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news tonight on the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox plus analysis and opinions that have the world to subscribe and be part of the conversation. jailed once again british iranian aid worker innocent inzaghi ratcliffe faces another year in detention charge for spreading propaganda against iran. i have a hit in and this is out as iraq my from doha also coming up india sense another record for covert 1000 infections the government demands social media sites reports criticizing its handling of the pandemic here opinion says it's taking legal action
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against drug maker astra zeneca over a major lapse in covert 19 vaccine deliveries and a russian court decides whether to shut down groups linked to jailed opposition leader alexina foamy balk at the latest from moscow. british iranian aid worker innocence gary radcliffe has been sentenced to another year in jail by intervening courts zakari radcliffe had been released from prison in march after serving 5 years on charges of plotting against the government's latest jail term comes from a new charge of spreading propaganda against iran she and her family have always denied the allegations against her by votes paul brennan is outside the arena an embassy in london for what he tells.
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while the reason why we're here outside the embassy is it's an event at this location that has led to this latest conviction against muslims who got a rock left rather extraordinarily an event back in 2009 a protest against the iranian government which innocent muslims are god iraklis attended at which she gave an interview to the b.b.c. persian service the. that has now been resurrected by the prosecuting authorities in tehran and she is now being convicted on a propaganda charge of propaganda against the iranian republic now the reaction to that decision 1st of all to put her in on the prosecution in the 1st place but secondly to wait so long to do this has been almost you know. 'd you know unified across the board i can give you some now i mean her husband for a start off richard rachleff has told us that it's clearly
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a negotiating tactic in his opinion by the iranian authorities one glimmer of hope is the fact that manson has not yet been actually summoned back into prison she she's not actually behind bars there will be a 21 day rights to appeal here thomson reuters foundation and he was working for her said the new sentence defies comprehension lawful process justice and basic humanity and we've also got a clip now from the british prime minister boris johnson giving his reaction to. i don't think it's right at all that nicely in should be sentenced to any more time in jail i think that it was wrong it's wrong that she's that in the 1st place and will be working very hard to secure release from iran her ability to return to her family here in the u.k. just as we work for our. national cases in iran and the government will not.
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stop we will redouble our efforts and we're working by may say with our american friends on this issue as well. our friends and supporters of nasm in now believe very strongly that on the basis of evidence the these jewel nationality british iranian or rainy and your nationals are simply being used as political hostages that their very firm conclusion now of course as i mentioned as an ins legal team now has $21.00 days to appeal against this sentence and the other suspicion the other belief is that she's part of a much bigger diplomatic issue here for example there is a $400000000.00 pound that's around $600000000.00 debt that is owed by the british government to iran for the non-delivery of a consignment of chieftain tanks which was ordered by the previous shah of iran never delivered the british government admits it it was this desperate has been unable to actually pay it it's saying that is trying to find ways to pay us which
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would certainly relieve the diplomatic tension but because of the sanctions regime against iran that's proving rather difficult there are there are bigger wheels in motion here than just 1000 inzaghi radcliffe and the other 2 nationalities but nevertheless nazanin and those other iranian nationals are being caught up in it. came paul brennan there live from london paul thank you. an oxygen shortage of hospitals in new delhi is growing more urgent by the minutes on monday the nation of nearly 1400000000 people registered another records in daily kovan 1000 factions more than 350000 cases 2800 people died in the single in the biggest single day increase so far in his capital has the best medical facilities in the country but it's also been struggling with emergency shortages salissa both purana has more from the just opened school with 19 care
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center in new delhi. where outside and makeshift. center which is just opened to cater to the very large numbers of people who can't find hospital beds because all the hospitals in. the center has 500 beds oxygen delis leaders said that they'll be adding hundreds more intensive care unit beds to the indo tibetan border police are providing medical personnel and so we have other very distraught family members of the 19 patients trying to get them admitted here but they are being told that they still need referrals and that they need to pre-register and that's leading to a lot of frustration a lot of tears that they're having to go through the same thing here that they already have at many hospitals now india is seeing as much of a shortage of hospital beds oxygen and we have a lot of foreign aid coming into the country now the u.s.
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is sending tons of oxygen concentrator has the u.k. sending ventilators and oxygen concentrator we have indian air force indian railways transporting the oxygen both locally supplied and the oxygen that's coming from overseas to try and to people as patients a dying because of a lack of oxygen and hospital beds and as india continues to struggle the government looks like it's trying to shelter criticism it's ordered social media firms. remove content critical of its handling of the pandemic dozens of posts on facebook twitter and instagram have been taken down censored posts include calls for prime minister narendra modi to resign and critiques from journalists and opposition politicians india's government says the poles were targeted for spreading board it called fake news and misleading information bangladesh is closing its border with india in response to the record breaking infection rates
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banas facts of monday and excludes transportation all kids bangladeshi citizens in india will be allowed to return home as long as they meet strict travel and quarantine rules air travel between the 2 countries is already suspended as part of a nationwide laaksonen in bangladesh the european commission has taken legal action against pharmaceutical company astra zeneca it says the vaccine manufacturer has breached its contract to supply enough of the covert 19 champ the executive branch says the company also has not come up with a strategy to ensure the timely delivery of doses floats live in paris that's why is the commission taking this legal action against russia zeneca. well the commission is probably looking to put more pressure on astra zeneca and certainly salvage some of it's for reputation because the commission has come under a lot of criticism from some member states over the past few months over the slow
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vaccine rollout in the european union commission blaming in part this slow rollout on astra zeneca i.i. the way it is certainly just the latest twist in this ongoing round between the british swedish pharmaceutical company and the e.u. commission of the commission says that it is launching this legal action because astra zeneca in its opinion has breached its contract has failed to deliver the number of doses it was supposed to deliver as agreed now astra zeneca delivered 30000000 doses in the 1st quarter of the year to the e.u. that is far from the 120000000 doses that the e.u. commission says that it had actually promised to deliver the new commission also said that astra zeneca could have for example diverted some doses that were produced in the u.k. to the e.u. to try and make up the shortfall now we have heard from astra zeneca they have
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given a response to this legal action being launched against and they say that is that they say that it has no merit and that they look forward to the opportunity to be able to clear their name now the trasher all the e.u. states have backed this prior to some concerns about legal action tell us more. well the commission met with diplomats from the member states last week to try and garner support for this plan and we know as you say the e.u. member states have all backed the plan nevertheless there was some concern among some of the member states we know from for example among them and germany were worried that this legal action comes at a time when obviously the e.u. still battling the pandemic many countries including here in france for example still in a 3rd wave astra zeneca vaccine is one of the tools being used to try and stop the
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further spread of the virus so in a way north in legal action against the company that stew to supply another 70000000 doses in the next quarter could be seen as counterproductive also there's a real risk of further damaging the reputation of astra zeneca a vaccine that has already had its reputation sorely shaken over the past few weeks and months a by several governments in the u. because the conflicting advice information on the astra zeneca vaccine now e.u. governments have really been a pains over the last weeks to say this vaccine is safe its benefits outweigh the risks never the less all of that criticism has shaken the reputation of this vaccine in the e.u. at a time when it is needed as i said as part of this vaccine rollout. of the live in paris thank you natasha. also russian know where there looks to be another setback for kremlin critical action of only a prosecutor's office has asked the russian courts to suspend its of its use of
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foundation for combating corruption which he set up with army was jailed for a parole violation earlier this year recently did a hunger strike in prison he says the charges against him are politically motivated spurted smith joins us live from moscow bernard what work each of us about this. however later this week prosecutors will ask a moscow court to declare. corruption organization and his regional political organizations as extremists putting them on the same level in russia al-qaeda what prosecutors are now asking is that in the interim ahead of making that final judgment the court effectively puts its ban in any advance in issues of an injunction preventing these group from acting tall before the court's ruling the court hasn't decided yet however the regional political groups they have already
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been stopped operating by the prosecutor ahead of the court's decision these regional political groups are significant because they are the groups that advise russians where to cast their vote if they want to unseat a united russia m.p. united russia's vladimir putin's party this tactic was very effective in moscow city council elections in 2019 and so there is a belief here that the government doesn't want to see those tactics repeated nationwide elections that are being held here in september and the valleys own group his people say that well they have stopped using the telegram channel they've stopped web sites and they've stopped all the social media channels but they will reappear perhaps under different names they'll be behaving in a more anonymous way but they will keep campaigning and so we'll probably see this i guess cat and mouse game between the russian or forty's and the volley and his
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supporters as they continue to cry as they continue to try and carry on with their activism. and smith there live from moscow thank you notes. ukraine's president for the resilience he says he expects to meet with russia's fired near putin certain tension between the 2 has been escalating in recent weeks russia closed access to the character streets on saturday and it was a mass in large numbers of troops on new cranes border stratford has and updates on the situation from mario paul in ukraine. in another development the ukrainian president told the financial times newspaper that he wanted western leaders to support changes to the mix to agreement now mix 2 was signed in 2015 it is a series of proposals that has failed in its aim to forge a last thing ceasefire and political settlement in the east of this country zelinsky also told the financial times that he wanted to expand the normandy format
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the normally format of the main negotiating partners of france germany russia and ukraine zelinsky saying he envisions a greater role for the u.s. and the u.k. in those negotiations very interesting lee soon after russian president vladimir putin spokesperson dmitri peskov described this. view as a no another alarming signal from ukraine he said it was a demonstration ukraine would like to modify minks this would simply be impossible without putting an end to it so despite this increasing confidence by the ukrainian president that he's going to speak to vladimir putin about the crisis in the east this in no way represents a thorin of the relationship and these kind of statements that he's made certainly to the financial times newspaper according to the kremlin are a worrying sign that tension is far from over in this region still ahead on
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al-jazeera we'll look at the impact the pandemic has has on children in the philippines. and they ask those to. no man's land. chinese director chloe giles thinks sweeps the oscars with her film nomad lands but she's not getting much praise in her home country. we've got the rain clouds now gathering across central and southern parts of china so what's the weather coming through it will eventually make its way toward ca's china sea and beyond ahead of that 6 fine intra high pressure in charge so some pleasant sunshine lots of lovely spring sunshine there for japan as we go search is day 20 celsius in tokyo a $21.00 in the socket $2170.00 in found out here comes out west and whether that
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will make its way in secu she as we go on into weather stay much shift japan turning increasingly wets showers started to push their way through some wet weather to into north korea that what's the weather will push up to the far east of russia bright skies come back in behind me some pleasant sunshine but full of the cloud and rain down towards southern parts of china well combine food into parts of taiwan but west the weather coming towards hong kong could see a little bit of localized flooding as the downpours say tame want to see heavy showers to insist southeast asia mainly really across india china some weather weather coming through here over the next hours and then you see usual rash of showers to malaysia and on into indonesia some showers too into southern parts of india some lovely storms rumbling away here sri lanka could catch a shower would say elsewhere a small that hot sunshine with high temperature. talking
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to i'll just. tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate as we listen we do not sound fence material any country to the iraq conflict and yet we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter syria. i've been covering all of that narrative for most of my career but no help you don't like and it's my job to shed light on how and why. my. this is al jazeera quick reminder of the top stories this hour british iranian aid
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worker nelson is a guy radcliffe has been sentenced to another year in jail binary new chords she'd just been released from prison in march after serving 5 years on charges of plotting against the government. and oxygen shore surjit hospitals in new delhi is growing more urgent by the minute so on monday the nation of nearly 1400000000 people registered another record in daily covert 19 infections with only 350000 daily cases explain how the setback for crime and critical acts in a vile me prosecutor's office has asked of russian court to suspend exhibits leaves of the foundation of combat in corruption which he set up. the libyan government said to be loyal to the son of warlord her if i have to have prevented a unity government delegation from entering benghazi armed men surrounded the airport after the delegations plane landed it was then forced to fly back to tripoli the delegation came to prepare for the 1st visits the city by the interim
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prime minister the area is a long time after strongholds malik traina has more from tripoli. when this government was sworn into office by the parliament in march last month i think many libyans and the international community in general wanted to stay positive they wanted to be hopeful that this unity government could unify state institutions but there's been a huge elephant in the room and that's have to this government the unity government didn't really want to discuss what kind of war harvester would take on in this government he hasn't taken on any official role as of yet despite him not having any official role he's still he still is issuing orders he still calls himself the general commander of the armed forces so it just goes to show that libya is still deeply divided especially the military institution currently at the moment there
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are meetings inserted between the joint military commission which is facilitated by the u.s. but it just goes to show how this cabinet meeting that was planned in eastern libya has been planned for a couple of weeks the prime minister the interim prime minister abdul hamid of eva has said that he doesn't want any ministers that can't work across all cities in all of libya we saw yesterday that him neither him or his cabinet can can go into eastern libya without the permission or without have to or given him the green light. french energy company to tile has suspended its operations in northern most and beat following a tank spy rebels last month it will also withdraw its employees from the $20000000000.00 natural gas projects in the coastal town of palma many people were killed and 50000 forced to flee after al-shabaab at the time and the violence still
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supposed seen times by toto and rival exxon mobil to turn mozambique into a major gas producing it. israeli police are removed barricades near the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem that part of the blame for provoking several nights of tension and violence protesters were angry they couldn't gather on the damascus gate steps cheering the holy month of ramadan israel says the barriers are put in place as part of coronavirus restrictions so some scuffles known 10 palestinians were reportedly detained the united nations children's fund says young people in the philippines are suffering increasing levels of depression and anxiety reduced learning and development after a year of school closures am restrictions is becoming common according to unicef situation is worse than in many other nations jimmy the island organ reports. for more than a year now this narrow alley outside francine but
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a lot as home has been her classroom schools have been closed for over a year because of the pandemic and francine says she misses school life. this modular lessers bin they may teach or are so hard i failed severus addicks already i had that bad lead that it's now broke in across the street because it's elam a tricia and angela are trying to connect to the internet to submit their school work their tablets were provided by the citie of manilla to students unable to afford their rowing. but these days getting such devices is not the only problem many of these children see their parents can't afford a stable internet connection and when power lines are down it's even harder for them to study. the story for our children even we try to teach them it's not really the theme i still have a household word to do and we can't even work and earn because no one can look
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after the children when the pandemic broke out schools across the country were closed. the government then imposed a distance learning system a combination of online classes printed materials and t.v. and radio lessons but parents here say they're bearing the burden of distance learning and the lack of government support is making the situation even more difficult across the country close to $4000000.00 students were not able to enroll for the current school year and their own dab of these children who are now out of school come from impoverished communities a few months ago the government approved a pilot scheme for a face to face system hoping to open some schools and communities with very local with 1000 infections but the country is facing a record breaking search that's forcing many communities back into lockdown government's got to get its act together in dealing with the deceased just focus on
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this get rid of get the vaccine solved roll out all of these things so at least you know we have a chat. the state of mental health of many children has created concern to for more than a year now children have been stuck a tome and are rarely allowed to go out and play but many parents say they're not just spacing a crisis in education but also in their children's emotional golfing. dogon on just 0 manila. the film nomad learns one big get something scaled back oscar ceremony it was also a good night for diversity with the most nominations ever for women and ethnic minorities both in front of and behind the camera while ronald moore from hollywood and the oscar goes to. no man and no man's land dominated the 93rd academy awards the film won best picture its star frances
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mcdormand best actress and director chloe zhao best director the 1st woman of color and only the 2nd one. ever to win the category so this is for anyone. who had the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves and to hold on to the goodness in each other. in the critically acclaimed film mcdormand plays an aging widow up rooted by economic change traveling the back roads of the western u.s. in a battered van it's her 3rd oscar. and i like quark. thank you for knowing me and thanks for this anthony hopkins the father in a surprise anthony hopkins won best actor for his role in the father many hollywood observers thought the late chadwick boseman who passed away last year from cancer at age 43 would be chosen for his dynamic performance in model rainey's black
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bottom. is not a question of barona so now donna says her question of resistance to fast isn't or not exist is what do your parents as well why performers won the top prizes 9 actors and actresses of color were nominated for awards the winners included daniel kalu you for supporting actor in judas and the black messiah and you know julie hughes as supporting actress in the nare i'd like to thank to my 2 boys who make me pull out and work. it out stand oh i did. it this is their visa because the money will. shade of the best international feature award went to another round from denmark it looks at how alcohol impacts relationships. due to the cold the down 900 pandemic the
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traditional red carpet was downsized and socially distanced a severely limited number of nominees and guests were allowed inside the venue at ellie's union station with cold and tested participants rotated in and out during the show. the show's television ratings in decline for years were predicted to be its lowest ever. that's represented but there were some fun moments like big dormant howling at the moon. and glenn close doing the rope shaking dance in a sparkling blue dress. the movie industry is going through sweeping changes as streaming video rapidly overtakes cinematic releases of films but with all that the oscars remain hollywood and the film industry's most sought after prize and it's likely to stay that way for years to come rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles
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or corridos. been essentially ignored in her home country of china katrina who has more on that from beijing. chloe joe is being congratulated around the world for making history but not here in her home country early on monday there were some reports of her winning best director and best movie but these were taken down shortly after nurse comments about her in chinese social media have been censored and an oscars viewing party in shanghai organized by her alma mater was disrupted after they had trouble with the internet connection which i was actually born here in beijing to an elite family have father was head of state owned steel company and his stepmother is a famous actress and initially had success at the golden globes was lauded but that was short lived after a 20000 interview she gave resurfaced west to criticize china saying that here there were lies everywhere sort. after that all mention on the chinese internet was
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blocked and the april release of a movie lot of that land was cancelled. and if you're weeks in need of a bit of brightening and take a look up into the night sky the 1st super moon of the year has arrived people in australia got an early glimpse of what's known as the pink superman this happens when the moon is that one of its closest points to earth. this is ounces era these are the headlines british iranian aid worker guy radcliffe has been sentenced to another year in jail fine a radian courts just been released from prison in march after serving 5 years on charges of plotting against the government paul brennan has more from outside the iranian embassy in london. and events at this location that has led to this latest conviction.


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