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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2021 2:00am-2:31am +03

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on the disease. we need to understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so much of what we've been using calendar for that matter. seems of desperation outside indian hospitals overrun by record breaking covert infections and unable to get enough lifesaving oxygen. while in the united states the health panel recommends the resumption of johnson and johnson's coronavirus vaccine despite a small risk of blood clots. hello from doha everyone i'm come all santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera
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rescues from several countries continue to scour indonesian waters for a missing submarine despite its and supply running out. and. the it never occurred to me and space x. sense for astronauts to the international space station using a recycled rocket and capsule. so we're standing in india where the pandemic take an unprecedented toll on the health care system for yet another day india has recorded the world's highest number of new infections we're talking more than 332000 of them hospitals are short of everything beds medicine and oxygen in new delhi was with her on him as a reporter. overcome with grief and this man and.
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other family members of 14 people were killed in a fire at this hospital in maharashtra state broke down as they confronted staff the blaze swept through the intensive care unit or i.c.u. from her for me about unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air condition and since there was a lot of oxygen supply in the i.c.u. it was completely engulfed within 2 minutes. 2 days ago in the same state a lake and an oxygen tank killed 24000 patients on ventilators after their supply was disrupted many indian states are facing a critical shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in the capital new delhi distraught family members a struggling to find beds for their loved ones. well i've been running around for a hospital to get my mother admitted since the 21st of april i visited all the hospitals in delhi they all say the same thing the beds and all debatable another
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patient my son is home who do i take care of i'm so stressed. reports of people dying because they can't find beds or oxygen are increasing every day this is one of new delhi's biggest private hospitals where the director said 25 people died in one day because of low oxygen supply the family of a 39 year old man who passed away says his oxygen was reduced without their knowledge and that his last words were please save me they also say they counted at least 45 bodies and that a catastrophe is being covered up the hospitals chairman says they've never had so many deaths in one day but he denies they were a result of oxygen shortage you delis leader has pleaded with prime minister that in their morty to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of oxygen to the capital after reports it was being stopped by bordering states. negative on. we can't leave our
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people to die we need people to understand that every life is important to us i appeal to you on behalf of the people of delhi if concrete steps are taken the city will witness a catastrophe. that started climate or burial grounds work day and night the government has begun using planes and trains to transport the life saving gas elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. so we need to take a close look at this oxygen shortage because experts have been warning about it for some time have said medical oxygen is expensive it is complicated to transport and that is compounded all this pressure on the creaking health infrastructure now the courts are stepping in judges in new delhi have urged the government to beg borrow or steal oxygen to meet the meet the city's needs the government has now begun diverting oxygen that was destined for the industrial sector and said to be used in hospitals while air force planes are transporting large oxygen tank has 2 filling
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stations across the country here's our psycho who is a journalist and senior correspondent for scroll an indian news website he says and even supplies and logistical issues are the biggest problems. because i literally all you know gossip about it oh it's possible i'm dying because there's knocks in. india hundreds of individually has a cutting box in the bottom and their own e-commerce and mystic downs and you know it was something of fall asleep in cue once in dust with oxygen just or was talking with the thoughts and. achilles or on foot i think i think guns the student. critical and just breeze which cannot be without oxygen so it is a massive shock fought and a lot of the chalk fall out as by the fact that transporting might be up to them oxygen is a complicated process and in the running out of crowd going to those that used.
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oh i'm glad we turned east in me up with a more effective is than not and gently india gives. up at a very very steep the risk and defeat unfortunately as i pointed out before you know we do not often lands in the states when it gets to be high points and steeds like that in us capital delhi mall mediocrity manufacturing capacity. meeting with abuse in the us largest state and one of last effective it. has been any capacity then there is another big state law just like the states and you know much but the issue which has no production of its own so that has really been bhangra problems. now to the u.s. where health experts are urging the resumption of the johnson and johnson single shot covered 19 vaccine despite the rare risk of blood clots the centers for disease control and prevention says the vaccines benefits outweigh the serious but
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small risk in the 8000000 people in the u.s. have received that shot health officials have so far flagged 15 cases of blood clotting 3 of which were fatal the latest on this with rob reynolds in los angeles so what's the story rob is it per se made with caution proceed with the warning. that remains to be seen kemal the question of a warning has been mentioned several times by a number of public health officials and johnson and johnson itself said that they are open to and in favor of such a measure and they're working with the government on language but before any of that can happen there are a couple of steps that need to take place 1st the director of the c.d.c. rachel will lead ski has to give her formal approval and then the matter goes to the food and drug administration which will issue
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a. emergency authorization now this expert panel at the centers for disease control did make the recommendation that johnson and johnson vaccines be resumed without any restrictions for everyone over the age of 18 it was not a unanimous vote of the 15 member panel split 10 to 4 with one abstention but they did say as you mentioned that the rare risks are outweighed by the major benefits of the johnson and johnson vaccine so why is johnson and johnson uniquely beneficial well unlike pfizer and would dare not the other 2 vaccines that are in use in the united states it's only one shot. one and you're done and it doesn't require the kind of deep freeze that particularly the pfizer. vaccine does so that makes it easier to transport to remote regions under-served communities
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small small towns and rural areas without the the problem of the refrigeration but also. in the united states have done surveys and they found that actually a lot of people who are maybe a little vaccine has that it would like to have the one and done shot rather than go. back again for another injection after the 1st time so all of these are some considerations of why j. and j. is going to fill an important role so far 90000000 americans have received food immunization full the oxidation fork over 19 that's about 27 percent of the entire population from all good stuff for a brand owns in los angeles with that update thank you and we continue now with julie fisher associate research professor of microbiology and immunology at the georgetown university medical center she's in alexandra virginia for as always good to see you julie it is a fine line isn't it i know they are
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a small number of cases but there were 3 fatalities in there and you can't tell the families of those people that it's not a big deal because it clearly is and yet the numbers are as we say very small. they are and i think the 1st lesson that we're learning from this is that the safety monitoring system that was put into place to follow up on people who have been vaccinated against covered 1000 safety system is working at this very small number of cases which is critical to helping the public health officials who make the call today on whether to advise to continue using johnson and johnson in the vaccination campaign so they could make that decision with the best available evidence and to provide. to provide people clinicians with the information they need to recognize assess and manage that risk if necessary the risk that we have seen with johnson and johnson and with astra zeneca as well in
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europe and the u.k. is the result of the fact that we have a vaccine has been created inside of a year and we can't under play that it was an amazing achievement but that the time just simply wasn't there to think about all and discover all the potential side effects. i would look at the slightly differently not so much the speed with which to vaccines were developed but the fact that clinical trials that look at tens of thousands of people are store oh but there's no way to detect those very rare side effects those are one in a 1000000 side effects until you literally put the vaccine out to millions of people so although the clinical trials were accelerated for these vaccines fact is that there are so many people receiving the vaccine. so many of us all of us basically are vulnerable to this emerging infectious disease those putting
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the vaccine into the arms of millions of people identified a very very rare side effects that would not have been picked up in clinical trials even with the 10s of thousands of people that were involved ok. rob reynolds i don't know if you heard him before but he made a very good point the fact that the johnson and johnson one has its advantage in that it has the it is the one shot wonder and it can be stored what doesn't have to be stored at the very very cold temperatures but then if the something you cannot say but do you know why it is the only one that we've seen that is a one shot so far because it seems that it is a big advantage and it's a big if i can use this for a selling point. it is and it has to do with the formulation of the vaccine the vaccines that are on the market in the us medina and pfizer based on r.n.a. which is a very very fragile molecule and it is not quite as efficient a delivery system although it works very well with that the 2 vaccinations. johnson and johnson vaccine is based on
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a common cold virus back and it's just a more efficient stimulator of the immune system by itself with that one vaccination which does make it so very useful for people who have real challenges in coming not just once but twice to be vaccinated who have mobility issues who kept leave their homes easily who have difficulty ringback accessing the health system we're just being able to get to the sites of vaccination clinics and we do need all the tools at our disposal that we need julie fisher from georgetown university medical center always enjoyable told you thank you thank you so much the rest of the day's news is coming up as chad's opposition makes cries of a after a just a b.s. buried and he's some takes over as president. and scientists a major breakthrough in the fight against malaria seas which kills half a 1000000 people every year.
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yet more showers are brewing you know you have a couple of days off between good weather and these big things i'm afraid and that's the southern states again with orange top thunderstorms quite light to produce big hail damaging winds possibly even tornadoes and it's the same states that have had the same problems this is spring after all now that goes slowly through the eastern seaboard it's very warm ahead of its new york and toronto both well above where they were in a couple of days ago but once he's gone through the cold start to leak in again no starter it's time to drop in temperature but look at the pacific coast the snow again for the mountains of middling rain on the coast down towards san francisco only 14 degrees maybe even as far south as l.a. we're going to shower or to this big on sunday it should be quieter at the
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caribbean center america there are a few showers light ones i think for his fine yola jamaica prostration blue mountain the lightning strike and down in costa rica and panama more persistence in the rain type nice and warm mexico monterey's 33 is well above the average on its way up i suspect as well in south america the big story is that produced giant hail tennis ball sized hail are still there moving into paraguay this being saturday. 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been in when it was me really. reveal secrets. there were people out there you know me and connection some don't want to expose in legacy media. shooting. back next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell
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a massacre on al-jazeera. for the 4th. the top stories this hour on al-jazeera india has reported the world's highest daily tally of coded infections for a 2nd straight day more than 332000 of them this time of spittles have critical shortages of bents medicine and oxygen meanwhile health experts are recommending the pores on johnson and johnson's single shot for a virus vaccine to be lifted in the u.s. centers for disease control says the benefits of the job outweigh the extremely rare risk of blood clots. on to other news indonesia where rescue teams are
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continuing their battle against time to find a submarine that's missing with 53 crewmembers on board it's as supplies are calculated now to run out search crews are working in waters around the intonation idled to bali with several nations helping out at the request of the indonesian government we are sending airborne assets to include a navy p. 8 poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to assist in the search of their missing summary secretary austin spoke to the minister defense of indonesia today to make sure he knew that this aircraft was coming and also to make an offer for any other additional support or systems that the indonesian government might have indonesia is a good friend and a strategic partner we were all deeply saddened to see the reports about their submarine and our thoughts and our prayers are with the indonesian sailors the indonesian navy and of course all their families. the jailed russian opposition
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leader alexei now volleys ending his hunger strike after 24 days of only supporters and doctors had urged him to end the protests today his deteriorating health he's demanding access to his doctor to address numbness in his legs and arms the prominent kremlin kremlin critic is serving a jail sentence for breaking parole conditions that was when he traveled to germany for treatment after being poisoned it's russian president vladimir putin meanwhile has backed a proposal by health officials for a 10 day nonworking period in early may to try to curb the spread of corona virus the health minister says the covert situation is stable but warns it may worsen when people start to socialise more in the warmer weather russia's reported almost 9000 new cases in the past 24 hours well below the 29000 a day at the peak back in december that is the words. i will lose all of my colleagues to listen to the opinion of specialists to virologists to those who are
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not just professionals in the area but who have also been fighting in fiction especially in the last year and have received such diverse an independent nation about covert 19 if you think the measure to prolong my holidays is necessary then finally we will do so and today i will sign the corresponding decree new zealand has polls dates newly opened travel bubble with its neighbor after a covert 1000 outbreak in western australia the regions of perth and peele are entering a snap 3 day lockdown a man who travelled to melbourne tested positive after leaving hotel quarantine maybe new zealand and australia opened their quarantine free travel bubble on sunday after closing their borders for over a year. now there's a new malaria vaccine being hailed as a game changer in the fight to eliminate that disease the oxford institute vaccine has proved 77 percent effective in stopping infections and it is now entering larger human trials to rule out any side effects malaria does kill half
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a 1000000 people every here many of them children the as i report from dakar. it's in this 100 kilometers away from brick you know fossils capital ouagadougou deep in this how the region that a groundbreaking discovery was made here blood samples were analyzed from 450 children given an experimental vaccine against malaria developed by scientists from oxford university's jenner institute scientists say the results of their year long study are extraordinarily i have been part in other studies like these but never have i seen such good results all the mothers that are taking part in this study say their children are feeling great it's an extraordinary moment to see that the vaccine against malaria actually works. malaria kills almost half a 1000000 people a year globally mostly children living in africa there's been efforts to try to slow the spread of malaria by distributing mosquito nets and repellents but during
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the rainy season malaria thrives and last year more people died of it than cove at 19 and so and effective vaccine would save and protect not millions of people but billions of people living in tropical climates exposed to mosquitoes that carry the deadly parasite. larger trials on nearly $5000.00 children will now be carried out in 4 african countries but the general institute which was behind the astra zeneca covert vaccine is already seeking world health organization approval for the military a vaccine the world health organization wanted the 75 percent effective vaccine this is the 1st time we've gone just anyone's gone just above that level with certainty certain. really important really it can be manufactured at last at large scale and we're hearing from the syrian institute of india today they would be able to produce 200000000 doses or more making the vaccine affordable for those
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who need it most will be the next challenge still for this small clinic research center in brooklyn afonso but there have been decades of efforts against malaria this experimental vaccine is a breakthrough not just for science but for humanity nicholas hawke al-jazeera chad's long time president intrastate he has been laid to rest he ruled for 30 years it was a close ally of france he died from injuries sustained on the battlefield last weekend now his son how met interstate he is in power and will lead a transitional military council for the next 18 months the opposition there described the succession as a military coup ever morgan but the support from in germany. with these charts chad's army and people said farewell to their former leader. 4 days after the announcement of his death a funeral service for the president of 3 decades was held in the capital's largest
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public square. it was attended by heads of neighboring countries senior regional officials and family. members say the whole country and its people can feel my pain as a wife who has lost her husband in difficult times we've lost a country man and the head of our family interestedly to me was exemplary husband guiding father and counselor all these characters in the one man whom we have lost there be died from injuries he sustained fighting the rebel front for change and concord group in the northern region of am coming to power in my 990 after overthrowing his predecessor he saying how brave his tenure was filled with rebellions as well as coup attempts after military council took over following debbie's death his son a military officer 37 year old mohammad debbie is now head of state the country's constitution parliament and government have all been dissolved and the charter put
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out to guide the country for the next 18 months they do studies that closes a chapter in chats history that lasted for more than 30 years but the one that's opening now is presenting challenges many opposition leaders as well as other groups have rejected having debbie stone as the new leader as the military council calls for dialogue others are calling for labor strike all this as chad faces threats internally and externally. the rebel group has declared it will continue fighting and take over the capital in germany now chad is also part of the g 5 sad countries involved in counterterrorism operations in lake chad and along the border with mali and nigeria before the funeral chad strongest ally france's president emmanuel micro met the military council and the g. 5 country leaders to discuss security. france will not let anybody question or threaten today or tomorrow child instability and territorial integrity. to ensure that the promise was made will be realized for all parties stability inclusive.
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and democratic transition this is what we want. that. many of debbie supporters who came for his funeral could not hide their grief and. we should be strong and not lead this country go to waste we are all mourning but we should not forget that he died for this country so we should unite and try to make this country forward. to the people we need to be united for the country's stability for the country's security and for its territorial integrity and not everyone is happy the military is in charge but they're open to dialogue so we should take that as not 1st step but debbie is being buried next to his father's grave in the eastern town of us and to the world he was one of africa's longest serving leaders who died in conflict to most of the opposition he was a ruthless leader who denied them a change in governance and to others in chad he will be remembered as the man who led the country during difficult times people morgan. saudi arabia is
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closing its borders to lebanese fruits and vegetables until further notice the decision comes after illicit drugs in the form of $5300000.00 pills were found in a pomegranate ship and going through the port lebanon's agriculture minister says it'll be a big hit with fruit and vegetable exports to saudi arabia with $24000000.00 a year u.s. president joe biden has called on global leaders to work together on a transition to clean energy during the 2nd day of a global summit on climate change biden laid out how washington will achieve the target of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030 invited climate advisors and business leaders to look at what he calls the valuable economic opportunities of tackling the crisis among them bill gates who urged governments and the private sector to work together we need to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies
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that allow us to eliminate emissions throughout the physical economy 2nd we need to tap the power markets to fund and deploy these innovations for example by finding creative ways to finance technologies and by leveling the playing field so they can compete with fossil fuels 3rd governments and corporations need to adopt policies that will make it faster and cheaper to make the transition and leaders will need to reward those who take difficult steps in the u.s. british socialite elaine maxwell has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges involving the late finance huge effort jeffrey epstein maxwell appeared in a new york court in person for the 1st time since her arrest last july accused of procuring underage girls for epstein to abuse epstein killed himself 2 years ago while awaiting trial lawyers are trying to delay her trial beyond its scheduled start of july 12th arguing they need more time to prepare. funny for the 1st time
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a recycling rocket is carrying astronauts to the international space station the space x. mission blasted off from the kennedy space center in florida reusing a falcon rocket and the dragon capsule all part of the company's plan to make travel to the final frontier a bit cheaper and he calico reports from florida. launches from the kennedy space center in florida are among the most spectacular 3 to one. on friday morning's blast off did not disappoint this is the 3rd crude launch from space 6 in less than 12 months the 1st time the company reuse their fall could 9 rocket and dragon capsule using recyclable boost is designed to fly themselves back to earth is a cornerstone of space x. its plans to make missions cheap and it took 10 years to get here to achieve this bold vision we have for commercial crew and again it has been amazing what the team
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has been able to accomplish say hi to the crew dragon resilience for us and let them know your rock is home safe on board the for us journalists from 3 nations are on a 6 month mission to the international space station if all goes well they'll be welcomed on board the space station on saturday morning a trophy part of advancing human spaceflight and looking forward to. going beyond earth over to the moon and mars. and helping me carry humanity a spacefaring civilization and. a multiplayer species one day for those eager enough to wake up early seeing crute spaceflights blast off from cape canaveral is a thrill human spaceflight resumed last year following an 11 year gap after the space shuttle program ended they keep that tradition alive and to keep technology going and to keep being able to launch from american soil is the main thing we went in with not a lot of expectation and it was cool it was really helps to say that it was awesome
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commercial spaceflight is now entering a new era by successfully reusing rockets and modules space 6 is making exploration economically viable later this year a mission will take 4 citizen astronauts into orbit the 1st mission of its kind in history and began his era miami florida. half past the hour and these are the headlines india has reported the world's highest daily tally of covert infections for a 2nd straight day more than 332000 cases hospitals have critical shortages of beds medicine and oxygen there's about piranhas more from new delhi this is one of new delhi's biggest private hospitals where the director said 25 people died in one day because of low oxygen supply the family of
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a 39 year old man who passed away says his oxygen was reduced without their knowledge and that his last words were.


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