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so there's an example of i'll just use facebook's own figures of well the they say they delete when you when you do the math equates to about $1500.00 attempted messages every 90 minutes that's the length of a football match but it's not just for the duration of a football match it's $1500.00 attempts to send abuse every 90 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week now that's the scale of the problem that we do. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera at least 82 people have been killed in a fire at a hospital in iraq's capital baghdad the flames burned through a ward where covert 19 patients were being treated an oxygen tank explosion may have been the cause of the fire some of the 14 reports from back that all of this has really added to the public anger over the government's handling of the pandemic
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there when the pandemic 1st broke out in the country there was not enough protective gear not enough supplies for hospitals like these and there is also not enough staff at these hospitals and i spoke to a doctor who works in this hospital last night and he mentioned that because of the shortage of. it is relatives of patients who are often asked to handle these an oxygen cylinder which i believe to be the part of the explosion india is reporting a record number of corona virus cases for a 4th straight day with nearly 350000 infections stuff that overwhelmed hospitals are begging for oxygen supplies as the health care system buckles rebels in northern chad say they're ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement the rebels crossed from libya on april 11th calling for an end to president idriss deby his rule to be was killed fighting on the frontline. a
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day after u.s. president joe biden formally recognized the mass killing of armenians cheering the also an empire a genocide armenia's prime minister has resigned the move will set the stage for snap elections on june 20th. indonesia's military chief has confirmed that search teams have found a submarine that was missing for 4 days or that all 53 people on board of died the vessel was declared song called saturday 4 days after it disappeared there's been another bunch of violence nearly alex a mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces fired stun grenades and water cannon a palestinian protesters the angry at restrictions on gatherings during the muslim month of ramadan. voting is underway in albania and what's expected to be a tight race between the governing socialists and opposition democrats it's the 1st vote contested on the new laws that are aimed at stamping out irregularities others the headlines more news feed here on al-jazeera of the inside story which is coming
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up next. mean miles military leadership is on the regional pressure as a special summit southeast asian leaders call for an end to the post violence but beyond words can assay an offer to diffuse the country's crisis this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on peter it's been nearly 3 months since a military coup plunged me in law into
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a state of chaos with street battles breaking out between protesters and security forces every day but in what seems a significant breakthrough the chances leader has accepted a proposal to stop the violence against civilians it came after southeast asian leaders met general min yelling during emergency talks in jakarta with malaysia's prime minister describing it as a success that went beyond expectations the meeting held by the association of southeast asian nations or asio and was the 1st coordinated international effort to ease the crisis in me and the hundreds of unarmed protesters have been killed by the security forces since the army seized power from the democratically elected government singapore's prime minister says the gentle leader did not oppose having an assay on delegation visit me among all members on the block agreed on a proposal to defuse the conflict it includes starting a dialogue allowing aid into the country releasing political prisoners and
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appointing a special envoy to me in law. outside the summit venue protesters denounced the presence of the general they said inviting him to the summit legitimize the coup and they condemn the months of violence security forces of carried out in myanmar against unarmed demonstrators at least $700.00 people have been killed since february those human rights activists say the actual death toll is likely to be much higher protesters across me and also took to the streets on saturday despite the military's intensifying of the crackdown on rallies against the coup hundreds marched through cities of mandalay yang gone and i will bring in a guest shortly 1st this update from tony chain with more on what was discussed at the emergency talks. it went on longer than expected they were supposed to be in their private meeting for 2 hours that went on for 3 when they came out we heard strong messages from the malaysian prime minister who said that the killings and
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the violence that they'd seen since the coup must end president choco way of indonesia said the developments since the coup were unexceptable and we understand now that c.n.n. has found consensus on an agreed meeting statement with 5 points the 1st is to end violence the 2nd is the dialogue must start between those parties involved in the violence that humanitarian assistance will be delivered by c. and the special envoy will go and they've been talking about this for the last couple of days we understand that special envoy will go. and act as a mediator between the protesters and the military and finally that all political prisoners will be released and presumably that it will include senior leaders from the l.t. like unsound suchi and the president when meant we understand from singapore's prime minister lee hsien long. that me or my senior general minh onli
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was involved in the discussions was receptive to these suggestions and did agree to some of them. what is going to happen on the ground when he returns home is another thing. ok let's get going let's bring you our guests all on skype today in washington d.c. we have a chattier specialist on east asia and also he's a distinguished professor at the school of international service at the american university of washington d.c. in thailand we have phil robertson deputy director of human rights watch he's asia division and the jakarta we have evan laksamana research into these years center for strategic and international studies that's a think tank with close ties to the government welcome to you all evan can i come to you 1st they've come up with 5 bullet points what's your reading of what we think they're doing. i think it shows that we have the beginning of
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a foundation to work for the next steps this is not the end all we still have a lot of work to do to actually implementing those commitments as stated in the 5 bullet points but compared to the skepticism over the past week that the group will fail to deliver anything that there will not be any consensus i think skeptics are wrong but of course at this point we have to commit men now it's our job to figure out how to effectively implemented that commitment phil robertson in bangkok does this mean that we might see young son suchi in the public eye it's been several months now well it's very interesting that if you look at those 5 bullet points there's no explicit discussion about release of political prisoners you know who are they going to have the dialogue with if they don't actually set out in a very clear time limited way that they're going to do some of these things i mean it looks in some ways like you're buying time for the military want to here to
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continue to the ongoing conflict i hope i'm wrong but you know i mean that is a big glaring hole in the discussions here and you know there's something in the statement that says well that some opinions were raised about releasing political prisoners but quite clearly if it didn't make it into the consensus point there is a is not a consensus on that issue a matter of in washington what do you think the conversation more so how did the conversation go between assy and ministers and the 1000000 mom military did the military go to these discussions prepared to do this anyway because the choreography of these things is such it always usually is anyway that the military must have had no idea what s.c.n. was going to be going for one thing we don't know is what happened before this meeting and that you know i was suspecting that there would be some backroom pride of kind of. conversation or some sort of. contact so that
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this meeting can be. most productive so i think we will not know the full story for some time but i think that this was under a lot of pressure to will do something and to and this kind of in a sense give gives it a little bit of time. to tell the international community that young is not silent however let me just comment to very quick important points lot of damage has been done to us the uncertainties them a lot of people have died already and you know ourselves and that could have been prevented had asked and acted earlier 2nd and even more important this is not a nazi and versus west. thing it is actually between people of myanmar and people of her and the military government and so we said we should you know until and unless people stop dying the bombings of the minority areas start
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and also political prisoners are released you know this conversation is good but it's not going to convince anybody until actual results are delivered phil robertson in bangkok talking about what the meeting has come up with or not would the meeting have been more productive in terms of the optics perhaps if they had in effect been 2 chairs at the table one for the me and military but also another church for a representative of the civilian elected government. well i think that is something that we and others were certainly calling for that you have representatives of the people because you know this is a so the civil disobedience movement is really nationwide it is quite clear that there is very little popular support for the military in myanmar and so having a representative of the people that would be there in a position to raise concerns i think certainly would have been a better look for aasiya our major concern at this point right now is that we're
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just not going to see effective implementation of many of these provisions in oh i'm obviously hoping for the best but i think we also have to prepare for the worse and it's very clear to me that the international community should not let up on the effort to target both the military and military companies with targeted economic sanctions and continue to put the pressure on it is really very important that the military feel that they do not have a choice but to go forward with a significant negotiation that will ultimately result in them stepping back and allowing the elected government to take power even into concert is part of the pressure that is talking about the internal pressure on a c.m. to be seen to be doing something here. a reality of economics i guess more than anything else because old is s.c.n. ministers surely they do not want to be leaving themselves open to accusations of
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look this has tipped into being a failed state so in that regard as the ends go it's going to go against a central character because it has teeth but it chooses not to bite anyone. i think it is certainly the case that this is an unprecedented situation that we go out of the normal us and calendar year in fact the mission president joey doto himself personally called for the us and special meeting even though he's not the chair varying in mind that the current chair is brunei and since he made that call and in fact before that indonesia and others have been negotiating what's the best way what kind of us and package can we hope to deliver 1st and foremost to end the violence before there's a potential framework for dialogue process so this i think goes back to your earlier point about is it necessary to have the representation from the national unity government i think i just want to highlight that part of the conversation
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between senior officials as well as the foreign ministers yesterday before the summit is the fact that right now with the key immediate task at hand the one thing that we must achieve is to end the violence and if that's the case then we are not a meeting at the at the us and secretary today to negotiate some sort of settlement because that is eventually up to an inclusive dialogue process that hopefully can start after we end the violence and because the goal is to end of violence we call the one party that we feel is doing most of the violence which is the military so this is not in any way about who is legitimately representing myanmar again this is a question that only the people of myanmar can decide what we hope to do is that this framework become something that we can build on and then hopefully we can deliver those commitments and of course with the help of the international community as well i mean some of the more singson clearly we can't speculate as to
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what the broader plan is on the part about but can you speculate for me what perhaps the broader plan is on the part of the military at all. you know just to go back to your point about having a representation from the national unity government i actually have been arguing for some time for the last few days if not weeks is that as you insert 1st to send a misson to myanmar before having any summit outside of myanmar and if you have sent us misson that mission sort of met with the military as well as arms will she and you know and there will be a national unity government that robin each year to meet both sides and also have immediate presser to stop the violence. so i think that's sort of been done 1st and missed and and there is precedent for this. and also i would like to also remind people that in 1907 r.c.n.
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moved away from nonintervention postpone cambodia's access into r.c. i'm because there are military coups in cambodia by the current telly the hun sen so assy and actually acted in violation of its traditional nonintervention principles and there was a president for us to actually do something right there. and understand that misson before having this summit now now what happens is i don't really it's hard to tell because i think contrary to what people say i think the military does claim legitimacy the military leader does clinch some legitimacy because it was invited and given message at that table as an equal to other members of the optics is already there but i'm not criticizing the summit i think it's very important to do something is better than nothing but i think only time will tell how our goals are about implementing or are insisting on all this as spectators and demands that
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point out that the internal community and the people of myanmar have stopped the killing but also the most critical thing is what to do about the lesson. phil coming back to our 2nd talking about the issue of human rights amnesty wants c.n.n. to investigate allegations of crimes against humanity is it your sense from where you are that our c.n.n. will kind of sidestep that as a desire or want to just put it on the back burner. well actually i think it's a cold day in hell that is going to investigate a human rights issue in one of their member states the reality is that they don't want to touch that but i think the big issue here is where we're going and what the strategy is of the military and my view of this right now is that this current sort of on an unclear timeline connected to these 5 points i think has really allowed the international the myanmar military to buy
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a lot of time you know they can say that you know we're going to have this mission of the envoy we're going to have a humanitarian dialogue we're going to discuss you know with various different people about the next steps you know it's sort of an open ended discussion where you could in fact see that this would be dragging out over the period of a year when you know you're looking at a tug of war that is going on behind between the military which is trying to crush the c.d.f. by force and the c.p.m. which is trying to strangle the military with a mass strike and i think i'm afraid that time may not be on the side of the c.d.m.a. and that the military may be playing a long game using this dialogue process as a cynical way to get the upper hand in laxman into conflict just slingshots in back to a point you made a couple minutes ago talking about continuing international pressure that have been ramped up sanctions on the part of the european union and also the united states
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which it would appear have achieved very little on the one hand on the other hand the chinese seem to be emerging here as a conduit for conversation they were talking to for strong big regional players in the run up to today's discussions but the chinese a talking about and i quote a soft landing i mean somalia that sons cleverly vague i don't even know what that means. yes i think to be honest i also don't know what that means but i do think that from earlier on since february we already know that sanctions alone will not work we've done this so many times but we also know that regional countries like china russia japan india singapore thailand these are countries with real investment and leverage over him and maher. whether in terms of economic or personal relationship with security ties i think these are the countries that can
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have actual leverage over men marceau the key isn't so much. the types of sanctions but it's who will be able to use what kind of leverage they have to get the ball rolling and going back to fields point i fully agree that the timeline thing is a very key point because when we discuss these ideas that are now encapsulated in the 5 consensus we haven't really quite figured out the sequence of things obviously we cannot just trust that the commitment will be delivered we need to find mechanisms to make sure that we can verify that those sequences we have various and dialogue and the violence 1st and then these are the sequencing of the 5 consensus that i think we have to work out and i i certainly welcome the help of everyone to figure out the best mechanics to do this. in washington when the military leadership returns to naypyidaw for them is the starting point
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that they've got to in effect maintain what is the new status quo or has been the status quo since february the 1st because they must feel surely the military in myanmar knows full well it cannot allow the country now to descend into warring factions but equally if that were to happen it can't allow it to go too far down the road. well i might my sense is that the military will take back the message of the senior general take back the messages back to younger and they will not be there and they will do some adjustments but honestly i think they will are also they have already got some time they will try to buy time and they will not so the key is the might stop the violence although there will be excuses that are there is demonstrations and stability you have to move in and to and that process more
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people might die and they will continue to get attacks on the minorities i don't think that's going to start but the key issue is they are not going to in my view come to terms with. legitimately that comment me on maher about how to handle more power and that's going to be a sticking point and that that might drag on for some time so i don't turn to see. i don't have a lot of hope on that front phil idea of handling more power is china pivotal here because the apart from slightly apart from other regional administrations regional prime ministers and presidents they seem to be signaling we realize this could not only end up with a failed state it could also destabilize the entire region. well i think china does have a very key role to play and they also recognize that their china myanmar economic order which is part of their belt road initiative is potentially at risk if this
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instability continues so they have a strong self interest in trying to stabilize the situation and i expect china may try to work behind the scenes with some of the governments that are trying to move this war like malaysia indonesia and singapore you know it's very possible that we will see china playing that behind the scenes role but at the same time china is also playing a very negative role in preventing any action going forward at the u.n. security council and one of the friends and biggest points of leverage that we could say would be if there was a global arms and bargo against the myanmar military and police and that is being held up by china and also by russia so you know china's really playing a double game here you know they're on one hand defending the military regime but on the other hand saying that they're open to trying to figure out a solution and we just don't know how this is going to play out i think that it's very possible that also if china decides to start doing things that the myanmar
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military doesn't like the myanmar military can also turn to russia and say you guys have to help us out blocking things that the international community and and i think russia would be prepared to play that role haven't if what we're talking about today. at the center of a discussion these 5 points that they've come up with if that is really genuinely progress how will it get on with the present system is because then they take away whenever one talks to anyone involved in the protest movement then they basically always say the same thing they say look we've got nothing to lose that's on starting point so why shouldn't we keep on processing. yes i fully agree i think the key measurement of success of those 5 key points would be to what extent things on the ground change right now what we have our progress on the commitments side and the policy rhetoric side but we need to see actual implementation of those key
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points and we hope that one of the key points that is put there which is the ending of violence that hopefully would be the 1st a benchmark to assess where there are not those 5 key points can actually deliver progress but absolutely we cannot claim any kind of success if the violence continues and if the nationwide protests keep going and the violence continue i don't think there is any way to claim the 5 point consensus is a success so the 1st benchmark for me is not that as an special envoy it's not the humanitarian aid but it's to what extent can we actually end of violence against civilian protesters amateur a charity in washington very very briefly a matter of we're heading towards the end of the program if these 5 points represent potentially the beginning of step change for you what are the chances that the military will now at some point in the next week or a month perhaps a look actually we do recognize the results of the election. well in the military
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recognizes that it's also the election and say is that i mean in some sort of a statement that is also of our c.n.n. also accepts that that will be a real progress but how this is implemented is going to be the real easily going to give following up and pursuing this is younger sending this sense having this dialogue if i see him does that that would be good but a very quick final point the term failed state is that not the right to r.p. has he done this country has been in their isolation for decades before that you know opening up and out and they they know what it means to be isolated and to be in understand something so the idea of a failed state to me is a total in is not my here they can take this and they will have allies like china fill in bangkok super super briefly please you were grinning then when i was saying about the military accepting the election result maybe you should flip over to the weather channel and see if hell has frozen over what are the chances were that might happen. well i mean i think that one of the major reasons that this coup took
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place is men on lying in the military realize they could never win election as long as aung sang suu kyi and the national league for democracy are running and part of the reason they talk to the thai prime minister in the past is because he's been a successful at getting rid of troublesome political parties that are very popular in thailand so i expect that it's going to be very very difficult for them to move forward with that kind of real change where they do in fact recognize that the november 2020 election was legitimate gentleman we have to leave it there thank you so much for joining us here on inside story thanks to i guess they were acharya phil robertson and evan lex mana and thank you 2 for your company you can see the show again any time via the website al-jazeera dot com and full for the discussion goes facebook page that's facebook dot com full with slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j. the inside story for me he said opie and the entire team here in doha thanks for
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watching i will see you very soon for the moment of. this is some paoli. despite being in germany's 2nd tier of football and without a single major trophy to its name it has become one of the world's most iconic teams and it's all down to their fans. but for them some powder transcends sport. for them football is about politics protests and music. these fans see themselves in the vanguard of
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a global struggle against and a phobia inequality and racism with over 500 supporters clubs outside germany they are able to spread their message far beyond their hamburg home but some pollies history is far from innocence the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of far right parties like the a.f.d. . nazis and fascists have no place in some policy today really just on the differences on the similarities of cultures across the world cinema is what you see with the news in kind of forms that matter to you in this world life is being jeopardized by industrialised agriculture and uncontrolled cattle grazing to reasonable takes you want to jump into the event on national park to explode what's being done to protect nature and meet some of those determined to one concrete wadding argentina told to al-jazeera in the field i'm counting the coffee climate
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emergency the price of going green and why it doesn't need to cost the earth to ceilings and on like the meter of economics because. expect for trolling house prices no gold deposits so why is it one of iraq's biggest exports counting the costs on al-jazeera. i don't know how the top stories here on al-jazeera at least 82 people have been killed in iraq following an explosion inside of baghdad hospital the resulting fire spread through a ward where coping 1000 patients were being treated early reports point to an austrian tank being the cause of the initial blast the prime minister has suspended the health minister over the fire. that's all but about in the beginning there was an explosion it started from there the 2nd explosion was over there the fire
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spread like fuel smoke reached my brother my brother's sick i took him out into the streets next to the ship put in a came back and went up from there to the last floor that didn't been found a girl suffocate.


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