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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2021 2:00am-2:31am +03

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it's episode one. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. that. with india's coronavirus a tragedy growing worse by the day the world scrambles to offer more help. michael santamaria your without 0 on the world news from here and out of her head. there are fears of spiraling violence in somalia supporters of a defined president fights with those opposed to his extended rule over 3 days of
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mourning in iraq after a baghdad hospital fire kills 82 people the health minister is suspended but there are more calls for accountability. and just a 1000 fans in 890000 seat stadium but it's a start crowds return to english football for the league cup final at wembley. however and with starting in india where the world's largest coronavirus surge is only getting worse every 350000 new cases have been reported that means 4 consecutive days of record rises and with oxygen medicine and beds still critically short the world is stepping up to help more on that after elizabeth purana report from new delhi. oh i doubt that it was so there but breaks down as he pleads with staff in india's biggest coded mine hospital to admit
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his wife much meeting them in hamburg she's lying in the back of an ambulance breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder he tells al jazeera they came here after being turned away by other hospitals we live in now that's way out of it i have no one else except my wife and child who have left in the world with an acquaintance who is no one to look after us we aren't getting a bed and i've tried many hospitals but there's no one around to give us a bit with folded hands i pleaded with the acquaintance to take care of my child. pick up tensions run high outside the hospice old family members tells tof they have nowhere else to go to ok i mean i don't know but look nyuk already has 1850 patients and only 1500 beds staff told us hundreds unlined on the floor i work is very hard we try to help and guide people but they don't listen people are becoming very frustrated some even become physical. but
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eventually after waiting for alice months to give up and begin this search for a bed again hoping to find a hospital where someone has been discharged. this guy's playing india's biggest co the 19 hospitals stop at no naruto does it too that isn't running low on oxygen supply when the delhi regional government took the matter to the high court india for the for the general told it let's try and not be a crybaby. 50 people died in the capital after their oxygen supply ran out and on saturday 6 patients died in the state of punjab because of the st louis said . health care workers say they are helpless in the face of such a calamity. we need oxygen the revered. and my own. wondering. what. more.
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leaves milk nakata his ambulance driver tells him his wife will die if they keep waiting elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera. is dr monica director of radix health care a private hospital in new delhi who says what's happening in india right now can not be overstated. we are in the midst of one of the most previous challenges our country has faced since the partition of 947 seeing in very very vulnerable population continuously in search for oxygen basic beds ramdisk medicines and even like them all in smaller towns in india point 35000000 new cases each are being recorded and this is when we do not have adequate testing happening on the ground seeing massive so it's of young
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population getting affected by the 2nd wave. and i truly believe that the you have not achieved the peaking yet the are going to see the peak in the coming one on one and a half weeks from now that is massive shortage of oxygen in our hospitals today morning we just had an minutes of oxygen left in hospitals that have been more than 45 deaths recorded deaths in that he nods and then he hospital it's because of lack of oxygen and the other on oxygen s.o.s. colds and and until and unless the government provides us with oxygen which is an essential medicine to fight this is the only medicine which actually works this is something which is the need of the art and if you do not do that you will see a lot of bloodshed in delhi and other parts of the country i believe that any patient who dies can you stay or can i stephen out for even a minute dancer is no oxygen is
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a basic necessity and specially for me it is like very very savvy and other drugs have questionable clinical clients oxygen is the only essential medicine we have something by the government called the essential medicines act that the source of medicine is oxygen and if you do not have oxygen how do we fight a. victor is so also agreed isn't nature and so infectious. well in light of all this the international efforts to help india are building the u.k. is sending more than 600 medical devices including oxygen concentrator and ventilators 1st shipments due to arrive tuesday foreign secretary dominic rob says more is on the way. with sending out an emergency shipment of over 600 items of equipment ventilators oxygen concentrator is and the aim is to provide the support that the indians need at their hour of need really if judging by the distressing scenes
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we've seen in many of the hospitals in india will be a series of other shipments the 1st one goes out today and we're in i'm going to scotians with the indian government about further things that they may or may not need in the u.s. president joe biden says his country will help india just as it helped america through the worst moments of its own right the white house says it will immediately send medical and protective gear and raw materials for producing vaccines right now even as we speak george there's discussions about really ramping up what we can do on the ground oxygen supply drugs tests p p as well as taking a look in the intermediate in the long run about how we can get vaccines to these individuals both immediately now as well as in the situation where you help them to be able to essentially make vaccines themselves more on this side of the story from patty calhoun in washington. well the biden ministration has been under increasing
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pressure to take these steps especially after thursday at the state department the spokesperson asked about sending aid to india said that they were focusing on vaccinating americans that was their priority but now we know that they are going to send some supplies we know this because the white house put out a statement reading out a call between the national security advisor jake sullivan in his counterpart now keep in mind there is a ban in the united states for exploiting any sort of ingredient that goes into making these coated vaccines so this statement is very carefully worded it says that they have found a some source they have found a supply source for helping to make that vaccine it doesn't say that it's u.s. based or where it's from but it goes on to list a couple of other things like you mentioned that they'll be sending in such as personal protective gear testing kits they're going to send some therapeutics of medicine that we know can help treat severe covert cases and there's an inch of
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health experts so one of the issues here is they don't say how much of these supplies they're going to send they say they're going to work generating oxygen capacity but doesn't say exactly how that's going to work or what they're going to do for this urgent need and there's another source of criticism now facing the biden ministration the u.s. has the technology obviously to make pfizer the madonna vaccine the johnson and johnson there is pressure for him to relax intellectual property rights in the patents and to share that technology with the world so they can make their own vaccine that is something he said it would be the humane thing to do when he was running for president but so far they are just only say that they are considering whether to take those steps it's obvious on the in the pharmaceutical industry is against but that is something that by demonstration is going to continue to be asked to do as the spikes across the globe. on to other news somalia's capital is descended into violence gunfire exchanged between soldiers loyal to the president
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and those who want to step down and recently voted to extend mohamad abdalla a jos term and told to organize a new election of stalled catherine sawyer has more on this. yeah these are images many people in somalia don't want to see a political and security crisis is threatening to destabilize the country once again and now security forces are taking sides the soldiers arrived in the capital mogadishu from frontline positions in here in the south recalled by the sector commander who is opposed to the extension of president mohamed up to light farm i just stopped in off a span of the 2 yes they went to the streets in protest alongside some city residents. they fought with police forces loyal to president but my just several times. to the most of the people are in defiance of the government extending term limits the president his term is finished could lead the country into war
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a peaceful demonstration is under way here now in the military a capturing new position as the country could be taken back into civil war. last week a police commander who was fired for trying to stop parliament from debating the presidential time limits retreated to his home in a residential area of mogadishu with forces loyal to him honestly say the security crisis is likely to embolden al shabaab fighters to take control of areas that might be abandoned by military forces and step up their talks this is actually a dangerous decision that has triggered all of these problems but the root cause is . often has some sort of a rotation of power 'd that hasn't been in the middle of the present parliament trees and he voted to extend the time of the president and his government after 8 expired in february and talks to organize another election have stalled after leaders fails to agree on the process the president is under pressure to step down
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but he accuses some leaders from regional states of making things difficult and some countries like kenya and djibouti of interfering with somalia's political. the president needed to deescalate this conflict. go back to. negotiations with members of the opposition there is no other way out the. president for module has tried to get support from international partners including the african union with little success now he appears to be increasingly isolated but he and his supporters are standing their ground. in country and the presidential term extension was necessary loveland a political vacuum. libyan government said to be loyal to the ward khalifa haftar son have prevented a unity government delegation from entering benghazi militia members surrounded the
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airport after the delegations plane landed then flew back to tripoli the delegation came to prepare for the interim prime minister's 1st visit to benghazi which is a long time stronghold the national unity government was sworn in last month trying to unify a war torn country and steer it towards elections later this. check on the world weather in a moment and then. tense tense scenes after several nights of unrest in occupied east jerusalem. and hollywood's most glamorous show about to get underway a live shot here from los angeles breaking records for diversity and the rise of film we'll take you to california in just a. hello
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there let's start in australia where it's a wet picture from northern queens and those thunderstorms and shot was continuing 29 degrees in cannes but we'll see that web wet weather and it has been a rather wet month there though showers extending across into northern parts of australia but $33.00 degrees in darwin we're going to have some hot and dry weather across western areas who go to war when they're keeping temperatures up in the high twenty's 28 degrees in perth and century things are looking rather fine and dry it's as we head further south the west seeing the cooler conditions we've got quite a bit of cloud cover for victoria and isolated shower 02 and a brisk wind blowing across tasmania bringing wanted to shower with with it as we hop across to new zealand we've got a weather system blowing from the south island that's going to affect parts of the north island but much of the wet weather is in china you can see those showers
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rather heavy along southern areas affecting parts of indochina we could see some localized flooding in cambodia with those downpours are particularly heavy but up north things are looking rather fine and dry a bit of a brisk wind blowing across northern parts but beijing at 20 degrees with sunshine . in the thailand's of mesopotamia with the settlements for the cradle of civilization iraqi people is dependent on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by pollution algis or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. war world
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war. you have al-jazeera these are the top stories this hour india recording the world's highest number of new code 19 and affections again that is 4 days in a row almost 350000 cases have been reported in hospitals are struggling to cover the u.k. u.s. and e.u. are promising to deliver medical supplies to india president joe biden says the u.s. will help india just as india helped america to the worst moments of its own bridge and soldiers loyal to somalia's president and those opposed to him have been fighting in the capital mogadishu parliament recently voted to extend mohamad abdalla he's a moderate term talks to organize a new election story. while the suspension of iraq's health minister and others
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has done little to quell the anger over a devastating hospital fire 82 people were killed in that explosion it's put more focus on corruption and the government's handling of the pandemic simona 14 reports from baghdad. and neighborhoods struck by grief after an explosion ripped through a crowded covert 19 ward sad lost his father who had been a patient at the hospital as well as his brother who had stayed by his bedside to care for him. my father was about to cover the even took him off the oxygen and in the hospital burns down i lost 2 of them we couldn't risk give them the explosion and but that's it massa t. possible where around a 120 patients were treated for cope with 19 was likely caused by a poorly handled oxygen cylinder doctors say the facility lacks basic equipment including a central oxygen supply system and that patients relatives often handled oxygen
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cylinders because of a shortage of medical staff mohamed was there to attend to his elderly aunt went to blast went off. but he couldn't save her. everyone left behind the patients and just ran out in a few seconds the entire floor was ablaze with heavy fire despite the risk of covert 19 infection there was no restriction on the number of relatives allowed in the wards which further increased fatalities. this is neglect from the hospital because you shouldn't allow anyone to enter the family members a greater number than the patients inside the i.c.u. the. witnesses say the emergency response was slow while iraq's human rights commission told al jazeera the hospital lacked adequate fire safety systems we know very well that is all. occasional safe it is.
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confronting such and such buildings when we look at the official reports about. the entity we see there is no auto extinguishing system or lighting system the prime minister has ordered an investigation and has suspended several officials including the ministry of health and the governor of baghdad the deadly fire at the hospital has stirred a few public anger over the government's handling of the coronavirus and the mic and for many it's a manifestation of the deeply rooted corruption that has crippled the healthcare sector. on sunday families began holding funerals but few have hope for genuine accountability from the government or that the structural issues that lie at the heart of such accidents will be addressed seen one of 14 al-jazeera but that . the commander of foreign forces in afghanistan says u.s. and nato troops have started their withdrawal process coalition head general austin
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scott miller says they will still continue to support their afghan counterparts as promised president biden who wants to get all combat soldiers out by september 11th 20 years since the attacks of 911. we will conduct an orderly withdrawal from afghanistan and that is transitioning bases and equipment to the afghan security forces. are also charged with insurance this. protection force as the department. of with. the military easing capability. to fully protect our force join retrograde as well as for the afghan security and. israeli police have removed barricades from neurotoxin mosque compound which were partly blame for provoking several nights of tension and clashes protesters were angry that i couldn't gather on the damascus gate steps during the holy month of
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ramadan israel says the barriers were put in place those part of coronavirus restrictions of how the standings were seen celebrating following their removal there are still some scuffles though 10 palestinians were reportedly detained. hundreds of people in tel aviv have demanded justice for a murdered french jewish woman sarah how the media was pushed out of a window and her parents' apartment back in 2017 the protesters want the man responsible put on trial but a french court ruled he's not criminally responsible because he was delirious at the time due to drug use is now in a psychiatric hospital. the u.k. has hosted the biggest crowd at an outdoor sporting event since the 1st lockdown in march of last year 8000 fans turned up to see manchester city win the english league cup but when the stadium when they will host 8 more matches with crowds during the european football championship in june and his final been delayed in order to allow more fans to attend as the coronavirus restrictions lifted so here
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is paul brennan at wembley stadium. a big day when we stadium and a lot more at stake than just the car cup in this event this is the 2nd large scale test event here at wembley stadium with 8000 spectators allowed to attend the game 4000 of them are actually club founds from both manchester city and from tottenham hotspur the other 4000 residents and h.s. workers who secure a bed tickets through a ballot system now the conditions for getting a ticket include you have to have had a negative coronavirus lateral flow test in the last 24 hours and you have to agree to have subsequent testing in the coming days after this game but those fans that we've spoken to ahead of the game today say they're just glad to be back the last game i was at was 26 of february i was our last game been betrayed away so it's been a year. we've missed it. do its part for an
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ongoing experiment and hopefully by the summer we'll be able to enjoy some big stadium and certainly by next season i want to go and watching city at the atlanta game it's football fans are specified that the main thing is seeing your mates going going to the games and i think that this is the start hopefully of it easing off and things getting better and better so yeah we are really excited about how things are going as i say there's a lot more at stake than just the car about cup in this to the future of the european championships which you can. we played here at wembley the semifinals on the final in the couple of the group games as well later on during the summer now this 8000 people are attending to this game today the f.a. cup final on the middle of may is going to have 121-2000 spectators if this event goes well and by the time the european championships come around the expectation is that they'll be a minimum of 25 percent capacity and that's $22.00 and
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a half 1000 for this particular stadium and they hope that by the time the finals in the fall at the semifinals in the fall come around they'll be be able potentially to have up to 50 percent capacity that's really important for a big stadium like this with a 90000 capacity to have the atmosphere so this event is very very important not just for the care about cup but for the whole future of this major championship they say the show must go on and so it will but due to the pandemic this year's academy awards will be handed out and scaled back ceremony taking place outside a train station a lockdowns around the world of been a boost to streaming companies who are behind many of the nominee here is rob reynolds in his best suit in los angeles good to see you rob what is a socially distance pandemic era oscar ceremony look like i read one review talking about a teeny tiny red caliphate. yeah
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that's right you know really come on about the only thing that is exactly the same as in years past is that little gold statuette itself he hasn't changed but about just about everything else has for starters the awards are going to be handed out in a art deco era movie train station the union station here in los angeles but you can see over my shoulder here just a nice building but it's not exactly dripping in gold leaf and. red velvet upholstery the number of people inside will be limited to 170 persons they'll all be coded tested before they're allowed to enter so they'll be rotated in and out throughout the evening in order to keep the numbers low and more healthy. the in addition to the covert testing you probably won't see a lot of hugging and kissing as we have in years past among the glitterati and the
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only persons allowed inside of the nominees themselves who have one guest to bring along with them and the presenters themselves the red carpet as you said has been scaled way back and while the gowns we've been watching and the tuxedoes and the gentlemen are very nice it's all very socially distance and really this whole represents a almost cinematically dystopian year that we've all lived through but for the movie industry it has meant that fans have been watching from their couches for the most part rather than in a darkened cinema and the streaming services have really extended their dominance over the movie industry as a whole and finally kemal i'm not wearing a tuxedo i didn't get all dressed up this year in my tux basically because i didn't have to and i'm sure that's going to be very disappointing to all our friends in doha and al jazeera all over the world. i do enjoy seeing you every year with the.
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looking man tell me a pup the awards themselves diversity this is always a big issue in the oscars we know there is diversity at least in where the films are coming from but what about the people. yeah well you know hollywood history could actually be made in a number of ways during this awards ceremony one of the likeliest ways it would be made would be if the director chloe's show who is from china receives the best director or oscar for her film no man's land that would make her the 1st woman the 1st asian woman and the 1st woman of color to win a best director award and the 2nd woman overall in the whole history of the ceremony and she is widely considered to be the front runner in that category and nomad land center to be a strong strong contender for best picture all in all $76.00 awards in all the
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various categories were awarded to women or were not and women were nominated for 76 awards i should say the an awards have been handed out obviously. there are there are a number of other firsts riz ahmed who the star of sound of metal is the 1st muslim nominated for best actor award in what is likely to be the emotional center of tonight's show the late chadwick boseman is expected to win the best actor award that will be the the 1st. black actor to win the award posthumously only the 3rd person to win the 1st male to win in after passing away of course chadwick boseman as life was tragically cut short last year so a lot of other possible firsts and we'll get through them as the night goes on but for now let the show go on to come all looking forward to going to the head back
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in the soundness. let's hear from a pariah now who is the creator of the hashtag you may remember. white's media strategist as well has told us this is awards don't change the fact that it remains a racially invalid institution the gate keepers in hollywood have not changed they are still the same older white men that they have been since the studios began and they are the gatekeepers they are the ones who decide which movies get greenlit every year so we can talk about the oscars and the fact that this year's slate of nominees is more diverse than usual but truly in that discussion east i'd be happening at the very beginning of the process the oscars the golden globes all the award shows are at the end of the film process who are the screenwriters whose stories are being told and who is telling those stories those are the questions
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that we need to ask with respect to inclusion and representation so what we're talking about is who is going to be behind the camera telling those stories the importance of the editor the cinematographer and providing those opportunities for people from under-represented communities so this is the 1st year 2021 that we have had 2 women nominated in the best directing category and in the entirety of the oscars over 90 years only one woman has ever won a best director and that's unfortunate because we know that there are thousands of very talented women who just need the opportunity to show what they can do and the same is true throughout the other categories as well it is unfortunate that here we are in 2021 and we are still talking about firsts in a particular category.


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