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just someone else is what. the world called. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice of what's. on al-jazeera. a hospital fire is a covert war in baghdad kills at least 27 people an oxygen cylinder explosion is blind. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. president joe biden labels the killings of armenians a century ago at genocide prompting turkey to summon america's ambassador in
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protest. maritime standoff in the black sea russia restricts access for ukraine's naval vessels and alaska's blackout in hong kong a documentary on the protest leads to a telecast ban of all the would events. for doctors in iraq say at least 27 people have been killed after an explosion inside a baghdad hospital fire burned through a ward covert 19 patients were being treated it's understood an accident caused an oxygen tank to explode the fire has now been put out simona faulting has more from baghdad. we understand at the time of the incident there were 120 patients admitted . to hospital 30 of them were specifically in the respiratory carrying it because
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this is a hospital that handles primarily covert 1000 patients and in addition to these 120 patients there were several family members want to perfect per patient admitted because this is a people curiosity in the iraqi health care system that family members are actually allowed to be present alongside covert patients in the hospital and of course in addition to that there were also health care workers so at the moment the death toll is expected to increase because many people were rushed to nearby hospitals with severe burn injuries and what we understand in terms of the cause of this fire it was caused by the explosion of an oxygen oxygen cylinder the way it works of oxygen supply in these hospitals in many hospitals in iraq in fact is that there is no central oxygen supply system was so patients that require a ventilator that require oxygen supply then depend on these oxy the oxygen
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cylinders which are provided and which are placed next to the patients beds and i spoke to one doctor who works in this hospital and he mentioned that because of the lack of staff members to care for the patients what ends up happening is that the relatives of patients often end up handling these oxygen cylinders and he believes that. any kind of mishandling may have caused this explosion now prime minister mr card to me has promised an investigation into the incident but of course that is not enough for many iraqis they often hear the government promising investigations but we really really see the results or government officials responsible for what appears to be they collected mismanagement being brought to account. then he has recorded a record number of corona virus cases for us 3rd straight day on saturday with
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almost 350000 infections staff and overwhelmed hospitals are begging for oxygen supplies as the country's health care system buckles the white house's expressed deep concern over the situation plans to urgently deploy additional support elizabeth random reports from new delhi where one person is dying of covert 19 every 4 minutes. a police vehicle escorts an oxygen tank at a hospital in the indian capital new delhi the life saving gas is now the most desperately needed commodity in the country hospital directors in the capital say they're managing hour to hour waiting for supplies. we have just received a 500 liters of oxygen this will last for maybe 40 to 48. days a 1000 liters start at one hospital say 20 critically ill patients died because the oxygen to live it was 7 hours late on saturday another had to discharge all of its
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patients after it went out but finding a hospital bed to free has become almost impossible in the city of atlanta. i came here to get my grandfather treated he's suffering from covert 19 they are not letting us in we don't understand anything the security guard is saying there is no doctor available here if there is no doctor need the emergency ward then where will we go his oxygen level is dropping alarmingly. india recorded more than 300000 cases for the 3rd day on saturday the situation in india is a device stating reminder of what this virus can do and why we must marshal every tool against it in a comprehensive and integrated approach countries including the u.k. in china today lou. looking at ways to help india as it sees shortages of beds medicines oxygen and vaccines and the u.s.
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chamber of commerce has called on the biden administration to release millions of doses of the astra zeneca vaccine from storage to shipped to india brazil and other countries had hired by the pandemic it said that no one is safe until everyone is sort of elizabeth pool on an al-jazeera new delhi. now with a latin america again seeing a rise in covert 19 cases governments in the region of being criticized for the slow rollout of vaccination programs in the meantime frontline workers are going out day after day to fight the pandemic that looks at 2 such cases in colombia and an ambulance driver in brazil. these are the scenes of the become all too common across latin america frontline doctors and nurses battling to keep 1000 patients alive but there are thousands of others often laboring day after day
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behind the scenes or in remote communities is part of the same fight against the same unforgiving enemy. and still more to do is a nurse working in cuenca in the southwest of colombia to reach vaccinate elderly members of the missing indigenous community. i think i go from house to house reason awareness about vaccination against the virus because older people always are blue differences and is to protect them from the disease that were facing. the pandemic has hit indigenous people across latin america disproportionately hard since they often live in remote communities with limited access to adequate health facilities. you know they rely on medics like anselm but he's often met with distrust and suspicion so he can persuade to accept the vaccine. we didn't think of getting it because restrict your ourselves of anything the plants but as this is a worldwide problem there is no other solution whoever wants to get the vaccine
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it's not obligatory but you will feel safer getting it. others proved to be more resistant. to the. last name but not his belief in modern medicine. that. my family and i will not get vaccinated because that is my belief because the pastor has taught us that it is not necessary by trust again god will go through this will overcome everything that comes our way including disease. columbia has recently seen an increase in coverage 1000 deaths being near total up to more than 70000 there's an even worse picture in brazil with more than 40000000 infections and 386000 deaths a 1000000000 striver carlos about a seatle sees it every day. but also. we once brought in a couple husband and wife they were admitted they were very unwell they got worse were incubated and they both died 10 minutes apart from each other on the way to
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hospital even though they were in a bad way they were chatting something that stuck with me because it was very a couple imagine it was uneasy. the 52 year old has been an ambulance driver for 12 years but says he's never seen anything like this i never expected to have to deal with such little in this misery the doors that you we hope that today will be a better day let's hope it's not as bad as other days when we see people desperate crying after all it gets to us because we're right there witnessing people suffering it's not easy for anyone brazil is suffering about $4000.00 deaths a day and with the vaccination program being rolled out more slowly than most people would like there's no end in sight no rest by the thousands of workers like god loss and then sell more than usual in their al-jazeera cyrus. u.s. president joe biden has formally recognized the 915 mass killings of armenians in the crumbling ottoman empire as an act of genocide in
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a written statement the us president said we remember the lives of all those who died in the ottoman era armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again occurring he added we do this not to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated. turkey's rejecting the statement summoned the u.s. ambassador in ankara in protest foreign minister. said words cannot change or rewrite history we have nothing to learn from anybody on our own past political opportunism is the greatest betrayal to peace and justice we entirely reject this statement based soley on populism for armenians though it's a watershed moment at home and among the extensive diaspora worldwide president biden's announcement coinciding with the 106th anniversary of the mass killings
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armenian prime minister nicola question yan says it's a powerful step towards justice more action shortly after this report from a hashem at a bar which contains images some may find disturbing. it's a story more than 100 years old for turkey it's a chapter that's turned but for the united states and other members of the international community turkey must apologize for the events that started in 1915 that was when ottoman turks deported hundreds of thousands of armenians from eastern and atoll year to the syrian desert but what happened and how many were then killed remains disputed many historians say more than a 1000000 armenians lost their lives turkish officials deny any systematic killings took place saying it was a time of war and the death toll has been exaggerated turkey has always been
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angered by government describing the event that began in 1915 during the ottoman empire as a genocide. the armenian genocide remembrance day that takes place in armenia and is observed by many armenians abroad on april 24th every year is why this scene in turkey as a western propaganda aimed at a time machine the country's reputation was very strong objections to the use of the word genocide those see it as being linked to the holocaust you know these are 2 separate atrocities 30 years apart so that's not really the case they also worry about some kind of legal claims against them but again these are tragic events that occurred more than 100 years ago so that's very likely the announcement by biden comes at a delicate moment in u.s. turkish relations ties between the 2 nato allies have been strained for years in
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2020 the trump administration imposed sanctions against turkey over its birth chase of russian weapons systems but try and turkey's president russia they have. managed to prevent an escalation and described the relationship as friendly but when biden was elected president turkish officials expressed concerns that might get worse during the u.s. presidential election campaign last year when biden was democratic candidate he described as an autocrat and over the last few months the biden administration has pressed to improve its record in human rights with biden's latest move the u.s. joins dozens of countries that have declared the atrocities against armenians more than a century ago an act of genocide has some of our al-jazeera. there's been a 3rd night of violence near the
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a long some mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces fired stun grenades and water cannon and palestinians back angry at restrictions on gatherings during the most and fasting month of ramadan on the 1st day israeli forces say they prevented fire and israeli activists from confronting a group of palestinians syria's oil ministry is blaming israel for an attack on a rainy an oil tanker the vessel was one of 3 iranian oil tankers that had recently arrived at the gas refinery off the coast of syria the incident sparked a large fire which is now been put out israel has declined to comment. still ahead on al-jazeera we look at the uncertain future facing chad following the death of its longtime leader plus. new zealand provides a peek into the post and then make world.
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high one place to say we've got some quater weather now starting to push its way into the deep south of the u.s. should see this mass of stall situation rolling across those southern states that's going to continue sweeping further east was kwacha weather coming back in behind with some pleasant sunshine still a chance of one or 2 showers into new england into eastern parts of canada push a little further north you could see some snow and snow will be something of a thing as we go through the next couple days as we make our way further west so we've got some wintry flavia's coming back in across say alberta pushing towards manitoba the mountain states the u.s. northern parts of california could see some snow as we go through the next couple of days as we go on into monday that will continue to slide its way a little further east was pushing in across the rockies snow for the canadian prayer is a bit of snow for the u.s.
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prairie's further south it's looking fine interact with some pleasant spring sunshine at long last all the way down into western parts of florida so looking good here the fine weather stretches across a good part of mexico it is set fair here in the sense that say across much of the caribbean with lots of love the sunshine just want to shout into jamaica into cuba into haiti but elsewhere a slightly sunny. on counting the cost of the climate emergency and the price of going green and why it doesn't need to cost the earth new zealand unlikely leader an economics becomes the test bed for controlling house prices plus no gold deposits so why is it one of iraq's biggest exports counting the cost on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into euro.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines doctors in iraq say at least 27 people have been killed after an explosion inside a baghdad hospital fire burned through a ward where kovi 19 patients are being treated. joe biden has become the 1st u.s. president to formally recognize the mass killings of armenians during the ottoman empire as an act of genocide turkey is rejecting by the statements some in the u.s. ambassador in ankara in protest on meaning prime minister nicole push me and says
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it's a powerful step towards justice. has been more tension between russia and ukraine this time see russia has closed all naval access to the kurds strait ukraine says it's illegal and violates a treaty moscow says its forces are conducting military drills it follows the mobilization of tens of thousands of russian troops on the ukraine border in recent weeks bernard smith reports from crimea. on the way out of crimea but very much still in charge russia's land sea and air forces are heading back to their bases after 2 weeks of exercises along the border with ukraine and in the black sea it was a mobilization big enough to worry nato with at least 100000 russian soldiers estimated to have been involved but russia is keeping up the pressure on its neighbor by closing the curch straight to the ukrainian navy this links the black sea to the sea of as off and ukraine's eastern ports russia's main motive is to demonstrate
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that it controls crimea because russia has recognized gray mir's part of russia for the reason to control 'd this equitorial around here on the peninsula and closing down the strait it you must raise who is in this part all the blacks. and in the city the bridge over the strait was built by russia in the years after its 2014 occupation of crimea it creates a permanent link to the russian mainland there's a treaty between russia and ukraine agreeing equal access to the as i've seen but russia says it can close the strait the military exercises and these will last until the end of october there's not much ukraine can do unless it wants to take on russia's navy burn its main al-jazeera crimea or channel stratford is that the port of mariupol with the ukrainian perspective well the ukrainians as you can imagine a very angry about this they called it a gross violation of the right to freedom of navigation and
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a violation of the un convention of the law of the sea they see it as being a provocation by russia only adding to the kind of tension that we've orders and around crimea this will to the eyes of see in the strait is supposed to be under joint jurisdiction when the russians and ukrainians according to a 2003 agreement now cover days ago we were out with the marriott pulled maritime to work with the ukrainian navy and they were saying that that agreement was signed in 2003 and he's now almost redundant because of course we've had a conflict that started in 2014 and russia annexed crimea so the ukrainians are feeling weak and powerless if you like to act and that's despite obviously great international support in rhetoric at least calling for the russians to to maintain freedom of navigation in these very strategically important waters for both
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countries. burroughs's president alexander lukashenko says he'll change the law on presidential succession it would mean that when he dies power would be transferred to the national security council where his son plays a prominent role last year local shanker faced months of protests following his election victory many believe the vote was rigged. given your present this well that we will have a collective president in the form of the security council in the absence of the president it's the prime minister who performs the duties he will be the chairman but all of the decisions will be taken by secret photo there is no pressure it's the security council who will decide when there will be president of our election whether to declare the state of emergency how to act and exit or a memorial service is the being held across chad to honor the late fries didn't he did he stay in the rebel attack he was killed he was buried on friday in
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a village near his hometown there be some mathematics now heading the military council that will be in charge for 18 months it morgan has more from the capital in germany. funeral ride for tat flame president idriss deby princeton after a state ceremony was held in the largest public square here in the capital and jemaine on friday on saturday a much smaller one was held for a brief debbie's family and friends in one of his homes here in germany now president idriss deby was announced that by the military on monday saying that he died from injuries he sustained fighting the rebel front from change uncomfortable and the northern region can name the announcement of his death should be made him it came just hours after early election results showed that he had won a 6th term in office and always said to be room for another 5 years now many people here are wondering what comes next for their country and the biggest concern is how that will shape the shape of the political arena here in chad the opposition have
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rejected best about a military council headed by his 37 year old son mohammad will be leaving the country for the next 18 months people on the streets who are full time who are also confused about what comes next they say that they want to see their country united and they want to see the stability of the country especially because the country is facing many besides the rebel groups that attacked the northern region of granting men to bessie over the past 3 days there are concerns about the geo political stability is active in many counterterrorism operations and legs as well as are along the border with mali and major so many people are concerned about the stability of the region and the country with the president now dead deliver growth also rejected the fact that the military body is in charge a $69.00 member transitional council will be appointed as well as a transitional government also be appointed by the deceased president agrees that the son mohammed there be so many people here are rejecting that but the focus right now for them as they grieve their president of 30 years is how to move on
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forward how to united that's something that we've heard from people the funeral on friday and from family members here as well saying that they are concerned with. the death of a bridge that people have been running the country for 33 decades how things were moving forward from here for tad i have people. 10 charity and civil society groups are calling for demonstrations to demand the dissolution of the transitional military council the government there mad we are calling on the chaldean population all over the country to take to the streets on tuesday for public demonstration and we will stay on the street to for our man listen to we place ourselves under the protection of the african union and the united nations and ask that mechanism be urgently set into motion to assure the protection of citizens to take charge of the process of comprehensive and to close of dialogue to build a consensual transition to create the conditions that to guarantee a lasting political handover to this and who are just any possibility of using french forces for this purpose even if they are already positioned in the territory
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. now for the 1st time since $969.00 hong kong movie fans will not be able to watch the academy awards live on t.v. many say it's because a documentary about protests in the territory has been nominated has developed a pall. could this be the reason the academy awards will not be shown live in hong kong did not split has the nominated for an oscar in the short subject documentary category the 35 minute film centers around the anti-government demonstrations of 2019. baby jane obviously don't like our government and that was no surprise at all because i would have meant there is about a group who are just those showing their resistance to live political leadership in beijing so it was no surprise that they will react in some way only up to my knees this is no question of censorship hong kong broadcaster t.v.
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which has aired the oscars live since 1989 declined our interview requests but sent a statement saying that the move was made purely for commercial reasons what the no matter doing is not that different than what the prime years did this movie's director is also fueling speculation that politics are at play nomad land received multiple nominations beijing born chloe zhao is the 1st chinese woman to be in contention for best director but instead of being celebrated she's accused of being disloyal for an interview she gave a decade ago where she appeared to be critical of china media reports claim that beijing authorities had instructed mainland media outlets to downplay the oscars. which is likely to have had a knock on effect in hong kong and the national security law is casting a shadow on the city's film industry once considered the hollywood of the east at
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stake is the city's rich cultural. heritage which could be impacted by the new law where film songs or any form of art precedes us anti china could face consequences the law criminalizes acts of secession subversion terrorism and collision with foreign forces what was wrong if their local already did you have that thing to ensure that divvying is not against national security law we seem so many things people in the name of art they are actually we sort of volunteer or encouraging others. since the law took effect in july activists and opposition politicians have been jailed more than 10000 people have been arrested in relation to the protests and many young people including one of the main characters into not split have fled the city davey gopalan are just 0 on.
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australia and new zealand have held services to honor troops who served in the 1st world war. and day marks the 915 deliberately landing in northern turkey where thousands of soldiers from australia and new zealand were killed this year's anniversary comes as a stranger prepares to withdraw from afghanistan and september in line with u.s. plans to end the 20 year war new zealand has staged the world's largest concert since the pandemic began 50000 fans packed or cleanse eden park stadium to see the band 664 charlotte burst reports. frank thanks but. in new zealand there is no pen dimmick no social distancing will face masks or overwhelmed hospitals and so it is here that $50000.00 fans could cram into
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a stadium for a concert is a world 1st since covert 19 began it's very important to us as humans to get together and be able to sing the same songs together and makes us feel like part of something and that's very important to all about mental health to feel like that together once. the nation of 5000000 people has been largely covert 19 free since june the governments kept the virus out with strict border controls and snap lock downs of any cases emerge. this band it's a finale in a nationwide tour. we want that desperately for everyone else and all our friends and all our musicians around the world and we know what it's like to be in lockdown and it sucked and we don't know if we'll be able to play gigs again. but we're fortunate for a few reasons here in years i. was sick 60 played 100000 people in recent
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months making the world's largest touring band. i was in my eyes it was amazing to see how. just fanatical people were and excited about being out and seeing live music and seeing something you know to drag them out of. a long brutal year. this was also a christening of eden park as a music fan you know it's new zealand's largest sports stadium that was recently approved for concerts to 60 days with. the musicians hope for this event is a window of life with. for the billions in its grips challenge them as al-jazeera.


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