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tv   Al Jazeera World Iraqs Dying Rivers  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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want to expose in legacy media love lance shoot. back next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera 'd 'd. i'm sami's a them in their how they look at the headlines now the u.s. is pledging to have its carbon emissions by 2030 on the 1st day of a global summit tackling climate change china says it will phase out its use of coal from 2026 where dozens of world leaders have joined business chiefs and activists for the 2 day meeting our white house correspondent kimberly health reports a virtual global summit convened by u.s. president joe biden and an invitation to world leaders to combat climate change
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collectively signs are on mistakes science is undeniable and the cost of an action which keeps mounting united states is awaiting where resolving to take action. biden announced the u.s. would cut fossil fuel emissions by up to 52 percent by 2030 the earth day pledge renews america's commitment following 4 years of inaction by predecessor donald trump it more than doubles america's target under the 2015 paris climate agreement that trump withdrew from and that biden rejoined when he took office. 40 world leaders participated including american adversaries russia and china china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases president xi jinping pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by $26.00 to adding this jab at the united states china
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has committed to move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in a much shorter time span than what might take many countries just weeks after the u.s. and russia leveled sanctions against one another ask elating tensions russian leader vladimir putin said he takes international commitments seriously like hero and paris hinting the united states does not russia st used its greenhouse gas emissions to a greater extent than many other countries but biden faces domestic challenges implementing his green economy or oil gas and chemical companies spent more than 100000000 dollars last year lobbying u.s. lawmakers to keep fossil fuel vehicles on the road speaking virtually before a congressional panel swedish climate activists gratitude emberg back to hold lawmakers accountable if they don't change i don't believe for
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a 2nd that you will actually do this because i'm a crisis doesn't exist in the public debate today and since it doesn't really exist in the general level of awareness is so absurdly low you will still get away with continuing to contribute to the destruction of presence and future living conditions. president biden's announcement of a new u.s. goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is ambitious but what it lacked are specifics including a legislative plan a budget or any kind of proposal for meeting biden's new climate target kimberley health hit al-jazeera the white house at least 13 coronavirus patients have been killed in a hospital fire in western india the blaze destroyed an intensive care unit north of mumbai and for the 2nd straight day the country is reporting the world's highest
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daily tally of cases more than 332008 funeral is being held in the u.s. state of the don't tell you right who shot by a police officer this month during a routine traffic stop the officer said she mistook her gun for her taser she's resigned and is facing manslaughter charges israeli forces have this 1st fire right jewish protesters who are trying to confront a group of palestinians in our ideas through some of the stun grenades and water cannon we used to hold back the group's fear us is sending aircraft to help find the missing indonesian submarine which will run out of oxygen on saturday it lost contact during a military exercise this week president djoko with ordered an all out rescue effort . headlines the news continues after al-jazeera world.
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warning. dawn on the banks of the river tigris in the iraqi capital but. the river source is in turkey and it flows southeast through the capital until it eventually meets the euphrates. for centuries since the 1st urban
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settlements grew up in ancient mesopotamia thousands of years before the common era fishing has been a lifeline running in families for generations. this is the story of the fishermen and women living now in the land often known. for the one thing. many college lives and works on the river in baghdad. already. i mean while you watch on. that island. as well as well i mean i love it. the euphrates flows from turkey through syria and iraq and is the longest in one of the most historically significant rivers in.
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the vast ancient mesopotamia marsh. where the tigris and euphrates meet in southern iraq. tens of thousands of iraqis live in our shit. like that and his wife who rely almost entirely on fishing to make their meager living. i leased bellows. i don't like as i left i don't know. why that one of. the tigris and euphrates meets in basra province in the south of iraq where they form the shut the waterway. fishes on one of the trawler. odd outside of the that wave with the defender. said.
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that you know what i don't want if it is a god who had a hole in the bit about how to get out of a fight. just. this bass channel flowing into the every guns is iraq's only source of green fish in which the country's one striving fishing industry with build. something. new here is our fallen and iraqi port on the borders with kuwait indeed on and the center for now and in an auction in the green fish for many decades.
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this is a region steeped in ancient history and its relationship with water the rivers and the scene goes back thousands of years. the tigris and the euphrates need to ensure mesopotamia part of what was called the 1st south crescent where agriculture and. earliest human settlements grew up. fishing continued to develop in mesopotamia while it was part of the ottoman empire and then under british rule in the 20th century. the country became one kingdom under king faisel of iraq in 1922 been gained independence 10 years later.
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fishermen sold their catch in the baghdad fish market to merchants from other iraqi provinces as well as to the citizens but. now when baghdad and in the marshes of the south and on the shuttle out of waterway whole ways of life are under threat as outside forces and manmade pollution are damaging the tigris and euphrates in reversible ways. for all his commitment to a life on the tigris. and its days as a fisherman may be numbered. although i have. on a so it has shifted again you have a sign a soft a soft. on
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a sound that it. had on the on. and then. the bit of machine on the. own model and. she. does have a she was just. on a fit and she had a modest into. the. midst fishing is very small scale especially compared to the. t.v. there are fewer boots on the typeface compared with when he started out. making a living here is tougher now. but god has been through a hole in the past 3 decades and that has affected the river environment as much as
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the. whole layer and. that's what i've been. watching with a lot again with one shell that. fell out of hand and with. you know what i know. i like i want to hear when i'm strong. as the capital baghdad has been the focus of the outside attacks and internal turmoil that have hit iraq in recent years. but. the people of the marshlands in the south disruption to their way of life goes back further to the 1950 s. was. in
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some ways little has changed here for the past 100 years. are still produced and hung just as they've always been. the long fishing boats are still builds to the same design as. between the fifty's and 1990 s. large. the tigris euphrates river system where people like his wife live. and. the reasons were political to force the people. out of the area. and to punish them for their
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part in an uprising against saddam for same's government 1991. saddam reduced the 9000 square kilometers of what amounted to the 1970 s. to just 760 square kilometers when his government fell into. the displacement of 420-0000 marsh arabs and the campaign of violence against. the international community to condemn as ethnic cleansing. the united nations has described the draining of the marshes as a tragic human and environmental catastrophe on a par with the deforestation. amazon rain forest. but the marsh is going to be too close to you and i didn't like return to the water.
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have a little will. you know all. i want. to and don't hide there's area of champaign is now recovering thanks to the reflooding following the fall of saddam hussein in 2003. large areas of the marshlands and 3 ancient cities have now been included in u.s. schools list of world heritage sites but the reflooding has not restored the wetlands to their pre-drawn a niche states. the damage to the iraqi environment has also not been limited to
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the marshlands iraq as a whole has suffered massive turmoil in the past 30 years. saddam's invasion of kuwait in august 1990 led to the 1st gulf war and defeats by a coalition led by the united states the effect on the country was described as near apocalyptic taking iraq back to the pre-industrial age. then the 2003 u.s. led invasion of iraq and fall of saddam hussein's government the occupation and violent insurgency caused further widespread destruction of the armed group i saw was a major part of the post-war insurgency its military activity in iraq and the campaign against it by the iraqi government and western forces have led to huge damage to infrastructure and the environment of. the tigris in baghdad where ahmed highlands
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headed out of such a high level i had to see how not had for me go ahead tell another not a question you know had to play in fear not to lose to allen are these the kind he will write about about 5. the instability and heightened security. have led to an increased police presence on the river. harvey. said. no question about the subtleties the. soldiers that is about a fellow with. a nurse at the could put them i mean i don't know men at the party going. right down the line in the way. i believe i got. well i.
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want to. know. that i'm on one of the. salt levels on the euphrates in the south have risen because of dams higher up the river in syria and turkey. there's waste from agricultural irrigation and sewage from cities all affecting the stretches of river. used to make a living. in this. when you did it.
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all. of us a war atlanta. and i'm a. city where people cannot drink the water from the euphrates because of the drop in water level increasing. furthermore in late twenty's 18 tens of thousands of freshwater fish died in the south of baghdad and soaring pollution is believed to be a major factor behind the sudden death of the fish. yes
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the i don't. know just. the dance built up river on the euphrates in syria and turkey are also having an effect on the marshlands in southern iraq. this is impeding conservation and restoration efforts in the wetlands the downs have reduced the flow of water reaching iraq since the 1970 by as much as the. hundreds of people have been forced to migrate from iraq's once fertile central marshes because of the water level was not in oh i'm not an attorney i've never heard of even i've never quite
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no weekend in. life it was not as easy when was not exactly. i don't know at the end. but the problems of the marshes and the open rivers extend on a larger scale beyond the point where the 2 ancient triggers the tigris and the euphrates merge of us all. from here the vast channel of the shelter a lot of waterways runs through basra province into the every peon goals. coming up the shot to the heart of waterway faeces an environmental catastrophe it's taking with it livestock and fisheries and i only the ones. that will get it oh what. is this yes majority. and iraqi fishermen see they often fall foul of the kuwaiti until we need peace patrolling every time
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borders on the frontline of a dispute that once led to outs now tour. of the not all that. and then where you know all that and. then. go out of them. but not meet up when those mean mean in the rubble at all. about it so i look what. i'm a lack of oz in the south of india to find out how a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating effect and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we visit a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and join the call for an end to the global wildlife very early on al jazeera this is one of them
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sounding revolutions and all of this make. pretty. we have to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars that need mitchum in motion they need to be mined to where people are just talking about the stars and that's going to solve. the world of business and commerce driving energy transmission is the promise of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying
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to close extrapolate that across the country under spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. i'm sam is a ban and with a look at the headlines now at least 13 coronavirus patients have been killed in a hospital fire in western india the blaze destroyed an intensive care unit about 70 kilometers north of mumbai and for the 2nd straight day the country is reporting the world's highest daily tally of cases more than 332001 major hospital in new delhi is close to running out of oxygen. the u.s. is pledging to harvard's carbon emissions by 2030 on the 1st day of
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a global summit tackling climate change china says it'll phase out its use of coal from 2026 dozens of world leaders have joined business chiefs and activists for the 2 day meeting you know these steps will shut america on a path to nigeria emissions economy by no later in 2050 but the truth is america represents west and 50 percent of the world's admissions no nation can solve this crisis on our own as i know you awfully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up a funeral has been held in the u.s. state of minnesota for dante right to is shot by a police officer this month during a routine traffic stop the officer says she mistook her gun for a taser she's resigned and is facing manslaughter charges israeli forces have this
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burst far right jewish protesters are trying to confront a group of palestinians in occupied east jerusalem stun grenades and water cannon we used to hold back the group's rusher is set to begin moving its troops away from its border with ukraine in the coming hours at a mass tens of thousands of soldiers in the region leading to tension with ukraine and its western allies moscow maintains it was a military exercise and says forces will return to their bases the u.s. is sending aircraft to help find the missing indonesian submarine which will run out of oxygen on saturday it lost contact during a military exercise this week president joko widodo has ordered an all out rescue effort as search teams race against the clock those are your headlines the news continues here now dizzier of the al jazeera world stay with us. society is only a change because some people believe in
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a post that is bigger than their. value a well a fundamental political or my say are your values they represented they put themselves out to make the changes that we. should have taken this long to do that alone never has got them isn't going to have a discotheque to slosh war to create new york areas we have to change this culture and one of the fortunate ones who can leave an establishment love outside but all the people and on that majority this is legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to be a mark. for
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thousands of years to famous rivers the tigris and euphrates made iraq one of the most fertile regions in the middle east. the 1st urban settlements grew up on the lands between them the cradle of civilization. but today things are dramatically different for the rivers and the people who depend on them decades of war sanctions upstream down pollution and they fall in water levels have seriously damaged iraq's engines rivers and water resources. the subtle lot of waterway runs 184 kilometers south from the confluence of the tigris and the euphrates in basra province and forms the border with iran. it provides access to the arabian gulf iraq's vital source of commercial sea
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fishing. either the. zadok been determined that i was a result of. conduct and tunnels in the town that don't live as i want to. go the commute to work can i just you know one doesn't have to move out at the gun and ready to put some out of. a mob. and etc. i've been a right i'm a bit of it here then mocking alan and. has some of the. donovan out there are none. other can let david minute go into.
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the village on it unless i have to challenge and it would be a saudi in their little one house to listen. to me i'm to see mr g. to be a how hard to stuff on the engine and unless i had stalled here at doha i think got pissed all over but has him and saddam a while we. should honor him i can't be said has and i don't mean any married together until it was march of death or mother for chile and some sort of time while. being ruled the world because. it is so i didn't do that with the club those who would. have been doing. the market have been 1000000 in most of it the politically the do. you know there was a do as much of the bottom of it yourself i didn't most of us use up all of them but the how to get them is about most if you look around i don't house them all of us are there some of the one of us alone. but i don't know how it will knowledge of
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the so that me a me of them see that. is to. say that of them. these boats now stand idle in the port of an foul at the south east end of the ice fall peninsula on the right bank of the shuttle. rusting old diesel boats pollutes the long term way. and found it has around $40000.00 inhabitants and is this traditional fishing communities but town officials admit that's hundreds of families have now left in search of other work leaving the ports in danger of becoming a ghost town. go ahead. and you try not to but i was just going to come but nothing got done.
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about me. as about me god to me has to be with me. but you know when my father. you get it if they were. because i write about what. it is we're. on. our. one side and i stop and say now is the 50 kilometer stretch of coastline diving to pieces. the other as the shuttle watcher when he tries alongside the marshes of southern iran. and its huge fish stocks in their answer it's going to turn. a few steve rocky
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fishermen to risk seen in close to being in kuwait lost. the richer fish stocks were to deliberately try to launch into a quick and easy catch. these fishermen used to be protected by the iraqi navy but that's now d.p.t. and largely carty the country's only terminal. out of. out of the really and. out of me and i never. will and yet right. we are not and i thought i would tell you that in my 72 point.
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2 i was always a lot of through us i want to quit through it and i had the money. to get up there as i thought of this did you know why i left. play out in the. yard of how the media and levy is lead media. miss and a little more doing that on. then no other not all the. outlets and of where you know. what i've done. not in my robin is yet to do and i'll say i do enjoy then. go out on them in. public with but not meet up and when those mean mean there is a lot of adult. minute about it so i look what i want to so on. as this pollution. and the perceived threats from kuwait and iran were not enough the
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fisherman and the shuttle and the case have to deal with iraqi security checks. as one journal developed out of. the good market as well keep the bomb going to be there no not that you could already know about it i didn't even go to the well i was. i don't know go watch it out because over the border i've been like. a lot of malaysian me you know that would have been my wardak up alone and that because of. those i go by on the other on an a lot of want to. go to. the wrestle for control of the
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shuttle what i'm watching was one of the causes of the launch costs. between iraq and iran throughout most of the 1980. that border dispute is still not settled. kuwait and iraq has also yet to agree on a sea border in negotiations which have been going on since the dam 1st things invasion of kuwait. that's because. many fishermen at the docks. to try to meet there are still bitter over their conflicts with iraq and the 19 eighties and nineties. the shuttle out of the in basra
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province this is not the size of fish market. it's a meager return for a day on the watch. he suffers from increasing. with industrial waste domestic sewage and agricultural fertilizer. finding in tonight's match mass no surprise that that fish stocks at an initial. salty tonight everybody has owns my fancy and one of the shots a lot of resulting in alice.
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was. some fisherman have also resorted to damaging ways of catching fish including using poison to bring them to the surface to. join us and with. yanni i had in a while. as a ticket i sent. them. a and as a. 9 iron man. john. and you know what. an american what are they and as this year and 9 majority militia feel as i fear. from i'm going to tell you they bear much of my
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dash up right now i. mean up to one god and heaven and that their audience wise when i then russia will get out of shot their hero or hide them i got. my chart. from. the. crew and. 5 if you will pull out of the. wording me i will do my job
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really just say that we know how to you know shit he only said that and said son and senate are the only son and said i got the idea when you. have a player who can tell you you are nuts and do what another because of. this the other way of us are. well off and i was just going to say. that it was. you know what i am i'm not the militia. and us at war with that at the shop. i shall go see general john or a 2nd russia of course i said when i might you know most of the younger i do when i shop. back in baghdad. now talks in a similar negative way about life on the tigris. not had
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minute. not had a mob missed me i was out of the. law. had not thought of. it. and how long man has of it i know. 2 and. understood the harshness to inch by the u.n. environment program things that. michael was going to drag out another john model year when i was in the alive when
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i was adored and i don't as you know of another know when i was in the idea of god almighty god will i'm going to fit in not for the 3rd of the world. i will admit i would be a mother called me a god like i had my own of that. we're not a human and 500 others and others yet and others i am i there are no i don't and i . know you and you are my i give you not any.
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but away from the problems facing professional fishermen and the pollution of the euphrates and. 'd there is one positive heartwarming story. i mean. that. doesn't come from a fishing. but has be friended tigris fishermen. and discovered of the ancient river.
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like a god. i'll. walk out and. give you. more. at the bit here where mother bear. was one of us are there. i was so with. at the guises. at letters.
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i don't know that. i'm bad at junk. so what i need yet i am. not on the record tele. attack in real life as jefferson charles actually it's not all i want to tell. but i'd much on time so we're trying to so we're brought. a lot of bores in. on a 7 only i don't question you are you would you thank you if you were done at all finish up pulled over. last. august after. a juggler but then quickly issue it i mean when i've said i was under trying not to
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have a command crew way it had like a sore arm with it but any leans in only i ok it led to a quick obvious i look at communism come in and say that i said god bless a juggler if you only feel really them and they're so weak. i didn't even mean when doing none of them. were not my honor. i didn't know i'm not. one i'm not a federal law enough i had no idea. they are near government and about 5 not anywhere i family of of them. i've got to go look at the not so much comes in below me and you can go to any
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college in the world was a or barren territory near if you're going to run you're at the start than good by 20 knowing. after honeymooning you dismissed after a sniffle in on hi fi i get in trouble had us and you are back for our no business in a 2 way the matter how i assign you lucky hyphen one of the and if i join it 'd and showing your legs. then the letter where. them accept them in a vat in the fridge on their part not in the way that an affair while you get how well it was not given are this even a monster. serve. on
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that loosely trouble the. owner as it is it and the palace shuttle. mission on was this the i'll be out as how as i was auckland largest what i'll. * call it the child of god well. yeah well i do watch. a lot of fun most of the love but a lot of it. well. that's just a. mess good is a traditional mr putting in dish meat by cooking seasoned fresh water cars on the fly. i behind them cooked it in the marsh nine's and it's often considered iraq's
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national dish. but that prides itself in making the best my school with the up i know was district almost dedicated to the dish in its dozens of fish restaurants. have been a good cult leader but we live so i live my life. that. i want what i mean and that's enough when. as. a says you really push us i just. so what i. suggested story shows how iraq's great engine troopers are still close to the heart of its people. today's crisis means
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that iraq one so abundant in water resources now imports 60 percent of its fish. but above all it's threatens the roots of iraq's identity as the land between the 2 rivers the tigris and the euphrates on which the country and its people have depended for thousands of use. a small boy and his brother rescued from war in gaza by the red cross i hold was and we were 1st placed on a red cross truck now a world leader in crisis management and a highly regarded doctor in chicago who still misses her homeland just one day i was possibly thinking of returning to jordan al jazeera world meets 2 successful arab doctors in north america arabs the world the humanitarian and on al-jazeera.
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and that's because 50 years of dads children. it's. sad but. it's a bad childhood and. used . to subscribe. to. the cease.
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fire. you might think of the middle east as always being hot and cold often is hotter than average with these temperatures on 1st sites you think well that's about right this time of year is cool down levant but actually on closer inspection terror on a $32.00 is above where it should be the focus for for terror on does take the temperature down a little bit but this is the average it's $21.00 this time of the year the record is that he's $3.00 so we're not that far away from the average and it's not the only faces hotter than the norm there's a little red blob here over iraq and down towards q 8 again 41 and 42 you might think doesn't look extraordinary it's 6 or 7 degrees above the average all the same for the rest of us 30 quiet weather 33 in doha or humid one of the there aren't that many shows a hint maybe that will grow in the mountains of western yemen and the breeze isn't extraordinary anywhere as we hang on to $29.00 degrees for example of jerusalem
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which is not particularly hot but we still have 42 in baghdad here's some unusual weather for you a tropical cycling ok we've had them before it's the right time the but this is a long way north and it's heading towards tanzania expected landfall probably middle of sunday what's unusual is it's probably only the 3rd to make landfall in living memory. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious reduction goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really time to actually get to and we can go eat if you want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry so it's being an active emanations souls people in power finland's planets warriors on
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a just. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through here and i just we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. a deadly fire at a hospital in western india adds to an already dire situation with record rises and curve at 19 infections yet again. hello i'm adrian from again this is live from doha also coming up a lack of medical supplies across kenya leaves health workers having to choose who to save in the battle against the coronavirus. stand on.


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