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you can check out just the way easily streamline the channel. plus thousands of our programs will be tweeting documentaries. subscribe t u g forward slash al-jazeera english. leaders from across southeast asia meet in jakarta high on the agenda how to handle a crisis and meow ma. hello i'm adrian from again this is our 0 live from doha also coming up india struggles to get a grip on the pandemic sweeping the nation of 1400000000 people as more died due to a lack of oxygen. all clear the u.s. health care regulators lift the ban on johnson and johnson's covert 19 vaccine. at
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a case of environmental racism people in the u.s. city of memphis up in arms over a proposed new oil pipeline. be a model military is in jakarta for crisis talks with southeast asian leaders general made online this participation in the summit has been condemned by anti kook protest leaders human rights groups and a newly established unity government in myanmar say that the invitation gives the general legitimacy. antique who protest as gathered outside the summit venue in the indonesian capital they condemned the months of violence against demonstrators it's been carried out by security forces at least 700 people have died since february through right the rights activists say the true death toll is likely much higher that's why the continued risks amid the crackdown people are continuing to march
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across me on wall hundreds of anti joints of protesters again but on the streets of the city of way. a correspondent tony chang is monitoring what's going on inside myanmar from neighboring thailand but 1st let's head to jessica washington in jakarta where. jessica just how much pressure will made online be under at this summit. well an incredible amount of pressure adrian the summit has just gotten underway we understand there are about one hour into this meeting the meeting is expected to last 3 hours and representatives from every country are present including the prime ministers of singapore vietnam and cambodia the president of indonesia who had the idea to call this meeting and representatives from special envoys from the philippines and thailand but of course the most controversial attendee is the representative off the military judge himself the military joint chief now as you mentioned there is controversy about
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his presence and many human rights organizations have condemned the decision to invite him to this meeting but some analysts from indonesia say that the only way to really put an end to the violence is to speak directly to the person who many say is responsible for sparking this situation and there is hope that our young may be able to achieve that today but there are mixed opinions as you have had a meeting earlier in the year of foreign ministers and they weren't really able to achieve any sort of consensus on this issue now where i'm sure exactly what's on the agenda at this meeting we understand that president djoko would giotto will deliver a speech to welcome the attendees but beyond that we don't know what will be discussed as this is much very much a closed door situation we do expect to hear from the indonesian foreign minister who will brief the media after this summit by the again we simply don't know what they will be able to achieve today if anything just
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a washington reporting live from jakarta thanks jessica that's brian todd teaching then in call cook what's going on on the ground in myanmar today and how is this summit being viewed. well in social media today people in myanmar been posting smashed pots there's part of a funeral right there which happens just before a body is transported from the home to its final resting place in the cemetery obviously people having a bit of a dig there gentlemen online but they've also been out on the streets again in the urban centers in yangon and mandalay they've been out on motorbikes offering them a swift exit when the security service is turn up but they've also been marching in large numbers on the streets up in the north think a chin state in the south in one state and state. very clearly trying to get the attention of c.n.n. saying they condemn sian's invitation to gentlemen onli but they also have 3 basic
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the month they want the people the students and the other people who've been arrested to be released they want recognition of the election result from november 2020 and they want that the military to step down it's unclear at this stage how closely leaders are going to be listening to those those calls but i think they're very definite they're the same calls that the protesters have had since the coup happened on february the 1st and they say they're not going to back down until they win tere zhang live for us in bangkok that only many thanks did or un ambassador who's an outspoken critic of the military and was sacked by the job hopes the progress can be made the u.n. hasn't recognized his dismissal he spoke to our diplomatic editor james pace whatever that did the asian made by the leaders of the earth. this should take into account of saving lives or in north and see valeant. buying the millet sieving
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lighter in north and sibilant in ma and a providing humanitarian assistance to the people in need. we need to stop the atrocity the inhumane act committed by the military this 3 point that the need to take into account whatever decision that they make it because it is fairly important saving lives in the sensibility is very important for the everyone that is there no burst. for the human kind please see live or in north and see 1000000000 that is the busy point that take into account one never did take that position you know that the commander in chief of me and why our military gentlemen on line is going to be attending this summit what do you want other leaders to say to him and is it as some have suggested time while the
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military are in control to expel or suspend myanmar from r.c.n. for now. you know the we the beginning what we want is the us the end should listen. to not only from the the military but also from the democratic forces so that you know but unfortunately anyone found the the national unity government was. no one from the national unity government was invited to the meeting. for the 3rd day india has recorded the world's highest number of new infections more than 346000 the health care system is close to collapse under the pressure hospitals are short of everything they had medicine and oxygen adding to this crisis of fire killed 14 people that a hospital in the hardest hit states and as it was elizabeth brought up reports now
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from new delhi. overcome with grief and anger this man and other family members of 14 people killed in the fire at this hospital in maharashtra state broke down as they confronted staff the place went through the intensive care unit or i see you from one of our 3 major unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was a lot of oxygen supply in the i.c.u. it was completely engulfed within 2 minutes. 2 days ago in the same state a lake and an oxygen tank killed 24000 patients on ventilators after their supply was disrupted many indian states are facing a critical shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in the capital new delhi distraught family members a struggling to find beds for their loved ones. i've been running around for
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a hospital to get my mother admitted since the 21st of april i visited all the hospitals in delhi they all say the same thing the beds and all debatable another patient my son is home who do i take care of i'm so stressed. reports of people dying because they can't find beds or oxygen are increasing every day this is one of new delhi's biggest private hospitals where the director said 25 people died in one day because of low oxygen supply the family of a 39 year old man who passed away says his oxygen was reduced without their knowledge and that his last words were please save me they also say they counted at least 45 bodies and that a catastrophe is being covered up the hospitals chairman says they've never had so many deaths in one day but he denies they were a result of oxygen shortage you delis leader has pleaded with prime minister that in the morty to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of oxygen to the capital after
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reports it was being stopped by bordering states. negativity towards her we can't leave our people to die we need people to understand that every life is important to us i appeal to you on behalf of the people of delhi if concrete steps are taken the city will witness a catastrophe. as started kramatorsk burial grounds work day and night the government has begun using planes and trains to transport the life saving gas. and elizabeth joins us now live from new delhi in this what's gone wrong with india's oxygen supply. oh dear it is simply because of the number of cases which have gone up exponentially to put the number of cases that we're seeing right now into perspective at the peak of india's 1st wave cases didn't quite reach 100000 that was in september the highest recorded was 97000 cases and at the moment for
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the 3rd day india has been recording more than 300000 cases the number of hospitalizations have gone up and so too has the number of people who need oxygen for the 2nd day in a row we've had a hospital in the indian capital new delhi saying that they have lost patients because of a lack of oxygen supply they say that 20 critically ill in the cove of 19 patients died because the oxygen delivery was 7 hours late and that 200 more lives at the hospital are at stake we've had another hospital so that they have had to discharge all 140 of the patients and tell their family members that they need to find another hospital and they are not taking any more missions but the problem is that when you go to hospitals here they are completely full we spent a day outside one of actually outside new delhi's biggest public hospital where family members arrive all day begging hospital staff to admit their loved ones
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and the only people who are admitted the only people that we could see being emitted are those who collapse outside now the situation is the worst in delhi at the moment because it's the worst affected city that there is a critical shortage of oxygen and least 12 states we're seeing people being moved because of oxygen running out and other states too and other hospitals and other states deaths being reported in the state of un job because of the same reason and so now the government that has been scrambling to use in planes and trains and trucks to transport the defense ministry has been airlifting most of the. oxygen generation plants from germany 23 plants from germany and the external affairs ministry has been passed with saul saying and importing as much oxygen as they can find but health experts also say that the government should have done this in the few months at the beginning of this year should have boosted their facilities when
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the numbers were incredibly loyal around 10 to 11000 a day al-jazeera is elizabeth for out of there live for us in new delhi liz many thanks indeed the weather next here on al-jazeera then more of the oxygen crisis in india we'll take a closer look at what has led to the shortages in many hospitals and we'll look at why there are fears libya's vaccination campaign could be marred by political infighting or favoritism. the weather pattern is stuck over europe at the moment there's activity around the baltic states this activity off the coast of portugal and in fact if you look at the shape it's sort of an omega the greek letter room it's called mimic
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a block which means this area of high pressure is sitting here it's blocking the movement of the patterns anyway so you get persistence of type which means persistence of winter in sweden in the baltic states and in finland and a bit of a cold breeze actually on the eastern side and persistence of rain on its way into portugal because that scene can't move very far either but in between the 2 high pressure spring sunshine temperatures are slowly rising as nice a mormon central western france you beat greece i have to say were necessarily losses stockholm's is only a slow rise in temperature we start off with more snow on the ground in stockholm on sunday again but bordeaux you do lose a bit of the heat boost and back 19 is where the average is or monday is rate increase slowly up from further sucks for north africa tunisia is should see a mostly dry saturday this some showers stuff likely in the far north america the winds are telling though and that might end up being a haboob drawing blowing out of libya and into egypt but especially for the south.
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frank assessments. what exactly happened. now taking for a situation like i'm not to believe he could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of we're going to us and this is a message to the region the united states appears rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story.
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well again this is al-jazeera the main news this hour myanmar's military jointer is a jakarta for crisis talks with southeast asian leaders they're expected to call on a coup leader meant online to end the violent crackdown on protests. u.s. health officials have lifted a pause on the use of the johnson and johnson corona virus vaccine following a safety review they say the benefits of the single shot jab outweigh the risks from a rare type of blood loss. and india has recorded the world's highest number of new infections again more than 346000 cases were confirmed on saturday the healthcare system is close to collapse with hospital short beds. and oxygen and let's take a closer look at india's oxygen shortage many experts have been warning about it for some time saying that medical oxygen is expensive and complicated to transport that's compounded pressure on
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a creaking health infrastructure now the courts have stepped in and judges in new delhi have urged the government to beg borrow or steal oxygen to meet the city's needs the government has begun diverting oxygen that was destined for the industrial sector to be used in hospitals while air force planes transporting large oxygen tank has to filling stations across the country are in a psych here is a journalist and senior correspondent for scroll which is an indian news website he says that an even supplies and logistical issues are the biggest problems. because i literally all you know gospel. i'm dying because there's not as in. india has indeed been the as a country and oxen that wyman's around ecology and mystic downs i know how it was supply of farms even q once industrial oxygen of just almost 7000 to 50 pounds and. metric tons of police are on foot i think i think guns the student. critical
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enough priests which cannot be without oxygen so it is a massive shock thought and a lot of that trifle as bit by the fact that transporting might be up to them oxygen is a complicated process and india is also running out of going to and those that used . oh i'm glad we took most of the east in you know the more effective is the not and gently india kids are growing up at the very latest and greatest and defeat unfortunately as i pointed out before you know if you do not often lands in the states when it looks to me high for instance. in u.s. capital delhi it's all we need you ought to be manufacturing capacity. meeting with the produce in the us not to state and you want to force effective it's going to. have been any need to then there is not a big state law just like the states and you know much but the issue which has no
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production of its own so that has really been bhangra problems. libya has begun its covered 900 vaccination campaign it's reported more than 170000 cases and nearly 3000 deaths the health care system that has been severely impacted by years of political turmoil and violence and a struggling to cope during the pandemic has been to try to reports from tripoli. after years of conflict and another recent battle against a health threat officials in libya are happy to be launching their covert 19 vaccination drive this center in the capital tripoli has opened its doors for health workers and the elderly as part of the government's plan to curb the pandemic according to the national center for disease control libya has secured more than $400000.00 doses mainly from russia and to the un backed kovacs scheme the. who started distributing the vaccine across the country the number of
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registered is now about half a 1000000 people priority has been given to health workers the elderly and in those with chronic diseases for those here on this day it's a sigh of relief most of the glances he has been careful since the beginning of the pandemic and only leaves his house for essential items he says the vaccine should have come soon he already said i've been feeling very bad lately there's been a surge with dozens dying every day and thousands of new cases unfortunately our officials are not qualified but today i feel good to see people and the elderly like me who have come to be vaccinated for them half the imagine but i've been staying at home as i've been so scared to get covered 19 we didn't think they would ever get vaccinated when they asked for people to register my daughter slimy up getting the shot now gives me hope our country can make it. libya has recorded slightly more than 173000 cases though many health experts believe the true number
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is much higher there are fears that the vaccination campaign could be marred by political infighting and favoritism. the covert 19 pandemic along with years of conflict have had a toll on an already struggling health sector here but as the rollout begins many are hopeful that things will start to be better now a trainer al-jazeera chablis. these ilands has poorest part of its recently reopened travel bubble with a straight up flights between new zealand and the state of western australia are on hold after its largest city of perth over there by region will put into a snap 3 day long down it's in response to 2 people testing positive for covert 19 travel bubble arrangements are still in place between new zealand and other historian cities. u.s. regulators are lifting a poor's on the use of johnson and johnson single shot 19 vaccine it follows a recommendation by the centers for disease control and prevention which says the
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benefits outweigh the serious but small risk 15 cases of blood clotting have been identified 3 of which were fatal reynolds reports from los angeles. after an 11 day pause to evaluate rare but serious side effects the u.s. centers for disease control and food and drug administration will allow the use of johnson and johnson's one dose coated 19 vaccine to resume an expert panel voted 10 to 4 to recommend resumption of the vaccinations without restriction for everyone aged 18 and over with these actions the administration of johnson and johnson's covered 1000 vaccine can resume and. that's that f.d.a. will add more details to the health care provider and patient backseat including information about the rest of bonds have occurred in the very small number of people who have received johnson and johnson. out of nearly 8000000 people who received the vaccine 15 developed blood clots and low blood platelets after their
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shot several became seriously ill and 3 died all women but the expert advisory panel and health officials concluded the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risks and that new guidance for doctors could help mitigate any damage we found that for every 1000000 doses of this vaccine the james j. vaccine could prevent over 650 hospitalizations and 12 deaths among women aged 18 to 40 and this vaccine could prevent over 4700 hospitalizations and nearly 600 deaths among women over unlike the pfizer and moderna vaccines johnson and johnson's version doesn't require a 2nd dose and it can be transported without deep freeze storage jane jane horton backs in offering key advantages including its single dose option and its
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viability when the supply chain may not allow for. health officials say administering johnson and johnson. vaccine will resume almost immediately likely as soon as saturday robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles russia's president vladimir putin has cracks a proposal by health officials for a 10 day non-working period in early may to curb the spread of the corona virus the health minister says the covert situation is stable but warns that it may worsen when people start to socialise more in the warmer weather russia has reported almost 9000 new cases in the past 24 hours that's well below the $29000.00 a day at the country's peak in december. rescue teams are continuing their battle against time to find an indonesian submarine that's missing with $53.00 crewmembers on board its supplies account run out search crews are working in waters around the
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island of bali with several other nations helping but a navy spokesman said there had been no progress. israel's army says that it struck an observation post belonging to hamas in the gaza strip israel says that it was responding to at least 10 rockets which have been fired from the palestinian territory and it's the worst cross border violence in months some were shot down by israel's. defense system there's been a 2nd by the violence there the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem israelis and palestinians of 4 with each other in the old city tensions have been rising since the police restricted gatherings during the muslim holy month of ramadan more than $100.00 people have been injured since day. turkey's economy is continuing to suffer from high inflation rates the new central bank governor says that type policies will continue until the rate goes down inflation
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has been on the rise since a failed coup in 20161 the us dollar is equivalent to more than 8 turkish lira now . saudi arabia is closing its borders to lebanese fruits and vegetables until further notice the decision comes after a $5300000.00 illegal pills were found in a public granted shipment going through jet a pause lebanon's agriculture minister says that it will be a big his with fruits and vegetable exports to saudi arabia worth something around $24000000.00 the. armenians around the world are marking the mass killings of the people that happened during the 1st world war is a live pictures from armenia's capital gallivan where the prime minister and president are among those paying tribute to victimise armenians say the killings committed in the final days of the ottoman empire amount to genocide the turkish government denies this. us president joe biden has
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called on a global leaders to work together on a transition to clean energy a jury in the 2nd day of a global summit on climate change biden laid out how washington would shave the target of causing carbon emissions in half by 2030 he invited climate advises business leaders to look at what he called the valuable economic opportunities of tackling the crisis we need to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies that allow us to eliminate emissions through out the physical economy 2nd we need to tap the power markets to fund and deploy these innovations for example by finding creative ways to finance technologies and by leveling the playing field so they can compete with fossil fuels. 3rd governments and corporations need to adopt policies that will make it faster and cheaper to make the transition and leaders will need to reward those who take difficult steps u.s.
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politicians and activists have been rallying against the construction of an oil pipeline in the city of memphis they say the pipeline threatens the drinking water of low income residents the majority of whom are african-american and it sounds as irresponsible ron paul over reports from tennessee some of called the proposed energy project a case of environmental racism. for months residents in south memphis have been fighting against the construction of an oil pipeline dorsey says she's worried over what it might mean if a proposed oil pipeline were to cut right through the neighborhood she's lived in for most of her life. while would be buying it the rule humanity behold there's a growing movement among the local population against the plans for the energy project the concern from activists like justin j. pearson is over the ground being proposed for the pipeline which is expected to pass over the memphis awkward for so one of the most severe negative consequences
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is to our environment they're planning to build a $1500.00 p.s.-i crudo a pipeline atop the memphis sandakan for what supplies drinking water to over a 1000000 people in addition to this they're building at the top an area that's the most seismically active in the southeastern part of the united states. the pipeline would also pass through box town a predominantly black neighborhood that critics say is already exposed to pollution from several nearby industrial sites in recent weeks a growing chorus of voices have spoken out against the project including at least 28 members of congress and former u.s. vice president al gore it is reckless racist it is a real we're trying to stop this i climbed it's called the i tell you i climb the memphis mayor just came out against it days ago which gave us all some great it encourage when the 2 companies i know believe the city with threats of lawsuits i do that everywhere even though they're legal theories are often nonsense but let us
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just standing up because the black citizens of memphis and they're not white allies are standing up to say no more of this and our middle races a controversial aspect of this pipeline and others like it across the united states is the use of nationwide permit 12 which allows phone. fuel companies to fast track projects like the behala connection pipeline the parent company responsible for the project valero energy corp did not respond to our request for a comment but the company has defended the project promising the pipeline will meet environmental standards manildra up a little al-jazeera memphis tennessee. this is al-jazeera adrian finnegan with you the headlines man. is into cost of a crisis talks with southeast asian lead.


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