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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations How To Sell A Massacre P2  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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dollie people are being detained for peacefully march here posted to stanford we are the traveling the extra mile we're out of media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. i 100 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria and these are the headlines india has reported the world's highest daily tally of covert 9000 infections for a 2nd day in a row more than 332000 cases on friday hospitals have critical shortages of the basics beds medicine and oxygen and a fire killed at least 13 people at a hospital in the hardest hit maharashtra state from new delhi was about purana reports. overcome with grief and anger this man and
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other family members of 14 people were killed in a fire at this hospital in maharashtra state broke down as they confronted staff the blaze swept through the intensive care unit or i.c.u. from one of our favorite made our unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was a lot of oxygen supply in the i.c.u. it was completely engulfed within 2 minutes. 2 days ago in the same state a lake and an oxygen tank that killed 24 covered 19 patients on ventilators after their supply was disrupted many indian states are facing a critical shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in the capital new delhi distraught family members a struggling to find beds for their loved ones. well i've been running around for a hospital to get my mother admitted since the 21st of april i visited all the
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hospitals in delhi they all say the same thing the beds and all debatable another patient my son is home who do i take care of i'm so stressed. reports of people dying because they can't find beds or oxygen are increasing every day this is one of new delhi biggest private hospitals where the director said 25 people died in one day because of low oxygen supply the family of a 13. 9 year old man who passed away says his opposition was reduced without their knowledge and that his last words were please save me they also say they counted at least $45.00 bodies and that a catastrophe is being covered up the hospitals chairman says they've never had any deaths in one day but he denied they were a result of oxygen shortage you delis leader has pleaded with prime minister that in their morty to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of oxygen to the capital after reports it was being stopped by bordering states. we can't leave our
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people to die we need people to understand that every life is important to us i appeal to you on behalf of the people of delhi a concrete steps are taken the city will witness a catastrophe. has started kramatorsk and burial grounds work day and night the government has begun using planes and trains to transport the lifesaving gas elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. in the u.s. regulators are lifting a pause on the use of johnson and johnson's single shot target 19 vaccine this is after recommendation from the centers for disease control and prevention it says the vaccines benefits outweigh the serious but small risk and the 8000000 people in the u.s. are received it and health officials have so far flagged 15 cases of blood clotting 3 of which were fatal. the search for a missing your indonesian i'm sorry a submarine is taking on added urgency oxygen supplies on board are calculated to
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have run out it went missing with $53.00 people on board and weapons to 130 people are feared dead after their boat capsized while making the dangerous crossing from africa to europe rubber inflatable was spotted by a humanitarian vessel on thursday northeast of tripoli at least 10 bodies have been found jael russian opposition leader is ending his hunger strike after $24.00 days in the valleys supporters and doctors that urged him to end the protests due to his deteriorating health another night of violence in occupied east jerusalem israeli and arab activists and palestinians have been involved in acts of violence against each other in the last 24 hours more than $100.00 people have been injured since the violence began on thursday those are the headlines on al-jazeera the latest edition of al-jazeera investigations starts right now.
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i. in episode 2 with how to sell a massacre polina hanson's one nation party is in america it's. called. the will sure if. they're in search of millions of dollars from the us come they'll be the sort of number you guys seem to think i'm to get 10 obs one. they want the cash to buy control of democracy in a strange. chair because i think. we can help. with the rest of the gulf and i handed every different side the only way
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for us to stay free was by having whatever cuts to tax cuts. one should use coached by the national rifle association on how to make history and spun believe they need more guns now to break down the narrative so that people will react to gun is it to make it is something you need in a. jealous feeling you. need to have every single school in america look me in the des moines next program and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns are going to change and change. us but messaging out there will be people out here even at your stand one nation one state mission to america to be kept secret. of the public of public lives or you've got to work for a lot of looking up a new. thing that may have been a good light at the time maybe about this something you cut. and they visit one of
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america's wealthiest political donors month in china but a couple of months ago we have 8 weeks of momentum revulsion on toughness of magic . previously in how to sell a message of good i would say it says diana just released one nation party arrives in the u.s. capitol but a very busy way coming up. the mission to make friends in america's multi-billion dollar gun industry and to source millions in political donations while they're at it. for the country. one nation has asked this man roger to help set up key meetings in washington. roger is the public face of gun rights astray an organization calling for the
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loosening of strict gun laws live. to hear birds entering a meeting the 1st their annual meeting as freddie's gun laws would tighten following a messenger in the town of course alpha a gunman killed 35 people with and 15 assault rifle. automatic and semiautomatic guns were banned in a struggle in what became known as the national firearms agreement hundreds of thousands of tons were destroyed since not in 96 and 0 mass shootings of people that's not new to the asylums instruct. the n.r.a. fia's there's a strenuous lose mains fire american politicians to follow suit it's the left wing anti gunners who literally point to australia using the mainstream media as the shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation raja's connections to the us gun lobby have led to one nation's in a circle. the party's chief of staff james ashby hopes gun lobby donations can lead
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one nation to electoral victory. would be. if we took to 6 you do not have a record that today many. you a 20 you're on a lot of house and you don't know that it never. gets yeah. but roger isn't who he claims to be he's working undercover for me peter charlie. i'm a reporter from al-jazeera investigative unit we created gun registration as a front to infiltrate the pro-gun lobby and to understand how they operate by guys . day one here louisville and there are a conference they soliciting the season. over 3 years roger filmed with concealed
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cameras. can you go the hundreds of hours of hidden camera recordings. and yeah you. can out of those very very live where i work. at the hotel in washington d.c. the one nation delegation relaxes with broacha as it prepares for potentially game changing meetings with the gun lobby. and the happy that the media is well out of sight. only thought i doubt the truth about senator bayh and i got that i'm going to do it and see that's why you went up so it was like you know it stuck. james ashby is a key political strategist and chief of staff for the right wing party. he wants
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the n.r.a. to provide one nation with its electoral clout and know how to. use or rather. that's one stock to up to to behave themselves. it's really developed this week for folks who. are going to circle. his colleague steve dixon dreams about what he do with lots of money living like a drug lord with an arsenal of guns. i'm going to have a rather fewer emissions and you are not the ones tony progress on the ship that we went. right through to push everything to the because of. the of the guns and everything but this that's what if they tell you it should stop it and we can protect themselves just because. dixon leads one nation in this trillion state of queensland and is a candidate for the senate in the upcoming federal election. he has
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played a key role in helping reshape one nation's firearms policy. we have one policy in life. what he wants one plan to make things better for registered shooters want to acquire one. town fence vote on said. we're on your sawed we want you to be all for shooting the best you can. in an interview for the gun rights astray your website the one nation county leader said today's gun laws make the innocent move phone rable only jane is taking a nap and dancing to fatten gin papal connection allowing for most to actually have the firearms. for years pauline hanson has been pushing a populist anti immigration agenda. i believe we are in danger of being swamped by asians outlook on. her publicity stunts including wearing
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a burka to poem and have led to accusations of racism because this is not. what should be alone in this comment. everyone male and female should have some knowledge and have a handle on. i am how to protect themselves because i don't trust our government's failure to do it for us. what do we say here it would probably translate their we say that the right to protect and defend yourself is a god given right. the one nation visitors a being schooled in public relations by the n.r.a. his media liaison team. just for him mortenson of his an argument for gun ownership that can be used beyond the united states the right to protect and defend yourself exactly now despite a hostage believe doesn't come from the constitution determines just guarantees us
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but it can to god. if you're it person or so you share as a right it's a god given right. one of the p.r. team's biggest challenges is how to respond to a mass killing. the biggest one in recent years was the newtown shooting where the little children got shot at an elementary school. there's somebody shooting in here did you know. i had like 7 loud booms and it didn't he just told us to go in the corner. so carry on. really jean children are pronounced dead at the school there were 2 they were transported to area hospitals were pronounced dead at area hospitals. and. people are now asking when there will be a debate about america's gun laws. the press was how he and how he this
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organization for some hope he would make a statement like call it may very common law right that's what the end and the organization what they'll be debate they'll be delayed the n.r.a. will say this is not the time to talk about it of the 26 murdered at the sandy hook elementary school 20 with children aged 6 and 7 the gunman used an 15 assault rifle near the chechen anybody who went on the ground mr martin is close to the door and he went to the corner 1st graders. and no time. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and then decisions like responding office kinds of shooting are happening at the very highest level and they were not responding not responding. whilst some of tried to exploit tragedy for political gain. we have remained respectively
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silent. and when mark here held a news conference in which he basically said we're holding pla we're not going to cave in. now. we must speak. for the safety of our nation's children. politicians passed laws for gun free school zones they post signs advertising. and in doing so. they tell every insane killer in america. that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum am with minimal risk. however nation's priorities gotten so far out of order. our society is populated. by an unknown number of genuine monsters.
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people that are so deranged so evil so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend. when we're not here to the press conference i thought they're going to come out and say this is a mental health problem and the n.r.a. recognizes that and we are going to put in a $100000000.00 into mental health research and supporting mental health services to the wrong people don't get guns. we need to have every single school in america immediately deploy a protection program proven to war and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns more guns ching ching ching ching ching sic we can say it's not it's so sick. because people are dying.
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an hour a reacts to criticism by trying to generate positive stories about gun ownership it tells one nation that the 1st step is to co-opt willing reporter. you have somebody who maybe police to your son. worked at a newspaper was over in city hall were fired were. lost oh sod it fuzzes feeding reporters information they need to write junk princely stories. will turn up stories about people who were robbed at or b b whatever might be that good bit of how they got it done and that's going to be able to words and that's where his daughter is going to go to file louis. to make sure you set up let's carry a pro-gun message and i raise p.r. to ghostwrite articles for them. will pinch guest columns in the local papers a lot of times will write down for like
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a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever anyway he'll drafted or she will help distract it will do a lot of the late work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming fall that we will have a role behind this. campaign it will be fine it's been validated to me in this is for many years is the arms innocence stories these are or are members of life in order to send us a new slate from their local t.v. station where students and uses of firearms protect themselves or something else. we start crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an upper darby cop and if it wasn't for the good samaritan stepping forward he'd have been dead meat. he's our little storage and there's sort of little snippets here one cashier at
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a local convenience store i was fire on like protecting style. these stories happen every single week and you'll never hear about them from gun grabbers when you see these stories sheriff. those are good because they're short and they kind of get you outraged in college the outrage of the week. is drawing. gangs are important to astronomers coming into their house i suppose that's true every time there's a story there. are games coming up with baseball. thing with issue but there may be a tweet or facebook voters but are not allowed to own their home to defend their. guns save lives gun control does not that's despicable in the same way the back going to street told you you're not going to get cancer if you smoke my
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cigarettes they lied to you and we know they lied to you. and you want to put messaging out there don't you people out. easy to understand the n.r.a. till's one nation to engage members with a simple message exploit anger and fear when you start talking about issues that get too complicated and think too hard i lost their lives and they can get a life the american flag on my thoughts we all get out that easy. this threat is real our leaders are either in tripoli or unwilling to protect you there is no better fire on the from their homes against realistic threats than a ar 15 semiautomatic it's easy to learn and easy to use it's accurate and true why. why can someone and they are 50. you can't legally own a tank in america you can't legally own a r.p.g.
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you can't legally own a nuclear weapon why do we have restrictions on the. we can never say well look at us we never say it's a gun it's all right it's a right call. viral the key thing is that. it's dangerous but when you look at a lot i assault rifles. 4 people drown. and they are 50 is one of the most effective tools available to protect yourself and your family get trained and learn how to use it your safety is in your hands. that they are 15 is the weapon of choice for a mass shooter and that weapon should not be on the streets of this country. the same weapon used next to pursue use next to a tank next to a r.p.g.
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in war m 16 a r 15 the same weapon one can shoot faster with the trigger held down when you've got to pull 100 times in a minute the bullets the same the damage the same the brazed a blow out is the same the heart that explodes is the same the bullet it's it the organs that separate are the same. let's look at the gun felt. they were and don't. call him a minute ago and. dixon till's a salesman that semiautomatic weapons including the 15 were confiscated in a stranger following the port arthur massacre. on the 4th. a while before. that around on.
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the floor. the salesman had his own story about johns and politics what we've seen with truck getting elected into office jails if there has been a rise of nut jobs like there's a lot more scary people on the learning process not of people that think whether it's true or not they feel like they're in a much more than leave political climate so they're coming out of the woodwork staring a lot of people. threatened to. you feel by john's the whole day one comes. you're going to go for that meeting buying guns for the 1st time we're getting really you know buyers might already buyers we've got a lot more they'll be too cute. as we all are recognizing are you going to they're in more danger there. or exactly themselves i mean it's not you know my dad and nash not. my gun or not my kid. dixon meets
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a woman whose experience he believes will resonate to destroy you because they actually entered that it's good. he later recounts his story which he thinks could be used to inspire women to themselves back on. she got 100 by a documentary have to. be a little ball of. this is there if you give me and but that's not on purpose. to protect them. like you were to tell me if they. were going to that. you know. how undercover roger discovers that the fear of being attacked even obsesses members of the n.r.a.
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. better be carried out and. they don't have guns. weapons in case the guy gets. their security guard. brandy graham is a senior federal lobbyist for the n.r.a. . she fears her office will be still going to come in how difficult. but there will be i think the new person if they don't have parents if you're unstable why would you want to run and when you think this they can if that would be crazy to you. and really matter to grow up never get on it do you think you never. graham says she feels vulnerable wherever she goes when i get on a plane there are thinking you go down 93 i mean i mean i didn't want to know. if they if they asked back but there are weird i might know that you know come and
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get it. put back out. the next distant nation for the one nation team is an organization representing gun manufacturers in america. they discuss their constant battle against anti gun campaigners. to. ash. i doubt trench. larry keane is the senior vice president of the national shooting sports foundation were. you can't image. that. dixon says they need to work together to combat the rise of political correctness for throwing it out how. to kill the culture of islam akio was actually the series
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. was the republic of. god at work law called. for. the organization includes gun makers retailers and distributors. how do you conclude our prayers edict get those people to burn it just fits for it it's. the foundation c. as women as a key to making guns power acceptable. it was ok with him. then they were telling us if the market was against you that's just like that side. of the last yeah how about their lives are going to be a lot you know you gotta get. here yes ma was. in power to one nation lays out a strategy for how to introduce soft a gun bill was industry or. something we want you to. help foster was
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the trust you have a lot is your 1st name. used to the private. and party leader pulling hands and talks about going to america herself to meet gun lobby contacts there in that white. yeah i got. to see you a family man. politicized by the forces of nature. still noble for years. a kenyan farmer and documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change to see the climate dial east a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the
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showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al-jazeera. part 2 of al-jazeera investigates in a moment but 1st a check on the headlines india are reporting the world's highest daily tally of infections for a 2nd straight day more than 332000 covert cases hospitals have critical shortages of beds medicine and oxygen and a fire has killed 14 people at a hospital in the hardest hit state in harasta u.s. regulated regulators meanwhile are lifting a polls on the use of the johnson and johnson single shot coated vaccine as follows a recommendation from the centers for disease control and prevention and says the
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vaccines benefits outweigh the serious but small risk health officials have so far flight 15 cases of blood clotting 3 of which were face or after hearing the deliberation of the advisory committee on immunization practices c.d.c. in partnership with the f.d.a. is recommending that administration of the johnson and johnson orianthi and vaccine resent to be clear we are no longer recommending up hans to the johnson and johnson vaccine i support the if the iraqis recommendation that the johnson and johnson coping 1000 back scene be used for persons 18 years of age or older in the united states population under the f.b.i.'s emergency use authorization and i have signed this recommendation of the headlines in the search for a missing indonesian submarine is taking on added urgency on oxygen supplies onboard are now calculated to have run out and went missing with $53.00 people on board on wednesday. around $130.00 people are feared dead after their boat capsized
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off the libyan coast while making the dangerous crossing from africa to europe at least 10 bodies have now been found the jailed russian opposition leader alexei navalny is ending his hunger strike of 24 days novelli supporters and doctors urged him to end the protests today was deteriorating health there's been a 2nd night of violence in occupied east jerusalem israelis and palestinians of fought with each other in the old city tensions have been high ever since police put restrictions on gatherings during the muslim holy month of ramadan and the british socialite guillen maxwell has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges involving the late to finance the jeffrey epstein maxwell appeared in a new york court in person for the 1st time since her arrest last july she is accused of procuring underage girls for epstein to abuse. and once again you know up to date with the headlines.
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the one nation team is back at the national rifle association headquarters. after trying to break down the narratives of the people's reaction to gun use in. the meeting played caroline whose role is to galvanize the n.r.a. has 5000000 members to vote for pro-gun politicians. so we're trying to identify that speech part of what a secular minute vote would look like so we can deliver a 2nd member admission that specific an amendment to the constitution gives all americans the right to carry guns in many states the 15 assault rifle for self-defense logoff with coffee over your house just prior to your but was childish on the list naughty she just like when you have snow you automatically come in and. those guns were banned under restraint is national firearms agreement
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following the port arthur massacre of all the an unrealistic goal to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market what it does it improve the lives down on a daily basis it does demonstrate make him not in again and start making a difference with the belts and tell. her simply that maybe we have the testicles of the government in our hand at every given thought i. have guns and scale of things to keep the end will be all for the time my children we still have to try to be able to shape. caroline suggests to one nation that owning a gun should be presented as a matter of personal freedom. there is me while special women telling him you don't have to iraq should just go with the government tell you it can't be that choice that right now you really don't have enough been legislated away. the n.r.a. and pfizer's to one nation's campaign should focus on getting dismiss each to
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targeted sections of the population because he isn't so you get them ask for 25000000 people the key is give them to the right segment of occupation it's clear who people take that message and her acting funny how many are like candidate to sure that a lot of it takes a lot of we are our next on technology so what a shocking approach where anything is everything a rifle shot so it sounds like i want to reach out 1st and foremost people like by themselves as supporters and activists then as i have time and resources all expand that to be. the one nation visit his plunder the advice they've received on how to sell a pro-gun message. on stage and why you should have to. follow those guns and trust you have to ask me if it didn't used to the 5.
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it was still to come and get to. be let's hear all the men and women's shooting right there and sasuke 50 are there and what i did i was the one taking stock of the arab women. if. you really want to know the curse and how to treat reminder the fuck down properly. if. you got a cookie jar you know what kind of year. you are going to make it go up to you. it's going to be an issue. is going to be solved going to go so.
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we're given our readers a marriage that's clearly what we want the driver to be on the critical areas that we're. in a mess we're going to change us on station you've got children on we're now on we're god's moche. which will have to do. identify your child. if you're confident feel your child. rushing eulogy for your child. attend a service fee you charge. in every child. because that's. that's my reality and that's what the general public. is concerned. they're
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not concerned raj it's. all all all. amazing all of the n.r.i. museum in the in order to stop the stop here from bob one bill there is. weapons you've got roger this museum is really really incredible dixon is enthusiastic about guns but he knows it will be a hard sell for these strange people to accept the dismantling of firearms laws. shootings nor a bad thing into a white thing and to die in australia we use it in the olympics the come welcome to and we should be in touch in young people to live how to shoot it's quite short.
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it's ok if he's gets hurt. walks so tough that's that's really it's a tray of fish or of the great sport dixon doesn't plan to till the is trillion public and one nation is considering the repeal of the national firearms agreement he suggests the law be whittled down if i did want to go through the end of the journey or do you want to stop the rest of you from the life. or the of it. not it's not enough to stop us. taking it tight right now aside if you do something with a number you get another piece of bread and a blunt. really even with roger claiming to support american style gun laws dixon in fine seem difficult shape one nation's firearms policy. you know what bullshit the guns are with. where you can get a yeah. they're
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not. as if you $1500.00 a hip gathering dixon and ashby mixed with some of washington's most powerful gun lobbyists. and the often you know more people told by god to leave and go on to be done stand together we thought was the better for you push. your man dixon is now clear on the language that cuts through in america's wealthy pro-gun community. and you better get that done we don't have the 2nd amendment in act now . that i know about at it. as they speak as selection is just months away. dixon tells roger that if one nation wins the balance of power it would be like the party
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holding a gun to the strain in government and. the need to understand about health care is the headline and on no to the back of it that's where it i want you so i. think you get. to them that i get a much quieter the government would then be compelled to pass laws that one nation wants. better one where we are we've got to really put a lot of my company. that we don't have that. i don't attack well. members of the gun lobby offered to help stop it and we make sure that you never know. i'd never want you to go down and that's why i never want you to profit walked over here to somebody i merely for a listen to this i got to go but i'm still i believe that
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yeah they're. going to hear you through and you will get them to know so i want you to know you know i don't expect personally when i have to write a check up if you know what it wants i'll give you 100 bucks right now no. dixon issues those around him that he will do what they want and change the strangest gun laws we're going to stop. we're going to fall off oh no we're not going. there yet without. dixon he's given advice on how to pave the way for those changes here is here to do just doesn't go anywhere except off get help from us gun manufacturers. have you ever gone to america have you ever gone to your if you want if you need to sit down and be a scout right yeah. he suggests that one nation till gunmakers the amount of money
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they'll make eat fish stray use firearms laws are changed. next year they're going to send literally your next door to want to make off dollars with the father who thought so although we're really the 1st to go off they would. remove it if it got much in all those people are going to give you 15 for anything and. to make jungle was presentable he suggests a degree of deception. and at that point we have a $2000000.00 campaign to get money and she writes not get rights you're never going to put a gun rights do not ever touch gun rights on your and think about your eyesight brought out in fishing rights were to get there. you're going to pass it and you go how could i want to go. along you know what you just said to me all my life. you are good man you go it's going to i read my what i want to. welcome you are
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absolutely going to one nation announces it has a meeting lined up that week with for interesting to observe the energy giant koch industries. go to about what you are the body builder group or the big dog you can do more voted with they discuss what industries might expect in return for a donation. who we don't encourage you to so you will one of the going to war either think about what you need to. be to just about anything where you need. to be looked up the car bomb as well i believe well that up early the election. but every night the shell of which come here are 5. 1000 chickens and that put 500. it goes toward another q i mean the series was between the large and the gone from 45
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the goal to reach but if we get to the point where we can talk about figures what sort of number seem to think it 10 nods to one. if sorry. it was in the. inside the cook offices dixon and ashby suspect that he'd microphones may be used by their hosts to record the discussion they give raja would have advice if you sharon if you rob even did you really don't. care to go on a bit. special. i know you and i gave you good. raja mouth on the one off here we make records triple the meeting with the team led
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by catherine hackett the rick to river federal affairs a coach industries. and a full much employee of the n.r.a. . in his speech the money dixon makes a remarkable author one of the electoral process in a strange if industry skips the money. watch and it helps me that he's going to get out yet a. tough on when you can chime in and hungry like you want from the money we have need of money to senate and she. was person called for that person. green so there we. were ready. to act not for mayor but your election i mean i think. rules regulation. so i don't knock a player straaten sir. but culturally how that's viewed what sort of money you're
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allowed to pay. how we understand that there are no set limits on the actions. we're not not well there is reporting russia anything out of $10000.00 in a very large must be one of that's recorded on the website by us by the public good look at. it. i think that i've seen is money should not have an influence in our. scene as well so i believe fined and i should be stopped and tried playing. 10 weeks out to the one nation meeting with koch industries the astringent synod change the move and bend foreign political donation. center to hanson voted in favor of the ban. this no big open eyes sanctions set tonight to one nation i can assure you that it's been the
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hard work of having the fission ship meetings so we actually have something sizzles . i will. all and wire. you know potentially there's interest and you and there's some other bokes. with the prospect of a food the meeting dixon leaves feeling upbeat. cautious your thoughts on. the following day the delegation discusses rogers role in pushing through changes to the bill. don't you have to work to get your very strong stuff. that's the frost right that's
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a clue for it's something we've got from 3 on. they would through the challenges one nation would face if the gun lobby comes through with funding. channeling that cash through rogers group gun rights a stranger would be a problem. he gets money if it's close enough that. it is good for the local government. where they fought so hard for its right but koch industries could provide a more sophisticated option. over. there. really has served. to. get. the koch empire includes a sort of byzantine set of groups that have been set up to influence politics and
4:50 am
to spend money on politics but without having to disclose where the money is coming from and the koch brothers were really pioneers in this area and have set up a very complicated networks for money to get into the political system you. know there's not much. work inside it. but. i've heard it described as a daisy chain. with one group giving to another group to another group and sort of multiple layers of anonymity for the donors. and always circulating the money so that the law isn't here to technically but that's perhaps the letter of the law not the spirit of the law. should be warns roger to be careful when he communicates about the one nation. trip to washington. i think
4:51 am
erotic. was that rice used. in citrus well on any where you see. this fish if it is that since it shows. he's worried about america's experience with foreign ministry in elections. all up so that. the russian is. now in the same spot on the soapbox just off to bring something broader ashby doesn't want to stray journalists to find out why he and dixon have come to washington. if you've got a. lot of that. this is seated on the edge of the arts. as the trip to washington comes to a close contacted by his party leader pauline hanson he says the trip has been
4:52 am
so sensitive that he's careful in passing on information. he began. reading. something that i think he did. as he has a message for keeping some communication secret i avoid a lot of the model it would be. good for a game of the nipping iraq to have got the thing that they really needed but that. had nothing that you wanted to go. there for. you know. they may be keeping a low profile but dixon appears please. eased with one nation's progress in
4:53 am
washington. i mean t.v. trip it's the big. i don't i think we've already lit the future and all of that because that. he believes that money will eventually make its way to one nation who did the fears and i believe i let you know this between real limits that you set those people to die yesterday i spoke at that time we would have offered amends by a lot of have. not been ready for their membership maybe about this in the past sometimes each other. on this i do a. lot this shows. you don't need to bring. your last day forward. there are other people on this planet. we can't. back up. here who are especially you cannot buy
4:54 am
everybody in the market because there are some people that have got up right there robert i want to play the night. as the one nation team prepares to leave washington ashby's final words to roger were about the media. come joe. we're going to go but. go about your victory. 3 months after the one nation delegation returned to australia senator pulling hanson join roger and ashby for a private dinner. so all the old boys. you happy with the boys i did a good job besides. that's. a discussion on gun laws she told brought you she believes many questions remain unanswered about the port arthur massacre. this is a name that's out there but actually it's
4:55 am
a man's government and turns. out. that was how awful it was set up. how its very own city things i know it's there. was here now i'm. here. the senators said she wouldn't hesitate to use a gun herself if she needed to. if i had so much time and my house trying to see me how to tell you i know. i'm here senator ensign revealed why she had no trouble with ashby and dixon's when they visited the u.s. looking for the gun lobby money i like oh my god the i'm going to have been to
4:56 am
iraq i fear i'm tired of the rhetoric. is not it is not. like that i have to actually take this. to the next you know what let's jump up and get my periodic higher in asia in its. current that would imply that the same scene is the biggest threat against the now good work area that's what. i thought started it and made. the dinner took place just weeks after the astray and senate banned political parties from receiving foreign donations and we've got a time i. was born 5 nice house and i. strive. to spots favorite spots where you are a good worker no. tells us despite the new law ashby plans
4:57 am
a return visit to america to reconnect with the pro-gun lobby this time she'll take colin henson with him there was a cracker. and. quite a group thanks to the coffee break those plates that are hot yes because we go.
4:58 am
yet more showers are bring you know you have
4:59 am
a couple of days off between good weather and these big things i'm afraid and that's the southern states again with orange top thunderstorms quite light to produce big hail damaging winds possibly even tornadoes and it's the same states that have had the same problems this is spring after all now that goes slowly through the eastern seaboard it's very warm ahead of its new york and toronto both well above where they were a couple of days ago but once he's gone through the cold start leaking again no snow it is time to drop in temperature but look at the pacific coast the snow again for the mountains admitted lee rain on the coast down towards san francisco only 14 degrees maybe even as far south as l.a. you get a shower or 2 this big home sunday it should be quieter at the caribbean throughout central america there are a few showers light ones i think for his fine yola jamaica possibly from blue mountain the lightning will strike and down in costa rica and panama more persistence in the rain type it's nice and warm mexico monterey's 33 is well above
5:00 am
the average all its way up i suspect as well. in south america the big stores that produce giant hail tennis ball sized hail are still there moving into paraguay this being saturday. scenes of desperation outside indian hospitals overrun by the record breaking coated infections and unable to get enough life saving oxygen in the u.s. health regulators are lifting their paws on johnson and johnson's coronavirus vaccine despite a small risk of blood clots. and come out santa maria here in.


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