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and builds a template for global action on climate change to see lose the climate dialing race a witness documentary on al-jazeera. desperate scenes outside india and hospitals overrun by record breaking corona infections and oxygen shortages. u.s. health regulators lift the poles on johnson and johnson's vaccine despite a small risk of blood clots. and d.n.a. in c.d.c. concluded it was the military in this so called from the system so he is in true occurring is very now.
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and sam is a this is our just here a live from doha also coming up international rescue or scour indonesian waters for a missing submarine despite the likelihood it's as supplies running out. will. enable. cries of environmental racism over the construction of an oil pipeline in the u.s. city of memphis. now we begin in india where the pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on the health care system for a 3rd day it recorded the world's highest number of new infections more than 346000 hospitals are short of everything beds medicine and oxygen
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and a fire killed 14 people at a hospital in the hardest hit maharashtra state from new delhi elizabeth brandon reports. overcome with grief and this man and other family members of 14 people killed in the fire at this hospital in maharashtra state broke down as they confronted staff the place swept through the intensive care unit all i see. the matter for me about unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air condition and since there was a lot of oxygen supply in the i.c.u. it was completely engulfed within 2 minutes. 2 days ago in the same state a lake and an oxygen tank killed 24 covered 19 patients on ventilators after their supply was disrupted many indian states are facing a critical shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in the capital new delhi
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distraught family members a struggling to find beds for their loved ones. well i've been running around for a hospital to get my mother admitted since the 21st of april i visited all the hospitals in delhi they all say the same thing the beds and all debatable another patient my son is home who do i take care of i'm so stressed. reports of people dying because they can't find beds or oxygen are increasing every day this is one of new delhi's biggest private hospitals where the director said 25 people died in one day because of low oxygen supply the family of a 39 year old man who passed away says his oxygen was reduced without their knowledge and that his last words were please save me they also say they counted at least 45 bodies and that a catastrophe is being covered up the hospitals chairman says they've never had so many deaths in one day but he denies they were
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a result of oxygen shortage you delis leader has pleaded with prime minister that in their morty to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of oxygen to the capital after reports it was being stopped by bordering states. negativity towards we can't leave our people to die we need people to understand that every life is important to us i appeal to you on behalf of the people of delhi it concrete steps are taken. the city will witness a catastrophe. and started climate or burial grounds work day and night the government has begun using planes and trains to transport the lifesaving gas elizabeth brannon al-jazeera new delhi. u.s. regulators are lifting a pause on the use of johnson and johnson single shot covert 19 vaccine it follows a recommendation by the centers for disease control and prevention is the benefits outweigh the serious what's more risk 15 cases of blood clotting have been
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identified 3 of which were fatal rob rounds reports from los angeles. after an 11 day pause to evaluate rare but serious side effects the u.s. centers for disease control and food and drug administration will allow the use of johnson and johnson's one dose coated 19 vaccine to resume an expert panel voted 10 to 4 to recommend resumption of the vaccinations without restriction for everyone aged 18 and over with these actions the administration of johnson and johnson's covered 1000 maksim can resume and. that's that f.d.a. will add more details to the health care provider and patient backseat including information about the rest of bonds have occurred in the very small number of people who have received johnson and johnson. out of nearly 8000000 people who received the vaccine 15 developed blood clots and low blood platelets after their
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shot several became seriously ill and 3 died all women but the expert advisory panel and health officials concluded the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risks and that new guidance for doctors could help mitigate any damage we found that for every 1000000 doses of this vaccine the james j. vaccine could prevent over 650 hospitalizations and well deaths among women aged 18 to 40 and this vaccine could prevent over 4700 hospitalizations and nearly 600 deaths among women. unlike the pfizer and moderna vaccines johnson and johnson's version doesn't require a 2nd dose and it can be transported without deep freeze storage j.n.j. is important vaccine offering key advantages including its single dose option and
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its viability when the supply chain may not allow for. health officials say administering johnson and johnson. the vaccine will resume almost immediately likely as soon as saturday robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. new zealand has paused part of its newly opened travel bubble with australia flights between new zealand and the western state the state of western australia rather on hold after its largest city perth and a nearby region were put into a snap 3 day lock down it's in response to 2 people testing positive for covert 19 travel bubble arrangements are still in place between new zealand and other australian cities in indonesia rescue teams are continuing their battle against time to find the submarine that's missing with $53.00 crewmembers on board it says supplies are calculated to have now run out search crews are working in waters
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around the indonesian island of bali with several nations helping at the request of the indonesian government we are sending airborne assets to include a navy p. 8 poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to assist in the search of the missing 70 secretary asked and spoke to the minister of defense of indonesia today to make sure he knew that this aircraft was coming and also turn make an offer for any other additional support or systems that the indonesian government might have indonesia is a good friend and a strategic partner we were all deeply saddened to see the reports about their so marine and our thoughts and our prayers are with the indonesian sailors the indonesian navy and of course all their families jessica washington has more on the search. at this point in the search hopes are beginning to fade for the crew on board the camera and for roche there is still no confirmation of the location
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of this submarine and the search effort is focusing around an oil spill in the seas around bali authorities believe that that area might be where the submarine began its descent before losing contact experts say that they are concerned that the submarine may have sunk a well below its well below what it was built to withstand that it may have been impacted by the pressure because it may have potentially sunk to a depth of 700 meters that makes it incredibly difficult for rescuers to try to find the exact location of this submarine despite all the resources that are being poured into this effort now we do know as was mentioned earlier the u.s. is assisting with this effort and the maritime aircraft that they sent has already arrived in bali a strangely a also has sent over the h.m.a.s. ballarat which is a quipped with sophisticated sonar capabilities as well as
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a and embarked sea hawk and they are already assisting with this process there are 16 into the navy vessels trying to coordinate the search effort and an indonesian vessel also equipped with sonar capabilities which was recently involved in the search of the java sea in the aftermath of a passenger plane crash in january is currently searching the areas but still no confirmation off the exact location of this submarine. leaders from southeast asia are preparing for crisis talks with me and mars military ruler general minong line will attend the 10 nation asiana summit in indonesia's capital joe carter his participation has been condemned by anti coup protest leaders human rights groups and the newly established unity government in myanmar say the invitation gives the general legitimacy now turning chang joins us now from
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neighboring thailand so tony any indication asian members are preparing this diplomatic mediation mission for me and mar well that's one of the things probably the major thing that's on the table we've seen the foreign ministers meeting. on friday evening that meeting is now broken up the leaders are assembling now and you can see we think what they're going to propose is an idea that was 1st put on the table by parliamentarians earlier this week which is that a special envoy might be sent from. to oversee what's going on i think in a sort of advisory but also supervisory capacity however the malaysians have warned that they wouldn't want that to be something that stalled the process of getting back to a democratic government again that may even be too much for some of the countries who are known to be close to. thailand and the thai prime minister himself is going
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to be there in person at this meeting so it's likely that we they will be pushing hard individually will have to wait until this evening to see collectively what they decide so out to you more you said how much pressure asian leaders expected to actually put on general ming online. well soon to be 2 blocks emerging singapore malaysia and indonesia will be pushing hard and have individually issued statements condemning the violence and urging the military to step back on the other side you've got the thais and they have been relatively quiet since and the fact that they're not turning up this weekend suggests they're not going to be pushing particularly hard. life thanks so much tony chang there israel's army says it struck an observation post belonging to a mass in the gaza strip israel says it's in response to 3 rockets fired from the
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palestinian territory how mass says it's responding to israeli police intervention at a mosque compound in the occupied east jerusalem which is wounded more than 100 palestinians earlier there was a 2nd night of violence near the compound in in east jerusalem tensions have been high over since police put restrictions on gatherings during the month of ramadan. around 130 people are feared dead after their boat capsized off the libyan coast while making the dangerous crossing from africa to europe at least 10 bodies have been found another wooden boat with about 40 people on board has been missing since wednesday still had on al jazeera. funerals held for chad's former longtime leader but this sasser is already facing challenges. and socialite you lane maxwell faces a judge for the 1st time since her arrest on sex trafficking charges. for
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the perfect gentlemen. sponsored point qatar airways. and there we often think of the middle east as hot and dry and it is that but you can't miss a tell from the basic temperatures were there anything different where they should be they are in tehran where up to 30 even 32 degrees at 10 above the average and it was this hot couple of days ago as well so that's above and there's certainly a bloom with a showing by this red throughout iraq atlanta was q 8 and then the into quarter of society doha misses out young sure which is a humid one here but those temperatures up to 4142 they last for a couple of days yet the breeze is enough i think to come together and produce showers in southern side of the yemenis map yemeni mountains the temperatures in the coast for example in lebanon they're down to where it should be even
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a bit below but interesting with an unusual weather is a bit further south off the coast of tanzania this indeed is a tropical cyclone job or what's unusual about it one is position basically you don't expect to see them here and this is how unusual it is we've seen 2 previous landfalling cyclers proper winds in to do damage as far as we can tell one in 872 and one in 952 if this maintains its strength heading towards dar es salaam that will be the 3rd and we don't want that. qatar airways argentina's war life is being jeopardized by industrialised agriculture and uncontrolled cattle grazing to resemble takes you want to journey into be a better national park to explore what's being done to protect nature and meet some of those determined to work on rewarding argentina talk to al-jazeera in the field
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is there no matter how we take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i want to now just 0 time to recap the headlines now india has reported the world's highest daily tally of infections for a 3rd straight day more than 346000 cases hospitals have critical shortages of beds medicine and oxygen u.s. regulators are lifting appalls on the use of johnson and johnson single shot code with 19 banks in it follows a recommendation by the centers for disease control and prevention says the
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vaccines benefits outweigh the serious but small risk. the search for a missing indonesian submarine is taking on added urgency oxygen supplies on board and now calculated to have run out and went missing with $53.00 people on board on wednesday. chan's long time president did the east a b. has been laid to rest he ruled for 30 years and was a close ally of france they died from injuries sustained on the battlefield last weekend his son. is now in power and will lead a transitional military council for the next 18 months the opposition are describing the succession though as a military coup it morgan reports from an germain. with these charts chads army and people said farewell to their former leader. 4 days after the announcement of his death
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a funeral service for the president of 3 decades was held in the capital's largest public square. it was attended by heads of neighboring countries senior regional officials and family. services the whole country and its people can feel my pain as a wife who has lost her husband in difficult times we've lost a country man and the head of our family. to me was exemplary husband guiding father and counselor all these characters and. we have lost their baby died from injuries he sustained fighting the rebel front for change and concord group in the northern region of can am coming to power in mind $190.00 after overthrowing his predecessor break his tenure was filled with rebellions as well as coup attempts after military council took over following debbie's death his son a military officer 37 year old mohammad debbie is now head of state the country's constitution parliament and government have all been dissolved and the charter put
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out to guide the country for the next 18 months. a dream studies that close a chapter in chad's history that lasted for more than 30 years but the one that's opening now is presenting challenges many opposition leaders as well as other groups have rejected having debutant as the new leader as the military council calls for dialogue others are calling for labor strike all this as chad faces threats internally and externally the rebel group has declared it will continue fighting and take over the capital. ted is also part of the g 5 sad countries involved in counterterrorism operations in lake chad and along the border with mali and nigeria before the funeral chad strongest ally france's president emmanuel micro met the military council and the g. 5 country leaders to discuss security. france will not let anybody question or threaten today or tomorrow child instability in territorial integrity. to ensure
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that the promise was made will be realized for all parties stability inclusive. and democratic transition this is what we want. many of debbie supporters who came for his funeral could not hide their grief and. we should be strong and not let this country go to waste we all morning but we should not forget that he died for this country so we should unite and try to make this country move forward . to the people we need to be united for the country's stability for the country's security and for its territorial integrity and not everyone is happy the military is in charge but they're open to dialogue so we should take that as not 1st debbie is being buried next to his father's grave in the eastern town of us and to the world he was one of africa's longest serving leaders who died in conflict to most of the opposition he was a ruthless leader who denied them a change in governance and to others in chad he will be remembered as the man who
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led the country during difficult times people morgan. turkey's economy continues to suffer from high inflation the new central bank governor says tight policies will continue until the hike goes down one u.s. dollar is equivalent to more than 8 turkish lira now inflation has been on the rise since the failed coup in 2016 u.s. lawmakers and activists have been rallying against the construction of an oil pipeline in the city of memphis environmental activists say the pipeline puts at risk the drinking water of low income residents the majority of whom are african-american and this man your apollo reports from tennessee some of called the proposed energy project a case of environmental racism. for months residents in south meant this had been fighting against the construction of an oil pipeline dorsey says she's worried over what it might mean if
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a proposed oil pipeline were to cut right through the neighborhood she's lived in for most of her life my bow. wow would be buying it the rule man may behold there's a growing movement among the local population against the plans for the energy project the concern from activists like justin j. pearson is over the ground being proposed for the pipeline which is expected to pass over the memphis awkward for so one of the most severe negative consequences is to our environment they're planning to build a $1500.00 p.s.-i crudo a pipeline atop the memphis sandakan for what supplies drinking water to over a 1000000 people in addition to this they're building at the top an area that's the most seismically active in the southeastern part of the united states. the pipeline would also pass through box town a predominantly black neighborhood that critics say is already exposed to pollution from several nearby industrial sites in recent weeks a growing chorus of voices have spoken out against the project including at least
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28 members of congress and former u.s. vice president al gore it is reckless racist it is a real we're trying to stop this i cloud it's called the i tell you i climb the memphis mayor just came out of yes days ago which gave us all some great it encourage when the 2 companies i know believe the city with threats of lawsuits i do that everywhere even though they're legal theories are often nonsense what lettuce is standing up because the black citizens of memphis and they're not white allies are standing up to say no more of this and our middle races a controversial aspect of this pipeline and others like it across the united states is the use of nationwide permit 12 which allows phone. fuel companies to fast track projects like the behala connection pipeline the period company responsible for the project valero energy corp did not respond to our request for
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a comment but the company has defended the project promising the pipeline will meet environmental standards manildra up a little al-jazeera memphis tennessee u.s. president joe biden has called on global leaders to work together on a transition to clean energy during the 2nd day of a global summit on climate change biden laid out how washington will achieve the target of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030 invited climate advisors and business leaders to look at what he called the valuable economic opportunities of tackling the crisis among them was bill gates governments and the private sector to work together we need to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies that allow us to eliminate emissions throughout the physical economy 2nd we need to tap the power of markets to fund and deploy these innovations for example by
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finding creative ways to finance technologies and by leveling the playing field so they can compete with fossil fuels 3rd governments and corporations need to adopt policies that will make it faster and cheaper to make the transition and leaders will need to reward those who take difficult steps british social lives get lane maxwell has appeared before a us judge pleading not guilty to sex trafficking charges she's accused of helping late financier jeffrey epstein recruit and sexually abuse girls shallop reports. looking frail and noticeably older elaine maxwell made her 1st in person a parents in a new york court since her arrest last year the 59 year old is accused of 6 trafficking having allegedly helped her friend an ex-boyfriend jeffrey epstein gruman 614 age girls in the 1990 s. and 2 thousands the victims lawyers 1st brought
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a civil suit against mex while 7 years ago or 2 years ago if steyn was arrested on 6 trafficking charges disgraced financier committed suicide in his jail cell a month later his accuses and now hoping for justice through mechs wells trial to be honest i was too afraid to come see me at the trial. and if this is a new feeling for me to be able to sort of and sit there and accept you know a lot and them yeah i do think that it it's hard to sit through it and it's painful but it's good to appealing for the next wells boys say she's not only innocent but describe her treatment in custody as a pulling i've never seen anything like it in 23 years of being a criminal defense and i've never seen anything like it how she's being treated it's the epstein effect it's the epstein effect she's being treated horribly
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because of the negligence and what happened to geoffrey epstein the victim's lawyers refute that i don't believe that there is any credible. evidence any basis whatsoever to assert that this maxwell is the fact. i think that a media blitz that the defendants are putting out. i do not believe that that is productive for them. i do not believe that that is fair to the real victims here maxwells lawyers will back in court on monday they will ask the federal appeals court in manhattan to grant her bio it has been denied. 3 times all we're asking for is a fair opportunity to fight this case and if she's given bail we know that what happened a 3 week trial is scheduled for july next will faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted of all charges. now for the 1st time
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a recycle rocket is carrying astronauts to the international space station the space x. mission blasted off from the kennedy space center in florida reusing a falcon rocket and dragon capsule this is part of the company's plan to make travel to the final frontier cheaper and the gallacher reports from florida. and launches from the kennedy space center in florida are among the most spectacular 3 to one. on friday mornings blast off did not disappoint this is the 3rd crude launch from space 6 in less than 12 months the 1st time the company reuse their fall can 9 rocket and dragon capsule using recyclable boost is designed to fly themselves back to earth is a cornerstone of space x.'s plans to make missions cheap and it took 10 years to get here to achieve this bold vision we have for commercial crew and again it has been amazing what the team has been able to accomplish say hi to the crew dragon
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resilience for us and let them know your rock is home safe on board the for us journalists from 3 nations around a 6 month mission to the international space station if all goes well they'll be welcomed on board the space station on saturday morning 12 a part of advancing human spaceflight and looking forward to. going beyond earth over to the moon and mars. and helping me carry humanity spacefaring civilization and. a multiplayer species one day for those eager enough to wake up early seeing troops spaceflights blast off from cape canaveral is a thrill human spaceflight resumed last year following an 11 year gap after the space shuttle program ended they keep that tradition alive and to keep technology going and to keep being able to launch from american soil is the main thing we went in with that a lot of expectation and it was cool it was really healthy to say that it was awesome commercial spaceflight is now entering a new era by successfully reusing rockets and modules space x.
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is making exploration economically viable later this year a mission will take for citizen astronauts into orbit the 1st mission of its kind in history and the gallacher of his era miami florida. the and. the and i'm sam it's a van with a look at the headlines here now dizzier now india has reported the world's highest daily tally of infections for a 3rd straight day with more than 346000 cases hospitals have critical shortages of beds medicine and oxygen and the fire is killed at least 14 people at a hospital in the hardest hit maharashtra state u.s. regulators are lifting a pause on the use of johnson and johnson single shot with 19 vaccine it follows a recommendation by the centers for.


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