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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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downs. al-jazeera. the arab. however i have more hits it with the al-jazeera dues are coming to you live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes india sets another record for covert infections while the government demand social media sites remove posts criticizing its handling of the pandemic. i'm elizabeth warren i'm at a makeshift coded 900 care center that's just opened in new delhi to cater to the
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large numbers of people who can't find hospital beds in the capital. a russian court decides whether to shut down groups linked to jailed opposition leader election of foamy we'll bring you the latest from moscow. and the ask good goals to. no man's land. chinese server actor corey joel sweeps the oscars with her film norma but she's not getting much praise in her home country. i'm joining us rosco with the sports his take here limping organizers say they will make a decision this month on how many local fans can attend while test events continue in tokyo with special measures in place to keep athletes safe during the current virus pandemic.
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but we begin the news hour in india where the oxygen is shortage at hospitals in new delhi is growing more urgent by the minutes on monday the nation of nearly 1400000000 people registered another record in daily covert infections with more than 335-0000 cases registered and more than 2800 people died in the biggest single day increase so far where hospital officials of the big. the government to step up efforts to tackle the oxygen shortage they're only receiving enough to last just 2 to 3 hours at a time because supplies are so desperately low by getting into the body where we are constantly afraid for the past 5 to 6 days we are getting oxygen in parts one ton 2 tons half a ton during different parts of the day we need 5 tons of oxygen every day only we know how difficult it is for us to get by through the evening we are not even having enough sleep at night because of the crisis i would like to thank the police
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and the government for doing the best they can but it is not enough. well india's capital has the best medical facilities in the country but it's also been struggling with emergency shortages elizabeth purana has more from the just open school with 19 care center in new delhi. where outside. center which is just opened to cater to the very large numbers of people who can't find hospital beds because hospitals. the center has 500 beds oxygen. they'll be adding hundreds more intensive care unit beds to the indo tibetan border police are providing medical personnel and so we have a very distraught family members of the 19 patients trying to get them admitted here but they are being told that they still need referrals and that they need to pre-register and that's leading to a lot of frustration a lot of tears that they're having to go through the same thing here that they
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already have at many hospitals now india is seeing a. hospital bed. and we have a lot of foreign aid coming into the country now the u.s. is sending tons of oxygen concentrator has the u.k. is sending ventilators and oxygen concentrators we have an air force indian railways transporting the oxygen both locally supplied and the oxygen that's coming from overseas to try and to people as patients are dying because of a lack of oxygen and hospital beds. and as india continues to struggle the government looks like it's trying to shut criticism it's ordered social media firms to remove content critical of its handling of the pandemic dozens of posts on facebook twitter and instagram have been taken down in the censored posts include cole surprise minister narendra modi to resign and could see some journalists and
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even opposition politicians still india's government says the bulls were targeted for spreading one. it called fake news and misleading in for a nation let's get more now from job m. and sorry he's a senior a journalist some political commentator joining us from new delhi by skype it's great to have you with us on the news hour india is often perceived as the world's largest democracy but this is a see very democratic people's right to express themselves on social media why is the government doing this. well thought understands primarily from the fact that this government does not take very kindly to criticism its very sensitive to criticism and also from the desire to try and control the narrative as days have gone by this government has come in increasingly. to censor them increasingly from citizens and also i marry do i may say from from the courts whether so therefore
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in trying to remove and trying to stifle critical war since it can succeed in doing so on on twitter and facebook but it can do precious little as far as the courts are concerned and the and some of the high courts have been kidding in their criticism. i'm sure there. is a story at the end if you just focus on the social media aspect because that's how many people get their news and indeed given the situation in india right now one commentator on twitter was saying so if there is now you are a sort of social service there for people to find oxygen given the pressure being placed on these companies to censor critical view these. are people reacting to this so the even aware of the fact that this is happening. but there is an anger and there is now a push back some people who can afford it we have the means have now approached the
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courts a spokesman for india's main opposition party mr power one carrier has taken the law minister the law ministry facebook and twitter to court for him or against st all he had done was compared to 2 situations the one that that. the one that happened when the 1st wave of pandemic it does and now as it pertains today to come and did like it and his history to send his post were taken off he has not moved the courts he will have to wait and see what the courts for increasingly people are getting desperate and people are angry and those who have the means and who are approaching the courts for relief and how fair and balanced are the courts and in these instances really is there any pressure from the government. to make the to impact how the courts rule on these cases. but the courts have become increasingly scathing in their criticism almost of the high court the board of the
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government respective state governments and the central government in fact one court has gone so far as to say that a court in the end in chennai has said that there will be blood on their hands of the election commission for allowing elections to be to be held they've held the center in accountable the delhi high court has held the center on accountable and they have been very as some of them but announcements have been very very harsh sure the courts at the moment. of very angry they have taken cognizance a war on what is happening and they are really pulling up this government but what we've seen this in other countries where there have been. so many india's media landscape is very poor the rise in the same way that we all live in social media bubbles and if an opposition politician is criticizing the government or taking them to court supporters of the government will say well he would say that wouldn't he so again i return to the point how are ordinary everyday indians are they are
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they reacting to this are they even aware given the fact that media is so poor arise that it's difficult to get the information that is clear and impartial and completely free from political bias are they aware of what's happening with the censorship or are people already split into their separate social media camps proby j.p. and j.p. . well there is a certain degree of anger and despair but this but to a very large extent the vast majority of indians are concerned with dave saving their lives or the lives of their near and dear ones they're fighting to get oxygen they're fighting to try and get in our hospital bed to get lifesaving medicines and injections so social media or what is happening on social media and the government's attempts to neuter that are not their priority the others who are not
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directly affected spokespersons another like i said people especially in the metro cities are boyce in their concern washing their protests and trying to tribes and ensure that their wants is bad but as far as the vast majority of indians call it's at this moment and i don't want to be a prophet of doom but that this moment it's a question of their survival it's a question of saving their near and dear ones or protecting themselves or trying to get regular term bet over possible and therefore that appears to be their priority rather than anything yes indeed a very troubling situation indeed said javits and ansari their chair in the simplest call commentator thank you so much for joining us on al-jazeera where presently. bangladesh is causing its land border with india in response to the record breaking infection rates the 2 week ban is effective from monday and excludes transportation over coots on pradesh the citizens in india will be allowed
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to return home as long as they meet strict travel and quarantine rules air travel between the 2 countries is already suspended as part of a nationwide lockdown in bangladesh. president joe biden says the u.s. will help india just as it helped america through its worst moments of the outbreak its chief medical adviser dr anthony found she spoke to a.b.c. news as the white house announced it will immediately send medical and protective gear as well as wrong materials for producing vaccines there's discussions about really ramping up what we can do on the ground oxygen supply is drugs tests p.p.a. as well as taking a look in the intermediate in the long run about how we can get vaccines to these individuals both immediately now as well as in the situation where you help them to be able to essentially make vaccines themselves there have been several processed
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say an iraqi cities after saturday's hospital fire in baghdad that killed 82 people there were rallies in the capital and provinces across the country the flames rips through the hospitals treating those they call that 90 patients. now there have been more gunfire and explosions in the somali capital mogadishu for nights supporters of president mohammed of to iraqi are martial arts fighting against those who are a pool still extension of his term in office parliament recently voted to extend for marshall's term and talks to organize a new election have stalled well the un serves both sides to reject violence and has human dialogue with the scots this in a bit more detail with mohammed at though he joins us here in doha mohamed why is there why has there been such a violent reaction to the president's decision to extend his term in office.
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well what we're seeing there's been a slow one turns build up to what we're witnessing in the capital mogadishu for a very long time the people of somalia have been struggling to piece their country together and try to establish some sort of central authority that governs the country this after almost 3 decades of conflict and the hope the holding of elections every 4 years seems to have given somalis the guarantee they needed to come together and feel as a nation once again so when the president did not hold elections as planned in february that created the crisis that we have now seeing 2 former presidents who had 100 over power once they had been defeated in in direct elections because somalia cannot have one man one vote elections because of the existing conflict that's going on in many parts of the country. now feeling betrayed and have gone
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back to the you know the clan support basis and of the. militias who currently fighting for them and also the country's military that has taken a year is both painstaking work to rebuild is lit in the middle and now many people in somalia fearful of. a civil war erupting all over again a civil war certainly the last thing people were warned about it is an interesting situation there it's not a just talk us through some of the underlying factors which are helping fuel this discontent has brought so many people light on to this phrase. well i mean so money is still. what can progress when it comes to bringing the country back and one band of suspicioned within the different clans of somalia
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the president is not just being seen as the president the symbol of the country's. unity he is being seen as a man who comes from a clan so when he holds on to power one of the chambers of the bike come in all pot him and to vote for him while the other one snaps him then the easy illegitimacy issue that has arisen and many people saying that this was all the way to go you know the president. you know extending he's power is is monday by 2 more years is what many people are under including the very members of his the only own forces that are now fighting in the streets of mogadishu and fighting against their colleagues ok mohammed that joining us from doha thank you so much for sharing some of the context around the situation.
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there's plenty more still to come on this news hour including. palestinian celebrates the removal of barricades in occupied east jerusalem but the reports of escalating on the west elsewhere. draw time begin use the 1st batch of us troops and spare 20 year mission in afghanistan and manchester city security at the end of the titles thousands of fans were later in the stands in england's joy we'll have all the details for you in sports. the as. the libyan government said to be loyal to the son or warlord whoever has to have prevented a unity government delegation from entering benghazi armed men surrounded the airport after the delegations plane landed it was then forced to fly back to tripoli where the delegation came to prepare for the 1st visit to the city by the
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interim prime minister the area is a long time after strongholds let's get more from mali traina he joins me now live from tripoli mother what does this episode say about the new government's ability to unify libya. well i think it says a lot when this government was sworn into office by the parliament in march last month i think many libyans and the international community in general wanted to stay positive they wanted to be hopeful that this unity government could unify state institutions but there's been a huge elephant in the room and that's have to this government the unity government didn't really want to discuss what kind of role have to take on in this government he hasn't taken on any official role as of yet despite him not having any official role he's still he still is issuing orders he still calls himself the
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general commander of the armed forces so it just goes to show that libya is still deeply divided especially the military institution currently at the moment there are meetings inserted between the joint military commission which is facilitated by the u.n. but it just goes to show that now this cabinet meeting that was planned in eastern libya has been planned for a couple of weeks the prime minister the interim prime minister abdul hamid has said that he doesn't want any ministers that can't work across all cities in all of libya we saw yesterday that him neither him or his cabinet can can go into eastern libya without the permission or without have given him the green light so what we saw yesterday many are saying is the refusal by by i have to
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have there and pro how i have to groups for this prime for this prime minister in the cabinet to rule or to. state their control over eastern libya came out of china that bring is the latest from tripoli thank you. and i'm a see international is calling on libya's nearly formed unity government to investigate the illegal military trials of civilians a new report details the secret trials torture and imprisonment of hundreds of people in eastern libya by calling for have to his forces at least 22 people were sentenced to death between 20 and 2020 by the military courts the reports reveals have to crack down on people who shared opposing views on social media. well let's get more now from hussein bio me he's the since national's egypt and libya research i am the author of this reports and joins us live by skype from cairo great to have you with us on the news are your report outlines some pretty
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horrific stuff there but libya is widely regarded as a failed state since the fall of colonel gadhafi given this i mean how surprised do you expect people to be with your reports findings. good afternoon so i mean this is the we have known for years how bad the situation is in eastern libya and all over libya really where you have militias and armed groups people talk. radio is out in exams and was 0 accountability what we are finding now in eastern libya major trials were to be going on for almost 3 years now. trying to at the legitimacy to cease practices will based on even a dubious law as it was passed by it has a pretty representative since at least and it's not always so far as trials really are
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a violation figures into. cases or violations should be and. nose and release the government of national unity in particular see need to take a very strong stand they can use these trials and to denounce and say that they're not it. but that given that the news who are hearing there from our reporter malik traina i mean are you optimistic or told that things will change after all is reporting the new unity government can't even fly into certain parts of the country given that situation what realistically. can can we expect them to today to change the into the situation. one thing saying taking a strong stand against these major trends and denouncing him with read it goes a long way and now undermines the legitimacy sokol legitimacy of zs trial because what we found is that even those that are sometimes in eastern libya for example to continue to be impacted even as he moved to libya so in essence you have government
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bodies in in western libya applying or giving some sort of to see to cease. to once in that he can do is to denounce the stress and there's a 2nd sings that yes it is true that libyan armed forces continues to operate and if you continue to a great 50 independently from the government and then tripoli but again the government needs to brings in a folder and you need to hold users accountable insists in order to do that either support to the international community or to be in state so u.s. . p. and c. need to christians and be our forces into order to insist trials and to open investigations into the crimes it's irresponsible for and also commanders of supposed force and it is a central figure you you bring up the international paris there do you think they do have a role to play or do you think it is just time for international actors to get out
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of libya as the u.n. and the unity government has been calling for because it's a difficult tightrope to walk is it not it's a invites action from international powers at the same time as those trying to leave the country really wants international forces and covert groups to leave the country. so is. fighters in 70 years in need to leave the country as well as foreign troops are present only because it is a presence there is in violation and to mr low countries that can you supply different sides in libya was army xeni to end this because again this is in violation into. what else we need to do so also and the countries in particular are supporting that even our forces in advance or to it and juries international community need to support and used to be able to do it one of the tools for that
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for example is sanctions start sanctions against individuals involved in human rights violations providing support to. the new libyan government to be able to this arms of militias and to be able to prosecute those that are being that have been involved in violations in libya but try one thing i mean some says it's you have to also. troops and was drop foreign fighters that are in a country as well. so much focus on the the troops in the fight saying very easy to forget the civilians caught up in this way you have been highlighting in your report so thank you for that who sent out with me from amnesty international joining us on these are thank. you. well to russia now where there looks to be another setback for kremlin critic alexina volley the prosecutor's office has asked asked a russian court to suspend it to its knees over the foundation for combating corruption which she sets out of only was jailed for
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a parole violation earlier this year and recently ended a hunger strike in prison he says the charges against him are politically motivated let's get more on this bernard smith he's live for is in moscow bernard there is some confusion here what more can you tell us about alexina valan these affiliated groups are they terrorist organizations where do things stand right now . though prosecutors are asking a moscow court to rule that no malice anticorruption organization and sort of affiliated political groups around the country is asked if they're asking a court to declare them extremist groups this would put them on a level with al qaeda now the ruling on that hearing in secret because some of the information has been classified by prosecutors will we expect later this week in the interim prosecutors of us the courts to to essentially bar none of our news
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organization in advance and the prosecutors have also already stopped these regional organizations from operating these are these are these organizations were used by an avanti supporters to help russians in towns and cities across the country to help them direct to their vote in elections as the so the best way of defeating united russia that's right emir putin's party they were very successful in doing this in moscow city council elections in 29 teams of this is why prosecutors want that group shut down the anti corruption organization they're the ones that have been showing the videos allegedly of putin's secret palace built at a cost of billions of dollars that have embarrassed the government so that is why they're trying to close down that organization so this is being done essentially in there in the interim before the court makes a final ruling and volleys people say even if the specifically named groups
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ultimately get banned by the court they will just reappear under different names trying to be a as a non a mess as possible we do know that novell the supporters telegram channel that stopped operations today and other social media outlets and other not only linked websites have all stopped today but they say they will come back just in different names it is essentially a cat and mouse game baron it's not that live from moscow thank you baron it. so ahead so on the news hour we'll introduce you to the khalil in pakistan trot saying it's been villages to provide learning opportunities to actual school children on a record breaking ranks 1st staff carry in the n.b.a. to have all the details very blatant in the show.
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play site because they feel showers coming in the cross u.k. over the next couple of days they have been few and far between so very welcome least i suspect some with the weather then if this area of low pressure just spins its way down across scotland sinks further south with central parts of europe last you find a dry of a towards the southwest yeah we have still got some showers rolling in the cross by and coach kill southern parts of france also seeing some of that west weather a little push its way into the north of italy as we go on through choose day maybe want to see showers too across the hungary in plain ukraine see some showers western parts of russia also scandinavia on the other hand still looking a large driver the next couple of days some dry weather trying to push his way back in the cross the british isles as we go through wednesday as shallow sinking a little further south would slow waited rifle it's been a very dry april all the way survival coming down across the part of england and
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wales showers meanwhile continue into front seats of a good part of spain and portugal nor the pulse of morocco i might just catch a shower or 2 as well over the next day but it was useless to try to cross libya for a time just push for the south with a seasonal raised and very nicely with some heavy downpours pushing up across a good part of the gulf with good. frank assessments of poison but the government wants what exactly how and what major taking such a situation might i'm not to believe you could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning of the middle east or is it just to simply reorganize the ministry assets this is a message to the region that the united states is regrouping its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story on 00.
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i was. working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories in a refugee camp or to know what christie and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from miles because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why it is there are so important we make those connections. this is al-jazeera quite right over top stories for you this hour hospitals in the
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indian capital new delhi are only guessing oxygen supplies worse just 2 to 3 hours at a time because of severe shortages india has recorded the world's highest number of new infections for the 5th day they're being processed in several iraqi cities after saturday's hospital fire in baghdad that killed 82 people frames ripped through the in narcotic hospital which treated mostly covert patients and there been more gunfire and explosions in new small capital mogadishu overnight supporters of president mohamed up to the he found martial arts fighting against those who opposed to an extension of his term in office. and the ministry of prisoners and guards has held a protest in solidarity with the jailed palestinian journalists are in mali was arrested last week by israeli forces in the occupied west bank he started a hunger strike in protest against his detention more than $4000.00 palestinians
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are held in israeli jails without charge or trial. israeli police are removed barricades from near the someone else compounds in oki point is jerusalem they've partly been blamed for provoking several nights of tension and violence professors were angry they couldn't gather on the damascus gate steps during the fasting month of ramadan israel says the barriers for prison places part of coronavirus restrictions there are still some scuffles though 10 palestinians were reportedly detained. a force that has more now from occupied east jerusalem. as is often the case even in times of heightened tension even at a hot spot like the area outside damascus gate it is pretty quiet and calm during the daytime the difference this time though is that it follows what took place on sunday night the israeli security forces deciding to dismantle the barriers that they directed along these channels these steps to prevent people gathering in this
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plaza after ramadan prayers that something they've been doing every night since the 1st night of ramadan and it's been contributory in the sorts of seems that we've seen during these past 10 days or so protests and some violence some skirmishes between the security forces and palestinian protesters especially on thursday night when there was a a rival faction or a group of jewish supremacists and braces to protesters who tried to come here and confront the palestinians so what has happened is a decision it seems by the israeli security forces to try to lower the temperature by allowing people to gather and congregate and they did they were celebrating chanting a large number of people here for some time there were still some minor skirmishes the security forces intervening when palestinian flags were brandished but nothing along the same lines that we've seen in recent days however they're still is a tense atmosphere here in jerusalem and indeed more widely again there were
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rockets fired out of gaza some 5 rockets fired overnight sunday into monday 2 of them entering israeli airspace and they were intercepted so it remains a pretty fragile pretty tense situation but a palestinian israeli lawmaker who was here earlier on monday said that this has been a step in the right direction. the commander of foreign forces in afghanistan general scott miller says u.s. and nato troops have begun their final withdrawal president joe biden wants all american combat soldiers outs by september 11th 20 years after the 911 attacks charlotte ballasts has this report. speaking to afghan journalists at the nato base in kabul us gen scott miller describes the beginning of the inn for foreign troops in afghanistan ever ferocious are now preparing the retrograde for sure the notification will be the 1st i'm a bit of the same time as we start taking our local actions we've already begun the
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proof of the departure can be found at this kandahar the scrap heap the yarn another proud recipient of unwanted or broken equipment from kandahar airfield a key american base over the last 20 years. that shines a lot of demand out guys who can find containers that are fragile reuters chairs tables and anything you would need generators and even some stuff in working condition you can find anything from around the world what. the trumpet ministration and the taliban had agreed that foreign forces would be gone by may 1st if the taliban negotiated with afghan leaders and cut ties with al qaeda this month u.s. president joe biden and non-state a new plan the u.s. will leave by september 11th but with no conditions this despite a recent u.n. report that up to 500 al qaeda fighters remain in afghanistan as close allies of the taliban general miller with his leverage gone issued this warning as there is
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a relationship between al qaeda and the taliban the taliban have to break that relationship that is something they have committed to. the world expects under broke that relationship and certainly no that afghanistan will never be a favorite for terrorism. it's hard to break a relationship you don't have the taliban has long denied there are any al-qaeda members in afghanistan they are quick however to confirm their attacks on sunday alone they published 16 posts on their website boasting of killing dozens of afghan soldiers and police officers and recent days if you could be verified city miller is america's longest serving commander in afghanistan he has tried to reassure afghan security forces saying he'll leave them with as much equipment as possible it's my objective to make sure that the afghan security forces are in the brass possible security posture and that means transitioning bases and equipment to the
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afghan security forces more than 10000 u.s. and coalition troops need to leave afghanistan within 5 months as numbers dwindle the pentagon has seemed to be $52.00 bombers to qatar and will keep an aircraft carrier in the region as cover in case of taliban aggression shiela bellus al-jazeera. indonesia's president says the 53 sailors who died when their submarine sank off the coast of bali will be given posthumous promotions the crimmins family members have been paying tribute to their loved ones president joking with their children would have free education so university. but i gardella. that. they are the best to sons of the nation the best part she was god in this of drainage of the country their devotion will continue to be imprinted in the hearts of all indonesian citizens fully the spirit of these warriors who find the best place in the sight of one and only god and the families left behind will be given
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sincerity pensions and 40 should. the film nomad lands one big get something scaled back oscar ceremony was also a good night for time for a city with the most nominations ever for women and ethnic minorities both in front of and behind the camera reynolds as more from hollywood and they ask goes to. no man's land no man's land dominated the 93rd academy awards the film won best picture its star frances mcdormand best actress and director chloe xiao best director the 1st woman of color and only the 2nd woman ever to win the category so this is for anyone. who have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves and to hold on to the goodness in each other. in the critically acclaimed film mcdormand plays an
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aging widow up rooted by economic change traveling the back roads of the western u.s. in a battered van it's your 3rd oscar. and i like work. thank you for knowing and thanks for this. anthony hopkins the father in a surprise anthony hopkins won best actor for his role in the father many hollywood observers thought the late chadwick boseman who passed away last year from cancer at age 43 would be chosen for his dynamic performance in monterrey nice black bottom. is not a question of barney's a noun bias is there a question of resistance to fasten or not exists is what your parents as well why performers won the top prizes 9 actors and actresses of color were nominated for awards the winners included daniel kaluga for supporting actor in judas and the black messiah and yo jewel use as supporting actress in the nari i had to tend
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to my 2 boys who make me pull out and cut. it out stand oh i did. it this is the visa because the money will still. shade of the best international feature award went to another round from denmark it looks at how alcohol impacts relationships. due to the cold in 1000 pandemic the traditional red carpet was downsized and socially distanced a severely limited number of nominees and guests were allowed inside the venue at l.a.'s union station with copa tested participants rotated in and out during the show. the show's television ratings in decline for years were predicted to be its lowest ever. that's represented but there were some fun moments like week dormant
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howling at the moon. and glenn close doing a rope shaking dance in a sparkling blue dress. the movie industry is going through sweeping changes as streaming video rapidly overtakes cinematic releases of films but with all that the oscars remain hollywood and the film industry's most sought after prize and it's likely to stay that way for years to come rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles although stay with the oscars get some reaction now from rebecca perfect she's a film critic joins us now by skype from london skits happy weather is all in the air imagine you're up very late watching they will say awards being handed a. how did you find the oscars what's your reaction to awards go to the right people. the awards did go to the right people actually i have to say after
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a very long night of following it through we obviously saw a very different format as well but it was a very predictable oscars i think the only upset that may have occurred was so anthony hopkins picking up best actor when a lot of people have their money on chadwick boseman the late great chancellor chadwick boseman and we're seeing a lot of reaction on social media for that but i have to say the award for best actor for anthony hopkins is very well deserved it's a heartbreaking performance from him and something that i think is probably been a career best for him as well but across the board the selection of all of the winners has been pretty much as we'd expect it was very much no madman's night chloe xiao picking up best director making history in doing that as well and it's just been one of those nights that in a very strange world has given a little bit of glimmer for some hope as to where we can be going with things moving forward and there's a very near future it doesn't let me ask you about this diversity because that's
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certainly been in some news terms the top line from these awards that is very diverse what's more women winning awards and also respect do you think in terms of the conversation about diversity is this something that really we should be focusing on in terms of films should be focusing on the diversity of food awards or just championing good for good films or good directors. you know what i would love to be in a position to say you know what this doesn't need to be an issue because it's an equal playing field we know from years gone past you know we have oscars so white things like that there have been movements that need to be made but the academy by its voters by the films that are being submitted and also being championed as part of these awards to see some form of change in diversity and in terms of what we saw this year with 9. different. diverse nominations for the acting categories was
1:44 pm
a real were fresher and it was good to see but we know we've still got a long long way to go for this to not be the topic of conversation and for it just to be focused on these are great films they are indeed great films this is so which are your favorites then which of those are the ones that you think were the best awards handed out this year and did any of your favorites missing it. well you know i think with the best actress race it was very close to call it was or anyone could have picked that one up from carey mulligan a promising young woman but nessa kirby pulled off one of the most extraordinary performances of the year but you didn't really hear a lot about her in pieces of a woman and finally as we were watching kind of how the polls are moving in the lead up to the oscars it was becoming very clear that viola davis and also frances mcdormand who was ultimately the victor of the of the awards were the front runners but for me i think you know we knew that daniel british actor brilliant british actor daniel area was almost
1:45 pm
a dead so to win best supporting actor for his incredible performance as fred hampton in the judas and the black messiah and and also a fantastic career an actress and young she picked up best supporting actress for the absolutely gorgeous minardi as well and i think you know again making history of being the 1st korean actress to win an oscar as well it was yeah all the right films won the in my view it was it wasn't something full of huge surprises overnight but it was something that i think if you can get a chance to go and watch these films it very much worth your time because with the pandemic particularly we've we've moved on from where we would expect to see those big films that would maybe have dominated across the year and actually letting a bit more so for ringback the smaller films to come up that might have been a maybe for the oscars in previous years had this been the case against these big he must but actually are the ones that are try on things so it's been
1:46 pm
a really interesting year has indeed maybe something good has come out of this or for pandemic after all has to be said thank you very much indeed rebecca perfect their film critic in london go to me also recommendations when i hit the netflix later to say thank you or point jones oscar wins been essentially ignored in her home country of china katrina you has more on that from beijing. chloe job was being congratulated around the world for making history but not here in her home country early on monday there were some reports of her winning best director and best movie but these were taken down shortly after comments about her in chinese social media have been censored and an oscars viewing party in shanghai organized by her alma mater was disrupted after they had trouble with the internet connection which i was actually born here in beijing to an elite family have father was head of state owned steel company and his stepmother is a famous actress and initially her success at the golden globes was lauded but that
1:47 pm
was short lived after a 2013 interview she gave resurfaced where she criticised china saying that here there will lies everywhere shortly after that all mention of a on the chinese internet was blocked and the april release of her movie nor mad land was cancelled. pakistan has the 2nd highest number of children are to school according to unicef and while rural areas were going 60 percent of kids are still more determined since a most of them are girls under shapiro reports on a unique project that's trying to change the. rush on the camel is a bit of a celebrity but whenever he claps through children know he's bringing some exciting tales to their village books to help them with their reading. first i try to read the books myself but if i do not understand anything i asked the teacher. i prefer picture books because when i look at the pictures and the photographs i can
1:48 pm
understand story better. the camel library began moving in august russia takes books to 4 diligence in the manned region of pakistan southern baluchistan province which has the lowest literacy rate in the country at just 40 percent for human started the project with the help of n.g.o.s in addition to keeping children busy she's also helping their parents. when the corona virus spread to the entire region all the schools were closed there was an atmosphere of depression for old and young alike there is no entertainment for the children at all in the region where i live the only activity for the children is to go to school and then go back home. ali owns the camel and used it to carry firewood through remote and rugged areas to market that was before he was approached with a better offer when i would hear. i was asked if i would like to carry books on a camel i was surprised and thought how can i carry books on my camel but now i
1:49 pm
carry them to 4 villages and the children love it i'm also very happy so are people in the villages so it's an ongoing thing and i'm happy to do it. most of the budget around $120.00 a month goes to employ the camel those behind the project plan to expand to more villages once they find support but for now the kids have picked the books of their choice and say goodbye until next time. now if your week is in need of a bit of brightening up just take a look out into the night sky the 1st superman all of the year has arrived people in australia got an early glimpse of what's known as the paint super moon and this happens when the moon is that one of its closest points to earth typically it's around 7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than a normal for a woman. so i had. a rough and the dollar is on record
1:50 pm
expanding when in barcelona chile will be here with that so most of the sports come to the great.
1:51 pm
the old the old. time for the sport here is joe hallett thank you very much take care lympics organizers will this week unveil new plans on how the games will go ahead in the midst of the pandemic including a decision on limits for spectators there also expects to announce daily testing for athletes and the 14 day quarantine requirement is likely to be scrapped allowing athletes to train when they arrive but they'll still be required to stay
1:52 pm
within a bubble consisting of the olympic village venues and training areas more than 15000 a limp a comparative athletes will compete in japan a packet and not a. con but i was surprised how fast the time flies as there are less than $100.00 days there are still many obstacles we need to get over with including the virus i won't waste a day to prepare to hold a safe and secure olympics meanwhile test events continue to take place in the japanese capsule on monday organizers held a paralympics when meet as they ratchet up preparations with less than 3 months before the start of the games athletes were allowed to be interviewed by reporters for the 1st time face to face but they had stick to some strict rules to ensure. the athletes have to take a p.c.r. test in advance and if it's negative they can enter the arena they was that also disinfecting and we need to take our temperatures from 2 weeks before at 1st i
1:53 pm
thought it was travel some but it's part of my daily routine if we don't do these things in these tournaments cannot be held so i think the athletes need to have awareness of this and do at least what they have to do myself included. one of australia's greatest swimmers has died at the age of 78 john conrad's 26 individual freestyle world records to win the 21500 metres voice even turned 15 he also won a limp gold in the 1500 metres freestyle in 1960 conrads learned how to swim in the australian migrant camp after emigrating from latvia following the 2nd world war one trophy down and 2 more to go for munch city bouts according to pep guardiola after his side won a record equalling 4th consecutive league cup final says he will now turn their attention to wednesday's champions league semi against paris as a man full of confidence after their one nil victory over tottenham at wembley stadium says the victory took on extra significance because it was in front of more
1:54 pm
than $8000.00 fans. but they represent all the people in the season so. yeah sherry with them sounds very. good noise is better of course there is a way we do that is for them it was a dramatic sunday in the lowly get title race leaders atletico madrid suffered a shock defeat against athletic bilbao diego simeone his men were stunned to want to weigh in eager martinez scoring a late winner to send atletico home empty handed. 2 goals from anton griezmann helped spasso in a beat valery out to one it means boss a sit 3rd just 2 points behind atletico with a game in hand also one point above fellow title chase a severe who also won on sunday. said curry is arguably the greatest 3 point shooter in n.b.a. history and he's given us another reason why curry delivered
1:55 pm
a clinic against sacramento you know 11 baskets from beyond the arc breaking the n.b.a. record for most 3 pointers in a single month his tally is now 85 in april and he still has 2 more games to go curry finished with 37 points to help the warriors win 5 volts you for kerry to 3. in major league baseball pitching great medicine bumgarner has finally recorded a no hitter but unfortunately it won't be fully recognized on the mound for the arizona diamondbacks against atlanta on gone his effort was across 7 innings but on the emily rose a no hitter should be thrown in games of 9 or more innings major league baseball is temporarily playing 7 inning games on a summer headed to is taken he has many games as possible without interruption. i think you have been here today. i'm not control how many units are playing. and i want everything i mean. i'm definitely appreciative. you know.
1:56 pm
what happened and i am very fortunate. meanwhile japanese star shared tawny once again proves he's more than just a picture smashing of a home run in the space of a week helping the l.a. angels defeat his sin. tennis now rafael nadal has won a record extending 12th boston open title the spaniard beats to final sister passed in the final but was really tested as al had to save a championship points in a match the loss of more than 3 and a half hours he eventually pulled 366775. and it led to find like this and they start a month so means a lot to me again supplant like him that he was. cheating on the guy. playing the final here without losing a say it's always an important big day for me i think i have been increasing my level doing the whole way. so that's important for for the day. that they're off here with me here at home means
1:57 pm
a lot team go for on the p.g.a. tour this week finished in a well cut style playoff between australians and south africans the ultimate shot for mass in new orleans mark leishman and cameron smith finished tied off to $7260.00. reduced hasan shell sort sort of the 1st extra hole is tyson's tee shot from the water allowing the australian pair to take victory smith and leishman recording methodist win the season. we played well before together in the same type of format. which went out there and had fun. got to down the end camp. vidual told him and i think you were one boy if you shot. a managed to hold him back to a much. all right that is i guess. give or to joe thank you very much indeed with
1:58 pm
that wraps up this news ira don't go away if you read again it will be read on the other side of the break who are all of the very latest from around the world. to see you. a family man politicized by the forces of nature. film noble 4 year olds a kenyan farmer and documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change to see to the climate dial
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east a witness documentary on al-jazeera. on counting the costs the climate emergencies the price of going green and why it doesn't need to cost the earth new zealand's an unlikely leader an economics becomes the top spot for controlling house prices plus no gold deposits so why is it one of iraq's biggest exports counting the cost on al-jazeera. may own al-jazeera. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world al-jazeera is emmy award winning investigative program is back exploring the folk lines in the u.s. . 16 years since last elected new leaders palestinians go to the polls but will the elections be freed. some foreign interference from hostile to hostile more hotels explodes geopolitical conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the
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frontlines and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption. may on al-jazeera. the war. india sets another record for covert 19 infections when the government demands social media sites remove posts criticizing its handling of the pandemic. i'm elizabeth piron i'm at a makeshift one of the 19 care center that's just opened in new delhi to cater to the large numbers of people who can't find hospital beds in the capital. of i'm adrian forget this.


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