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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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a lot of the stories that we cover a highly complex so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis shortly sure all of the blogs looks like they're just spelled objectives all the power as al-jazeera correspondents will be strong to do. al-jazeera. of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. formally recognizes the mass killings of armenians more than a century ago as genocide i mean his leader calls it a powerful step. but turkey describes it as a baseless decision that will open the deep wound in already frayed ties with
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washington. tension on the high sea russia restricts access to parts of the black sea for ukraine's naval vessels. and is kind of a 19 tsunami accelerates more patients die of oxygen scarcity as the government scrambles to respond. and leaders of southeast asia demand an end to bloodshed in myanmar and a return to democracy. and i have all the sport including tennis star rough on the guys now just one win away from a wreck or the extending 12 barcelona open title. alone welcome us president joe biden has formally recognized the mass killings of armenians under the autumn an empire during world war one as an act of genocide
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turkey rejects the move and says it's not supported by any evidence. well out for reaction with alan fischer in washington d.c. answered him in istanbul the fast this report from hashem. which contains some engine images which you may find disturbing. it's a story more than 100 years old for turkey it's a chapter that's turned but for the united states and other members of the international community turkey must apologize for the events that started in 1915 that was when ottoman turks deported hundreds of thousands of armenians from eastern and atoll year to the syrian desert but what happened and how many were then killed remains disputed many historians say more than a 1000000 armenians lost their lives turkish officials deny any systematic killings took place saying it was
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a time of war and the death toll has been exaggerated turkey has always been angered by government describing the event that began in 1915 during the ottoman empire as a genocide there armenian genocide remembrance day that takes place in armenia and is observed by many armenians abroad on april 24th every year is why this scene in turkey has a western propaganda aimed at a time machine the country's reputation has very strong objections to the use of the word genocide those see it as being linked to the holocaust you know these are 2 separate atrocities 30 years apart so that's not really the case they also worry about some kind of legal claims against them but again these are tragic events that occurred more than 100 years ago that's very unlikely the announcement by biden comes at a delicate moment in u.s. turkish relations ties between the 2 nato are lies have been strained for years. in
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2020 the trump administration imposed sanctions against turkey over the spur chase of russian weapons systems but trump and turkey's president. managed to prevent an asian and described the relationship as friendly but when biden was elected president turkish officials expressed concerns that might get worse during the u.s. presidential election campaign last year when biden was democratic candidate he described as an autocrat and over the last few months the biden administration has pressed to improve its record and human rights with biden's latest move the u.s. joins dozens of countries that have declared the atrocities against armenians more than a century ago an act of genocide him about our al-jazeera. let's take
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a closer look at president biden statement he says each year on this day we remember the lies of all those who dies in the autumn an air armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again occurring on april 24th 191518 half 1000000 armenians were deported massacred all mots to their deaths in a campaign of extermination we all know the victims of the med yet again which is a term used by the armenians armenian prime minister nicole pushing me and has welcomed the us announcement calling it an important day for all armenians he says the u.s. has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to protecting human rights and universal values. let's go to our correspondent alan fischer who is live for us in washington d.c. allan no previous u.s. presidents have made this declaration so why has biden made this announcement now.
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well ronald reagan came close in 1981 but certainly if you go back exactly one year ago tejpal the 24th 2020 then candidate joe biden said he would recognize what happened in autumn an empire in 1915 as a genocide and this builds on a joint resolution that went through the house and the senate in 2945 partisan support to both republicans and democrats to declare what happened as a genocide he believes that if you're going to preach about human rights then you've got to acknowledge things like this you've got to set down a marker and he believes that by calling it what he says it is genocide then this means it's unlikely or less likely to happen again in future but if you look at the statement it's coached in terms that really doesn't want to upset turkey he talks about how this was an autumn in genocide he talks about how not to cast blame and also says both sides should look to the future this is all about trying to keep the
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turks on side we know that's largely why previous presidents didn't want to meet this declaration they wanted to keep turkey as very much a close ally or member of nato remember the u.s. has bases in turkey these see them as a vital bridge between europe and the middle east since the no one wanted to take this step too far but joe biden said as a candidate he was going to do it and that's why he did it now his relations with president haven't been great that's going back to the time that joe biden was vice president there was always tension between the 2 and we know that in recent years turkey has looked more to moscow and president putin rather than to the old traditional ally in the white house this is not going to help relations between the 2 capitals and infests thank you. well turkey says it rejects and denounces the statements made by the us foreign minister. who
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said words cannot change or rewrite history we have nothing to learn from anybody on our own past political opportunism is the greatest betrayal to peace and justice we entirely reject the statement based solely on populism. corresponds to live for us in istanbul talk us through the reaction now coming in techie. mylene the turkish officials have been actually commemorating the losses the lives that were lost during the world war one both from dire mannion community turkish jewish and other ethnic communities that belong to the ottoman empire but we see that the fish or fish will find the statement as void and nala and according to turkish foreign ministry and other turkish officials the statement by president
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biden has been issued has been made under the pressure of what the statement says radical armenian circles basically turkey believes that. president biden made this decision based on the armenian lobbies pressure. on the politics inside the united states that's why they say that the statement doesn't have any scholarly or legal basis there is not evidence. will say and with regards to the events of $915.00 none of the conditions required for the use of the term genocide that are strictly defined in international law are met basically turkey sees joe biden statement as a political statement which is based on populism to save the day and president biden has been the 1st has been the 1st to use the term genocide after president reagan and. everybody was expecting the statement actually especially given the
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signals within the last 15 days from washington and turkey a united states tension in the last couple of years 2 allies have been partially drifted away from each other despite turkey is one of the strongest nato partners especially the relations have been strained after united states policy is to cooperate with the kurdish fighter groups in syria after the syrian uprising because those syrian far. syrian kurdish fighters group is linked to the outboard kurdistan workers party for turkey and that's why it turkey has rejected. the cooperation between an armed group and the state which is united states a basically the relations have come. come to this point so far as i said president biden statement was expected but when you look at the turkish army and so side of
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this is also one of the important things for instance the 85th patriarca of the turkish are many and so sorry to mr my certainly on the liver do an interview to send the state news agency and he said that the 3rd parties should be actually. contributing on the peace efforts between 2 communities and he actually welcome took his president's latest efforts to create a 6 country basin in the caucuses and he said that this proposal actually can bring peace it can be the peace deal of the century so of for turkey it's a populist decision but of course how the relations will prevail from now on it is that unknown but things will be much more difficult between washington and korea but many thanks for that for us in istanbul. lots more ahead on the news hour including why the dutch government's plans to ease restrictions are causing unease in the medical field. and guinea's capital is getting a make over but it comes at
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a price for many families. and the pandemic hasn't totally dampened the olympic spirit in japan details coming up in the spring. russia has just closed off access to the kurdish strait which is used by the crimean navy to access its east and ports merchant vessels will still be allowed to pass through the routes from the black sea to the sea of as all will be closed for 6 months for what russia says are military exercises ukraine says is a breach of international maritime law well russia took sole control of the waters when it illegally anik scrying mean crimea in 2014 tensions between moscow and kiev had just ease slightly as russia started pulling back troops from ukraine's eastern
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border after a massive build up nato is concerned that russia planned to a pro moscow separatists in ukraine's east a cease fire was signed last year but outbreaks of fighting have become more frequent in the last few months while we've got 2 correspondents covering the latest developments on either side of the sea of azoff charles stratford is in mary a pole that lies in eastern ukraine and is a vital port city and by this mess is overlooking the cat strays on the crimean side let's go live to him so. tell us about the closure of the strait later today in the significance of this passage of water. well in those lights over my shoulder on the bridge that leads from crimea to the russian mainland that bridge was built by the russians in the years after they occupied crimea back in 2014 and it creates a permanent link between crimea and russia underneath the bridge passes the vessels
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that head up to russian and ukrainian ports in the sea of merchant and naval ships from now on ukrainian naval ships will not be allowed to pass through nor will it ships belonging to 3rd country 3rd country navies that ukraine might once in the past of wanted to invite up to their ports it cuts off ukrainian access to those eastern ports russia says merchant ships will still be able to go through now there is a treaty between both countries which means ukraine and russia are supposed to have equal access to those waters russia seems to be ignoring that and what essentially russia is doing is cementing its control over this area not over just crimea which is occupied since 2014 but now cementing its control over the waters around it around the black sea and the sea of hours off and there's very little ukraine can do without unless it wants to try and take on russia's name. and meanwhile
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you have on the ukrainian border this huge buildup of russian troops there also which russia has recently said it's going to start removing what is the latest on that. that pullout has started the russians say it'll be over by the 1st of may there were 'd as many as 100000 russian troops according to a u.s. to mertz along the border the not all leaving a one division at least has been told to leave its armored vehicles at a camp about 200 kilometers away from the ukrainian border they'll be there until the autumn it was again. me a russian show of force russia showing that in this part of the world it's able to mobilize enormous numbers of numbers of troops a military resources they were exercises but they were also
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a show of strength to nato the e.u. and the us many thanks for that bernard smith the 1st of the straits we can cross over now to the sea of as of where our correspondent charles traffic is in the area politics so one of the ukrainian saying about what is going on here. well the occur in eons of calling this a gross violation of the freedom of navigation and a violation of the un convention on the laws of the sea they describe this move by russia as a provocation. and say that it only adds to tensions that we've seen in the region in the last couple of months especially around that massive troop deployment the burnet was just describing a deployment now that russia says is being withdrawn from the border areas of ukraine. as bernard said there we have an agreement here that was signed in 2003
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between russia and ukraine basically giving joint jurisdiction over the eyes of sea and the strait we were out earlier this week with the marry a pole marial pool maritime guy that will work with the navy we were getting calls on the boat that we will all know from russian ships close by warning us to stay away for reasons that the russian ship said was because they were concerned about faulty conditions at the time but the captain of the ship said that he'd seen the captain of the boat that we were on it said that in the last couple of weeks they had seen ships that have been part of these 15 warship fleet that it come from the caspian sea russian boat seeing clued in he described them as being artillery light artillery gun boats and other vessels and he said that this agreement that was signed in 2003 was a cool signed a long time before russia's illegal an exception of crimea and the conflict in the
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east of this country between ukraine and russian banks separatists the captain saying that he thought the disagreement was no longer really violated so much has changed there's been so much oil still it see between ukraine and russia. so yes the the closing of the straits to you. navy and forward navy is by the ukraine is being seen as a very inflammatory but at this stage at least it seems as if there is very little they can do about it charles strafford there for us and mary paul many thanks let's get a little more analysis on this joining us from vancouver on end is michael bassett new global affairs and listen for misspoke spokesperson for the organization for security and cooperation in europe many thanks for joining us on al-jazeera let's say how important is this passage of war say to ukraine and how will it impact the country not being able to use it for 6 months sure what that is for having me it's
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sequentially important to ukraine both militarily and commercially. on the military side of course as your correspondents earlier pointed out if the ukrainian navy doesn't have access to the sea of hours of its going off from its eastern ports there but the commercial side is crucially important. i just spoke with canada's former ambassador to ukraine and he estimated that about 20 percent up total trade ukraine's total external trade passes through their c.e.o. we're talking mostly about still iran and grain so if the merchant vessels are also delayed as they have been before cut off this is very significant ahead i'll also. you know reference what happened at 20000 you may recall that russia seized in the current strait 3 ukrainian navy vessels and held 23 service spent for quite some
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time they handed the men back they handed the vessels back but apparently the vessels were very badly stripped of equipment and stuff like that so russia is not messing around here when it tries to assert its control over that region presumably it doesn't take 6 months to carry out these sorts of military exercises so what is russia's game plan here. why i think primarily as we've seen with the exercises so-called actual sizes on land as well as what's happening here on the waters is russia is using a very great opportunity i would say to test the biden administration excuse me which i think is still finding its legs in that diplomatic sphere and i think what has happened here is that the washington has actually shown some weakness some people may say that blinked by turning back apparently to us that they viewed us those that were headed for the region now the united kingdom may also sun some
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naval vessels in may but i think with the west needs to do very very quickly show strength sections don't do it anymore other diplomatic measures don't do it anymore it has to be very strong unequivocal unequivocal military support to crane as well as very very targeted financial measures for example making it more difficult for outsiders to buy russian sovereign debt and making it more difficult for russian oligarchs to invest overseas for example in the london property market michael ukraine officials have suggested that russia may use control of these waters near the strait to isolate ukraine in preparation for it even knowledge invasion is there a possibility of that. i think that is very likely you know we saw all of the so-called cold but pullback of land forces earlier this week but i think that was more of a destruction my prediction is that the activity now will switch to the maritime
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waters and you know russia knows that ukraine is woefully unprepared to confront it on the waters under the former president bush on call i think because that navy was very very much neglected he actually delayed acquisition of navy vessels that were offered by the united states and to give you an example i mean one of the ukrainian frontline navy vessels is actually a converted fishing boat with a lone machine gun on the back so they're better prepared on land they do you crane that is they do have for example those. u.s. supply missiles joplin's which are very effective against tanks but otherwise on the waters there complaint be outnumbered and i'm very very worried for what might happen next militarily and also the constraints commercially on ukraine like a really interesting to get you know analysis on this michael global affairs analyst and a former spokesperson for the organization for security and cooperation in europe.
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turning now to the corona virus pandemic in the west in crisis in india where hospitals are being forced to turn away covert 19 patients on friday it said yes another global record number of new cases a staggering 346024 hours many people are being admitted to hospitals and there are shortages of oxygen for those who are and is but per annum reports now from new delhi. a police vehicle escorts an oxygen tank at a hospital in the indian capital new delhi the life saving gas is now the most desperately needed commodity in the country hospital directors in the capital manage an hour to hour waiting for supplies. we have just received 500 liters of oxygen this will last for maybe 30 to 48.
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1000 liters start at one hospital say 20 critically ill patients died because the oxygen delivery was 7 hours late on saturday another had to discharge all of its patients after it went out but finding a hospital bed to free has become almost impossible in the city of atlanta. i came here to get my grandfather treated he's suffering from covert 19 they are not living in sin we don't understand anything the security guard is saying there is no doctor available here if there is no doctor need the emergency ward then where will we go his oxygen level is dropping alarmingly. india recorded more than 300000 cases for the 3rd day on saturday the situation in india is a device stating reminder of what this virus can do and why we must marshal every tool against it in
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a comprehensive and integrated approach countries including the u.k. in china today looking at ways to help india as it sees shortages of beds and medicines. oxygen and vaccines and the u.s. chamber of commerce has called on the biden administration to release millions of doses of astra zeneca vaccine from storage to ship to india brazil and other countries had hired by the pandemic it said that no one is safe until the safe elizabeth pool on an al-jazeera new delhi. current virus death so also rising in argentina as hospital struggles to keep up with the number of patients more than 500 people are now dying every day intensive care beds at one hospital near whereas there is are all full and the rest of the facility is almost at capacity doctors say a variant of coppa 901st detected in brazil could be behind the sudden rise in cases
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of the more that often are we have a very high demand on the emergency room doctors on duty are receiving covert non covert patients in a much greater proportion than in the previous weeks which is what the 2nd wave employees we are afraid this wave will overwhelm us. live now to daniel who's in buenos aires how bad is the situation where you are daniel. well bad and getting worse and this is despite argentina in general having an imposed fairly strict lock down measures which have been reasonably well dear to the numbers were under control until fairly recently if you mention those deaths now going up to around about 500 a day 61000 deaths since the pandemic began and to 2800000 people infected in a population of 42000000 the problem is in many ways that long border that argentina along with other countries in the region share with brazil where the
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situation does seem to be out of control 14000000 people infected there the death rates are very very high as we know the virus is no respecter of borders so matter what measures are imposed the virus will reach eventual especially those much more virulent strains of the virus the president here but often landis says he's on the phone daily to governments international health authorities to the pharmaceutical companies trying to get more vaccines but they're not coming in fast enough or in sufficient numbers less than 2 percent of the population have had their 2nd dose of the 11 percent that had their 1st dose so until the vast majority of the population of vaccinated measures will be imposed but they won't be enough to stop the rise of the virus with these variants crossing the border and we are seeing a steadily deteriorating situation than you know that for us in when is areas.
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still ahead on al-jazeera search crews in indonesia recover debris from a submarine that's been missing for days with 53 people on board. emerging from isolation manic stream study done in a case that may shed some light on our own lives under lockdown. and in sport manchester united fans vent their anger towards the club's owners details coming up later on in the. hello there will things a set heating up for much of the middle east we've seen temperatures around the gulf a higher than average for this time of year 41 degrees in kuwait and it's a similar story for much of the event things are warming up $42.00 degrees in
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baghdad so iraq seeing some higher temperatures and it's a similar story for iran if you look at the 3 day forecast for tehran we're seeing temperatures edging up by 10 degrees from the average 32 by the time we get to monday there will have some scattered showers around heading further south we're seeing temperatures where we expect them to be we could see some showers to south eastern parts of saudi arabia but let's move to central africa now where we are seeing the weather story here we've got a tropical cyclone edging into the coast of tanzania that's going to bring some heavy rains and some strong winds we could see flash flooding around doris alarm as we go into monday we'll see heavy a showers from that for the north of mozambique and those showers do continue across central areas as we head for the south things are looking a lot fina and dryer temperatures dipping down slightly to 20 degrees in capetown.
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in the fire thailand's of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people have depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by womb and pollution algis or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. examining the impact of today's headlines where does your fight go from here the people of myanmar keep. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion every time i talk about raises them i will get a twist i'm being called a racist programs that when you rise to an alternative view of the world today we
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are about to feed tells them sometimes themselves hungry markets see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. be watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour russia has just respected access to the cursed strait which is used by the cranium maybe to access its eastern ports the routes from the black sea to the sea of will be closed for 6 months for what moscow says military exercises that ukraine says is a breach of international maritime law. india has set yet another global record number of new cases staggering 346000 in 24 hours is hospitals
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a critically short of medical oxygen prompting offers of help from several governments. u.s. president joe biden has formally recognized the massacre of armenians under the oshman empire during world war one as an act of genocide turkey says it entirely rejects the decision and that it will open a deep wound in already frayed ties i mean his prime minister has welcomed the news and says it's an important day. that's so sad is there a senior political analyst mullen bossangoa many thanks for speaking to us marwan so take us says it will open a deep wound in already frayed ties with washington what do you think that's going to look like clearly it's going to be political tensions and we probably will see that projected in the next nato meeting i think it would be june sometime and it will probably strained relations within
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nato alliance and probably one standing further in terms of the economic relations between the 2 countries and especially that at this point in time their key is facing certain economic difficulties and would like to have free access to a number of international financial institutions and the like. but generally speaking. the some of the situation that does get to the unit in the us now it's not clear whether it will find the solution or not for example that the livery or the agreement among what i don't understand the advanced f. $35.00 and whether the states will bring them to turkey or not the idea and the controversy over the turkish purchasing a russian surface to air missiles and how will that be inflicted on this nato
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member instrument ship of the united states and of course news these other issues that then chen would be with greece and he said that to rein in and a whole number of issues that problem. police training. now of course my didn't you know from his high horse as it where it easy he's been preachy over the last 100 days basically issuing edicts about china and russia and this and that country and that it includes turkey in and the idea that their kids run by an autocrat and so on so for that show that definitely did add to the strain between the 2 countries the but it looks at least some good news perhaps is that now that it's hitting rock bottom that the 2 leaders might find the wisdom come june in order to find their way up from the hole they've done themselves into that's an interesting perspective mano what do you think the u.s.
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president's agenda is here what does he hope to achieve by making this declaration because it's not legally binding and as you say it's just going to strain relations with tackle. the sense this is such a good question i think we've heard of course some of the responses being cited by some of our correspondents like will this make america a beacon of normality no it will not will this do anything in terms of the armenian situation no it's. would not not i thought a 106 years later when you do anything to the ongoing atrocities slash genocides whether it is in the end than in syria the things that have been iraq that they are the horrible situations i'm in march in china in palestine no it won't would it really deter another genocide just because an american president said something
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that happened i do 6 years ago where not just a number of atrocities but was a genocide will be deterred genocide the future does anyone in that coalition to think so these things don't happen that way these things happen when there is real cooperation real understanding real exchanges that would probably be coming up in june and we would see how the g. 7 nations how the g. 20 that on this year in october in italy and how a number of other alliances like new to us also will act. regarding certain situations not happening today and that's why one of those for example it is what's happening in syria and the need the the absolute necessity for a turkish american cooperation to find a solution in syria to find a solution in yemen and certainly to find a solution for that of course you know improving. the chances for the
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solution that is taking place already in libya so there's a number of places where the united states and the need to cooperate moving forward in order to listen tension in the eastern mediterranean in troop situations where work brought war crimes are actually happening like syria and yemen and palestine and sounds. bizarre always great to get your perspective al-jazeera senior political analyst. southeast asian nations have demanded an immediate end to violence against civilians in myanmar as the un leaders met in indonesia on saturday the head of the military gentil general min online was also at the summit though his visit was condemned by protesters tony chang reports. senior general been on line arriving in jakarta ahead of saturday's summit his invitation has caused
9:38 pm
a pro in myanmar granting legitimacy to the coup say protesters. that anger was reflected by demonstrators outside the assy and secretariat compound the ferocity of the military crackdown and the rising death toll has drawn condemnation around the world. but as the southeast asian leaders gathered it was clearly going to be a testing day splits have emerged in the group malaysia indonesia and singapore have been openly critical others most significantly thailand have been relatively quiet since the coup. but as they went into closed session it was clearly not going to be an easy ride for me and most senior general. of the mon in that meeting i said several things one the development of the situation in bihar ma is unacceptable and should not continue the violence must be stopped democracy stability and peace in myanmar must be returned immediately. what has emerged from
9:39 pm
the summit is a 5 point plan calling for an end to the violence and the release of all political prisoners but. he must restrain himself and his forces so that tension can be relieved a request for a 2nd commitment and inclusive dialogue process must begin immediately political prisoners must be released and then as he and special envoy needs to be formed namely the secretary general and the chair of asean to encourage dialogue with all parties and be a model but will the military comply as u.n. has tried to reign in myanmar's military before in the ninety's and early 2000 to little avail on the streets of darwin a protest as well back out once again as they were in many of my cities 1st in convoys of motorbikes and then on foot they will also be hard to placate having shared so much blood how will they accept returning to a system where their democracy is overseen by the military tony ching al-jazeera.
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53 sailors on board a missing submarine in indonesia now presumed dead after the 1st every from the vessel was discovered has been missing for days now summary and has been declared sunk jesco washington reports now from jakarta. after days of searching by air and sea crews found this debris in waters near the island of bali a torpedo launch pipe a bottle with grease sponges and even bought appears to be a prim at this debris is crucial evidence but also cause for concern. with the discovery of evidence of equipment from the submarine this is the proof that there are cracks in the submarine juta heavy pressure the karen and 4 o 2 was initially classified as missing authorities now say they are certain it sank crews found an oil spill with a radius of 16 kilometers in the search area and the vessel could be lying as deep
9:41 pm
as 850 meters below the ocean surface exceeding what the submarine was built to withstand 53 people were on board experts say it's very unlikely any have survived my x. information my experience would say the time for searching is past the time for hoping for risky was asked now is the time to understand what happened indonesian navy ships are on the scene and other countries including australia singapore and the u.s. are assisting with the search. days after the submarine lost contact indonesian authorities say they are committed to finding it and trying to start the evacuation process but they warn it will be risky and complicated when the search began navy official said if they had been a total power outage on board the crew only had enough oxygen to last 72 hours that
9:42 pm
time has now passed. we cannot say how the victims are because we haven't found them until now so the conditions of the victims cannot be determined the submarine was built in the late 1970 s. and completed a 2 year refit in south korea in 2012 now after 40 years the karen angola 4 o 2 has made its final journey and the family and friends of those on board are waiting to know what happened to their loved ones jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta the dutch government has decided to ease restrictions as hospitals are facing huge arrival of patients large test events involving thousands of people also being organized to see how to safely reopen society but doctors want strict lock downs kept in place as staff as i reports from a hospital in breda this is where the impact of the netherlands 3rd wave of covert 19 becomes visible inside hospitals medical workers are trying to save patients
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mostly in their fifty's and younger patients are really scared because they have seen for a whole year with covert can do to people and that's frightening them and us as well. put it by fans of. operations are being cancelled and the recovery room is now filled with coronavirus patients on fancy later as doctors and nurses are exhausted. we have long been stretched to the limit but we can't give up we have to continue patients continue to come from 24 i.c.u. beds we now have 39 we simply can't say we will quit. the outside it feels like a different world the government is easing some restrictions and is testing more ways to make crowded events safe one was planned near the hospital to celebrate the kings day holiday but was cancelled after an outcry. while many in an evidence
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believe that the worst of the pandemic is over this is the reality in many hospitals at the moment doctors are warning that the intensive care units are approaching the so-called code black when all bets are full and difficult decisions will have to be mate who will be treated and who won't and field hospital is ready for this worst case scenario but says delay in reopening the economy would help prevent it acting balancing on a real them court. we are managing at this moment the situation but when the opening leads to more and more patients we are. becoming getting a situation like the dutch government has been criticized for its response insta pandemic began documents show at one stage it pursued herd immunity by letting the virus brat and was slow to begin vaccinations my main concern is that from the offset this government chose a strategy that does not protect most of us but is willing to sacrifice most of us
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and they do so they said they did they did so because of economic reasons but we we are now seeing that one of the reasons also not the economical reasons are valid we have people dying we have hospitals who just simply can't deal with the amount of patients anymore and i really don't think that this this is the time to go easy on the restrictions for. now the easing of rules from april 28th has medical staff worrying that their worst fears could become a reality star fasten al-jazeera. libya has begun its covert 19 vaccination campaign the health care system has been severely impacted by years of political turmoil and violence and is struggling to cope during the pandemic malik china reports from tripoli. after years of conflict and another recent battle against a health threat officials in libya are happy to be launching their covert 19 vaccination
9:46 pm
drive this center in the capital tripoli has opened its doors for health workers and the elderly as part of the government's plan to curb the pandemic according to the national center for disease control libya has secured more than $400000.00 doses mainly from russia and to the un backed kovacs scheme the. who started distributing the vaccine across the country the number of registered is now about half a 1000000 people priority has been given to health workers the elderly and in those with chronic diseases for those here on this day it's a sigh of relief most of us the glances he has been careful since the beginning of the pandemic and only leave his house for essential items he says the vaccine should have come soon she already said i've been feeling very bad lately there's been a surge with dozens dying every day and thousands of new cases unfortunately our
9:47 pm
officials are not qualified but today i feel good to see people and the elderly like me who have come to be vaccinated for him half of the men but i've been staying at home as i've been so scared to get covered 19 we didn't think they would ever get vaccinated when they asked for people to register my daughter signed me up getting a shot now gives me hope our country can make it. libya has recorded slightly more than 173000 cases though many health experts believe the true number is much higher there are fears that the vaccination campaign could be marred by political infighting and favoritism the covert $1000.00 pandemic along with years of conflict have had a toll on an already struggling health sector here reza rolled out begins many are hopeful that things will start to be better now a trainer al-jazeera. more than 600 families in guinea have lost their homes in the latest in a wave of demolitions the government says as part of a cleanup campaign to develop the capital and has promised compensation but many
9:48 pm
people say they receives nothing hoda abdel-hamid reports. it's a huge campaign to clean up going to be in what the government says is an effort to develop guinea but in the process thousands of families are being evicted their homes razed to the ground i'm watching the one we saw these machines come to destroy our houses tools windows everything they said that they wanted to widen the roads because of that they destroyed everything many of the forced evictions are happening in the capital areas with a mix of small businesses residential buildings and informal dwellings. beginning in government says the land belongs to the state and those living there are squatters even though many have proof of ownership. these satellite images show the extent of house demolition in 200-1008 loan an estimated 20000 guineans lost their homes then and many more since the president alpha condé said people will be
9:49 pm
compensated but rights groups say it's slow to come and often people are left in limbo many of the people robin victim in conakry not only live in the house they have their business in the house shops and they might have the children going to school in the neighborhood and so in the space of such a short time using all of that and the government really has an obligation to make sure that provides for the people being evicted and that they don't suffer in the process. residents complained they're giving very little notice before they see their lies reduced to rubble. for dick m r i was informed just 72 hours before his home and livelihood were bulldozed. this is where i had my 2 shops one was a store it's all gone now i have to live in a minibus they destroyed everything in a few seconds they leave nothing to the poor like me ford is also running his small
9:50 pm
business from the bus and has so far not received any compensation. the government is likely to continue his drive to gentrify the capital and rights groups say that without providing a tour it is for people those living in poverty will only see their lives deteriorate further but at the summit. still ahead on al-jazeera rafael nadal is looking unstoppable on home soil tennis action coming up and joining. a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from main street to street journalism being made objective is to get me to meet you send it to the wall to shoot in what's going on exposing real world threats to objective it's often a bomb they were trying to muster 11000 people were arrested the listening post
9:51 pm
covers the way the news is covered on the jersey you know. from the al-jazeera london bureau casts and tack to special guests in conversation when societies divide when women are denied the only thing that benefits from this contract itself unprompted uninterrupted says the 1st once good girls are those who are who don't court foreigners in fact swell easily and cackle like to think that their national . sun is not as ugly as someone else's nationalising part one of the unscripted. the of the world the world.
9:52 pm
a group of friends scientists and explorers have emerged from a cave off to spending 40 days inside they were in deep isolation without any sense of time. has been finding out more. than a jeweler an anesthesiologist a security guard and some scientists walk out of a cave and back into the world. they spent 6 weeks in isolation deep inside the pyrenees mountains in southwest france as part of a scientific study the 15 men and women lived in a human cave in partial darkness without phones watches natural lights nor any other indicator of time. the deep time experiment is led by swiss french researcher and explore christian close to studying how extreme isolation affects people's cognition and emotions. close widely known for carrying out expeditions alone to remote reaches of the planet and this study focuses on how people can be
9:53 pm
disorientated by extreme events and explore ways to prepare for them. we want to again be true of. all we believe how they can synchronize their. own lake and i'm not trying to leave. the environment and he duration. the group's sleep patterns behavior and social interactions were watched closely and sensors measured how thoughts and feelings are impacted in what seems a timeless space. out of the cave but not yet out of the woods the study is carrying on now that they've been reintroduced to the world outside. al-jazeera. a sign for the force here. thank you very much. is one win away from a record extending 12th barcelona open title 20 time grand slam champion has looked on stoppable at times playing in his home country on saturday he beat fellow
9:54 pm
spaniard you know that in straight sets 6362 does look in to win his 1st title of 2021. i have been achieving a lot of a lot off tournament here during all my career so be able to play in our final. is already important for me for my confidence some good points and the same. i give myself a chance to play tomorrow against probably the player who is playing better on the door today so let's get to a live 8 my level a little bit more i did the couple of times in my dennis. and why not the more. well dollface to find ourselves had to pass and sunday's final the greek kid beat italian teenager center in their semi the world number 5 is yet to lose a set to this season. and women's world number one ashley barty is into the final or stood guard strain had
9:55 pm
a tough time against ukraine so italy not after losing the 1st said barty came back to win 467662 in the final issue will face at the roofs are enough similar the nica upsets in $100.00 in the semi. liverpool manager your gun club has written an open letter to the club's fans urging them to unite behind the team if it will drew one all wood newcastle in the 1st home game since the club's alliance with the european super league a result that leaves them a 6 in the table cup said the supporters or right to have been upset but reiterated that neither he nor the players i had been involved in this decision to sign up or this was a great victory for football supporters i want to make this clear from the outset i agree with their opposition that i made this clear to our owners the part i have
9:56 pm
struggled with is seeing at this club a place i love and i'm now proud to call my home trashed and done so in a manner which suggests no redemption is possible that i can't take. or manchester united didn't have a game this saturday but that hasn't stopped fans gathering at their old trafford stadium the supporters unhappy with the club's american owners the glazer family who made the decision to join the ill fate super leak on wednesday the owners issued an apology admitting the club had made a mistake. and that was a rare occurrence in the 1st test between lanka and bangladesh and paul kelly not a single wicket fell on day 4. and that on jr the silver put on an unbeaten stand of $322.00 sri lanka trailed bangladesh its 1st innings total of 54142529 runs which the much heading for draw is
9:57 pm
25 occasions where no wicket has falling in an entire day of test cricket tiger woods has posted a picture of himself on social media for the 1st time since his car crash back in february the 15 time major winner underwent surgery on fractures that to his lower right leg and injuries to his foot an ankle the 45 year old said his rehab was coming along. police say excess of speed was the cause of woods' accident. the treaty continues in japan despite the country's struggles in containing the spread of covert mind teen 3 days currently going through. sure it will and in a host city tokyo in july 23rd at the opening ceremony of the game the japanese government has declared a 3rd state of emergency for the country's capital which will run from april 25th until may 11th. and that's it for me. thanks and that's it for me money inside for
9:58 pm
this news hour barbara said it will be back in a moment in london with more of the day to stay with us here on out is there. and. jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian global community when i talk of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware it be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land
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we have been disconnected from who we are who would love to hear from you and you to be part of today's discussion the stream on out is there a. suit a family man politicized by the forces of nature. filmed over a 4 year olds a kenyan farm of documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. to see to the climate dial use a witness documentary on how to 0. a century ago they were cold colonialists. 50 years ago and they were known as immigrants today they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism law as. we look back at the history of muslim immigration in frons in
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a 3 part series. muslims affronts episode one on al-jazeera renewed this time the differences on the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what moves you will get the news and current affairs that matter to you. the u.s. formally recognizes the mass killings of armenians more than a century ago as genocide. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up me and marse top general attends the summit where leaders them and then an end to the crackdown and the return to democracy. police asked.


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