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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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'd 0. 08 this is the news hour live coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u.s. announces that it will release up to $60000000.00 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine after criticism it's hoarding shots while other countries suffer. india's again reported the world's highest number of infections and a record number of deaths all spittles and funeral services are overwhelmed.
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president says the u.s. recognition of the mass killings of armenians as genocide is groundless and unfair . of course in iran her sentence the british iranian a work at nasa means a guy radcliff to one more year in prison the u.k. calls it inhumane and unjustified. and it's been a historic night at the oscars cloues out becomes the 1st asian woman to win the best director award as more women and minorities win top prizes. i'm german ashworth sport is pressure builds to scrap the i.p.l. cricket torment amid a surge of current virus cases in india and ramadan coaches intervenes and says it would be absurd if they were kicked out of europe are trying to set up a breakaway super league. the coronavirus pandemic is getting worse in countries around the world and
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governments are struggling to provide vaccines for their people well in the past hour the united states announced it will release up to 60000000 doses of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine for export in the coming months the job is yet to clear the us federal safety reviews though the country is current the country currently struggling with the most with coping 19 is of course india u.s. president joe biden spoke to india's prime minister narendra modi and pledged emergency assistance i speak to our white house correspondent can be harkat so kimberly looks like the u.s. have given into this pressure to release those astra zeneca vaccines. that white house press secretary shinseki talking about it in her briefing which is still ongoing was the decision of the by the it ministration that is your right has been under pressure for some time now to share its stockpile of vaccines with poor
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countries or countries that simply don't have enough of course india being one of the experience and one of the worst crisis with respect to covert 19 says this pandemic began and so as a result their decision has been made to release not only these doses but also the raw materials to be able to produce the astra zeneca vaccine which is known as copa shield in india moving forward now this is not the only material that's being shipped we also know that the united states is sending over ventilators it is sending over p p e that is personal protective equipment and also rapid test the feeling is that in the united states where the astra zeneca vaccine is not given because it has not yet been approved for use in the united states there is a portfolio of vaccines that are working well here in the united states in fact just moments ago we learned that now 53 percent of the u.s. population has had at least one dose of either fives or modernity or the johnson
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and johnson vaccine now the facts are the point that the vaccine that will be shipped to india has not yet been approved in the united states the white house press secretary offering some reassurance there about quality control saying that before any of these shipments are made that these vaccine supplies will be checked by the food and drug administration to assure what the united states is always referred to as the gold standard when it comes to quality in terms of what is being said to india and kimberly president biden has also reached out to the indian president in a phone call has been a what what what what what the details of that. yeah just learning about that call as to what we know is that the united states is pledging it support something that the u.s. president affirmed in a phone call saying that the united states wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with the citizens of india take a listen to what the white house press secretary had to say the president spoke
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today with prime minister modi of india committing that the united states and india will continue to work closely together in the fight against cove it the president pledged america's steadfast ongoing support for the people of india who have been impacted by the recent surge in the cove in 1000 cases i should point out that the us actions are reciprocal because roughly a year ago when the us was grappling with the crisis very similar stage as india is in now it was india that came to the assistance of the united states the united states now trying to return that favor many thanks for the for us in washington. well india is in the depths of its worse health crisis in its modern history it's again reported the world's highest number of new infections a month ago india reported just more than $62000.00 new infections compare that to
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sunday's figure 353000 let's look at the death toll 4 weeks ago 291 deaths were reported in a single day on sunday it was more than 2800 the highest daily figure anywhere in the world well apart from the assistance coming from the u.s. several other countries are also offering to help even india's regional rival pakistan has withdrawn and has the very latest from new delhi. india may be experiencing the world's worst outbreak of cholera that 19 but millions of people still turned out to elect regional leaders in the state of west bengal on monday it's one of 5 states that has held elections in recent weeks despite the drastically rising number of infections that. hospitals across the country are facing a critical shortage of beds and oxygen the u.s. and u.k. have responded by sending life saving medical supplies to india we want to try them
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all the support because they're close friends increasingly important partners but also we need this kind of international collaboration if we're going to get through the pandemic we don't be safe until we're all safe. once the aid arrives armed police are deployed to escort the precious cargo that says regional states accuse each other of stealing oxygen. soldiers god a newly opened 19 care center and new delhi. there are 500 beds so far for the many family members who couldn't get their loved ones admitted to hospitals even fewer people are being turned away being told that they can only be admitted if they have a referral and have pre-registered. the center also says that it can't accept those who are critically leaving many with nowhere else to go. as many people die because of a lack of help promised them that in the more he has been criticized for allowing
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the large political and religious events to go ahead that led to the government asking twitter to take down dozens of posts critical of its handling of the pandemic this stems primarily from the fact that this government does not take very kindly to criticism its very sensitive to criticism and also from the desire to try and control the narrative as days have gone by this government has come in increasingly for criticism increasingly from citizens and also i may say from from the court. on monday them address high court and this happens who have chennai said india's election commission has single handedly responsible for the 2nd wave of the coronavirus elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. neighboring bangladesh is closing its land border with india for 2 weeks in response to the outbreak there on that as she nationals in india will be allowed to
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return home as long as they meet strict travel and quarantine rules and travel between the 2 countries is already suspended bangladesh has reported more than 740 cases and at least 11000 deaths and in pakistan that concerns the rising number of cases in india may spell across the border it's requests for the help of its military to stop the spread of the virus before a nationwide lockdown becomes necessary from islamabad has come or higher. august on edge in the grip of a 3rd wave of the corona wire a spent demick it had already claimed over 17000 lives and there are over 88000 active cases according to some estimates there pakistan and north a bill to control their strength it may have over 28000 beds and the next 2 months and out of call killed or danger of a more deadly wary and one that is sweeping india cross into pakistan israel now
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the budget county government has requested the military to come and help the civilian authorities under a constitutional clause they of course will be enforcing the s.o.p.'s ensuring that everybody wears a mosque and maintain social distancing but this is going to be a difficult task the medical fraternity a lot of radio was strafed and 30 and a ventilator in an oxygen capacity and requirement it's already reaching its big buckets and does not contain this particular pandemic in time it may see a situation the likes of which are just not seen before perhaps even as dangerous as next door india what is important now for the government to ensure that they're able to bring lockdowns back into the country so far that a partial lockdown interprovincial transport is affected except for the good transport that carry essential commodities all for sale of course have restricted
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their timing the government of sent a laundry to close all fitted and workspace in an educational institution and the oto today's are keeping a close watch on what happened next district in the high before to inquire province have registered up to 40 percent politics gates said and that of course means that pakistan may not have any other option but to go for a complete lockdown in order to mitigate this crisis. the european union is suing pharmaceutical company astra zeneca after delays in the delivery of covert 19 vaccines it's accuse the company of breaching its contract to supply enough jobs for the block astra zeneca says the legal action is without merit and that it has complied with the agreement natasha butler is in paris she explains why the e.u. is making this move they might be wanting to put more pressure on the british
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swedish pharmaceutical company to speed up the delivery of its doses they've also come under quite a bit of criticism from member states for the slow rifaximin roll out in the e.u. which is seen very much as being the commission's responsibility the commission saying that that slow rollout was in part due to the fact that they just didn't have enough astra zeneca doses at least not the ones that they said they were promised 30000000 doses of astra zeneca were delivered by the company in the 1st quarter the year that's for sure of the $120000000.00 doses that the e.u. commission say were promised under the contract that it signed with astra zeneca now that is why they're launching this legal action the u. commission says that astra zeneca simply breached its contract and also failed to find other ways of making up the shortfall for example the commission said that
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astra zeneca could for example have diverted doses from the u.k. where those doses were being produced to the e.u. when needed now astra zeneca has responded to this legal action they say that there is no merit in it and that they look forward to being able to clear their name in court. after a 3 week long down students in france have returned to primary schools that's despite a recent increase in infections president in money says the decision may help fight social inequality is parents who struggle to pay for child care will be able to get back to work but some fear it could lead to a rise in cases france has reported more than 5900 new infections in the last 24 hours. cyprus has entered a 2 week lockdown to contain a new wave of infections but he will accept vaccinated tourists from 65 countries starting from early next month they won't need
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a negative kovan 1000 test all to go through a quarantine in italy for the 1st time bars restaurants cinemas and concert halls have partially reopened and the prime minister is promising europe's biggest postcode stimulus plan to modernize the economy needs back reports. in the countryside around rome the fields are brimming with. agriculture help sustain italy throughout the pandemic with the sector continuing to operate almost as normal and now ecological farming's at the heart of italy's cove it recovery plan the government scheme to capitalize on what the country does well. with our products are better than ones from other countries we can count on our exclusive top quality goods but we must improve our transport networks and do more to allow us to be competitive internationally. life is tentatively returning to italy shuttered towns with bars restaurants and concert
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halls partially reopening on monday but the new national unity government says italy needs not just to reopen but to radically restructure to escape the worst recession since the 2nd world war prime minister mario draghi the former head of the european central bank promised m.p.'s an economic. i'm sure that only stay intelligence and hope for the future will prevail over corruption stupidity and vested interests this isn't reckless optimism but a show of trust in all italians i mean if the plans are approved by m.p.'s at home they'll go to the european commission in brussels italy's been promised $230000000000.00 in e.u. grants and loans the largest chunk of the entire blocks $900000000000.00 recovery fund for the commission wants to see proof of massive investment in new infrastructure and green energy projects among them plans to lay one of the world's
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1st graphene enhanced runways at rome's airport seen as a more resilient and eco friendly alternative to asphalt billions will be spent on education and health care in some of the poorest parts of the country and the driving force of italy's economy tourism will gain a much needed by. used after the pandemic turned popular holiday destinations into ghost towns the challenge is to be able to even bloom and in a few specific reforms. are free more. rockets see you know to be able to implement public investments and for profit investments. but no everyone welcomes the e.u. some volved and workers from the countries cash strapped line alitalia on the government to abandon talks with brussels over a planned overhaul for the airline workers say favors of foreign carriers before the pandemic italy was struggling with rising unemployment rampant tax evasion and
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a sluggish legal system the government insists italy can only reform with e.u. support turning the crisis into an opportunity to build but better. al-jazeera. ahead on the news hour including. family members of the current sunken internation submarine pay tribute to their loved ones. and we'll introduce you to the camel in pakistan trolling between villages to provide learning opportunities to out of school children. and pressure grows to council cricket india's premier league and the surgeon coronavirus. president has officially responded to the u.s. decision to recognize the mass killing of all minions as genocide
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a mosque has occurred in 1950 injuring the final years of the ottoman empire president says the u.s. is groundlessly exploiting pos tragedy which is upset turkey and damaged relations . when there are a lot of. you are you know it is true that these incidents were unfortunate similarly the muslims have also witnessed unfortunate events on these lands these tragic events cannot be manipulated by the west we as a people as a government cannot manipulate any of these tragic events. corresponding resource has in istanbul reso bring us up to date what else did president at one have to say . well he just simply worldly better much heavily criticised by the censor. gunderson belittle business and tech is ready to or cannot these archives over the issue and the us also should do the same but here which should see that this is a continuation of the strained relations of turkey turkey and the usa so the 2
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different approaches to the guard and security issues of today's 2 major nato allies are the source of the friction so us governments have been critical to particular were several issues but the chief among them are deterred his military operation in syria and also turkey's pushes a russian made as $400.00 missile systems which are not compatible with nato but i'm going to say is that the 1st military operation in syria was against isis too clearly its border from isis and this is the following 2 major operations were against the y p g which is the p.k. case. and so picky is on the totem lease or the usa but here though on the other hand it's an option is getting the support from the u.s. and turkey says that it has lost court t thousands of its citizens in the fight against the care and usa supported ticket
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is becoming a national security threat also purchasing the russian story russian made missiles also was not an option of the season but rather it was a necessity because nato and the usa rejected turkey's demands to get the turkish sort to go get the nato systems well i can say that the turks american relations went through and downs several times through that but these 2 countries knew how to manage this is a nation's going in his appeal which also stressed that he's going to meet president biden face to face in in the nato summit during sort of during the nato summit in june and he's going to convene his masses and concerns to. biden face to face as well or so subtle for us in istanbul thank you let's get more reaction richard gosia joins us live on sky from yerevan in armenia he's director of the regional studies center and independence think tank what do you make of the
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comments today describing the u.s. president's declaration that the killings of armenians as genocide is groundless and unfair world to be honest in many ways i'm not surprised but i am deeply disappointed because what this message was was a message of moral clarity from the united states a vindication of the armenian genocide which wasn't necessarily vindictive for turkey it was very new once and it goes demonstrate that geopolitics is no longer the excuse for avoiding a difficult history what did you think of president wants comments about the fact that u.s. the u.s. president made this declaration as a result of pressure from radical armenian groups and anti turkish circles in the united states. well another sign of disappointment here because in many ways president biden was simply following the voracity and the accuracy of history it
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was a moral imperative and i do think president orbit gone is in in many ways attempting to blame the victim in refusing to move beyond the armenian genocide at the same time or the gone through he has been very good lately at losing friends and of making enemies and i do think whether it's jail political prisoners or journalists we do have to turn the page and move beyond the rhetoric in the bellicose statements. why is it so important to me and set the price that president bite and recognize the genocide when it was literally it is and it is something that happened a very very long time ago well the significance of the relevance is directly rooted in the fact that the reaffirmation of the past is an important way to reassure there is no repeat of genocide in other words this was
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a precedent in terms of the uplink ability the relevance to genocide from rwanda to cambodia as well and secondly it was an attempt by president biden to restore our marriage good to the moral high ground after unfortunate years and setbacks ongar of the trumpet ministration. i can't really get to get your thoughts rich had given speaking to us that from yerevan in media. and the rain in court has sentenced the british iranian a. guy right cliff to another year in jail cigar rockliffe was released in march after serving 5 years on charges of plotting against the government the latest jail term comes from a new charge of spreading propaganda against tehran she and her family have always denied the allegations against her paul brennan is in london with the reaction
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there. universal condemnation of this move from senior politicians i mean the reason why i'm here outside the iranian embassy is because it's here in 2009 that now isn't in iraq i have attended government rally and anti government protest and join the protests gave an interview to the b.b.c. persian service and it's for that 12 years later that the iranian authorities have now prosecuted and convicted her for what they say is propaganda against the iranian islamic republic the reaction let's start with the foreign secretary dominic robb who said it was totally inhumane and wholly unjustified decision to come to this this conviction and we continue to call on iran to release nelson immediately and the prime minister boris johnson then subsequently added his voice to the chorus of outrage i don't think it's right at all that nice clean should be
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sentenced to any more time in in jail i think that it was wrong if it's wrong that she's there in the 1st place and will be working very hard to secure release from iran her ability to return to her family here in the u.k. just as we work for our. national cases in iran and the government will not. stop we will redouble our efforts and we're working by may say with our american friends on this issue as well a husband richard radcliff said that it was clearly a negotiating tactic he said by the iranian authorities to prosecute and convict in this way and there is a glimmer of hope the lawyers for. now have $21.00 days in which to lodge an appeal they've already said that they will lodge an appeal on the grounds that it's taken so long to bring this prosecution so long after the alleged events took place.
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now to a historic sunday night at the oscars. chloe's hour has become the 1st woman of color on the 2nd woman ever to win the best director award this year they were the most dominations ever thought of women on ethnic minorities both in front and behind the camera is there as well but also reports now from hollywood and the oscar goes to. no man's land no man's land dominated the 93rd academy awards the film won best picture its star frances mcdormand best actress and director chloe xiao best director the 1st woman of color and only the 2nd woman ever to win the category so this is for anyone. who have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves and to hold on to the goodness in each other. in the critically acclaimed film
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mcdormand plays an aging widow up rooted by economic change traveling the back roads of the western u.s. in a battered van it's her 3rd oscar. and i like work. thank you for knowing that and thanks for this. anthony hopkins the father in a surprise anthony hopkins won best actor for his role in the father many hollywood observers thought the late chadwick boseman who passed away last year from cancer at age 43 would be chosen for his dynamic performance in monterrey nice black bottom. is not a question of barn is a noun dinosaur question of resistance to fast ism or not exists is what do your parents as well why performers won the top prizes 9 actors and actresses of color were nominated for awards the winners included daniel kaluga for supporting actor in judas and the black messiah and yo jewel use as supporting actress in the nare
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i'd like to thank to my 2 boys who made me pull out and. so. did out the stand oh i did. it this is the visa because the money will kill. the scene of the best international feature award went to another round from denmark it looks at how alcohol impacts relationships. due to the cold at 900 pandemic the traditional red carpet was downsized and socially distanced a severely limited number of nominees and guests were allowed inside the venue at ellie's union station with cold and tested participants rotated in and out during the show. the show's television ratings in decline for years were predicted to be its lowest ever. that's represented but there were some fun moments like week
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dormant howling at the moon oh. oh oh oh oh. and glenn close doing the rope shaking dance in a sparkling blue dress. the movie industry is going through sweeping changes as streaming video rapidly overtakes cinematic releases of films but with all that the oscars remain hollywood and the film industry's most sought after prize and it's likely to stay that way for years to come rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles let's get more on this don al hunt is the dean and professor of sociology and african-american studies at u.c.l.a. is also author of hollywood's divesting report for the university he joins us on skype from los angeles many thanks for taking the time to speak to us and al-jazeera what did you make of the oscars last night didn't take the right divesting boxes for you. well you know i think the us has
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a side show the important connection between what may be a history and work gives recognize you can you know ask is it did not make me diverse that homes in this year of course was one of the most the roshi years in history in terms of you know people of color and women in front of the camera behind the cameras he says we showed in our a good person belief last week and sure enough we have a huge number of nominations and we got you know a record number of robot wars the 1st 'd one a co-director to the 4 major acting categories who won but people of color and that's that's significant too big prizes best actor and actress didn't go to act as of color was that disappointing. you know some were controversial because the black messiah both of the actors they were were kind of considered in the supporting actor category there was no best best actor category you know so for the controversial no i think that some of the other nominees like chapter bozeman.
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so yeah it's a bit disappointing but not surprising given the history of the oscars but i think he did pick up some moves in other categories that were significant katie there has been some change but do you think i've old hollywood is doing enough to fix its track record when it comes to divest. you know it's definitely a continuing struggle we've come a long way baby boomer hollywood versus we're now 1614 we've seen a major uptick you know loser people of color of women 1st in television but most recently back in 2028 years and usually years because of the pandemic and the closure of the years and the rise of streaming we saw for the 1st time people of color reaching the poerson representation on the baby rolls in close to the corset representation leads so that's significant and i can't understate that it remains to be seen whether to continue once we start going back to business as usual in
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terms of some of the think there is a film produced we need to do a lot more work and it can work in terms of executive suites and the work of the people of color even women trying to get into the industry whether it is to work in front of the camera behind the camera and makeup what do you think it means to see people like the ones we've seen get oscars what does it mean to people that the diverse people. you know how it would i mean deal call it show this is for nothing it is a business but it also has a bigger cultural agency side the images that hollywood produces reflect it back to the nation and kind of gives a sense of news including not so with people of color or women or excluded or martial arts it's almost like symbolic annihilation is that they don't matter or that not as important and particularly when people around the world see these images they you know maybe they're sort of have these sort of assumptions about the
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way america works and significance not so homewood becomes an important player in sort of telling us who we are who we are and here we are we ought to be if of those reasons that this into the business that there is because we are more than 40 percent going out hollywood needs to be reflecting america's realities and telling that sort of us to think coronaviruses change forever the need for cinematic movies those big movies that you need to say in the cinema for. because as you say more of us are now sitting in front of our tavi streaming movies while you know tweeting on office do you think the type of movies being made is going to change going forward. you know that's a great question and we actually explore that in our new report. and the reality of course is technology has allowed us to watch the screen t.v. a she surround sound hole and we don't have to worry about being close exposed to
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everyone viruses in this particular era which is a huge concern i think you know that is something unique about the experience of watching a theater of big screen with other people and sharing that experience so my guess is that there probably will be some adjustments made in terms of the types of say blockbuster superhero films that acquire all the special effects in são that may get into size in terms of the actual lease releases but i think streaming is hearsay i think we're going to see more that remains to be seen exactly what the mix will be i don't think it will be like what we saw this year but you know i don't think that people will be going to the theater as much as they passed at the the mixes of the gunship in the coming years quite interesting to talk to don al hunt stan and professor of sociology and african-american studies at u.c.l.a. . still ahead on al-jazeera. the u.s. policing back on the scrutiny this time in kentucky we'll have the very latest and
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my tens of millions of children a year have reached the age of 10 of without being able to read despite global promising seem privileged. and a record breaking nights for steph curry in the n.b.a. channel will have all the sports coming up. how i was swimming up nicely now across the middle east really starting to build it further north and still some damn weather in the forecast want to shout between the black sea and the caspian sea just around the caucuses. from that it really is more the way of very very warm weather 30 celsius 39 so she's there for baghdad a 41 full kuwait which was the levant said little more pleasant temperatures is into the other the mid to high twenty's over the next couple of days there in
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concert getting up to 13 celsius in doha it does go on throughout wednesday a 40 in dubai just notice a few showers just around the southern end of the red sea so western parts of yemen southwestern parts of saudi arabia along with the hip and holland seeing some wet weather over the next dial so the seasonal rains doing quite nicely of course pushing up towards cameroon into the gulf of guinea era out across the heart of africa as shallow as pretty much where they should be east wet weather there and play schools across tanzania heavy showers continuing to into northern parts of my big northern areas of madagascar but to the south of that of this channel retrial having said that we've seen some welcome rainfall gradually making its way across the southern cape by thursday. but. capturing
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the. you're. there watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour the u.s. says it will release up to $60000000.00 doses of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine to other countries after accusations of hoarding will be available once it's cleared federal safety reviews. india has once again reported the world's highest ever number of covert 19 infections in a single day with more than 350000 cases the u.s. u.k. european nations and even india's regional rival pakistan are sending emergency aid . take as president has responded to the u.s. decision to label the mass killings of armenians by the ottoman empire during world war one as genocide and one says the move has upset turkey.
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to russia now where there looks to be another setback for the kremlin critic alexina vali the prosecutor's office is asking the court to suspend the activities of the foundation for combating corruption which he set up his anti corruption organization is one of several groups that could be added to a terra list 'd that includes isaw and the taliban. because let's use the news you decision ruling that an organization is extremist will lead to serious consequences this is a criminal offense a serious indicted will offense and even people donating money to such an organization could be indicted thing so let's say a person donated 100 roubles he could be indicted. family members of the $53.00 intimations sailors who died when their summering sank off the coast of bali happened paying tribute to the. once a vessel was found at
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a depth of nearly 850 meters and authorities say were trading it will be difficult just to washington reports from jakarta. indonesia central java this father enjoys with no parent should have to as he grieves for his son. was one of the 53 men completing a submarine training exercise in waters near bali when the vessel named k r i n n 402 lost contact and sank his younger brother last saw him 2 weeks ago. but the sea for me he was perfect everything about him was good. you know we're used to work on another submarine but it was recently reassigned to the camera for a 2 in shock and sadness this community is coming together to honor his life indonesia's president joko widodo says the government will raise the ranks of the sailors and pay for the education of their children but.
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the best decisions of the nation the best part she has got to do this of range of the country. for celia's husband was one of the men on board she gave birth 3 weeks ago now she must raise her son without him. i am proud of my husband he did his duty with open heart even when he had to leave me and our small baby he did his duty well he was a hero to this country. in bali the family of captain a get a car to go hopes they will be able to hold a funeral service for him. we pray to god the body of our nephew can be retrieved from the sea so we can perform the rituals. it's not clear if they will get that chance. the submarine was found broken into 3 parts almost 850 meters below the ocean surface retrieving it will be complex and indonesian authorities
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are seeking guidance from international experts. a few months ago the sailors filmed this video said to a song about saying goodbye and seeing someone again thousands have shared the video online as a tribute to them. outside the home of command a hurry said one people offer their condolences to his family. i have to be strong i have to calm my heart many people are helping to make me stronger. in an instant her family was changed forever when karen and girl look forward to disappeared into the depths of the ocean a pain they share with all the loved ones of the 53 sailors on board just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. the u.s. attorney general merrick garland has announced send us a geisha and to the louisville police department in the state of kentucky. law
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enforcement has faced personally of a last year's killing of briana taylor a black woman shot during a raid on a home and the 2nd such investigation or is it in the past week off a similar private into minneapolis police was announced that followed officer guilty verdict for the matter of george threw it the investigation will assess whether l m p d engages in a pattern or practice of using an reg on reasonable force including with respect to people involved in peaceful expressive activities it will determine whether l m p d n gauges in unconstitutional stops searches and seizures as well as whether the department on lawfully execute search warrants on private homes. it will also assess whether l m p b engages in discriminatory conduct on the basis of race. as casey mike hanna is in
9:44 pm
washington d.c. for us mike what is the significance of what garland had to say. what a stemmons freighting very clearly is that the biden administration is going to use the full weight of federal powers to investigating these recurring incidents of police shooting of african americans in particular following on that investigation announced into minneapolis police force now there's going to be an investigation into the louisville peace department now it's important that attorney general merrick garland said as well that he's received full cooperation from the authorities in minneapolis he's spoken to the authorities in louisville and has full cooperation from there so the attorney general is operating with the cooperation of the relevant police department see mention too that the louisville police department has already started reviewing this process policing procedures so this is significant but clearly the biden administration taking every step now to
9:45 pm
investigate each and every police shooting of an african american now in a related case that of andrew brown now this is a man who was reportedly shot in the back by deputies last week in a little bit city north carolina his family are busy viewing the camera footage of that particular incident we'll hear more about that as the day goes on significant though in north carolina the right to view camera footage is not discoverable just out of hand there has to be a court procedure to get that camera footage so it's taken the family a few days to be able to review this footage we'll hear the results of that in the coming hours and he thanks for that mike hanna there for us in washington. charities are warning of a child literacy crisis saying that over the past 6 years almost 400000000 children aged 10 and under a failed to develop basic reading skills a report by save the children and others found un literacy goals set in 2015 could
9:46 pm
be missed data from unesco in the world bank shows every 6 months almost $6000000.00 kids $1010.00 without the basic literacy skills for that age and save the children says the pandemic has only made the problem worse students in less developed countries have been hit especially hard by school closures joining us from los angeles is david mcnair executive director for global policy at one campaign a beg your pardon i believe you and brussels so pretty staggering figures there a you surprised by how bad these numbers are it is truly shocking you know we have a global learning crisis on our hands and this is to put together by mccullagh natasha's sunday at one time here and see the children and others measures the scale of the classes to for the 1st time we can track in real time the number of children who are only able to read and understand a simple sentence. so every day around 200 cyzon children are accepted that number
9:47 pm
could fill the largest football stadium in europe 1st were what is this matter because when children reach it here it's a critical milestone when they should stop learning to read and start reading to learn and that sets them up for a lifetime of self directed learning inhibition and creativity but even they are being left behind meaning the camps are still their potential and what countries are most affected in your set. it's really the least developed countries so particularly in africa about 40 percent of those are affected are in in sub-saharan africa and particularly large populations of these like nigeria but really we're calling for a massive scale up of funding particular head of the u.k.'s g 7 meeting which is coming up more of a focus on improving education quality because without that investment we're feeling millions of children that could become the next generation of doctors that seen soundest or tea partiers and even those that could solve the climate crisis
9:48 pm
and i suppose the covert 19 not helping the situation a tour with so many children having to stay at home instead of going to school. with the pender because let let billions of children out of school and that's frustrating for children and for parents but for children in lieu it can countries yes some have missed around a 6th of their total schooling and for those without internet access there is no access to online learning so this tool estimates that additional $12000000.00 children are only able to read because of the pandemic and we need to respond to that rapidly other ways the effects of that the pandemic on future learning will be felt for a generation thank you so much for your time david mcnair executive director for global policy one campaign speaking to us there from brussels. still ahead on al-jazeera a collision on a capsized on a dramatic day of sailing in bonita that's coming out whatever the sport.
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
or. the side of the sports is gemma. thanks molina around with your coaches intervenes and says it would be absurd for the club to be kicked out of the champions league one of 12 teams you tried and failed to breakaway to form their own continentally last week is players ever pairing up for the upcoming champions league semifinal against chelsea on choose day and that that is not thinking about any possible
9:51 pm
sanctions this subset of bizarre going to sort of enormous it's absurd to think that we won't be in the champions league next year there's a lot of talk about it but the only thing we need to worry about right now is tomorrow's match the rest we can't control i can only give you my opinion that we want to see real madrid in the champions league next year. painters chelsea were another of the breakaway teams their coach thomas siegel understands that fans' frustrations but wants them to get behind the team and he also hit sounds that you a 5 that new champions league format which expands it to 36 teams from 2024 did they ask any about any any coach about this i don't think so they did not ask me to desk any player about it i don't think so so we have so many new formats and we have a nations league and we have a new i think world championship 444 clubs coming soon if so many new stuff and so much more games and we have more teams in the european championship in summer it's
9:52 pm
just more more more more games is not more quality is just more games who should play these games and at the same time we have 33 substitutes here and in premier league in the toughest competitions no i'm not happy about this form and not on. following off mil's involvement in the failed super league some fans that want the owners out and could they be guessing their wish for moscow players to dennis bergkamp and patrick vieira reportedly joining forces with swedish believe that down the back to launch a bid to buy the club is the co-founder of music streaming service spotify and is said to be worth $4700000000.00 but owner stan kroenke he said last week he has no intention to sell meanwhile italian clubs have been warned they'll lose membership of that country's football federation if they join competitions that aren't sanctioned by fee for you a for the maze comes after $3.00 if it's a visa biggest syriac clubs eventis into milan and ac milan were among the founding
9:53 pm
members of the super league which collapsed last week ac milan strikers latin abraham of it is being investigated by u.a. for the having and a legit financial interest in a betting company european football's governing body is looking into reports that he ran with it is a partner in the betting company based in malta if he's found to have breached disciplinary rules he could face a 3 year ban from football and at the age of $39.00 that could effectively end his career only last week it's not i'm signed a contract extension with the lamb till the end of next season tokyo lympics organizers say they will decide how many local fans can attend the games by the end of this week as widespread opposition to the games in japan with tokyo and 3 other japanese prefectures currently in a state of emergency because of that 19 but the tokyo 2020 president says antivirus measures will address all possible issues. another thought. i was surprised
9:54 pm
how fast the time flies as there are less than $100.00 days there are still many obstacles we need to get over with including the virus i won't waste a day to prepare to hold a safe and secure olympics. test events continue to take place in the japanese capital organizes how to paralympics were made as they build up preparations with less than 3 months before the start of the games athletes were allowed to be interviewed by reporters for the 1st time face to face but they had to stick to some strict rules to ensure. the athletes have to take a p.c.r. test in advance and if it's negative they can into the rena there was that also disinfecting and we need to take our temperatures from 2 weeks before at 1st i thought it was troublesome but it's part of my daily routine if we don't do these things in these tournament cannot be held so i think the athletes need to have
9:55 pm
awareness of this and do at least what they have to do myself included in the world's most lucrative annual sporting competition the indian premier league is under pressure to cancel its tournament because of the country's covert crisis despite growing criticism of the governing body of the i.p.l. hasn't shown any indication that the event will be scrapped instead saying the league provides a much needed distraction during a difficult time for india 3 australians have pulled out while the leading indian international has taken a break to help support his family who are fighting cave it some players have chosen to stay including of the world's leading bowler pack cummins and the australian has donated $50000.00 to help purchase oxygen supplies for hospitals is encouraged other players to also contributes to formula one has announced it would debut a new sprint qualifying format 3 races this season regular qualifying will move to friday to decide the starting grid for a mini 100 kilometer race on saturday which in turn that sets the grid for the main
9:56 pm
race on sunday the top 3 finishes in the mini race were also championship points it's believed silverstone in britain and italy will hold these races and one other non european venue. steph curry is arguably the greatest a 3 point shooter in n.b.a. history and he's given us another reminder of why curry deliver the training again in sacramento nailing 11 baskets of from beyond the arc breaking the n.b.a. record for the most 3 pointers in a single month is tally is now $85.00 in a row and he still has 2 more games to go curry finished with $37.00 points to help the warriors win by for collapsing and in baseball how about this for a cat here in the new york yankees it clear. that the effort came in the bottom of the 8th against cleveland but the evening still ended in a 73 defeats for the yankees a very impressive win in the west and finally some drama on the high seas in
9:57 pm
bermuda in the opening race of the seo g.p. season this is on board the u.s. team is japan that crashed into them slicing their carbon fiber hole on one of the lines as they got caught up after the americans a managed to get free they limps it back to shore but the damage from the crash calls the team to capsize ending their race for the day that is all we will support from our be back with more later. thanks gemma and if your week has a need of a little bit of brightening up take a look up into the night sky the 1st super moon of the year has arrived people in australia got an early glimpse of what's known as the pink soup and there it happens when the moon is at one of its closest points to the us typically it's around 7 percent bigger at 15 percent brighter than a normal full moon and if you happen to miss this one don't worry there will be another super moon in may which promises to be even bigger and brighter that's it
9:58 pm
from a money inside for this news hour coming up next stay with us. and . jump into the story there is a lot going on in this. global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we don't want to feed than we are aware that be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we've been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in each
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week be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there a. 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby we've been employing is me going to really going to. reveal secret see you were. sitting out there there are good people out rate you know. and connections some don't want to expose many in legacy media love mass shooting. documents like night al-jazeera investigations house is still a massacre on al-jazeera. may on al-jazeera. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world out there is emmy award winning investigative program is back exploring the fault lines in the u.s. . 60 years since last elected leaders palestinians go to the polls but will the
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elections be free from foreign interference from hostile to hostile more hotels explores geo political conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the frontlines and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption. may on al-jazeera. a growing international response to india's coronavirus emergency the w.h.o. calls the situation there heartbreaking. says al-jazeera live from london also coming up the white house confirms it will begin sharing 60000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine with countries in need. u.s. decision to recognize the mass killings of armenians as gena.


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