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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field - Rewilding Argentina  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm +03

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and the chinese internet was blocked and the april release of her movie law in that land was cancelled. and if your weeks in need of a bit of breaking and take a look out into the night sky the 1st super moon of the year has arrived people in australia got an early glimpse of what's known as the pink superman this happens when the moon sent one of its closest points to earth. this is answer syria these are the headlines british iranian aid worker guy radcliffe has been sentenced to another year in jail fine of 18 courts just been released from prison in march after serving 5 years on charges of forcing against the government paul brennan has more from outside the iranian embassy in london. and events at this location that has led to this latest conviction against muslims
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or god iraq left rather extraordinarily an event back in 2009 a protest against the iranian government witnessing dozens of garri rachleff attended at which she gave an interview to the b.b.c. persian service that has now been resurrected by the prosecuting authorities in tehran and she has now been convicted on a propaganda charge of propaganda against the iranian republic. and oxygen shortage at hospitals in the delhi is growing more urgent spy the minutes on monday india registered another record and daily call with 19 infections bangladesh is closing its land or border with india in response to the record breaking infection rates that ceiling banas affects are from monday and x. clued stransky taishan of gates the european union has taken legal action against pharmaceutical company astra zeneca it says the vaccine manufacturer breached its contract to supply enough of the covert 1000 job the essenes the company also has
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not come up with a strategy to ensure the timely it's livery of. the experience of the setback for kremlin critic alexina vali the prosecutor's office has asked of washing court to suspend the activities of the foundation for combat's and corruption which he set up the valley is currently in jail on a parole violation french energy company has suspended its operations in northern mills and baek following attacks by rebels last month the violence still plans by rival exxon mobil to turn mozambique into a major gas producer. have removed barricades from near the. compounds in occupied east jerusalem they've partly been blamed for provoking several nights of tension and violence and that's your state the u.s. continues after talk to al jazeera.
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david our wetlands are a 1300000 head to a natural research in northeastern argentina. in the local one any language even i mean some bright water and here there is plenty of it. but in recent years lived life in the area has suffered because of rapid development industrialise said we culture. and uncontrolled cattle grazing. argentina is one of the world's top food producers. the front grain are some of its main exports. and now as the country stretches its agricultural people abilities even further several conservation strategies are being tried out and it seems some
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of them are working. they are counted or even our wetlands in the province of korea and this ignore the stone argentina could talk to biologists and scientists for trying to re wild this area and reduce the destruction caused by man. on this edition of talked wanted to see rain the field we take you on a journey to make even a national park to look at what has been done to protect nature restore the economy . and increase biodiversity. lose lose. lose lose. rewilding is a term used by conservationists. it describes what's happening here. in the end of another us have biologist who is leading the team on the ground. working
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to reintroduce species that have disappeared and to potentially restore the natural harmony that once thrived here. rewilding means being in nature back. so operationally what it represents is just taking a piece of land. all the species that used to be there saw they start to interact and. used to do when they were abandoned in those ideas when you basically restore all these network of interactions and work from their actual biological introductions out of the end of the ecosystems so you are basically restoring whole ecosystem see by bringing back the species that went extinct 150200 years ago one of the reasons why many of this suspicious disappeared is because of of human action i mean is that the case here 100 percent
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of the species we are trying to restore here in europe were lost to basically the structural. hunting and poaching 350 on yourself and how do you change that because outside you know the borders of the national park their populations you know do they recessed this attempt to restore them so we will have a bigger bang. it's huge around $1000000.00 hectares even more i mean we do have communities local communities living around the they were inside their wetland so one thing that we pay special attention is our relationship with. local communities so we go out there and we explain them. we propose them
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a new way to relate to their wetlands and it's. is their way they used to relate to their woodland. with change now instead of maybe harvesting wildlife from the woodland we propose them to use the wildlife and before landscape to develop a new economy based on. we have. a great success great success with that hearing. and we are trying to scale up to different parts of you know. one of the main species people working here are trying to reintroduce is the jaguar it's not only native to this land the jaguar it's also a very prominent figure in what any me thought. legend has it the mother of heavenly twins known a son and mourn was killed by jaguars. the ferocious creatures raised the twins and
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labor told them how their mother had died. the twins killed all jaguars except one that was pregnant and that's the mother of today's jaguars. now when they seize are kept here so they're cubs and one day repopulate the area. jaguars are seen as a threat to agriculture of sacramento and that's why their numbers have plummeted in the past years in fact in the province of korea because they have been extend for over 70 years now and that's why projects like this one are crucial to reintroduce this kind of species into the eco system. is the project coordinator. we met her at the center where they are being kept. on the deal. that.
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they make that year in the. in a moment of that. but also. on the money out of the very you are setting the date to. be there he lands. they get us and you walk in on. us. yes. i wanted their lovely medical. records. and that's when the leader. going to kind of. signal. in the moment that they're going to. see it on that they're going to. leave it in the. money you know down to that i think. that i've
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seen those in the. i mean. has he really but i guess how did this sort of. as a woman doctor. and i doubt it and. and that's why why didn't they see some into his seat and money. to fund. it. did they say any salahadin going on there here and this has saved us in money. where.
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they were there what it is i. mean to think that me and but when i was there when i did then it is a concept. but they hear. that. there are 7 other jaguars that have not been exposed to humans as much. they will soon be ready to be released into the wild. for now they are kept enough 30 hector enclosure which makes it difficult to see them. during our stay one of the needed its g.p.s. morning in color to be replaced so we have company team doing the process. for days the team year had been setting traps but the female jaguar the wild had
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managed to evade. but one night it suddenly happened. the wife has 2 cubs she had to be sedated and got only narrowcast is they've a tear in a running charge. and one lost 30 to. one of them can see them going to. the to come market incarnational will get the most. money but. he said he has to clear the total system to when i need to let it go. this is my only hope yet i must go now to look at the yankee is a place he can. no. it
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takes a while for money want to wake up she looks at us weary and then leaves to meet with her $2.00 cops. in this video we can see her in january left her 30 hectare enclosure and was finally released. she's now in the evening. and will start playing a crucial role in the eco system in the area. the project is part of rewilding argentina a process that began more than 20 years ago when u.s. philanthropist douglas tomkins and his wife kristen started to buy land in argentina and chile that could be used for conservation. and then donated it to the national park. in argentina has contributed land to at least 5 national parks in
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canal. the in a much shorter summer but he said deal or be in it or yes he repeated in what he. said what about humanity financial markets allowed us to come again some. kind of plan your learn make. our deaconess and but i wouldn't. be here. but oh it's ok. for your need or recall only source. can you tell us him think. them. all. or here are one. in the. us that have been there any idea that he said or been ok we're going to put out the wrestler but all of us agree that if i said. the. set or the
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c.d.'s you know but i just but it would be more and. he said folkenflik go to get. you. know you go. to moscow than your take you're all aware. of. that but i wonder what is more we might hear less is a concept though not here you go yes and in the name of can put any. say one the almost out there are you more. i want to live. and source for. in the end i gave him an official a little galley and open it and they said. we could put it in the city that says so in business as he. said an idea. on this i'll try to.
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get a c. on it i mean i saw where this sort of house when you're put up your home your feet but i have said research. rewilding the sea is about helping me to heal and species are crucial in that process. the giant anteater beer had also disappeared from even among. because of the hunting but now thanks to the foundation's work the ones brought here have started to reproduce. it is here where we found medicine he does and who come much later. one of the main challenges in protecting nature is our mindset and attitudes towards conservation. i was born in this region and says the mentality in this area has slowly started to change. when i went on it.
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they are going to. allow only. what i knew that you know. the world program a little bit of their own about how both to bring mail so dramatically or care for in whom you know the love lives where there are new. to and and mad to see her and. to come in. i predict that. but i must reject i mean my going to want it on i said and in my case i did 100 percent there money and. then not only had a but i've gone through. it wallace and the whole me and said sandwich and we had
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an uncertain a lot. greater well known and focused in. argentina struggling economy has. been really. like many others says he would have left. not so projects like this one helping to create jobs. but in terms of honesty. it's not meant. more like a good time and. only when i want to when he hasn't said they're going to have the money in this and i heard this is one that i see in. the book i say i'm not going to do and which i get then i will say. they were not allowed to say yours or or doesn't want to but i'll quote that i know no material.
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for 30. books of that also. but i meant it. meant there were like i said he entered the city of what do you. want to go in. there and i meant the last but not that. but it's only when you go better now my take on that in. my town humanity. has become. dependent on exporting commodities such as so you have to cope with its known standing economic troubles. crop exports play a crucial role in argentina's economy but preserving nature is a major challenge. yourself as. a biologist and knowing argentina well
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argentina has been expanding the agriculture front here vastly especially in the past what forever but now in this with the intensity of soy and other things what is the impact legacy on the environment the impacts a huge because you are just destroying. ecosystems you are transforming systems when it comes to soil use the basically from forests to degraded. in. an x. number of years is going to become just bare bare soil so it's a complete transformation so it's but. i was told that in this stand there were 40000 heads of katter's how do you change that mentality because there's that's still a part of argentina is not got every single piece of land to go back from livestock gray seemed to. full nature let's put up our something let's
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recall struct what we have destroyed and in doing so let's show local communities i'm going to big big country late in a different way with nature a way that is not only romantic but a way also or will also bring some economic revenue some economic benefits and peace possible so it's basically by showing them. once they. move along with us of course it's not easy to change but it's possible. it's an example. of. how. to produce that change
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so it's not easy but it's possible topic how does that work i mean the support of local governments what have you seen i mean you're seeing support from the local government here is that something you see everywhere or is it something that you have to build on. being very supportive of the project because they see the bring not only. economy economy going if it's. but it's because. of the. economy but. it's. what they feel and that's what i feel i would i would feel if. my whatever keeps on mine.
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has successfully reintroduced the. anteaters. are also working on reintroducing the giant river. which had disappeared from this area because of hunting and coastal development. it was the apex predator. preying on. a group of. different different but. say. they. saw. makes me feel. so you're. right it's. it's.
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we need to. keep her story. and we need to keep. making people noise. making people. here. experiment there while. this. place where you. see. or. on the shore and see the sun. on the water. with these amazing being callers. how you target date. and. it's very important economic resource. off. because they are. taking. the.
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same way to show. something and. nature and. nature. to jump into the story there is a lot going on in this show and julia not global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we don't want to feed than we are nowhere to be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new and be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there. if the political debate show
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that it's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard what a world leaders are governments missing we need targets but now up front with me welcome on hill on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. l.a. why money in sight this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes india reports a weld's highest number of corona virus infections for a 5th day and a record number of deaths is.


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