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in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism law as. we look back at the history of muslim immigration in france in a 3 part series. muslims of france episode one on al-jazeera. a fire kills at least 82 people in a baghdad hospital the prime minister has sacked a number of officials. adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at a week that seem people desperate for medical help india's prime minister meets the 2nd wave of covert by team has shaken his nation. will look at how the pandemic is hurting germany's favorite vegetable. that english football announces
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a boycott of social media all players and teams are backing an effort to fight back against online abuse. at least 82 people have died in iraq following an explosion inside a baghdad hospital the resulting fire spread through a ward where covert 19 patients were being treated early reports point to an oxygen tank being the cause of the initial blast all of the. officers in the beginning there was an explosion that started from there the 6 bush was over there the fire spread like fuel smoke reached my brother my brother's sick i took him out into the streets next to the ship put in a came back and went up from there to the last floor that didn't been found a girl suffocating about 19 years old she was suffocating about to die al-jazeera
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some of the full team reports from baghdad. well the death toll has been rapidly rising since this morning as the bodies many of them heavily charred are being identified but of course also many people would have in the meantime passed away due to heavy injuries sustained as a result of the fire but also from what we understand from doctors as a result of being transported because let's remember this is a cold with 19 award many of the patients who were there they entirely depend on ventilators on oxygen supply and the process of being from this hospital even if they survive the fire to another one that was another risk factor that likely took the lives of many people now the reason why does the toll is going up so rapidly is also because there were a lot of family members present in the ward at $120.00 patients but for each patient we understand a could be as many as 5 or 6 relatives present in the room to support the patient
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to for example assist health staff which paths like putting on oxygen masks like taking them to the bathroom for example and we spoke to one survivor from the blast who was with caring for an elderly family member when the fire broke out and he told us that there are no restrictions whatsoever on the entry into the hospital by relatives that could be $5.00 to $6.00 relatives per patient and despite this being of course a covert 1000 words of a highly infectious disease there was no effort on the part of authorities to restrict the number of people inside this ward. is a member of the iraqi high commission for human rights of baghdad he says this disaster could have been avoided. we know very well that that is all. occasional say fitted acquirements absence or. confronting such fire and such
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buildings when we look at. reports about. such entity we see that is known to extinguishing system or fighting system that is no. other system that is not real exterminators for. people to get out in such choirs as saw then it is a government only and accountability is acquisitive and i hope it will not pass like the previous accidents in which we lost. tens so patients. we are transferring actually from. situation of killing go the patients outside at the outside all this was all in the inside of the history at all which is as we explain it is a place for getting treatment not to be killed india is reporting
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a record number of coronavirus cases for a 4th straight day with nearly 350000 infections stuff that overwhelmed hospitals a begging for oxygen supplies a lockdown across delhi has been extended for a further week the u.s. has expressed deep concern about the situation and plans to urgently deploy additional support china russia and the european union have already offered help with oxygen generation equipment elizabeth brought in reports from new delhi. mumbai and delhi have some of the best health care infrastructure in the country and yet here in the capital we continue to see the entrances to hospitals filled with desperate family members begging for their loved ones their loved ones to be admitted being rejected because hospitals are full and we're hearing reports of people dying outside hospitals dying on the footpath outside hospitals waiting to be admitted to the southern city of bengal luda which is also one of the richest
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cities in the country it is an i.t. harb it is known for its medical tourism is also now running out of i.c.u. beds and that will give you an idea then of the situation in much poorer areas like the most populous state orthopod their age or like can be hard where it's much more difficult for people to get to hospitals there you know who often have to travel tens of not hundreds of kilometers to actually reach proper hospitals that have the equipment that they need and we are seeing cases rising alarmingly in india's most populous state with the predation cases a more than 30000 a day now and with a predict like most of india still not conducting enough tests we also have a discrepancy a very big discrepancy between the number of deaths the official death toll and
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author but there also in other badly affected states like garage and madhya pradesh doesn't add up to the number of bodies which are being cremated. rebels in northern chad say that ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement from the change in concord rebels crossed from libya on april 11th calling for an end to president idriss deby his rule was killed fighting the group on the front line according to the government the military council headed by his son will oversee an 18 month transition to elections reports from jamaica. well 1st of all we have to look at how many groups are involved in the fight against the government which is now headed by. there is of course the front for change and concord which was responsible for the death of the country's longtime president injuries there be and what they say is that they're ready to observe a cease fire that's not a complete announcement of
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a cease fire yet so there is likely to be a bit of fighting continuing but it also comes off the back of an announcement from the from the group that on friday the day a state ceremony was held a state funeral was held for injuries there be the group accuse the government of mumbai adding their positions in the border targeting their leader so the announcement from the front for change and concrete group that they are ready to observe a cease fire seems to be a response to the call by the transitional military council for dialogue opposition groups including armed groups have been thing that they want the military to step down and a transitional interim government to be put in its place that is led by civilians or that should at least be formed with in agreement with most of the political parties or all the political parties and civil society groups here in the country so it looks like this announcement that the rebel group is ready to observe ceasefire is just a step forward but it's not a complete announcement to these fine it remains to be seen how many of the rebel
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groups especially armed groups are ready to also lay down their weapons and negotiate with the with the transitional military council. the death toll from fighting in ethiopia's or only a region has risen to 200 the clashes between the 2 largest ethnic groups the oromo and i'm hot a gunman a suspected of carrying out the attack on a village in west nearly 2 weeks ago the massacre as the latest outbreak of ethnic violence which the government has been struggling to control the day after u.s. president joe biden formally recognized the mass killing of armenians jury of the ottoman empire as a genocide armenia's prime minister has resigned the move will set the stage for snap elections on june 20th the cold pushing me and a bit of the pressure for his handling of last year's war with azerbaijan the conflict ended with armenia giving up control of several disputed territories robin firstly a walker reports now from tbilisi in neighboring georgia and says the u.s. president's recognition of the genocide in all media may boost machine ians
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electoral chances. i think certainly the bison statement will have to wait him given given the intense pressure that he's been on these recent months since the war over in the goal of power back which really has been the the reason why this is all been happening because the opposition. its opponents have been calling for his resignation for many months that by almost daily protests because they hold him responsible for the outcome of the ring which are media laws and huge swathes of territory surrounding the going to occur about and play and therefore missed the passion yet in fact said himself that everybody has has weighed in on. those days and has had an opinion has to say about it with the exception of the armenian electorate and so this is their opportunity to have their
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say almost like a referendum. since on him really since those cuts as he describes it the catastrophic events of the of the war but last year was also worth pointing out however is that the opposition never really wanted to have a elections because i think they understood that even though nicole passion you know and it's popular they may be even less popular than he is because the opposition is made up of the form of government that he. 1 brought down in a popular revolution back in 2018 so it was never the hope to have any elections they want to they can take your administration he now i think has its sights set on june 25th a referendum in which he believes he's going to be able to win. indonesia's penetrate chief has confirmed that search teams have found a submarine that was missing for days and that all $53.00 people on board have died the vessel was declared sunk on saturday 4 days after it disappeared under
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schapelle reports. what were search and rescue boats returned to port prepared for a change of mission a day after indonesia's navy declared a missing submarine sunk with 53 souls on board care and 402 last saw the surface on wednesday off the coast of bali debris that's been found indicates its whole collapsed under pressure. i got the indonesian navy has changed the status of. for missing to drownd or sunk submarine all of us indonesians express our deep sorrow over this charge of deep space and to the families of the submarine crew members of the public hopeful that the crew would be found alive now send their condolences yeah. i hope that the family members of the victims will soon get good news from it and the submarine will be found soon no matter how the condition that is and i hope the family is strong enough to face it. yeah i think. i can
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imagine you twas a difficult moment for the crew and it was deep down under the sea but also even if the east advanced technology they must have been the human element you were in the operation so these cool be a learning opportunity in our devices to the government to improve the technology and be careful using it because people's lives are at stake the others are sharing a video of the men that's become a viral tribute of a submarine crew on eternal patrol. and or schapelle al-jazeera. still to come here on i was there a board voted so that i was right the al aqsa mosque compound in east jerusalem. but it's the biggest stars in hollywood to find out why people in hong kong would be able to watch this year's academy awards.
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it's time for the perfect gentleman. with a strong point qatar airways hello there was seen lots of warm dry weather for japan that's after that weather system pushes out further north we're going to see plenty of sunshine coming through for one shoe the odd shower here and there as well will see an isolated shower here of the 19 degrees in tokyo the temperature is slightly below what we expect to see for this time of year the korean peninsula seeing some fine and dry weather that's ahead of cloud that's going to edge its way across as we go into the next week and northern areas of china seeing lots of sunshine as well beijing 20 degrees we have got a bit of a brisk wind blowing across me could see some sand kicking up in the air you can see this belt of cloud and rain extending south across central china that's bringing heavy a showers to southern areas and india china could see some localized flooding in
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northern vietnam from those heavy downpours hong kong will also see some of those showers 26 degrees there and as we hop across to india now we can see temperatures here really are on the up edging up into the early forty's we had above average temperatures for pakistan and afghanistan central areas could see one or 2 showers but it's further south that will see the thunderstorms. sponsored by qatar airways in the fire thailand's of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers.
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again this is 0 the main news this hour at least 82 people have been killed in a fire at a hospital in iraq's capital baghdad the flames burn through a ward where covert 19 patients were being treated an oxygen tank explosion may have caused the file. india is reporting a record number of coronavirus cases for a 4th straight day with nearly 350000 infections stuff that overwhelmed hospitals a begging for oxygen supplies as the health care system buckles. and rebels in northern chad say they're ready to observe a cease fire and discuss a political settlement the rebels crossed from libya on april 11th calling for an
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end to prove president idriss deby his rule that he was killed fighting on the frontline. there's been a 3rd night of violence to the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces fired stun grenades and water cannon the palestinian protesters there angry at restrictions on gatherings during the muslim holy month of ramadan on thursday israeli forces say they prevented far right israeli activists from confronting a group of palestinians are a force of reports now from west jerusalem. it's a pretty dangerous brew of factors which have fueled this so far and risk fueling it even further towards a bigger escalation involving other parts of the region the question that started the the protests which have been going really since the beginning of ramadan the 1st night of ramadan is the issue of the steps outside damascus gate
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the one of the most famous entrances to the old city in occupied east jerusalem where after mightly pres it is traditional for people to come and assemble and gather this year the police have prevented that happening they've put up barriers just allowing people to enter and leave without being able to congregate on the steps so since the 1st night of ramadan there have been these skirmishes and clashes what's changed in the last few days has been this attempt by a group of several 100 of a couple 100 or more of far right israeli jewish activists and arab chanting racist death to arab chance as they marched from west jerusalem to confront the palestinians at damascus gate the police israeli police said that they were going to prevent them from getting there in the end they got very close they were just criticism on the night thursday night that they were more heavy handed dealing with the palestinian protesters than they were with the israeli jewish ones and there
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were about 125 injuries on that night voting is underway in albania and what's expected to be a tight race between the governing socialists of the opposition democrats prime minister eddie rama cast his ballot in the general election a short while ago it's the 1st vote contested under new laws that are aimed at stamping out a regularities that previous for its albania is seeking e.u. membership and needs to hold an election that meets international standards spring and that all the hemisphere is asparagus time and germany that's when the votes. ready for harvest usually during the season people from eastern europe come to work the fields but the pandemic has not only made their travel more difficult it's also affecting sales staff reports from billets and the bug in eastern germany. nicknamed white gold or the noble vegetable this is germany's all time favorite white asparagus but it's not germans working the fields it's men mostly from
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romania who come here specifically for the harvest. coming. just for asparagus. and why. it's. here. and coronado is made indifferent to travel. this year workers are coming into germany they just need a negative 1000 test when the borders closed last year the german government made an exception and allowed in 30000 foreign workers to save the harvest but it still hasn't brought situation back to normal the core not even changed in law enforce power goes. only about 25 percent of the whole asparagus goes to west but now the old clothes don't read. that perhaps we've owned
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all the asparagus and even because i haven't looked for foreign markets but in the same situation. it's another not not a solution. prices are now lower there are less sales and higher costs but the vegetables are ready and the harvest must go on now this is where you go back to ok by car wanted to talk about how it stood for profit it is only one that most of them often tell you that we all know why only one and not that and we're told that simply betting that. they get around $14.00 an hour we're told it's hard work both on and off the fields the farms owner tells us most germans don't want to work for that amount of money. a sign of the times not everyone likes to be tested we're told are carried out around twice a week. many of these men have left their families behind in romania to earn off
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the land when you can when we've been grown when you know the money is good better than romania i feel at home here nothing to complain about. to resume its painstaking work but for these men worth it they will harvest 1500000 kilo's of asparagus on this farm this season feeding germany its precious vegetable and in turn feeding their families back home stephanie decker al-jazeera billets in brandenburg east in germany. new zealand has staged the world's largest concert since the pandemic began 50000 fans packed auckland's stadium to see a rock band before the palace reports frank thanks but. in new zealand there is no pen dimmick no social distancing will face mask so overwhelmed hospitals in so it is here that 50000 fans could cram into a stadium for a concert is
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a world 1st since covert 19 began it's very important to us as humans to get together and be able to sing the same songs together and makes us feel like part of something and that's very important to all about mental health to feel like that together once. the nation of 5000000 people has been marginally coded 19 free since june the government's kept the virus out with strict border controls and snapped lock downs of any cases in. this band it's a finale in a nationwide tour. we want that desperately for everyone else and all our friends and all our musicians around the world and we know what it's like to be in lockdown and it sucked and we don't know if we'll be able to play gigs again. but we're fortunate for a few reasons here and use i am sick 60 played 100000 people recent months making the world's largest touring band.
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i was in my eyes it was amazing to see how. just fanatical people were and excited about being out and seeing live music and seeing something you know to drag them out of. a long brutal year. this was also a christening of eden park as a music it's new zealand's largest sports stadium that was recently approved for concerts to sift through the desert with. the musicians hope for this event is a window of life with it for the billions in its grips shelob ellis al-jazeera. for the 1st time since 969 hong kong movie fans will not be able to watch the academy awards awards live on t.v. many say it's because a documentary about protests in the territory has been nominated to be a couple of reports. this be the reason the academy awards will not be shown live
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in hong kong to not split has been nominated for an oscar in the short subject documentary category the 35 minute film centers around the anti-government demonstrations of 2019. baby jane obviously don't like our look and that was no surprise at all because our look mentoring is about a group. showing their resistance to live political leadership in bay day so it was no surprise that they react in some way only open to mind is this is no doubt question of censorship hong kong broadcaster t.v. which is aired the oscars live since 1989 declined our interview requests but sent a statement saying that the move was made purely for commercial reasons but the nomads are doing is not that different than what the prime years to this movie's director is also fueling speculation that politics are at play nomad land received
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multiple nominations beijing born chloe zhao is the 1st chinese woman to be in contention. for best director but instead of being celebrated she's accused of being disloyal for an interview she gave a decade ago where she appeared to be critical of china media reports claim that beijing authorities had instructed mainland media outlets to downplay the oscars. at stake is the city's rich cultural heritage which could be impacted by the new law where film songs or any form of art precedes us and the china could face consequences the law criminalizes acts of secession subversion terrorism and collision with foreign forces what was wrong if your local already do you have that thing do and hugh that divvying is not against national security lol we seem so many means all people in the main office they are actually we saw
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while and or and courage ing augur. since the law took effect in july activists and opposition politicians have been jailed more than 10000 people have been arrested in relation to the protests and many young people including one of the main characters into not split have fled the city davey gopalan are their own. study and new zealand have held services to our soldiers who served in the 1st world war. and day marks the $915.00 landing in northern turkey where thousands of soldiers from australia and new zealand who killed it also commemorates service members killed in all conflicts since this is out of us or it comes as both nations prepared to completely withdraw their troops from afghanistan as part of u.s. plans to end the 20 year conflict. english football has announced
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a boycott of social media and an effort to fight back against online abuse it follows continuous reports of racism and sexism against players and broadcasters at all levels of the game a joint statement from the country's football governing bodies said the move was about urging social media companies to do more to eradicate online hates the 4 day ball court will start next friday last month on. legendary onery quit social media to protest against online abuse and some clubs have taken the own individual action the u.k. government has threatened social media companies with huge fines if they fail to take take on the issue last week instagram announced a tool which enables users to automatically filter out abusive messages the antidiscrimination charity kick it out is backing the boy because the group's chair . told our zira just how bad the problem has become. i think the reason the with doing this boy guy is really for the 3 reasons 1st is to show our
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collective anger the damage that this via long line abuse causes to people who play work in and watch the game the 2nd is to show unity with those victims of abuse and the 3rd is really as a as a symbolic gesture to those with power to say we need you to x. we need you to create change and that's the ambition and so we want as many people as possible to join in to use their voice to say that this is not acceptable and to send a message to the social media companies and to. our national governments here but more broadly to governments around the world to say that these on regulated social media companies need to be regulated it has been getting worse over the course of this season so as an example if i just use facebook's own figures of work that they
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say they delete when you when you do the math so equates to about 1500 attempted messages every 90 minutes that's the length of a football match but it's not just for the duration of a football match it's 1500 attempts to send abuse every 90 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week that's the scale of the problem that we're doing with. it is could have even a slow adrian from going here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera at least 82 people have been killed in a fire at a hospital in iraq's capital baghdad the flames burn through a ward where covert dive team patients were being treated at accident tank explosion may have been the cause of the fire some of the 14 reports from baghdad on this has really added to the public anger over the government's handling of the big.


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