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tv   Al Jazeera World Iraqs Dying Rivers  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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new zealand and unlike the metering economics become the test bed for controlling house prices must no go to posit so why is it one of iraq's biggest exports counting the cost on al-jazeera. 100 hours g.m.t. on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria with the headlines in the world's largest coronavirus surge is only getting worse nearly 350000 new cases reported in india early on sunday that means 4 days of record rises now with oxygen medicine and beds still critically short the world is stepping up to help this but problem as this report from you jenny. rather than the hour that it was so there but breaks down as he pleads with staff in india's biggest coded mine hospital to
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admit his wife much meaning them in a minute she's lying in the back of an ambulance breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder he tells al jazeera they came here after being turned away by other hospitals we live in let's play out of it i have no one else except my wife and child who have left in the world with an acquaintance who is no one to look after us we aren't getting a bed and i've tried many hospitals but there's no one around to give us a bed with folded hands i pleaded with the acquaintance to take care of my child. tensions run high outside the hospital where family members tells tof they have nowhere else to go to ok. but look nyuk already has 1850 patients and only 1500 beds staff told us hundreds of lying on the floor i work is very hard we try to help and guide people but they
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don't listen people are becoming very frustrated some even become physical. but eventually after waiting for alice months to give up and begin their search for a bed again hoping to find a hospital where someone has been discharged. this by playing india's biggest co the 19 hospitals stop at no naruto does it too that isn't running low on oxygen supply when the delhi regional government took the matter to the high court and the us for the for the general told it let's try and not be a cry baby. 50 people died in the capital after their oxygen supply ran out and on saturday 6 patients died in the state of punjab because of the same reason. health care workers say they are helpless in the face of such a calamity. we need oxygen the revered. but. there is more help more. leaves
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a car to his and we can strive for tells him his wife will die if they keep waiting elizabeth cohen al jazeera new delhi. as we mentioned international efforts to help india are building the u.k. is sending more than 600 medical devices including oxygen concentrator and ventilators 1st shipment due to arrive on to say the u.s. is sending medical and protective gear as well as raw materials for producing vaccines. iraq's prime minister is suspended the health minister after an explosion and fire at a covert $900.00 ward in a hospital in baghdad families of health funerals now for some of the $82.00 victims the government's declared 3 days of national mourning gunfire and explosions of shaken the somali capital mogadishu there have been violent confrontations between supporters of the president and those opposed to an extension of his term in office parliament recently voted to extend mohamad abdalla
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who for marjah is term talks to organize a new election of stuart the un's urged both sides to reject violence and to resume dialogue a libyan government said to be loyal to the son of warlord khalifa haftar have prevented the unity government delegation from entering benghazi militia members surrounded the airport after the delegations plane landed which then flew back to tripoli the delegation came to prepare for the interim prime minister's 1st visit to the city a long time after strongholds. israeli police have removed barricades from near a mosque compound which were partly plain for provoking several nights of tension and clashes protesters were angry they couldn't gather on the damascus gate steps during the holy month of ramadan israel says those barriers were put in place as part of covert restrictions. you are up to date with the headlines al-jazeera world is next.
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dawn on the banks of the river tigris in the iraqi capital baghdad. the river source is in turkey and it flows southeast through the capital until it eventually meets the euphrates. for centuries since the 1st urban
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settlements grew up in ancient mesopotamia thousands of years before the common era fishing has been a lifeline running in families for generations. this is the story of the fishermen and women living now in the land. of the lines in. college lives and works on the river in baghdad. they get. only to live on. the euphrates blues from turkey through syria and iraq and is the longest and one
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of the most historically significant rivers in. the vast ancient mesopotamia marsh. where the tigris and euphrates meet in southern iraq. tens of thousands of iraqis live in the arsenal like the. likable hideout and his wife who rely almost entirely on fishing to make their meager living. i leased allas. i don't like as i left i don't know. why they don't know why that what. the tigris and euphrates meets in basra province in the south of iraq where they form the shut the lot of water when he. leaves fishes on one of the trawlers. odd outside of the that wave with the defender. said.
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that he didn't want to know what if that a god who had a. good novel about that about how to get out of a fight. with. this bastard child all flowing into the every guns is iraq's only source of green fish in which the country's one striving fishing industry with built nothing. on the other. near here is our own and iraqi ports on the borders with kuwait indeed on and the center for now and in auctioning the refinish for many decades. and still not.
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this is a region steeped in ancient history and its relationship with water the rivers and the scene goes back thousands of years. the tigris and the euphrates need to ensure mesopotamia part of what was called the 1st south crescent where agriculture and. earliest human settlements grew up. fishing continued to develop in mesopotamia while it was part of the ottoman empire and then under british rule in the 20th century. the country became one kingdom under king faisel of iraq in 1922 then gained independence 10 years later.
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fishermen sold their catch in the baghdad fish market to merchants from other iraqi provinces as well as to the citizens but. now when baghdad and in the marshes of the south and on the shuttle out of waterway whole ways of life are under threat as outside forces and manmade pollution are damaging the tigris and euphrates in reversible ways. for all his commitment to a life on the tigris. and its days as a fisherman may be numbered all the others. are or have. ana so what has shifted when you have a sign of soft soft. on
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a sound that it. has on the on. for the better. the better machine on the. own model and if. she. does have a she was just. on a fit and she had a modest into. the. account of. fishing is a very small scale especially compared with a very big. t.v. there are fewer boots on the tigris compared with when he started out there. making a living here is tough for now. but it has been to a colleague of evil 3 decades and that has affected the river environment as much
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as the. lawyer and. whatever. the law and with one essential at. all out of hand and with a lawyer do you know what i do know. when i'm strong. as the capital of baghdad has been the focus of the outside attacks and internal turmoil that have hit iraq in recent years. but. the people of the marshlands and the. disruption to their way of life goes back further to the 1950 s. . late.
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in some ways little has changed here for the past 100 years. just as they've always been. the long fishing boats are still builds to the same design as. between the fifty's and 1990 s. . the. people. out of the. water and to punish them for their part in an uprising against the government.
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would use the 9000 square kilometers of the 1970. 760 square kilometers when his government fell into. the displacement of 200000 marsh arabs and a campaign of violence against. the international community. as ethnic cleansing. the united nations has described the marshes as a tragic and environmental catastrophe on a par with the deforestation. the amazon rain forest. but the marsh is going to be too close to it and i didn't like returning to the water.
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and like. oh my god love you head out of heaven she was and they were sick of the lead of the love of god and though some didn't last i got honest and she was the one had well thought of and listen to her own of the why they have this admission that now i mean now i had a lot more energy letting go and glad i got up on a limb that he is a live i'm. glad you know of a vehicle i'd live in than even a. good idea he had a 50 euro are going or who thought i was going to. ignore. they had a very little on the theory of. i'll
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have a little will. you know. what it was. i was. up to and on high there's area of champaign is now recovering thanks to the reflooding following the fall of saddam hussein in 2003. large areas of the marshlands and 3 ancient cities have now been included in u.s. schools list of world heritage sites but the reflooding has not restored the wetlands to their pre-drawn a niche state. the damage to the iraqi environment has also not been limited to the
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marshlands iraq as a whole has suffered massive turmoil in the past 30 years. saddam's invasion of kuwait in august 1990 led to the 1st gulf war and defeats by a coalition led by the united states the effect on the country was described as near apocalyptic taking iraq back to the pre-industrial age. then the 2003 u.s. led invasion of iraq and fall of saddam hussein's government the occupation and violent insurgency caused further widespread destruction of. the armed group i saw was a major part of the post-war insurgency its military activity in iraq and the campaign against it by the iraqi government and western forces have led to huge damage to infrastructure and the environment. the tigris in baghdad where ahmed khalid ekes
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out a living has been badly affected by this prolonged period of violence and instability . it's a joke and i'm it has become so no specific page it was going to settle back i wanted i had that you're not going to want to sign a social thing that you can kind of run the believe you know what to do and i said gee if i thought it was a long ways off you know and she was wounded by so much useful that i'll issue. 19 and apply myself 1000000000 it's a kind of it's a lot of wonderful any you know but i'm on a fairly how soon you know because she doesn't want to miss it to so much because she didn't hear the hideouts of. all of the man who won the heart of annie was that not
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a she not in my not headed out of such a high level i had to see how the not had a for you know how to tell another not a question you know heads of state of fear not to lose to alan are these the kind he will write about about 5. the instability and tighten security. have led to an increased police presence on the river. how have you. noticed about the side of the. soldiers that is about a fellow with. a nurse that they can talk to them i mean i don't know minute. details. right. in the way. i don't.
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want to. know. that i'm on one of the. salt levels on the euphrates in the south have risen because of dams higher up the river in syria and turkey. there's waste from agricultural irrigation and sewage from cities all affecting the stretches of river. used to make a living. in this. when you needed me.
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it's. just all. of us are war. and i'm a lot of other. people cannot drink the water from the euphrates because of the drop in water level increasing. furthermore in 2018 tens of thousands of freshwater fish died in the south of baghdad and soaring pollution is believed to be a major factor behind the sudden death of the fish. monopolists
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just the way. that i don't. know just. the dance built up the river on the euphrates in syria and turkey are also having an effect on the marshlands in southern iraq. this is impeding conservation and restoration efforts in the wetlands the downs have reduced the flow of water reaching iraq since the 1970 s. by as much as the. hundreds of people have been forced to migrate from iraq's once fertile central marshes because of the water level us. right now and. i've been afraid of even i've never quite know that. oh man i've never seen how
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he and in. life it was not as easy when i was not a vacuum. and i woke up at the one. of the problems of the marshes and the open rivers extend on a larger scale beyond the point where the 2 inch intruders the tigris and the euphrates merge of us all. from here the vast channel of the shuttle out of the waterway runs through basra province into the everything goals. coming up the shot a lot of waterway faces an environmental catastrophe it's taking with it livestock and fisheries and i don't know the point though i don't get it and that you know what. mark what i may and as this year's at 9 majority but i start here. and iraqi fishermen say they often fall foul of the kuwaiti indian we need these
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patrolling maritime borders on the frontline of a dispute that once led to outs now tour. of the not all the yes. and then where you know all that and. then. go out on them in. public work but not meet up old enough for me and me and others in the rubble at a. minute of it so i look what the all of us are. and our the seas for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. a young australian engineer is inventing tools to help people gain independence. all side of that will put the ability to recognize all checks on all the fire service people with for better vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science group of gals on al-jazeera.
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kisumu. a family man politicized by the forces of nature. filmed over 4 years. a kenyan farmer documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change to see lose the climate diaries a witness documentary on al-jazeera. we tout the untold stories. we speak when other stuff. we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us a pretty familiar feel of syria have america and power and pasha which held your stories we are your voice your news your network al-jazeera.
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revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. i've. part 2 of al-jazeera world is coming up but 1st we'll check the headlines india's record of the world's highest number of new code 19 infections for the 4th consecutive day was 350000 cases were reported on sunday hospitals struggling to cope with the shortage of oxygen medicines and beds. and so international efforts to help india are building the u.k. sending more than 600 medical devices including oxygen concentrator isn't ventilators 1st shipment due to arrive on tuesday. we're sending out an emergency
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shipment of over 600 items of equipment ventilators oxygen concentrator is and the aim is to provide the support that the indians need at their hour of need really if judging by the distressing scenes we've seen in many of the hospitals in india will be a series of other shipments the 1st one goes out today and we're in i'm going to scotians with the indian government about further things that they may or may not need. iraq's prime minister has suspended the health minister after an explosion and fire at a covert 19 ward in a baghdad hospital families have held funerals for some of the $82.00 victims the government's declared 3 days of national mourning. in somalia gunfire and explosions of shaikh in the capital mogadishu have been violent confrontations between supporters of the president and those opposed to an extension of his term in office parliament recently voted to extend mohamed ability from others term in talks to organize a new election a stalled the un's urged both sides to reject violence and to resume dialogue. i
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mean libyan government said to be loyal to the son of warlord khalifa haftar have prevented a unity government delegation from entering benghazi militia members surrounded the airport after the delegations plane landed it then flew back to tripoli they've come to prepare for the interim prime minister's 1st visit to the city a long time after stronghold national unity government was sworn in last month to unify the water and country and steer it towards elections later in the year and israeli police have removed barricades from near a mosque compound barriers which were partly plame for provoking several nights of tension and clashes protesters were angry that they couldn't gather on the damascus gate steps during the holy month of ramadan israel says the barriers were put in place though as part of coronavirus restrictions back with more news in half an hour world returns now.
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for thousands of years 2 famous rivers the tigris and euphrates media iraq one of the most fertile regions in the middle east. the 1st urban settlements grew up on the lines between them the cradle of civilization. but today things are dramatically different for the rivers and the people who depended on them decades of war sanctions upstream dans pollution and a phone in water levels have seriously damaged iraq's engines rivers and water resources. the sutta lot of waterway runs 184 kilometers south from the confluence of the tigris and the euphrates in basra province and forms the border with iran. it provides access to the arabian gulf iraq's vital source of commercial sea fishing.
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alone. but i don't know how it will. so that me a me of them see that. these boats now stand idle in the port of umm foul at the south east end of the install peninsula on the right bank of the shuttle. rusting old diesel boats pollutes the waterways. and found has around $40000.00 inhabitants and is this traditional fishing communities but town officials admit that's hundreds of families have now left in search of other work leaving the ports in danger of becoming a ghost town. without. now would have had. an eternity. i was just going to come but nothing got done.
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about me. as about me god to me it was to be with me. but you know when my father. could get it if they were. right i want. that it's me. on. our. one side if i stop and say now is a 50 kilometer stretch of coastline diving to pieces. the other as the shuttle how to watch or when he tries alongside the marshes of southern iran. and its huge fish stocks in their turn it's going to turn. rocky fishermen to risk seen in films
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to remain in kuwait long. is even richer this time. to deliberately try to launch into a quick and easy catch. these fishermen used to be protected by the iraqi navy but that's now d.p.t. and largely carty the country's only terminal. and. out of. out of the really and. out of me and i never. will and yet right. we are not and i thought i would tell you that in my 72 point. 20 because i'll be
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the fisherman and the shuttle and the case have to deal with iraqi security checks . as one journal developed out of. the good market as well keep the vibe going to be there no not that you could already know about it i didn't even go to where i was. i don't know go watch it out because of the border of unlike. other malaysian me you know that will have a live aboard a couple on it that they're going to do with those i don't buy on the out on an all or want to. go to. the wrestle for control of the
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shuttle what i'm watching was one of the causes of the launch costs. between iraq and iran throughout most of the 1980 s. . that border dispute is still not settled. kuwait and iraq has also yet to agree on a sea border in negotiations which have been going on since the dumbass things invasion of kuwait. that's because. many fishermen at the docks. to try to meet there are still bitter over their conflicts with iraq and the 1980 s. and ninety's. the shuttle out of the in basra
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province this is not the size of fish market. it's a meager return for a day watch. suffers from increasing. with industrial waste domestic sewage and agricultural scrutinising. in tonight's match was no surprise than that fish stocks at an initial. was. assaulted every day. as only some i fancy want to shut the lot of resulting in out.
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was. only. some fisherman have also resorted to damaging ways of catching fish including using poison to bring them to the surface to. be similar or you would. join us and with. jani if i had an oil. as a ticket i sent. them. a and a. dynamic. john. and that's it all with the shutdown among what archive a and as issue i said now in majority my list up as i fear johnny the bash up there an element of i've got
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minute. not had a long history and one how to why. not have done it. and how long and has a bit of it i know. and understand the harshness of inch by the un environment around things that. michael was going to pick on another john model year when i was in the ally when i
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but away from the problems facing the professional fishermen and the pollution of the euphrates and. there is one positive heartwarming story. i mean that as. an island. but that. doesn't come from a fishing. but has be friended tigris fishermen. and discovered a love of the ancient river. like
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a god. or their. backyard and. giving. more. at their better wherever their bit. was a lot of us are there. so i was so. at them but then i said to. them at letter.
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i just. a matter of junk. so what on you yet i am. not on the record tell us. exactly where the lawyer is going to show constitutional tomorrow i want to tell. but i'd much on time so we're trying to so we're brought. a lot of doors they. have a 7th we are no question you were you when you were given you were done and it will finish up pulled over. also. if you all august after. the juggling but then quickly through it i mean when i'm sort of our troops under
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loosely trouble the. owner as it isn't an absolute shocker was last digit on the list the i'll be out as out as i'll. just tell what i'll. call it a lot of well. i don't watch. a lot of fun most of the love for a lot of it. well but that's just over. misc is a traditional mr putting in dish meat by cooking season fresh water car on the fire . of the freedom cooked it in the marshlands and it's often considered iraq's
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national dish. but that prides itself in making the best my school with the up i know was district almost dedicated to the dish in its dozens of fish restaurants. i don't think of that but we live so i live my life. that. i want what i never thought but. as what. else is your real push as a question. so what i. suggested story shows how iraq's great engine troopers are still close to the heart of its people. today's crisis means that
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iraq once so abundant in water resources now imports 60 percent of its fish. but above all it's threatens the roots of iraq's identity as the land between the 2 rivers the tigris and the euphrates on which the country and its people have depended for thousands of years. a small boy and his brother rescued from war in gaza by the red cross i hold was the world 1st placed on a red cross truck now a world leader in crisis management and a highly regarded doctor in chicago who still misses her homeland just one day i also got me thinking of returning to jordan al jazeera world meets 2 successful arab doctors in north america arabs approach the humanitarian and the healer on
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al-jazeera. hello there let's start in australia where it's a wet picture from northern queens and those thunderstorms and shot was continuing 29 degrees in cannes but we'll see that web wet weather and it has been a rather wet month there though showers extending across into northern parts of australia but $33.00 degrees in darwin we're going to have some hot and dry weather across western areas you've got a wind there keeping temperatures up in the high twenty's 28 degrees in perth and
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century things are looking rather fine and dry it's as we head further south the west seeing the cooler conditions we've got quite a bit of cloud cover for victoria and isolated shower 02 and a brisk wind blowing across tasmania bringing wanted to shower with with it as we hop across to new zealand we've got a weather system blowing from the south island that's going to affect parts of the north island but much of the wet weather is in china you can see those showers rub a heavy along southern areas affecting parts of indochina we could see some localized flooding in cambodia with those downpours are particularly heavy but up north things are looking rather fine and dry a bit of a brisk wind blowing across northern parts but beijing at 20 degrees with sunshine . this is one of the boldest founding revolutions in all makes our planet
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we have to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars that meet the teacher mission may be to be mined to where people are just talking about cars the. world of business and commerce driving energy transmission it's the promise of liturgy and illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. a century ago they were called colonials. 50 years ago and they were immigrants to. they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism laws look back at the history of muslim immigration in france in a 3 part series. muslims of france episode one. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is newsnight on the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox
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last analysis and opinions that have the world. subscribe if the conversation. already. going to. that. india's coronavirus tragedy is growing worse by the day and so the world is scrambling to offer more help. on come on santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera the refuse of spiraling violence in somalia has supporters of a defiant president fight with those opposed to his extended rules.


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