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tv   Al Jazeera World Iraqs Dying Rivers  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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climate emergencies the price of going green and why it doesn't need to cost the earth to ceilings and unlike the meter of economics becomes the test bed for rolling house prices no gold deposits so why is it one of iraq's biggest exports counting the costs on al-jazeera. i don't know how the top stories here on al-jazeera at least 82 people have been killed in iraq following an explosion inside of baghdad hospital the resulting fire spread through a ward where coping 1000 patients were being treated early reports point to an austrian tank being the cause of the initial blast the prime minister has suspended the health minister over the fire. that's all but about in the beginning there was an explosion it started from there the 2nd explosion was over there the fire spread like fuel smoke reached my brother my brother's sick i took him out into the
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streets next to the ship put in a came back and went up from there to the last floor that didn't been found a girl suffocating about 19 years old she was suffocating about to die samantha fulton has more now from baghdad. well the death toll has been rapidly rising since this morning as the bodies many of them heavily charred are being identified but of course also many people would have in the meantime passed away due to heavy injuries sustained as a result of the fire but also from what we understand from doctors as a result of being transported because let's remember this is a cold 19 award many of the patients who were there they entirely depend on ventilators on oxygen supply and the process of being moved from this hospital even if they survived a fire to another one that was another risk factor that likely took the lives of many people now the reason why does the toll it's going up so rapidly is also
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because there were a lot of family members present in the ward at $120.00 patients but for each patient we understand a could be as many as 5 or 6 relatives present in the room to support the patient to for example assist health which paths like putting on oxygen masks like taking them to the bathroom for example and we spoke to one survivor from the blast who was with caring for an elderly family member when the fire broke out and he told us that there are no restrictions whatsoever on the entry into the hospital by relatives that there could be $5.00 to $6.00 relatives per patients and despite this being of course a covert 1000 words of a highly infectious disease there was no effort on the part of authorities to restrict the number of people inside this wards india is reporting a record number of coronavirus cases for a 4th straight day with nearly 350000 infections star for the overwhelmed hospitals
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a begging for supplies from across the alley has been extended for another week the united states has expressed deep concern about the situation and plans to urgently deploy additional support china russia and the european union have already offered help with generating equipment. rebels in northern chad say they're ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement the front for a change in concord rebels crossed from libya on april 11th calling for an end to president idriss deby is rule that he was killed fighting the group on the front line according to the government. that day off the u.s. president joe biden formally recognized the mass killing of amin's during the osce when empire genocide i mean is a prime minister has resigned the move will set the stage for snap elections on june the 20th. and had been under pressure for his handling of last year's war with as advised john and today's u.s.
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military chief has confirmed search teams have found a submarine that was missing and all 53 people on board have died the vessel was declared sunk on saturday 4 days after it disappeared. there's been a 3rd night of violence in the outback some mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces fired stun grenades and water cannon at palestinian protesters that angry at restrictions on gatherings during the month of ramadan. australia new zealand have held services to want to soldiers who served in the 1st world all. $915.00 can begin north in turkey where thousands of soldiers from australia and new zealand were killed it also commemorates service members killed in all conflicts so it's. more news coming up here and i'm sure right off to al-jazeera will continue by from.
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dawn on the banks of the river tigris in the iraqi capital baghdad. the river source is in turkey and it flows southeast through the capital until it eventually meets the euphrates. for centuries since the 1st urban
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settlements grew up in ancient mesopotamia thousands of years before the common era fishing has been a lifeline running in families for generations. this is the story of the fishermen and women living now in the land. of the licensed. medical college lives and works on the river in baghdad. they get. only on the lid on a cool. idea. the euphrates blues from turkey through syria and iraq and is the longest and one of
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the most historically significant rivers in. the vast ancient mesopotamia marsh. where the tigris and euphrates meet in southern iraq. tens of thousands of iraqis live in the arsenal. likable hideout and his wife who rely almost entirely on fishing to make their meager living. i don't know a lot as i left i don't know. why then why that what. the tigris and euphrates meets in basra province in the south of iraq where they form the shut the waterway. police officials on one of the trawlers. odd us out of the lead with the defender. said.
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you know what i don't want to put a god who had a hole in the bit about how to get out of a fight. with. this bass channel flowing into the every guns is iraq's only source of green fish in which the countries want to striving fishing industry with built nothing. on the other. the near here is as follows an iraqi port on the borders with kuwait and iran and the center for nand in optioning never been finished for many decades.
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this is a region steeped in ancient history and its relationship with water the rivers and the scene goes back thousands of years. the tigris and the euphrates need to ensure mesopotamia part of what was called the 1st south crescent where agriculture and. earliest human settlements grew up. fishing continued to develop in mesopotamia while it was part of the ottoman empire and then under british rule in the 20th century. the country became one kingdom under king faisel of iraq in 1922 been gained independence 10 years later.
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fishermen sold their catch in the baghdad fish market to merchants from other iraqi provinces as well as to the citizens but. now when baghdad and in the marshes of the south and on the shuttle out of waterway whole ways of life are under threat as outside forces and manmade pollution are damaging the tigris and euphrates in reversible ways. for all his commitment to a life on the tigris. and its days as a fisherman may be numbered all of those. are all had. well what about. on a so. when they were about sadness off the. soliman. was out there that. had been the on. for the better.
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the better machine on the. own model and. she. does have a she was just how she was. on this of it and she had a mazda did you know. dot. com it's fishing it's very small scale especially compared to the shuttle and every . team there are fewer boots on the tigris compared with when he started out there. making a living here is tough for now. but it has been through a hole in the past 3 decades and that has affected the river environment as much as
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the. whole layer. of whatever i said you know i'm going. to lodge again with one shell that. fell out of hand and will. you know what i know. i like i want be here when i'm strong. as the capital baghdad has been the focus of the outside attacks and internal turmoil that have hit iraq in recent years. but for the people of the marshlands and the. disruption to their way of life goes back further. the 1950 s. . laugh.
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in some way little has changed here for the past 100 years. are still produced and hung just as they've always been. the long fishing boats are still builds to the same design as. between the fifty's and 1990 s. . the tigris euphrates river system where people like his wife live. and. the reasons were political to force the people. out of the area. and to
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punish them for their part in an uprising against saddam hussein's government in 1901. reduce the 9000 square kilometers of what amounted to the 1970. 2 just 760 square kilometers when his government fell into. the displacement of her 200000 marsh arabs and the campaign of violence against. the international community to condemn as ethnic cleansing. the united nations has described the draining of the marshes as a tragic and environmental catastrophe on a par with the deforestation of the amazon rain forests. but the marshes work it's yours. and i didn't quite return to the water.
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have a little will. go ahead. you know. i want to go on. and on high there's area of champaign is now recovering thanks to the reflooding following the fall of saddam hussein in 2003. large areas of the marshlands and 3 ancient cities have now been included in u.s. schools list of world heritage sites but the reflooding has not restored the wetlands to their pre-drawn a niche states. the damage to the iraqi environment has also not been limited to
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the marshlands iraq as a whole has suffered massive turmoil in the past 30 years. saddam's invasion of kuwait in august 1990 led to the 1st gulf war and defeats by a coalition led by the united states the effect on the country was described as near apocalyptic taking iraq back to the pre-industrial age. then the 2003 u.s. led invasion of iraq and fall of saddam hussein's government the occupation and violent insurgency caused further widespread destruction of the armed group i saw was a major part of the post-war insurgency its military activity in iraq and the campaign against it by the iraqi government and western forces have led to huge damage to infrastructure and the environment of. the tigris in baghdad where ahmed highlands
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ekes out a living has been badly affected by this prolonged period of violence and instability . it's edgier and i'm as i go home so no specific page it was an honest fellow back i wanted i had that you're not going to want to sign a social thing that you can kind of run the believe you know what to do and it's a difficult it's a long ways off you know and she was wounded by so much useful allies who were. trying to an unlimited 1000000000 is that out of it that a lot of wonderful any novak out on a fairly house we know because she doesn't want to miss it to so much because she did you know i did i thought. all of the man who won the heart of annie was
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a nice enough head to my not headed out of such a high level i had to see how the not had a for you know has any other not a question you know heads of state of fear not to lose to allen are these the kind he will write about about 5. the instability and heightened security. have led to an increased police presence on the river. i have a view. that the sign said. no question about that side of the. just that is about the lawn with. a nurse at the gate to put them i mean the moment i think we're going. right down the line in the way. i don't.
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want to. know. that i'm on one of the. salt levels on the euphrates in the south have risen because of dams higher up the river in syria and turkey. there's waste from agricultural irrigation and sewage from cities all affecting the stretches of river. used to make a living. in this. when you need it.
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it's. just all. of us are war. and i'm a lot of other. people cannot drink the water from the euphrates because of the drop in water level increasing. furthermore in 2018 tens of thousands of freshwater fish died in the south of baghdad and soaring pollution is believed to be a major factor behind the sudden death of the fish. yes
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just the way. that i don't. know just. the dance built up the river on the euphrates in syria and turkey are also having an effect on the marshlands in southern iraq. this is impeding conservation and restoration efforts in the wetlands the downs have reduced the flow of water reaching iraq since the 1970 s. by as much as the. hundreds of people have been forced to migrate from iraq's once fertile central marshes because of the water level us now i don't know i'm not an attorney. i've never heard of even i've never quite know that. all and i've never
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know he an alien. life it was not as easy when i was not a vacuum. i don't have a talent. but the problems of the marshes and the upper rivers extend on a larger scale beyond the point or the 2 ancient triggers the tigris and the euphrates merge of us all. from here the vast channel of the shuttle a lot of waterways runs through basra province into the every being gulf. coming up the shot a lot of waterway faces an environmental catastrophe it's taking with it livestock and fisheries and i only the ones. that work at it and that you know what. mark o'mara and as this year's majority malitia and i start here. and iraqi fishermen say they often fall foul of the kuwaiti and iranian navy spy
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trolling maritime borders on the frontline of a dispute that once led to out an outdoor. others out all the. output and where. then. they go out on them in. public but not meet up old man knows me and me and others in the rubble adult. men. about it so i look what i want to. make on and what is there. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world al-jazeera is emmy award winning investigative program is back exploring the folk lines in the u.s. . 16 years since last elected new leaders palestinians go to the polls but will the elections be free from foreign interference from hostile to hostile more hotels
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explodes geopolitical conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the frontlines. and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption. may on al-jazeera thousands of children were removed from east timor during the indonesian occupation decades later what i want to enjoy is members of the last generation as they finally head home. on al-jazeera. to see the news a family man politicized by the forces of nature. filmed of a 4 year is a kenyan farmer and documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. to see to the climate dial east a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a
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diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of a network's journalists on al-jazeera. or rude. or. ironic luck and they're how the top stories here on al-jazeera and funerals are being held off for at least 82 people died in an explosion at a bank that hospital far spread through ward where cave of 19 patients were being treated earlier reports point to an oxygen tank being the cause of the initial blast iraq's prime minister has suspended the health minister the manifold that selects now from baghdad. all of this has really added to the public anger over the government's handling of the pandemic when the pandemic 1st broke out in the
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country there was not enough protective gear not enough supplies for hospitals like these and there is also not enough staff at these hospitals and i spoke to a doctor who works in this hospital last night and he mentioned that because of the shortage. it is relatives of patients who are often asked to handle these an oxygen cylinder which i believe to be that of the explosion india is reporting a record number of corona virus cases for a 4th straight day with 9350000 infections stafford overwhelmed hospitals a big thing for oxygen supply is the health care system buckles rebels in northern chad say they're ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement the rebels cross from libya on april 11th calling for an end to president idriss deby is rule that he was killed fighting on the front line it's a after u.s. president joe biden formally recognized the mass killing of on medians during the ottoman empire a genocide i mean his prime minister has resigned the move will set the stage for
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snap elections on june the 20th indonesia's military chief has it confirmed to search teams have found a submarine that was missing and all $53.00 people on board have died the vessel was declared sunk on science a day 4 days after it disappeared. it's been another night of violence nearly al aqsa mosque compound or not bodies 2 recent israeli security forces fired at stun grenades and was a kind of palestinian protesters that angry at restrictions on gatherings during the muslim month of ramadan. english football has just announced a joint to boycott of social media in an effort to fight back against online abuse this follows continuous reports on racism and sexism against players and broadcasters at all levels of the game the 4 day boycott will start next friday. there were lines more news coming up here in al-jazeera right off the al-jazeera world continues from. the states or from on sits at the mouth of their
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rape in gulf at the eastern end of the arab peninsula if you look at the arabian peninsula as a whole there are essential to the ancient culture and to the east. to the west yet. it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role it plays in the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c. . but hormones long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1962 and fishing and crude diving words main sources of income. in this film we go back over the last 500 years of all 90 history of tribes wars rebellion and colonization and explore how and why oman still plays an important regional role today.
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for thousands of years 2 famous rivers the tigris and euphrates media iraq one of the most fertile regions in the middle east. the 1st urban settlements grew up on the lines between them the cradle of civilization. but today things are dramatically different for the rivers and the people who depended on them decades of war sanctions upstream dans pollution and a phone in water levels have seriously damaged iraq's engines rivers and water resources. the sutta lot of waterway runs 184 kilometers south from the confluence of the tigris and the euphrates in basra province and forms the border with iran. it provides access to the reaping gulf iraq's vital source of commercial sea fishing.
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so that me a me of him see that. this little. bit of a. these boats now stand idle in the port of an foul at the south east end of the us foul peninsula on the right bank of the shuttle. rusting old diesel boats pollutes the long term. and found it has around $40000.00 inhabitants and is this traditional fishing communities but town officials admit that's hundreds of families have now left in search of other work leaving the ports in danger of becoming a ghost town. without. go ahead. and the time that. i was just going to complete nothing.
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but me that god has given me to god to me it was to be with me. but you know when my father. could get it if they were. because i read that one. that is weird. on. our. one side and i stop and say no it's a 50 kilometer stretch of coastline diving to pieces. the other as the shuttle had a watcher with the trans alongside the marshes of southern iran. and it's huge fish stocks in there and it's where it's going to turn. the fishermen
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to risk seeming to remain in kuwait lost. in richer fish stocks or to deliberately try to march in the hope of a quick and easy catch. these fishermen used to be protected by the iraqi navy but that's now to p.t. and largely carty the country's only terminal. out of. out of the really and. out of me and i never. will and yet right. we are not and i thought 2 i would tell you that in my 72 point.
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2 i was always a lot of through us i want to quit through it and i had the money. to get up there as i thought of this need a white elephant. play out in the. yard of how the me i had. moved out of mom will be. missed and a living will do it on. then no other not all the. tenant of where. what i've done. not in my robin is yet to do and i will say i do want to join then . go out on them in. public with but not meet up and when those mean mean there is another adult. minute i want to so i look what i want to so on. as this pollution. and the perceived threats from kuwait and iran were not enough
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the fisherman and the shuttle and the colonies have to deal with iraqi security checks. as once young women are developed out of. the good market as you accused of are going to be there no not that you could already know about it i didn't even go to where i was. i don't know go watch it out because of the border of unlike. a lot of malaysia you know the border or the gravel on it that they're going to do with those i go by on the other on an a lot of want to. go to. the wrestle for control of the
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shuttle what i'm watching where was one of the causes of the launch costs. between iraq and iran throughout most of the 1980. that a border dispute is still not settled. kuwait and iraq have also had to agree on a sea border in negotiations which have been going on since the dam for sands invasion of kuwait and. that's because. many fishermen at the docks. to. now are still bitter over their conflicts with iraq and the 19 eighties and nineties. the shuttle out of the in basra
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province this is not the size of fish market. it's immediately turned for a date on the watch. to monitor suffers from increasing. with industrial means domestic sewage and agricultural fertilizer. finding in tonight's match. no surprise than that fish stocks at an initial. was. assaulted everything has only smyth bounced. up the shots a lot of resulting in alice.
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was. only. some fisherman have also resorted to damaging ways of catching fish including using poison to bring them to the surface. or you would. join us and with. jani i had in a while. as a ticket i sent. them. a and as a. dynamic. john. and that's it all with the shutdown among what archive a and as issue has said now in majority my list up as i fear johnny the bash up there an element of i've got him again i tell you they've been much intimate i shop
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when i leave off i don't mind me not askin one god they hint and heading and i thought i'd been wise when i damaged r.d. i would and i could outta shot the hero or hired them i got hired in modern times chucked. in one. who got on the inside of the. 5 best ally. luck and had a good yada yada dial if you will but i will call the a test. the head of the what it means when it is my job really just say we will
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help them to go to see the chicken yard he said and said i said i'll send exactly. so now so they've got the big idea when you look at. the play either going to how do you want us to do was another because of. this the other way of us are. well off and i was just going to say. that it was. you know what i'm i'm not the man to show. this and most of all with that at the show. i shall see john as at the russia of course i said when i'm on you know most of them go. back. now talks in a similar negative way about life on the tigris. not had
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minutes. not hannity on law missed me on how to why. i had. not had. an hour long and hasn't of it i know. 2 and on. and on the state of the marshes inch by the u.n. environment program things that. michael was going to pick on another john model year when i was you know
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a liar when i was in the world i'm not i don't i was you know another know when i was in the argument although i'm not a guy girl and. when the very model of the 3rd minimal. element i would. come here god market i had my almost guy over there and the rats were not even know and got 500 others under the yard undercover i am either now i gonna. you know you and you real or my if you not only eat. i will monitor.
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but away from the problems facing professional fishermen and the pollution of the euphrates and. there is one positive heartwarming story. i mean. that. doesn't come from a fishing. but has be friended tigris fishermen. and discovered of the ancient river.
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like a god. given . more. at the bit here. where mother bit. one of us are there. i was so with. at the guises. at the. end of that letter.
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just. a matter of just one. so what i need yet i am. not on the record tele. attack the lawyer as jefferson constitutional tomorrow i want to tell. but i'd much time so we're trying to so we're brought. a lot of doors in. on a 7th oh yeah no question you would you would you thank you if you were john oficial pulled over. last october. that you all august after. a juggler but then quickly issue which i
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mean i've said i was under trying not to have a command throughways had like a sore arm with it but any leans you know only i ok it led to a quick obvious i look at communism come in and say that i said god bless a judge who is uniquely feel really them and they're so weak. and you know i didn't even middle i know none of them. were not my honor. i didn't know i'm not. one i'm not a federal law and offered no they're not. they are near government and about 5 not anyway and there are 70 of of them. that are going to go look at the not so much comes in below me and you can go to
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any college in the world was a or barren territory near you're going to run your ad with. that and good night money knowing. after honeymooning you dismissed after a sniffle in on hi fi and how my initial had died and your father had no business in a 2 way the matter how i assign you lucky hyphen one of the and if i join it and showing your legs. then the letter where. them accept them in a van in the fridge on their part not in the way that an affair while you get how well it would not have an artist's even a monster. serve. on
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that loosely trouble the. owner as it is it and the palace shuttle. mission on was this the i'll be out as out as i'm on auckland largest what i'll. * call it the child of god well. yeah well i do watch. a lot of fun most of the love but a lot of it. well. that's just a. mess good is a traditional mr putting in dish meat by cooking seasoned fresh water cars on the fire. of the freedom cooked it in the marsh nines and it's often considered iraq's
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national dish. but that prides itself in making the best my school with the up i know was district almost dedicated to the dish in its dozens of fish restaurants. have built culturally. so i live my life. that. i want what i meant as a subway but as. a says you really push us i just. so. the judge story shows how iraq's greet each introverts are still close to the heart of its people. today's crisis means that iraq one so abundant in water
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resources now imports 60 percent of its fish. but above all it's threatens the roots of iraq's identity as the land between the 2 rivers the tigris and the euphrates on which the country and its people have depended for thousands of years. a small boy and his brother rescued from war in gaza by the red cross and held his i have worked 1st placed on a red cross truck now a world leader in crisis management and a highly regarded doctor in chicago who still misses her homeland just ones i toss around me thinking of returning to jordan al jazeera world meets 2 successful arab doctors in north america arabs approach the humanitarian and the healer on
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al-jazeera. it's time for the perfect journey. sponsored by qatar airways. hello there let's look to south america and from the satellite picture you can see that band of cloud and rain moving north across argentina that's going to bring some funded storms and showers to europe why paraguayan and parts of bolivia as we get into monday we'll see those heavier showers around central parts of believe you know we could see some localized flooding here but further south things are looking fine and dry plenty of sunshine for argentina and chile the wetter weather is
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further north across the north of the amazon basin colombia seeing some heavy showers peru as well and further east we're seeing heavy downpours across the guy on his and surinam for that fine dry weather we have to come to the east coast of brazil rio seeing $32.00 degrees so some pleasant weather there and things are looking rather pleasant across central america mexico seeing rather dry weather there we will have some showers spotty showers across parts of the yucatan peninsula and into guatemala for the caribbean it's looking rather fine with sunny spells a few showers across cuba edging into haiti as we go into choose day but for much of the fine and dry weather we're going to see across southern states of the u.s. the back of those storms. sponsored by qatar airways a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on
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a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism and maybe objective is to get me through the tears send it to the wall to show you what's going on exposing real world threats to objective it's often the bomb neighbor it sounds from moscow earth 11000 people where restaurants are listening post covers the way the news is covered on the jersey you know. we understand the difference is i'm similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. how does iraq. and our cities for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. a young australian engineer isn't venting tools to help people gain independence. but he's all side of that will pull up to
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recognize objects all the fire and save control with greater vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science robo gals on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. of their own nic like this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iraq's prime minister suspends his health chief after a hospital fire in fact that claims 82 lives. in a week that seen people desperate for medical help india's prime minister admits this 2nd wave of covert 19 has shaken his nation. in.


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