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trying to leave. your newborn environment in situation the group sleep patterns behavior and social interactions were watched closely and sensors measured help thoughts and feelings are impacted in what seems a time of space. out of the cave but not yet out of the woods the study is carrying on now that they've been reintroduced to the world outside and al-jazeera. it's half past the hour on al-jazeera these are the top stories doctors in iraq so at least 27 people have been killed after an explosion inside of baghdad a hospital fire burned through the water covered 19 patients will be treated and blamed on a faulty oxygen tank simona full team has more from baghdad. the fire has already been put out the surviving patients have been transferred to nearby hospitals but
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many of them of course have been severely injured and we understand that the death toll may still rise and of course this comes at a time when iraq is battling a surge in covert 9000 infections just last wednesday the country registered the highest number yet with over 8600 new coronavirus cases which was the highest since the onset of the pandemic and the total number of cases have now exceeded $1000000.00. of the headlines joe biden has become the 1st u.s. president to formally recognize the mass killing of armenians during the ottoman empire as an act of genocide biden said his intention is not to cast blame but to ensure it never happens again turkey's rejected biden's statement and summoned the u.s. ambassador in ankara in protest i mean his prime minister nicole passion on this as it's a powerful step towards justice protests are expected in me in mar after the military leaders visit to an assay on summit on saturday the southeast asian bloc called for
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an end to violence against demonstrators and agreed a 5 point plan based upon dialogue russia's restricted access to the coach strait which was used by the ukrainian navy to access its eastern ports the route will be closed for 6 months for military exercises india has set yet another global record number of corona virus cases 346000 in a day many people are being admitted to hospitals because of a lack of oxygen and beds and coronavirus deaths are also rising in argentina as hospitals struggle to keep up with the number of patients more than 500 people are dying every day and doctors say a variant of covert 901st seen in brazil could be behind this sudden rise that's my lot for today thanks for your company listening post is that it's. teaching you around just the way english streaming on one channel. last thousands of our programs will be as we documentaries and didn't.
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subscribe to e.g. . al-jazeera english. 6. chicks. come. sit. down on the. blower richard burton you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is reported here are the media stories we're examining this week covert 19 has brought india to its knees and in many ways the mainstream news media are failing to do the job this pandemic has hit asian americans hard a rise in hate crime says drawn some overdue attention to the problematic ways in which asians have been depicted in news and entertainment programming in the u.s.
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show down at the border footage on russian television would have you believe it's not just ukrainians and russians involved that american forces are there as well and scouring social media for votes. they can duck behind you have the law to intervene in france has an election coming and the politicians are all over instagram. india is being swamped by a 2nd wave of covert 19 it's a country whose government just months ago was saying that the end of the pandemic was in sight who's prime minister narendra modi has been telling citizens that india's handling of the virus is an example for other governments to follow a country that has produced more vaccines than anywhere else only to be caught short because most of those doses have been exported it also happens to be election season in india in some key states and people are asking themselves why take the
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precautions seriously when the prime minister has held rallies attracting huge crowds of unmasked people. stories like these should be easy pickings for political reporters out to hold power to account but 7 years into modi's rule mainstream news outlets have mostly been brought to heel and that is evident in the bulk of the news coverage some of which asks what went wrong but stop short of demanding accountability from the prime minister himself our starting point this week is new delhi. india is the scene of all the public health. center to collapse the health infrastructure and the retreat of the state it's a night off tonight that all across the country. exude disturbing visuals criminality and it's all the feeling. they just like in
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these makeshift fires lighting them for months some time on it is that. you're spot on a magenta name in about a year certain sections of the media that in there do subset of into the. ditch of. silver lining in the dock loads that are otherwise in the lot. from the early days of the pandemic prime minister narendra modi's b j p government has been determined to control the coverage of the story in march of 2020 it asked india's supreme court to stop media organizations from publishing any covert 19 related news without 1st getting clearance from the government the court refused to do that that was 13 months ago more than 16000000 cases
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and those official numbers are not to be mistaken for india's reality. let's consider the case of. last year. the state reported 5. following. the numbers being reported by the government. taking place across india. on some digital media platforms are working to dig out the actual goods when they reach is limited it's also a risky work you have to stand outside a cemetery counts and cross check bodies come covered with plastic and the stuff carrying them where people so this is how we're getting the news and where is the government's focus it is to somehow mof these figures so that their failure and
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inefficiency states hidden. by. the covert numbers coming out of india have been questioned by scientists who say the relative lack of testing there makes those statistics inherently flawed and the official number of cases now exceeds 16000000 but the death toll 180000 plus is somehow less than half that of brazil which has fewer cases it just doesn't have an independent study conducted in mid 2020 to detect antibodies in the population concluded that for every official covert case logged around 30 cases have gone on record do the math that would take india's official caseload to about 480000000 that information is out there international news outlets are all over the story india has almost 424 hour television news channels thousands of
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newspapers but too many of those outlets have grown to. dependent on government advertising money for their survival and they're saving their tough questions for political leaders not named. why is there a concerted attempt being made by those in the opposition to try and undermine confidence in public health getting very very large section of the media. is very very some by. what we have. is. change at the margin when we see on the social media stories. or whose lives have been completely destroyed because of not available or hospital beds of oxygen facilities of vaccines even those journalists who've been
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acting as advertising aegis of the ruling government it's become difficult to not give you the truth what the big national broadcasters generally do with the content not report you know criminality and all of throwing in say it will get out . the criticism is not easily detected 2 words the local state government rather than the federal government is the mother this government actually consuming data off this because it is the stayed up and that is that also handle it but where the large media houses have half the is in question in the central government on the issue of mine vaccines are not being made available to the public. most countries suffering from vaccine shortages lack the means to produce not india it manufactures more doses than anywhere else but has been exporting to
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a total of $92.00 countries politicians have boasted about the fact. india the world's farmers in january. health minister declared the pandemic was approaching. the elections commission gave the go ahead for elections in 5 states with a combined 180000000 voters. in the form of political rallies have since been attracting huge crowds mostly. and. show the prime minister. in. odd. value about it there have been no. religion safety protocols followed the peace rallies. horror stories emerging gradually over the prime minister was shamed by the
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opposition into suspending his future rallies the whole minister mr ahmed shah has been seeing a lot of pot and clinics with them disease enlarging the rosedale in the in the in. need by the sea in the voice and the news knowledge gatherings not really with the danger seems to me sinking into. and the brains of the leadership. it was too little too late but what the indians witnessed during the hindu festival was even more alarming throngs of hindu majority of them without masks descending on the ganges river day after day initially not much was made of that in the media. did eventually change.
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the coverage with what we saw in march of last year. when the muslim movement the tbilisi jamaat brought a few 100 worshippers together in new delhi and elements within the indian media absolutely vela fight them mano some very sick i don't know why it afflicted whom they. were not you hardly know god it's a double standard a revealing one on islamophobia on the indian airwaves. but it was i'm going. to be proved to be a super spread a vent and even then the media didn't raise the kind of questions that it did when the leakage of my thoughts gathering took place in delhi last year this shows that the community lives ation of media particularly in the media has been extensive there is a trend of chirping coverage. to
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nearly see the seal human being going into the air and. in 5 hours the us of 50 says and we have no idea how many more of. us to get and it's a nightmare situation and it's disgusting honestly the. big broadcasters are not being more open about this. and there is no masking the media's reluctance to go with their own willingness to criticize prime minister modi for the mess india is now in it's not just that many of them share the ruling party's hindu nationalist politics no media outlet wants to risk losing all those government addresses just look at these front pages from this past thursday celebrating of all things improvements to the country's infrastructure at a time when the health care sector is in critical condition like so much of india's
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journalism bought and paid for by the hand that feeds. moving now to a story that's been developing along the border between russia and ukraine a month long buildup of russian forces there as both ukraine and nato warning of a possible russian invasion the kremlin and its backers in the russian media are telling a different tale for philips has been looking at the narratives out there flow what's the russian line. it starts with president putin and it runs right through the coverage which. at his state of the nation address this past week putin said that despite its attempts to maintain good relations with all countries western powers simply won't stop picking on russia and to get a sense of what's been going out on the russian our waves take a look at this report from the state owned the c.e.o. one's weekly news program best in delhi your new galley and so transport me someone
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who we assume that american aircraft supposedly landing in ukraine according to b.b.c. fact checkers it's footage that was plucked from the pentagon's website and that plane was actually landing in alaska but it fits with this argument that the russian buildup is a necessary response to increase u.s. military presence in the region foreign threats russia acting in self defense these are for millionaires right russian media maintain that such threats from abroad are both imminent and constant and there is an element of truth to that but it's the tone of these reports that striking the t.v. ads up and see just numnah morgan humala why in the on ukraine russia has its own media outlets there on the job but what about within ukraine itself what kind of influence does russia have in that media space that is clear evidence of pro kremlin presence in the ukrainian media last year a ukrainian investigative t.v.
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show revealed that one of cousens closest allies in the country a politician called viktor medved chuck has a 24 percent stake in ukraine's most popular t.v. channel and that matters because also owns another 3 pro russian t.v. stations all of which the ukrainian authorities are actually taken off the air so he's a big program an ally as with all russian outlets both inside and outside the country there's a common denominator promote anti-american narratives discredit ukraine's reform agenda and the going all out to do ok thanks will. back to the pandemic now and one of its uglier byproducts the scary rise in anti asian hate crimes in the united states the mass shootings in atlanta last month got the headlines the story warranted but there are so many videos online of asian americans being randomly attacked spat on in public. this problem preceded donald trump and the animosity
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he's so casually on the leash with all his talk of the chinese fire the history runs deeper than that more than 150 years back to when asians 1st landed in large numbers on american soil they've been other ever since and the media both the news and entertainment sides have played a large part in how asians are perceived by their fellow americans the listening posts often now on asian american stereotyping in the media the tropes and the rise and. the corona virus has spread to countries across the world but officials believe that it all started in on the virus and we have a regulated no market in the city for a lot of news and americans we knew what was coming now we've been through czars before c.n.n. has obtained this video inside the margin and showing them more than was on offer for sale and there were very similar stereotypes linking people of these in the
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sand with known as being on hygenic more meeting discussing. it in china ok they're eating in batches. of these things to what is called the perpetual foreigner stereotype that you know belonging to chinese virus journeys writers. the narrative is this idea that it's us versus you and if you equals a pandemic. then the consequence will be violence and we have seen that now. is a sign of the time to do meet your of the pandemic flu hate crimes in most major american cities decline those kinds of attacks against asian americans actually increased by a 149 percent. the subject violence has made it feel more danger. to be asian in america. tragic news of the deadly shooting phenomenon and march
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a people shot dead 6 of them asian women have made the violence more wheel and unleashed a rush of media coverage they shootings are sparking a national conversation that was weaponized against americans feels like it's open season on august the gunman claimed race was not the motive of the police captain later that he was pretty much fed up going to the end of his rope and if there was a really bad they've written that a 3rd party observer can remark on the massacre of asian women i'm and say he was just having a bad day demonstrates the inherent disposability of asian women because of their irreconcilable difference supposedly from american values and american culture even though these suspects said there was no racial motivation race certainly plays into
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it especially given how even american women are fetishizing hyper sexualized and a lot of western media. for me. is a lot of these issues that asian women are dealing with now have always been. ringback ringback patient americans played a fool with who've grown in the american story but the sacrifices and exclusion they have lived through is a history that's poorly told to slavery was abolished in $865.00 chinese immigrants build the markets for cheap labor doing dangerous work that others would not hoping to build there will not work that were crucial to the development of the american way. that was also there were in which the term yellow peril for us. in the late 18 hundreds american communities came to be seen as a threat. 2 american families and weaving scapegoated for the spread of the.
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that culminated in its needed to with the chinese exclusion act which barred all chinese from immigration into into the united states and in this period of anti isn't hysteria the white working class never saw asians as a potential ally against the boss but rather as as common as labor competition our history has not been told from the fact that we built a railroad to the grief that we've experienced. largest lynchings in u.s. history people don't know that and all of this has again made it incredibly difficult for people to empathize. but the only ones conformities the u.s. and japan are all right with japanese americans who are caught in the middle many americans view them more suspicion and contempt these cartoons which run up by the family favorite dr seuss newspapers like the san francisco chronicle ran editorials
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arguing that americans needed to be tough even if civil rights take a beating. when the u.s. government eventually decided to forcibly relocate around 120000 japanese americans it produced propaganda that ran in movie theaters across the country to reassure the public that there was much to be gained supposedly from life and worth century concentration camps. they evacuated or operated wholeheartedly the many loyal among them felt that this was a sacrifice they could make and they have on america's war effort. this is one of the most grotesque violations of civil rights in american history the army provided housing i do you know to help all nourishing. us propaganda frame this as a benevolent action while the same time media was also vilifying them explaining why their phenotypically and dispositional be different from the loyal chinese for
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example. for decades popular portrayals of asian americans from a one dimensional. hollywood has long made a habit of constant calculating geniuses. the most evil and dangerous man in the world asian women tend to be objectified. time there is. a pervasive myth about asian americans spaced on the higher levels of education. is that they represent a model minority. that diminishes who they are a mood live experience. i give you the. 'd compact hairless and fiercely intelligent things are changing fluids in movies and on the nice asian american scene. but being asian remains something exotic foreign and often
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unworthy of real representation. i remember covering a lot of hollywood movies that actually just whitewashed asian characters we had ghost in the shell. too we had a lot of stuff and we had a would be the great wall where they task damon as lovely and sure there were other easy task members but matt damon as the star in this very chinese movie was just problematic. so it's project after project that discounted the idea that asian people should be front and center and telling their own story. with tom asian american was coined in the 19th 16th as a rejection of the more problematic label oriental. we've come to describe more than 20000000 through than if you can trace the roots movements once you country
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the public's view of asian americans with disproportionately shaped by china. donald trump trying to convince americans that could 19 if the chinese virus visited on the west why do you keep calling this the chinese virus why do you keep using this logic of this injury is just it's not racist at all to the impact of that has been found by asian americans across the board not just chinese one the rise of. byproduct to launch a power struggle taking place between washington and beijing. and we do see a lot of fear mongering headline and there is a way in which in both the liberal and conservative media china is oftentimes painted as being threatening even when it's being responsible its efforts around the pandemic have oftentimes been seen as being hyper authoritarian
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a longstanding the stereotype of oriental despotism has been applied to china. so you deaf. we seeing a new resurgence of yellow paralysed discourse it's interesting hearing how people are interpret ing this moment right now because for a lot of people it's the 1st time they're hearing about anything related to our history. america had actually been trending toward accepting asian americans as american and all it took was an association with the virus to reverse that trend. and finally one politicians go on social media try to get with the kids and it all ends up looking like one big dad joe the french presidential elections are still more than a year away but emanuel macro knows he's got work to do with younger voters so he
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and his cabinet colleagues are already campaigning online mingling with influencers on you tube making instagram live videos and taking to twitch that's a gaming platform invading all of those spaces looking for votes it doesn't feel like a natural fit because it's not which takes us to comedian better throw. who's got a program on can outproduce his version of politicians going on line is less serious than the originals but probably a little more judging we'll see you next time here at the listening post. to you and i need to get their news your feel that it is not all. over didn't look like too so i know if you want to play and you do understand. but you have the right to him of having not only what's in space a course a different thing but i wanted to come with you dolly said no it's going to cost me more to. press for long enough you'll see that our community grows any puzzle not
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to put it. it's going to. be somewhat what i want because i guess what he said was get a couple of the people do it supporters said the. heart of what i'll get to hear the excess will do politics of jesus for us what i know is amazing and then you speak of the secular. side of that as it own will too and i'm going to build it on the homes. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's what. the world called. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the voice.
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witnesses on al-jazeera. a hospital fire as a covert war in baghdad kills at least 27 people an oxygen cylinder explosion is blamed. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. president joe biden labels the killings of armenians a century ago a genocide.


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