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it would have been better to do a strict lockdown this is what we will have to do until we have enough vaccines. like most developed nations argentina struggling to access vaccines to inoculate the population. so far around 6000000 doses have been applied in a country of 48000000 among them russia sputnik v. and china sign a farm much more i needed to prepare the population for the difficult months ahead . and let's take a look at the headlines now the u.s. is pledging to have its carbon emissions by 2030 on the 1st day of a global summit on climate change china says it will phase out its use of coal from 2026 dozens of world leaders have joined business chiefs and activists for the 2
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day meeting you know these steps will set america on a path to nigeria emissions economy by no later than 2050 but the church this record represents west and 50 percent of the world's regressions no nation can solve this crisis on our own as i know you awfully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up a funeral is being held in the u.s. state of minnesota for don't tell you rights who shot by a police officer this month during a routine traffic stop the officer said she mistook her gun for her taser shoes resigned and is facing manslaughter charges. at least 13 coronavirus patients have been killed in a hospital fire in western india the blaze destroyed an intensive care unit north of mumbai it comes as the health care system buckles under the strain of rising
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infections for the 2nd straight day india recorded the world's highest daily tally of cases more than 332000 russia is set to begin moving its troops away from the its border with ukraine in the coming hours it amassed tens of thousands of soldiers in the region leading to tension with ukraine and its western allies moscow maintains it was a military exercise the u.s. is sending aircraft to help find the missing indonesian submarine which will run out of oxygen on saturday it lost contact during a military exercise this week israeli forces have dispersed jewish protesters who were trying to confront a group of palestinians in occupied east jerusalem stun grenades and water cannon were used to hold back the group's. headlines it's the stream now stay with us here on al-jazeera. president joe biden into the white house facing
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multiple crises including the governor of iowa is dead and it divided america 3 months on as he managed to follow through on campaign promises to fix the country stay with this special coverage of biden's 1st $100.00 days in. just him. walking to the final episode climate. we're going to start this is going back. in 1988 the u.n. established a climate change organization i.p.c.c. where scientists from the whole world agreed to change and. well cletus listen to those you think from powerless to do anything about this greenhouse effect are forgetting about the white house of.
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don't. do. this it's more than 30 years ago. the world was ready to act. so what took us so long to take the climate crisis seriously or one of the big reasons is because of climate deniers climate change deniers misinformation out disinflation that is our show today i would love it stay part of it if you can do so by jumping into the comments section you want to talk to access i have a journalist who's been covering the climate crisis and climate change for over 30 years we have another jealousy is an expert at the banking misinformation she will literally be showing and telling us how she does it statement.
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now that i've hiked them off hello mark hello sureness like it's a habit here on the stream mark when you introduce a south to the stream audience. i am or her scary everybody i am the executive director of current climate now that's a consortium of hundreds of news outlets or well the world including i'm happy to say al-jazeera english and we are dedicated to improving coverage of the climate story and any said only coverage on it changed there is no. print and broadcast outlets including the nation magazine or of the current environment editor so i get to have him on her show now welcome to the strain it heavily you are what you day pay for me i'm a journalist focusing on misconduct information to try to find out how best to combat things that go birol that simply aren't true i want to start a market shona with a comment from a list so why ben and alissa really takes us back to what is the problem with
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climate crisis and why we're not better at addressing it. for over 50 years big polluters have used big tobacco's playbook to spread misinformation and exploited by park communities globally in order to continue the businesses deceive people and basically bury the truth industry muslim burmese stand in and this p.r. is a massive barrier to building the political will needed to and not to real and just climate solutions these corporations basically spread this misinformation themselves were to start from groups to try to protect their brand and convince people that there are these good corporate citizens when we all know whether anything by mark taught us about a scam. yes i mean the euro has it exactly right and she is saying what has subsequently been confirmed by some texel investigative reporting
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that began appearing about 5 years ago now from the los angeles times and particular but also inside climate news and the columbia journalism school that essentially can be summarized in the hashtag exxon knew these investigative journalists went back into action and archives and were able to document with exxon's on the records that exxon's top scientists by $982.00 were telling the top executives at exxon mobil that our product is going to burn the planet in use exactly that term if they did say that it could cause the planet to become uninhabitable if it continued this way and so we know for a fact that for 'd for almost 30 years now the top people inside of exxon mobil and subsequent investigation showed that this also happened at chevron and shell and most of the or companies they knew they knew exactly what they were doing and instead of leveling with the american public and with policymakers and i daresay
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with us in the press they decided to lie about it to maintain their proper margins and as i say this is no longer just simply an accusation that's made by activists investigative journalism has now shown as conclusively and you can find out if you just look at exxon new you'll find all the documents there. i'm just looking here at mock a story that. 22. while washington slept tell us about that story and then patsy at. yeah it's funny that a script dated 2010 they must have updated it because that story actually 1st ran in 2006 so that 15 years ago and that was the 1st piece where a journalist myself in this case was able to document the so-called tobacco connection and in fact that the caller mentioned this that essentially the oil
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companies use the same playbook that the tobacco companies used to lie about cigarette smoking causing cancer and not just the same playbook they literally use the very same scientists the man in frederick science who at that time was the president of rockefeller university and professor sides dr sites i should say he was the conduit for some $45000000.00 into baguio industry funding that was given to various scientists to look at every other possible explanation for why there might be a lung cancer except for smoking cigarettes and this is very much in keeping with a now infamous line in public relations history where the public relations companies. one of tobacco firms wrote in an internal secret memo not from now on quote doubt is our product unquote in other words we're no longer selling
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cigarettes were no longer marketing kamler or smoke more or rather than extend now we are marketing the concept of doubt to tell the public to tell policymakers and especially government regulators the science isn't so clear about whether smoking causes cancer well does this sound familiar folks this is exactly what the oil industry has been doing since 991 to show those clips many of the president former president bush and home islands that are saying this and 990 they were ready to go down that's exactly when they were listerine be dns or just information model exactly on what the tobacco companies had done earlier. i'm awkward when i'm listening to that and when i'm looking at social media you'll have seen this too there's such a spectrum of missing dissent from a shinai there and it's become so so broad the one thing that i would say as well as in terms of what we've seen over the past year is that this information of
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conspiracy theories the real world impact of those just can't be understated and the intersection between disinclination conspiracy theories that are often not in neat little boxes that i want to bring to this graphic that was created by a girl called abby richards she's fantastic researcher and it shows how conspiracy theories disinformation they intertwine global warming hoax we probably her all heard about be disinformation around boston conspiracy theories right about they can really really easily intertwine with covert conspiracy theories and this graphic the reason why i think it's great that it shows the impact of it and it shows how easy you can move from one dangerous conspiracy theory to another and as you go to the top of that triangle there you move into conspiracy theories that are deeply rooted in things like the semitism conspiracy theory you probably all seen before so what i would say is when i look at stuff online and when you when i look at stuff online it's so important to realize that there's many messages that people
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are trying to push out there that can be really dangerous that you might get to pick up straight away for example when we think of white supremacy many white supremacists do actually also believe in climate change but they want to push out that very very dangerous message that for example refugees are causing the climate crisis which is just not true and so the mess chain that you have on line be that the information or conspiracy theories knowing that dangerous mess just people should push for via social media that's really crucial mark i want to play you michael he is a consultant for friends of us and so we already know that there was a big. about climate change actually happening that it was happening that wasn't a debate the scientists poorly much agreed on the science but why does the climate lie continue this is where michael picks up haven't it's on. this network of
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deniers has been funded by the fossil fuel industry then who is a politician's conservative influencer is a pseudo scientist and conspiracy theorists more they gain the ability to keep selling oil by stopping any action on climate change while profiting off the back from wind unities. go ahead. yeah i mean that's that again that's what the data shows us what our best to get of reporting shows that this has been a clear strategy and i would just suit our viewers you know don't let yourself be fooled that's what they're trying to do and it is i think he speaks a real contempt on the part of the oil companies for all our intelligence they think that they can get away 'd with this even though they've been busted on an investigative reporter even though it's out there and we know it's the case they're still trying to do for you today including with these ads now around earth day where. i think rachelle who hasn't had said what are you willing to do to
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reduce emissions right as and putting the idea out there that it's in to good will lifestyles that are really at fault here in if only you will recycle that we can solve this well in fact 'd the real problem is there in the boardrooms what we need to recycle are those who are members and to get people in there who believe that the health and future of humanity matters more than their short term profit margins and unfortunately i would simply add and try to be engineer views on this that you know as bad as social media is it is also greatly amplified by the fact that specially here in the united states there is an entire right wing media infrastructure starting with fox news i hate to say fox news that they have nothing to do with news but fox and the whole 'd wedding radio world that regurgitates all of this and thereby gives it a certain the literacy and the idea in the in the minds rather of audiences.
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i think it's been something that's really been documented for a long time and when i was looking up posts that were performing very highly on facebook for example using it to call. quite tangle one of those posts was trying to undermine the severity of climate change and docking from a right wing conservative think tank and so right wing media does have the ability to amplify not only climate denial i think but also the shifting of blame away from for example these companies towards all the things that can just shift the blame in a way that simply just isn't true i think mark you can you can probably see in that an awful lot of the shifting of plane not only on social media but also through these right wing media outlets as well let me just go to you. because i want to for a couple of questions that you and if you can come up with some brief answers that
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would be great so brian one are smart how long do we have before we reach a point of no return. look it's already a point of no return for ready the millions of people who have died from this already. you know the air pollution that is caused by fossil fuel burning it is not just over heating the planet it is also destroying the lungs of people around the world literally 8000000 people die every year on that your pollution so the limits are already tipping well past too late now are gems of the science you know every day matters and that's why today on earth everybody needs to rededicate themselves to really getting the climate or urgency under control as quickly as possible so and so what i'm also seeing on the table. conversations that are not accurate it's misinformation estis of the measures are not going to reset them but only thank you for your thoughts and a couple of us thank you for your thoughts though not correct but what i wanted to
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ask you sean and then maybe you can help us out with how do i was mistaken ideas about climate change or global warming how do they get started how do they go viral . the thing about social media is that it has the ability to spread information extremely rapidly and that information often isn't true so i want to show you just a couple of things that i've thought of previously i want to show you wanted my laptop and i examples of when trying to misinformation when viral this example for in particular is in relation to the wildfires that occurred along the west coast of the united states back in 2020 the reason why i think this examples so important for you and i to think about is because it was really emotional and easy for people to push the share but not it was one of those viral posts related to the this extreme weather event and it claimed wrongly without any evidence and it was simply
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not true that the group on t.v. was behind the wildfires and used this claiming that this was a marine that was trying to set fire to a car and trying to save people from this actually was a well shared mean previously dated 5 years and years before that where you could do is to find where this photo originally came from on the internet using stuff like reverse search anyone could have done that or try to find out more about this but it went viral so so fast and it's soda particular agenda and the reason why these these things are really important to remember is the coast it pushes for both information at a time of crisis and that kind of information the shifting of blame away from for example climate change towards groups like it's pushing towards an ideological or political line this is just another example of a political candidate who shared the same messaging people also take things just out of context and you don't need high tech stuff to do that for example that the
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map here at the bottom left corner it was trying to suggest that the wildfires were only centered around a particular area on the west coast claiming for example that there were no other wildfires happen. of course that wasn't true at the rice here you can see how many wild fires were happening around the world at that particular time back in september 2020 now stuff like this it does have impacts for example the emergency services were telling people to stop contacting them saying that n.t. was behind these wildfires because it was taking away were real and valuable resources so the trends that i've been seeing america be interesting interesting to hear your view on this is when we have extreme weather events there's been not a denial per se across the board of a shifting of blame but often putting the blame and or iran place or for example in texas we saw people saying that it was the wind turbines that were shutting down
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and that just wasn't true and people sharing that strongly often along political lines or often out of a place of emotion you know that's exactly right it happens and has been happening for many years you know i'm speaking to you here today from my home in california and you know just last year during the terrible fires that we had the president trot came here and met with governors and his aides and said that the scientists don't know whether climate change is real scientists don't know whether these fires are connected to climate change and that's just 100 percent incorrect but again when you have a very high level official like that saying something is utterly wrong it is further ammunition to the sources and you know i think most of them are bought frankly they're not even real people who are putting out this dissent or mission this is our are those who are responding immediately to spreading false rumors and
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it's not hard to understand who's benefiting from this it's not just their own companies it's also tetra state like russia. i am going to share with you guess some of the suggestions from unity about what do you do about this that we're not even in the climate crisis emergency right now how do you battle the climate deniers who are still out there the misinformation that is still being shed they had some ideas and then i'm going to present a tree sandwich walk is going to tell us what that is have a look have a listen the number of solutions have been proposed for how to store or slow the spread of climate misinformation none of these are perfect they all have their cats and criticisms the 1st approach is educational and not it would be teaching people critical thinking techniques and use it better education about climate change then there is no correlation research is of paramount when you expose people to a we can form of misinformation it builds up their muti their resilience so they be
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less likely to be misled the main character of the actual misinformation the other benefit of this approach is it means that when we knock your people against climate misinformation that also gives them the ability to spot most frame retard compared makes in our area like back to motion misinformation or current misinformation they are good we're a community of data science volunteers who are working on national processing algorithms to classify news articles online misinformation disinformation or truth mark kelly of ideas there are plenty of evolving very active about what we can do covering climate now is one of the ways that journalists can say how do we do this better i just want to show our audience a statement here by the partners of covering climate now it's time for journalism to recognize that climate emergencies this is a state with
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a science not politics mark how we doing as a media globally handling this topic. i think that we are getting slowly better we've found a current climate now 2 years ago at a time of climate science especially here in the united states and most especially among the t.v. networks that are still the dominant source of information for most people we bring the climate silence i think we'll never go back to climate silence but we have a long ways to go before we really as as an industry as a news business do justice to the story of climate change is the defining story of our time and to me the reason that we issued that statement about the climate emergency is precisely because that's what the scientists are telling us it's not activism to say 'd it's a climate emergency that is the. 'd science is using because like with a heart attack you need to respond to an emergency immediately not tomorrow not next week immediately and then it is not i'm sad to say that is not how most news
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outlets are covering the story at least not yet so to a social media pathways have been tried in the last year. to try and tackle misinformation and disappointments and present because of private one thing and then all centering for the rest that has nothing to offer but their actions around the well how was doing with the climate crisis what i thought i. so pop forms like facebook have made gains or at least trying to tackle it more facebook for example they've released their climate change center which aims to provide people with legitimate information trying to put the facts 1st i think that's a really good step because putting the facts 1st and how you tackle false information is very important and what that will do is and what they're trying to roll out even more is putting labels underneath posts that are talking about climate change and then gearing them towards this new web site that is all legitimate scientific
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information but it's not just facebook and i want to show just another example here because this particular op it's very difficult to discern where fake news is spreading and that's what's up because it's close you can't actually see what's happening a lot up there messages you probably have like i have some relatives who share messages really quickly and many many of those best is what false information and so what one did and how been doing is if the messages spread really really fast so a big sporting going on they will try and slow down that day and the left corner there you can see 2 arrows under the example roy ronald being forward at that can show you if something is important numerous times now that was put under covert 19 due to cope with 19 but it's trying to do that to spread to stop the spread of all the false information out there but there's one thing i want to show you is well that's what i'm going to just switch into at this particular. image to show you.
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tick tock so tick tock is where many conspiracy theories tend to go viral and i looked up the word climate just before the show and want to talk was trying to push me for 2 or things like climate change is fake and conspiracy theories like climate control so the tech companies really do have more to do particularly this example they shouldn't be hearing loss toward these kind of false claims. most. i'm just thinking i'm looking at you and there is a discussion and there's a debate about the climate crisis about global warming if you were a q. rating. right now what would you be saying not be a pig to lie that you would set people straight so that's a very it is a low right place and not the wrong place. well you mentioned earlier to me the truth sandwich the idea of a true sandwich we have to be careful with always just information start of course it's important to round out of facebook and talk in the others but let's not
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forget that most people the overwhelming majority of people over 75 percent worldwide understand that climate change is real it's manmade serious and we need to do something about it so one tactic is to not do the liars more power than they really have like you in that attention don't pay attention to them and when you talk about the disinformation you put in a truth sandwich so you start with the truth right the truth is that climate change is man made serious 'd 'd the sandwich part is 'd that there's a lot of deniers out there including you all companies who are trying to tell you different and then the final piece of bread is the statement that all the science in the world and all the scientific data is around the world and 99.9 percent of scientists agree that this is real thank you so much mark thank you phil we have thank you for taking part in our climate a vaccine for save x.
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. in the midst of war a generation grew up in exile more than 13000000 syrians that's half the pre-war population remain displaced inside and outside the country and as the conflict enters its 2nd decade with no political settlement in sight there could be further displacement home for many has been informal camps like this in neighboring countries and lebanon's bekaa valley life has been one of poverty and uncertainty. syria's a. anime is collapsing and international aid organizations are warning it is pushing millions deeper into poverty many are jobless and hungry the united nations says 60 percent or $12400000.00 syrians don't have regular access to enough food despite
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the battlefield being largely quiet for a year aid agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict and the hardship does not stop at syria's borders. thousands of children were removed from east timor during the indonesian occupation decades later want to one essentially as members of the last generation as they find head home. on al-jazeera capturing a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's what. the world called the thread. inspiring documentaries impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the books.
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on al-jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through and. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. this moment to measure urges. world leaders put aside their differences to fight global warming pledging. to cut carbon emissions. and sammy say this is al jazeera live from coming up.


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