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so they do not cross into argentine territory from this small margin tine all foodies can money for what's happening in an economic in the south zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. rescue crews to recover day brief from a missing indonesians submarine believed to be around 850 meters under the sea. i know of a very unforgiving this is our 0 live from doha also coming up another record day of covert 19 infections in india with hospitals reporting acute shortages of oxygen . libya rolls out its vaccination campaign but there are fears that it could be
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sidelined by political infighting or favoritism. and strong statements from southeast asian leaders as they discuss how to handle the situation in myanmar. we begin in indonesia where the navy has discovered the 1st signs of a submarine that's been missing for days alarms have been raised that oxygen was running out in the race to find the vessel now search teams have recovered a brief the submarine is believed to be lying at a depth of 850 meters it's believed that oxygen supplies ran out several hours ago $53.00 crew members were on board al-jazeera as jessica washington reports from jakarta. based on that debris which is evidence that they have so far they've concluded that they can now change the status of this vessel from sub mis to subs sunk now some of what they found includes the top ito launch pipe of this submarine
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this karen 402 as well as a plastic bottle with grease which is used for the use for greasing various parts of the submarine they also found sponges which are used to wipe condensation and they also found what appear to be prayer mats now according to what they found and based on this evidence they say that it's likely that there are cracks in the submarine because if there weren't cracks and this debris wouldn't have been able to have been found now there's also they've also confirmed that the spread of the fuel spill that they found in this search of the season around bali was around a 16 kilometer radius now they say that the submarine could have sunk as low as 850 meters below the surface of the ocean and in that instance the submarine is well beyond the capacity of what it was built to withstand authorities at this stage say that it's quite unlikely that there was an explosion on board the submarine because
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in the event that that happened they would have heard it now at this stage they say they are still exploring the possibilities for medical evacuations because they cannot comment on whether the crew the 53 individuals on board this vessel are still alive or not they say that evacuation process will be incredibly risky but they are trying their best with assistance from international partners including singapore and australia china russia of the european union are offering india equipment to generate oxygen so it's covert crisis work worsens really to dalston oxygen generation machines from germany are expected in new delhi in the next few days india recorded the world's highest. of new infections on saturday more than 346000 its health care system is nearing collapse with hospital short of beds and oxygen doctors say that turning away patients every day dr pedre cole is
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a cardiologist and back to a hospital in new delhi he says the government's priority must shift to health care . the situation in but there are supporters like any other big hospital in the city of delhi really precarious we were using about 8000. $1000.00 all for. joining because we needed it but then unfortunately in the last few days it has been reduced to about 200-1500 metres but days coming in with that is that you know patients lead to great trouble we have dropped then and discharged them we're telling them to find a different hospital if they can they can know we're giving them written instructions that we have short of the supply and when we try to bring up the supply at the supplier who has been supplying oxygen great read for the last 30 years
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consecutively they have put off their telephone cause the county emailed them obviously they don't have any oxygen i think that. they should be had here let us forget about elections that are forget about rallies let us forget the vote was going to be in which state because that has been going on for the last couple of weeks maybe a month we need to concentrate our energy how to get people oxygen how to use you know spatial rays in which you can you know make oxygen supply is from the drains on you know special tracks which are you know absolutely not interrupted only and squatted by police because you have to escort them with forces because of the demand when did is a so much of demand is a place little people tend to people tend to stop them in. you know give it to us so i think it has to be a c.v.s. multipronged attack on how to get oxygen and what i would oxygen specially. for
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making it is good you know to augment it as far out as possible you just. germany's sending europe is sending sending its very good that is welcome but we need to an expedient thing so that if the day we're losing people and the number of people dying i think we you know under reporting that is not there is not going to help us here us regulators are lifting a pause on the use of johnson and johnson's single shot curve a time team vaccine it follows a recommendation by the centers for disease control and prevention that says the benefits outweigh the serious but small risk 15 cases of blood clotting have been identified 3 were fatal rob reynolds reports from los angeles. after an 11 day pause to evaluate rare but serious side effects the u.s. centers for disease control and food and drug administration will allow the use of
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johnson and johnson's one dose coated 19 vaccine to resume an expert panel voted 10 to 4 to recommend resumption of the vaccinations without restriction for everyone aged 18 and over with these actions the administration of johnson and johnson covered 1000 vaccine can resume and. that's that f.d.a. will add more details to the health care provider and patient backseat including information about the rest of bonds have occurred in the very small number of people who have received johnson and johnson. out of here early 8000000 people who received the vaccine 15 developed blood clots and low blood platelets after their shot several became seriously ill and 3 died all the women but the expert advisory panel and health officials concluded the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risks and that new guidance for doctors could help mitigate any
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damage we found that for every 1000000 doses of this vaccine the james j. vaccine could prevent over 650 hospitalizations and 12 deaths among women aged 18 to 40 and this vaccine could prevent over 4700 hospitalizations and nearly 600 deaths among women over unlike the pfizer and moderna vaccines johnson and johnson's version doesn't require a 2nd dose and it can be transported without deep freeze storage jane jane and important backs in offering key advantages including in single dose options and its viability when the supply chain may not allow for. health officials say administering johnson and johnson. vaccine will resume almost immediately likely as soon as saturday robert oulds al jazeera los angeles the leaders of indonesia and
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malaysia calling for an end to the violent crackdown on anti coup protesters in myanmar the military has been in jakarta if a crisis talks with south east asian leaders general milne lyons participation in the ass end summit was condemned by protesters let's go live now to bangkok tiny changes keeping an eye on events from some statements of started to come in after that 3 hour meeting in indonesia tony what if they've been saying. indeed some fairly strong ones as prime minister said that the killings in the pants must stop he said political prisoners must be released unconditionally and there are now more than 3000 people who have been detained since the military coup and for the 1st we've also heard from indonesia's president to emphasize the developments since the coup had been unacceptable and cannot continue and he called for a special envoy to be sent to mediate in myanmar we've also just heard that singapore's
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prime minister lee hsien long said senior general minong lie is representative at this summit was not unopposed to some of these ideas he said that. role for us year and might be acceptable. to that and when in the delegation a visit by an r.c. and a geisha was discussed he was open to that and that asked and might be involved in humanitarian aid we also understand that there was consensus. in this meeting we do expect today to be to sort of blocs emerging led by indonesia malaysia and singapore but possibly some opposition from thailand and other nations within the grouping however we understand from president jokily that there was some consensus we don't know what that is yet because we want to wait for the secretary general to release the unified statement but it does appear that some kind of productivity has
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come from this despite the negative expectations that many people had before the s.c. and we are serious tony chang reporting live from bangkok tony many thanks indeed. a weather update on al-jazeera then guinea's capital it's a make over but it comes at a price for many families just hours from now russia will close a key access point to ukraine reach the black sea water you. the perfect journey. with. qatar airways hello there was seen a bit of a wet picture for china was quite a bit of cloud hanging around central areas you can see those showers that band of rain and cloud moving down towards southern areas and we'll see that rain in hong kong as we move into the next week 28 degrees there 24 degrees to shanghai with
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things looking drier along the coast and up in the north we are seeing pretty dry and fine weather for beijing we will get a bit of cloud coming in and some of those brisk winds blowing across as we come into monday things are going to cool down for the korean peninsula 22 degrees in seoul and it's a similar story for japan at the back end of that weather system we're seeing things cool down 18 degrees in tokyo but one area where things aren't cooling is central asia we've got temperatures above average for pakistan and afghanistan it's a similar story for central parts of india temperatures hitting the early forty's things are looking rather dry and hot up north of $36.00 degrees for new delhi it's down in the south that we're going to see these thunderstorms and showers affecting coastal areas of kerala as well as parts of sri lanka with $33.00 degrees in colombo. sponsored paul qatar airways
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this is one of them both are sounding their no logical revolutions in all of history make our planet pretty good we have to meet the c o 2 emission targets electric cars are made mitchum in russia and they need to be mine to where people are just talking about the soldiers if that's going to solve the problem at home and the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition it's the promise of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. hello again this is out 0 the main news this hour search teams in indonesia have
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recovered a bridge believed to be from the missing submarine the navy says that it will continue to search for possible survivors but it's believed that oxygen supplies run out hours ago china russia the european union are offering india oxygen generation here quickly as it's over 19 crisis worsens the health care system is close to collapse hospitals running out of beds it's oxygen. the leaders of indonesia and malaysia are calling for an end to the violent crackdown on mt cooper test as a man long military jointer has been in jakarta for crisis talks with southeast asian leaders. there's renewed tension between russia and ukraine this time at sea russia is closing access to the curch straits to conduct military drills on saturday this would be in violation of the treaty with ukraine russia took control of the strait when it annexed crimea in 2014 it comes as relations that appear to
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be settling down russia has begun to withdraw troops from the ukrainian border after a major build up over recent weeks and western powers were concerned that russia planned to aid moscow separatists in ukraine's east a cease fire was signed last year but outbreaks of fighting it become more frequent in the past few months we have 2 reporters covering the latest developments on either side of the see it as also struck 3rd is in mary a poll that lies in eastern ukraine and is a vital port city and bordered smith is overlooking the cut straight on the crimean side let's go to him live birds tell us the tell us about the closure of the cut straight later today and the significance of this passage of war zone. adrian over my shoulder is the bridge over the kurt strait built by the russians in the years after it occupied crimea in 2014 built to create
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a permanent land link between crimea and the russian mainland now from 9 o'clock tonight russia's navy is saying that the ukrainian navy will not be able to pass under the bridge and had to its port such as mari poll in eastern ukraine russia says it's for military exercises but these restrictions will be in place until the end of october so that's a vexed stream a long time for military exercises to take place and of course much longer than you might imagine they normally would it puts great restrictions on ukraine's navies ability to maneuver and it essentially cements really russia's control and ability to control the waters of the black sea around crimea and in the sea of us off and on land when does russia expect to complete the withdrawal of or its all its troops from the ukrainian border. driving here
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earlier today to crimea from russia we saw military vehicles moving out from this part of this part of the country russia says by may 1st they will have withdrawn the troops they want to withdraw but not not everything is being withdrawn one unit has been told to leave its armored vehicles at a campsite about sort of 200 kilometers from the ukraine from the russia ukraine border is to leave those vehicles there until autumn so there will still be a presence here and there is this naval blockade so again what russia c did with its military exercises was to assert and show its ability to control this area. now it's done not the exercises are over but there will still be a presence in this area. with overlooking the curch strait let's cross over the sea of hours off now charles stratford is in paul what are the ukrainians saying
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charles about the recent deployment of warships to the house of sea out of the closure of the straight to ukrainian and foreign navies. or the ukrainians have come out and said that this is a gross violation of rights freedom of navigation they say it is a violation of the u.n. law of the sea and they are calling it a major provocation of course let's not forget what's been happening in the last couple of weeks this huge troop deployment by the russians on the ukrainian borders as bernie was saying it's understood now that those troops have begun to be withdrawn but exactly to where remains to be see. this sea the sea of azoff supposed to have joint jurisdiction between the russians and the ukrainians an agreement signed in 2003 we were out with the merry apoel maritime work with the navy a couple of days ago out on the as old sea and we heard communication from russian
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ships russian navy ships in the area asking the maritime guard to keep their distance so they said because of the conditions that were on that day when you speak to the navy when you speak to the maritime guard here they say well this agreement was signed in 2003 a lot has happened since then namely obviously russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 and the ongoing separatist movement in the occupied what ukraine says is the occupied areas of eastern ukraine so the ukrainian navy saying that that agreement is no longer relevant and it's safe to say that ukrainians are feeling very much of a weakened been dominated by the russians yet again russia's president putin had invited ukraine's president to moscow to talk about bilateral relations and what does that mean in terms of possible movement towards some sort of lasting cease
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fire or political settlement. well very little at this stage as you say hussein invited zelinsky to come at any time to moscow to talk about bilateral issues he is refusing to talk about the issue in the east of the country don't last and crimea putin from the get go has always said that these is an internal problem for ukraine of course he's denied any kind of military support for the separatists in the east of the country but he is pushing the ukrainian leadership to speak directly to the separatists and that is something that ukrainian government have always refused to do and if you put it in the context of the mix to agreement which is the potful me if you like the series of proposals that was signed in 2015 by russia the separatists ukraine in the you know it's the that agreement is being seen pretty much as dead in the water it hasn't
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achieved anything it's always been described as being heavily weighted in russia's favor invasion is eventually a devolution of power in the separatist areas to the separatists which by default so critics say would give putin a veto on the eternal of phase of ukraine and putin of course is very happy so critics say to keep that called plates bubbling away because according to the nato charter. no country can get nato membership with an internal territorial dispute and we all know that ukraine is pushing for nato membership as soon as possible that seems a very distant prospect at this stage how serious chance trafford reporting live from mara paul in ukraine many thanks indeed. libya has begun its covert 19 vaccination campaign it's reported more than 117000 cases and then a 3000 deaths the health care system has been severely impacted by years
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a political turmoil and violence that is struggling to cope during the pandemic al-jazeera is manic trying to reports now from the capital tripoli. after years of conflict and another recent battle against a health threat officials in libya are happy to be launching their covert 19 vaccination drive this center in the capital tripoli has opened its doors for health workers and the elderly as part of the government's plan to curb the pandemic according to the national center for disease control libya has secured more than 400000 doses mainly from russia and to the un backed kovacs scheme. who started distributing the vaccine across the country the number of registered is now about half a 1000000 people priority has been given to health workers the elderly and in those with chronic diseases for those here on this day it's a sigh of relief most of the glances he has been careful since the beginning of the pandemic and only leave his house for essential items he says the vaccine should
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have come soon he already i've been feeling very bad lately there's been a surge with dozens dying every day and thousands of new cases unfortunately our officials are not qualified but today i feel good to see people and the elderly like me who have come to be vaccinated but i am half of the men but i've been staying at home as i've been so scared to get covered 19 we didn't think they would ever get vaccinated when they asked for people to register my daughter slimy up getting the shot now gives me hope our country can make it. libya has recorded slightly more than 173000 cases who many health experts believe the true number is much higher there are fears that the vaccination campaign could be marred by political infighting and favoritism the covert 19 pandemic along with years of conflict have had a toll on an already struggling health sector here but as the rollout begins many are hopeful that things will start to be better now traina al-jazeera. is ill and
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those poorest part of its recently reopened travel bubble with australia flights between new zealand and the state of western australia are on hold just city perth and a nearby region were put into a snap 3 day lock down it's in response to 2 people testing positive for covert 19 travel bubble arrangements are still in place between new zealand and other straightly and cities russia's president vladimir putin has backed a proposal by health officials for a 10 day non-working period in early may to curb the spread of the corona virus the health minister says the covert situation is stable but warns that it may worsen when people start to socialise more in the warmer weather russia has reported almost 9000 new cases in the past 24 hours well below the 29000 the day of the country's peak in december. all of my colleagues to listen to the opinion of specialists to virologists to those who are not just professionals in the area but
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who have also been fighting in fiction especially in the last year and have received such diverse an independent nation about cabot 19 if you think the measure to prolong my holidays is necessary then fine we will do so and today i will sign the corresponding decree more than 600 families in guinea have lost their homes in the latest wave of demolitions the government says it's part of a cleanup campaign to develop the capital conakry it's promised to compensate people but many say they've received no help. reports. it's a huge campaign to clean up going to keep in what the government says is an effort to develop guinea but in the process thousands of families are being evicted their homes razed to the ground i'm watching them we saw these machines come to destroy our houses dorms windows everything they said that they wanted to widen the roads because of that they destroyed everything many of the forced evictions are
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happening in the capital areas with a mix of small businesses residential buildings and informal dwellings. to get in government says the land belongs to the state and those living there are squatters even though many have proof of ownership. these satellite images show the extent of house demolitions in 200-1008 loan an estimated 20000 guineans lost their homes then and many more since the president alpha condé said people will be compensated but rights groups say it's slow to come and often people are left in limbo many of the people robin victim in conakry not only live in the house they have their business in the house shops and they might have the children going to school in the neighborhood and survive in the space of such a short time losing all of that and the government really has an obligation to make sure that it provides for the people being evicted so that they don't suffer in the process. residents complained they're giving very little notice before reduced to
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rubble. just 72 hours before. i had my 2 shops one was a store it's all gone now i have to live in a minibus they destroyed everything in a few seconds they leave nothing to the poor like me. is also running a small business from the bus and has so far not received any compensation. the government is likely to continue drive by the capital and rights groups say that without providing for people those living in poverty will only see their lives. but at the. armenians around the world excuse me are marking the mass killing of the people during the 1st world war a ceremony was held in armenia as capital got a van with the prime minister and president among those who paid tribute to the
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victims many and say the killings committed in the final days of the ottoman empire amount to genocide but turkey's government rejects that u.s. president joe biden has called on global leaders to work together on a transition to clean energy during the 2nd day of a global summit on climate change biden laid out how washington will achieve the target of cutting carbon emissions inhofe by 2030 he invited climate advisors and business leaders such as bill gates to look at what he called the valuable economic opportunities of tackling the crisis. we need to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies that allow us to eliminate emissions through out the physical economy 2nd we need to tap the power markets to fund and deploy these innovations for example by finding creative ways to finance technologies and by leveling the playing field so they can compete with fossil fuels 3rd governments and
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corporations need to adopt policies that will make it faster and cheaper to make the transition and leaders will need to reward those who take difficult steps or recycled space-x. capsule carrying for us to north has arrived safely at the international space station these a live pictures from the s.s. right now you're looking at the hatch through that space x. capsule which is open we're just waiting for the full members of crew to join the others they're going to replace 4 crew members who are now head back to worth the space x. mission possible from the kennedy space center in florida on friday reusing a falcon rockets and dragon capsule it's part of the company's plan to make space travel cheap ever wonder what it would feel like to disconnect from the world and hide away in a cave for a few weeks well 15 people in france have found out the group of french scientists and explorers emerged from a cave after spending 40 days inside they were in deep isolation without any sense
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of time the volunteers a part of an experiment on the pier in these mountains one which hopes to better understand how humans perceive time at how groups of people can adapt without it tiger woods has posted a picture of himself on social media for the 1st time since his car crash in february when surgery for injuries to his lower right leg foot and ankle the 45 year old said his rehabilitation is coming along essential east police say his accident was caused by excessive speed. it's good to be with us holloway 3 and for going to here in doha the headlines from out of syria search teams in indonesia of recovered a breach believed to be from a missing submarine the navy says that it will continue to search for possible survivors.


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