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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalists in part one of studio b. unscripted if you want to help save the world. the way. al-jazeera. a low i maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes violence in the somali capital mogadishu between supporters of the president and those who oppose the extension of his political town. india's coronavirus emergency continues to escalate the u.s. and european countries page life saving support. grief and anger in iraq after
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a hospital fire that claims dozens of lives the country's health minister is suspended. and coming up a bit later an oscar ceremony for the times scaled back because the pandemic but a list of this is nominees achieves what previous awards haven't. and i'm somehow must not have all the sport pep guardiola and manchester city celebrate the fall straight up title in front of a limited crowd of 8000 fans at wembley stadium. welcome to the news hour we begin the program in the somali capital market issue where there have been reports of gunfire and explosions it follows violent clashes between supporters of the president. and those who oppose his plans to extend his
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term in office security forces one present 100 up to life for marjoe to step down he has been given a few more hours to do that earlier a military convoy of soldiers opposed to the president moved into mogadishu those demonstrating against the president say they fear he could lead the country back into civil war the united nations has both sides to reject violence and resume dialogue. of the family to the building most of the people are in defiance of the government extending term limits the president whose term is finished could lead the country into war a peaceful demonstration is under way here now in the military a capture a new position might be taken back into civil war. today we've gathered here to show our feelings towards the government extending its term and towards a dictator who wants to use force to stay in power we thank the military forces who helped us demonstrate peacefully. catherine so has been following developments from the kenyan capital nairobi. well things are moving very quickly very dangerously
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in mogadishu in the last few hours we've been talking to our colleagues who've been hearing this loud explosions and gunshots in some parts of the city we've also had from 2 presidential candidates who are saying that government forces attacked their homes the security minister has come and denied that vashon of this story and now this fighting we're being told is between police forces loyal to president for magic on the one hand and soldiers who are opposed to the extension or presidential by 2 years the soldiers were recalled by their commander who's in mogadishu are they were called from front line positions in a place called. in the south we started seeing this troop movements last night and he himself has been meeting with opposition leaders and some other military
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commanders as well he's given the president an ultimatum of 24 hours to step down so there's a lot of the arite now in mogadishu and the residents there particularly worried because of the involvements now of security forces and the fact that they have taken sides we go to chad now because the interim military government is saying that it will not negotiate with rebel group accused of killing president intrastate be last wage is comes after the front of the change in concord rebels say that they are ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement they crossed into chad from libya 2 weeks ago calling for an end to president addressed ab's rule is death was announced on tuesday a day after he had won a 6th term in office a military council headed by a son mohamed will oversee an 18 month transition to elections we'll have a morgan joins us now via skype from the capital and jim mina so why has the why is the military council saying that it won't negotiate. well the military council used
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one word to describe the rebel forces saying that they are terrorists and they are not to be nicholas he said what they believe that this group because for them after a few statements from the minister the ministry for sense asked for the statement that he put out these groups because they went outside to check and borders and that they they continue to wage war against the government therefore they are outlaws and not to be negotiated this is despite the fact that the military council upon and i think that they will being targeted because of the government for the next 18 months while they hold talks with various groups including civil societies and offer this improve they said that they want the whole balance and they want to see an inclusive government to be formed of course we're expecting a $69.00 member a transitional council to be appointed including civilian and also the 2 members decide the council saying that they want to hold down a couple of groups it looks like when they said all they did nothing to do with the
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rebel front for change and corkscrew there are also other groups involved in that and in war against the military council and the taliban government they also say that they will put down their arms before the time being it looks like despite the fact that the military says that they want dialogue and they want to. they want to hold any clues that possibly with the civil societies and the groups in chad that look like they're not including the rebels who say that there are ways of. a cease fire they haven't actually thought that that yet but they say that they all want to subserve so the ministry salsa says that those who are outside the check in borders especially that the forefront putting on foreign forces have sought refuge in each area long before there was a chance they say that these groups are not included in this call for dialogue all right thank you very much of a morgan reporting to us that from chad's capital and jim ina thanks.
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and with the news hour live from london all still to bring you on the program the underwater footage that confirms $53.00 crewmembers on board an indonesian submarine did not survive and a bit later australia proves it has the capacity to start hosting huge crowds again those details and support. now the u.s. france and the united kingdom of all pledged to send medical supplies to india as the prime minister narendra modi admitted the country has been shaken by the coronavirus nearly 350000 new infections have been reported in the past 24 hours setting a global record for a 4th straight day hospitals and doctors in the capital new delhi of put out notices saying they're on able to cope with the rush of patients and a desperate shortage of oxygen and medical supplies elizabeth prada reports now
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from new delhi. no you know that it was so there but breaks down as he pleads with staff in india's biggest coded mine hospital to admit his wife much meaning. she's lying in the back of an ambulance breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder he tells al jazeera they came here after being turned away by other hospitals. that's way out of it i have no one else except my wife and child who have left in the world with an acquaintance who is no one to look after us we aren't getting a bed and i've tried many hospitals but there's no one around to give us a bed with folded hands i pleaded with the acquaintance to take care of my child. pick up tensions run high outside the hospice hold with family members tell stock they have nowhere else to go anyhow. but look nyuk already has 1850 patients and only 1500 beds staff told us hundreds of
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lying on the floor i work is very hard we try to help and guide people but they don't listen people are becoming very frustrated some even become physical. but eventually after waiting for alice months to give up and begin this search for a bed again hoping to find a hospital where someone has been discharged. the skies being india's biggest co the 19 hospitals stop at no naruto does it too that isn't running low on oxygen supply when the delhi regional government took the matter to the high court in the a for the for the general told it let's try and not be a crybaby. 50 people died in the capital after their oxygen supply ran out and on saturday 6 patients died in the state of punjab because of the same reason. health care workers say they are helpless in the face of such a calamity. we need oxygen the revered lead. all.
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wondering. more will. say they've bought a leaves look nakata his ambulance driver tells him his wife will die if they keep waiting elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new daddy. more now on the international response to the situation in india because the european union has activated its civil protection mechanism so that it can send oxygen and medical supplies to india present a sort of on the line tweeted that the bloc stands ready to help person says it would send more than 600 medical devices including oxygen concentrator as invented later as with the 1st shipment jews who arrive on choose day and respond and will also arrive from france in the coming days and we also heard from the white house there's been an announcement that it will immediately provide role materials for vaccines medical equipment and protective gear. well that sounds speak to the
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director of the global health innovation center dr krishna. joins us live now via skype from raleigh north carolina we keep saying that india is breaking global rec ords with each passing day help put that into some context how does this very 2nd wave of the pandemic compared to the resurgence that we were talking about in europe pull or north america. what we're seeing unfortunately is a tragic rise in puts all the other ways we've seen in other parts of the world certainly in perspective now $350000.00 cases a day and going up which is the 4th day in a row of a world record we're seeing more than $2700.00 deaths a day reported and we know that those are probably significantly undercounted perhaps an order of magnitude because the test positivity rates are 18 percent or higher in some places up to 50 percent so we know that most of the cases that are
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actually happening are not even being reported so this is a massive failing across the entire health system and the health system is in some collapse now because obviously this crisis is feeding through into hospitals the indian government has announced that it needs to import something like 50000 tons of medical oxygen as cases of the continue to rise and hospitals and turning away patients in need of oxygen and ventilators now what. i mean how quickly can that process play out in terms of identifying vendors to purchase this from unfortunately it's already too late for thousands of people that are dying today tomorrow it is good to see the world rally as you noted with europe with the u.s. finally making a statement and starting to make some movement but the need is so urgent that
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waiting even days is not going to be useful when oxygen is needed by the hour and by the day so anything that's possible to do is useful we need to think about moving with greater urgency and also thinking about a much more comprehensive response oxygen is one part of it but we also need to make sure that there are other supplies therapies and eventually enough vaccines to start vaccinating at a larger scale also. well so then what about what about the vaccines because it just seems as though. seems and here is following a similar trajectory to brazil where they're being hit by this double blow a vaccine shortage and much more infectious mutations of the virus it is and we know that india has historically been the vaccine manufacturer for most of the world and that's the irony here $140.00 plus 1000000 doses of vaccine have been delivered in india but that's not keeping pace with the need just given the sheer
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magnitude of the population and so we need to now move to a new phase where we continue to think about importing vaccines in the coming days and weeks but at the same time not over rely on vaccines as the way out you have to really think about all of the comprehensive public health solutions that are at our use and make sure that everything from lockdowns to social distancing masking and the urgent need for supplies are also met. always have our warnings on and policy wasn't adjusted but is there anything that they are not doing now the central government is there any they're not going out they should be doing well i think what we need to understand is what is the level of intensity of the response we need to start seeing more i would say in terms of lockdowns restrictions really coupled with the ability to support people in terms of social services in terms of
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access to food and nutrition needs to be a full response across the whole of government right now there seems to be a lack of coordination between the central and the state governments we know that health care in india is also largely provided by the private sector and we've been in touch with many firms in the private sector that are willing to to do more but need to be coordinated more effectively also with the government. i mean that's that's quite a significant mobilization that you'll speaking about their country the size of india with as many states is that iran now is how does the central government get ahold of this particularly if. policies around those public health solutions are being delegated to the state level yeah i think 1st making sure that communication is quite clear that this is a national crisis and the response needs to be full of government response to
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a national crisis to bring together the state governments more effectively and also the private sector but also make sure that the right measures are being put in place that election rallies don't continue that large gatherings like religious gatherings that also need to come to an end because those and clearly become super spreader events even if they do all these things how far how far away all way from the peak of this crisis and how much worse is it likely to get yeah that's unfortunate news the latest projections if you look from the. university of washington group would say that the peak would be sometime in mid may with as many as 12000 deaths in a day and by august we may be seeing more than 100000 deaths overall in india those are quite staggering figures so the more we can do the more quickly we can respond the more lives we can save well thank you very much for giving us some context
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around a very important story thank you dr krishna a diet joining us from global health innovation center. on now to iraq where at least 82 people were killed in an explosion at a hospital in the capital baghdad late saturday evening 110 people have suffered injuries the blast is thought to have been caused by the poor handling of an oxygen cylinder which then exploded in ceiling fire broke out at the intensive care ward of the hospital where coronavirus patients were being treated there says iraq struggles to contain a 2nd wave of the pandemic with the daily number of infections reaching their highest level since early last year and the years of conflict and instability means the country has long grappled with a deteriorating infrastructure and the absence of safety or protection measures simona fault and reports now from baghdad. and neighborhoods truck by grief after
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an explosion ripped through a crowded cove with 19 ward lost his father who had been a patient at the hospital as well as his brother who had stayed by his bedside to care for him. my father was about to recover even took him off the oxygen in the hospital burns down i lost 2 of them we couldn't risk give them the explosion and but that's even possible were around 120 patients were treated for cope with 19 was likely caused by a poorly handled oxygen cylinder doctors say the facility lacks basic equipment including a central oxygen supply system and the patient's relatives often handled oxygen cylinders because of a shortage of medical staff hammad was there to attend to his elderly aunt when the blast went off but he couldn't save her. everyone left behind the patients and just ran out in a few seconds the entire floor was ablaze with heavy despite the risk of covert 19
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infection there was no restriction on the number of relatives allowed in the wards which for increased fatalities. this is neglect from the hospital because you. shouldn't allow anyone to enter the family members a greater number than the patients inside the i.c.u. the. witnesses say the emergency response was slow while iraq's human rights commission told al jazeera the hospital lacked adequate fire safety systems we know very well that that is all. occasional safe it acquirements absence all. concrete things such fire and such buildings when we look at the official reports about. the entity we see that is. extinguishing system or fighting system the prime minister has ordered an investigation and has suspended several officials including the ministry of health
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and the governor of baghdad the deadly fire at the end of the possible has stirred a fuel of public anger over the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and for many it's a manifestation of the deeply rooted corruption that has crippled the healthcare sector. 'd on sunday families began holding funerals but few have hope for genuine accountability from the government or that the structural issues that lie at the heart of such accidents will be addressed seen one of 14 al-jazeera but that the wreckage of an indonesian submarine that's been found at the bottom of the bali sea has ended hopes that any of its $53.00 crewmembers could have survived was spotted north of ali island not far from where it was last seen taking part in a training exercise on wednesday under schapelle reports. what were search and rescue boats returned to port on sunday prepared for a change of mission a day after indonesia's navy declared
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a missing submarine sunk with 53 souls on board. for 02 last saw the surface on wednesday off the coast of bali debris was found on saturday indicating the hole collapsed under pressure and on sunday the wreckage itself was found. the cause of the accident is not yet known the navy has previously suggested it could have been due to an electrical failure preventing the ship from resurfacing the chief of staff is adamant the crew did their jobs. it's not human error they followed the right procedures during the dive from the very beginning of the dive report we've heard the preparation procedures were carried out properly. as family members arrive at a naval base in venue on the east java presidential can we doto says search and rescue operations will continue playing say to be sure we the people of indonesia would like to convey deep sadness for this incident especially of the family of the
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submarine crews the crew of the mission's best son's best pages who safeguard the nation's sovereignty the as members of the public send their condolences many are sharing a video of the men that's become a viral tribute of a submarine crew on eternal patrol. and are schapelle al-jazeera. at least 10 palestinians have reportedly been arrested after scuffles with israeli security forces near the damascus gate steps in occupied east jerusalem protesters have been celebrating the removal of barricades from the site after 3 nights of clashes with security forces of the restrictions chairing the ramadan period they have also been reports that israeli security forces had used tear gas off to protest us threw stones and bun tie as needed gaza israeli order. russian president vladimir putin is planning a top level meeting with his u.s. counterpart joe biden in june according to a top kremlin aid biden offered
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a meeting on neutral territory earlier this month to discuss rising tensions between east and west that would include the current situation in ukraine where russia has been flexing its military muscles close to the border in recent weeks civilians in eastern ukraine are worried about a potential upsurge in violence child reports now from the frontline town of chere mayak. violence the remember a better life a life before fighting started between russian bank separatists and the ukrainian army in the east 7 years ago before their village of chere mali became a front line in a conflict often described as a battle between moscow and the west the situation has been calm of the last couple of years but a recent escalation of fighting was a reminder of the risks they face the separatists control the land across the river the army says there are a sniper and machine gun positions as among the trees few people go down to the
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bank on this side anymore. he's dangerous to go there because nobody knows from where the shooting will start it's quiet now but we are almost as afraid of the quiet as we are of the shell and when it started the shells lie over and you don't know where to hide the ukrainian army keeps a low profile in the village that has occupied many of the homes abandoned by families who fled the violence many of the surrounding fields are blind. nobody go to the cemetery because separatists niklas and ukrainian soldiers are close by balancing things his parents graves have been damaged by the fighting. he misses life before the war. we used to go hunting i used to breed sheep i can't do this now because of the minefields or because the military stop us i had to kill most of our animals because i can't afford their food but it's our easter
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soon and we hope the army will let us visit the cemetery but we don't know russia says it's pulling back its forces from the ukrainian borders after warning describes as military exercises but there is still no sign of any breakthrough in negotiations towards a last thing political settlement 7 years of failed cease fires in the goshi ations here blames moscow for making what it describes as unrealistic demands we also have red lines which we couldn't cross the russians would like to misuse this forum and also to. bring us to the table with negotiations with the occupied territories for example. or try to federalize ukraine or actually try to control ukraine we're these orkut by territories it couldn't be accepted by any government here in this country not you're a balance in say the risk of
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a sudden escalation in fighting means their 5 children rarely visit them anymore life used to be beautiful and fun they say but everything is so uncertain now john strafford al-jazeera chair maalik eastern ukraine the prime minister of armenia has resigned setting the stage for a snap elections in 2 months time the cult has been under severe pressure of his handling of last year's war with azerbaijan that ended with armenia giving up control of several disputed territories he'll stay in charge in a caretaker capacity until the election on june 20th and it's confirmed that he will be standing again. you're watching the news hour live from london still ahead for you on the program changing the lay of the land the german harvest under threat because of the coronavirus pandemic also are going on patrol in the gulf of guinea with the units tackling modern day piracy on the high seas. and into milan take
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a step closer to the italian league title will have all the football action in sports. hello there we're seeing a bit of a mixed picture over europe as we go into the next week we've got warmer drier conditions across central and northern parts of europe but as we look to the west of the iberian peninsula we're seeing a lot of thunderstorms and showers extending across portugal and into spain with some really wet weather here some rough a season as well affecting the eastern coast and those showers are going to extend into the south of france and affecting parts of northern italy as we go into choose day but for the north of france things are looking fairly mild and dry $21.00 degrees in paris and it's a similar story for southern areas of england but we do have some showers rolling
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down from scotland norway's going to see some of that woman weather as well as is a denmark northern germany seeing some cloud building up here so as we head to western russia that we're seeing a bit of a wintery mix sweeping across eastern parts of europe but as we head further south things are picking up nicely in greece athens at 23 degrees sunny skies as well across much of turkey 19 degrees in ankara but full north africa we've seen no showers in the north of iraq. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture creasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution
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get organized what are world leaders or governments missing targets. up front with me marc lamont hill and al jazeera well if we cannot have my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control it would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for centuries to come and so. now we can during the. psychs become lines in the sand on al-jazeera. the and.
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welcome back made stories now have been reports of gunfire and explosions in somalia's capital mogadishu and violent confrontations between supporters of the president and those opposed to mohammed apply for much as an extension of his term in office the u.s. e.u. and the u.k. of all patched to send medical supplies to india as the prime minister narendra modi admitted the country's been shaken by the coronavirus nearly 350000 new infections have been reported in the past 24 hours setting a global record for a 4th straight day and at least 82 people have been killed in an explosion at a hospital in the iraqi capital baghdad 110 others were injured in the blast is thought to have been caused by the poor handling of an oxygen cylinder which then exploded resulting in a fire. scientists in the u.k.
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have discovered a new coronavirus similar to a covert 19 in bats from a sample of $53.00 captured bats researchers at university of east anglia found that the new virus cannot infect humans in its current form what they are worried about though is if coded 19 is passed from humans to these bats it could mix to create an all new mutation that could then pose a threat to us their research as stress this makes it even more important for people to get vaccinated against covert 19. annabel is a professor an expert in emerging diseases at the university of east anglia here in the u.k. and says that this says the 1st such discovery in the west and its warning so far the focus is really remained in china or in southeast asia but this shows that the subject of viruses but was the occurred to us for a long time and we found
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a number one there are millions of undiscovered viruses and you know this is what this is one of them and you know the fact that we found it in just 50. 3. suggests that it might might might occur at high prevalence but we it would be researched not here to look at w.h.o. i'm going. along with contusions the lines that we still don't know the origins of . everything but yes i mean it's. very closely related bats are thought. implicated but but that they have to the viruses have to go through some of the intermediate hosts they changed become solves will be too but yes the danger is that dangerous humans as a way it's giving coded 19 to
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a bat with one of these suburbs. alone recombination which which means that the bat viruses can. change so they could infect humans at the moment we go to make them pretty sure they're caught. well every year around spring it's a spire agus time in germany that's when the vegetable is ready for harvest usually during the season people from eastern europe come to work the fields and earn a living but this year the pandemic has crippled inland stephanie decker reports on this now from blitz in brandenburg eastern germany nicknamed white gold or the noble vegetable this is germany's all time favorite white asparagus but it's not germans working the fields it's men mostly from romania who come here specifically for the harvest how many years you've been coming. through for years. but just for asparagus just before. and why because.
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it's. nobody here. and coronado's made a difference to travel. this year workers are coming into germany they just need a negative 1000 test when the borders closed last year the german government made an exception and allowed in 30000 foreign workers to save the harvest but it still hasn't brought situation back to normal the corps not even changed the law enforce power goes. about 25 percent of the whole asparagus goes to west tongs but now they all close dahlan. that paps leave. all the asparagus and even i haven't looked for foreign markets but in the same situation. it's another not not
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a solution. prices are now lower there are less sales and higher costs but the vegetables are ready and the harvest must go on now this is where you are going back to work a. guy wanted to talk about how it stood for profit it is only one that most of them are from poland and we all know why only one and not that and we're told that simply that. they get around $14.00 an hour we're told it's hard work both on and off the fields the farms owner tells us most germans don't want to work for that amount of money. a sign of the times not everyone likes to be tested we're told are carried out around twice a week. many of these men have left their families behind in romania to earn off the land or nothing when we've been grooming you know the money is good better than romania i feel at home here nothing to complain about. to resume its
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painstaking work but for these men worth it they will harvest 1500000 kilo's of asparagus on this farm this season feeding germany its precious vegetable and in turn feeding their families back home stephanie decker al-jazeera billets in brandenburg east in germany. this is academy awards will be unlike any other the pandemic of course is that to a more scaled back ceremony it's also been a boost to streaming companies who are behind many of the oscar nominees rob runnels has this preview for us from los angeles. the lammers red carpet no adoring crowds no comedy acts instead of a fancy theater the awards will be handed out in an art deco era train station after a pandemic year in which the movie industry itself struggling and streaming video extended its dominance over cinema releases the oscars will be more low key this
12:37 am
year not a lot of fun maybe i'm i am so sick of virtual award shows right now and people in their living rooms on zoom among the best picture nominees director chloe joust no man's land is the front runner since last year how much since the true no comments i'm test process but the same thing right now best actor award may come down to a choice between honors for the late chadwick boseman in ma rainey's black bottom god that got me here and anthony hopkins in the father who you can see it's me oh this is just nonsense i would have said chadwick boseman for sure and i have predicted that but i'm noticing some members talking about how they think chadwick's going to win but they're voting for anthony and the best actress award is up for grabs with strong performances by viola davis in my rainey's black bottom
12:38 am
oh. boy frances mcdormand in no man's land carey mulligan in promising young woman but nessa kirby in pieces of a woman is using these names. and andra day in the united states versus billie holiday seen as you grand kids of the c. street in contrast to recent years a. large number of black hollywood professionals were nominated and steven un is the 1st korean american nominated for best actor in minara riz ahmed is the 1st muslim and 1st person of pakistani descent nominated for best actor in sound of metal i can't hear you understand i can't adapt. and no midlands joe is the 1st asian american woman nominated for best director it may have been a rough year for hollywood but the cache of the little gold figurine remains strong
12:39 am
the ratings are going to be in the tank but the oscar still stands for something it is the primo thing everyone wants one in the industry in a year like no other the show somehow goes on robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. that's not going to media strategist april ryan creator of the oscars so why hashtags she joins us on skype from washington so i guess recent years have been defined by those hashtags osca so why ask a sound male do you think things a starting to change in hollywood. no not really because the gate keepers in hollywood have not changed they are still the same older white men that they have been since the studios began and they are the gatekeepers they are the ones who decide which movies get greenlit every year so we can talk about the oscars and the fact that this year's slate of nominees is more diverse than usual but truly in
12:40 am
that discussion east i'd be happening at the very beginning of the process the oscars the golden globes all the award shows are at the end of the film process who are the screenwriters whose stories are being told and who is telling those stories those are the questions that we need to ask with respect to inclusion and representation right so tell us more about that then it's about the studios rather than the cademy representation matches. absolutely so what we're talking about is who is going to be behind the camera telling those stories the importance of the editor the cinematographer and providing those opportunities for people from under-represented communities so this is the 1st year 2021 that we have had 2 women nominated in the best directing category and in the entirety of the oscars over 90 years only one woman has ever won a best director and that's unfortunate because we know that there are thousands of
12:41 am
very talented women who just need the opportunity to show what they can do and the same is true throughout the other categories as well it is unfortunate that here we are in 2021 and we are still talking about firsts in a particular category so how do you how can we that be the mental generated to have those conversations at the start of the process then a post to this point you know by the time we get to the academy awards saying it's too late. sure there are 2 women fanchon di giovanni crocks and calvin a cartel who created the inclusion writer that means that a studio or a particular film or production company would commit to try airing a certain number of people from a marginalize community both in front of and behind the camera so at that stage at the filming stage we know that the process is going to be more diverse and
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inclusive oscar still white was never just about race the black white by mary it is also about gender identity sexual orientation disability and people from 1st nations and so that's what we need to be looking at all along the process who is involved and who is being represented because truly the america and the world is an incredibly diverse and inclusive world and so those are the people that should be represented on screen and behind the camera as well and yet it's not reflected in the industry itself how how long before we see more of a commitment do you think to hiring a percentage of people from marginalized communities that you mentioned to work on and off camera. there's no telling what's in it les because this is this is not new crystal light shone
12:43 am
a light on this issue but this is been going on for decades in the new york times this weekend franklin leonard has a fantastic article in which he shows that through the data that $3000000000.00 with a b. $3000000000.00 is left on the table every year by american studios who have anti-black or anti people of color practices and so if representation matters if you know that you are leaving money on the table because you are not being more inclusive then what incentive do you have to change that is why having the streaming services has been wonderful especially during this last year when we couldn't go out to the theater because things like hulu and amazon prime and other streaming services allow us to democratize the process a bit and also give us an insight as to who is watching the movie which you don't get when you're not honestly anonymously handing your money to a ticket taker and a brick and mortar theater and so can i ask what your looking for from this is
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ceremony which is unique in so many ways because of the virus the carnivorous pandemic and the way it's being conducted but also in the way it's shining a spotlight on many different social issues a time of turmoil. well it remains to be seen and i don't like to predict what a particular organization is going to do but it's unfortunate that organizations like the academy like the golden globes have to be called out have to have the rug pulled out from under them before they make the changes that are necessary for a more inclusive society i mean what we know is that art imitates life and life imitates art and so you would think that these esteemed organizations would be at the forefront to champion issues of inclusion and representation but unfortunately they have been reactive and even the most recent rubric that the academy has put out with respect to the best picture oscar category has so many loopholes that you
12:45 am
can drive a truck through them and so it feels performative it feels as if it is window dressing on a condemned house ok well i know that you don't want to pick any favorite so far honest but i hope you enjoy the ceremony thank you very much april. thank you. now maritime piracy has long been a problem off the coast of east africa but the latest report says western africa is the wilds piracy hotspot almost half of the piracy attacks in the 1st 3 months of 2021 of the cut in the busy shipping lanes of the gulf of guinea navies in the region and now being forced to fight back but interest went on patrol with bin means navy in the gulf of guinea as they prepared to take delivery of new equipment . navy commandos are such a go out on the hunt for pirates. it's a dangerous assignment that security forces of this small west african nation have
12:46 am
been carrying out for years. they face pirates and criminal gangs that seize cargoes and kidnap cool members for ransom. at sea the team escorts vessels in and out of the maritime. been in economic no center then constant touch with their operation base where larger vessels stand by to deploy in case of bigger threats. but these operations lead to a significant decrease in illegal activities it's a dangerous operation but we're professional officers who are well trained to do just that. for 3 consecutive years the gulf of guinea has been the world's most dangerous shipping road. more than half of attacks at sea happen here a maritime territory that covers nearly 2 and a half 1000000 square kilometers. the international maritime bureau documented 190
12:47 am
quite by deterrents in the gulf of guinea last year 32 more than the previous year been in snake he says only one of those attacks happened in its territorial waters and he wants to keep it not so exhausting merchant ships coming into its waters to also high up private security team and safety. every year the sophistication of the attacks has grown and countries of the region desperate not to lose control of the maritime an economic lifelines are looking for international support. previously the pirates target tankas but now any ship is a target and they have vessels that travel far off shore although the criminals attack close to shore as well that belong to one. of the neville headquarters knew speed boats are prepared for deployment. the navy chief says big of ourselves on their way to reinforce operations and for the right reasons. been in supported
12:48 am
cotton 190 percent of its 40 trade and generates more than 60 percent of its g.d.p. it processes stored 1000000 tons of freight and will. be build oracular the dark america superfine attacks on ships in ours we feel it it affects our revenues from g.d.'s all attacks or even attempted negatively impact the country's economy we're not only investing to tackle attacks but also preventing them more important to us is preventing attacks because intervention costs more in terms of money and human lives. been in has an evil force of only a few 100 personnel but is able to effectively reduce attacks in its sheer total waters and officials here say more countries in the gulf of guinea cooperated more closely shipping route would become much safer hammad the breeze i'll just go to the. now early exit polls in albania as elections are just a tight race between the ruling socialist party and the opposition democratic party
12:49 am
as the 1st vote contested on the new laws aimed at stamping out regularities that marred previous elections albania is seeking european union membership and needs to hold an election that meets international standards and election day in the capital toronto was temporarily disrupted by a car driving erratically in the city's desperate ised main square people queuing for cover 19 vaccinations in a scandal big square ran for cover with some saying they feared it was a terror attack a car was eventually brought to a halt after one brave bystander challenge through its window police say the driver was under the influence of drugs and had previously crashed 3 other cars earlier in the day. still ahead on the program all the way to sports news it's a special a finnish football fans i know have that story and much more in a moment. an
12:50 am
hour footsies for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. by jungle straightly an engineer isn't venting tools to help people gain independence. let's talk about his or her side of that will put the ability to recognize objects all the fire and say that people with limited vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science group of gals on al-jazeera. ready for another perspective listen to the take al-jazeera is flagship news podcast with malenka bailout or discover hindsight and original docu drama podcast narrated by charles dance the famous and infamous of politics and culture go undercover to hear allegations of corruption by those in power and if you're in a hurry get your news in 2 minutes from al-jazeera news updates on home 400.
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0. 00 or. now to sana in doha. thank you very much marian more manchester city have won the english league cup at wembley stadium it's the 4th time in a role that pep guardiola side to have wondered time and maybe tottenham are one nail in the final but just as city are also close to sealing the english premier league title and they're in the semifinals of the champions league but we just head off for they have done all season and we won the 1st title in we were close to 2 in
12:52 am
the 2nd one we were going to go to 2 birdies to try to good the next 1. 1000 fans were in attendance for the game it was the biggest crowd at an outdoor sports event in the u.k. since the 1st lockdown in march of last year. is due to host 8 matches that with crowd joining the european football championship which kicks off in june our correspondent paul berman was at wembley stadium. a big day for wembley stadium and a lot more at stake than just the car cup in this event this is the 2nd large scale test event here at wembley stadium with 8000 spectators allowed to attend the game 4000 of them are actually club fans from both manchester city and from tottenham hotspur the other 4000 residents and h.s. workers who secured bed tickets through a ballot system now the conditions for getting a ticket include you have to have had
12:53 am
a negative coronavirus lateral flow test in the last 24 hours and you have to agree to have subsequent testing in the coming days after this game but those fans that we've spoken to ahead of the game today say they're just glad to be back the last game i was at was 26 of february that was our last game been betrayed away so it's been a year. we've missed it. do its part spare meant and hopefully by the summer we'll be able to enjoy some big stadium offenses certainly by next season. and watching manchester city at the atlanta game as football fans are specified that the main thing is seeing your mates going going to the games and i think this is the start hopefully of it easing off and things getting better and better so yeah we are really excited about how things are going as i say there's a lot more at stake than just the car about cup in this to the future of the
12:54 am
european championships was going to be played here at wembley the semifinals and the final in the couple of the group games as well later on during the summer now this 8000 people are attending to this game today the f.a. cup final on in the middle of may is going to have 121-2000 spectators if this event goes well and by the time the european championships come around the expectation is that they'll be a minimum of 25 percent capacity and that's $22.00 and a half 1000 for this particular state. and i hope that by the time the finals in the fall at that semifinals in the fall come around they'll be able potentially to have up to 50 percent capacity it's really important for a big stadium like this with a 90000 capacity to have the atmosphere so this event is very very important not just for the car about cup but for the whole future of this major championship. well australia is that it's a rather different stage in his return to spectate events a crowd of more than $78000.00 packed into the melbourne cricket ground for much on
12:55 am
sunday is the biggest attendance at the sports stadium or anywhere in the world since the start of the global pandemic and to milan are closing in on the italian league title and to be fair on one nail down in scoring the crucial goal they have an 11 point lead at the top and just 2 more wins to secure their 1st championship since 2010. was been a dramatic day in the league title race he does that let it go my breathe have suffered a shock defeat against athletic bilbao diego simeone men were stunned too on a way in eagle martinez scoring the winner to send that let it go home empty handed and 2 goals from ants while grossman helped barcelona beat a very out 2 on means boss us a 3rd just 2 points behind at letting go of the game in hand barcelona are also one
12:56 am
point above a fellow title chases severe who also won on sunday. and with football has announced a unified boycott of social media in an effort to fight back against online abuse it follows continuous reports of racism and sexism against play is officials and broadcasters at all levels of the game joint statement from the country's football governing bodies including the premier league and women's super league said the boy call it is a way to emphasize that social media companies must do more to eradicate online hate the 4 day boy call it will start all friday tennis now rafael nadal has won a record extending 12th barcelona open title. stephanos city pass in the final but was really tested and had to save a championship point in a match that lasted the more than 3 and
12:57 am
a half hours eventually through 646775. 0 lead the final like this and this storm and so means a lot to me against a player like him that he was. cheating on the guy. playing the final here without losing a say it's always an important victory for me and i think i have been increasing my level doing the whole way. this victory come freedoms so that's important for for today. put off here with me here at home means a lot of women as well number one ashley barty has claimed the title of the year the australian came from a set down she beat arina 7 lanka in the final of the stuttgart open winning 366 love 63. before mandy about to marry him in london. thanks so much sana that wraps up the news hour but i'll be back with a full goodison in just a couple of minutes at 2200 g.m.t.
12:58 am
see you shortly i found. a tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectors. american must marry. and a bizarre yet old dangerous attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic of venezuela. people in power the bay of pigs
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let's just era. the rhythm our inflows through the coldest reach of kyrgyzstan temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year with the driving snow and bitter winter conditions on tuneup to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the river nora contains gold men from villages along the nile river would be panning for gold in this area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than your in the summer months these tiny little yellow flanks you can see on don't look much they were around $50.00 a gram. one 3rd of or the foot prejudiced is so wasted with tens of thousands of put out that tower in south korea has been transformed from what still founder if the global leader in for recycling i have
1:00 am
a reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the pharmacy and sundays what he had looked at him just thought the livelihoods depend on the wall a little ice a phrase or just you. violence in the somali capital between supporters of the president and voters who oppose the extension of his political to. low i marianna was even on that with al jazeera also coming up on the program india's coronavirus emergency is continuing to escalate the u.s. and european countries of pledged lifesaving support as.


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