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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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revolting argentina talked to al jazeera in the field. al-jazeera. money i'm sorry of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes leaders of southeast asia demand an end to bloodshed in myanmar and a return to democracy. and discovered tsunami continues more patients die of oxygen scarcity even as the government scrambles for response. no hope of survivors indonesia says its navy submarine sank deep into the sea with 53 crewmembers on
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board. russia is just hours away from blocking access to parts of the black sea for ukraine's boards. uninstalls to form a sense of france's enter the final of barcelona and from the world number 5 is just beaten yonex in in the semi's could face rafa nadal in the title decider. violence in me on my all must stop a strongly worded message from south east asian leaders in a rare moment of unity on the crisis escalating in their region actually emergency summit in jakarta the as young bloc agreed there must be dialogue to work towards a peaceful solution for a country many believe is on the edge of a civil war. but on balance it was the development of the situation in myanmar is unacceptable and should not continue violence must be stopped democracy stability
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and peace in myanmar must be returned immediately the interest of the people of myanmar must always be the priority mia miles military leader men online was at that meeting at his fast known foreign visit since he overthrew the elected civilian government in a coup back in february people gathered outside where the talks are being held to protest against the general taking part and condemning the months of violence myanmar so-called national unity government said it welcomed the consensus among as young leaders a call for firm action to restore democracy more on the outcome of that meeting from tony chang in bangkok. they were supposed to be in their private meeting for 2 hours that went on for 3 when they came out we heard strong messages from the malaysian prime minister who said that the killings and the violence they've seen since the coup must end president choco way of indonesia said the developments
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since the coup were on except to pull and we understand now that c.n.n. has met. has a can found consensus on an agreed meet statement with 5 points the 1st is to end violence the 2nd is the dialogue must start between those parties involved in the violence that humanitarian assistance will be delivered by c. and the special envoy will go and they've been talking about this for the last couple of days and we understand that special envoy will go. as a mediator between the protesters and the military and finally that all political prisoners will be released and presumably that will include senior leaders from the n.l. the like in san suu kyi and the president when we understand from singapore's prime minister lee hsien long that the. senior general minong life
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was involved in the discussions was receptive to these suggestions and did agree to some of them. what is going to happen on the ground when he returns home is another thing. let's get some reaction from activists who've been campaigning for democracy in myanmar and an end to bloodshed there turn qin is president of the. station in the united kingdom he joins us on skype from london many thanks for speaking to us analogies there firstly what do you make of the fact that many online was invited to attend the summit rather than the national unity government. this is very shocking you know artsy and lasting this would not buy it he me he is my brother i he called me. and we are likely to generals like what crimes and crimes against humanity here that was an order to cuba thousands of really get to go that is over to give the person who are there to bargain for shootaround one and i really should
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read to them separately he order to one more than 400 villagers right now you know all seems but my glory cuti order to cuba 77 had read people all over now and more than 3000 learned people of bromide he iraq war are peace leave you nor are the cool and torturing and you do not like a 5 year old child wasn't you know informal nevertheless nevertheless what sounds like a tough message coming out of this as the end meeting calling for the violence to stop being stopping short of condemning the what's your take is that much the as n. countries can day. i mean i can see that much fun actually remove what i'm talking about as special and why that is good but they should do my hold
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and that you know i think. i do yes do you mean you don't use of our all 3 months now people were killed by these military and why i was in any squad and i'm the only talking about documenting what i mean online cheroots he is telling that you will not do that if they don't use what are killing people in burma why he was at the meeting the people who were killed in burma this is what we need to look at it is such a plot lie our use light and i think that he will loosen the problem in iraq again should be more stroller and what i can see today from those eyes meeting is one thing we need to clear the international community should not rely on our eyes again or leave our countries they have done nothing since 2000 selling if i can interrupt you there why do you think that is the case why have these countries done
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so little as you say you are. at the head of this group and the rangers of course have gone through so much in myanmar and yet we never saw as you can intervene in that case either why is it we're not seeing more from them. why god does it wasn't a strike in 1000. 997 i was rocking to. michael i he and members you know instead they should expect us to do we you know but they brought him as a member sort of floor for the last member countries are nothing different from from our school duck problem we had this is the problem is we're looking at. what even we want to see lucian we want to see a huge genuine federal you know what we need intervention we want to see the western countries like you create you with us those countries marking time read and
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one must push a stronger action and one kind of arms and what kind of action are you looking for because as you say have been a lot of meetings. in the international community with the un and so on the very little action on the ground what is it that you are looking for and calling for you know how do we talking about here un and special u.n. general secretary general and when you look at the soup right of burma. you have to write about why you should see this agreed to what is happening in burma and you need to me you know or a good leader so girly you as you you know i was here and they are not equal u.s. and u.k. they have lost a child on a military religion that's a main financial issue we have to cut a lot and then military cannot survive longer and also a little bit of arms embargo including arms and buy
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a little bit of them but we very important things and also lastly we need to look at. i don't like no you know all the countries like minded are intro's on this issue. you know look up yet u.n. federal union of what they have how about iraq a stroller and i and they have to intervene i can see that there is not like that we're going to see from. russia and china is always you know blocking so we want to see something ringback out there is what i mean like why don't. we are that people actually. every day. why are. you here to follow interest our federal union or their interests are or their rights abuses but that matters are not enough thank you thank you so much for your
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time turn 10 president of the organization in the united kingdom. plenty more ahead on the nice hour including. i was on the garbage in iraq and i'll tell you why people are still prefer him to live in tents even after the iraqi government has decided to head down this basement promised. by the dutch government's plans to ease restrictions are causing on knees in the medical field. and in sports a career 1st for this former u.s. open golf champion details coming out in the sport later. turning now to the corona virus pandemic and the worsening crisis in india where hospitals are being forced to turn away coated 19 patients on friday that set yet another global record number of new cases a staggering 346000 in just 24 hours many people aren't being admitted to hospitals
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family members have been caring for them on the streets outside even for those in hospital there's not enough oxygen in many places there are reports of 20 deaths in new delhi hospital because of low oxygen pressure or the government has been using planes trains and trucks to get oxygen where it's needed most but criticism over its response is growing is india correspondent elizabeth cohen reporting now from new delhi. a police vehicle escorts an oxygen tank at a hospital in the indian capital new delhi the life saving gas is now the most desperately needed commodity in the country hospital directors in the capital say they manage an hour to hour waiting for supplies. we have just received 500 liters of oxygen this will last for maybe 30 to 45 minutes the requirement for
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a day is a 1000 liters start at one hospital say 20 critically ill patients died because the oxygen delivery was 7 hours late on saturday another had to discharge all of its patients off to atlanta out but finding a hospital bed to free has become almost impossible in the city have been on our order i came here to get my grandfather treated he suffering from covered 19 they are not letting us in we don't understand anything the security guard is saying there is no doctor available here if there is no doctor need the emergency ward then where will we go his oxygen level is dropping alarmingly. india recorded more than 300000 cases for the day on saturday the situation in india is a device stating reminder of what this virus can do and why we must marshal every tool against it in a comprehensive and integrated approach countries including the u.k.
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and china today looking at ways to help india as it sees shortages of beds and medicines oxygen and vaccines and the u.s. chamber of commerce has called on the part of the ministration to release millions of dollars for the sulfate astra zeneca vaccine from storage to ship to india brazil and other countries had a pandemic it said that no one to say until everyone aside elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera new delhi. let's give you a sense of just how rapidly cases have been rising in india putting increasing pressure on its already struggling health care system take a look at that over the past month from the 25th of march india reported just over 60000 new infections compare that to the most recent figure 346000 that's reported on friday now the death toll 291 deaths in a single day were ported just 4 weeks ago on friday it was more than 2 and
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a half 1000 india's total infection numbers a 2nd only to the us that seen nearly $32000000.00 since the start of the pandemic the u.s. also leads with global deaths with brazil and mexico not far behind well in the capital new delhi doctors have been pleading for oxygen to keep their patients survive we spoke to dr pender cole from butter a hospital. the situation in but there are supporters like any other big hospital in the city of delhi really precarious we are using about 8000. 1000 does all folks are. doing because we need it but then unfortunately in the last few days it has been reduced to about 2001500 meters but days coming in with that is that you know patients need to create trouble we are trapped then and discharge them we're telling them to
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find a different hospital if they can they can know we're giving them written instructions that we have short of the supply and when we try to bring up the supply at the supplier who has been supplying oxygen great red for the last 30 years consecutively they have pulled off their telephone cause the county emailed them obviously they don't have any oxygen i think that but in order to be had here let us forget about elections that are forget about rallies let us forget the vote was going to be in which state because that has been going on for the last couple of weeks maybe a month we need to concentrate our energy how to get people oxygen how to use you know special rays in which you can you know make oxygen sup lays the drains on you know special tracks which are you know absolutely not interrupted only and
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a squatted by police because you have to squat them with force is the cause of the demand when did is a so much of demand is a place little people tend to people tend to stop them in. you know give it to us so i think it has to be a c.v.s. multipronged attack on how to get oxygen and what i would oxygen specially. for making it is good you know to augment it as far as possible you just. germany's ending europe is ending and doing. very good it's welcome but we need to an expedient thing so that if we do we're losing people and the number of people dying i think we you know underreporting them that is not there's not going to help us. volunteers have come together in cities across the country to help patients and their families and i at sing kaka is one of them she's part of a citizens' volunteer group helping families affected by cave at 19 she joins us now live on skype from new delhi many thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera and
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taking the time. you must have so much to you in fact give us an idea off your day how have you been helping people in this crisis. thank you so much for having me. so you know so that like you said there are many more until groups that have come across that responding to the quest from patients you know that i mean in through the school social media and primarily what you know what exists is an information gap where people do not despite the government setting up information portals to you know tools. you know the way to keep people updated with the over time information on bad availability these bottles have not really been functioning nordoff so as have not been responsive in many you know hospitals and there's very little what the nation between hospitals themselves and there's a complete breakdown of their services and that is the information gap that many volunteer groups have been filling you know with of begetting requests for some
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patients for oxygen for accessing ambulance services for finding out about it but if you have hospital beds. and that is what you know that is a service that groups are providing in better fighting information that comes in in better find you know bad oxygen is available to connecting patients to these resources and these services and using whatever you know connections people have whether that is you know doc those in specific hospitals are somebody within the system who can help patients access health. but that is. yes and what i wanted and what is it that you're seeing what are the main challenges you are facing is it the lack of beds is it the lack of oxygen is it the lack of hospitals what is one of the main challenges. the meantime does effacing number one with the state so that people are not able to access testing in 3 to 4 days to be over the book at best and then call it the 3 to 4 days for people to get the test results then that is the challenge of you know accessing
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a doctor who getting the you know tell you whether you need to go to hospital or whether you can be managed at home. facing challenges and getting you know people are facing challenges and accessing doctors who can provide a home get of that is because then of course ambulances to leech hospitals find out that hospital beds available that us of your shortages of i.c.u. beds ventilator beds and oxygen cylinder and oxygen in those and then even when people do get it which are 2 hospitals that are the issues that people are not getting you know particularly good quality of care because health care workers are also all boarded and. so yes these are broadly the issues that people are grappling with how dire is the situation in india because some of the images that we're seeing of people just waiting outside and outside of hospitals in beds dying waiting for a bed to come through some horrifying images what is your experience. i would say the situation is pretty dire and i think the fact that quit has become the national
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health line is telling and it's not just you know individual volunteers and patients and family members who are going to knock it off my head but now we're seeing even large you know private and corporate costs because they can go to a total highlight the fact that they do not have oxygen you know other stations so the situation is extremely you know one aspect of it that they're seen on television is what's happening in hospitals but there is a whole list you know a whole number of cases of people who are not able to access hospitals they are still at home the are not getting the kind of it and follow up that the while and what is happening is that people did not be able to access oxygen to even keep them you know keep patients stable and so what's happening is that patients have you know by the time they reach the hospitals their situation is extremely diet extremely civility and many of these deaths you know would be avoidable if if it were to beat them and oxygen could reach them and you know what we could reach them
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at their home you have voluntary. spoke out in india how would you compare the situation then with the situation now. so i would say that the situation is a lot more desperate to see all at last you haven't even getting called for help it was mostly. you know it was mostly that one question or 2 people in a household had been corrected but this you know is seen in diet how someone is being affected by. their was not such a high the quiet meant for oxygen. you know and and i speak from my experience in delhi you know last if used in delhi there was some level of adam follow up visits that were that were being done by the government to make sure that you know people who are in whole my solution don't get to that extremely critical stage before they have to beat us to the hospital there's still be there really have not seen you know we have not seen this kind of home care being provided to patients. be i'm not
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kidding of course actually seeing taking place. in you know one of the patient has been in touch with and then to sort of contain the by this. in that sense and one more question for you presumably you can help everybody that. that must be very difficult what you've been seeing day to day what kind of emotional impact is this having on you. i mean to be honest i have been taking a mental health day today and yesterday because it is extremely distressing you know and you're speaking to patients and and you know most times we end up providing a lot of emotional support to families and just having to tell people that ok no beds available but they're doing what we can i think that they accept all in your you know many volunteers have also had patients they've been helping die you know people have died right then the beach the hospital right up to getting admitted or in beating it as a hospitals and that is taking mental health stolen people psychosocial look at is not something that the country has evidently emphasized on invest see you know what
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is being left with absolutely no support and having to beach out to each other provide that kind of support to each other you know that a friends who are eating out checking up where you're going are you picking the break so it is extremely distressing you know to not. you know to be so severely limited and not do everything that you can for people of but despite that i would say there's a market floored by you know individual was on the internet coming together people who don't even know the people who are coming together at all who had about cases and i would say you know big hats off to what health care what most who have been so stressed in the past month and despite that you know when we when we need to provide conservations to people you know we've got something from doctors that are doctors who all of the health care workers actually not just doctors you know but health care workers who are doing a hospital duty but at the same time getting that off they are stepping up to provide any consultation and had a counseling services to patients and i think that is simply the market because i
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do not one or the kind of an emotional you know trauma they must be facing rumble king in under the source and under funded system and i had so much thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera and taking the time to tell us your story in. one of the citizen volunteers in delhi. current of ours deaths are also rising in argentina as hospitals struggle to keep up with the number of patients more than 500 people are now dying every day intensive care beds at one hospital near near when is there is is full and the rest of the facility is almost at capacity doctors say a variant of coded 901st detected in brazil could be behind the sudden rise in cases of the more than often are we have a very high demand on the emergency room doctors on duty are receiving covert non covert patients in a much greater proportion than in the previous weeks which is what the 2nd wave
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employees we are afraid this wave will overwhelm us. let's go live now to who's and when as there is daniel paints a picture of the situation where you are. well i'm getting worse it seems the moment this despite the tight quarantine lockdown measures which were thought to have been fairly successful until this last few weeks as you mentioned about 500 people a day dying a total of 61000 people are dead so far 2800000 people infected in a country of 42000000 the problem really is i think the vaccine simply aren't coming in fast enough president albert often on this has said he's on the phone daily to world leaders to health bodies to the pharmaceutical companies trying to get more vaccines but as of today only about 11 percent of the population have had one vaccine less than 2 percent of had both the vaccines required for the elderly
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the people of honorable people with underlying health problems are being vaccinated but nowhere near quickly enough not as quickly as people would like as i say the quarantine measures. tighter measures in place now that many people resisting the parents have been protesting saying they want their children back at school we've had problems between the national government and the city of when osiris government for instance disagreeing on what kind of measures should be implemented so in general people frustrated impatient want to see an end to this but we're seeing these figures rising and until those vaccines come start arriving here without any clear road to getting out of this current problem. that person one is there is thinking. 53 sailors on board a missing submarine in indonesia and now presumed dead after the 1st deborah from
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the vessel was discovered it was missing for days the submarine has been declared sunk and is lying at a depth of around 850 meters just go washington reports now from jakarta. after days of searching by air and sea crews found this debris in waters near the island of bali a torpedo launch pipe a bottle with grease sponges and even bought appears to be a printer this debris is crucial evidence but also cause for concern. with the discovery of evidence of equipment from the submarine this is the proof that there are cracks in the submarine juta heavy pressure the karen and girl are 4 o 2 was initially classified as missing authorities now say they are certain it sank crews found an oil spill with a radius of 16 kilometers in the search area. and the vessel could be lying as deep as 850 meters below the ocean surface exceeding what the submarine was built to
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withstand 53 people were on board experts say it's very unlikely any have survived my information my. time for searching is past the time for for risky. now is the time to understand what happened indonesian navy ships are on the scene and other countries including australia singapore and the u.s. are assisting with the search. days after the submarine lost contact intonation authorities say they are committed to finding it and trying to start the evacuation process but they warn it will be risky and complicated when the search began navy officials said if they had been a total power outage on board the crew only had enough oxygen to last 72 hours that time has now passed. we cannot say how the victims are because we haven't found them until now so the conditions of the victims panel
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be determined the submarine was built in the late 1970 s. and completed a 2 year refit in south korea in 2012 now after 40 years the carolina 4 o 2 has made its final journey and the family and friends of those on board awaiting to know what happened to their loved ones jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. still ahead on al-jazeera anees capital is getting a make over but it comes at a price for many families. emerging from isolation an extreme study done in a cave that may shed some light on our own lives under lockdown. and sports fans of teams involved in the ill fated european super league continue to demand change.
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hello there with things a 2nd heating up for much of the middle east we're seeing temperatures around the gulf state higher than average for this time of year 41 degrees in kuwait and it's a similar story for much of the event things are warming up $42.00 degrees in baghdad so iraq seeing some higher temperatures and it's a similar story for iran if you look at the 3 day forecast for tehran we're seeing temperatures edging up by 10 degrees from the average 32 by the time we get to monday there will have some scattered showers around heading further south we're seeing temperatures where we expect them to be we could see some showers to south eastern parts of saudi arabia but let's move to central africa now where we are seeing the where the story here we've got a tropical cyclone edging into the coast of tanzania that's going to bring some heavy rains and some strong winds we could see flash flooding around doris alarm as
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we go into monday we'll see heavy a showers from that for the north of mozambique and those showers do continue across central areas as we head for the south things are looking a lot finer and dryer temperatures dipping down slightly to 20 degrees in capetown . the. cylinder has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious reduction goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's retired to actually get it and we can grow it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry it's and being an active emissions source people in power finland's climate warriors on
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a just. we live in a world went unused is at our fingertips where we're one clay course wipe away from the latest headlines but how often do we stop swiping and scrolling and just listen it's the difference between knowing what's in the headlines and understanding how they got there. and this is to take pod cast where we bring you the context and the characters behind the stories that matter subscribe and start listening today. the. you're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour southeast asian leaders have demanded an
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immediate end to violence against civilians in myanmar as in leaders met in indonesia this saturday gentilly the gentleman online who was at the summits of the protestors condemned his visit. china russia and the european union are offering india oxygen generating equipment as its coded 19 crisis worsens health care system is close to collapsing with hospitals running out of beds medicine and oxygen. $53.00 sailors onboard a missing submarine and now presumed dead after the 1st devery from the vessel was discovered it's been missing for days the submarine has been declared sound and is lying at a depth of for around 850 feet this. tensions between russia and ukraine are getting worse this time at sea moscow's closing access to the coach straight to conduct ministry drills on saturday this would be
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a violation of a treaty with ukraine russia took control of the straits when it annexed crimea back in 2014 this comes as relations had appeared to be settling down russia has begun withdrawing troops from the ukrainian border after a major build up in recent weeks western powers were concerned russia planned a pro moscow separatists in ukraine's east a cease fire it was signed last year but outbreaks of fighting have become more frequent in the past few months. let's go to venice made his line for us at the carriage straight so tell us exactly the significance of this passage and what is happening later today. so over my shoulder is the bridge over the curch strait this is crimea and this bridge was built by the russians after they occupied crimea in 2014 it was built in the years after that bridge links to the russian mainland passing underneath it our
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ships that go to russia and ukraine's eastern ports it's the only way for those ships to get russia says that from tonight in a few hours time for 6 months time for 6 months ukrainian naval vessels will not be able to pass through here to get to cranes eastern ports it essentially cuts off parts of ukraine from its navy russia says these are for military exercises be that these are exercises they suggest are going to go on until the end of october but what essentially is happening is russia cementing its control over this part of the black sea of crimea which is occupied since 2014 and preventing ukraine accessing the hours of sea even though there's a treaty between both countries that says they both should have equal access to that sea and what exactly is happening on the ukrainian border because we've had
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many russian troops there but then the russians said they're going to pull out of is that still happening. yeah the pullout is on the way we passed military vehicles ourselves actually we'll move coming along to crimea this morning the russians say that will be over by may the 1st not every single piece of russian military hardware and every single soldier is leaving the area the russian defense ministry says it's given instructions to warn unit to leave its heavy armored vehicles camp until all this comes about 200 kilometers away from the border in russia from the border with ukraine so russia just making clear that it's able to act. essentially as it wishes in this part of the world and it shown that it has the military capabilities they were exercises the russians but exercises involving more than perhaps 100000 soldiers at one point
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according to the e.u. russia demonstrating the abilities and the force it can operate and maneuver in this part of the world and it's meant that for some the cat straight many thanks let's get the perspective from the ukrainian side charles trafford is at the port said mary paul. well the ukrainians as you can imagine a very angry about this they called it a gross violation of the right to freedom of navigation and a violation of the un convention of the law of the sea they see it as being a provocation by russia only adding to the kind of tension that we've seen in the region in the last couple of weeks around that fast troop deployment by the russians along ukrainian borders and around crimea this will to the eyes of see in the strait is supposed to be on a joint jurisdiction when the russians and ukrainians according to a 2003 agreement now cover days ago we were out with the marriott polled maritime
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to work with the ukrainian navy and they were saying that that agreement was signed in 2003 and he's now almost redundant because of course we've had a conflict that started in 2014 and russia annexed crimea so the ukrainians are feeling weakened powerless if you like to act and that's despite obviously great international support in rhetoric at least calling for the russians to to maintain freedom of navigation in these very strategically important waters for both countries. israel's army says it struck an observation post belonging to hamas in the gaza strip as well says it was responding to at least 10 rockets which happened fired from the palestinian territory and the west cross border violence in months some were shot down but israel's iron dome and defense system. mung solves iraq's government shutdown most camps for displaced people are
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struggling to provide shelter aid workers estimate more than 100000 people have been made homeless during the coronavirus pandemic and no money has been provided to rebuild homes destroyed during years of fighting osama bin divided reports from camp in northern iraq. i am not sure how to take care of his 5 children this tense all they have after being laid homeless for the 2nd time the iraqi government has shut down most camps for the people displaced by the fighting and of thousands and now left with no shelter. my house was destroyed by last strike. i lived in the camp for 3 years they asked me to leave the last one and i heard about this camp i have been here for 4 months 12 year old son his abdominal cancer but he and many others don't have access to health care at this remote camp in the northern self-governing kurdish region. we believe the iraqi government's decision
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to close the camps isn't military but a political decision kurdish regional government opened its doors we don't benefit from the refugees there are a burden on the carriage of government but we look after them for humanitarian reasons. aide workers say 70 percent of the people here are in debt many for trying to find food in a home it's kitchen there's barely enough to eat. living here is also difficult but i don't have a choice i can only buy potatoes rice eggplant because of for meat i haven't tasted meat for months since of the camps for shut down 300 families have arrived at the house and charm you to camp those in charge say the government is intentionally making matters worse to force out people. the iraqi government did not include them in the food baskets for displaced families and help from n.g.o.s is not enough for the world food program gives money which is not sufficient concern and fear is that the situation is going to become more difficult. for the last 2 months there have been no electricity in this camp which is home to about 5000 people but even in
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a day's conditions people find life easier than what it is when they try to go back and rebuild their homes would have been destroyed in the fighting. started out would have found shelter in this construction site he's angry for being forced out of his tent with nowhere to go and no opportunities to rebuild his life in your own home or. yes they forced me to leave the camp kicked me out without any alternative my house is totally damaged if the government pays me i will rebuild my house i want to return but the situation has forced me to live here in addition to destroyed homes there are security issues arab residents of saenger fear kurdish armed groups such as the y.p. g.n.p. k.k. . others displaced from saddam had been province are afraid of shia fighters aligned with the popular mobilization forces iraq's government told al-jazeera people were not forced to leave an official with the ministry of migration says 26 camps are still operating in northern iraq but he admitted the financial
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compensation promised to do those who left has not been paid. iraq's budget issues for several years has been an obstacle to receive and distribute money for iraqis like ahmed those reasons just sound like excuses from people who no longer care summit. have been chum camp kurdish region of northern iraq. the dutch government has decided to ease restrictions as hospitals a facing huge arrival of patients large test events evolving thousands of people also being organized to see how to safely reopen society but doctors want strict lock downs kept in place as steph some reports from hospital. this is where the impact of the netherlands 3rd wave of covert 19 becomes visible inside hospitals medical workers are trying to save patients mostly in their fifty's and younger patients are really scared because they have seen for a whole year with covert can do to people and that's frightening them and us as
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well he also put it by founder of. operations are being cancelled and the recovery room is now filled with coronavirus patients on ventilators doctors and nurses are exhausted we have long been stretched to the limit but we can't give up we have to continue patients continue to come from 24 i.c.u. beds we now have 39 we simply can't say we will quit. outside it feels like a different world the government is easing some restrictions and is testing more ways to make crowded events safe one was plant near the hospital to celebrate the king's day holiday but was cancelled after an outcry. while many in an ambulance believe that the worst of the pandemic is over this is the reality in many hospitals at the moment doctors are warning that the intensive care units are approaching the so-called code black when all bets are full and difficult decisions
6:44 pm
will have to be made who will be treated and who won't and feel hospital is ready for this worst case scenario but says delay in reopening the economy would help prevent it acting balancing on a real them court. we are managing at this moment the situation but when the opening leads to more and more patients we are. becoming getting a situation like the dutch government has been criticized for its response instead pandemic began documents show at one stage it pursued herd immunity by letting the virus brat and was slow to begin vaccinations my main concern is that from the offset this government chose a strategy that does not protect most of us but is willing to sacrifice most of us and they do so they said they did they did so because of economic reasons but we we are now seeing that one of the reasons also not the economical reasons are valid we
6:45 pm
have people dying we have hospitals who just simply can't deal with the amount of patients anymore and i really don't think that this is this is the time to go easy on the restrictions by medical record for. now the easing of rules from april 28th has medical staff worrying that their worst fears could become a reality star fasten al-jazeera. more than $600.00 families in guinea have lost their homes in the latest in a wave of demolitions the government says it's part of a clam campaign to develop the capsule cannot create it has promised compensation but many people say they have received nothing was up to her meet the ports. it's a huge campaign to clean up going to key in what the government says is an effort to develop guinea but in the process thousands of families are being evicted their homes razed to the ground i'm watching the one we saw these machines come to
6:46 pm
destroy our houses tools windows everything they said that they wanted to widen the roads because of that they destroyed everything many of the forced evictions are happening in the capital areas with a mix of small businesses residential buildings and informal dwellings. beginning in government says the land belongs to the state and those living there are squatters even though many have proof of ownership. these satellite images show the extent of house demolition in 2019 a loan an estimated 20000 guineans lost their homes then and many more since the president alpha condé said people will be compensated but rights groups say it's slow to come and often people are left in limbo many of the people robin victim in conakry not only live in the house they have their business in the house the shops and they might have the children going to school in the neighborhood and survive 'd in the space of such
6:47 pm
a short time losing all of that and the government really has an obligation to make sure that it provides for the people being evicted so that they don't suffer in the process. residents complained they're giving very little notice before this is reduced to rubble. vertica morrows informed just 72 hours before his home and livelihood were bulldozed. this is where i had my 2 shops one was a store it's all gone now i have to live in a minibus they destroyed everything in a few seconds they leave nothing to the poor like me. ford is also running a small business from the bus and has so far not received any compensation. the government is likely to continue its drive to gentrify the capital rights group say that without providing a true to do is for people those living in poverty will only see their lives deteriorate further but at the. armenians around the world are marking the mass
6:48 pm
killing of their people jaring world war one ceremony was held in amin is capital yet a van with the prime minister and president among those who paid tribute to the victims armenians say the killings committed in the final days of the autumn an empire amount to genocide the techies government rejects that now ever wonder what it would feel like to disconnect from the world and hide away in a cave for weeks while 15 people in france have found out a group of french scientists and explore us have emerged from a cave after spending 40 days inside they went deep isolation without any sense of time under schapelle reports. a jeweler an anesthesiologist a security guard and some scientists walk out of a cave and back into the world. they spent 6 weeks in isolation deep inside the pyrenees mountains in southwest france as part of a scientific study. the 15 men and women lived in
6:49 pm
a humid cave in partial darkness without phones watches natural lights nor any other indicator of time. the deep time experiment is led by swiss french researcher and explore christian close studying how extreme isolation affects people's cognition and emotions. close widely known for carrying out expeditions alone to remote reaches of the planet and this study focuses on how people can be disorientated by extreme events and explore ways to prepare for them. we want to be true of. all we believe how they can synchronize. not trying to lead. the kind of the environment in situation the group sleep patterns behavior and social interactions where watch closely and sensors measure to help thoughts and feelings are impacted in what seems a timeless space. out of the cave but not yet out of the woods the study is
6:50 pm
carrying on now that they've been reintroduced to the world outside. al-jazeera. a recycle space x. capsule accounting for astronauts has arrived safely at the international space station the new arrivals will spend 6 months at the station and replace 4 other crew members will now head back to the space x. mission and lost it all from the kennedy space center in florida on friday using a falcon rocket and a dragon capsule that's part of the company's plan to make space travel. still ahead on al-jazeera in sport this young baseball star found the perfect way to pay tribute to his father and he is here with that story. to jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian global community when i talk about the
6:51 pm
misinformation i think we don't want afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are who would love to hear from you in the to be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there. i've worked at al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story you want to hear from those people who would normally not get the voices heard on the international news channel one they would all be very proud of was when we covered the poll of quake 25th to a terrible not sure design stuff and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time.
6:52 pm
it's time for the sports is andy thank you so much more in the last few minutes rafael nadal has gone through to the final of the barcelona rope in the 11 sam champion. and in public earn a boost in the last 4 no doubt will face the finest sits across in sunday's final he was a straight sets win here against italians 196 center the greek world number 5 yet salusa sets on clay this season. now liverpool manager you can clock has written an open letter to the club's fans urging them to unite behind the team liverpool of just drawn one more with newcastle in their 1st home game since the club's dalliance with that european super league it's a result that leaves them 6 in the table cop said the supporters were right so i've
6:53 pm
been upset but reiterated neither haye nor the place had been involved in the decision to sign up this was a great victory for football supporters he said i want to make this clear from the outset i agreed with their opposition i made this clear to our owners the part i struggled with is saying this club a place i love and i'm now proud to call my home trashed and done so in a manner which suggests no redemption is possible bat's i can't say. now chelsea 4th in the table level on points with west ham the 2 teams about supply each other chelsea journal know with brighton on tuesday the same night they withdrew from the simply. whose owners decision and it was a club's decision and now they change the decision and there's no need to to to apologise to me directly my job is to adapt to the circumstances and be distracted. for manchester united didn't have
6:54 pm
a game this saturday that hasn't stopped fans gathering at the trafford stadium the supporters are unhappy with the club's american i was the glazer family who made the decision to join the ill fated super league on wednesday the owners did issue an apology admitting it made a mistake. was the. similar scenes at arsenal on friday another english club with an american iona like united arsenal pulled out of the league after faced criticism from players politicians and of course fans the one man in gold protests the this is wrong i promised me to understand but i would also not some 20 year old lao yeah you know. a reasonable guy who followed dictated by what they've done to my house gone through the rest of it we went to where this plane rolled for the week off in the 1st place with priciest decided we were against the elite or against those last 3 carries wearing the
6:55 pm
little bit of the game we're going to forget that's a pretty big. deal for your college the way it would have council because that was a joke. well the nude of arsenal's fans unlikely to have been lifted by that seems performance on the pitch and i'm goal by their keeper burnell and i decide in the game against everton on friday that everton just about keeping their hopes of a top 4 finish alive arsenal that on a night they haven't qualified for the champions league now since $26.00 so. we knew that that was happening when we knew there were fires wanted to express their feelings and we made the preparations with that in mind and there's no excuse we love the game because in the end we had to define the game in the crucial moment when we had the openings or the chances no clear chances that we won and we didn't do that the brooklyn nets beat the boston celtics to take top spot in the n.b.a.'s eastern conference brooklyn were playing without injured stars kevin durant's and
6:56 pm
james harden but still managed to hold off a light charge by the celtics the nets carrier in clinching victory in a pair of free throws when the brooklyn ahead of the philadelphia 76 so. we know that we're not going to have it right away some games so we've just got to battle through and games are going to come down to the wire when you know they're either double or me or you know we necessarily can't you know we don't have any office gone for us so we can't really get a start on the guys that are having a big night we just got to find a way to combat it now tiger woods says reappeared on social media for the 1st time since his car crash back in february the 15th time when you went underwent surgery on french's to his lower right leg injuries to his foot and ankle the 45 year old saying is rehab was coming along los angeles police say excessive speed was the cause of woods's accidents. now he's still some distance away from ever doing
6:57 pm
anything like this again his 27 u.s. open win a grammy down competing at the zurich classic of new orleans the northern archon hitting a hole in one his 1st ever on the page 8 saw. the 41 year old saying afterwards he was just happy not to have his ball into the water . and a major league baseball star has paid an uncanny tribute to his father and i thought since june yes national security runs for the san diego padres exactly 22 years on from the day his dad famously hits a grand slams for the same facilities in the same meaning gets dodger stadium is that's achievements of not have been done before hasn't been done since june is often not quite so unique he did help me saying a 3rd strike victory over the los angeles dodgers. ok that is i suppose looking for lang sunday on that set from a mountainside this may sound a back in a moment with more of today's stay with us.
6:58 pm
in the fertile lands of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by war and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. and that
6:59 pm
stays for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. a jungle straightly an engineer is inventing tools to help people gain independence. i think that is all of that will. recognize objects on the same. vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science gal's on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country under spread of coronavirus appears
7:00 pm
far wider than anyone thought. leaders of southeast asia demand an end to bloodshed in myanmar and a return to democracy. by money in sight this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. emergency in india as patients continue to die because hospitals can't get enough oxygen to treat that co the 980 s. . argentina's.


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