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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there of white supremacy in fact all of our if the issues you're putting more money into the hands of someone taking money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining a nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is they are. ready. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. formally recognizes the mass killings of armenians more than a century ago as genocide armenia's leader calls it
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a powerful step but the movies rejected by turkey myanmar stalled general attends the ass and summit where leaders them and an end to the crackdown and the return to democracy. police escort precious oxygen supplies in the indian capital for some coronavirus patients it's just too late and searchers that recovered a brief from a missing indonesian submarine but hopes of finding the crew alive have no faded. have all the sports tennis star rafael nadal is now just one win away from a red cord extending 12 plus on the open title. u.s. president joe biden has formally recognized the mass killings of armenians under
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the office of an empire during world war one as an act of genocide armenia's prime minister has welcomed the announcement but he was rejected by turkey's government which said it is not supported by any evidence in a written statement the us president said we remember the lives of all those who died in the ocean in iraq armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again occurring he added we do this not to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated armenian. around the world are marking the anniversary of the killings a ceremony was held in our rainiest capital yet everyone with the prime minister and president among those who paid tribute to the victims armenian say the killings committed in the final days of the ottoman empire amounted to a genocide but the turkish government rejects that description reports and a warning some of the images in her report are disturbing.
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it's a story more than 100 years ago for turkey it's a chapter that's turned but for the united states and other members of the international community turkey must apologize for the events that started in 1915 that was when ottoman turks deported hundreds of thousands of armenians from eastern and atoll year to the syrian desert but what happened and how many were then killed remains disputed many historians say more than a 1000000 armenians lost their lives turkish officials deny and systematic killings took place saying it was a time of war and the death toll has been exaggerated turkey has always been angered by government describing the event that began in 1915 during the ottoman empire as a genocide. the armenian genocide remembrance day that takes place in armenia and
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is observed by many armenians abroad on april 24th every year is why this scene in turkey as a western propaganda aimed at a time machine the country's reputation has very strong objections to the use of the word genocide those see it as being linked to the holocaust but you know these are 2 separate atrocities 30 years apart so that's not really the case they also worry about some kind of legal claims against them but again these are tragic events that occurred more than 100 years ago so that's very unlikely the announcement by biden comes at a delicate moment in u.s. turkish relations ties between the 2 nato are lies have been strained for years in 2020 the trump administration imposed sanctions against turkey over its bird chase of russian weapons systems but trump and turkey's president reza fave didn't manage
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to prevent an escalation and described the relationship as friendly but when biden was elected president turkish officials expressed concerns that might get worse during the u.s. presidential election campaign last year when biden was democratic candidate he described as an autocrat and over the last few months the biden administration has pressed to improve its record in human rights with biden's latest move the u.s. joins dozens of countries that have declared the atrocities against armenians more than a century ago an act of genocide has some of our al-jazeera ellen fisher is in washington d.c. with more on the political significance of president biden's state that. we know that other presidents have thought about this one already and came the closest to it back in 1981 and you can see from the language in this statement that joe biden
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in this administration doesn't really want to upset her too much to talk about how this is an autumn an era genocide ho snot to cast blame and how both sides should look to the future but the reality is that the u.s. and turkey relations have been weak for the last couple of years there's certainly no love lost between joe biden and president and there were tense relationships when when joe biden was vice president during the obama administration and the 2 didn't go on terribly well perhaps joe biden feels slightly emboldened that he can take this step no because turkey is in a slightly weaker economic position that they're not likely to announce any huge backlash to me talk about it but really economically they can't really heart the united states and we know that joe biden one year ago on the 24th of april last year when he was then candidate biden said that he was going to take this step and
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he would perhaps have been emboldened by the fact that both the house and the senate in a bipartisan nature back in 2019 actually called this a genocide as well so i had all of that to the fact that the biggest armenian diaspora in the world is in the united states and particularly in southern california joe biden obviously felt that this was a good time to make the move to on or a promise that he made and also believing that the backlash from russia from tucky might not be so big there is a problem though and he knew is that no one has moved towards more score in the last couple of years much closer relationships with vladimir putin and that has weakened the relationship between washington and remember turkey is a need to remember the united. it says air bases there that always seem talk is an important link between europe and the middle east this is more likely to make the
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turks look again at moscow and bill cross closer relationships with vladimir putin it will not help relationships between washington and and kyra. well the union leader nichol's the senior and has welcomed the move calling it an important day for all armenians he says the u.s. has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to protecting human rights and universal values. well we're joined now by turkey's presidential spokesman abraham kalin in istanbul who joins us via phone sir thank you so much for being here with us on al-jazeera we heard from the u.s. president saying that they don't do this to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated what is your reaction to the u.s. calling these killings and genocide well 1st of all it's a story clearly it's a false claim serious historians for burnout lewis to ericsson to go into libya and
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many others have denied and rejected any claim of genocide in fact the word genocide was a mentor in the 1940 s. the convention related to it was accepted in 1948 legally speaking in fact you cannot apply as a term to events before 948 and the us administration unfortunately has succumbed to the pressure of the armenian lobby in the us in calling this event with that title in fact our menus have been part and parcel of our society we've lived together for more than 700 years it's not like you know one day suddenly the ottoman turks woke up and decided to massacre there are many and what happened there happened in the middle of the 1st world war there were mutual killing and atrocities from all sides the russians the british and many others were involved in those killings and uprisings i think we have to remember the historical context
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here but more importantly this statement by the u.s. president politicize this historical facts for narrow political gains and this is really unfortunate. and there's around 30 nations around the world that call these killings a genocide most of them are european western european nations but it also includes countries like lebanon like syria like russia do you find anything particularly objectionable about the fact that it's the united states making these claims and making them now. certainly our president president had gone made a call back in 2005 to form. a joint commission commission of historians turkish armenian russian british and other historians to look into what happened exactly in 115 before and after and we open our archives so all this facts in fact are
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available but again as i said driven by political. agendas never a political agenda on fortunately some of those parliaments and governments have chosen to accept this armenian propaganda of the killing of armenians in 1915 historical facts are out there what is presented as a case for genocide has no historical basis has no legal basis in fact to call anything a genocide you need an international court established particularly for that purpose this is the case with syrup anita and rwanda 2 recent cases of genocide in modern history in closer history you have 2 international courts deciding on this and there is no such court decision so why use this term if it doesn't have any legal basis and it only has turn issue has negative political consequences we. communicated all this points to the us administration but it's clearly
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a day it's clear that they make this statement without any historical grounds without any legal or political grounds other than the fact that they just. you know play into the hands of a group of lobbyists for this and unfortunately this of course casts a doubt and cloud on us turkish relations but also it makes in our efforts to normalize relations with our many a much more difficult in fact on the minds of our efforts after the liberation of karbala our president had indicated several times that if our many attacks the necessary. we as turkey will be ready to normalize relations open the border with armenia now all of that is jeopardized by this very unfortunate statement you say jeopardized but what do you mean are you saying that the us and the tension there me as well should expect political consequences from turkey because of this statement. of course there will be
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a political backlash no doubt i mean as it is happening in turkey at the moment nobody in turkey will ever accept this accusation of genocide we will not be held responsible for something that we didn't commit but so what form would that political backlash take either towards the u.s. or armenia yes of course i mean as i said 1st of all our attempts to normalize relations with armenia and establish a new geo political structure in the caucasus will be will be jeopardized and perhaps on their mind by this statement because this unfortunate unfounded unfair statement of all involved and the more radical elements within the armenian diaspora community whose main objection has always been to attack turkey and object to any kind of normalization between turkey and armenia and this of course as i said you know makes it even more difficult and also has will have impact on how us is perceived in the turkish public opinion abraham at tallinn turkey's
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presidential spokesman speaking to us from istanbul sir thank you so much for sharing your views with us. my pleasure thank you. well we also requested an interview with a spokesperson from the armenian government but they were not available at this time and we hope to bring you their reaction in the coming hours here on al-jazeera well coming up on this news hour from london a maritime standoff in the black sea of russia restricts access for ukraine's naval vessels and the pandemic hasn't totally back to the olympic spirit in japan tales coming up and sport. southeast asian leaders have demanded an immediate end to violence against civilians. earlier on saturday the military general.
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was also at the summit it was by protesters tony chang reports. senior general. arriving in jakarta ahead of saturday's summit his invitation has caused uproar in myanmar granting the just a mystery to the qusay protesters that was reflected by demonstrators outside the. compound the ferocity of the military crackdown on the rising death toll has drawn condemnation around the world. but as the southeast asian leaders gathered it was clearly going to be a testing day splits of emerged in the group malaysia indonesia and singapore openly critical of this most significantly thailand has been relatively quiet since the coup. but as they went into closed session it was clearly not going to be an easy ride for myanmar senior generals did put them on in that meeting i said
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several things one the development of the situation in myanmar is unacceptable and should not continue violence must be stopped democracy stability and peace in myanmar must be returned immediately. what has emerged from the summit is a 5 point plan calling for an end to the violence and the release of all political prisoners but. he must restrain himself and his forces so that tension can be relieved a request for a 2nd commitment and inclusive dialogue process must begin immediately political prisoners must be released and then as he and special envoy needs to be formed namely the secretary general and the chair of asean to encourage dialogue with all parties and be a model but will the military comply as c.n.n. has tried to reign in myanmar's military before in the ninety's and early 2000 to little avail. on the streets of dar way protests as well back out once again as
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they were in many of our cities 1st in convoys of motorbikes and then on foot they will also be hard to placate having shared so much blood how will they accept returning to a system where their democracy is overseen by the military tony ching al-jazeera. there is renewed tension between russia and ukraine this time at sea russia has closed all naval access to the kerchiefs strait in violation of a treaty with ukraine which has called the. all school says they're conducting military drills as they did while amassing tens of thousands of troops on the ukraine border in recent weeks on friday those army units began withdrawing but earlier this week naval exercises ramped up in the black sea with more than 20 warships participating in joint drills with air force fighter jets russia took control of the courage strait when i make stray mia in 2014 it is
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a vital passage between the black sea russia says it will allow merchant ships to pass and access ukraine's eastern ports but there are concerns the blockade could leave kiev vulnerable to russian aggression burnet smith has more from crimea. on the way out of crimea but very much still in charge of russia's land sea and air forces are heading back to their bases after 2 weeks of exercises along the border with ukraine and in the black sea it was a mobilization big enough to worry nato with at least 100000 russian soldiers estimated to have been involved but russia is keeping up the pressure on its neighbor by closing the curch straight to the ukrainian navy this links the black sea to the sea of hours off and ukraine's eastern ports russia's main motive is to demonstrate that it controls crimea because russia has recognized mir's part of russia for the way a reason to control this equitorial around on the peninsula and closing down the
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rate if you must raise who is in this part of the black sea and in the sea the bridge over the strait was built by russia in the years after its 2014 occupation of crimea it creates a permanent link to the russian mainland there's a treaty between russia and ukraine agreeing equal access to the sea but russia says it can close the strait the military exercises and these will last until the end of october there's not much ukraine can do unless it wants to take on russia's navy burn its main al-jazeera crimea. india has recorded a record number of corona virus cases for a 3rd straight day with almost 350000 infections staff and overwhelmed hospitals are begging for oxygen supplies as the country's health care system buckles at least 40 patients have died in the capital in the past 2 days due to shortages
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while a month ago india reported just under 60000 cases by the number had already jumped considerably from february when the government declared it had beaten the virus and was recording around 11000 cases a day but by april 4th that number rose above 100000 cases for the 1st time in the pandemic during india's previous peak in september last year just under 900000 cases was that they leave record while 20 days later daily cases have more than trebled on saturday almost 347000 cases and 2624 deaths were reported elizabeth purana reports now from new delhi where one person is dying of covert 19 every 4 minutes. a police vehicle in school it's an oxygen tank into a hospital in the indian. life saving gas is now the most desperately needed
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commodity in the country hospital directors in the capital. supplies. we have just received a 500 liters of. 4 maybe $582.00 foot for a few. days. start at one hospital say 20 critically ill patients died because the oxygen to live it was 7 hours late on saturday another had to discharge all that's patients after it ran out but finding a hospital bed to free has become almost impossible in the city of atlanta. i came here to get my grandfather treated he's suffering from covert 19 they are not letting us in we don't understand anything the security guard is saying there is no doctor available here if there is no doctor need the emergency ward then where will we go his oxygen level is dropping alarmingly. india recorded more than 300000 cases for the 3rd day on saturday the situation in india is
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a device stating reminder of why this virus can do and why we must marshal every tool against it in a comprehensive and integrated approach. countries including the u.k. and china say they're looking at ways to help india as it. heads med students oxygen and vaccines and the u.s. chamber of commerce has called on the body of ministration to release millions of doses of the asteroid 7 kovacs even from storage to ship to india brazil and other countries had a pandemic it said that no one is safe. to say and this is the problem al jazeera. we're joined now via skype by. he's professor of international relations at the university of westminster here in london sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera absolutely horrific pictures coming out of india i
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mean a year into this pandemic there potentially some of the war stuff we have seen and when you look at the graph of the numbers of contagion and that's it's effectively a straight line from end of march to april how could india have got their 2nd wave is so wrong and underestimated it so badly. ok intenser having me here when as you pointed out the force one could take it for granted that many conclude they know how to deal with it but the 2nd we were the cold we have there's no excuse the ins gave when you have a government that's largely based on the party reclined of national which is one thing that will create india the very strong power and that sort of minimalist government have done they not only let the guards down but they kept boasting about how india is a meeting exactly where we but also promoting bashing diplomacy in all of those lines when you have an arrogant government when you have got all kinds of problems within the center of the state and when you have
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a public that was ill informed in this case you have and haven't been public person because in this case it was the government that actually encouraged a certain kind of easy attitude that it's already in there i mean the pandemic of all and that's the main reason behind the spike in action of course one could blame the new radiator and all of that but the reality is the government's government's failure absolutely well isn't the b.j. there under modi party actually hailed him as a visionary where the fate of govan 1000 this was just their february they were asking people to go to election rallies because of course. india did see some elections there the crew which is the hindu festival again millions of people a a gathering there do you now get the sense that they're under modi is changing his ways and trying to deal with me just be too late but at least trying to deal with the pandemic more effectively sadly it's hardly not because i said this person i'm
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an animal these based on this whole image of being a strong leader who doesn't change his course gives. so in this case what we have of course is not in mali in the past reciting or massacre of muslims you have what needed to be a strong leader good is a time rather than accepting some kind of blame for what happened and even singing will change it he keeps talking about how india is very well prepared to deal with it today essentially invest not in more hospital bed good not done that they invest more in propaganda around this and blame everyone except noted moodys leadership and that's what's happening in the us i don't see much free change of the government acted properly what may come happen of course is with more and more deaths people will panic and people who deal with it and widest might take a different course but the reality of government at every level have been failing and it's clearly not because he doesn't have the capacity it's failing because surely julian to focus more on image building on the prime minister rather than taking of the people who actually have family in india as well both saying delhi
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and we have seen some of the problems there but also in rural parts of the country considering that one of the issues is also testing i think a lot of the labs are under pressure whereby tests that should usually take a few hours and days to come back so in light of all of that do you think that there is a clearer picture of what is going on in the country beyond the big cities. again i come from relatively privileged family and background and they're all my family they're my father he's possibly call it positive and it's a possibly good their test is difficult their relatives who are who aren't covered but they do for shorts and most of them are covered for that of this point and i'm broke the rules don't have tommy that's privileged my own sister the doctor and she mean what is and in terms of what is my diet needs are but like vision even with her being a doctor she's saying that essentially it's difficult to get hospital beds for my own diary the reason i'm highlighting this is because if it happens with someone like me who has privilege of us contact whether it's sort of imagine the situation
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for rural and even semi urban people who have no contact in many cases what i've heard is people not getting tested even if they're getting to be a hiding the fact that they have covered their coverage symptoms because if they do get it it gets covered but that of the daily life i'm talking about bills who believe it's people who will be poor so that situations like to do much worse than what's the project to be even now. and just on a final point i mean the countries that are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to covert are the ones that tend to have a pretty effective vaccination campaign in place now india as it happens actually is the world's biggest faxon maker the privately owned serum institute of india that's been manufacturing astra zeneca so you would think that yes this land is a massive country huge population but that the vaccination campaign will be going reasonably well how is it going. no ben it started off ok great but you have
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to understand the huge population of india and of course the whole kind of whatsapp knew about whether we've saved graphene or not again in this case what india been doing it's running proper research on what axioms look and what a little they're trying to portray them so they're very good in terms of giving back to mission and we have to understand that wins things are being manufactured in india lick recognition india has an obligation to provide recognition to other countries so we should not be talking of actually nationalism here but focusing on what can be done more to manage the capacity of production but finally we have to understand this is not a result of a national disaster of a covered kind of one can do anything about it it's more of hubris arrogance of the government that rather than preparing the population to better a hospital facility of investing more in hospitals have been investing more in image building and describe mr and that's the tragedy of india today they be a shadow and professor of international relations at the university of westminster in london sir thank you and at least 3 people have been
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killed in an explosion at a hospital in baghdad the ward affected was reportedly a traitor to the patients there are reports the blast was actually caused by an oxygen cylinder. 53 sailors onboard a missing submarine in indonesia are now presumed dead after the 1st a brief from the vessel was the scabbard the submarine had been missing since wednesday after it lost contact with the balustrade to near the island jessica washington reports from jakarta. after days of searching by air and sea crews found this debris in waters near the island of bali a torpedo launched pipe a bottle with grease sponges and even bought appears to be a primitive this debris is crucial evidence but also cause for concern. with the discovery of evidence of equipment from the submarine this is the proof that there
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are cracks in the submarine juta heavy pressure the carolina 4 o 2 was initially classified as missing authorities now say they are certain it sank crews found an oil spill with a radius of 16 kilometers in the search area and the vessel could be lying as deep as 850 meters below the ocean surface exceeding what the submarine was built to withstand 53 people were on board experts say it's very unlikely any have survived my information in my experience would say the time for searching is past the time for for risky. now is the time to understand what happened indonesian navy ships are on the scene and other countries including australia singapore and the u.s. are assisting with the search. days after the submarine lost contact intonation authorities say they are committed to finding it and trying to start the evacuation
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process but they warn it will be risky and complicated when the search began navy officials said if they had been a total power outage on board the crew only had enough oxygen to last 72 hours that time has now passed. we cannot say how the victims are because we haven't found them until now so the conditions of the victims cannot be determined the submarine was built in the late 1970 s. and completed a 2 year refit in south korea in 2012 now after 40 years the carolina 4 o 2 has made its final journey and the family and friends of those on board awaiting to know what happened to their loved ones jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. forced out of their homes and businesses residents anger and last of capital city of regeneration project and in
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sports have manchester united fans vent their anger towards the club's owners details coming up a little later in the program. hello we've got some lovely spring sunshine continuing across many parts of central and northern europe at the moment 5 weather continuing remaining unusually dry having said that into a good part of the british isles and on into scandinavia high pressure still firmly in charge here and you can see how that runs down into those senseless if you let's move out of the way look what's coming got to an area of low pressure just spinning into spain and portugal as we go on through the next couple of days are going to say it's heading increasingly wet here as we go through sunday some heavy showers rattling in this through the next couple days it stays dry there across
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a good cost of the british hours across the low countries that really a sleep raise is going to make it feel fantastic it has to be said as it runs in across east anglia and the southeast down across the low countries but as dry as can be largely dry to into those central parts shall a sweep across spain by the time we do come to monday where the weather coming into northern parts of italy still a chance of one of 2 shots just around the eastern side of but for the med it's fine and dries is the case across a good part of northern africa well the past in iraq when the other hand will see some shop shells from time to time quite a brisk wind as well lifting some dust and sand and staying very warm through towards the east. a family. politicized by the forces of nature. will know
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before you. a kenyan farmer documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. the climate dial a witness documentary on. one 3rd of all the food produced is wasted we stand up to thousands of food outlets sus korea has been transformed from what still found the global leader in food recycling i have been reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the farm must. depend on the wall.
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back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera southeast asian leaders have demanded an immediate end to violence against civilians in me and maher asael leaders met him in the easy on saturday leader of me and i was also at the summit of the protestors condemn this visit at least 3 people have been killed in an explosion at a hospital in baghdad the ward affected was reportedly treating covert 900 patients there are reports that the blast was caused by an oxygen cylinder. and u.s. president joe biden has formally recognized the massacre of armenians under the also an empire doing world war one as an act of john. side armenia's prime minister welcomed it as an important day but turkey has rejected it saying it will open a deep. trade ties. to more reaction on this
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story i'm joined by our. who is a former foreign affairs advisor to the or me and prime minister and founder and editor in chief of media he joins us now from washington d.c. sir thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera so 1st of all your reaction to this statement by joe biden saying that the killings of armenians around 115 were an act of genocide. thank you for having me well this was a long awaited statement joe biden in a different capacity as before has been spoken about the armenian genocide and this was his one of his promises during the election period to the army an american community saw this is historic this is historic for many reasons this is historic because it is the 1st time well the president ronald reagan back in the day in 1901 also once mentioned the word genocide but this is key because the white house and
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executive in the u.s. are now formally recognizing it which will mean that there will be policy changes and those policy changes will be both domestic in the united states and in the foreign policy of washington the domestic changes can relate to the fact that well on the federal level all public schools will now have to start teaching about the armenian genocide as part of i mean american community but also world history while as when it comes to foreign policy we expect that the u.s. embassy is for now and the state department will join forces in getting to the point where turkey will finally recognize the crime against humanity day their predecessors in the autumn an era early 20th century have implemented against armenian i mean the turkish government does recognize the killing of how did rings of thousands of our meany ends our around those years i mean you sort of hinted at it a little bit in your 1st answer about why is the war and the label genocide so
12:38 am
important to you. it's not just important to us it's important because once you use the war it becomes a legal and politically binding process which means that there should be responsibility carried out because of that that's why turkey is more afraid of the world than anyone else so they are ready to hear anything that they're ready to accept that deputations which are factually based by door to man archives but they're afraid of the word genocide because that will mean there's a very clear ramifications for the turkish state and i think that that's part that's part of the reason why that so-called g u warrant which the turks were calling for a number of years for decades now has been basically one of the big stigma for them now by president joe biden statement it is finally becoming clear that the united states which has long recognized the armenian genocide which has armenian communities that ended up in this country because of that genocide is now formally
12:39 am
talking about it and he's formally going to make it part of its policy and that remains to be seen i mean obviously the turkish government does not recognize that those killings and just sort of put their point across that those killings constitute a genocide by their very own definition that the international community has a genocide but you spoke of the responsibility that this would effectively lay at the door of the turkish government what forms could that take a while you're talking about reparations and what exactly would that mean. well there are different possible developments on this 1st and foremost this needs to be also recognized by international law not only by the turkish government which is of course one of the ultimate goals but also by wider international community which it has been mostly but it can be anything you can imagine but 1st and foremost it hopefully will prevent
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a turkey from its aggressive behavior just about 6 months ago turkey was backing up its brother azerbaijan on attacking armenians using the sonic mercenaries and continuously basically continuing what they have been hearing that it could actually potentially have the reverse effect because we've already heard from turkish government spokespeople saying that there's going to be political consequences now we don't know exactly what shape they will be but they could obviously be maybe economic consequences towards the u.s. but political consequences towards armenia as well so actually this could make relations between turkey and armenia even even worse couldn't it. it could obviously with somebody like mr ayres the one sitting in it i don't know what else is going to make it worse one think that it's clear to us i mean turkey has been blockading and putting armenia on their economic blockade for more than 20 years now there's nothing new body there economic sanctions aren't there in place and they have been doing this because of the car they have been bringing preconditions
12:41 am
to establish relations with armenia and 2 of those preconditions were about recognizing to turkish territorial integrity and basically not talking about the international recognition of the army genocide if turkey is really genuine about laying out relations it should listen to what consecutive armenian governments have been seeing saying which is armenia is ready for relations with turkey with no preconditions so recognizing that i mean yeah you are saying. we're going to have to leave it there former foreign affairs advisor to the armenian prime minister and founder and editor in chief of media sir thank you for sharing your views with us thanks for having me and here in aus aid of course and we will continue to get reaction from all sides of that debate and now let's go to the u.s. for more reaction and because of course the u.s. is home to a large armenian community and many armenians that live in california for on this let's go to rob reynolds who is live for us in los angeles so what sort of reaction
12:42 am
has there been to the sound cemented there where you are. well i'm standing on the grounds of the armenian martyrs memorial here in montebello which is a town in the greater los angeles area which is as you mentioned home to many many members of the armenian american diaspora and many people who moved from armenia more recently following the fall of the soviet union and people here are coming on this day of remembrance most of them wearing black they've brought their children their brought their elders they are laying wreaths of flowers at the base of the more it memorial there is a plaque inside the martyrs memorial that said it is dedicated to all the armenians who lost their lives at the hands of the ottoman government in world war one and as well all people who have fallen victim to crimes against humanity now.
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the reaction to president biden breaking with his predecessors and using the plain language of genocide instead of the carefully calibrated formulations and verbal contortions that other presidents had used before him is very welcome here many people said this is great this is a really good thing we support biden we thank biden and when i asked them. is this simply a symbolic act is it just a word they said no it's not just a word genocide represents a step towards recognition of what happened to the armenian people during the terrible years and a greater awareness globally of their of their situation and their history and also talk to people about how the genocide as it is now called by the president biden has affected their family's intense intergenerational trauma dating back over a century their people sit here said that the wounds are still fresh and one man i
12:44 am
talked to said i asked him you know is it someone it was someone in your family involved he said yes my grandparents were involved during those days i said did they did they were they able to escape he said well only one was another young woman i talked to was talking about what your your guest mentioned about the turkish. role in the recent conflict between armenia and azerbaijan over nagorno-karabakh and this woman said it looks like they want to finish the job they started so a lot of bitterness a lot of sorrow a lot of trauma but yet a lot of appreciation as well that the u.s. government has taken this step and used the word that armenians wanted presidents to use for decades. manno it's been delayed his staff from los angeles from thank you. more than 600 families in guinea have had their homes the
12:45 am
militia in a controversial cleanup campaign in the capital conakry the government says it's long overdue you development but residents say they've not received the compensation that they were promised honeyed has more. it's a huge campaign to clean up going to key in what the government says is an effort to develop guinea but in the process thousands of families are being evicted their homes razed to the ground in the interim we saw these machines come to destroy our houses tools windows everything they said that they wanted to widen the roads because of that they destroyed everything many of the forced evictions are happening in the capital areas with a mix of small businesses residential buildings and informal dwellings. to get in government says the land belongs to the state and those living there are squatters even though many have proof of ownership 'd. these satellite images show the extent
12:46 am
of house demolitions in 200-1008 loan an estimated 20000 guineans lost their homes then and many more since the president alpha condé said people will be compensated but rights groups say it's slow to come and often people are left in limbo many of the people robin victim in conakry not only live in the house they have the business in the house shops and they might have the children going to school in the neighborhood and survive in the space of such a short time losing all of that and the government really has an obligation to make sure that it provides for the people who are being evicted so that they don't suffer in the process. residents complained they're giving very little notice before they see their lawyers reduced to rubble. for dicom r i was informed just 72 hours before his home and livelihood were bulldozed. this is where i had my 2 shops one was a store it's all gone now i have to live in
12:47 am
a minibus they destroyed everything in a few seconds they leave nothing to the poor like me ford is also running his small business from the bus and has so far not received any compensation. the government is likely to continue his drive to gentrify the capital and rights groups say that without providing a tour it is for people those living in poverty will only see their lives deteriorate further but at the helm it. the best government has the side of the restrictions at a time when hospitals are facing the largest influx of patients in months at the same time large test events involving thousands of people are being organized to see just how to safely reopen society but doctors want strict lock downs kept in place a step vasant reports now from a hospital in breda this is where the impact of the nat'l and 3rd wave of
12:48 am
covert 19 becomes visible inside hospitals medical workers are trying to save patients mostly in their fifty's and younger patients are really scared because they have seen for a whole year with over can do to people and that's frightening them and us as well . and they can hook operations are being cancelled and the recovery room is now filled with coronavirus patients on fantasy later doctors and nurses are exhausted. we have long been stretched to the limit but we can't give up we have to continue patients continue to come from 24 i.c.u. beds we now have 39 we simply can't say we will quit. and the outside it feels like a different world the government is easing some restrictions and is testing more ways to make crowded events safe one was plant near the hospital to celebrate the kings day holiday but was cancelled after an outcry. while many in an evidence
12:49 am
believe that the worst of the pandemic is over this is the reality in many hospitals at the moment doctors are warning that the intensive care units are approaching the so-called code black when all bets are full and difficult decisions will have to be made who will be treated and who won't and feel hospital is ready for this worst case scenario but says delay in reopening the economy would help prevent it acting balancing on a real them court. we are managing at this moment the situation but when the opening leads to more and more patients are we we are. becoming getting a situation like the dutch government has been criticized for its response instead been that make began documents show at one stage it pursued herd immunity by letting the virus brat and was slow to begin vaccinations my main concern is that from the offset this government chose
12:50 am
a strategy that does not protect most of us but is willing to sacrifice most of us and they do so they said they did they did so because of economic reasons but we we are now seeing that one of the reasons also not the economical reasons are valid we have people dying we have hospitals who just simply can't deal with the amount of patients anymore and i really don't think that this is this is the time to go easy on the restrictions by medical director for. now the easing of rules from april 28th has medical staff worrying that their worst fears could become a reality star fasten al-jazeera. and we cycled the space 6 capsule caring for astronauts arrived safely at the international space station the new arrivals will spend 6 months at the station and replace 4 other crew members who will now head back to earth the space x. mission launched from the kennedy space center in florida on friday reusing
12:51 am
a falcon rocket and dragon capsule it's part of the company's plan to make space travel cheaper. still ahead. rafael nadal is looking stop a ball on the home soil in a section in sport. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where your cancer culture. the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between tech companies are the ones with the power what do we do with the solutions. what are world leaders or governments missing targets in like 2040 or 2050 when we need targets we're now up front with me. not in america is
12:52 am
a region of wonder and joy of tragedy and violence but it doesn't matter where you are you have to be able to relate to the human condition. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career but no country is alike and it's my job to spread light on how and why. the on the an. ok now it's over to santa for the sport thank you very much. is one
12:53 am
win away from a record extending 12th barcelona open title the 20 time grass them champion has looked unstoppable at times at playing in his home country on saturday he beat fellow spaniard. in straight sets 6362 and looking to win his 1st title of 2021. it's a home town and also i have been achieving a lot of a lot of tournament here during all my career so be able to play in our final this is already done for me for my confidence some good points too and at the same time . i give myself a chance to play tomorrow against probably the player who is playing better on the tour today so let's get to all of 8 my level a little bit more i did a couple of times in in my dentist korea and why not the more. well the girl face stiff a narcissistic passer in sunday's final in the greek it beat italian teenager. in
12:54 am
their semi while number 5 is yet to do the set on clay this season. and it was a bad day for novak djokovic as the world number one was dumped out of the serbian open in the semi is ironically in the stadium named after him after more than 3 hours on court joke of it went down in 3 sets. women's world number one ashley barty is into the final and stood guard the australian had a tough time against ukraine's in a bit alina after losing the 1st said barty came back to win 467662 in the final she will face an arena sabella nikka who upset simona halep in the semi. liverpool manager has written an open letter to the club's fans urging them to united behind the team if the poor drew 11 with newcastle in their 1st home game
12:55 am
since the club's alliance with the european super league a result that leaves them 6 in the table club said the supporters were right to have been upset iterated that neither he nor the players had been involved in decision to sign up this was a great victory for football supporters i want to make this clear from the outset i agree with their opposition i made this clear to our owners the part i have struggled with is seeing at this club a place i love and i'm now proud to call my home trashed and done so in a manner which suggests no redemption is possible that i can take. chelsea also woodrow from the super league secured the big win all such a day as they look to qualify for the champions league get him over and help the blues beat london rivals west ham one nil away the result means chelsea are 4th with a 3 point cushion you kind of be distracted by too many visions and too many goals
12:56 am
that are too far away but we have i'm very happy with the consistency of quality i'm very happy with the level that we can deliver every 3 days and that we've played coached and we it's always a team effort and it's a very very high level to become produced consistently a man should say not to didn't have a game this saturday but the hasn't stopped fans gathering at their old trafford stadium the supporters on happy with the club's american owners at the close a family who made the decision to join that is fated so can be a wednesday the owners issued an apology admitting the club i had made a mistake. and there was a rare occurrence in the 1st test between sri lanka and bangladesh and. not a single wicket fell on day form dealing with a. dish on. the silva but on and on beats
12:57 am
a stand off $322.00 with a much heading for a draw is the 25th ok vision where no wickets has fallen an entire day of test cricket. the limpid torch relay continues in japan despite the country's struggles in containing the spread of close at $193.00 days currently going through perfect or it will and in host city tokyo on july 23rd at the opening ceremony of the games egypt and his government however has declared a state of emergency for the country's capital which will run from april 25th till may 11th. and that's what his fall from about to barbara along the sun i thank you very much for that and that is almost 8 for this news hour member you can get the latest on everything that we have been covering on our website there it is one of our top stories there of course u.s.
12:58 am
president joe biden officially recognizing. the killings in our war in 19 and sorry in around at the turkey area genocide we'll bring you more on that in just a few minutes stay with us by. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby anybody who's meeting going to really . reveal secret see what. sitting out there will be people outraged you know. and connections some don't want to expose sneak in legacy media
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. mass shooting. documents with night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. a century ago they were called colonialists. 50 years ago and they were immigrants today they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism law as. we look back at the history of muslim immigration and fronts in a 3 part series. muslims are from. it's episode one on al-jazeera. we tout the untold stories. we speak when office. because. no matter where it
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takes us i prefer your fear syria. and power impartial we tell your story we are your voice. your news your net al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. is wrong in the world on al-jazeera. the in. an explosion at a hospital in baghdad at least 22 people. have been killed. alone barbara sorry you're watching our live from london also coming up the u.s. formally recognizes the mass killings of armenians more than a century ago as
1:01 am
a genocide armenia's leader calls it a powerful step but the move.


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