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and for them to see it. with me is coronavirus tragedy growing worse by the day the world scrambles to offer more help. i'm about this and this is all to do a live from doha also coming up the final pullout of begins from afghanistan a top u.s. general reveals how troops will finally leave after almost 20 years. fears of spiraling violence in somalia a supporters of a defiant president fights with those opposed to his extended rule. nomad land stars of the all suppose award night it wins best film best actress and best
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director. let's begin in india where the world's largest coronavirus surge is going to get worse nearly 350000 new cases have been reported making for days of record rises with oxygen medicine and bad still in short supply other countries say they will step up to help or not shortly after lizabeth put on them support from new delhi. oh my god that was so there but breaks down as he pleads with staff in india's biggest coded mine hospital to admit his wife much meaning them in hammond and she's lying in the back of an ambulance breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder he tells al jazeera they came here after being turned away by the hospitals we live in now that's way out of it i have
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no one else except my wife and child who have left in the world with an acquaintance who is no one to look after us we aren't getting a bed and i've tried many hospitals but there's no one are willing to give us a bed with folded hands i pleaded with the acquaintance to take care of my child. there tensions run high outside the hospital where family members tells tof they have nowhere else to go to ok i mean i don't know but look nyuk already has 1850 patients and only 1500 beds staff told us hundreds of lying on the floor i work is very hard we try to help and guide people but they don't listen people are becoming very frustrated some even become physical. doesn't venture to waiting for alice months to give up and begin their search for a bed again hoping to find a hospital where someone has been discharged. despite being india's biggest co the 19 hospitals stop at north naruto does it too has been running low on oxygen supply
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when the delhi regional government took the matter to the high court india for the for the general told it let's try and not be a crybaby. 50 people died in the capital after their oxygen supply ran out and on saturday 6 patients died in the state of punjab because of the same reason. health care workers say they are helpless in the face of such a calamity. we need oxygen the revered. and. then. leaves a car to his and there's traffic tells him his wife will die if they keep waiting elizabeth cronon al-jazeera. and his government ordered social media firms to remove content critical of its handling of the pandemic dozens of posts on facebook
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twitter and instagram have been taken down the censored post included calls for prime minister narendra modi to resign and critiques from journalists and opposition politicians and his government says the post were targeted for spreading what it calls fake news and misleading information. international efforts to help india are building the u.k. is sending more than 600 medical devices including oxygen concentrator is an ventilators the 1st shipment is due to arrive on tuesday. we're sending out an emergency shipment of over 600 items of equipment that ventilator is oxygen concentrator is and the aim is to provide the support that the indians need at their hour of need really if judging by the distressing scenes we've seen in many of the hospitals in india series of other shipments the 1st one goes out today and we are going to scotians with the indian government about further things that they may or may not need us president joe biden says the u.s.
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will help india just as it helped america through the worst moments of its outbreak its chief medical advisor dr anthony fauci spoke to a.b.c. news as the white house announced it will immediately send medical and protective gear as well as raw materials for producing vaccines. there's discussions about really ramping up what we can do on the ground oxygen supply drugs tests p p e as well as taking a look in the intermediate and long run about how we can get vaccines to these individuals both immediately now as well as in the situation where you help them to be able to essentially make vaccines themselves colombia is going through its worst peak of daring infections and death since the start of the pandemic hospitals are on the brink of collapse and major cities and authorities are imposing new restrictions and to add to the problems the vaccination drive has been slow
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alexandra ram p.s.e. reports hederman could have this was thrilled at the idea of receiving the 2nd dose of the sin of vaccine but just hours before his appointment he instead received a message saying his shot was postponed until further notice within. i was so disappointed when i saw the message i was looking forward to the 2nd shot to finally be done with us and be free to see my new fuse i don't understand why they didn't plan to keep enough shots for those who got the 1st one. and the 79 year old is not alone health services in colombia have suspended appointments for thousands of people because they don't have enough doses so far just 2.7 percent of colombians have been fully vaccinated well 6 percent of received one those a recent report found that at this rate it will take almost 2 years for to vaccination campaign to make an impact. to try to speed up the
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process the government authorized large private enterprises to buy vaccines internationally for their employees but manufacturers like pfizer and sin of x. say they will not sell to private businesses for the time being. both the government and the private sector are recognizing the government's falling short of its commitment to vaccinate the entire colombian population it's more like a fear of victory by the private sector that they're now you know heaping praise at the government for allowing them to proceed but there's really nothing that they can do in the short term to expand access to vaccination all this happening while doing its worst crisis since the start of this and then make averaging more than $400.00 deaths per day and with intensive care units close to collapse.
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columbia's capitol building ties under strict weekly in lock downs and has nightly curfews among other restrictions and outrages are expected to impose more over the weekend the city set up new field hospitals to try to ease the pressure on the capital's health infrastructure well the mayor pleaded with people to stay home. i know it's a major sacrifice and an economic and emotional sacrifice but. it will not be in vain. and i fear the next 2 weeks could be particularly severe as columbia struggles with another expected surge alison that in just. a state of emergency has come into effect in japan as it fights its own surge in cases that are new restrictions in tokyo as well as 3 other districts this is the 3rd lockdown since last year restaurants and entertainment venues will be shot
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sporting events have been called off the restrictions that are expected to end on may 11th later in the summer talking is expected to host the olympics. united nations children's fund says children in the philippines are suffering increasing levels of depression and anxiety reduced learning and development after a year of school lockdowns and covert restrictions is becoming common according to unicef the situation is worse than many other nations jamila onondaga has this report. for more than a year now this narrow alley outside from home has been her classroom schools have been closed for over a year because of the pandemic and francine says she misses school life. does more jail or less honestly believe in my teacher are so hard i failed severus subjects already i had that badly but it's now broken. across the street because it's elam a tricia and angela are trying to connect to the internet to submit their schoolwork
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their tablets were provided by the citie of manilla to students unable to afford the rowing along with the days getting such devices is not the only problem many of these children see their parents can't afford a stable internet connection and when power lines are down it's even harder for them to study. story for our children even we try to teach them it's not really the same i still have a household to do and we can't even work and earn because no one can look after the children when the pandemic broke out schools across the country were closed the government then imposed a distance learning system a combination of online classes printed materials and t.v. and radio lessons but parents here say they're bearing the burden of distance learning and the lack of government support is making the situation even more
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difficult across the country close to $4000000.00 students were not able to enroll for the current school year and their own doubt of these children who are now out of school come from impoverished communities a few months ago the government approved a pilot scheme for a face to face system hoping to open some schools and communities with very local with 1000 infections but the country is facing a record breaking search that's forcing many communities back into lockdown government's got to get its act together in dealing with the deceased just focus on this get rid of get the vaccine solved roll out all of these things so at least you know we have a chat. the state of mental health of many children has created concern too for more than a year now children have been stuck a tome and are rarely allowed to go out and play but many parents. they're not just facing a crisis in education but also in their children's emotional. dog
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and i'm just here in manila. the commander of foreign forces in afghanistan general scott miller says u.s. and nato troops have started their final withdraw all u.s. president but joe biden wants all combat soldiers out by september the 11th that's 20 years after the 911 attacks scholl about us reports. speaking to afghan journalists at the nato base in kabul us general scott miller describes the beginning of the aid for foreign troops in afghanistan ever ferocious are now preparing to retrograde. the notification they will be the 1st to make. the same time as we start taking our local actions we've already begun the proof of the departure can be found at this kandahar the scrap heap the yarn another proud recipient of unwanted or broken equipment from kandahar airfield a key american base over the last 20 years. that shines
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a lot of demand out guys who can find containers that are freezer reuters chairs tables and anything you would need generators and even some stuff in working condition you can find anything from around the world what. the trumpet ministration and the taliban had agreed that foreign forces would be gone by may 1st if the taliban negotiated with afghan leaders and cut ties with al qaeda this month u.s. president joe biden and nonstop new plan the u.s. will leave by september 11th but with no conditions this despite a recent u.n. report that up to 500 al qaeda fighters remain in afghanistan as close allies of the taliban general miller with his leverage gone issued this warning as fair as a relationship between al qaeda and the taliban the taliban have to break that relationship that is something they have committed to. the world expects under broke that relationship and certain now that afghanistan will never be used as
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a favorite for terrorism. it's hard to break a relationship you don't have the taliban has long denied there are any al-qaeda members in afghanistan they are quick however to confirm their attacks on sunday alone they published 16 posts on their website boasting of killing dozens of afghan soldiers and police offices in recent days if you could be verified 80 miller is america's longest serving commander in afghanistan he has tried to reassure afghan security forces saying he'll leave them with as much equipment as possible it's my objective to make sure that the afghan security forces are in the best possible security posture and that means transitioning bases and equipment to the afghan security forces more than 10000 u.s. and coalition troops need to leave afghanistan within 5 months as numbers dwindle the pentagon has seemed to be $52.00 bombers to qatar and will keep an aircraft carrier in the region as cover in case of taliban aggression shiela bellus
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al-jazeera. still ahead an all just 0 top officials in iraq are socks off for a foreigner covert 19 ward. round one of the most diverse all screws in history a record number of nominations for women on the political. story for the perfect gentleman. with a strong suit point qatar airways hello there things have been heating up across the middle east they are going to cool slightly particularly across the levant region but as we go into monday the gulf states seeing those high temperatures 40 degrees in q 836 degrees in riyadh we could see some showers as well for south western parts of saudi arabia and western parts of yemen turkey seeing wetter
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weather as well and korea sits at around 18 degrees and we got a brisk wind blowing those cooler conditions into neben on iraq still seeing those high temperatures $43.00 degrees in baghdad and it's a similar story for iran to run seeing 32 degrees that's about 10 degrees above average and what we expect for this time of year as we head to central africa now that tropical cyclone has made landfall in tanzania that's weekend we could see some heavier rain some stronger winds but that's sort of died down as we go into tuesday will see heavy a showers across northern parts of mozambique and the central parts we are seeing those heat of the day showers across the democratic republic of congo as we had further south things are looking rather warm we got a weather system bringing some rain to cape town. sponsored poll qatar airways a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been
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left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism any objective is to get beat me to send it to the wall to shoot and what's going on exposing real world threats to objectivity often of our neighbor it sounds from moscow earth 11000 people where residents of the listening post covers the way the news is covered on and just see it on. ga ga's it a reminder of our top stories this hour india's record of the world's highest number of new covert 19 infections for the 4th consecutive day 352000 cases were
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reported on monday 2812 people died the biggest single day spike so far in. the u.k. the u.s. and the e.u. are promising to deliver medical supplies to india president joe biden says the u.s. will help india just as india helped america through the worst moments of its outbreak . the commander of foreign forces in afghanistan says u.s. and nato troops have started the withdrawal process u.s. president joe biden wants to get all combat soldiers out by september the 11th it's 20 years since the $911.00 attacks. the suspension of iraq's health minister as well as other senior figures has done little to quell anger over the devastating hospital fire 82 people were killed in the explosion which has put more focus on corruption and the government's handling of the pandemic similar faulting reports from baghdad. and neighborhoods truck by grief after an explosion
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ripped through a crowded covert 19 ward saad lost his father who had been a patient at the hospital as well as his brother who had stayed by his bedside to care for him. my father was about to recover they even took him off the oxygen and in the hospital burns down i lost 2 of them we couldn't risk give them the explosion and but that's even mass a teapot spittle where around a 120 patients were treated for cope with 19 was likely caused by a poorly handled oxygen cylinder doctors say the facility lacks basic equipment including a central oxygen supply system and that patients relatives often handle oxygen. cylinders because of a shortage of medical staff was there to attend to his elderly on 20 blast went off but he couldn't save her. everyone left behind the patients and just ran out in a few seconds the entire floor was ablaze with heavy fire despite the risk of
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covered 19 infection there was no restriction on the number of relatives allowed in the wards which further increased fatalities. this is neglect from the hospital because you shouldn't allow anyone to enter the family members a greater number than the patients inside the i.c.u. the. witnesses say the emergency response was slow while iraq's human rights commission told al jazeera the hospital lacked adequate fire safety systems we know very well that is all. occasional safe it is. confronting such and such buildings when we look at the official reports about. the entity we see there is no extinguished system or lighting system the prime minister has ordered an investigation and has suspended several officials including the ministry of health and the governor of
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baghdad the deadly fire at the hospital has stirred a few public anger over the government's handling of the coronavirus and the mic and for many it's a manifestation of the deeply rooted corruption that has crippled the healthcare sector. on sunday families began holding funerals but few have hope for genuine accountability from the government or that the structural issues that lie at the heart of such accidents will be addressed seen one of 14 al-jazeera but that . gunfire and explosions have shaken the someone in the capital mogadishu never been violent confrontations between supporters of the president and those. so extension of his term in office parliament recently voted to increase the term of muhammad the locking of module and talks to organize a new election and stalled the un has urged both sides to reject violence and resume dialogue with him lawrence is professor of political science at the american
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university and he's also a former u.s. diplomat and regional security officer in west africa he says somalia is in desperate need of international mediation. oh. janet for somebody it's 1st one man one election since 1968 and it was negotiations broke down over a number of issues mostly just about the conduct of the elections the president was accused of stature and his stack recollect election bore uncertain and other issues and there's also the. power distribution she's between the province's and the president to the fight maybe provinces' so all of this broke down and that led to an exploration both parliaments and the president's man the february in this new law passed by the lower house of parliament called the people's parliament on it or 14th and that led to all kinds of reactions including one commander on the front
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line saying if you will resign from power well you know internationally this seems to be a joke retsinas consequence of that declaration. and the whole thing could sort of fall apart like a house of cards if this doesn't get back on track somalia proving again and again that they can't work these things out on their own and international mediation must be not only brought in theory quickly in order to resolve this the last negotiations in early april at the airport were done in the aegis of african union peacekeeping troops that printing the airport and the mediator such story as we've seen in other words about the context and don't definitely need international mediation. no model and has won the oscar for best picture and the ask goes to. no man. in the movie tells the story of a woman in her sixty's who loses everything in the 2008 recession and joins the
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growing number of americans living out of vans frances mcdormand won the best actress award for her role in that film. who directed the film became only the 2nd woman to win the oscar for best director she's also the 1st woman of color ever on and in this category and you know john won best supporting actress for oscar for minardi she's the 1st south korean to win the top award let's go live to robot bride in seoul rob puts the reaction been like in south korea to this. as you would imagine this has been very well received here in south korea you know joan is probably not that well known to the rest of the world until now that is but she is a very familiar figure here a very well established character active beginning her career in the 1960 s. and seventy's 1st of all in the movie industry and then branching across into t.v.
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dramas for a time during the 19 $180.00 s. for a few years she actually relocated to the united states so she is no stranger to the phenomenon of migration or relocation which is obviously the theme of minardi but she decided to move back to south korea pick up her career once more 'd and has really as she has grown older and developed as an actor she has managed to avoid being pigeonholed into stereotypical kind of angry roles which tend to be a staple of korean fiction here instead taking on roles which are far more challenging nuanced cult more complex matriarchal figures which seem to be perfectly suited of course to the eccentric grandmother that she plays in so this is this now seems to have been accepted and rewarded by the oscars but also i think that is recognition of south korea's film industry which everybody here will be delighted with last year of course we were talking about the movie parricide
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winning those awards so the fact that south korea is once again recognized on the world stage is very well received here rob thanks very much those from abroad talking to us from seoul i want to bring in scott mendelssohn he's a film critic and he's a box office pundit for forbes who's joining us live by skype from moorpark in california it's good to have you with us i want to talk to you about the award that was given to social opens the diverter but also mere neil and jamming to wilson it took the oscar from him hair and make up in modern means black bottom now man neal said i stand here to make and i break this glass ceiling with so much hope for the future i know one day it won't be unusual groundbreaking it'll just be normal and she writes do you think. well that's 1st of all thank you for having me 2nd of all that's the goal to where we discuss give diversity includes a duty in terms of the awards race as the last and last of a big deal and you know the way that happens is far more diverse and inclusive
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films to be caught up in the awards ways to be counted as be awards worthy even right at the beginning as you know you know normally you would be the festival season and for those films to actually get nominations and it sounds somewhat obvious but up until the last several years it's been. somewhat rare enough to where a year like this where you don't have a number of comparatively cousens winners you know a year like this is an exception to the rule hopefully it will become conventional wisdom but ask me again 5 years with this also has it does seem as though the streaming services like netflix and so on does seem to have had a big role to play in the nominations in this and obviously netflix and other streaming services in a way of getting groups who have generally been under represented and directors and performers and so on to get their work to a wider audience how much of
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a role do you think that has played given. towards the diversity that we've seen in this year's nominations. it word sub i mean netflix and amazon and to a lesser extent you know not to answer that you know amazon hulu netflix part of their commercial strategy has been to be to say that we are a place that brings stories from under-represented demographics straight to your couch you know not only are we bankrolling and distributing these pictures with these under-represented voices we are giving them to you for free as are your screens description. they were very successful in terms of nominations this year. madres black bottom. the sound of metal but in terms of the major victories outside of the tech awards ironically enough even in this year the major studios like fox searchlight are p.g.
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searchlight warner brothers sony pictures classics they took the majority of the victories in the major screenplay actor actors director picture categories. the streamers had a good year partially because. there were a lot of major hollywood films that didn't come out this year as scheduled because of the endemic and also connected to that you had a situation where films like the united states versus billie holiday or the trial of chicago 7 which were supposed to be major studio theatrical releases paramount in those cases and being acquired by streaming service amazon excuse me who purchased the united states versus billie holiday and netflix purchased the distribution rights to try out as of then go 757000000 dollars and that film added up being one of their 2 best picture nominees scotland in some way appreciate your
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time thank you very much indeed for giving us the benefit of your expertise thank you it's an absolute pleasure thank you. the u.k. has hosted its biggest crowd at an outdoor sports event since the 1st lockdown in march last year 80000 fans turned up to see manchester city win the english league cup game at wembley stadium wembley is going to host 8 more matches with crowds during the european football championship in june sunday's final had been delayed in order to allow more fans to attend as coronavirus restrictions lifted. i don't know about this and with the headlines on al jazeera india's record of the world's highest number of new covered 19 infections for the 5th consecutive days.


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