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centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted and pollution al-jazeera world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. this moment to measure urges. world leaders put aside their differences to fight global warming pledging to step up efforts to cut carbon emissions. i'm sam is a this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russia announces it's pulling its troops from the border with ukraine after what nato calls an unjustified military build up. by.
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building a final farewell to 20 year old dante wright the black man shot by police during a traffic stop in the u.s. state of minnesota. hospitals are under pressure as argentina confronts its worst moments of the current 19 and them it. could be the world's moment of peril or moment of opportunity the declaration from joe biden as he pledged is the u.s. will be a global leader on climate change the president kicked off a virtual summit on earth day by committing to an ambitious reduction in carbon emissions but critics are this missing is planned as costly and ineffective white house correspondent kimberly health reform. a virtual global summit convened by
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u.s. president joe biden and invitation to world leaders to combat climate change collectively shine's are mistaken shying is undeniable at the cost of going to action is key. united states is in a way where resolving to take action by denounce the u.s. would cut fossil fuel emissions by up to 52 percent by 2030 the earth day pledge renews america's commitment following 4 years of inaction by predecessor donald trump it more than doubles america's target under the 2015 paris climate agreement that trump withdrew from that biden rejoined when he took office. this just bursting into. song 40 world leaders participated including american adversaries russia and china china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases president xi jinping pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 adding this jab at the
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united states china has committed to move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in a much shorter time span than what might take many countries just weeks after the u.s. and russia leveled sanctions against one another ask elating tensions russian leader vladimir putin said he takes international commitments seriously like hero and paris hinting the united states does not russia st used its greenhouse gas emissions to greater extent than many other countries. but biden faces domestic challenges implementing his green economy or oil gas and chemical companies spent more than 100000000 dollars last year lobbying u.s. lawmakers to keep fossil fuel vehicles on the road speaking virtually before a congressional panel swedish climate activists gratitude and berg back out to hold
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lawmakers accountable if they don't change i don't believe for a 2nd that you will actually do this because i'm a crisis doesn't exist in the public debate today and since it doesn't really exist and the general level of awareness is so absurdly low you will still get away with continuing to contribute to the destruction of presence and future living conditions president biden's announcement of a new u.s. goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is ambitious but what it lacked are specifics including a legislative plan a budget or any kind of proposal for meeting biden's new climate target kimberly help hit al-jazeera the white house. during throw of the international climate and policy campaign at the sierra club she says although biden's targets are seen as they are necessary and achievable. there's all kinds of legislation that's been
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proposed that would help to implement this like go back that are and the green new deal and other other packages of legislation that are meant to shore this up and remember biden has asked for. an economy wide. a government told wide climate push so every every sector of the government also has to come up with their plan for how they will implement this so the implementation is coming in and in fact is already being revealed all of the new models that we have and the new analysis that we have this sector by sector analysis that's referred to that binds them friends who in this plan i think is absolutely achievable and fact 50 percent according to our analysis is the most that is achievable you have to have people continue to push because even the 50 percent is not all that's needed is not is not what is needed to keep us
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from warming past the 1.5 degrees. that we would need to do to keep the worst of the climate crisis from happening and so yes we need to keep pushing we need voices that continue to hold lawmakers feet to the fire and make sure that we're actually doing all the. rusher is set to begin moving its troops away from its border with ukraine in the coming hours it amassed tens of thousands of soldiers in the region leading to tension with ukraine and its western allies moscow maintains it was a military exercise and says forces will return to their bases some equipment will be left behind for another drill later this year nicer and ukraine's president welcomed the move but they say they remain vigilant. russia will continue with plans to close the curtain straight between the black and as of sea blocking ukrainian and other foreign navy ships until the end of october moscow says it's
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for naval exercises kiev calls it a violation of international law charles stratford joined ukraine's navy on the sea of as of. variables maritime guard head out across a 4 c. the crew's work with ukrainian navy monitoring a russian warships in waters both countries share control of according 282003 maritime agreement but moscow recently deployed 15 warships to the azoff sea from its caspian fleet as part of a vast russian military build up along ukraine's borders in the. us the threat level has been the same since 2014 but in the past week we have seen more ships from the russian fleet including 8 landing craft 3 small artillery boats and other support vessels were about 6 of the boats marry off the coast guard vessel just missing the basics of the way. around. the russians
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asked the coast guard to identify themselves the 2nd circuit so they say about conditions in these conditions. we approach one of a number of large grain and ships in the area monitoring russian naval and commercial shipping movements on the last. name your flag and your route as the voice on the radio. all of the. russian flag coming from the caucuses is the reply russia has also announced the closure of the curch straight to ukrainian and foreign navy ships for the next 6 months because of what it describes as military exercises. it says commercial shipping will not be affected the waterway which is around 60 nautical miles from here connects the as off to the black sea off crimea which russia illegally and mixed in 2014
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kiev has accused moscow of provocations and trying to take control of its maritime borders almost a little over the 2003 hours of sea agreement between ukraine and russia they have rights under that agreement to be closed but when the agreement was signed there was no conflict between us despite moscow announcing on thursday a gradual troop withdrawal from the area its closure of the curch strait will restrict ukraine's and foreign navy movements in the region for months to come chance trafford al-jazeera on the azoff see. a 20 year old black american shot by police during a traffic stop has been laid to rest dante writes shooting happened in minnesota not far from where a minneapolis officer was tried for killing george floyd john hendren reports and we should warn you you may find some of the images in his report to be disturbing.
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to the family. dante to meet you is right it's become an all too familiar american scene a family gathered to mourn another black man killed by a white police officer my son had a smile that was worth a $1000000.00. 20 year old dante wright pulled over for an expired license plate on april 11th was shot by a police officer who says she meant to fire her taser but drew her gun instead. that officer kim potter now faces a manslaughter charge don't say wright was killed in the midst of the trial of derrick chauvet the white police officer convicted on tuesday of murdering george floyd so this funeral drew many of the same dignitaries that attended that trial and 2 days after she opens conviction floyd's family was also here joining the right family in mourning all of minneapolis is that they are going to print up
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brooklyn sent. me going to pass the george throwing justice in policing act as federal law we are going to make it against the law our own over this country to keep bringing us to feel rules for our young prince. dante right right. the right family lawyer ben crump who also represents the family of george floyd was introduced as the attorney general for black folks they became part of a fraternity that no family wants to be a part of. don't a right left a 2 year old son and a name that will now be added to the long list of black men in america who died at the hands of police john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. the u.s. senate has passed
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a bill i aimed at curbing hate crimes against asian americans which of spying since the start of the pandemic the bill was approved by $94.00 votes to one similar just ration will go to the house of representatives almost 3800 incidents targeting asian americans have been recorded in the past year last month 8 people were killed including 6 asian women by a government asian parlors in atlanta still ahead of al jazeera a race against time in the search for missing in division submarine that's funding low on oxygen. and violence flares between palestinians and israelis in occupied east jerusalem during the month of ramadan.
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the perfect jenin. sponsored point qatar airways. you might think of the middle east as always being hot and cold often is hotter than average with these temperatures on 1st sites you think well that's about right this time of year is cool down levant but actually on closer inspection terror on a $32.00 is above where it should be the focus for terror on does take the temperature down a little bit but this is the average it's $21.00 this time of the year the record is that he's $3.00 so we know that far away from the average and it's not the only faces hotter than the norm there's a little red blob here over iraq and down towards q 8 again 4142 you might think it doesn't look extraordinary it's 6 or 7 degrees above the average all the same for the rest of us fairly quiet weather 33 in doha or humid one of the there aren't that many showers as a hint maybe that will grow in the mountains of western yemen and the breeze isn't extraordinary anywhere as we hang on to $29.00 degrees for example of jerusalem
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which is don't particularly hot but we still have 42 in baghdad here's some unusual weather for you a tropical cycling ok we've had them before is the right time the but this is a long way north and it's heading towards tanzania expected landfall probably middle of sunday what's unusual is it's probably only the 3rd to make landfall in living memory. sponsored by qatar airways. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2040 we're trying to talk to right now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching our time to recap our headlines now the u.s. has pledged to have its carbon emissions by 2030 on the 1st day of a global summit on tackling climate change china says it will phase out its use of coal from 2026 dozens of world leaders have joined business chiefs and activists for the 2 day meeting of funerals been held in the u.s. state of minnesota for a black american man who was shot by a police officer during a traffic stop the officer has resigned and is facing manslaughter charges. russia is set to begin moving its troops away from its border with ukraine in the coming
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hours it's amassed tens of thousands of soldiers in the region leading to tension with ukraine and its western allies moscow maintains it was a military exercise. the u.s. is sending aircraft to help find the missing indonesian submarine which will run out of oxygen by saturday it lost contact during a military exercise this week president djoko we don't know is all that an all out rescue effort search teams race against the clock singapore malaysia have also sent vessels help let's bring in graham on the web he's a research fellow at the rajaratnam school of international studies at nanyang technological university joins us by skype from singapore good to have you with us 1st of all how easy is it to find a submarine which is really designed for stealth isn't it. very good question the answer is not easy at all are so because on the design of the
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summary meant to be action designed and is still not be offensive. and for 2 weeks straight and difficult for adversaries if that's not read in their own water or who are equally difficult for the handlers of. the meter pointer to track and monitor are there also want to see some marines off guard a considerable threat to anyone as he included such as. submarines the other not equipped with any kind of ability to send distress signals when they're in trouble and break the sort of stealth profile of essentially aa and there are mechanisms with more standard summaries of it that signals have been sent out and much shallower most of them so it is. an order of senators the. congress
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shape the events physical challengers are walking see what i put your. we shouldn't create a very dense very mediocre and really makes it difficult to translate any song. so we're talking about 20 years ago kinetic and the key one are real. challenge conducting are being able to detect electrical if i put you through. that for it's also going to be so. the challenge you are piecing is likely to cost the submarine question mark once who is our grammar are very far more more than. probably wrong. are which is really a challenge for such a scheme trend which is why yes and the the indonesian navy said they have detected
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some kind of magnetic profile of out in waters 600 to 700 meters deep i mean at that sort of level can people be rescued from a submarine if not can there least get oxygen into them very very important questions i mean. it's a very very challenging fortunately. illusional dorothy signed what we should riemann hypothesis or well in this the or only true part calamity like it's a marker for civil war to share our audience so it really rescues lawson's brought to bear situation so as we speak it is our very. the people he puts on duty by are the best local rescue it's
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really one of its kind. and that's on but we try to cheer him on getting that people be on staten island once the skippable if there are this is such a rescue people actually make sure. it's a summary it is actually happens of what we're all you know hoping for the best but i have to ask at a depth of 700 meters will the submarine not collapse i mean its structure just fold in on itself. it's very. somber thought but these are obviously each of us i mean the harsh reality is yes sorry it's so small . it's not that certain we all. are caught the last 3 decades but still this isn't the it's not going to wear and tear so i think it is that it's a prospect that some of the army have no. damage and they're
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all our concern hot oil spill. which is one of the signs of all. and that's the case and i think he must use normally where the submarine already flooded with water or some of the finest with dry. meaning survivors off the compressions that crap oxygen i distance running up and he saw all of us and hope that some people can come see it on saturday when this our capability this search and rescue people reaches on site. has some good news thanks so much graham on web. rockets have fallen near baghdad's international airport according to security forces in the iraqi capital at least 3 rockets hit the airport complex near a military base housing u.s. personnel there have been no reports of damage or casualties israeli forces have
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stopped jewish anti arab activists from confronting a group of palestinians in occupied east jerusalem stun grenades and water can be used to keep the groups apart at one of the main entrances to the old city herefore said reports from outside damascus gate. this is been a night of considered racial tension here in occupied east jerusalem you can hear those stun grenades still going off in the background even now some time after this all began what we have is a group of jewish youths largely on one side of the roundabout behind as close to damascus gate an occupied east jerusalem they have marched to this area some of them chanting death to arabs organized we understand by an anti arab group called the harbor and they're here to confront what has been pretty much a nightly occurrence since the beginning of ramadan just over a week ago of clashes relatively minor ones between palestinian groups and israeli
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security forces what they say has spurred their decision to come here this jewish group is that they have seen videos posted on social media of young palestinian men attacking jewish people filming it putting it on social media and since those videos have been posted we have seen sporadic. or more standardized now going over on the palestinian side of this protest people scattering once again and so this is where most of the. clashes between in the skirmishes between palestinians and the security forces have been going on in the sort of amphitheater area just down there with the smokers in front of the damascus gate as i say that's been going on to one level or another. for some days now the difference with this night is that they have been confronted here by jewish anti arab groups and the security forces have been trying to separate them with some mixed success with injuries they
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had been these ongoing clashes throughout the evening the un security council is calling for an investigation into human rights violations in ethiopia's 2 gray region in its 1st joint statement on the conflicts the council says it's concerned about reports of sexual violence against women and girls and it wants unfettered access to provide a ethiopia says its military operation against the t great people's liberation front is an internal affair but it welcomes offers of help our diplomatic go to james bays has more from un headquarters in new york. the security council has finally broken its silence on the situation in t. gray the military operation there is going been going on for almost 6 months and in that time the security council hasn't managed to agree the words of a statement they have finally done so brokered by the arash ambassador geraldine
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byrne nascent she said that she felt that they'd heard the alarm bells about human rights violations and abuses taking place in t. gray they've issued a statement which talks about that it talks about deep concern about allegations of human rights violations and abuses including reports of sexual violence against women and girls we've seen widespread reports of that it was mentioned in a security council meeting about women in conflict zones a week ago you've seen lots of media reports including on al-jazeera the other factor that the security council highlights is the humanitarian situation where it says it wants scaled up humanitarian response unfettered humanitarian access this follows i think strong comments that came from the un's humanitarian chief mark lowe cock when he spoke to the security council behind closed doors.
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at least 13 coronavirus patients have been killed in a hospital fire in western india the blaze destroyed an intensive care unit about 70 kilometers north of mumbai it comes as hospitals struggle with rapidly rising infections for the 2nd straight day india recorded the world's highest daily tally of cases of more than 332008 also registered more than 2200 deaths a new national record india's total caseload has now passed 16000000. canada has banned flights from india and pakistan for a month in response to the growing wave of covert 19 cases in the region the health minister said half of travelers testing positive on arrival come from india flint flights rather from india account for about one 5th of canada's traffic arrivals
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from india are also being restricted in new zealand has been designated a very high risk country along with pakistan papua new guinea and brazil from wednesday only says their families will be able to travel to new zealand from those countries the government says that will significantly reduce the number of infected people arriving argentina's health minister says the country is facing its worst moment of the pandemic its health care system is buckling restrictions have been reimposed now it's footings a strain on an economy already in crisis throes of a report from one of us. it's become an all too common scene on the streets of one of us. health care workers demanding better wages in the middle of the 2nd wave of the pandemic. 3 says everyone's exhausted.
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we really can take even more in the 2nd wave of infections nurses are at the front when it comes to the pressure being put on the public health system in this pandemic without sufficient salaries and without recognition today nurses paid below the level of the basic food basket it's an outrage. infections are on the rise once again in argentina. deaths from the virus neared $60000.00 on wednesday and there is an average of around $28000.00 new infections every day the p one man hours variant is already circulating in many jurisdictions in the country health minister catalepsy saw he says this is the worst moment of the covert pandemic for argentina the game is you will have a name yet this bill. this is the riskiest time since the beginning of the pandemic because even though we have a stronger health system even though we have health workers who are there we also have an increase in the number of cases which threaten to overwhelm the health
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sector and we have concerning strains circulating which raise the risk of infection and day. last week argentina reimpose restrictions to prevent the spread of disease there's a curfew in place from 8 o'clock in the evening and a suspension of school classes in many areas in the province of one of scientists last year the government imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and because of it experts say the country prevented its health care system from collapsing the situation is different this year the government is trying to prevent the economic consequences caused by a total lockdown and that's why this time experts are concerned that the health care system could be compromised you know. it is difficult to know whether the measures are enough or decisions are difficult if we don't shut down everything we'll have to extend the restrictions again and then again like last year it would
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have been better to do a strict lockdown this is what we will have to do until we have enough vaccines. like most developed in nations argentina struggling to access vaccines to we not killing the population. so far around 6000000 doses have been applied in a country of 48000000 among them russia sputnik v. and china sign a farm. much more i needed to prepare the population for the difficult months ahead . and let's take a look at the headlines now the u.s. is pledging to have its carbon emissions by 2030 on the 1st day able global summit on climate change china says it will phase out its use of coal from 2026000.


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