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you set up the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox last analysis and opinions that help the world. subscribe to the conversation. going on. that. india's coronavirus tragedy is growing worse by the day and so the world is scrambling to offer more help. and come on santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera there are fears of spiraling violence in somalia supporters of a defiant president fights with those opposed to his extended rule. 3 days of
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mourning in iraq after a hospital fire in baghdad kills 82 people health minister has been suspended but there are more calls for accountability. and just the 8000 fans and 90000 seat stadium but it's the start of the crowds return to english football for the league cup final at wembley. india the world's largest coronavirus surge and it's getting worse than every 350000 new cases have been reported that means 4 consecutive days of record prices oxygen medicine and beds are still critically short and so the world is stepping up to help look at that in a moment 1st this report from elizabeth in new delhi. in the hour that. i saw there but breaks down as he pleads with staff in india's biggest coded mine hospital to admit his wife much meeting them in limited she's lying in the back of
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an ambulance breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder he tells al jazeera they came here after being turned away by other hospitals we live in let's play out of it i have no one else except my wife and child who have left in the world with an acquaintance who is no one to look after us we aren't getting a bed and i've tried many hospitals but there's no one around to give us a bit with folded hands i pleaded with the acquaintance to take care of my child. there tensions run high outside the hospital where family members tell stock they have nowhere else to go at it ok i mean i don't know but look nyuk already has 1850 patients and only 1500 beds staff told us hundreds of lying on the floor i work is very hard we try to help and guide people but they don't listen people are becoming very frustrated some even become physical. but
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eventually after waiting for alice months to give up and begin their search for a bed again hoping to find a hospital where someone has been discharged. despite being india's biggest car the $9000.00 hospital stop at north naruto does it too has a running low on oxygen supply when the delhi regional government took the matter to the high court and the a solicitor general told it let's try. i cannot be a crybaby. 50 people died in the capitol after their oxygen supply ran out and on saturday 6 patients died in the state of punjab because of the same reason. health care workers so helpless in the face of such a calamity. we need. me and my our. whole. lives milk not
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a car to his and we can strive for tells him his wife will die if they keep waiting elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera. india's government is also ordered social media firms to remove content that's critical of its handling of the pandemic dozens of posts on facebook twitter and instagram have been taken down they included calls for prime minister modi to resign and critics from journalists an opposition politicians india's government says the posts were targeted for spreading what it called fake news and misleading information. now more on those international efforts to help india the u.k. is sending more than 600 medical devices including oxygen concentrators and ventilators 1st shipments to on tuesday foreign secretary dominic rob says more is on the way. we are sending out in the urgency shipment of over $600.00 items of equipment that ventilator is oxygen concentrator is and the aim is to provide the
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support that the indians need at their hour of need really if judging by the distressing scenes we've seen in many of the hospitals in india will be a series of other shipments the 1st one goes out today and we are in i'm going to scotians with the indian government about further things that they may or may not need. in the u.s. president joe biden says his country will help india just as it helped america for the worst moments of its break as chief medical advisor dr anthony found she spoke to a.b.c. news as the white house announced a limited lease and medical and protective gear and raw materials for producing vaccines is this question about really ramping up what we can do on the ground oxygen supplies drugs tests p p e as well as taking a look in the intermediate and long run about how we can get vaccines to these individuals both immediately now as well as in the situation where you help them to be able to essentially make vaccines themselves. we're on to other news and
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somalia's capital has descended into violence gunfire was exchanged between soldiers loyal to the president and those who want to step down parliament recently voted to extend mohamad abdalla life and i just turned and talks to organize a new election of stalled the details in this report from katherine sawyer. these are images many people in somalia don't want to see a political and security crisis is threatening to destabilize the country once again and now security forces are taking sides the soldiers arrived in the capital mogadishu from frontline positions in here in the south because by their sector commander who's opposed to the extension of president mohamed up to life are might just start in off a span of the 2 yes they went to the streets in protest alongside some city residents. who fought with police forces loyal to present my just several times
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over the phone to the most of the people are in defiance of the government extending term limits the president his term is finished could lead the country into war a peaceful demonstration is under way here now and the military a capturing new position of the country could be taken back into civil war. last week a police commander who was fired for trying to stop parliament from debating the presidential term limits retreated to his home in a residential area of mogadishu with forces loyal to him honestly say the security crisis is likely to embolden fighters to take control of areas that might be abandoned by military forces and step up their tasks this is actually a dangerous decision that has triggered all of these problems but the root cause is . often has some sort of a rotation of power that. the leadership of the president parliament trees and he voted to extend the time of the president and his government after 8 expired unfair
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. very and talks to organize and the other election has stalled after leaders fails to agree on the process the president is under pressure to step down but he accuses some leaders from regional states of making things difficult and some countries like kenya and djibouti interfering with somalia's political a thing as president the need is to deescalate this conflict. go back to. negotiations with their own members that is on the opposition there is no other way out that i can see the president for module has tried to get support from international partners including the african union with little success now he appears to be increasingly isolated but he and his supporters are standing their ground saying so mali is a sovereign country and the presidential time extension was necessary level and a political vacuum catherine saw a 0. the suspension of iraq's health minister and others has done little to
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quell the anger over a devastating hospital fire 82 people were killed in the explosion which has put more focus on corruption and the government's handling of the pandemic similar fault in reports from baghdad. and neighborhoods truck by grief after an explosion ripped through a crowded covert 19 ward lost his father who had been a patient at the hospital as well as his brother who had stayed by his bedside to care for him. my father was about to recover they even took him off the oxygen and in the hospital burns down i lost 2 of them we couldn't rescue them the explosion and but that's even possible where around a 120 patients were treated for cope with 19 was likely caused by a poorly handled oxygen cylinder doctors say the facility lacks basic equipment including a central oxygen supply system and that patients relatives often handle oxygen
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cylinders because of a shortage of medical staff was there to attend to his elderly on 20 blast went off but he couldn't save her. everyone left behind the patients and just ran out in a few seconds the entire floor was ablaze with heavy fire despite the risk of covered 19 infection there was no restriction on the number of relatives allowed in the wards which further increased fatalities. this is neglect from the hospital because you shouldn't allow anyone to enter the family members a greater number than the patients inside the i.c.u. . witnesses say the emergency response was slow while iraq's human rights commission told al jazeera the hospital lacked adequate fire safety systems we know very well that is all. occasional safe it is.
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and. buildings when we look at the official reports about. such entity we see there is no oil to extinguish system or room fighting system the prime minister has ordered an investigation and has suspended several officials including the ministry of health and the governor of baghdad the deadly fire at the hospital has stirred a few public anger over the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and for many it's a manifestation of the deeply rooted corruption that has crippled the healthcare sector. on sunday families began holding funerals but few have hope for genuine accountability from the government or that the structural issues that lie at the heart of such accidents will be addressed seen one of 14 al-jazeera but that . israeli police have removed barricades from near al aqsa mosque compound which were partly blamed for provoking several nights of tension and clashes protesters
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were angry they couldn't gather on the damascus gate steps during the holy month of ramadan israel says the barriers were put in place as part of coronavirus restrictions but palestinians were seen celebrating after their removal there were still some scuffles and 10 palestinians were reportedly detained. elsewhere israeli soldiers of fire tear gas on palestinian youth protesters gathered near gaza's barrier fence palestinians burned tires and threw stones and israeli media reports a rocket has fired from the strip earlier as well fell into an empty field in southern israel israel says it is restricting gaza's fishing zone in response to the recent rocket fire. we'll check the weather in a moment and then childhoods disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic looking at the impact on education and emotional welfare in the philippines it's one of the most diverse schools in history is under way a record number of nominations for women and people of color will have the results
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in from hollywood surely. it's time for the perfect gentlemen. with a sponsored point qatar airways hello there china is going to see quite a bit of wet weather we can see that cloud over central and southern areas with heavy a downpours around india china we could see some localized flooding across northern vietnam with those showers are particularly heavy and as we go into choose day those showers are going to push towards the east coast will have rain as well in hong kong the temperature is sitting at about mid twenty's there you go further north things are looking rather clear and fine beijing seeing lots of sunshine 23 degrees got a bit of a brisk wind we could see some dust in the air for the korean peninsula ahead of
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that rain we've got clearer skies for south korea similar story for japan lots of fine and dry weather temperatures slightly below what we expect for this time of year and that weather system is pushed out to sea we could see one to 2 showers in a kaido as we head to southeast asia now the philippines a see plenty is settled weather sunshine and showers for manila at 30 degrees as we go into cheers day the south could see some heavier rainfall you can see those yellow peaks there but much of the intense downpours are going to be across cambodia and thailand we could see a few showers in malaysia too. sponsored paul qatar airways. to see. a family. politicized by the forces of nature. will know before you and. i can name pharma documents his struggle for his community survival and builds
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a template for global action on climate change. to see the climate dial east a witness documentary on. it with al jazeera these are the top stories this hour india recording the world's highest number of new covered 9000 infections for the 4th consecutive day almost 350000 cases have been reported in hospitals are struggling to cope with. the u.k. u.s. and e.u. are promising to deliver medical supplies to india president joe biden says the u.s. will help india just as india help america for the worst moments of its outbreak.
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and soldiers loyal to somalia's president have been fighting with troops opposed to him accountable look at issues parliament recently voted to extend. the life for mothers turn untold so often as a new election story. the commander of foreign forces in afghanistan general scott miller says u.s. and nato troops have started their final withdrawal u.s. president biden wants all combat soldiers out by september the 11th 20 years after the $911.00 attacks charleville assessment. speaking to afghan journalists at the nato base in kabul us gen scott miller describes the beginning of the aid for foreign troops in afghanistan ever ferocious are now preparing to retrograde. the notification they will be the 1st to make. the same time as we start taking our local actions we've already begun the proof of the departure can
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be found at this kandahar the scrap heap the yarn another proud recipient of unwanted or broken equipment from kandahar airfield a key american base over the last 20 years. that shines a lot of demand out guys who can find containers that are freezer reuters chairs tables and anything you would need generators and even some stuff in working condition you can find anything from around the world what. the trumpet ministration and the taliban had agreed that foreign forces would be gone by may 1st if the taliban negotiated with afghan leaders and cut ties with al qaeda this month u.s. president joe biden and danced a new plan the u.s. will leave by september 11th but with no conditions this despite a recent u.n. report that up to 500 al qaeda fighters remain in afghanistan as close allies of the taliban general miller with his leverage gone issued this warning as fair as a relationship between al qaeda and the taliban the taliban have to break that
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relationship that is something they have committed to. the world expects under broke that relationship and certain now that afghanistan will never be use a safe haven for terrorism. it's hard to break a relationship you don't have the taliban has long denied there are any al-qaeda members in afghanistan they are quick however to confirm their attacks on sunday alone they published 16 posts on their website boasting of killing dozens of afghan soldiers and police offices in recent days if you could be verified 80 miller is america's longest serving commander in afghanistan he has tried to reassure afghan security forces saying he'll leave them with as much equipment as possible it's my objective to make sure that the afghan security forces are in the best possible security posture and that means transitioning bases and equipment to the afghan security forces more than 10000 u.s.
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and coalition troops need to leave afghanistan within 5 months as numbers dwindle the pentagon has seemed to be $52.00 bombers to qatar and will keep an aircraft carrier in the region as cover in case of taliban aggression shiela bellus al-jazeera. in cuba a fleet of boats has been used to stage a protest along the coastline of have to demand the lifting of u.s. trade embargo on the country the flotilla sailed past washington's embassy former u.s. president ronald trump's administration tightened that embargo citing concerns about a lack of democracy and have an as support for venezuela's socialist government president biden during his presidential campaign to reverse the policy. we are fighting fighting for cuba to be free and for the blockade to be lifted it is an injustice what they are doing to us i know it was with each passing year that makes listen least since for the country to remain blocked the country should not continue to be subjected to this pressure it is unfair that the new generations
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continue to live in a war amnesty international's calling on libya's newly formed unity government to investigate the illegal military trials of hundreds of civilians a new report details the secret trials torture and imprisonment of hundreds of civilians in eastern libya by police for half his forces and these 22 people were sentenced to death between 20182025 the military courts the report also reveals half as a crackdown on dissent targeting and torturing people who shared opposing views on social media. the spanish coast guard rescued 49 people from a dinghy in the atlantic the migrants were found about 11 kilometers off the south coast of gran canaria out of spain's canary islands some were transferred to hospital to receive medical treatment the u.n. said last year hundreds died or went missing after attempting that dangerous crossing to the spanish on its. the u.k.
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has hosted its biggest outdoor sporting event since the 1st lockdown in march of last year 8000 fans turned up to see manchester united sorry manchester city hoops win the english league cup at wembley stadium where they will host 8 more matches with crowds during the european football championship in june sunday's final been delayed in order to allow more fans to attend as the coronavirus restrictions were lifted our correspondent paul brennan was out among the limited crowds in north london. a big safe wembley stadium and a lot more at stake than just the cow cup in this event this is the 2nd large scale test event here at wembley stadium with 8000 spectators allowed to attend the game 4000 of them are actually club fans from both manchester city and from tottenham hotspur the other 4000 residents and h.s. workers who secured bed tickets through a ballot system now the conditions for getting a ticket include you have to have had
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a negative coronavirus lateral flow test in the last 24 hours and you have to agree to have subsequent testing in the coming days after this game but those fans that we've spoken to ahead of the game today say they're just glad to be back the last game it was that was 26 of february i was our last game in betrayed away so it's been a year. i overdo. spare moment and hopefully by the summer we'll be able to enjoy some big stadium offenses certainly by next season. and watching city at the atlanta game as football fans are specified that the main thing is seeing your mates going going to the games and i think this is the start hopefully of it easing off and things getting better and better so yeah we are really excited about how things are going as i say there's a lot more at stake than just the car about cup in this to the future of the
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european championships which are going to be played here at wembley the semifinals on the final in the couple of the group games as well later on during the summer now this 8000 people are attending to this game today the f.a. cup final on in the middle of may is going to have 121-2000 spectators if this event goes well and by the time the european championships come around the expectation is that they'll be a minimum of 25 percent capacity and that's $22.00 and a half 1000 for this particular state. and i hope that by the time the finals in the fall at the semifinals in the fall come around they'll be able potentially to have up to 50 percent capacity that's really important for a big stadium like this with a 90000 capacity to have the atmosphere so this event is very very important not just for the car about cup but for the whole future of this major championship the united nations children's fund since childe says children in the philippines are suffering increasing their fields of depression and anxiety reduced learning and
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development after a year of school lockdowns and code restrictions become pretty common according to unicef the situation is worse than in many other nations jamila island organ has our report. for more than a year now this narrow alley outside for it to like this home has been your classroom schools have been closed for over a year because of the pandemic and francine says she misses school life. does more jail or less honestly believe i'm a teacher are so hard i failed severus subjects already i had that badly but it's now. across the street because it's elam a tricia and angela are trying to connect to the internet to submit their schoolwork their tablets were provided by the citie of manilla to students unable to afford the rowing. this is these days getting such devices is not the only problem many of these children see their parents can't afford
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a stable internet connection and when power lines are down it's even harder for them to study. story for our children even we try to teach them it's not really the same i still have household to do and we can't even work and earn because no one can look after the children when the pandemic broke out schools across the country were closed the government then imposed a distance learning system a combination of online classes printed materials and t.v. and radio lessons but parents here say they're bearing the burden of distance learning and the lack of government support is making the situation even more difficult across the country close to $4000000.00 students were not able to enroll for the current school year and there aren't out of these children who are now out of school come from impoverished communities a few months ago the government approved a pilot scheme for a face to face system hoping to open some schools in communities with very local
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with 1000 infections but the country is facing a record breaking surge that's forcing many communities back into lockdown government's got to get its act together in dealing with the deceased just focus on this get rid of get the vaccine solved roll out all of these things so at least you know we have a chat with the state of mental health of many children has created concern too for more than a year now children have been stuck a tome and are rarely allowed to go out and play but many parents. they're not just facing a crisis in each occasion but also in their children's interests. to madly doug and just 0 in on the. results coming in for this is also. has made history at the 93rd academy awards she's won best director a nomad land becoming just the 2nd woman to win the award and the 1st woman of
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color to receive it the ceremony one of the most diverse yet 6 black actors and actresses nominated equalling a record set in 2017 more with rob reynolds who's there outside the ceremony in los angeles tell us what might have been a lot of history making stuff going on. yeah that's right come on there's been a good deal of gender diversity in some of the important awards that have been handed out so far diversity in gender and in race i should say in addition to the chinese director closure where you mention. the korean actress you junger unit won the award for best supporting actress for her role as grandma in the heartwarming film inari she got a lot of laughs from the audience when she gave her acceptance speech in the in the
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train station behind me there where the awards are going on saying revealing that she was. a rabid fan of brad pitt but never got to meet him during the film which she helped to executive produce the daniel the british actor daniel kalua won the best supporting actor ward for judas and the black messiah the british director emerald fend won the oscar for best original screenplay for promising young woman which is sort of me to tale of revenge and and an anger and. the best international feature was won by another round to z. film from denmark and the ceremonies are obviously scaled back for the pandemic the red carpet downsized everyone socially distance lots of covert testing and so forth and so on but as a production i would say the show has not suffered from any of that it's been
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moving right along which is kind of a relief for many of us who have watched the oscars over the years and a little less than say 45 minutes to half an hour left to go and we will in that time period by the time i get back to you come all for our next live performance here will be able to tell you who is one the best actress best actor and of course best picture a live performance but you're not wearing your tuxedo robe reynolds and there is a good reason for that isn't there maybe maybe next year. who knows what will be happening by next you know we rob reynolds at the oscar awards the 93rd academy awards in los angeles thank you rob.
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coming up on half past the hour here on al-jazeera we'll take you through the headlines india festival which has recorded the world's highest number of new code 1000 infections for the 4th consecutive day almost 350000 cases have been reported and hospitals are struggling to cope. and so the u.k. the u.s. and the e.u. are all promising to deliver medical supplies to india president joe biden says the u.s. will help india just as india helped america through the worst moments of its break his chief medical advisor says life saving equipment will arrive saying. there's discussions about really ramping up what we can do on the ground oxygen supplies drugs tests p p e as well as taking a look in the intermediate and long run about how we can get vaccines to these individuals.


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