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under pressure venezuela's the finance minister bloody meeting by the green said the armed forces were to defend the country from the regular groups that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. at least 20 people killed and many more injured after oxygen cylinders explode inside of baghdad hospital. santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera it was president joe biden is labeled as genocide the killing of armenians a century ago in turkey to some of america's ambassador in protest police escort
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precious oxygen supplies around the indian capital but for some coronavirus patients it's all too late and a maritime standoff in the black sea russia restricts access for ukraine's naval vessels. so doctors in iraq say at least 20 people have been killed after an explosion inside a hospital in baghdad fire burned through a ward where coated 19 patients were being treated it's understood an accident caused an oxygen tank to explode that fire has now been put out it's very early hours 3 am in fact in baghdad right now here's simona full team to bring us up to date simona. well we understand at the time of the incident there were 120 patients admitted. to hospital 30 of them were
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specifically in the respiratory care in it because this is a hospital that handles primarily coleridge 900 patients and in addition to these 120 patients there were several family members want to perfect per patient because this is a people curiosity in the iraqi health care system that family members are actually allowed to be present alongside patients in the hospital and of course in addition to that there were also health care workers sort the moment the death toll hovers around 27 but it is it is expected to increase because many people were rushed to nearby hospitals with severe burn injuries and what we understand in terms of the cause of this fire it was caused by the explosion of an oxygen oxygen cylinder the way it works of oxygen supply in these hospitals in many hospitals in iraq in fact is that there is no central oxygen supply system was so patients that
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require a ventilator that require oxygen supply then depend on these oxygen oxygen cylinders which are provided and which are placed next to the patients beds and i spoke to one doctor who works in this hospital and he mentioned that because of the lack of staff members to care for the patients what ends up happening is that the relatives of patients often end up handling these oxygen cylinders and he believes that. any kind of mishandling may have caused 9 this explosion and now prime minister mr me has promised an investigation into the incident but of course that is not enough for many iraqis you often hear the government promising investigations but we really really see the results or government officials responsible for what appears to be a collect and mismanagement being brought to account. with that update thank you.
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on the other news he was president joe biden has formally recognized the 915 mass killings of armenians in the ottoman empire as an act of genocide in a written statement the us president said this we remember the lives of all those who died in the ottoman era armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever occurring again we do this not to cast blame he said but to ensure that what happened is never repeated it's turkey's rejected that statement and in fact has summoned the u.s. ambassador in ankara in protest foreign minister margaret coffey so you said words cannot change or rewrite history we have nothing to learn from anybody on our own past political opportunism is the greatest betrayal to peace and justice we entirely reject this statement based soley on populism from
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amiens it's a watershed moment there at home and among the extensive diaspora worldwide president biden's announcement coincided with the 106th anniversary of the mass killings i mean prime minister called passion young says it's a powerful step towards justice. right emil sunnah is with us now a research fellow at the institute of armenian studies at the university of california joining us from washington today thank you for your time sir 106 years later. why would joe biden do this now i know it's been a topic for for previous presidents why now. well that you have to come at some point there's been decades long campaign to recognize the genocide spearheaded by the army americans their supporters in congress finally happening to the element of you know a promise that 'd finally a pro president to deliver them to the context of u.s. turkish relations u.s.
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traditional issues are not what they were you know previous decades there was a lot more competition rhetoric there was a lot more disagreement and also the sensitivity level of the turkish government towards the recognition of the armenian genocide is not the same as it was before ok there is obviously great symbolism in finally using that word genocide can you tell me any. how shall i phrase that practical differences or tangible difference is that it would make now in 2021 between the u.s. and i mean you. both tangible differences are created through practitioners of foreign policy. politics in this particular case we've finally have a liberation stating that the actions of the turkish government at that time were. you know in violation of international law as we understand it today and what is the practical aspect of it has to do with today's relations between turkey and
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armenia that's an effect lack of the lack of nor a little ations position to you know refused to have the medic relations with the media 'd to continue military support for as it were john in its conflict with their media which in the last year resulted in displacement of tens of thousands of armenians and deaths of at least 4000 so that is the practical aspect of this the context of this genocide is very important not just to the armenians but region wide worldwide this is a very significant world where a powerful state basically abuses its power and. takes actions that are beyond the pale in what is understood as acceptable you know national practice we hear the official statement of course i read it which came from the turkish foreign minister met that cover so you that is the official turkish line is there what sort of movement is there within turkey a more conciliatory movement that says actually maybe this should be recognized as
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genocide does that exist. does exist a little lost souls that i've seen in the years years before maybe 10 to 15 possibly more percent of turkish citizens believe that genocide should be recognized and should be recognized by turkey as well so there is that element but it's a minority still in turkey and unfortunately in the last number of years there's been a move towards a more nationalist rhetoric more nationalist politics and again that reflected in basically true direct military confrontation with armenia last year and that is much more significant as well as the present day agenda that you know are undermines any conciliatory steps as a matter of fact president earlier on today made a pretty conciliatory statement commemorating armenian victims of course he doesn't call what happened genocide but he commemorates this date as well but you know loose commemoration 'd of what happened in the past you know becomes in significant
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warming mood put it in context of what's happening today and the phantom and finance to change if any in studies thank you very much for your time we do appreciate it thank you good night we've heard from techies presidential spokesman abraham kalyan in the last few answers while he told us president biden statement has no legal basis. our president president had gone made a call back in 2005 to form. a joint commission commission of historians turkish armenian russian british and other historians to look into what happened exactly in 115 before and after and we open our archives so all this facts in fact are available but again as i said driven by political. agendas never a political agenda unfortunately some of those parliaments and governments have chosen to accept this armenian propaganda of the killing of armenians in 1915 historical facts are out there what is presented as
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a case for genocide has no historical basis has no legal basis in fact to call anything a genocide you need an international court established particularly for that purpose this is the case with syrup anita and rwanda 2 recent cases of genocide in modern history in closer history you have 2 international courts deciding on this and there is no such court decision so why use this term if it doesn't have any legal basis and it only has permission as negative political consequences we. communicated all this points to the us administration but it's clearly a day it's clear that they make this statement without any historical grounds without any legal or political grounds other than the fact that they just. you know play into the hands of a group of lobbyists for this and unfortunately this of course casts
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a doubt and clout on us turkish relations but also it makes in our efforts to normalize relations with our many a much more difficult. let's take in a sentence now a city in the u.s. with a large unmeaning population rob reynolds reporting live for us on a day rob which the population there would always say usually commemorates but. different feeling i guess that's the oh. yes that's right kemal a very different feeling this year i'm standing near the armenian martyrs memorial monument here in montebello a city within los angeles county and all day long we've seen families parents grandparents young children in tow many of them dressed in dark clothing all coming up. walking up the hill here to the monument carrying flowers laying flowers down in remembrance in sorrow over the events that occurred
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106 years ago the everyone that i've spoken to here says that the genocide under the ottoman empire is really a. the source of intense intergenerational trauma for armenian americans and it's also been a source of great frustration over the years that president after president after president while sometimes promising as president obama did to use the term genocide never actually came out and made an official public statement using that term now president joe biden has and the armenian americans that we've spoken to here say that they are profoundly grateful to that that it might be a way of beginning to resolve some of that intergenerational trauma some of that as one man described it a festering wound that never heals because it was never fully acknowledged is never
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a knowledge here in the in the country where the armenian community has taken roots so while there are international and geopolitical considerations turkey obviously is very upset or public of armenia is very happy and hopes that this will have some impact perhaps on its struggle with john turkey's ally over nagorno-karabakh a very complicated situation there but for people here this is a day not only of sorrow and of remembrance and of deep trauma but about a day of a watershed day something that they say is long overdue and that they are very very grateful for proust's robinson the signs of us thank you for that. the rest of the day's news is coming up why the dutch government is easing its coronavirus restrictions despite a surge in hospital admissions and debris from an indonesian submarine has been
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mindful where people are just talking about the soldiers if that's going to solve. the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition is the promise of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. these are the top stories this hour on al-jazeera doctors in iraq say at least 27 people have been killed after an explosion inside a baghdad hospital fire burned through a ward where covered 1000 patients were being treated. joe biden has become the 1st us president to formally recognize the mass killing of armenians during the ottoman
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empire as an act of genocide and said his intention is not to cast blame but to ensure it never happens again turkey has rejected by the state and and has summoned the u.s. ambassador in ankara in protest i mean prime minister and he called me and says though it's a powerful step towards justice. a 3rd night of violence the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces fired stun grenades and water cannon the palestinians angry at restrictions on gatherings during the muslim holy month of ramadan on thursday israeli forces say they prevented far right israeli activists from confronting a group of palestinians. there is more tension between russia and ukraine this time at sea russia has closed all naval access to the coach straight ukraine calling that move illegal and saying it violates a treaty moscow says its forces are just conducting military drills it follows the mobilization of tens of thousands of russian troops on the ukraine border in recent
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weeks and smith reports from crimea. on the way out of crimea but very much still in charge russia's land sea and air forces are heading back to their bases after 2 weeks of exercises along the border with ukraine and in the black sea it was a mobilization big enough to worry nato with at least 100000 russian soldiers estimated to have been involved but russia is keeping up the pressure on its neighbor by closing the curch straight to the ukrainian navy the. links the black sea to the sea of as over and ukraine's eastern ports russia's main motive is to demonstrate that it controls crimea because russia has recognized gray mir's part of russia for the reason to control this equitorial around here on the peninsula and closing down the strait if you must raise who is in this part of the black sea and in the sea the bridge over the strait was built by russia in the years after
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its 2014 occupation of crimea it creates a permanent link to the russian mainland there's a treaty between russia and ukraine agreeing equal access to the azoff sea but russia says it can close the strait the military exercises and these will last until the end of october there's not much ukraine can do unless it wants to take on russia's navy burn its main al-jazeera crimea let's get the perspective from the ukrainian side not chance stratford is that the port of mariupol. well the ukrainians as you can imagine a very angry about this they called it a gross violation of the right to freedom of navigation and a violation of the u.n. convention of the law of the sea they see it as being a provocation by russia only adding to the kind of tension that we've seen in the region in the last couple of weeks around that vast troop deployment by the russians along ukrainian borders and around crimea this will to the eyes off see in
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the strait is supposed to be on a joint jurisdiction when the russians and ukrainians according to a 2003 agreement now cover days ago we were out with the marriott poll maritime that work with the ukrainian navy and they were saying that that agreement was signed in 2003 and he's now almost redundant because of course we've had a conflict that started in 2014 and russia annexed crimea so the ukrainians are feeding weakened policy if you like to to act and that's despite obviously great international support in rhetoric at least calling for the russians to to maintain freedom of navigation in these very strategically important water is to both countries. now the $53.00 member crew of a missing submarine in indonesia presumed dead after more debris was found the submarines been officially declared sunk 4 days after it disappeared jessica
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washington reports. after days of searching by air and sea crews found this debris in waters near the island of bali a torpedo launch pipe a bottle with grease sponges and even what appears to be a primera this debris is crucial evidence but also cause for concern. with the discovery of evidence of equipment from the submarine this is the proof that there are cracks in the submarine juta heavy pressure the carolina girl a 4 o 2 was initially classified as missing authorities now say they are certain it sank crews found an oil spill with a radius of 16 kilometers in the search area and the vessel could be lying as deep as 850 meters below the ocean surface exceeding what the submarine was built to withstand 53 people were on board experts say it's very unlikely any have
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survived my ex information in my experience would say it's time for searching is past the time for hoping for risky was just now is the time to understand what happened indonesian navy ships are on the scene and other countries including australia singapore and the u.s. are assisting with the search. days after the submarine lost contact indonesian authorities say they are committed to finding it and trying to start the evacuation process but they warn it will be risky and complicated when the search began navy official said if they had been a total power outage on board the crew only had enough oxygen to last 72 hours that time has now passed. we cannot say how the victims are because we haven't found them until now so the conditions of the victims cannot be determined the submarine was built in the late 1970 s.
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and completed a 2 year refit in south korea in 2012 now after 40 years the carolina 4 o 2 has made its final journey and the family and friends of those on board awaiting to know what happened to their loved ones jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. well india has recorded a record number of corona virus cases again 3 days in a row now with almost 350000 new infections stuff that overwhelmed hospitals are begging for oxygen supplies as the country's health care system buckles at least 40 patients have died in the capital in the past 2 days due to those shortages the soprano reports now from new delhi where one person dies of cover 19 every 4 minutes. a police vehicle escorts an oxygen tank at a hospital in the indian capital new delhi the life saving gas is now the most
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desperately needed commodity in the country hospital directors in the capital say they're managing hour to hour waiting for supplies. we have just received 500 liters of oxygen this will last for maybe 30 to 40 meet the requirement for a day's 1000 liters start at one hospital say 20 critically ill patients died because the oxygen delivery was 7 hours late on saturday another had to discharge all of its patients after it ran out but finding a hospital bed to free has become almost impossible in the city of atlanta. i came here to get my grandfather treated he's suffering from covert 19 they are not letting us in we don't understand anything the security guard is saying there is no doctor available here if there is no doctor need the emergency ward then where will we go his oxygen level is dropping alarmingly. india recorded more than
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300000 cases for the day on saturday the situation in india is a device stating reminder of what this virus can do and why we must marshal every tool against it in a comprehensive and integrated approach. countries including the u.k. in china today looking at ways to help india as it sees shortages of beds medicines oxygen and that seals and the u.s. chamber of commerce has called on the biden administration to release millions of doses of the astra zeneca vaccine from storage to shipped to india brazil and other countries had hired by the pandemic it said that no one is safe until everyone the same elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. the dutch government has decided to ease restrictions for the time when hospitals are facing the largest influx of patients in months same time large test events involving thousands of people being
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organized to see how to safely reopen society but doctors they want strict lock downs kept in place as step pass and reports from a hospital in breda this is where the impact of the nat'l and 3rd wave of covert 19 becomes visible inside hospitals medical workers are trying to save patients mostly in their fifty's and younger patients are really scared because they have seen for a whole year with covert can do to people and that's frightening them and us as well. for the offender. operations are being cancelled and the recovery room is now filled with coronavirus patients on fancy later doctors and nurses are exhausted we have long been stretched to the limit but we can't give up we have to continue patients continue to come from 24 i.c.u. beds we now have 39 we simply can't say we will quit the.
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outside it feels like a different world the government is easing some restrictions and is testing more ways to make crowded events safe one was plant near the hospital to celebrate the kings day holiday but was cancelled after an outcry. while many in an evidence believe that the worst of the pandemic is over this is the reality in many hospitals at the moment doctors are warning that the intensive care units are approaching the so-called code black when all bets are full and difficult decisions will have to be mate who will be treated and who won't feel hospital is ready for this worst case scenario but says delay in reopening the economy would help prevent it acting balancing on a real them court. we are managing at this moment the situation but when the opening leads to more and more patients we are. becoming getting
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a situation like the dutch government has been criticized for its response instead pandemic began documents show at one stage it pursued herd immunity by letting the virus brat and was slow to begin vaccinations my main concern is that from the offset this government chose a strategy that does not protect most of us but is willing to sacrifice most of us and they do so they said they did they did so because of economic reasons but we we are now seeing that one of the reasons also not the economical reasons are valid we have people dying we have hospitals who just simply can't deal with the amount of patients anymore and i really don't think that this this is the time to go easy on the restrictions by medical record for. now the easing of rules from april 28th has medical staff worrying that their worst fears could become a reality star fasten al-jazeera. coronavirus deaths are also rising in
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argentina as hospital struggled to keep up with the number of patients more than 500 people are now dying every day intensive care beds at one hospital newborn osiris are full and the rest of the facilities are almost at capacity doctors say a variance of covert 901st detected in brazil could be behind this sudden rise in cases i see more than often we have a very high demand on the emergency room doctors on duty are receiving covert non covert patients in a much greater proportion than in the previous weeks which is what the 2nd wave implies we are afraid this wave will overwhelm us but contrast all of this with new zealand which has just staged the world's largest concert since the pandemic began . 50000 people feel the stadium in or clint to see the local band 660 perform social distancing or covert 900 tests where necessary is even has been largely virus free
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since last june the government's done that through snap lock downs to contain cost of as well as strict border controls. it's very important to us as humans to get together and be overseeing the same songs together and makes us feel like part of something and that's very important tell us about how to feel like together once it was amazing to see how. just fanatical people were and excited about being out and seeing live music and seeing something you know to to drag them out of. a long brutal year. let's take you to the top stories now on al-jazeera doctors in iraq say at least 27 people have been killed by an explosion inside a baghdad hospital fire burned through a ward where cope of 19 patients were being treated it's thought to have been caught.


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