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tv   Al Jazeera World Iraqs Dying Rivers  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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the differences in the similarities of cultures across the way. we. conduct. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden has formally recognized the mass killings of armenians under the ultimate empire during world war one as an act of genocide armenia's prime minister has welcomed the announcement but it was rejected by turkey's government which said it is not supported by any evidence. now reports and
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a warning some of the images are disturbing. it's a story more than 100 years old for turkey it's a chapter that's turned but for the united states and other members of the international community turkey must apologize for the events that started in 1915 that was when ottoman turks deported hundreds or thousands of armenians from eastern and atoll year to the syrian desert but what happened and how many were then killed remains disputed many historians say more than a 1000000 armenians lost their lives turkish officials deny any systematic killings took place saying it was a time of war and the death toll has been exaggerated turkey has always been angered by government describing the event that began in 1915 during the ottoman
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empire as a genocide the armenian genocide remembrance day that takes place in armenia and is observed by many armenians abroad on april 24th every year is why this scene in turkey as a western propaganda aimed at a time machine the country's reputation has very strong objections to the use of the word genocide those see it as being linked to the holocaust you know these are 2 road atrocities 30 years apart or that's not really the case they also worry about some kind of legal claims against them but again these are tragic events that occurred more than 100 years ago so that's very likely the announcement by biden comes at a delicate moment in u.s. turkish relations ties between the 2 nato are lies have been strained for years. in 2020 the trump administration imposed sanctions against turkey over the spur chase of russian weapons systems but trump and turkey's president. managed to
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prevent an escalation and described the relationship as friendly but when biden was elected president turkish officials expressed concerns that might get worse during the u.s. presidential election campaign last year when biden was democratic candidate he described as an autocrat and over the last few months the biden administration has pressed to improve its record in human rights with biden's latest move the u.s. joins dozens of countries that have declared the atrocities against armenians more than a century ago an act of genocide has. southeast asian leaders of demanded violence in the last stop in a rare moment of unity on the crisis escalating in their region at an emergency summit in jakarta assy and bloc agree that there must be dialogue toward towards
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a peaceful solution the gentle reader in general mean i was at the summit all the protestors can then his visit but on balance the development of the situation in myanmar is unacceptable and through cannot continue violence must be stopped democracy stability and peace in myanmar must be returned immediately the interest of the people of myanmar must always be the prerogative. russia has closed off access to the current strait which is used by the ukrainian navy to access its eastern ports ukraine says it's a breach of international maritime law moscow says they're conducting military drills russia took sole control of the curse strait when it illegally makes crimea in 2014 though the top stories stay with us i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour coming up next it's al-jazeera world thanks for watching of i.
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dawn on the banks of the river tigris in the iraqi capital baghdad. the river source is in turkey and it flows southeast through the capital until it
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eventually meets the euphrates. for centuries since the 1st urban settlements grew up in ancient mesopotamia thousands of years before the common era fishing has been a lifeline running in families for generations. this is the story of the fishermen and women living now in the land often known. for the life. and works on the river in baghdad. they get. only on the left. while you watch on.
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the euphrates blues from turkey through syria and iraq and is the longest and one of the most historically significant rivers in. the vast ancient mesopotamia marsh. where the tigris and euphrates meet in something wrong in around . that i got tens of thousands of iraqis live in the arsenals like. likeable hide and his wife who rely almost entirely on fishing to make their meager living. i don't like as i don't. know why that one of. the tigris and euphrates meets in basra province in the south of iraq where they form the shut the waterway. fishes on one of the trawler.
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odd us out of the that wave with the defender. said. you know what i don't want to fit a god who had a hole in the bit about that about how to get out of a fight. with. this bass channel flowing into the every guns is iraq's only source of green fish on which the countries want to striving fishing industry with build. something. new here is our fallen and iraqi port on the borders with kuwait and iran and the center for now and in auctioning the refinish for many decades.
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this is a region steeped in ancient history and its relationship with water the rivers and the scene goes back thousands of years. the tigris and the euphrates need to ensure mesopotamia part of what was called the 1st time christians were agriculture and. earliest human settlements grew up. fishing continued to develop in mesopotamia while it was part of the ottoman empire and then under british rule in the 20th century. the country became one kingdom
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under king faisel of iraq in 1922 been gained independence 10 years later. fishermen sold their catch in the baghdad fish market to merchants from other iraqi provinces as well as to the citizens but. now when baghdad and in the marshes of the south and on the shuttle a lot of waterway whole ways of life are under threat as outside forces and manmade pollution are damaging the tigris and euphrates in reversible ways. for all his commitment to a life on the tigris. and its days as a fisherman may be numbered all the others. are having.
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on a so. when they were about status off the. soliman . was out there that. had been the on. for the better. the better machine on the. own model and if. she. does have a she was just how she would. have it and she got on laws into. the. midst fishing is very small scale specially compared with a very big. team there are fewer boots on the tigris compared with when he started out with his father. making
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a living here is tough for now. but has been through a hole in the past 3 decades and that has affected the river environment as much as the. lawyer and. whatever i said well i'm going at what i do with the law and with what i see i shall at. all out of hand and with. you know what i know. i like i want here when i'm stronger. as the capital baghdad has been the focus of the outside attacks and internal turmoil that have hit iraq in recent years. but for the people of the marshlands in this. disruption to their way of life goes
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back further. the 1950 s. . laugh. in some ways little has changed here for the past 100 years nets are still produced and hung just as they've always been. the long fishing boats are still builds to the same design as they were in the 1000 . between the 1950 s. and 1990 s. large. the tigris euphrates river system where people like his wife live were trained. the reasons were primarily political to force the madman
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people or marsh arabs out of the area by diverting water and to punish them for their part in an uprising against saddam for staines government in 1901. saddam reduced the 9000 square kilometers of white clouds in the 1970 s. to just 760 square kilometers when his government fell in 2003. the displacement of for 200000 marsh arabs and the campaign of violence against. the international community to condemn as ethnic cleansing. the united nations has described the draining of the marshes as a tragic and environmental catastrophe on a par with the deforestation of the amazon rain forest. but the marshes were ready
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than i thought that would have to have when i walked. out or have an l.l. will forward. you know. to walk. and walk. up to and on high there's area of champaign is now recovering thanks to the reflooding following the fall of saddam hussein in 2003. large areas of the marshlands and 3 ancient cities have now been included in the
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u.s. close list of world heritage sites but the reflooding has not restored the wetlands to their pre-drilling it states. the damage to the iraqi environment has also not been limited to the marshlands iraq as a whole has suffered massive turmoil in the past 30 years. saddam's invasion of kuwait in august 1990 led to the 1st gulf war and defeat by a coalition led by the united states the effect on the country was described as near apocalyptic taking iraq back to the pre-industrial age. then the 2003 us led invasion of iraq and fall of saddam hussein's government the occupation and by. insurgency caused further widespread destruction. the armed group isis was a major part of the post-war insurgency its military activity in iraq and the
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campaign against it by the iraqi government and western forces have led to huge damage to infrastructure and the environment. the tigris in baghdad where ahmed highly ekes out a living has been badly affected by this prolonged period of violence and instability. if i'm if i go home so north was. going to solo but i want to. assign a social could my marriage and i don't have the believe now what to do and i thought. that she was one of the best so much usual that. 1000000000 out of the law. if. she doesn't run into.
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all the other one. was. not had. not had the. would not have. been one had on the other not a question in the head and fear not. the instability and heightened security. have led to an increased police presence on the river. harvey. said. no question about that with the. soldiers that is about a fellow with. a nurse at the could put them i mean i don't know minute. to go. right down the line in the way. i don't even.
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want to. know. that i'm on one of the. salt levels on the euphrates in the south have risen because of dams higher up the river in syria and turkey. there's waste from agricultural irrigation and sewage from cities all affecting the stretches of river. used to make a living. when
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obviously harvey assume that they know what. it's. just all. of us a war of land they own why haven't they been 11. and i'm a lot of other. people . from the euphrates because of the drop in water level increasing. furthermore 2018 tens of thousands of freshwater fish died in the south
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of baghdad and soaring pollution is believed to be a major factor behind the sudden death of the fish. went. out. on us a lot of. i think because of the bottle of black you really want to sell that. i don't you know. i mean it's a match and if you watch all shop so much as it was acquired me. i missed a lot of muscle meat there's just a little i still. think i'd gotten a . oh.
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no i don't. just know what. the other 1 2. i know would just rather. the dogs build up the river on the free in syria and turkey are also having an effect on the marshlands in southern iraq. this is impeding conservation and restoration efforts in the what plants the downs have reduced the flow of water reaching iraq since the 1970 s. by as much as to how. hundreds of people have been forced to migrate from iraq's
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once fertile central marshes because of the water level most. i've known of and of even i've never quite know that. oh man i've never seen they didn't hardly you know. and then we. ok and i own a flea a little bit. of leg the son of god as you are the one who arrives. and they don't bother with the young or if you do say i don't want to do it it's all on my record to what i say that it will john ramsey don't do that i was proud of you not just much because i was out of the. sense out of my last clean line oh shit and how. the one minute i didn't. know was i didn't
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get invited to an event is that how that i felt i'm not on the. list all the. you know we ended. life and live now as his own lot of america. and i woke up at one. of the problems of the marshes and the upper rivers extend on a larger scale beyond the point or the 2 ancient triggers the tigris and the euphrates merge of us all. from here the vast channel of the shuttle out of the waterway runs through basra province into the every being goals. coming up the shot a lot of waterway faces an environmental catastrophe it's taking with it livestock and fisheries united only the boys. and that you know what. mark what i may and as this year's at 9 majority molly and i start here are you the
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pressure up there. and iraqi fishermen say they often fall foul of the kuwaiti endearing imedi patrolling maritime borders on the frontline of a dispute that once led to out an outdoor. others are all the. output and where. then. they go out on them in. public work but not meet up old man of me and me and others in the rubble out of. many. of us are. a century ago they were cold colonialists. 50 years ago and they were not as immigrants today they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism laws. we look back at the
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history of muslim immigration in france in a 3 part series see. muslims affronts episode one on al-jazeera. i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world we're willing and fit in taking you into a place you might not visit otherwise and feel that you were there. to. know was 1st fully effects in it that flight is a clear demonstration of all the matches that of that ed away is has put in place to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene on ball p.p. if i stop. touch in-flight entertainment system you'll be kept in cleaning systems disinfectant robots. today busy important day for the airline industry
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and the message for travelers is that we are walking tirelessly to implement every measure to safeguard their health thank you. hello i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden has formally recognized the massacre over mean eons under the office of an empire doing war one as an act of genocide in a verse in statement biden said the move was an aim that casting blame but ensuring what had happened is never repeated armenia's prime minister well from that as an
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important day but turkey has rejected the announcement saying it will open a deep room in the already frayed ties southeast asian leaders of demand the violence in me and maher must stop in a rare moment of unity on the crisis escalating in their region at an emergency summit in jakarta the assy and bloc agree that there must be dialogue to work towards a peaceful solution gentle either in general mean i was 'd at that summit of the protestors condemn this visit indonesian president that joker with all those says asin envoys will step in to restore stability in the country but combine that sequence the development of the situation in myanmar is unacceptable and cannot continue violence must be stopped democracy stability and peace in myanmar must be a returned immediately the interest of the people of myanmar must always be the
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prerogative. russia has closed off axis to the cursed strait which is used by the ukrainian navy to access its eastern ports ukraine says it's a breach of international maritime law moscow says they're conducting military drills as they did while amassing tens of thousands of troops on the ukraine border in recent weeks on friday those army units began withdrawing russia took sole control of the current strait to an illegally and next crimea in 2014. india has recorded a record number of corona virus cases for a 3rd straight day with almost 350000 infections staff and overwhelmed hospitals are begging for oxygen supplies as the country's health care system calls at least 40 patients have died in the capital in the past 2 days due to shortages one person is dying of covert 1000. every 4 minutes those are the top stories all of them on
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the news hour that's in under half an hour al-jazeera world continues the ext. al jazeera is news that the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox last analysis and opinions that have the world. subscribe heart of the conversation . the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving tools school supplies and training to help the world's most found mobile people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatment and of that. working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with
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what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.-h. are making a healthy a world. for everyone. for thousands of years to famous rivers the tigris and euphrates made iraq one of the most fertile regions in the middle east. the 1st urban settlements grew up on the lands between the cradle of civilization. but today things are dramatically different for the rivers and the people who depend on them decades of war sanctions upstream dams pollution and they fall in water levels have
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seriously damaged iraq's engines for. and water resources. the sutton out of water way runs 184 kilometers south from the confluence of the tigris and the euphrates in basra province and forms the border with iran. it provides access to their reaping gulf iraq's vital source of commercial sea fishing me i did you know how i just thought australia is a lot of the new terminal and i was resolved so i. got a knock down a little sled then that on the dole it was i want to. help the community a little work as a town with you know 1000 and you know at the most thought at the garden already look what some out of saudi out known as
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a model of that album. and etc i. will say ah i've been up is that right well i'm a bit. then mocking alan and dodo else has some of that as a thought i was there at all saying one is. donald now there are none. other can let david minute go in. a minute jonathan listen i have to challenge and it would be a saudi in their little one house a lump it. give me a mr mr g. to be a how hard to suffer on your machine and that mess i had stalled here at the car at augusta son of a hat but 1st i'm a sodom of our god to our lovely as i would the only show on earth and i kept it said how is it not only an amazing yard to be a loved one until that last march of death and wondered if achieve any reality on
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some sort of time while the sun went down market in the world the logic of this. right is just a side then just a bit of those who want to bourbon with millions my 7000000 in most of the supply produces a g. the other was a diffuse much of that by hundreds of other most of us as obama might be the how it is i must begin to come to a hospital our minister doesn't have the running of some of their own a large of they are my guest so the me in your home seen it. is that although you have little hope so say that of all. these boats now stand idle in the port of umm foul at the south east end of the us foul peninsula on the right bank of the shot to the heart of. rusting old diesel boats pollutes the launcher where. else town has around $40000.00
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inhabitants and is this regional fishing community. but town officials admit that's hundreds of families have now left in search of other work leaving the ports in danger of becoming a ghost town. mark without a. doubt as to how to get the. job about the new jonathan. i was just going to dump it nothing got dug out to be a novel about me that god has about me god to me it was to be with me. to get the idea that if. you wanted well you don't last but the macho in my fellow . good at it is they were now about him. because i read that one. out of the wood outside that it is weird. on the day the. hour. that's. one
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side of i stop and say now is the 50 kilometer stretch of coastline diving to pieces. the other as the satellite of water with which ones along side the marshes of southern iran. and its huge fish stocks in there too it's one of the attorneys the 1st iraqi fishermen to risk seen in close to greenland and kuwait last. richard fish stocks were to do teach us a lot in the hope of a quick and easy catch. these fishermen used to be protected by the iraqi navy but that's now t.p.t. and largely carty the country's only terminal.
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what i've done. not in my robin is yet to do and i will say i want to do then. 5 go out on them and. meet up and when those mean mean. not about a. minute i want to so i look what i want to so on. as this pollution and the perceived threats from kuwait and iran are not enough just to stream and to stop. and the cases have to do with iraqi security checks. as once young women are developed along the good market as you accused of are going
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to be there no not that you could already know about it i didn't even go to the clubs that i'm going to let go or get out because over the border i've been like. a lot of malaysian and you know that would have been my or the couple on it that they're going to do with those i don't buy on the out on an a lot of want to. go to. the wrestle for control of the shuttle watch where was one of the causes of the long cost. between iraq and iran throughout most of the 1980. that border dispute is still not settled. and iraq has also yet to agree on
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a sea border in negotiations which have been going on since the damn things invasion of kuwait and. that's because. many fishermen at the docks. to. now are still bitter over their conflicts with iraq and the 19 eighties and nineties. the shuttle hotter and basra province. this is not the size of fish market which is many. it's a meager return for a day on the watch. i. suffers from increasing. with industrial waste domestic sewage and agricultural fertilizer. finding me in tonight's match was surprised that
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fish stocks at international. was. assaulted by everything as owns my fancy and one of the shots a lot of resulted in. china. was. wait. some fishermen have also resorted to damaging ways of catching fish including using poison to bring them to the surface to. be similar or you would. know when to join us and with.
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jani if i had an oil or. as a ticket that i sent you and i. know if there were. a and i. can work it up i id 9 am man. john now lies to me. and let you know what. an american what are they and as this year at 9 majority militia philosophy ajai the bash at the time i got to tell you there been much of a mash up where i now have my name you know askew and god and heaven and that audience wise when i then rush out here will i get out a shot then a hero while very much i thought i had more than my chart. above. the air.
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crew and. 5 if you who are the. wording me i will do my job didn't just say that we know how to you know shit he only said that and said son and senate are the only son and said i got the idea when you look what. happened. to you on us and too much of another because of. this the other way of us are. well off and i was just because i. said. you know what i am i'm not the money
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shot. send us a cool with that at the shop. i shall see china as. a core i still want our money. back. now talks in a similar negative about life on the tigris. not have. not had. not had. enough and hasn't.
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understood the harshness into. the un environment around things that. i would i want to know why when i was a dollar a model as you know of another when i was in the are your fault oh my god. i will admit i would any amount of coverage. of that. were not even under 500 others and others yet and others i am i there are no i don't and i. know you and you are my i give you not any.
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this is our. but away from the problems facing professional fishermen and the pollution of the euphrates and. there is one positive heartwarming story. i resent that.
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but that. doesn't come from a fishing. boat has be friended to the tigris fishermen. and discovered a love of the ancient river. like a god. given. more of a sad get. together.
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but i'd much time so we're trying to so with brought. a lot of lawyers in. on a 7th oh yeah no question you had you would you thank you if you were done at all finish up pulled over. last october. that you all august after. a juggler but then quit issue which i didn't even have so i was under trying not to have a command crew way it had like a sore arm with it but any leans in only i ok it led to a quick obvious i look up minutes i'm going to say that i said god bless the drug if you only feel really them and there's a week. or early.
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'd guy didn't even middle i know none of them. were not man or. by iranian men who come now to have. another 3rd world or the fact that they're not they are near government and about 5 not anywhere i 70 of of them. are going to go look at the not so much from him and me and if i were an equal indian and was a or baron for joining us you're going to join you at the start than good by 20 knowing. after honeymooning give this much effort to fill in on hi fi i'm going shovelhead us and you. are no business in a 2 way the matter how i assign you lucky hyphen one of the only for john it is
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showing your legs. in the leather way. then mess up and then maybe that's in the fridge on there but not in the way that an affair while you get how well it would not have a novice even a monster. serve. that loosely trouble the. owner as it isn't an absolute shock why. is it on was this the i'll be out as i was i was awfully largest
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what i'll. call it the child of god well. i do watch. a lot of fun most of the love but a lot of it. well but that's just over. misc is a traditional mr putting in dish meat by cooking seasoned freshwater cars on the fly . above freedom cooked it in the marshlands and it's often considered iraq's national dish. that prides itself in making the best my school with the up i know was district almost dedicated to the dish in its dozens of fish restaurants.
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have been a good cult leader but. seldom. no one what i meant other stuff went on but as what. else is a real push as i just. rivers are still close to the heart of its people. today's crisis means that iraq. is now 60 percent of its fish. it's threatens the roots of iraq's identity. between the 2 rivers the tigris and the euphrates. for thousands of years.
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joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stops people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and no way in india is the situation would stand a daddy the number of cases auto and record highs and winter a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of and pollution across 5 known from the state's health experts and bod mentioned had been warning for months of the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would
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have on those the core of the 19. hello the weather remains fine and dry across much of australia not too much on the web dry weather up towards the far northeast having said that just around kansas been writing for the best pop all the week has some very heavy showers in and around northern and eastern parts of queensland i'm afraid those showers stay with us as we go on through sunday elsewhere across the country is sloshing fine and dry a little on the cool side still down towards the southeast and colder temperatures should recover as we go on through the next couple of days having said that at the height scenes from melbourne 23 fourths in the similar value there for adelaide i would swards perth well here we have got some pleasant sunshine temperatures here at around 20 celsius as we go on through monday into watches by the showers will continue just around the fall north of queensland more heavy showers coming through here and we'll see that chance of want to show is just around the cocos. well show
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us to a possibility in supernews ala particularly around the north with the coming back a bit high a dry weather now coming in across a good part of japan has seen a few showers just squeeze the way across the northern half of the country the sunday too bad across a good part of honshu chance of well the 2 showers but looking good as we go through monday and find a dry for the korean peninsula. and the seas for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. junk australian engineer isn't venting tools to help people gain independence. all side of that will pull up to the ability to recognize objects on the fire and save people with greater vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science gals on al-jazeera.
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it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our patients you're putting more money into the hands of someone 1st keiki money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is they are. this is al jazeera. hello i'm barbara farah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. formally recognizes the mass killings of armenians more than
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a century ago as genocide armenians leader calls.


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