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desperate situation the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 known for d. the state's health experts and environmentalists and been warning for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in collusion and the impact that would have on dogs of the 19. 0 it was. a tragedy in baghdad at least 82 people have died in a fire at a hospital the prime minister suspended the country's health chief. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. desperate calls for help in india doctors send an s.o.s. to the government for more oxygen to treat patients. to do looks
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this is something new does the needle gun and if you do not. want to do them. by saying on the streets of mogadishu between supporters and opponents of somalia's president after he extends his term in office. live from the front line we're in eastern ukraine where families speak of their struggles and the cost of a 7 year war. at least 82 people have been killed in an explosion at a covert 19 hospital in baghdad and early reports suggest the blast was caused by a poorly handled oxygen cylinder the incident comes as iraq faces a record number of coded 900 cases with nearly 7000 new infections. registered on
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saturday some n.f.l. team reports from baghdad. and neighborhood struck by grief after an explosion ripped through a crowded covert 19 ward sod lost his father who had been a patient at the hospital as well as his brother who had stayed by his bedside to care for him. my father was about to recover they even took him off the oxygen and in the hospital burns down i lost 2 of them we couldn't rescue them the explosion and but that's even mass a teapot spittle where around 120 patients were treated for cope with 19 was likely caused by a poorly handled oxygen cylinder doctors say the facility lacks basic equipment including a central oxygen supply system and that patients relatives often handled oxygen cylinders because of a shortage of medical staff how met was there to attend to his elderly on 20 blast went off but he couldn't save her. everyone left behind the patients and just ran
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out in a few seconds the entire floor was ablaze with heavy fire despite the risk of covered 19 infection there was no restriction on the number of relatives allowed in the wards which further increased fatalities. this is neglect from the hospital because you shouldn't allow anyone to enter the family members a greater number than the patients inside the i.c.u. the. witnesses say the emergency response was slow while iraq's human rights commission told al jazeera the hospital lacked adequate fire safety systems we know very well that that is absence of. occasional safe it is absence or. confronting such fire and such buildings when we look at the official reports about. the entity we see there is no extinguished system or. the prime minister has ordered an
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investigation and has suspended several officials including the ministry of health and the governor of baghdad the deadly fire at the hospital has stirred a fuel public anger over the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic and for many it's a manifestation of the deeply rooted corruption that has crippled the healthcare sector. on sunday families began holding funerals but few have hope for genuine accountability from the government or that the structural issues that lie at the heart of such accidents will be addressed. al-jazeera but that. is a political analyst in baghdad he says there's been widespread concern about safety protocols in iraq hospitals. it's not the 1st incident where we see. patients dying in their beds because a fire 3 years ago another incident happened in an area more cost bittle and
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nothing has been done at that time and i don't think much will happen this time. unfortunately that acquired safety measures in iraqi hospitals. and in spite of the incidence in an area hospital 3 years ago nothing has changed norm. but if you all of the current mess and measures safety measures have been done and not changes have been made unfortunately in iraq for years and years now there is not real accountability for governmental employees at different levels whether they're ministers or not for their actions and because of lack of accountability we have heard of hundreds and hundreds of committees formed by the government to do their inquiries about incidents happening and nothing comes out of these committees there is lack of transparency there is lack of real.
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intent to take actions against those who. commit. even crimes against people in iraq so you see people do not trust the government and do not trust that these committees will take real actions. the indian capital has extended its lockdown as hospital struggled to deal with the rise in corona virus cases hospitals are continuing to turn people away patients many a dying because of lack of oxygen supply elizabeth purana reports now from new delhi . in the hour that. so they have bought breaks down as he pleads with staff in india's biggest coated mine hospital to admit his wife much meeting them in a minute she's lying in the back of an ambulance breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder he tells al jazeera they came here after being turned away by other
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hospitals we live in now mostly out of it i have no one else except my wife and child who have left in the world with an acquaintance who is no one to look after us we aren't getting a bed and i've tried many hospitals but there's no one around to give us a bit with folded hands i pleaded with the acquaintance to take care of my child. there tensions run high outside the hospital where family members tells tof they have nowhere else to go any measurements but look nyuk already has 1850 patients and only 1500 beds staff told us hundreds and lying on the floor i work is very hard we try to help and guide people but they don't listen people are becoming very frustrated some even become physical. doesn't venture out awaiting for alice most to give up and begin their search for a bed again hoping to find
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a hospital where someone has been discharged. despite being india's biggest co the 19 hospitals stop at north naruto does it too has a running low on oxygen supply when the delhi regional government took the matter to the high court india for the for the general told it let's try and not be a crybaby. 50 people died in the capital after their ox. supply ran out and on saturday 6 patients died in the state of punjab because of the same reason. health care workers say they are helpless in the face of such a calamity. we need. the radio and my own. wondering if. there is more help more. so they've gotta leave spoke not a car to his ambulance driver tells him his wife will die if they keep waiting there elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new delhi. dr ritesh malik is the
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director of roddick's health care private hospital in new delhi he says india is facing one of the biggest battles in its modern history. we are in the midst of one of the most previous challenges our country has faced since the partition of 947 seeing in very very vulnerable populations continuously in search for oxygen basic ramdisk medicines and even like the mall in smaller towns in india point 35000000 new cases each are being recorded and this is when we do not have adequate testing happening on the ground. massive so it's of young population getting affected by the 2nd wave and i truly believe that the you have not achieved the peaking yet the are going to
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see the peak in the coming one on one and a half weeks from now that is massive shortage of oxygen in hospital and. morning we just have an minutes of oxygen left in hospitals that have been more than 45 deaths recorded deaths and then he nods and then he hospital because of lack of oxygen and the our own oxygen s.o.s. calls and and until and unless the government provides us with oxygen which is an essential medicine to fight this is the only medicine which actually works this is something which is the need of the hour and if you do not do that you will see a lot of bloodshed in delhi and other parts of the country i believe that any patient who dies can you stay or can i stephen out for even a minute dancer is no oxygen is a basic necessity and specially for me it is like very very savvy and other drugs have questionable clinical clients oxygen is the only essential medicine we have
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something by the government called the essential medicines act that the source of medicine is oxygen and if you do not have oxygen how do we fight a. soul so agreed this in nature and so infectious. in somalia there been violent confrontations between supporters of the president and those opposed to an extension of his term in office it's happening just hours ahead of a deadline set by a prominent army commander mohammed delight he just stepped down early on sunday a military convoy including armored cars moved into the capital the u.n. has both sides to reject violence and resume dialogue a speech to catherine soy has been following developments closely from nairobi so clashes now on the streets we're hearing shots fired bring us up to date with the latest. yes and i've just been told that there
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has been more gunshot hard in an area called kilometer for around the home of a presidential candidate. we heard of gunshots in an area called mary ny president another presidential candidate shaikh mohammad would say that his home was attacked and blamed the president and these clashes basically have been between police forces and soldiers who are opposed to the extension of the presidential term by another 2 years now we saw movement of troops in mogadishu starting last night they were called from their frontline positions in a place called. in the south of the country they were called by their commander colonel abdullah who is opposed also to the extension of the term of the president
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he has given the president an alternate time of 24 hours to step down he's been meeting today with opposition leaders and other military commanders as well so we have been seeing this troops loyal to him on the streets many somalis in mogadishu very worried about what's going on last week we also saw another police commander retreats to his residential area who was fired for trying to stop parliament from debating this issue of the extension so when he was fired we saw him last week treating to his residential area again with forces loyal to him so the situation in mogadishu very fluid people very concerned and this is very much a political and security crisis and catherine why did for merger extend his term what is the background to all this. well it all stems down
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to the election somalia was supposed to have a popular vote a one man one vote election this did not happen because the country wasn't prepared so in september last year there was a meeting in agreement that there's going to be an indirect election where clan elders get to choose members of parliament who will vote in a president now some groups say that the president had incited his own people to work in his favor the president himself accused some regional leaders of stalling the pres the electoral process has been talks malty paul talks that have failed and the president said that because this situation is getting out of hand the talks are going nowhere that he needed to have this extension because the country was in a political vacuum but he's under a lot of pressure to rescind that decision pressure from international partners including the african union who is saying that you need to go back to the drawing
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board you need to speak to the electoral stakeholders you need to jump start this process 2 years without an election is an acceptable many thanks for that update catherine sawyer there for us in nairobi. still ahead on al-jazeera. move on and 7 nights around the al aksa mosque come home to an east to receive jerusalem. and it's the biggest night in hollywood but this year the ceremonies going to look like never before. gets torn apart from germany. with a strong point qatar airways hello there china is going to see quite a bit of wet weather we can see that cloud over central and southern areas with heavy a downpours around india china we could see some localized flooding across northern
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vietnam with those showers are particularly heavy and as we go into choose day those showers are going to push towards the east coast will have rain as well in hong kong the temperature is sitting at about mid twenty's there you go further north things are looking rather clear and fine beijing seeing lots of sunshine 23 degrees got a bit of a brisk wind we could see some dust in the air for the korean peninsula ahead of that rain we've got clearer skies for south korea similar story for japan lots of fine and dry weather temperatures slightly below what we expect for this time of year and that weather system is pushed out to sea we could see one to 2 showers in . as we head to southeast asia now the philippines a see plenty is settled weather sunshine and showers for manila at 30 degrees as we go into cheers day the south could see some heavier rainfall you can see those yellow peaks there but much of the intense downpours are going to be across
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cambodia and thailand we could see a few showers in malaysia too. qatar airways thousands of children removed from east timor during the indonesian occupation decades later want to want to join the lost generation if they find it hard. on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out as a reminder of our top stories this hour iraq's prime minister suspended the health minister often explosion and fire at a baghdad hospital families have held funerals for some of the $82.00 victims the government has declared 3 days of national mourning. india is reporting a record number of corona virus cases for a 4th day with nearly 3 150000 infections staff overwhelmed hospitals a begging for oxygen supplies as the health care system struggles to cope. supporters of somalia's president and those opposed to an extension of his term in office the fighting in mogadishu is happening ahead of a deadline for mohamed of the light he from object to step down. rebels in northern china say they are ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement. the front for change and concord rebels crossed from libya
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on april 11th calling for an end to present president idriss deby is rule that he was killed fighting the group on the front line according to the government a military council headed by his son mohammed will oversee an 18 month transition to elections have a morgue and has more from jamie. the statement by the rebel front for change and concorde group that it is ready to observe a cease fire comes just days after the group accused the government of bombarding its position in the north with the aims of assassinating its leader now it also comes after mauritania and leisure as well as other african union countries called on various groups in the capital to sit down and hold a dialogue with the transitional military council that took over following the death of me on monday now the military council itself has called for dialogue not just with the armed groups but various other opposition groups opposition leaders who spoke to al-jazeera over the past few days say that they did indeed get calls from the transition military council and that they're willing to sit down with the
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council as it holds consultations to appoint a $69.00 member transitional council and a transitional cabinet so it looks like some groups are willing to heed to the calls of dialogue that has been made by the transitional military council but others are still resisting the fact that the military is in charge instead of the speaker of parliament aspart chat's constitution which has been dissolved following the announcement of these death some of the groups that are resisting the calls for dialogue include the military council for salvation of chad as well as the movement for democracy and justice so these 2 groups have announced that they are not going to recognize the fact that the military is in charge and they want a civilian leadership to lead the country during this interim period a lot of concerns here in the capital during the days of fighting between the government and the rebel front for change and concorde group many people we spoke to say that they were going to leave the capital out of fear especially because i'm jim and i had been attacked by rebels in 20062008 but the announcement from the
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rebel front for change and concord group that it is ready to observe the cease fire and hold talks with the transition wintery council to try to move forward during this interim period and to try to reach a stable chad has given people here optimism and hope that. its future may after all be less conflict ridden than its past. russia has downs and pulling back some troops off to mobilizing tens of thousands on ukraine's eastern border the civilians living the say they failed an increase in violence staff and reports from the frontline town of like. noddy and valentino remember a better life a life before fighting started between russian bank separatists and the ukrainian army in the east 7 years ago before their village of chere malik became a front line in a conflict often described as a battle between moscow and the west the situation has been calmer in the last
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couple of years but a recent escalation of fighting was a reminder of the risks they face. the separatists control the land across the river the army says there are sniper and machine gun positions among the trees few people go down to the bank on this side anymore. he's dangerous to go there because nobody knows from whereas a shooting will start it's quiet now but we are almost as afraid of the quiet as we are of the shell in when it started the shells fly all over and you don't know where to hide. ukrainian army keeps a low profile in the village that has occupied many of the homes abandoned by families who fled the violence. many of the surrounding fields are mind. nobody can go to the cemetery because separatists niklas and ukrainian soldiers are close by. balancing thinks he's parents gravestones have been damaged by the
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fighting. he misses life before the war. we used to go hunting i used to breed sheep i can't do this now because of the minefields or because the military stop us i had to kill most of our animals because i can't afford their food it's our easter soon and we hope the army will let us visit the cemetery but we don't know russia says it's pulling back its forces from the ukrainian borders after warning describes as military exercises but there is still no sign of any breakthrough in negotiations towards a last thing political settlement 7 years of failed cease fires in the goetia asians here blames moscow for making what it describes as unrealistic demands we also have red lines which we couldn't cross the russians would like to misuse this forum and also to. bring us to the table with negotiations with the
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occupied territories for example. or try to federalize ukraine or actually try to control ukraine these occupy territories it couldn't be accepted by any government here in this country nor your balance in say the risk of a sudden escalation in fighting means their 5 children rarely visit them anymore life used to be beautiful and fun they say but everything is so uncertain now chance trafford al-jazeera cheer maalik eastern ukraine a day after u.s. president joe biden for me recognized the mass killing of armenians during the awesome an empire as genocide i mean his prime minister has resigned the move will set the stage for snap elections on june the 20th the whole person has been under pressure of his handling of last year's war with azerbaijan the conflict ended with armenia giving up control of several disputed territories. and there's been
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a 3rd night of violence near the al aksa mosque compound in the occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces fired stun grenades and water cannon at palestinian protesters there angry at restrictions on gatherings during the muslim month of ramadan our forces reports from western. night are tonight these are the scenes that may come to define jerusalem's ramadan of 2021 since the 1st night of the holy month palestinians have been protesting against the closure of the steps outside damascus gate where they would usually gather after prayers they don't allow to the people to sit on the steps steps to drink something to do that they want to change everything and we don't forget it's a capital of palestine in this film and that if you peace in your every day there are clashes and it has turned into a war i live here at salomon streets and i can barely reach on the there is now a real danger of further escalation with the added element of far right jewish
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groups seeking to confront the palestinians. on thursday supporters of one such group marched to damascus gate chanting death to arabs the 2 groups facing off for several hours with more than $125.00 people injured mostly palestinians in violence with security forces it follows last month's electoral success for an alliance of religious nationalists and the far right descendants of one party band in the 1990 s. the anti arab races of their leaders have been sharing videos of palestinians attacking jews and repeating preexisting calls for the quote disloyal palestinians to be expelled israel's prime minister has held an emergency meeting with his top security officials we are maintaining the freedom of worship for all residents and all visitors to jerusalem we currently demand that the law be complied with and i call for calm on all sides the focus for concern for israel though is gaza on friday night armed factions fired $36.00 rockets from the strip towards israel so.
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followed on saturday night israel carrying out as strikes in response the military wing of hamas which governs gaza expressed solidarity for the protesters in east jerusalem. the violence has also spread to the occupied west bank all of this a month before planned palestinian elections which could hinge on whether israel allows voting in occupied east jerusalem conflict in jerusalem has in the past but conflict elsewhere the 2014 gaza war being one example the current mix of tension about race religion and politics has already led to the biggest gaza escalation in many months it's a dangerous mix ensuring tense days ahead are a force of al jazeera westerners. the 93rd academy awards which begin later the sunday will be alike and the question of virus pandemic has led to a scaled back ceremony but it has also been a base just streaming company behind many of the oscar nominees rob reynolds has this preview from. the lammers red carpet no
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adoring crowds no comedy acts instead of a fancy theater the awards will be handed out in an art deco era train station after a pandemic year in which the movie industry itself struggling and streaming video extended its dominance over cinema releases the oscars will be more low key this year not a lot of fun maybe i'm i'm so sick of virtual award shows right now and people in their living rooms on zoom among the best picture nominees director chloe joust no man's land is the front runner since last year how much since the true no no. i'm just. the same thing right now best actor award may come down to a choice between honors for the late chadwick boseman in ma rainey's black bottom god that got me here and anthony hopkins in the father who you se it's me.
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this was just nonsense i would have said chadwick boseman for sure and i have predicted that but i'm noticing some members talking about how they think chadwick's going to win but they're voting for anthony the best actress award is up for grabs with strong performances by viola davis in ma rainey's black bottom. one frances mcdormand in no man's land carey mulligan in promising young woman but nessa kirby in pieces of a woman the d.c. music. and andra day in the united states versus billie holiday season just seen in its. case of the c. street in contrast to recent years a large number of black hollywood professionals were nominated and steven un is the 1st korean american nominated for best actor in min houri riz ahmed is the 1st muslim and 1st person of pakistani descent nominated for best actor in sound of
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metal tribute johnny stand i can't i'm done. and no bad lands 0 is the 1st asian american woman nominated for best director it may have been a rough year for hollywood but the cache of the little gold figurine remains strong the ratings are going to be in the tank but the oscar still stands for 'd something it is the primo thing everyone wants one in the industry in a year like no other the show somehow goes on rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. this is out 0 at the top stories iraq's prime minister has suspended the health minister off an explosion and fire at a bank.


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