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it is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and eating could be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there a. the covered 19 crisis in india that's getting worse by the day and a crackdown on social media posts that are critical of the government's response. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up childhoods disrupted by the global pandemic we take a look at the impact on education and the emotional welfare of kids in the philippines the drawdown begins the 1st batch of u.s.
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troops and the 20 year mission in afghanistan. and they ask. to. no man's land. and diversity is the winner on hollywood's biggest night this year's oscars inclusive filmmaking. we started in india where hospitals in new delhi are getting massively reduced supplies of oxygen due to shortages india has recorded the world's highest number of new covert 19 infections for the 5th consecutive day more than 350000 cases were reported on monday and more than 2800 people died in the biggest single day increase so far hospitals are pleading with the government to step up efforts to tackle the crisis by giving them the body and. we are constantly afraid for the past 5 to 6 days we are getting oxygen in parts one ton 2 tons half
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a ton during different parts of the day we need 5 tons of oxygen every day only we know how difficult it is for us to get by through the evening we are not even having enough sleep at night because of the crisis i would like to thank the police and the government for doing the best they can but it is not enough of a serious elizabeth reports from new delhi. we had a makeshift code in 19 center that has just opened up to cater to the very large numbers of people in delhi who can't find a hospital beds because hospitals are completely full it's open to 500 beds with oxygen supply and ellie's leaders said that they'll be adding hundreds more intensive care unit beds they've even got the entire tibetan border police providing medical personnel to help out here despite all of that we are seeing distraught family members coming here as they have been going to hospitals but even here they are having trouble admitting their loved ones because even here they're
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being told they need referrals they need to be free register and that is because of the rush that is everywhere in the city the center was actually opened for the 1st time last year when during the peak of the 1st wave it was dismantled a few months later when cases came down cases go as low as 100 to 200 less than just 2 months ago in delhi now there are more than 20000 cases in delhi we're seeing some of the numbers that i don't think a matter of fact in other states and despite all of that there was a large election taking place in the state of west bengal today the capital calcutta recording very high 50 percent positivity rate and yet elections are going on there as they have in the last few months in 4 states with a madrassa high court saying india's election commission on monday saying that the election commission is single handedly responsible for the 2nd wave of the coronavirus in india for allowing such large gatherings to go ahead and list
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mentioned that despite the surge in section numbers more than 8000000 people in west bengal in an assembly election today the 7th phase of polls began in the eastern states on monday well then 14000 cases and 59 deaths were reported on saturday. president biden says that the u.s. will help india just as it helped america through its worst moments of the outbreak is chief medical advisor dr anthony found she spoke to a.b.c. news as the white house announced that it will immediately send medical and protective gear as well as war materials for producing vaccines there's discussions about really ramping up what we can do on the ground oxygen supplies drugs tests p p as well as taking a look in the intermediate and long run about how we can get vaccines to these individuals both immediately now as well as in the situation where you help them to be able to essentially make vaccines themselves more for mount
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a serious political hay in in washington. well the biden ministration has been under increasing pressure to take these steps especially after thursday the state department spokesperson asked about sending aid to india said that they were focusing on vaccinating americans that was their priority but now we know that they are going to send some supplies we know this because the white house put out a statement reading out a call between the national security advisor jake sullivan in his counterpart now keep in mind there is a ban in the united states for acts 14 any sort of ingredient that goes into making these coated vaccines so this statement is very carefully worded it says that they have found a source they have found a supply source for helping to make that vaccine it doesn't say that it's u.s. based or where it's from but it goes on to list a couple of other things like you mentioned that they'll be sending in such as personal protective gear testing kits they're going to send some therapeutics of
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medicine that we know can help treat severe covert cases and there's an inch of health experts so one of the issues here is they don't say how much of these supplies they're going to send they say they're going to work generating oxygen capacity but doesn't say exactly how that's going to work or what they're going to do for this urgent need and there's another source of criticism now facing the biden ministration the u.s. has the technology obviously to make pfizer the madonna vaccine the johnson and johnson there is pressure for him to relax intellectual property rights and the patents and to share that technology with the world so they can make their own vaccine that is something he said it would be the humane thing to do when he was running for president but so far they are just only say that they are considering whether to take those steps it's obvious on the in the pharmaceutical industry is against but that is something that the biden mr ation is going to continue to be asked to do as the spikes across the globe. the united nations children's fund says
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that young people in the philippines are suffering increasing levels of depression and anxiety reduced learning and development after a year of school closures and restrictions is becoming common. reports. for more than a year now this narrow alley outside from home has been her classroom schools have been closed for over a year because of the pandemic and friends says she misses school life. these mortgages are lessons we've been by my teacher are so hard i failed several subjects already i had that bad leg but it's now broken. across the street because it's elam a tricia and angela are trying to connect to the internet to submit their schoolwork their tablets were provided by the citie of manilla to students unable to afford the rowing along with these days getting such devices is not the only problem many
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of these children see their parents can't afford a stable internet connection and when power lines are down it's even harder for them to study. story for our children even we try to teach them it's not really the same i still have a household to do and we can even work and earn because no one can look after the children when the pandemic broke out schools across the country were closed the government then imposed a distance learning system a combination of online classes printed materials and t.v. and radio lessons but parents here say they're bearing the burden of distance learning and the lack of government support is making the situation even more difficult across the country close to $4000000.00 students were not able to enroll for the current school year and they're on doubt of these children who are now out of school come from impoverished communities
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a few months ago the government approved a pilot scheme for a face to face system hoping to open some schools in communities with very local with 1000 infections but the country is facing a record breaking surge that's forcing many communities back into lockdown government's got to get its act together in dealing with the deceased just focus on this get rid of get the vaccine solved roll out all of these things so at least you know we have a chat. the state of mental health of many children is creating concern to for more than a year now children have been stuck a tome and are rarely allowed to go out and play but many parents. they're not just facing a crisis in education but also in their children's emotional. dugan just 0. the come out of foreign forces in afghanistan general scott miller says that u.s. and nato troops have begun their final withdraw president joe biden won so all
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american combat soldiers out by september 11th 20 years after the 911 attacks shallow palace reports. speaking to afghan journalists at the nato base in kabul us general scott miller described the beginning of the aid for foreign troops in afghanistan. are now preparing to retrograde. the notification will be 1st a matter. of the same time as we start taking our local actions we've already begun the proof of the departure can be found at this kandahar the scrap heap the yarn another proud recipient of unwanted or broken equipment from kandahar airfield a key american base over the last 20 years. you can find containers that are free to reuters cheers tables and anything you would need generators and even some stuff in working condition you can find anything from around the world.
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the trumpet ministration and the taliban had agreed that foreign forces would be gone by may 1st if the taliban negotiated with afghan leaders and cut ties with al qaeda this month u.s. president joe biden an ounce to a new plan the u.s. will leave by september 11th but with no conditions this despite a recent u.n. report that up to 500 al qaeda fighters remain in afghanistan as close allies of the taliban general miller with his leverage gone issued this warning as there's a relationship between al qaeda and the taliban the taliban have to break that relationship that is something they have committed to and the world expects under broke that relationship and so all know that afghanistan will never be used as a favorite for terrorism. it's hard to break a relationship you don't have the taliban has long denied there are any al-qaeda members in afghanistan they are quick however to confirm their attacks on sunday alone they published 16 posts on their website boasting of killing dozens of afghan
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soldiers and police officers in recent days if you could be verified city miller is america's longest serving commander in afghanistan he has tried to reassure afghan security forces saying he'll leave them with as much equipment as possible it's my objective to make sure that the afghan security forces are in the best possible security posture and that means transitioning bases and equipment to the afghan security forces more than 10000 u.s. and coalition troops need to leave afghanistan within 5 months as numbers dwindle the pentagon has seemed to be $52.00 bombers to qatar and will keep an aircraft carrier in the region as cover in case of taliban aggression shiela bellus al-jazeera. the weather next here on i was there at then life on the frontline were in eastern ukraine where families speak of the struggles of the emotional cost of a 7 year war. and family members of the crew of
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a sunken indonesian submarine mourn loved ones. hello there was saved some rather heavy rain recently in malaysia and also into thailand the case of millimeters of rain hit a further north has been what is still just to the west of bangkok with 88 millimeters of rain to stay still go through work shoes day some pockets of very heavy rain could cause some localized flooding somewhat to weather too just coming down towards cambodia i want to show i was then to vietnam some showers to then to the philippines but more in the way of sunshine than showers and this is a repeat performance really as we go on through wet and stake a scattering of showers across malaysia still wanted to show is that into in the
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indonesian quite as wet as it has been recently but the show is that there nevertheless in the showers are made in place across the far north of australia just around the top pad was still seeing some very heavy rainfall and around the cape york peninsula i'm hopeful it's a little dry there in cannes high pressure is in charge for much of australia so that is going to keep it settled fine and dry the particularly warm into the southeast 17 celsius there for melbourne on shoes day 18 degrees as we go on 3 way to stay but for the most part as you can see it is settled and sunny but we want to show was a which was east coast staying a little damp for the north. from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to special guests in conversation when societies divide when women are to title the only thing that benefits from this patriarchal south unprompted uninterrupted for their 1st run scared girls are those
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who are who don't work for him or in fact swell easily and can people like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalising part one of unscripted. well again this is the main news this hour hospitals in india's capital new delhi getting enough oxygen supplies to last just 2 or 3 hours at a time due to severe shortages india has recorded the world's highest number of do infections for a 5th day the u.s. is promising to deliver medical supplies to india president biden says that
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washington will send equipment including ventilators possible protective equipment and rapid diagnostic testing kits. on the come out of foreign forces in afghanistan says that u.s. and nato troops have begun their final withdraw president joe biden wants all american soldiers out by september 11th 20 years after the $911.00 attacks. a russian court has ordered groups linked to kremlin critic alexina vonnie to stop operating it comes as prosecutors seek to designate them as extremist and terrorist organizations the valley was jailed for a parole violation earlier this year and recently ended a hunger strike in prison he says the charges against him are politically motivated his anticorruption organization is one of several groups that could be added to a terrorist that includes eisel and the taliban. russia's president vladimir putin is planning amazing with the u.s. president biden in june according to a top kremlin 8 byte nor for the meeting on neutral territory earlier this month to
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discuss rising tensions between the 2 sides among the topics for discussion will be ukraine where russia had deployed troops close to the border in recent weeks as a serious chance traffic reports now from charm alec in eastern ukraine civilians they're worried about a potential surge in violence. not in violence see remember a better life a life before fighting started between russian bank separatists and the ukrainian army in the east 7 years ago before the village of chair malik became a front line in a conflict often described as a battle between moscow and the west the situation has been calmer in the last couple of years but a recent school ation of fighting was a reminder of the risks they face the separatists control the land across the river the army says there are a sniper and machine gun positions among the trees few people go down to the bank
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on this side anymore. even dangerous to go there because nobody knows from where the shooting will start it's quiet now but we are almost as afraid of the quiet as we are of the shell when it started the shelf lie over and you don't know where to hide. the ukrainian army keeps a low profile in the village but has occupied many of the homes abandoned by families who fled the violence many of the surrounding fields are mind nobody can go to the cemetery because separatists niklas and ukrainian soldiers are close by balancing thinks his parents graves have been damaged by the fighting he misses life before the war. we used to go hunting i used to breed sheep i can't do this now because of the minefields or because the military stop us i had to kill most of our animals because i can't afford their food it's our easter soon
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and we hope the army will let us visit the cemetery but we don't know russia says it's pulling back its forces from the ukrainian borders after warning describes as military exercises but there is still no sign of any breakthrough in negotiations towards a last thing political settlement 7 years of failed ceasefires a negotiation here blames moscow for making what it describes as unrealistic demands we also have red lines which we couldn't cross the russians would like to misuse this forum and also to. bring us to the table negotiations with the occupied territories for example. or try to federalize ukraine or actually try to control ukraine we're these occupied territories it couldn't be accepted by any government here in this country not you're a balance in say the risk of
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a sudden escalation in fighting means their 5 children rarely visit them anymore life used to be beautiful and fun they say but everything is so uncertain now chance trafford al-jazeera cheer maalik eastern ukraine. the koreans have been paying tribute to victims of the chernobyl nuclear disaster 35 years ago a morals took place in slava to each town was built to house tens of thousands of people who were relocated off of the meltdown dozens died in the disaster of those who left of the have been able to return due to high levels of radiation gunfire explosions continued to shake somalia's capital mogadishu overnight the violent confrontations between supporters of the president and those opposed to an extension of his term in office parliament recently voted to extend mohamed up the law before modulus term and talks to organize a new election of stewart the un has urged both sides to reject violence and resume
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dialogue. that in protest in several iraqi cities after saturday's hospital fire in baghdad that killed 82 people they were rallies in the capital and provinces across the country the flames ripped through the al-khateeb hospital which was treating mostly covert 19 patients it's thought to been caused by an explosion of oxygen cylinders 108 people are going on trial in turkey accused of instigating protests in 2014 dozens of people were killed in the demonstrations in turkey's southeastern region it happened after the turkish army reportedly failed to intervene during an eyesore salt of the syrian kurdish town of kabbani the defendants include the former head of the pro kurdish people's democratic party his group says the case is another attempt by authorities to damage the policy. the libyan government said to be loyal to the son of the warlord holly for half the prevented a unity government delegation from entering benghazi armed men surrounded the
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airport after the delegations plane landed it was then forced to fly back to tripoli but allegation came to prepare for the 1st visit but to the city by the interim prime minister the area is a long time half past stronghold a national unity government was sworn in last month 3 years libya was divided between 2 rival administrations in the east and west each supported by militias and foreign governments indonesia's president says the $53.00 sailors who died when their submarine sank off the coast of bali will be given posthumous promotions the crewman's family members paying tribute to their loved ones president joko widodo said that children would have free education up to university but i gardella that are put out that. they are the best the sons of the nation the best part she wants to do this a very needy of the country their devotion will continue to be imprinted in the hearts of all indonesian citizens hopefully the spirit of these warriors will find
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the best place in the sight of one and only god and if a 1000000 lives behind would be given sincerity pensions in 40 should columbia is dealing with the worst peak of daily corona virus infections and death since the start of the pandemic the health care system is on the brink of collapse in major cities and authorities are imposing new restrictions and to add to the problems the country's vaccination drive has been slow the other side of m.p.'s he reports. hederman good at this was thrilled at the idea of receiving the 2nd dose of the single back vaccine but just hours before his appointment he instead received a message saying his shot was postponed until further notice. i was so disappointed when i saw the message i was looking forward to the 2nd shot to finally be done with us and be free to say money fuz i don't understand why they didn't plan to keep enough shots for those who got the 1st one and the 79 year old
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is not alone health services in colombia have suspended appointments for thousands of people because they don't have enough doses so far just 2.7 percent of colombians have been fully vaccinated well 6 percent of received one those a recent report found that at this rate it will take almost 2 years for divac see nation campaign to make an impact. to try to speed up the process the government authorized large private enterprises to buy back scenes internationally for their employees but manufacturers like pfizer and seen a vax a they will not sell to private businesses for the time being. both the government and the private sector are recognizing the government's falling short of its commitment to vaccinate the entire colombian population it's more like
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a fear of victory by the private sector that they're now you know heaping praise at the government for allowing them to proceed but there is really nothing that they can do in the short term to expand access to vaccination. all this happening while columbus and doing its worst crisis since the start of this and then make averaging more than $400.00 deaths per day and with intensive care units close to collapse. columbus capital the ties under strict weekly in lock downs and has nightly curfews among the restrictions and outrages are expected to impose more over the weekend the city set up new field hospitals to try to ease the pressure on the capital's health infrastructure well the mayor pleaded with people to stay home just like as an executive i know it's a major sacrifice and an economic and emotional sacrifice but. it will not be in
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vain. and i fear the next 2 weeks could be particularly severe as columbia struggles with another expected surge allison that i'm just. afraid of boats a staged protests in cuba along the coastline to demand that the u.s. lift its trade embargo the flotilla sailed past the american embassy former u.s. president donald trump's administration tightened the embargo and cited concerns about a lack of democracy and have support from venezuela's socialist government president joe biden has promised to reverse that policy. the film won big at sunday's scaled back because ceremony it was also a good night for diversity with the most nominations ever for women about ne both in front and behind the camera runnels reports from hollywood and the oscar goes to. no man and no midland dominated the
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93rd academy awards the film won best picture its star frances mcdormand best actress and director chloe zhao best director the 1st woman of color and only the 2nd woman ever to win the category so this is for anyone. who had the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themself and to hold on to the goodness in each other. in the critically acclaimed film mcdormand plays an aging widow up rooted by economic change traveling the back roads of the western u.s. in a battered van it's her 3rd oscar. and i like work. thank you for knowing me and thanks for this anthony hopkins the father in a surprise anthony hopkins won best actor for his role in the father many hollywood
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observers thought the late chadwick boseman who passed away last year from cancer at age 43 would be chosen for his dynamic performance in ma rainey's black bottom. is not a question of barn is a noun bias is there a question of resistance to fasten or not exists is what do your parents as well why performers won the top prizes 9 actors and actresses of color were nominated for awards the winners included daniel kalu yet for supporting actor in judas and the black messiah and you know julie hughes is supporting actress in the nari i know. to tend to my 2 boys who made me pull out and cut. it out stand. it this is that because mommy will tell ha. shade of the best international feature award went to another round from denmark it
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looks at how alcohol impacts relationships. due to the cold at 900 pandemic the traditional red carpet was downsized and socially distanced a severely limited number of nominees and guests were allowed inside the venue at l.a.'s union station with cold and tested participants rotated in and out during the show. the show's television ratings in decline for years were predicted to be its lowest ever. that's represented but there were some fun moments like week dormant howling at the moon. and glenn close doing the rope shaking dance in a sparkling blue dress. the movie industry is going through sweeping changes as streaming video rapidly overtakes cinematic releases of films but with all that
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the oscars remain hollywood and the film industry's most sought after prize and it's likely to stay that way for years to come rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles all right so it's on a monday but if your week is in need of a bit of brightening up take a look into the night sky and the 1st super moon of the year as a arrives people in a straitjacket on the glimpse of what's known as the pink super moon it happens when the moon is at one of its closest points to the us and it's all bits typically it's around 7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than the full. protecting with us highway traffic and him into how the headlines and al-jazeera hospitals and the indian capital need to.


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