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this street on out is the era. if the political debate show that it's challenging the way you think i want it or you to stand on cancer culture. in the range of a few years that you've heard what are world leaders or governments missing we need targets but now up front with me on edge 0. 0. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes india reports a weld's highest number of corona virus infections for a 5th day and a record number of deaths is hospitals and funeral services continue to be overwhelms. the european union has launched a lawsuit against astra zeneca to delays in the delivery of coke at 19 vaccines. a
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court in iran her sentence british iranian aid worker nasa means a guy radcliffe to one more year in prison the u.k. calls it inhumane and unjustified. moscow's new crackdown it's shut down the offices and activities of groups linked to jail kremlin critic. and it's been a historic night the oscars chloe's out becomes the 1st asian woman to win the best director award as more women and minorities win top prizes. on your i guess roster with the sport the pressure grows to cancel cricket indian premier league amid the outbreak of cases there while some players leave topless trading in bowler hat cummins donates $50000.00 to buy oxygen just other stars of the game to do the same . hello and welcome we begin this news hour in india and nations struggling with the
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worst health crisis in its modern history for yet another day it's reported the world's highest number of infections and a record number of deaths a month ago today india reported just more than 62000 new infections compare that to the most recent figure of about 353000 recorded on sunday now the death toll 4 weeks ago 200 $91.00 deaths were reported in a single day on sunday it was more than $2800.00 the highest daily figure anywhere in the world several countries are coming out to help the u.s. the u.k. european nations and even india's regional rival pakistan are sending emergency aid our correspondent is a big problem reports from new delhi. india may be experiencing the world's worst outbreak of cholera that 19 but millions of people still turned out to elect regional leaders in the state of west bengal on monday it's one of 5 states that
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has held elections in recent weeks despite the drastically rising number of infections. hospitals across the country are facing a critical shortage of beds and oxygen the u.s. and u.k. have responded by sending life saving medical supplies to india we want to try them all the support because they're close friends increasingly important partners but also we need this kind of international collaboration if we're going to get through the pandemic we don't be safe until we're all safe. once the aid arrives armed police are deployed to escort the precious cargo that says regional states accuse each other of stealing oxygen. soldiers guard a newly opened 19 care center and new delhi. there are 500 beds so far for the many family members who couldn't get their loved one to. better to hospitals even fewer people are being turned away being told that they can only be
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admitted if they have a referral and have prevented just the center also says that it can't accept those who are critically leaving many with nowhere else to go. as many people die because of a lack of help promised on the day in the more he has been criticized for allowing the larger political and religious events to go ahead that led to the government asking twitter to take down dozens of posts critical of its handling of the pandemic stems primarily from the fact that this government does not take very kindly to criticism it's very sensitive to criticism and also from the desire to try and control the narrative as days have gone by this government has come in increasingly for criticism increasingly from citizens and also i may say front from the court. on monday the high court in the southern city of
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chennai said india's election commission has single handedly responsible for the 2nd wave of the coronavirus elizabeth purana al-jazeera new daddy joining us from new delhi is rajiv dusk attachment of the center of social medicine and community health at j.n.u. many thanks for speaking to us here on al-jazeera let me 1st touch on something we saw there in elizabeth's package you were a community health doctor the fact that millions of people are still turning out. to elect a regional leaders today in the state of west bengal how damaging is that to the situation we're seeing in india in terms of covered. well as we know the election commission has been trying to enforce the standard operating procedures but it's been an uphill task if we talk or person well what's worrying all of us from our lead at this point is
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a 20 percent plus positivity rate and that that that really implies that it did in the ascending phase of the 2nd wave and these as these activities are certainly going to have a role in the transmission so what do you think is going to happen next are we going to see the code situation getting worse in say the rural areas and move out of the cities well several states which are predominantly rural. village at there's going to be. there are also reporting relatively high. values in there and there are value above one implies an ongoing transmission so on an average india's our value is $1.00 virtually all states above one which means that we would need some more time for this book at least a bill is before it slows down so in short all states are in
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a rising phase there would be a difference between the rural areas and urban areas obviously but if the if the experience from some of the states susan. rural areas seems to be somewhat more effective now than in the 1st phase but that is something we need to watch out for let's get into that more because my understanding is there are a number of different strains of the virus in india now as opposed to the 1st time covert struck you have the u.k. strain the south african strain you also have this mutant indian strain which strain is causing the most concern do you think. well. the federal government did well to put together the consortium of 10 national level board trees in n. december so the u.k. strain was identified as early as 28 december the b 1617 popularly the double milton but that's not really the new term to be
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encouraged. the 617 was identified in early february so it is possible that these are linked to the at least the initial rise in cases in. which accounted for to do pretty large states russia being the 2nd most populous state both accounting for anything between 75 to 80 percent of daily new cases till about the end of march or even early april along with another 2 or 3 states which accounted for about 5 percent contribution each to the national new cases so in short it's most likely driven by these new a variance and the other issues such as the election or due diligence congregations and so on the key much later to be honest. so therefore as in all countries 2nd
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so the 2nd lives are led by emerging mutant forms. so now we are talking about vaccines we're getting or india is getting a lot of help from the international community sending across shipments of oxygen or vaccines and so on how effective other vaccines going to be against all these different strains. that is something that in fact the knowledge you send the board to scientists engaged with at this point. is already in the program as we know the 3rd one has received authorization this book from the from the russian groups and and the initial batch of this were new vaccines are going to be directly imported from russia and inducted into the program so we believe that these 3 vaccines which will we have available in the program that were already available
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and that would be strengthened would would certainly have a role in contributing to building up the population level immunity but that's not really the immediate term the immediate term over the next few weeks is about providing medical care and more importantly seamless medical care as the central government today underscored many thanks for your time dusk chairman of the center of social medicine and community health at j. . well neighboring bangladesh is closing its land border with india for 2 weeks in response to the outbreak there bangladeshi nationals in india will be allowed to return home as long as they meet strict travel and quarantine rules and travel between the 2 countries is already suspended unless has reported more than 70700000 cases and at least 11000 deaths. and in pakistan there are concerns the rising number of cases in india may
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spill across the border it's requested the help of its military to stop the spread of the virus before a nation wide lockdown becomes necessary from islamabad he has come on. august on edge in the grip of a 3rd wave of the corona wire a spent demick it has already claimed over 17000 lives and there are over 88000 active cases according to some estimates there foghat standard nord a bill to control the strain it may have over $28000.00 deaths and the next 2 months and that of cartels are danger of a more deadly wary and one that is creeping india cross into pakistan and israel now the bug a tiny government has requested the military to come and help the civilian authorities under a constitutional clause they of course will be enforcing the s.o.p.'s ensuring that everybody wears a mosque and maintain social distancing but this is going to be
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a difficult task the medical fraternity a lot of radio was strafed and 30 and a ventilator in an oxygen capacity and requirement it's already raging it's big if august and does not contain this particular pandemic in time it may see a situation the likes of which are just not seen before perhaps even as dangerous as next door india what is important now for the government to ensure that they're able to bring lockdowns back into the country so far that a partial lockdown interprovincial transport is affected except for the good transport that carry essential commodities all for sale of course have restricted their timing the government of sent a lower rate it closed off its head and workspaces an educational institution and the oto today's are keeping a close watch on what happened next district in the high before to inquire province have registered up to 40 percent politics gates said and that of course means that
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pakistan may not have any other option but to go for a complete lockdown in order to mitigate this crisis. the european union is suing the pharmaceutical company astra zeneca after delays in the delivery of covert $1000.00 vaccines it's accuse the company of breaching its contract to supply enough jobs for the block astra zeneca says a legal action is without merit and that it has complied with its agreement let's get more less we can talk to natasha butlers in paris for us so natasha what is the commission hoping to achieve with this legal action against astra zeneca where you commission haven't been so clear on that but they might be wanting to put more pressure on the british swedish pharmaceutical company to speed up the delivery of its doses they've also come under quite
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a bit of criticism from eve member states for the slow facts out in the e.u. which is a seen very much as being the e.u. commission's responsibility the commission saying that that slow rollout was in part due to the fact that they just didn't have enough astra zeneca doses at least not the ones that they said they were promised 30000000 doses of astra zeneca were delivered by the company in the 1st quarter of the year that's far short of the $120000000.00 doses that the e.u. commission say were promised under the contract that it signed with astra zeneca now that is why they're launching this legal action the you commission says that astra zeneca simply breached its contract and also failed to find other ways of making up the shortfall for example the commission said that astra zeneca could for example have diverted doses from the u.k. where those doses were being produced to the e.u.
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where needed now astra zeneca has responded to this legal action they say that there's no merit in it and that they look forward to being able to clear their name in court many thanks for that natasha butler in paris. after a 3 week lockdown students in france have returned to primary schools despite a recent increase in infections resident in money says the decision may help fight social inequality as parents who struggle to pay for childcare be able to get back to work some fear it could lead to a rise in cases on monday france reported more than 24000 new infections. in italy for the 1st time in months bars restaurants cinemas and concert halls have partially reopened prime minister mario draghi says he's taking a calculated risk he's been under pressure from far right groups and anti lock down protesters italy's infection rates and intensive care missions have fallen the
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coven 19 deaths are still high. cyprus has ended a 2 week lockdown to contain a new wave of infections but it will accept vaccinated tourists from 65 countries starting early next month they won't need negative kovan 1000 test all to go through a quarantine health officials in gaza say they're facing a critical situation in the battle against cove in 19 there's been a surge in young people thought to be from the more contagious u.k. variant the rate of people testing positive is among the highest in the world and vaccines are in short supply gaza already struggles because of israel's long running blockade. plenty more ahead on the news hour including. after weeks of increased tension at the border between ukraine and russia hopes from kiev of a resolution. and the legacy physique of virus in cape verde will meet one mother who was infected while she was pregnant. and take your limpy call nicest say
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they will make a decision this month on how many local fans can attend wild test events revealed special measures to keep athlete say that's coming up which in the sport. a court in iran has sentenced the iranian aid worker at nasa needs a garri ratcliffe to another year in prison cigar radcliff was released in march off to serving 5 years on charges of plotting against the government and latest jail term comes from a new charge of spreading propaganda against iran she and her family have always denied the allegations against her. correspond paul brennan who is live in london outside the iranian embassy paul good to see you what's the reaction been from west minister. universal
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condemnation of this move from senior politicians i mean the reason why i'm here outside the iranian embassy is because it's here in 2009 that nazneen zardari rockliffe attended government rally and anti government protest and during the protest gave an interview to the b.b.c. persian service and it's for that 12 years later that the iranian authorities have now prosecuted and convicted her for what they say is propaganda against the iranian islamic republic the reaction let's start with the foreign secretary dominic robb who said it was totally inhumane and wholly unjustified decision to come to this this conviction and we continue to call on around to release immediately the prime minister boris johnson then subsequently added his voice to the chorus of outrage i don't think it's right at all that knows and should
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be sentenced to any more time in jail i think that it was wrong with it it's wrong that she's there in the 1st place and will be working very hard to secure release from iran her ability to return to her family here in the u.k. just as we work for. our jewel national cases in iran and the government will not. stop we will redouble our efforts and we're working by may say with our american friends on this issue as well and paul what reaction has there been from her husband who i believe hasn't seen it since 2016 and the many others who were for so hard for her release. yes indeed as i say it's not just political reaction family and supporters have been reacting as well her husband richard radcliff said that it was clearly a negotiating tactic he said by the iranian or thora t's to prosecute and convict in this way the thomson reuters foundation for which no one in worked before
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incarceration said this new sentence defies comprehension more for process justice and basic humanity now there is a glimmer of hope the lawyers for. now have $21.00 days in which to lodge an appeal they've already said that they will lodge an appeal on the grounds that it's taken so long to bring this prosecution so long after the alleged events took place and the other thing is that she hasn't gone straight back to prison as i understand it she will not be sent back into jail while we wait for that appeal process to actually take place so some small rest bite but it's not great news. many thanks for that paul brennan there for us in london to russia now where there looks to be another setback for the kremlin critic alexina valmy the prosecutor's office is asking the court to suspend the activities of the foundation for combating
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corruption which he set up his anti corruption organization is one of several groups that could be added to a terror list that includes i cell and the taliban then you use these little possible court decision ruling that an organization is extremely steep will lead to serious consequences this is a criminal offense serious indicted by the fence and even people donating money to such an organization could be indicted then so let's say a person donated $100.00 rubles he could be indicted. germany when abounding spent 5 months recovering from poisoning says the course is not acting in a lawful way. untucked the german government condemned the decision of a moscow court based on a request of the state prosecutors to ban the activities of the valleys organization on suspicion of extremist activity using anti terror laws against political opponents is in no way in line with the rule of law. in very general
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terms our position remains that mr developing must be freed he is in prison even though the european court of human rights demanded russian authorities in february to immediately release him. not looking. no nor his supporters what happens is what'll happen is that later this week prosecutors will ask a moscow court to declare his organization isn't a corruption organization and is affiliated political groups all around russia as extremist putting them on a level with al qaeda in the interim prosecutors of asked the court to make a ruling to essentially stop the activities of those groups while the court decides on a final ruling so we're expecting that now tomorrow on chews day volleys group say that they have stopped the social media postings they've closed that telegram
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channel down they've closed there are the social media groups but they will reemerge under different names they say that they will keep spreading the. message and they will emerge under different names with the problem is that particularly for his political of political groups around the country what they were doing was they were advising people where and how to and who to cast their vote for in elections in a way that would dislodge local representatives of the united russia party that's right emir putin's party this was the only way of recruit reducing the representation of united russia in the parliament now this was a very successful tactic in 2019 moscow city council elections because it was so successful the government was want to see that tactic being employed in elections national elections here in september that is believed to be why prosecutors are asking the court to make that ruling then it's meant that for us in moscow thank
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you. ukraine's president volodymyr zelinsky says he expects to meet russia's vladimir putin soon tension between the 2 nations has been escalating and recent weeks russia closed access to the straight on saturday and had amassed large numbers of troops on ukraine's border before pulling them back ukrainian troops have battled russian backed forces in eastern ukraine in a conflict that kiev says has killed 14000 people since 2014 more than 30 ukrainian soldiers have been killed this year after a recent cease fire collapsed child strife it has an update on the situation from mari poll in ukraine. in another development the ukrainian president told the financial times newspaper that he wanted western leaders to support changes to the mix to agreement now mix 2 was signed in 2015 it is a series of proposals that has failed in its aim to forge
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a last thing ceasefire and political settlement in the east of this country zelinsky also told the financial times that he wanted to expand the normandie format the normally format of the main negotiating partners of france germany russia and ukraine zelinsky saying he envisions a greater role for the u.s. and the u.k. in those negotiations very interesting lee soon off russian president vladimir putin spokes person dmitri peskov described this since if you as an a another alarming signal from ukraine he said it was a demonstration ukraine would like to modify minks this would simply be impossible without putting an end to it so despite this increasing confidence by the ukrainian president that he's going to speak to vladimir putin about the crisis in the east this in no way represents
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a soaring over the relationship and these kind of statements that he's made certainly to the financial times newspaper according to the kremlin are a worrying sign that tension is far from over in this region. still ahead on al-jazeera. international and mental welfare we'll look at the impact of the pandemic on children in the philippines. family members of the crew of the sunken internation submarine pay tribute to their loved ones. and a record breaking name nights for steph curry in the n.b.a. chad will have all the sports sing. how i was swimming up nicely now across the middle east really starting to build up further north as still some damp weather in the forecast want to shout between the black sea and the caspian sea just around the caucuses. from that it really is more
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the way of very very warm weather 30 celsius 39 so she's there for baghdad a 41 for kuwait which was the levant little more pleasant tempus is into the other the mid to high twenty's over the next couple of days there in concept to get up to 13 celsius in the hollow of his go on throughout wednesday a 40 in dubai just noticed a few showers just around the southern end of the red sea so western parts of yemen southwestern parts of saudi arabia along with the hip in holland seeing some wet weather over the next day oh say the seasonal rains doing quite nicely of course pushing up towards cameroon into the gulf of guinea iraq across the heart of africa as shallow as pretty much where they should be east of wet weather there and play schools across tanzania heavy showers continuing to into northern parts of maize and big northern areas of madagascar but to the south of that is generated dry although having said that we've seen some welcome rainfall gradually making its way
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across the southern cape by thursday. but. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been going it was making sure you got to really kind of. reveal secrets seem. resiting out there that we've all outraged you know mad and connection some don't want to expose many in legacy media love the mass shooting. back next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. when the news breaks here in windsor west of sydney this is the main breach completely under water when people who need to be heard 1000 people staying in these tents just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told i felt
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like the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to the house of abraham to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. we're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour india has once again reported the world's highest ever number of coven 19 infections in a single day with more than 350000 cases the u.s. u.k. european nations and even india's regional rival pakistan are sending emergency aid . british iranian aid worker ghar iraq live has been sentenced to another year in
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jail by an iranian court she'd just been released from jail in march after serving 5 years on charges of plotting against the government. russia house suspended all activity off an anti corruption organization set up by alexina vonnie as well as his nationwide support network of political offices it comes ahead of a ruling that could see his movement designated as extremist. there was more gunfire and explosions in the somali capital mogadishu overnight supporters of president mohamed of delight who from r.j. are fighting against those who are opposed to an extension of his term in office parliament recently voted to extend from august term and talks to organize a new election have stalled the u.n. has urged both sides to reject violence and resume dialogue catherine soil has been following developments from nairobi. we're being told now that the opposing forces
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have held their positions but we've not heard of any active engagement this morning there appears to be a lot of shuttle diplomacy going on nobody skin for an outright war so. the diplomats are trying to get the politicians and the posing sides to the talking table saying that they must negotiate the mast deescalate the tensions we've seen statements from international partners like the u.k. the e.u. the u.n. as well or calling for calm and saying that whoever tries to keep somalia over the edge is going to be held responsible we've also had a televised statement from the security minister yesterday who said that government forces are fighting a militia who have been brought to mogadishu by some opposition some opposition leaders to cause chaos he says that the government is containing the situation but people in the city are very wary indeed especially now that they're seeing that the
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security forces are involved and appear to have been to be taking sides. libyan gunmen said to be loyal to the son of the warlord khalifa haftar have prevented a unity government delegation from entering benghazi armed men surrounded the airport after the delegations plane landed it was then forced to fly back to tripoli a delegation came to prepare for the 1st visit to the city by the interim prime minister the area is a long time after stronghold like china has more on the story from tripoli. when this government was sworn into office by the parliament in march last month i think many libyans and the international community in general wanted to stay positive they wanted to be hopeful that this unity government could unify state institutions but there's been a huge elephant in the room and that's have to this government the unity government
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didn't really want to discuss what kind of war have to with take on in this government he hasn't taken on any official role as of yet despite him not having any official role he's still he still is issuing orders he still calls himself the general commander of the armed forces so it just goes to show that libya is still deeply divided especially the military institution currently at the moment there are meetings inserted between the joint military commission which is facilitated by the u.s. but it just goes to show how this cabinet meeting that was planned in eastern libya has been planned for a couple of weeks the prime minister the interim prime minister abdul hamid debate has said that he doesn't want any ministers that can't work across all cities in all of libya we saw yesterday that him neither him or his cabinet can
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can go into eastern libya without the permission or without have to or giving him the green light hundreds authorise warrants have been issued in turkey it's in connection with an exile businessman who's accused of attempting a coup against president mecham ted tape to one in 2016 russell said that has the latest from istanbul. the operation by the security forces just started in the morning as a part of the investigation initiated by the chief prosecutor of istanbul and isn't there a swearing to shoot for 532 suspects and the searches are still underway so 459 of them the suspects are still on duty military personnel which is a very high number among them 158 of them are the members of the general command of the gender marries and 233 of them are number of the land forces 46 of them air
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forces 41 navy forces and 22 are the members of the ministry of defense called an old 1st written lieutenant cornell's and majors are among them the search are still underway in 62 cities as i said we do not know how many or them have physically been taken so far but it is a massive operation by all means just a quick remind their own july 15th of 2016 after actually within the turkish army has used the word planes helicopters and tanks in an attempt to overthrow present when adam practically elected government in the country and the fighter jets at the same night bomb the turkish parliament and some other important sports an uncorrupted are called by president out of long trousers or the people have to distance to stop the coup the coup failed at that night but the consequences very were very grave. and 108 people are going on trial in turkey accused of instigating protests back in 2014 dozens of people killed in the demonstrations in turkey
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southeastern region it happened after the army reportedly failed to intervene during an iso assault on a syrian kurdish town. in myanmar there are reports that security forces have killed one protester in the 2nd largest city mandalay nationwide pro-democracy activists have been holding process a day after the military chief made a deal with regional leaders to solve the crisis a southeast asian bloc as the un call for an end to the violence against demonstrators it agreed on a 5 point plan with men online to seize power in early february the protesters a criticizing the agreement saying it wasn't enough to calm the situation on the ground. family members of the $53.00 indonesian sailors who died when their submarine sank off the coast of bali have been paying tribute to their loved ones the vessel was found at a depth of nearly $850.00 metres and authorities say retrieving it will be
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difficult just to washington reports now from jakarta. indonesia central java this father in jews would no parent should have to as he grieves for his son. was one of the 53 men completing a submarine training exercise in waters new bali when the vessel named k r i 4 o 2 lost contact and sank his younger brother last saw him 2 weeks ago. but the sea for me he was perfect everything about him was good. you know we're used to work on another submarine but it was recently reassigned to the camera for 2 in shock and sadness this community is coming together to honor his life. indonesia's president joko widodo says the government will raise the ranks of the sailors and pay for the education of their children but.
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the best to sons' of the nation the best part she wants guardians of range of the country and the guy. personally as husband roosting was one of the men on board she gave birth 3 weeks ago now she must raise her son without him. i am proud of my husband he did his duty with open heart even when he had to leave me and our small baby he did his duty well he was a hero to this country. in bali the family of captain a get a card to go hopes they will be able to hold a funeral service for him. we pray to god the body of our nephew could be retrieved from the sea so we can perform the rituals. it's not clear if they will get that chance. the submarine was found broken into 3 parts almost 850 meters below the ocean surface retrieving it will be complex and indonesian authorities
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are seeking guidance from international experts. a few months ago the sailors filmed this video said to a song about saying goodbye and seeing someone again thousands have shared the video online as a tribute to them. was. outside the home of commander hurry said one people offer their condolences to his family. i have to be strong i have to calm my heart many people are helping to make me stronger in an instant her family was changed forever when karen and 402 disappeared into the depths of the ocean. a pain they share with all the loved ones of the 53 sailors on board just to go washington al-jazeera to canada. the united nations children's fund says young people in the philippines are suffering increasing levels of depression anxiety reduced learning and development off to
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a year of school closures and restrictions is becoming common to many reports from manila the for more than a year now these narrow alley outside francine but to life as home has been her classroom schools have been closed for over a year because of the pandemic and francine says she misses school life. this modular lesser been by my teacher are so hard i failed severus subjects already i had that badly but it's now broken. across the street because it's elam a tricia and angela are trying to connect to the internet to submit their schoolwork their tablets were provided by the citie of manilla to students unable to afford the rowing along with the days getting such devices is not the only problem many of these children see their parents can't afford a stable internet connection and when power lines are down it's even harder for
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them to study. story for our children even we try to teach them it's not really the same i still have a household to do and we can't even work and earn because no one can look after the children when the pandemic broke out schools across the country were closed the government then imposed a distance learning system a combination of online classes printed materials and t.v. and radio lessons but parents here say they're bearing the burden of distance learning and the lack of government support is making the situation even more difficult across the country close to $4000000.00 students were not able to enroll for the current school year and their own doubt of these children who are now out of school come from impoverished communities a few months ago the government approved a pilot scheme for a face to face system hoping to open some schools and communities with very local
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with 1000 infections but the country is facing a record breaking surge that's forcing many communities back into lockdown government's got to get its act together in dealing with the deceased just focus on this get rid of get the vaccine solved roll out all of these things so at least you know we have a chat. the state of mental health of many children has created concern to for more than a year now children have been stuck a tome and are rarely allowed to go out and play but many parents say they're not just facing a crisis in education but also in their children's emotional. dogon on just 0 manila. and 2015 the zick a virus swept through central and south america and made its way to the islands of cake but off the coast of west africa it costs a very best effects and babies and today children all growing up with disabilities
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nicholas huck reports from cape the capital korea of the on and. alice was not the child her mother expected cloudier was 3 months pregnant when doctors told her she was infected with his eikenberry wrists and that her unborn daughter but suffer from lifelong disabilities realizing that alice will never have a childhood like other kids her heart sank but for years on cloud as has the disability turned out to be a blessing. she's loved by her neighbors the family and most of all by children who seem to be able to communicate with her better than i can and she wants to play with them but sometimes her disability gets in the way she has convulsions her muscles are weak she can't sit properly ellice is born with what doctors call microcephaly her brain is failing to develop fully it's a consequence of her mother being infected with busy care virus through a mosquito bite during her pregnancy there are no vaccines no cure for the virus that spreads through mosquitoes and sexual contact in 2016 the world health
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organization declared seek out public health emergency of international concern the outbreak started in brazil spreading to keep bird as a result of the epidemic more than 3700 babies worldwide were born with birth defects. at the time countries issued travel warnings including asking citizens to delay pregnancies there was this fear that would spread from the islands of cape verde to the rest of africa on to the rest of the world but that did not happen the virus suddenly disappeared just like it appeared. dr george from the country's health ministry believes zico ran its course infected a large portion of the population and herd immunity developed halting the spread still he fears eks loci in the capital's drainage system that's a breeding ground for mosquitoes saying there could be another outbreak. as the
6:45 pm
years we believe can be also or can be again. unprotected infected. surveillance of infected secret children has stalled due to the covert pandemic in mothers fear bringing their children to hospital children with cerebral palsy need continuous physical therapy and good nutrition support and commitment of parents makes a lot of difference because of the pandemic cloudier too has been affording hospitals. when alice is in pain or has convulsions. she plays a song that she would listen to when she was pregnant to soothe her daughter's pain . nicholas falk al-jazeera. ukrainians happen paying tribute to victims of the chernobyl nuclear disaster if that's a 5 years ago the morals took place and the town was built to house tens of
6:46 pm
thousands of people who were relocated off the meltdown dozens died in the disaster and those who left have never been able to return because of high levels of radiation. film nomad land one big at sunday's scaled back oscar ceremony it was also a good night for a diverse state with the most nominations ever for women and ethnic minorities both in front and behind the camera. has the support from hollywood and the oscar goes to. no man's land no man's land dominated the 93rd academy awards the film won best picture its star frances mcdormand best actress and director chloe zhao best director the 1st woman of color and only the 2nd woman ever to win the category so this is for anyone. who have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves and to
6:47 pm
hold on to the goodness in each other. in the critically acclaimed film mcdormand plays an aging widow up rooted by economic change traveling the back roads of the western u.s. in a battered van it's her 3rd oscar. and i like work. thank you for knowing that and thanks for this. anthony hopkins the father in a surprise anthony hopkins won best actor for his role in the father many hollywood observers thought the late chadwick boseman who passed away last year from cancer at age 43 would be chosen for his dynamic performance in monterrey nice black bottom. is not a question of barn is a noun dinosaur question of resistance to fasten or not exist is what your parents while white performers won the top prizes 9 actors and actresses of color were nominated for awards the winners included daniel kaluga for supporting actor in
6:48 pm
judas and the black messiah and yo jewel use as supporting actress in the nari i had to send to my 2 boys who make me pull out and look so. good out stand. it this is their visa because the money will still. sustain a for the best international feature award went to another round from denmark it looks at how alcohol impacts relationships. due to the cold in 1000 pandemic the traditional red carpet was downsized and socially distanced a severely limited number of nominees and guests were allowed inside the venue at l.a.'s union station with cold and tested participants rotated in and out during the show. the show's television ratings in decline for years were predicted to be
6:49 pm
its lowest ever. that's represented but there were some fun moments like mcdormand howling at the moon oh. oh oh oh oh. and glenn close doing the rope shaking dance in a sparkling blue dress. the movie industry is going through sweeping changes as streaming video rapidly overtakes cinematic releases of films but with all that the oscars remain hollywood and the film industry's most sought after prize and it's likely to stay that way for years to come rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles well clay is the winds have been ignored and had come to bath china china you explains. chloe job was being congratulated around the world for making history but not here in her home country early on monday there were some reports of her winning
6:50 pm
best director and best movie that these were taken down shortly after comments about her in chinese social media have been censored and an oscars viewing party in shanghai organized by her alma mater was disrupted after they had trouble with the internet connection i was actually born here in beijing to an elite family her father was head of state owned steel company and his stepmother is a famous actress and initially her success at the golden globes was lauded but that was short lived after a 2013 interview she gave resurfaced where she criticised china saying that here there will lies everywhere and shortly after that all mention of a on the chinese internet was blocked and the april release of her movie nor mad land was canceled. and a few a week is the needs of the frightening out take a look up into the night sky the 1st super moon off the year has arrived people in australia got an early glimpse of what's known as the pink superman that happens when the moon is at one of its closest points to us typically it's around 7 percent
6:51 pm
bigger and 15 percent brighter than a normal full moon. still head on al-jazeera. a collision on a capsized on a dramatic day of sailing in bermuda that's coming up with a chair in sports.
6:52 pm
and it's time for the sports his joke in thank you very much the world's most lucrative annual sporting competition the indian premier league is under pressure
6:53 pm
to cancel its tournament because of the country's code crisis despite growing criticism the governing body of the i.p.o. hasn't shown any indication the event will be scrapped instead saying the league provides a much needed destruction during a difficult time for india 3 australians have pulled out while leading indian internationals taking a break to help support his family who are fighting home read some players have chosen to stay including the world's leading bowler pack commons and the australian has donated $50000.00 to help purchase oxygen supplies for hospitals companies encourage other players to him so contributes. tokyo olympics organizers will this week unveil new plans on how the games will go ahead in the midst of the pandemic including a decision on how many local fans will be allowed to watch events live with tokyo and 3 other prefectures under a state of emergency the game's president says antivirus measures will address all possible issues athletes are to places where they'll have to test daily and stay
6:54 pm
within a bubble consisting of the olympic village venues and training areas more than 15000 the olympic and paralympic athletes will compete in japan. a. combo that i was surprised how fast the time flies as there are less than $100.00 days there are still many obstacles we need to get over with including the virus i won't waste a day to prepare to hold a safe and secure olympics meanwhile test events continue to take place in the japanese capital on monday organizers held a paralympics where meets as they build up preparations with less than 3 months before the start of the games athletes were allowed to be interviewed by reporters for the 1st time face to face but they had to stick to some strict rules. to. the athletes have to take a p.c.r. test in advance and if it's negative they can enter the arena they was that also disinfecting and we need to take our temperatures from 2 weeks before at 1st i
6:55 pm
thought it was travel but it's part of my daily routine if we don't do these things in these tournament's cannot be held so i think the athletes need to have awareness of this and do at least what they have to do myself included. well madrid courage then a dean's advance says he's not thinking about any sanctions against his club from new way for in the wake of last week's failed european super league announcement well one of 12 clubs who tried to break away to form their own continental league sedan now wants to focus on his team's upcoming champions league semifinal against chelsea on tuesday and hopes they will still be there next season it's absolutely bizarre going to sort of enormous it's absurd to think that we won't be in the champions league next year there's a lot of talk about it but the only thing we need to worry about right now is tomorrow's match the rest we can't control i can only give you my opinion that we want to see real madrid in the champions league next year. meanwhile is telling tarbes have been warned they'll lose membership of their countries football
6:56 pm
federation if they join competitions that aren't sanctioned by fee for way for the move comes after 3 of italy's biggest clubs see ventus ac milan and into milan were among the founding members of the super league which collapsed last week. steph curry is arguably the greatest the greatest 3 point shooter in n.b.a. history and he's given us another reminder of why curry deliberately went against zach nailing 11 baskets from beyond the arc break in the n.b.a. record for most of 3 point isn't a single month his tally is now 85 in april and he still has 2 more games to go curry finished with 37 points to help the worry is wins by 4. in major league baseball pitching great madison bumgarner has finally recorded a no hitter but unfortunately it won't be fully recognized on the mound for the arizona diamondbacks against atlanta on ghana's f. it was across 7 innings but under the rules
6:57 pm
a no hitter should be thrown in games of 9 or more innings major league baseball is temporarily playing 7 inning games on double headed days to complete as many games as possible without interruptions. how about this for a catch from the new york yankees clint frazier the acrobatic came in the bottom of the 8 against cleveland feeling still ended in a 73 defeat for the yankees. and finally some drama on the high seas in bermuda in the opening race of the sail g.p. season this was on board the u.s. team's boat as japan crashed into them slicing their carbon fiber hole on one of the lines as they got currituck after the americans managed to get free they limped back to shore but the damage from the crash caused the team to capsize and he never ace for the day. all right that is all useful for now it is really. about set for me to the money in sight of this news hour i'll be back in
6:58 pm
a moment with more of the day's means stay with us here on also there also more coming up. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's well to. the world called the thread used to fight. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the
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voice witness on al-jazeera. from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to special guests in conversation when societies divided when women are to title the only thing that benefits from this contract itself unprompted uninterrupted since the 1st one script girls are those who are 44 and in fact. it would like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalists and can't one of studio be unscripted for dram eaters and or muslim families the pain is unbearable for of their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they didn't come but let me present family members and says they were innocent taken from their homes and executed under pressure of
7:00 pm
business well as the defense minister bloody meter by bremer said the armed forces were open lige to defend their country from the regular groups but added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. india sets another record for covert 90 infections the head of the world health organization calls the situation beyond heartbreaking. i'm elizabeth cohen i'm at a makeshift one of the 19 care center that's just opened in new delhi to cater to the large numbers of people who can't find hospital beds in the capital or. i'm on.


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