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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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finally head home. on al-jazeera the u.s. is always open for the people all right the world people pay attention to what you tell us now does it is very good to bring the news to the world from here. al-jazeera. hello i money inside this is the news hour live from die are coming up in the next 60 minutes grief and anger in iraq a fire inside a hospital for coated 19 patients in baghdad kills at least 82 people. gunfire and somalia's capital mogadishu supporters and opponents of the president's fight about the controversial extension of his. indonesia says all 53 crew
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members on board a submarine that sank on the dead. on a school english football has announced a boycott of social media all players and teams are backing the efforts to fight back against online abuse. we begin this news hour in iraq where at least 82 people were killed in a fire at a co the 19 hospital in eastern baghdad the prime minister has suspended the health minister and other top officials funerals of some of the victims are being held the government has declared 3 days of national mourning there is anger and calls for accountability as many blame the incident on corruption and negligence. these were the scenes as the fires swept through the hospital on saturday night it's spread
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through a ward where covert 900 patients were being treated early reports point to an oxygen tank explosion as the cause or patients were treated outside the hospital in ambulances often being moved out iran iraq's health system is already under enormous strain from the pandemic family members described a scene of chaos and helplessness inside the hospital. that. was in the beginning there was an explosion that started from there the signal there the fire spread like fuel the smoke reached my brother my brother's sick and i took him out into the streets next to the ship point in a came back and went up from there to the last floor that didn't found a girl suffocating about 19 years old she was suffocating about to dine out like i couldn't go out because i could not leave the man who raised me i stayed with him i tried to drag him out but couldn't because he'd lost consciousness when the smoke
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became more intense and the oxygen tanks exploded i lost consciousness i don't know what happened. let's go live to smyrna 14 who is there for us in baghdad simona what are the government's response to all this. prime minister with a car than me chaired an extraordinary cabinet meeting this afternoon during which he decided that he would be suspending the ministry of health as well as the governor of. that decision came after he had already suspended some middle management staff at the ministry of health including the director of the hospital and we also heard the. judiciary has issued an arrest warrant not for the minister of health but for the very picture of the hospital for the government clearly here under a lot of pressure from a very angry public to take actions but many people feel that these suspensions are not enough they want the minister of health to be dismissed and to be held
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accountable and this is where it becomes interesting too to hear word. or a shiite cleric who controls the biggest party in parliament but also had a hand in the pointing the ministry of health he tweeted earlier saying that if indeed the ministry of health fell short in his youth is the prime minister was the probably should indeed dismiss him thereby giving him a green light to go ahead and actually do that because let's remember that this is a very powerful cleric who has the ability to really stirred a street to really hold a lot of sway in parliament but interestingly it sutter also suggested in his tweet that this was not an accident that is this was done on purpose to undermine his party which again controls the ministry of health ahead of the. election thereby sidestepping responsibility not really being prepared to face accountability and to
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take responsibility for this deadly blast and some other why was the death toll so high because i understand there were a lot of. people in the hospital who when patients. exactly so there were around 220 patients admitted to hospital at the time of the explosion 30 of them were into respiratory care unit which means that they were connected to a ventilator and to an oxygen cylinder but in addition to that there were several relatives per patient per patient present on top of that number which means that we're really talking about a very crowded ward with potentially hundreds of people in there and of course this is not just hazard in terms of the risk of infection from 19 but that's also what drove the fatalities and they have been having spoken to the survivors from the blast we understand that many people of course initially died from the blast itself
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but then many also died for example due to the inhalation of the smoke and of course many of these patients were unable to move because they were in a very critical stage they were attached to these ventilators to this breathing machine so even so they were not able to escape and also moving these patients during the rescue process was a very difficult thing because this connecting them for example from the oxygen supply means that that may have made a difference between their life and their death. many thanks for that. for us in baghdad where we can talk now and here is a political analyst he joins us on skype from the iraqi capital many thanks for joining us on al-jazeera why do you think this tragedy happened. well it's simply because of for governmental negligence and it's not the 1st incident where we see. patients dying in their beds because a fire 3 years ago another incident happened in an area more cost
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a dollar and nothing has been done at that time and i don't think much will happen this time. unfortunately that acquired safety measures in iraqi hospitals. and in spite of the incidence in earlier will cost because the years ago nothink has changed norm but if you all of the current mess and measures safety measures have been done and not changes have been made as we have there from our correspondent there were family members of patients in the hospital. changing canisters of oxygen how did the health care system get so bad that you have a situation like that where you have relatives of patients doing the jobs of professionals. keep in mind it's. a hospital worker patient should be isolated from their surroundings. there should be no.
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companies approach the patients and never the less because of the. 'd up to the health system in an hour when the services are not provided to the level required patients have to have their friends or their relatives accompany them in the hospitals in order to take care of them because we don't have enough for nursing staff and even with their 67 bailable the services are not after the standards so without those are a list of cities by the patients they want to receive the care with respect to feed the oxygenation. even bring in. i.v. fluids have been called on twitter on social media for the resignation of the health minister and the pm obviously listening to those costs suspending him and
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referring him for investigation how optimistic are you that something will come out of this investigation and he think it will placate those people who are up in arms . well unfortunately in iraq for years and years now there is not real accountability for governmental employees at different levels whether their ministers are not for their actions and because of lack of accountability we have heard of hundreds and hundreds of committees formed by the government to do their inquiries about incidents happening and nothing comes out of these committees that is lack of transparency that is lack of feel. that intent to take actions against those who. commit to. it crimes against people in iraq so you see people do not trust the
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government and do not trust that these committees will take real actions and even if we see their minister of health resigned or forced to be resigned this is not really the most important thing they want to part of take is to take changes to take actions and to change the situation because maybe in a few months time we see another fire and we see another incident of high casualties in any other hospital in iraq so this is the problem this is the dilemma and without outside on him self giving the green light for the prime minister to. take the hands of the minister of health we wouldn't see any anything happening many thanks for your time early on diary there from the iraqi capital. and we will continue our coronavirus coverage coming up. overwhelmed predatory
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burial grounds and hospitals the coronavirus crisis in india keeps getting worse. on the front line and on the road to fight heaven 19 we'll hear from health care workers trying to get people vaccinated in remote communities in latin america. but 1st let's go to somalia have been violent confrontations between supporters of the president and those opposed to an extension of his term in office it's happening just hours ahead of a deadline set by a prominent army commander mohammed delight here for margery to step down early on sunday a military convoy including ahmed cause moved into the capital the united nations has both sides to reject violence and receive dialogue. a speak to our correspondent catherine sawyer he's been following developments from the kenyan
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capital nairobi catherine good to see you so as we've been reporting that clashes now in the streets who exactly is fighting who bring us up to date on the latest. yes let me just start by giving information i have received from our colleague gunshots can still be hard in this area called miri now you're in the north of the capital mogadishu we have been told that government police force force fighting clashing with opposition military forces who are opposed to the extension of the of president. another 2 years we've also seen a tweet from one of the opposition presidential candidates and the former president . would who says that he's home in that general area of marion
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iowa has been attacked and has blamed president for majo for that now as you mentioned last night we started seeing movement of troops in mogadishu this troops had come from frontline positions in an area called. bel-air in. which is in the north of the country they were recalled by this sector command. who has given the president 24 hours to rescind that decision to extend time in office by 2 years this commander has been meeting with other military commanders in mogadishu and opposition leaders as well so people there in mogadishu in somalia quite worried about how the situation is we are being told that it's very very tense right now in mogadishu catherine i think it might be worth reminding our viewers how we got to this point remind us the background because it
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all stems from the fact that parties couldn't reach a consensus on how to actually carry out a vote for a new leader. yes it all stems from this election. somalia was supposed to have a popular vote that did not happen the country was not prepared so it was decided in september in september last year there was an agreement that was made that there should be an in direct election anyway and which means that members elders get to choose parliamentarians who get to vote for a president but there's been a lot of disagreements about the electoral process with some stakeholders saying that the president hasn't started a people who are loyal to him so that it can all go to his favor the president and his allies have also accused some leaders of regional states of being stumbling block something blocks to you know this electoral process so they've been several
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talks rounds of talks all have failed and now the opposition says that they want the president to step down he's dumb expired in february and he says that it was crucial for the stamp to be extended because he did not want to create a political vacuum so that's where we are at now he has been going around talking to international partners the u.s. the u.k. the u.n. he's been talking to the african union to support him to back him on this saying that it is necessary to have this extension but all these bodies have said no you need to go back to the drawing table you need to engage the other political stakeholders to jump start this process but he has held his ground saying that somalia is a sovereign country and he has accused some countries of political interfering with somalia fares and he has said that somalis needs to be left alone to decide the
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electoral fate catherine so bringing us up to date with those developments from nairobi thank you. india has reported yet another day of record coded 19 infections and deaths there were nearly 350000 new cases on saturday that's the highest number ever recorded in one day in any country in the world and at least $2800.00 people died in just 24 hours the highest since the start of the pandemic there the situation is so bad in the capital new delhi a lockdown due to end on monday has been extended by a week many hospitals are struggling with oxygen supplies don't have enough beds the e.u. as well as germany are preparing to send emergency aid well the prime minister and the modi has admitted the crisis is severe saying a storm has shaken the nation his government has been facing criticism for failing to prepare for the rising number of cases and has been per annum has this update on
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the situation in new delhi. mumbai and delhi have some of the best health care infrastructure in the country and yet here in the capital we continue to see the entrances to hospitals filled with desperate family members begging for their loved ones their loved ones to be admitted being rejected because hospitals are full and we're hearing reports of people dying outside hospitals dying on the footpath outside hospitals waiting to be admitted the southern city of bengal luda which is also one of the richest cities in the country it is an i.t. harb it is known for its medical tourism is also now running out of i.c.u. beds and that will give you an idea then of the situation in much poorer areas like the most populous state orthopod their age or like can be hard where it's much
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more difficult for people to get to hospitals there you know who often have to travel tens if not hundreds of kilometers to actually reach proper hospitals that have the equipment that they need and we are seeing cases rising alarmingly in india's most populous state with the predation cases a more than 30000 a day now and with there predict like most of india still not conducting enough tests we also have a discrepancy a very big discrepancy between the number of deaths the official death toll and author are there also in other badly affected states like garage and madhya pradesh doesn't add up to the number of bodies which are being cremated. there's talk to dr ritesh malik who's the director of radix health care a private hospital in new delhi joins us on skype from there many thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera and taking the time i've just been reading some of
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your messages on your twitter page on to share one with our audience my dad hasn't slept for 72 hours and we're in continuous distress as we fight on ground at all ends to ensure that our patients have oxygen the condition on the ground is worse than it looks you get a sense there of how desperate your situation is in india at the moment. so we are in the midst of one of the most grevious challenges our country has faced since the partition of 947. in a very very vulnerable population continuously in search for oxygen basic. listens and even like paracetamol in smaller towns in india point 35000000 new cases are being recorded and this is when we do not have adequate testing
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happening on the ground. a massive so it's of young population getting affected by the 2nd wave of and i truly believe that the we have not achieved the peak yet we are going to see the peak in the coming one and a half weeks from now dead is massive shortage of oxygen in our hospitals today morning we just have an minutes of oxygen left in the hospital there have been more than 45 deaths recorded deaths in the large delhi hospital because of lack of oxygen and 0 on oxygen s.o.s. colds and and until and unless the government provides us with oxygen which is an essential medicine to fight this is the only medicine which actually works this is something which is the need of the un and if you do not do that you will see a lot of bloodshed in delhi and other parts of the country well let me pick you up on the oxygen points because the government says it's pulled out all the stops to
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make that oxygen get to where it needs to go it's diverted it from the industrial sector and so on and that things are about to get better is that not the case do you not feel that things are going to improve. right now we are very hopeful that the next 7 to be better we have talked to a lot of photography's and they have assured us that they've been be providing us for the liquid oxygen so i you should know this that we do not need cylindrical oxygen alone we need liquid oxygen and not hospitals cannot be used cylindrical oxygen alone we have so many patients on the rental that we have so many patients on high flow oxygenation one patient on beginning to take 60 lead does not a minute of that branch need to be 600 meters off oxygen. and then if you might get the kind of ice you beds that we have you will understand that the need of oxygen is at a very lot of help to get infrastructure is not prepared to give and we need to
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this is an s.o.s. condition this is something which it cannot be put through to morrow we need oxygen and we need oxygen right now so who is responsible for what has gone wrong here in india especially the oxygen situation because again on your twitter page you describe this lack of oxygen as criminal neglect. i completely. second that heart i believe that any patient who dies can use can i stephen out for even a minute dance there is no oxygen is a basic necessity and specially for me it is like very very savvy for you and other drugs of questionable clinical trials oxygen is the only essential medicine we have something by the government called the essential medicines act that the 1st medicine is oxygen and if you do not have oxygen how do we fight a polluting infection like victor is so all so greedy it's in nature and so
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infectious we are seeing in $3.00 lakh cases a day just imagine the kind of situation we are in right now we have only 16 i.c.u. beds currently available on the practical for the government to you can imagine and currently we are not getting oxygen without oxygen we are going to see so many see if a person dies after giving your blood sweat and tears to help that they should die from that is still understandable but see the agony of the attendance of boys and girls of 27 and 35 years olds who are on the labels and who are not getting oxygen . most of your family are working on the front line of code that i believe your father is a doctor your sister is also working in health care you of course. talk us through the emotional toll because we can hear the passion and the distress in your voice. so it's actually very difficult to describe
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and my sister goes into her into the cold war and to me it's a small city in india i mean so scared and at the same time i think so proud i think we need doctors i need we need healthcare professionals we cannot do that kind of service that they're doing right now is incredible worldwide doctors found a medical staffs of even the housekeeping staff it is very difficult just imagine having your you want your daughter or your loved ones to go inside even in the best protection possible for most of the people the answer is no so we're going to a lot of emotional turmoil you have not been cheating well and only and only and they were right now in the early and the good part which is happening is hospitals have come together lindy had only 10 minutes of oxygen left given to the nearest hospital and they give us the sole source so we have seen such beautiful stories as
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well in india and in these times of the stress people are coming together and ensuring that we are really hoping that this crisis is very fast very soon because we are losing lives every. claimant to the people are losing lives unless they sadly and if you talk about i think. we need to be blamed as well as our government did not question after the 1st may venture down not follow protocols and we should now ensure that the follow them be should now ensure that every individual get vaccinated vaccine is the only long term solution a lot of people are not are comfortable with the idea of vaccinating the aussie wanted people who have gotten backs needed i'm getting extremely mild diseases so vaccination is the long term solution. many thanks for taking the time to speak to us on wishing you and your family all the best of luck.
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well latin america is also seeing a rise in cases and governments in the region are being criticized for a slow roll outs of vaccination programs for frontline workers going out day off today to fight the pandemic despite the challenges reports now from when a series. these are the scenes of the become all too common across latin america frontline doctors and nurses battling to keep covered 900 patients alive but there are thousands of others often laboring day after day behind the scenes or in removed community is part of the same fight against the same unforgiving enemy. and still more to do is a nurse working in cuenca in the southwest of colombia to reach vaccinate elderly members of the missing indigenous community. ogu from house to house reason awareness about vaccination against the virus because older people always are blue
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differences and is to protect them from the disease that were facing. the pandemic has hit indigenous people across latin america disproportionately hard since they often live in remote communities with limited access to adequate health facilities . you know they rely on medics like anselm but he's often met with distrust and suspicion so he can persuade to accept the vaccine. we didn't think of getting it because we used to cure ourselves of anything with plants but as this is a worldwide problem there is no other solution whoever wants to get the vaccine it's not obligatory but you will feel safer getting it. others proved to be more resistant. last name but not his belief in modern medicine. that. my family and i will not get vaccinated because that is my belief because the pastor has taught us that it is not necessary by trust again god will go through
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this will overcome everything that comes our way including disease. columbia has recently seen an increase in coverage 19 deaths bring their total up to more than $70000.00 there's an even worse picture in brazil with more than $40000000.00 infections and 386000 deaths billions driver. sees it every day. but also. we once brought in a couple husband and wife they were admitted they were very unwell they got worse were incubated and they both died 10 minutes apart from each other on the way to hospital even though they were in a bad way they were chatting about something that stuck with me because it was very a couple imagine it was uneasy. the 52 year old has been an ambulance driver for 12 years but says he's never seen anything like this you never expected to have to deal with such little and this misery you don't was it you we hope that today will be a better day but hope it's not as bad as other days when we see people desperate crying
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after all it gets to us because we're right there witnessing people suffering it's not easy for anyone brazil is suffering about $4000.00 deaths a day with the vaccination program being rolled out more slowly the most people would like there's no end in sight no rest by the thousands of workers like god loss and then so more than usual in their al-jazeera sirens. a state of emergency has come into effect in japan as it finds its own surge in cases the new restrictions cover tokyo as well as 3 other districts this is the 3rd lockdown since last year the measures include closing restaurants commercial facilities entertainment venues and sporting events. the wreckage of an intonation submarine has been found the balsam of the bodies see ending hopes that any of its 53 crewmembers could have survived it was spotted north of the island not far from
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where it was last seen taking part in a training exercise on wednesday as an atheist. what were search and rescue boats returned to port on sunday prepared for a change of mission a day after internees his navy declared a missing submarine sunk with 53 souls on board. for 02 last saw the surface on wednesday off the coast of bali debris was found on saturday indicating the hole collapsed under pressure and on sunday the wreckage itself was found. the cause of the accident is not yet known the navy has previously suggested it could have been due to an electrical failure preventing the ship from resurfacing the chief of staff is adamant the crew did their jobs. it's not human error they followed the right procedures during the dive from the very beginning of the dive report we've heard the preparation procedures were carried out properly. as family members arrive at
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a naval base in ben you on the east java president joe can we doto says search and rescue operations will continue playing say to be sure we the people of indonesia would like to convey a deep sadness for this incident specially of the family of the submarine crews the crew of the mission's best son's best pages who safeguarded the mission sovereignty . as members of the public send their condolences many are sharing a video of the men that's become a viral tribute of a submarine crew on eternal patrol. and are schapelle al-jazeera. still has on al-jazeera. life on the front line where in eastern ukraine where families speak of their struggles and the cost of a 7 year old. and why i mean is prime minister stepping down lending and leading to a snap election in june. and sports bad weather is good news for the surface in
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brazil and he's here with that story. hello there things have been heating up across the middle east they are going to cool slightly particularly across the levant region but as we go into monday the gulf states seeing those high temperatures 40 degrees in queue wait $36.00 degrees in riyadh we could see some showers as well for south western parts of saudi arabia and western parts of yemen turkey seeing wetter weather as well and korea sits at around 18 degrees and we got a brisk wind blowing those cooler conditions into lebanon iraq still seeing those high temperatures $43.00 degrees in baghdad and it's a similar story for iran to run seeing $32.00 degrees that's about 10 degrees above
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average and what we expect for this time of year as we head to central africa now that tropical cyclone has made landfall in tanzania that's weakened we could see some heavier rain some stronger winds but that's sort of died down as we go into tuesday we'll see heavy showers across northern parts of mozambique and the central parts we are seeing those heat of the day showers across the democratic republic of congo as we had further south things are looking rather warm we've got a weather system bringing some rain to cape town. and. there was 1st fully effects emitted flight
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is a clear demonstration of all the measures that i thought anyway as has put in place to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene on ball p.p. if a stop. touch in-flight entertainment system you'll recall been cleaning systems disinfectant robots. today is an important day for the airline industry and the message for travelers is that we are walking tirelessly to implement every measure to safeguard their health thank you. you know. little. little world in the room.
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you're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour iraq's prime minister has suspended the health minister often explosion and fire at a baghdad hospital held funerals for some of the $82.00 victims the government has declared 3 days of national mourning. supporters a somalia's president and those opposed to an extension of his term in office of fighting in mogadishu it's happening ahead of a deadline for mohammed for margery to step down. and he is reporting a record number of corona virus cases for a 4th day with nearly 350000 infections staff are overwhelmed and begging for oxygen supplies as the health care system struggles to cope. a day off the u.s. president joe biden for me recognized the mass killing of armenians during the autumn an empire as genocide i mean his prime minister has resigned the move will
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set the stage for snap elections on june the 20th nicole has been under pressure for his handling of last year's war with azerbaijan the conflict ended with armenia giving up control of several disputed territories so let's go to robin force a walker who's in tbilisi in neighboring georgia he resigned i believe that was expected but is nicole pushing in confident of winning the upcoming election. i think he is and i think this is an opportunity he would now relish because he came to power off the back of a popular uprising in 2018 and something he enjoyed doing was being out on the streets gathering its supporters around marching and this is what you'll be taking up again in the coming weeks with this campaign kicking off now the question is whether the armenian people. really blame him for the war which armenia
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so. the last against as a by john last year lost swathes of territory around and within nagorno-karabakh and the opposition here the opposition political parties have been campaigning pretty much every day calling on him to resign but one thing they didn't want was a snap election because probably they also understood that the nickel press union is unpopular they themselves have struggled to gain traction with the armenian public many of them coming from the particularly unpopular previous governments the nickel brought down back in 2080 so i think he and many people see this election as an opportunity a kind of a referendum to really finally truly decide whether the media people hold him responsible for the conflicts or whether this is something that they know. this was something that he he couldn't have avoided. many thanks for that robin for some
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work of that for us and to base a. rebels in northern china and say they're ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement a front for a change and concord rebels cross from libya on april 11th calling for an end to president idriss deby his role that he was killed fighting the group on the front line that's according to the government and military council headed by a son mohammed who will ever see an 18 month transition to elections even morgan has the latest front and jenna. the statement by the rebel front for change and concorde group that it is ready to observe a cease fire comes just days after the group accused the government of bombarding its position in the north with the aims of assassinating its leader now it also comes after mauritania and leisure as well as other african union countries called on various groups in the capital to sit down and hold a dialogue with the transitional military council that took over following the death of me on monday now the military council itself has called for dialogue not
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just with the armed groups but various other opposition groups opposition leaders who spoke to al-jazeera over the past few days say that they did indeed get calls from the transition military council and that they're willing to sit down with the council as it holds consultations to appoint a $69.00 member transitional council and a transitional cabinet so it looks like some groups are willing to heed to the calls of dialogue that has been made by the transitional military council but others are still resisting the fact that the military is in charge instead of the speaker of parliament aspart chat's constitution which has been dissolved following the announcement of these death some of the groups that are resisting the calls for dialogue include the military council for salvation of chad as well as the movement for democracy and justice so these 2 groups have announced that they are not going to recognize the fact that the military is in charge and they want a civilian leadership to lead the country during this interim period
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a lot of concerns here in the capital during the days of fighting between the government and the rebel front for change and concorde group many people we spoke to say that they were going to leave the capital out of fear especially because in jamaica had been attacked by rebels in 20062008 but the announcement from the rebel front for change and concord group that it is ready to observe the cease fire and hold talks with the transition into a council to try to move forward during this interim period and to try to reach a stable chad has given people here optimism and hope that. that's future may after all be less conflict ridden than its past. russia has pulling back some troops mobilizing tens of thousands of ukraine on ukraine's eastern border the civilians living there say they still fail an increase in violence and reports from the frontline town like. noddy and valentino remember a better life
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a life before fighting started between russian bank separatists and the ukrainian army in the east 7 years ago. before their village of chere malik became a front line in a conflict often described as a battle between moscow and the west. the situation has been calmer in the last couple of years but a recent escalation of fighting was a reminder of the risks they face. the separatists control the land across the river the army says there are sniper and machine gun positions among the trees few people go down to the bank on this side anymore. he's dangerous to go there because nobody knows from where as a shooting will start it's quiet now but we are almost as afraid of the quiet as we are of the shell in when it started the shells fly all over and you don't know where to hide the ukrainian army keeps a low profile in the village that has occupied many of the homes abandoned by families who fled the violence. many of the surrounding fields are mind.
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nobody can go to the cemetery because separatists niklas and ukrainian soldiers are close by. balancing things he's parents gravestones have been damaged by the fighting. he misses life before the war. we used to go hunting i used to breed sheep i can't do this now because of the minefields or because the military stop us i had to kill most of our animals because i can't afford their food it's our easter soon and we hope the army will let us visit the cemetery but we don't know russia says it's pulling back its forces from the ukrainian borders after warning describes as military exercises but there is still no sign of any breakthrough in negotiations so what's the last thing a political settlement 7 years of failed ceasefires a negotiation here blames moscow for making what it describes as unrealistic
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demands we also have red lines which we couldn't cross the russians would like to misuse this forum and also to. bring us to the table with negotiations with the occupied territories for example. or try to federalize ukraine or actually try to control ukraine these occupy territories it couldn't be accepted by any government here in this country not euro balance in say the risk of a sudden escalation in fighting means their 5 children rarely visit them anymore life used to be beautiful and fun they say but everything is so uncertain now chance trafford al-jazeera cheer maalik eastern ukraine. now every year around springtime it's asparagus time in germany that's when the vegetable is ready for harvest usually during the season people from eastern europe come to work the
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fields but the pandemic has led to a depend demand and it's affecting sales stephanie deca reports from billie's brandenburg is in germany. nicknamed white gold or the noble vegetable this is germany's all time favorite white asparagus but it's not germans working the fields it's men mostly from romania who come here specifically for the harvest how many years even coming. through for. just 1st time i guess. and why because. it's. here is the best. and coronado's made a difference. this year workers are coming into germany they just need a negative 1000 test when the borders closed last year the german government made
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an exception and allowed in 30000 foreign workers to save the harvest but it still hasn't brought situation back to normal the corps not even trained in law enforce power goes home only about 25 percent of the whole asparagus goes to west but now they're all closed dahlan and read. for that perhaps we won't sell all the asparagus and even they can look for foreign markets but in the same situation. it's another not not a solution. prices are now lower there are less sales and higher costs but the vegetables are ready and the harvest must go on now this is where to go back to ok . so i wanted to talk about how it stood for profit that is done only by women most of them often tell you we all know why only women not men and we're
6:46 pm
told simply better that. they get around $14.00 an hour we're told it's hard work both on and off the fields the farms owner tells us most germans don't want to work for that amount of money. a sign of the times not everyone likes to be tested were told are carried out around twice a week many of these men have left their families behind in romania to earn off the land. when you know the money is good better than romania i feel at home here nothing to complain about. it's painstaking work but for these men worth it they will harvest 1500000 kilo's of asparagus on this farm this season feeding germany its precious vegetable and in turn feeding their families back home stephanie decker al-jazeera billets in brandenburg east in germany. still ahead on al-jazeera. in sports we'll be live at london's wembley stadium as many steps up
6:47 pm
its plan says games and fans at this year's european football championship. president joe biden into the white house facing multiple crises including the car virus pandemic and a divided america 3 months on has he managed to follow through on campaign promises to fix the country stay with this respectful coverage of biden's 1st $100.00 days in our own al-jazeera if the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard what are world leaders or governments missing we need targets but now up front with me welcome on hill on al-jazeera on counting the costs the climate emergencies the price of going green and why it doesn't need to cost the earth new zealand and unlike the leader of economics becomes the test bed
6:48 pm
for controlling house prices must know gold deposit so why is it one of iraq's biggest exports counting the cost on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. the 93rd academy awards which begin later on sunday will be unlike any other the coronavirus pandemic has led to a scaled back ceremony but it has also been a boost to streaming companies who are behind many of the oscar nominees rob reynolds. this preview from. the amorous red
6:49 pm
carpet no adoring crowds no comedy acts instead of a fancy theater the awards will be handed out in an art deco era train station after a pandemic year in which the movie industry itself struggling and streaming video extended its dominance over cinema releases the oscars will be more low key this year not a lot of fun maybe i'm i am so sick of virtual awards shows right now and people in their living rooms on zone among the best picture nominees director chloe chows no man's land is the front runner since last year how much since the true no 2 months i'm test. of the same thing right now best actor award may come down to a choice between honors for the late chadwick boseman in ma rainey's black bottom got all that got p.d.f. and anthony hopkins in the father who you can see it's me. and this
6:50 pm
is just nonsense i would have said chadwick boseman for sure and i have predicted that but i'm noticing in some members talking about how they think chadwick's going to win but they're voting for anthony the best actress award is up for grabs with strong performances by viola davis in ma rainey's black bottom oh. boy frances mcdormand in no man's land carey mulligan in promising young woman nessa kirby in pieces of a woman she sees. and andra day in the united states versus billie holiday season sexiness grandkids of the street in contrast to recent years a large number of black hollywood professionals were nominated and steven yen is the 1st korean american nominated for best actor in. riz ahmed is the 1st muslim and 1st person of. pakistani descent nominated for best actor in sound of metal
6:51 pm
a job you're steamed i can't get. one. and no midland joe is the 1st asian american woman nominated for best director it may have been a rough year for hollywood but the cache of the little gold figurine remains strong the ratings are going to be in the tank but the oscar still stands for 'd something it is the primo thing everyone wants one in the industry in a year like no other the show somehow goes on robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. times of the sports has andy thank you so much molly know 8000 fans are at london's wembley stadium for the english league cup finals the biggest crowd at an outdoor sports events in the u.k. since the 1st lockdown in march of last year manchester city and sutton fans have taken their seats in a venue that would normally be close to its $90000.00 capacity wembley to host 8 matches with crowds during the european football championship that kicks off in
6:52 pm
june so that's good but was that was 26 of february i was our last game and betrayed the way so it's been a year for the moment so much time into. we've missed it i ever do it's part and ongoing experiment and hopefully by the summer we'll be able to enjoy some big stage in advance and certainly by next season i won't be going back and watching manchester city at the attack again it's football fans a spurs fans that the main thing is seeing your mates going going to the games and i think that this is the start hopefully of it easing off and things getting better and better so yeah we are really excited about how things are going well as to talk correspondent paul brennan who's outside when we 1st pull just so close to the process of getting ice fans inside today. yes 8000 spectators inside the stadium behind me strangely quiet here now strangely
6:53 pm
quiet before kickoff to be honest because that's not a lot of people for a cup final very much subdued compared to normal cup final days that said the 8000 to gone in all 4000 of them a club fans who secure a bit sick it's through the club manchester city and the other 4000 the local residents and n.h.s. workers who got their tickets through ballots and in order to get entry to the grounds they have had to prove that in the last 24 hours they've had a negative coronavirus test one of those rapid lateral flow tests and also agreed to undergo subsequent testing in the days to come so that they can see whether getting a such a large crowd together what impact that's had on infection rates so at the moment the people are inside the match is on the way but the implications. the impact of it yet to be seen in the infection rates and pull just just just walk us through what's going to happen or should happen at wembley in the coming weeks and months and whether or not it is realistic to house those relatively big crowds for
6:54 pm
the your ice. yeah i mean the care about cup is really not the thing that's really at stake here today as you mentioned the european championships 8 games of which are going to be played here at the wembley stadium that's really what we're looking at in the summertime in june and july while at the program going to go on may the 15th we have the f.a. cup final being staged here at this stadium hoping that if this event goes well 10212000 spectators will be allowed into the f.a. cup final then you'll have the league one of the league 2 play offs but not sure exactly how many spectators will be allowed into those but hopefully more than 12000 for the european championships wembley needs to guarantee 25 percent capacity now 489-0000 stadium like this 90000 seats a stadium that's 22 and a half 1000 spectators they need to get into the stadium so a lot depends on how these preliminary events these test events actually go hoping to be well over 25 percent when it comes to the semifinals the 2 semifinals on the
6:55 pm
final here in the middle on the 11th of july so everything depends on exactly how testing how the spacing inside the stadium goes because a lot at stake here hold right in line for when we study thank you so much full well australia's that are all the different states in its roots and see spectator events a crowd of more than $78000.00 have packing into the melbourne cricket ground for an aussie rules match is the biggest attendance at a sports stadium anyway in the world since the start of the global pandemic. i mean this football has announced a unified boycott of social media in an effort to fight back against online abuse follows continuous reports of racism and sexism against players officials and broadcasters at all levels of the game a joint statement from the country's football governing bodies including the premier league and women see police at the boycott as a way to emphasize that social media companies must do more to eradicate online hates the 4 day boycott will start on friday now antidiscrimination group kick it
6:56 pm
out is backing the boycotts of the organization's chair sanjay pandora told us just how bad the issue of online abuse has become. i think the reason the we're doing this boycott is really 3 reasons 1st this to to show our collective anger the damage that this viral online abuse causes to people who play work in and watch the game the 2nd is to show unity with those victims of abuse and the thirty's really as a symbolic gesture to those with power to say we need you to x. we need you to create change and that's the ambition and so we want as many people as possible to join aim to use their voice to say that this is not acceptable and to send a message to social media companies and to. our national governments here but more broadly to governments around the world to say that these on regulated social media
6:57 pm
companies need to be regulated it's been getting worse over the course of this season so an example of i'll just use facebook's own figures of what they say they delete when you when you do the math equates to about $1500.00 attempted messages every 90 minutes that's the length of a football match but it's not just for the duration of a football match it's 1500 attempts to send abuse every 90 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week that's the scale of the problem that we're dealing with. around the world skim boarding champion has been making the most of some bad weather in brazil here is lucas fink taking on a huge wave just north of rio de janeiro is skidmore harley is similar to a surfboard but it's a bit smaller doesn't have any fins the brazilian navy has just issued an alert at the beaches in the area warning that ways they will be now topping 5 minutes is. ok
6:58 pm
that is useful thanks sunday and that's up from a mountainside for this news hour be back in a moment with more of the day's it's day about. this is one of the down things that not all revolutions and all of this make our planet pretty good we have to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars and new mitchum in motion they need to be mindful where people are just talking about the stars and that's. the world of business and commerce driving the energy transition is the promise of clean energy
6:59 pm
an illusion the dump side of green energy. on al-jazeera. an app that sees for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. by jungle straightly an engine is an venting tools to help people gain independence. all cited that will pull up to the ability to recognize all change all the fire and say that people with fluorescent vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science robo gals on al-jazeera. new delhi take advantage of the relatively after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere and india is a situation worse than a daddy the number of. desperate situation of the indian government set up
7:00 pm
a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 states health experts and mention this and been warning for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on the call of the 19. tragedy in baghdad at least 82 people have died in a fire at a hospital the prime minister suspended the country's health chief. this is al jazeera live from die also coming up. desperate calls for help in india doctors send an s.o.s. to the government for more.


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