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i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world we are really good in taking you into a place you might not visit otherwise it feels that you were there. and is covered 19 crisis keeps getting worse once again it's recorded the world's highest number of infections pushing hospitals to breaking point. and money inside with world news on al-jazeera live from also coming up chad mourns us long time president idriss deby killed on the battlefield several african leaders on the french president attend his state funeral. a medical breakthrough
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a trial of malaria vaccine shows grace the efficacy to prevent one of the world's deadliest diseases. and rescue workers in indonesia have just hours left to find 53 people on board a missing navy submarine. we begin in india where the pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on the country's poorly funded health care system for yet another day it's recorded the world's highest number of infections 330000 new cases in just 24 hours auspices are reporting shortages of beds oxygen and medicine to add to all of this a hospital far in the state of maharashtra killed 14 kovac 19 patients from new delhi as both problem reports in the multiple crises confronting india.
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overcome with grief and anger this man and other family members of 14 people were killed in a fire at this hospital in maharashtra state broke down as they confronted staff the blaze swept through the intensive care unit or i.c.u. from other for me about unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air condition and since there was a lot of oxygen supply in the i.c.u. it was completely engulfed within 2 minutes. 2 days ago in the same state a lake and an oxygen tank or killed 24 covered mine 1000 patients on ventilators after their supply was disrupted many indian states are facing a critical shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in the capital new delhi distraught family members a struggling to find beds for their loved ones. well i've been running around for a hospital to get my mother admitted since the 21st of april i visited all the
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hospitals in delhi they all say the same thing the beds and all debatable another patient my son is home who do i take care of i'm so stressed. reports of people dying because they can't find beds or oxygen are increasing every day this is one of new delhi's biggest private hospitals where the director said 25 people died in one day because of. oxygen supply the family of a 39 year old man who passed away says his oxygen was reduced without their knowledge and that his last words were please save me they also say they counted at least 45 bodies and that a catastrophe is being covered up the hospital's chairman says they've never had so many deaths in one day but he denies they were a result of oxygen shortage you delis leader has pleaded with prime minister that in the morty to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of oxygen to the capital after
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reports it was being stopped by bordering states. of negativity towards that we can't leave our people to die we need people to understand that every life is important to us i appeal to you on behalf of the people of delhi if concrete steps are taken the city will witness a catastrophe. has started climate or send burial grounds work day and night the government has begun using planes and trains to transport the lifesaving gas elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. well the government has been trying to transport medical oxygen by train on the road to hospitals in the capital new delhi and although west affected areas dr ivan the soil is the chairman and chief surgeon medan to liver transplant institute he says he's optimistic hospitals will get oxygen soon so what's happening now is that the hospitals that are actually running out of oxygen stock are getting. an oxy and hospitals that
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actually have some left or obviously going to be given the supplies. and you know both the demand in the supply side of being looked at the government has announced that the production of oxygen and plants will be ramped up if it be balloted from non-essential services to essentially hospitals and you know the obstacles on the way in terms of the distribution of oxygen could also be totally removed. the are yet to see the actual effect of that because the oxygen delivery to hospitals should become smaller there in the next 24 to 48 hours on the consumption side we are trying to calm people down and not try to order oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators at all on not actually made make a mad scramble for admitting themselves to hospitals as soon as that this positive
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because as we nor most of the patients who are cool with positive do not actually be oxygen we also training our staff within hospitals to try and maintain oxygenation of up to $92.00 to $94.00 there is no point running any patient on $98.00 or 99 percent saturation so beyond conserving oxygen as much as we can and as the patient safety would allow us to neighboring pakistan is deploying troops to help local police and force new social distancing measures prime minister imran khan says the decision is in light of a steady increase in deaths and infections he says while they won't be a lockdown right now cities will be shut down if pakistan's situation gets as bad as india's japan has declared a state of the mergence sea in tokyo kyoto and he'll go as infections said across the country the prime minister yes he says the measures will begin from sunday
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until may 11th he's been on the pressure to accept a rising infections just months before the olympics began. rushes keeping people home from work for 10 days in early may to help curb the spread of covert 19 president vladimir putin says he will support the suggestion by health officials it's a time when many russians go on holiday it's an emergency meeting of health experts is about to be held in the u.s. over the future use of the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine a centers for disease control advisory committee has been reviewing the job after 6 cases of severe blood clots were found in female patients the c.d.c. recommended a temporary pause of the vaccine 10 days ago wab data guidelines are due to be announced at today's meeting and fisher has more on the story from washington. you'll remember the earlier this month the pause was put on the johnson and johnson
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vaccine after 6800000 doses had been issued they phoned it in 6 cases there were blood clots in the interim it's probably been about 7000000 doses that have been issued issued in that period between stopping and getting your all done and there was another few cases reported although we don't know exactly how many so now the c.d.c. is deciding what it wants to do you know the number of options on the table 1st of all it could continue the pause until it gets more information but those who believe tending the meeting say that they think they have enough to make a decision they could call a halt to using the johnson and johnson vaccine which of course has been very popular because it's one and done or they could continue with a number of restrictions and that's exactly what europe did just 3 days ago it decided it was going to use johnson and johnson but there would be a warning attached it could be several hours before we get that final decision from the c.d.c. . on canada's prime minister justin trudeau has just received his 1st dose of the
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astra zeneca vaccine has been an increase in infections the earlier today described the situation in canada as critical while announcing a deal with fall as if the millions of booster shots. in kenya health workers that say they now have to decide which patients get any available beds in intensive care government hospitals are also desperately short of oxygen because of a rising number of cases that's catherine so are reports from much cost county some industries are being accused of hoarding oxygen cylinders putting even more lives at risk for. his wife pauline died from 1000 complications in march a government isolation facility in quito in eastern kenya where they leave did not have enough oxygen available to sicker and wait for suffering as we decided to move or to not over a week or so many of us were told by the awful wouldn't find
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a good one we want to quickly appeared on payment because 6 of the people were on the queue in neighboring much chuckles county health workers stake us to the intensive care unit or i.c.u. or 12 beds have been occupied for a while when we get there patients are also required of the main team mates you care then there we talk so i don't think neighboring countries to see whether they have beds available. the country's nearly 600 i.c.u. beds fill up fast and demand for oxygen has almost doubled to about 800 tons government hospitals don't have enough and health ministry official says thousands of cylinders are being hosted by individuals for private medical or industrial use . but their recent hope this is a country's largest privately owned steel factory it has stopped all production losing about $30000.00 u.s. dollars a day to provide the oxygen to hospitals for free i'm told and then yeah
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yeah yeah but i was playing field out with a guy every day on the fly but even if not nearly enough to make that one question is taking almost. 3. or 4. and i mean it is impossible for anyone to produce to cope with this. to avoid the total collapse of the health care system the government wants to reach hard immunity to the disease through vaccinations as quickly as possible. 1000000 people have so far hired the fastow's of the un called a distributed astra zeneca vaccine but the supplies are running low and there's an insight into about the availability of astra zeneca for the 2nd jobs chuckles hospital has vaccinated about while 1000 people but authorities are concerned about those falling ill and dying in rural villages so what have we done now we've
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required that every person who dies in matter of course has to be tested for of it because people are falling did some of them before did at home especially older people back in q 2 we look at how the he wants a government to provide facilities for patients who cannot afford private hospitals so they don't go through the same trauma his family date katherine sawyer al-jazeera. a funeral ceremonies been held for chards late president idriss deby afterward his body was flown from the captain jimmy. where he'll be buried debbie died from injuries he sustained on the battlefield last weekend after rebels launched an offensive from libya the former president's son mohammad idriss deby is now in power and will lead a transitional military council for the next 18 months and several foreign leaders attended his funeral including the french president emmanuel back home and his tribute said his country will not let anybody threaten charge and call for
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a peaceful transition of power. this so therefore see the people of the region enjoy his part with france we have to make sure that the pact lives on and that of liberty and independence france will not let anybody question operating today or tomorrow child is stability and territorial integrity france will be here to ensure that the promise which was made will be realized we're all part of stability introduce even a. democratic transition and this is what we want by your side. hiper morgan was out that phenyl in germany. favorite is that is that american i'm one of the country and the region is facing several security threats chad has to deal with the rebel activities in the northern parts of the country and we also see chad participating in counterterrorism operations in mali and in the lake chad region which is why it comes as no surprise that the g 5 representatives who have come to
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attend the funeral as well as the president met with the head of the transitional military council mohammed to be who's a son of the slain leader it reads there be as well as other members of the transitional military council to discuss that issue to discuss the issue of regional stability in the head of the processions of the funeral of the late president idriss deby proceedings of the funeral started with the arrival of various heads of states around the region as well as many other senior officials from various countries all coming to pay their condolences we've heard from the family of idriss deby as well as his widow who was not able to hold back her tears we also saw the crowd and heard from them as they cried expressing their pain at losing a leader who has been leading the country for more than 30 years the death of it and the burger processions and the funeral processions closes a chapter of 30 years in chad's history but the one that is opening now is full of
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challenges many people in the country many groups as well as many opposition leaders have rejected the fact that the the one that will be leading the country during these times for them and for the next 18 months will be the sun how much interest there be a military council as for the constitution the person who should be taking charge is the speaker follow and who purports apologized saying that it's extraordinary circumstances which he will not be able to lead the country through therefore the military should take charge so with the funeral processions and with debby now being flown to be buried at his home state of i'm generous many people here in germany and in verse parts of the country are waiting to see what comes next now that this chapter closes and there's a new one opening in chad history. so ahead on al-jazeera myanmar's ruling military issues arrest warrants for members of a newly formed civilian government. and we'll tell you what the u.s. climate envoy is praising on day 2 of
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a global summit. hello there conditions are looking hot and dry across much of the middle east temperatures in the gulf edging up to the early forty's it's a plenty of hot dry weather here they will dip down slightly as we go further into the weekend with the change of wind a similar story for the live and temperatures really rising up here iraq's in 42 degrees in baghdad and across into iran we've got 29 degrees in tehran that is going to edge up as we enter the new week 31 degrees on monday but as we head to africa this is where the unusual weather story is we've got a tropical flight clone off the coast of tanzania that's expected to make landfall
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on sunday though it is easing as it heads towards dar es salaam so we will see some heavy rain some strong winds as well and we'll keep an eye on that for much of central africa those showers will continue particularly heavy across west cameroon and the democratic republic of congo as we go into sunday you can see those yellow peaks there further south things are cooling temperatures in cape town reaching around early twenty's it will be some rain across the eastern cape. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you stand on cancer culture. the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with the power what do we do what's the solution 'd get organized what are world leaders or governments missing we're talking about targets
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in like 2040 or 2051 we need targets we're now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour at least 13 people have died in a fire at a hospital treating covert 900 patients in india it comes as some hospitals warn they are short of oxygen due to surge in cases across the country. a funeral ceremony for child's late president idriss deby has been held in the captain jim mena was seriously injured last weekend while battling rebels would launch an
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offensive from libya he died on monday. french prosecutors have opened a terrorism investigation into the killing of a police officer the attack took place in the town outside of paris at the entrance of the station where the officer worked fellow officers say she was stabbed in the neck before police shot the suspect who later died in hospital president has tweeted that his country will not give in to terrorism. at least 172 people have died in 3 separate ship wrecks in the mediterranean sea 130 of them were in a rubber boat off the coast of libya the un's migration agencies calling on nations to redeploy search vessels to the area the international organization for migration also says almost 3 times as many people drowned there this year compared to the same period last year. the search for a missing indonesian submarine with $53.00 people on board has reached
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a critical point oxygen supplies on board are set to run out in less than 2 hours crews are working in waters around the island of bali and other countries have been helping families of those on board say they're praying for their loved ones just got washed to reports now from jakarta. by and by sea the search grows more urgent as the parts 53 sub mariners were on board the carolina 4 o 2 in waters north of bali on wednesday morning they were taking part in what should have been a routine training exercise when contact with the vessel was lost but. the submarine is now silent there is no sound we can only use sonar the search is reaching a critical point even if the submarine is intact those on board will soon run out of oxygen until the deadline which 3 am on saturday we will maximize every effort
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experts are concerned the submarine may have sunk too far and collapsed under extreme pressure. the deeper a submarine goes water pressure increases on the submarine every 10 meters there is one kilogram of pressure added to each centimeter of the body of the submarine indonesia's neighbors singapore and malaysia our system with the search and australian navy vessel is also on side. in tunisia barzee say the submarine was in good condition despite being built in the late 1970 s. it completed a true year repeating process in south korea in 22 and recently completed its scheduled maintenance in indonesia on thursday indonesian military personnel spotted an oil slick in the sea that officials say could indicate a fuel leak for many of the family and friends of those on board the carolina 4 o 2 the ordeal is too much to bear.
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his wife said i want to be with him i miss him but i can't because he has to work i said. but now we have heard this information. got married 2 months ago before going on the submarine mission before he left he was hoping that when he got back he was hoping it would have a baby instead her family like dozens around indonesia now faces a painful wait for answers just a washington al-jazeera jakarta. man. has issued arrest warrants for 26 members of the national unity government formed a week ago it's normally led by aung san suu kyi who was ousted as the country's leader in a military coup in february she's already been detained on several charges the unity government says it should be attending an emergency regional summit this weekend the current leader has been invited which opponents say lends him
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legitimacy. and in defiance of the military crackdown on protests dozens of demonstrators have again marched against the genter in young gone they carried banners supporting the national unity government they also called for the release of detained civilian leaders head of an important regional summit. and that summit takes place on saturday it is the meeting of the association of southeast asian nations or as the un has been widespread criticism internationally off their decision to invite me and mas military leader the coup and the brutal crackdown there followed are on top of the agenda tony chain reports now from bangkok. buddhist monks marched through the city of mandalay holding up signs supporting the national unity government the shadow civilian government was formed to reverse any acceptance of the military genter at home and abroad the protesters have been outraged in the past week i asked jens decision to invite senior general
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min on lie to the leaders' summit. for those pushing neighboring governments to take a stand against the coup and the crackdown that followed it's a grave disappointment we are very very upset and sorry what is happening. is. welcoming. gender which is killing its own people the chaos that's been seen on the streets of myanmar over the past 3 months has been disturbing for many within r.c.m. individually countries like singapore indonesia and malaysia have condemned the bloodshed and urged restraint the possibility of a failed state within the bloc threatens claims that he cannot make political stability but others have remained relatively quiet expecting the protests would be limited and quickly suppressed within thailand is the country that has the best relationship with most generals but the thais don't seem very keen on intervention
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which might explain why the thai prime minister is staying at home this weekend that lack of unity and failure to hold myanmar's generals to account a likely to be costly the world food program is warning that millions could go hungry in coming months and fighting in border areas could send refugees pouring into neighboring countries this is a maritime disaster in the making it's early stage but it could get worse the knock on effects from this crisis we're beginning to see civil war feels. there will be no end to it. protestors in dar way hold a candle lit vigil for the victims of the myanmar protests now more than 700 people but few are expecting more than thoughts and prayers from leaders tony ching al jazeera bangkok. jails a russian opposition leader alexina valmy has ended his hunger strike after more
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than 3 weeks of army had been urged by allies to end the protest to his death terry singh health condition he's been demanding access to his own doctor. russia has begun moving troops away from its border with ukraine and sent tens of thousands of soldiers into the region leading to tension with ukraine and its western allies moscow says it was a military exercise and some equipment will be left behind for a drill later this year nato and ukraine's president welcomed the move to say they will remain vigilant russia says the expulsion of one of its diplomats by a stony a is an unfriendly and groundless move against moscow tallinn has joined nato and european union members lithuania and latvia ordering a total of 4 russian diplomats working in local embassies to leave to show solidarity with the czech republic russia expelled 20 czech diplomats earlier this
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week it's also expelled 5 employees of the polish embassy in moscow. while leaders said holding a virtual meeting on climate change for a 2nd day joe biden has praised the renewed commitment by many countries to custom missions the u.s. has pledged to hof its emissions by 20 c. by then said the world should see cooperation on climate change as an economic opportunity rather than a challenge we've made great progress in my view so far and i'm grateful to all the leaders who have announced new commitments to help us meet the existential threat of climate change this summit is a start a start of a road that will take us to glasgow for the un climate change conference in november where we're going to make these commitments real for you know all of our nations our path to a secure prosperous and sustainable future today's final session is not about the threat of climate change proses it's about the opportunity that addressing climate
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change provides an opportunity to create millions of good paying jobs around the world an innovative and innovative sectors. say there is a new beginning. as the world is moving towards the actions necessary to keep 1.5 degrees as the limit on the warming of the planet governments and markets we learned yesterday are really tuning in to the urgency but more than that they're recognizing the remarkable opportunity the economic opportunity that we have here and the malaria vaccine is being hailed as a possible game changer and the fight to eliminate the disease the oxford institute jab is 77 percent effective in stopping infections it's now entering knowledge of human trials to rule out any side effects agent hill as
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a director of agenda institute at the university of oxford he says it's a fast time they've seen such a highly effective malaria vaccine. i think it's going to be very important for a few reasons really firstly it's more effective than anything that has been reported on before the world health organization wanted the 75 percent effective vaccine this is the 1st time we've gone just early ones gone just above that level with 77 percent really importantly it can be manufactured at last at a large scale and we're hearing from the syrian institute of india today that they will be able to produce 200000000 doses or more on registration of this vaccine and so far very importantly the vaccine looks serve in small numbers 450 trial some jerks we know are planning to go into a much larger trial to try to get this is seen registered so it can be used for
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times as many people died in africa from malaria last year has died from code and africa has registered many. vaccines on emergency use legislation so if we could do the same for malaria we would get rid of stretch and much faster assuming the the the results are good enough because the last malaria vaccine went into those 3 took another 6 years to get a decision from the regulator real authority that really is too slow these days the international olympic committee has confirmed that athletes who make political or social justice protests at the take care games could be punished athletes showing their support for naman slike black lies not so happy come common but the i.o.c. say wasting a fest or kneeling for a national anthem won't be allowed.


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