against it why p.g. which is the p.k. case optional 30 says that it has lost 40000 obvious isn't in the fight against the people here and us is supported to take it is becoming a national security threat well i can say that the turks american relations went through obs and downs several times through the but these 2 countries knew how to manage their relations badly he's a peach also stressed that he's going to meet president biden face to face in in the nato summit during jury during the nato summit in june and he's going to convene his masters and concerns to biden face to face as well ukraine's president valda means a landscape says he expects to meet russia's vladimir putin certain tension between the 2 nations been escalating in recent weeks and russia closing access to the
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carrot straight on saturday it had also amassed a large number of troops on ukraine's border before pulling them back child stratford has an update some the situation from an area of home in ukraine. ukraine's president followed made zelinsky says it is likely he will meet with russian president vladimir putin to discuss the conflict in eastern ukraine zelinsky also saying that both sides were at the finishing line of an agreement for a new cease fire now this comes of last week president putin saying that selenski was welcome any time in moscow to discuss lateral relations putin said he wasn't prepared to discuss the situation in eastern ukraine instead the russians are insisting that ukrainian leadership speak directly to the separatist leaders in eastern ukraine and that is something that ukraine has so far always staunchly
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refused to do you know the developments the ukrainian president told the financial times newspaper that he was looking for western support in order to potentially change the minsk to agreement this agreement was signed in 2015 it is a series of proposals that have failed to establish a last thing cease fire and of course a permanent political solution to the conflict in eastern ukraine reacting to this interview that it may putin's spokesman dmitri peskov said that it was a another alarming signal from ukraine he said that it would be impossible to modify means to without putting an end to it so perhaps another sign that these recent tensions between russia and ukraine and all soviet. israeli security forces have clashed once again with palestinians at the damascus gate in occupied east jerusalem police of been stopping palestinians from gathering on the steps after prayers and confrontations have been taking place there for the past 2 weeks since
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the start of the holy month of ramadan. israel also authorize the use solve quote a major military response against guards if rocket attacks continue several have been fired over the past 3 nights no group actually claiming responsibility but israel is blaming hamas and has restricted the fishing zones around gaza dozens of migrants have been rescued after they tried to swim from morocco to the spanish. but $100.00 migrants set off from the beaches in northern morocco aiming to swim the few kilometers north to which is one of 9 populated spanish territories in africa spanish police say some manage to reach the area on their own while most were rescued they set off in groups of $20.00 to $30.00 people including several children they will complete quarantine for coronavirus before their asylum applications can begin now
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a worsening drought in mexico is reaching critical levels across large parts of the country and the capital of lack of rain water has led to some of the worst conditions residents of experienced in 30 years manuel reports from mexico city. on the outskirts of mexico's capital extreme drought conditions who force locals to travel long distances in search of clean water. here in a county big it's mostly donkeys who hold water up the steep hillsides at a lever that we use it to wash dishes and to drink right now it's difficult to bring water up here what i brought right now is for the whole day tomorrow i'll take another trip. it's the 3rd year in a row that a long dry spell has caused water shortages in central mexico. few places are escaping the impact even the ancient wetlands of sochi meat rich in culture history and biodiversity are under threat from the extreme drought which scientists say is
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affecting 85 percent of the country. scientists say climate change is altering rain patterns in the region the federal government says that drought conditions in at least 7 states are considered extreme. a drier climate has also meant more forest fires mexico's national disaster management agency says the 2021 fire season has been the most destructive in recent years. with supplies strained authorities in mexico city are urging all residents to do more to conserve. does a decent fundamental cause is to me to want to consumption in the face of these drought that practically impacts the entire north central part of the country take extra precautions against forest fires. and as a drier hotter future looms experts predict natural water availability in the capital to fall by almost a 5th by 2050 al-jazeera mexico city
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a decade after the implementation of a landmark law in colombia returning displaced families to their properties remains an uphill battle so a fraction of the lands been assigned and few projects have even been established a sound program yet he reports from the amazonian region of put the maya. since recovering his land because of me sam has been betting on peppercorns and heart of homes to rebuild his life it is up to me and for 7 years he and his family had to abandon their home after being caught in the middle of violent confrontations between fight rebels in colombia sparing military groups that took over is land. it was very bad people were getting killed daily they'd have you dig your own roof then shoot you in cold blood we had no option but to leave. years later a judge recognized his rights to his land issuing an order of comprehensive ripper rationed like most farmers in this remote region on the border with ecuador he used
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to grow coca the basing region for cocaine but now he's hoping that with the help of the government is new legal in there will be successful where you go to launder situation helped us to return reestablish ourselves and start growing this which seems to have potential we've rubel to khalid's and even if we don't make much of him i'm not worrying about my children's anymore. his return is a relatively successful story in one of the largest reparation processes in the world 7700000 have been forcibly displaced by the conflict 10 years ago a law was implemented to return legitimate owners to their land and 4 years ago a peace deal with 5 rebels promised a comprehensive rule reform but the process is stagnated as the cologne be in state failed to stop the reemergence of bile and initiate true reforms. i
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have a land fund of 4000000 he tends to return we have executed team pursuit it's a complicated process and it's the violence the lack of titles and one without any real president at this scale abandoned houses still dot the land here a reminder of just how difficult to show are in parts of the country where the reasons behind the violence of the past persist and much of the land has never been registered. political professor daddy of the heart of the who has studied the issue closely says powerful interests that control the land don't want to process to advance market more than 40 percent of transactions in the country are not registered which makes land grabs easier and we have one of the wast concentration of property in the world and we need to connect these remote regions. to the rest of the country road channel porch unities. back at the farm close in his family are worried because coca fields are appearing again in their territory as are drug
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trafficking groups putting once again at risk the fragile stability and peace that achieved allison the beauty and just see the value of this. finally that's a regular moon but at the moment we've got a pink super moon which has been gracing skylines all over the world and it is it happens when the moon orbits closer to earth making our lunar neighbor appear 7 percent bigger and 50 percent brighter than normal and there will be 2 of them see it the 2nd one coming if you miss this one in just a month's time. half past the hour these are the top stories india reporting 350000 new coronavirus cases the world's highest figure for the 5th day in a row also it is reported its highest number of daily deaths at $2800.00 s. so the u.s. the.


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