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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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filmed of a 4 year olds a kenyan farmer and documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. to see lose the climate diaries a witness documentary on al-jazeera. i've. al-jazeera. this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. we have to step up president joe biden kicks off his global climate summit with a pledge to cut u.s. emissions in half by 2030. patients turned away and predatory i'm overwhelmed as india sets a new global record for daily covert cases. russia orders its troops to withdraw
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from near the border with ukraine but leave their heavy weapons behind us. might that help us miles it was worth a $1000000.00 when you walk in the room you little. tears and tributes at the funeral of 20 year old dante wright 11 days after he was shot dead during a routine traffic stop. and then for real madrid's president insists the european leader remains on standby. it says it's completely wrong or to believe the project is finished. u.s. president joe biden is trying to make good on his pledge to be a global leader on climate hosting a major 2 day summit on earth day and he kicked off the 1st day with a big pledge he says the u.s. will now aim to cut emissions by 50 to 52 percent of 2005 levels by the end of this
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decade that's nearly double the previous target it tops off a week of similar bold promises the u.k. aiming for a 78 percent cut the e.u. by $55.00 and canada by 40 to 45 percent all off $990.00 s. emissions to put it in perspective the u.s. carter's around 41 to 44 percent from $990.00 it means more than half the world. amazin are committing to the target set by the paris accord to keep global warming to $1.00 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century but it's still going to be a challenge we're already at 1.2 degrees celsius a white house correspondent kimberly how could reports of virtual global summit convened by u.s. president joe biden an invitation to world leaders to combat climate change collectively the signs are on mistaken will the science is undeniable and the
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cost of an action is keeps mounting united states is awaiting where resolving to take action. biden announced the u.s. would cut fossil fuel emissions by up to 52 percent by 2030 the earth day pledge renews america's commitment following 4 years of inaction by predecessor donald trump it more than doubles america's target under the 2015 paris climate agreement that trump withdrew from that biden rejoined when he took office. this just bursting into. song 40 world leaders participated including american adversaries russia and china china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases president xi jinping pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by $26.00 to adding this jab at the united states china has committed to move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in
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the much shorter time span than what might take many countries just weeks after the u.s. and russia leveled sanctions against one another ask elating tensions russian leader vladimir putin said he takes international commitments seriously like hero and paris hinting the united states does not russia has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to greater extent than many other countries but biden faces domestic challenges implementing his green economy or oil gas and chemical companies spent more than 100000000 dollars last year lobbying u.s. lawmakers to keep fossil fuel vehicles on the road speaking virtually before a congressional panel swedish climate activists gratitude and berg back out to hold lawmakers accountable if they don't change i don't believe for a 2nd that you will actually do this because i'm
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a crisis doesn't exist in the public debate today and since it doesn't really exists and the general level of awareness is so absurdly low you will still get away with continuing to contribute to the destruction of presence and future living conditions. president biden's announcement of a new u.s. call for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is ambitious but what it lacked are specifics including a legislative plan a budget or any kind of proposal for meeting biden's new climate target kimberly help hit al jazeera the white house trying to you has more from beijing on machine pings message at the summit this wasn't about details for china this moment is about the optics they want to send a message to the world that china takes this issue very seriously want to transform its image of just being a world polluted to being a sort of proactive leader when it comes to fighting climate change and another
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important message she jinping sent was that china also wants to set aside or it's willing to set aside the tensions that it has with the u.s. to work on this issue now we've been watching all day chinese state media talk about this and there has been quite a lot of suspicion if you will about the u.s. return to leave this climate change f. it a lot of tabloids a lot of the state media channels have been saying can the u.s. really be relied on because as we've seen a according to who too who is at the helm of the u.s. they haven't really been consistent in their message and china converse lee wants to send the message that they are reliable and can be looked upon as a leader certainly as an equal to the u.s. but there are disagreements that china believes that the u.s. needs to do more when it comes to helping poorer countries invest in clean energy and transitioning into renewable energy there and the u.s. for its part wants china to do more to cut its carbon emissions and implement more
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stringent targets we're now joined by david wallace wells also of the uninhabitable and editor at large at new york magazine thanks so much for being with us how much do you think it is that the u.s. can meet that new target set by a president by. i think in general it's a might raise an incredibly ambitious target even if we totally zeroed out our emissions from the power sector we wouldn't be able to get there and then we had to cut from transportation infrastructure industry i recall tripping these are very tough targets to hit and without a sort of concrete plan for how to get there i'm skeptical nevertheless i think it's an incredibly lot of all steps forward for the country that has produced the lion's share of the world's psystar commissions to say that this is a very serious issue we need to be moving immediately and trying to take a retake a leadership position on the issue that they've abandoned in the past what will people make of the cost of these kind of fare measures what the meeting the target how expensive will it be i think there's a growing economic consensus all around the world that in fact the cost is negative
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that countries will be better off the faster they move and i think that's why we've seen so many new ambitious pledges being made over the last year from the e.u. from south korea from japan and especially from china these are not pledges that were made on the occasion of the summit they were not pledges that were made in the context of international negotiation they were made because these countries are short term benefit in decarbonising i think the us is the same logic which means it looked at holistically we will be better off the faster move on climate i'm slower remove them will pay what about the point environmental campaigners are making about this as some areas of the economy not being addressed for instance flying all oil and gas training that kind of thing. well you know in general that the u.s. plan doesn't have particular so suggesting any particular sector but i think the lowest hanging fruit here is the power sector electricity generation i think it makes sense for us to move quicker there and in some of these other sectors we don't have a good replacement for air travel for instance we don't have a way to do that without reducing emissions i would like to see us develop such
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a way but you know in the meantime i think it makes more sense for us to move as quickly as we can and reducing emissions from electricity generation and from transportation through the uptake of electric vehicles and invest in r. and d. and the other sectors that are coming along more slowly but they're absolutely right that we can't solve this problem we can stabilize the world's temperature at any level without getting all the way to 0 and that means you're on out each sector not just our generation what do you make about the fact that there's a new new pledges from india and china but it commitment to phase out coal if you know it from from china well in general i think you know these are countries that china especially has made some quite ambitious pledge just earlier this year so i would have expected them to have improved upon them as recently you know as quickly as this conference i think if they stick to their pledge or go into next year about 2060 and fulfilling it in a way that they were outlined in their 5 year plan i would be very impressed with that this conference i think is more about resetting the geopolitics of climate and trying to put america at the center of that than it is about actually going to
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shooting new pledges a new commitments and those will be coming likely at the glasgow conference and how much it is there a risk that some of these ambitions a d. rail because of economies trying to restart off to cave 19. well you know emissions are going to rise next year and in fact call us is expected to rise too according to a new report from the i.a.e.a. but i think you know the question of the longer term trajectory is not you know there's trajectories don't change all that much year to year carbon is something that hangs in the atmosphere for centuries which means that we have to tackle this challenge on a time scale of decades and centuries not on a time scale of months and years and i think there's going to be some additional coal build out in the next year that might have not happened without covert and without the need to bounce back quickly but in general i think too many of the world's countries understand that the future is renewable and especially that coal is a thing of the past that we don't have to worry too much about it on spec from coal and what we really have to worry about is just accelerating the deployment of noble
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energy david want to thank you very much and effectiveness thank you. low lying bangladesh is one of the countries most at risk from climate change rising sea levels could force millions of people from their homes among the hardest hit places is bola island from call the ground 0 of global warming it was home to many people who become some of the world's 1st climate refugees television reports . in the middle of one of the world's largest belters an island is gradually disappearing and more of a widow whose family were once wealthy farmers over the years she has witnessed how nature can take everything away. i used to live in an area called chic darbari where we used to own a lot of farmland and dozens of homes but over the years everything got gradually washed away by the sea there's no trace of it anymore all gone and that eventually forced me to move and stay here with my grandson the bangladesh government
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estimates that nearly 6000000 people are displaced each year due to rebury russians most of the people living here in slums like this here in dhaka are watch you could call now climate change migrants that moved here because many of them have lost their homes and farmlands to cost and rising sea levels according to the un's children foreign units have 2001000 report climate linked environmental disaster are threatening the lives and future of more than 1000000000 children in bangladesh where a big one with just a teenager when she moved to dhaka from burleigh to find work not even the bengay de get everything we had out there was destroyed by river erosion and rising water levels it's very hard to make a living there anymore or find a place to stay. the increase in water salinity due to rising sea level is not only damaging farmlands but harming mangrove forests everything is finished because of salt water we used to have great harvesting before but nowadays due to high
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salinity content in the land crops are getting damaged not growing well even cows don't graze here anymore take a look at these plants some environmental experts are optimistic about us president joe biden says new climate policy i don't have come replacing attitude on climate change in usa before that there was almost an ounce of life those them in the usa oh yes that would drop from that planet convention which was a disaster and huge amount of eco related you know it got at the think that commitment $400000000000.00 a year that is expecting expected by the developing country must be phased in a recent media interview prime minister sheikh hasina say that bangladesh loses 2 percent off its g.d.p. to extreme climate events every year and spends 2.5 percent of his g.d.p. on climate adaptations bangladesh contributes merely 0.35 percent of global carbon
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emissions yet it is people like anwar a beggar who are paying the price for global warming for them climate diplomacy means very little time to charge $3.00 al-jazeera bangladesh. some breaking news for you in the last few minutes we're getting getting reports from iraq that rockets have fallen near baghdad international airport that's according to security sources in iraq we'll bring you more details of a story of rockets falling near baghdad international airport just as soon as we get them. coming up on this news after london. i mean. on the edge of what is known as the great green wall an ambitious project to plant trees from west to east africa in an attempt to stop the desert from expanding. whether vaccination rate has dropped in the united states and numbers are rising again. and closes in on the 12th barcelona open title actually coming up in sports.
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india has recorded the biggest one day rise in 1000 cases in the world as its crippling 2nd wave of corona virus continues to escalate thursday sort reach almost 315000 confirmed infections in just one day or 125000 more daily cases than a week ago it's a global record with the us previously recording around 300001 day in january altogether nearly 16000000 people have not tested positive in india and the 2074 deaths reported on thursday which is the official total to nearly 185000 is a throne and reports from new delhi. sitting outside new delhi's biggest hospital this man has been told all $1500.00 beds are part
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but he is refusing to leave his drivers has they travelled for 3 hours to come to the hospital only to be turned away. we were told that only. from the top authorities. the patients are all the ambulance and be delayed of that mission. no weird or dick the patients on the oxygen in the ambulance finished. hospitals and india's capital a full of people arriving ambulances cars and. pleading for admission but even the family members of those inside a worried about their loved ones this. mother was admitted a week ago he says he's only been able to speak to her once. situation is very grim here no one is paying attention to patients hospitals are
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open in the city and the chief minister isn't giving any on to us about this crisis if we call the covert help line no one on to us people going to even get. my question is that my mother has been admitted for one week so who's taking care of. his sister is also distraught and. people are going inside the hospital and their dead bodies are coming in there was a baby and they denied him admission saying they cannot allow the child inside. delis health minister called a shortage of intensive care beds and oxygen supplies in the capital a grave crisis he's asking the central government to help create more beds this woman has come here like so many others after being turned away by other hospitals we have seen patients arriving at hospitals all day struggling to breathe being carried by desperate family members. of the central government to send up such an
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supplies of the capital urgently its judges say the lives of thousands of people are at stake and let's ask the government why it's not waking up to the situation. the government says it's planning to import oxygen and ensure its uninterrupted delivery throughout the. tree states are converting sports stadiums and halls and to code 19 care centers but not fast enough to match the wards biggest surgeon cases. after waiting for an hour this man was one of the lucky ones his daughter convinced the hospital to admit him most others were turned away elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new delhi the u.s. has recorded a drop in daily vaccinations for the 1st time since february over the past week about 3000000 doses were administered each day and 11 percent decrease from the week before that's despite every american adult being eligible for the shot
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officials say efforts need to be ramped up to vaccinate hard to reach groups and address the fears of people who hasn't about getting the job what kind of joins us from washington d.c. so do i know in more detail why the vaccine rate is dropping. well there's a number of theories about that one of which is of course the pores in the supply of the johnson and johnson vaccine which a board will be deciding on whether to resume vaccinations using that later this week but this does not account for such a massive drop and experts are concerned that this is now reaching a tipping point where the supply of vaccine far outstrips the demand now the simple answer to the question is that those who want to be vaccinated have been vaccinated at this particular point some 25 percent of americans are now fully vaccinated close to 50 percent have received at least one shot but polls indicate that there's
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as many as 35 percent of americans who are either adopting a wait and see attitude or are simply not going to get the vaccination for political or other reasons so this is the critical point that experts say could prevent the country from reaching the number it would need to create a herd immunity that's roughly around 75 to 80 percent so the way it is going at the moment the u.s. will fall particularly short the efforts now underway to start getting vaccine to people rather than people coming to get the injection but this there's still does not deal with the issue that a substantial number of americans are opposed to the vaccine on particular grounds the majority of them and the republicans it would appear according to the polls and in the meantime it understand that cases arising in some states. indeed yes says being a significant surge in
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a number of states many of them in the deep south and there's no. relation clearly between the amount of people vaccinated and the surge in infection but another reason for the surge in infection is the variance that are now creating the majority of new cases each day there are some 4 and a half 1000 deaths over the last week alone so there is a massive surge in a notch a number of states once again these tend to be republican dominated states because of the lack of vaccination and also because of the lack of mitigating measures which has been an issue throughout the. entire pandemic but the issue of the variance certainly playing a major role in creating what is a significant increase in the number of cases of covert mike hanna thank you very much indeed russia has ordered its troops back to their permanent bases after massive drills in crimea and near its border with ukraine the defense ministry says
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it's successfully completed its exercises but military hardware will be left behind for another drill later this year nato and ukraine's president vladimir a zelinsky have welcomed the deescalation but both say they'll remain vigilant western powers have been calling on russia to deescalate after its military buildup near the ukrainian border and in crimea russia has also announced that it's closing the curch straight between the black and as of seize 2 ukrainian and other foreign ships until the end of october while sco says it's for naval exercises in the region but kiev calls it a violation of international law just right for joined ukraine's navy on the sea of azoff. mary appalls maritime guard head out across a foggy as see the crews work with ukrainian navy monitoring a russian warships in waters both countries share control of according 282003 maritime agreement but moscow recently deployed 15 was shipped to the azoff sea
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from its caspian fleet as part of a vast russian military build up along ukraine's borders in the. us the threat level has been the same since 2014 but in the past week we have seen more ships from the russian fleet including 8 landing craft 3 small artillery boats and other support vessels were about 6 north of the coast ferry off the coast guard vessel just received a message that may not sit around all of. the russians asked the coast guard so i think that by themselves because they concern so they say about conditions in these conditions. we approach one of a number of large even crane in ships in the area monitoring russian naval and commercial shipping movements on the last. name your flag and your route as the voice on the radio. russian flag
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coming from the caucuses is the reply russia has also announced the closure of the curch straight to ukrainian and foreign navy ships for the next 6 months because of what it describes as military exercises it says commercial shipping will not be affected the waterway which is around 60 nautical miles from here connects the as off to the black sea off crimea which russia illegally an exciting 2014 kiev has accused moscow of provocations and trying to take control of its maritime borders. almost a little over. 2003 as of c agreement is between ukraine and russia they have rights under that agreement to be closed but when the agreement was signed there was no conflict between us despite moscow announcing on thursday a gradual troop withdrawal from the area its closure of the coach strait will
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restrict ukraine's and former navy movements in the region for months to come charles trafford al-jazeera on the as off see. an extent off as a lecture in modern european history especially as is in russia at queen's university belfast he joins us live from belfast so the russian troops are pulling up now but tell us what putin was was doing with this whole exercise. or i think they were saying it was but quite clear there was not just a simple military exercises there was an intention to send a strong message to both ukraine and the west that russia has dominance minister been dormant in the region and that it means business if. somebody tries to cross its red lines rights of both the ukraine. the rebels in don't by and for the west to back off and not encourage ukraine into any kind of provocative moves towards russia so that was the message they were trying to send and what are they what is
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the achieved i mean if the withdrawal has happened without apparently ukrainian concessions and and in spite of new u.s. sanctions well what is he actually what has putin the russian achieved with this. well again i think it was kind of issue of messaging the body is concerned 1st of all the message is that as i said russia means business in the area and secondly that this is a very precarious and dendrites situation in a sense that there is still unsolved conflict in dumbos which is one of the kind of it's cold frozen but it's actually very active in terms of ministering gauging them from both sides so what there's a deadlock on the means girls as which russia wants to be implemented because it's says it's a day just to itself and ukraine needs starting on implementing the means so kind of message is you know either you're going to push ukraine to implement the me they means could grievance or there will be going to danger of it's going to minister it's going to asians and that's kind of thing and on that point they've decided to
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leave the tanks and the hardware and so on there what would happen if there were a further escalation in that area. what i think as bait a bases around that are a new way and there ought to have an official presence within the rebel a few bytes don boss as well. yeah i mean it's sort of its message is that it's it can raise going to very very very easy to very very rapidly and nor mount all of western world's help or military assistance will make a difference to if we decided to go inside and i think on this particular crisis those of us are clicked clear admission by mr cause of who is the person in charge of the into no external relations including with ukraine. saying that if you grain if the rebels were to fail russia will intervene militarily if they didn't have been telling 2014 and 15 but that was never acknowledged this is the 1st time they
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they sat there would do it opened it so i think that kind of upping of the stakes russia and military hardware is just to do emphasize that point and extent of thank you very much indeed thank you. supporters of jailed russian government critic alex and yvonne have heard him to call off his hunger strike is doctors say it would be dangerous to his life if he carries on and on these entering his 4th week without food in protest of not being allowed proper medical treatment he survived a nerve agent poisoning last year that russia denies carrying out. 1500 supporters were detained on wednesday jury widespread protests calling for his immediate release. so is more still to come this hour a race against time in the search for a missing indonesian submarine that's running low on oxygen. and another dark day for press freedom in hong kong as
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a journalist is convicted for improperly searching a public database russian sports looks to keep preparations for this summer's olympic games on track details coming up. scandinavia has shocking return to winter just recently but come to a 2nd there's a huge amount of cloud running through the mediterranean that's the active but slow moving which beats the moment otherwise things a slowly proving high pressure stretching down through central tickly western europe means temperature on the up and the crowd started spitting but the rain that fell in corsica from the line there was quite a large amount in fact among the 24 hours that rains moved on land is thought to be fairly wet in southern italy as a result of
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a similar amount maybe north and greece possibly albania as well as the european plain looks fairly fine the rain stopped falling quite so heavily in eastern spain but it is returned to portugal with a big circulation but to scandinavia that northerly wind is a cold one people woke up on thursday morning to snow for wednesday was 15 degrees already been a change and although you might think it's getting better look at that cold winter through the baltic to the baltic states that's the real culprits of eastern europe everywhere else doesn't suffer quantas badly but you're on the way down again by sunday that cold wind could well bring more snow with it and although monday looks normally warmer there's precious little sunshine it will feel cold. and that c. is for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. a young australian engineer is inventing tools to
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help people gain independence. all side of the globe recognize objects all the same people will call reservation will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science gals on al-jazeera. most people will never know what's beyond this still the deafening silence of 100000 forms how it feels to touch danger free day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious when it is not an option. but when knocked. you.
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are man of the top stories here now jazeera dozens of world leaders have joined top businesspeople activists and even pope francis at a 2 day meeting on climate change the u.s. pledge to harbor its carbon emissions by 2030 china's said it would phase out coal use. india has experienced the world's worst day for new coronavirus cases nearly 315000 defections were reported on thursday and for the 2nd time the 2nd day in a row more than 2000 people have died. and russia has ordered its troops back to their permanent bases after launch drills in crimea and near its border with ukraine defense ministry says it's successfully completed its exercises but military hardware will be left behind for another drill later this year. the great
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green wall initiative aims to plant trees from west to east africa to slow the expansion of the sahara desert the world bank the european union and countries with higher carbon footprint of pledged 14000000000 dollars to make it happen it is nicholas haq reports from. deep in senegal was sad region communities affected by the desert say the project is failing. no rains for months because once lush vegetable garden has turned to dust gone are the navy beans to feed her family she uses it to cook and to make juice for her children she says it's as if the land has given up on her but she has not given up on the land. in this land you could grow not just to biscuits but carrots potatoes onions cauliflower if only we had water. water in the sun hell is as precious
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as gold. in jar we travel west for hours on a rumor that there is a functioning well in what some here describe as a godforsaken land during the rainy season it's another story the land springs to life the state pays theirs to plant trees as part of the great green wall project an initiative to stop desert if occasion from east to west africa france the world bank and the e.u. have pledged $14000000000.00 to the project it's hoped the completed wall would be a new wonder of the world over taking the great barrier reef to be the largest living structure on earth look at the great green wall now because of rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall most of the trees planted are either dying or already dead and while polluting countries have recently pledged billions of dollars more in funds for those projects people here say they're throwing money
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into the desert they say they don't need more trees but more access to water. these fall on the herders are moving further south away from arid climates encroaching on farmland. we will never stop hurting why should we abandon our ways it is so difficult to grow food that might kill or has value if something goes wrong we can sell them even if the climate is changing i am not ready to change my ways in this conflict over land the state is largely absent armed groups in this aisle including al-qaeda and the mixtape are exploiting grievances taking sides at stake is access to land for animals to graze and water an increasingly rare and precious resource that our and others desperately need nicholas hawk al-jazeera and bata about an update now on our breaking news on the rockets near
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baghdad's international airport iraqi security officials say at least 3 rockets landed near the part of the airport complex which houses u.s. forces but there's been no reports of damage or casualties. a dispute over gatherings to break the ramadan fast in occupied east jerusalem as descended into violence between palestinians and israelis in the past few hours israeli authorities used stun grenades and water cannons to disperse palestinians who gathered at damascus gate after if tao want to break in the past some palestinians then responded by letting off fireworks it's going on now to harry force it to use in iraq but he's jewish from what's been happening there in the last year and. we're so we're here pretty close to damascus gates the famous gate entrance to the old city here in occupied east jerusalem and as you say there have been these protests these minor skirmishes between palestinian largely young men and israeli
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security forces pretty much since the beginning of ramadan a little over a week ago the difference tonight those it's been a real night of considerable racial tension because there's been another group a couple of 100 or so of young jewish israelis organized online we've seen reports of the group harbor which is an anti arab far right group which has been telling people to come here to confront the group of palestinian young men giving advice about leaving mobile phones at home what to wear how to get here and so this is something that's been planned pretty openly online and that the israeli security forces knew about and were ready for and they said they were going to try and what klim from arriving here in the event there actually marched from a central area in west jerusalem here to occupied east jerusalem and they got
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within a pretty much the width of the roundabout behind me and so there were clashes there were attempts to get through the barriers and there have been injuries as well least 15 injuries requiring medical attention and hospital according to the red crescent society had a force of thank you very much. scores of kuwaiti women have publicly demonstrated after a woman was murdered by a man whose advances she'd rejected they called for people who assault women to face tougher penalties the interior ministry says the man kidnapped. from her car on the highway before stabbing her in the chest and dumping her body by a hospital had filed to harassment cases against the man who was freed on bail and said he'd harassed and threatened her for more than a year he's since been rearrested the u.s. senate has passed a bill that aims to cope hate crimes against asian americans which have spiked since the start of the pandemic the bill was passed by 94 votes to one
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a similar piece of legislation will go to the house of representatives soon almost 3800 incidents targeting asian americans have been recorded over the past year a funeral has been held in the u.s. state of minnesota for a young black man dante wright who was shot dead by a police officer this month friends and family paid tribute to the 20 year old who was killed during a routine traffic stop in brooklyn center near minneapolis the officer has resigned and been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter the funeral comes 2 days after former minneapolis police officer derrick shogun was found guilty of murdering george floyd wright's family said they hope for the same justice during a tearful unity i've never met in here the role here can we be the 1st but. oh. my my all that was worth
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a $1000000.00 when you walked in the room you would. rather so there. was a lot of place oh man. that's got a she had her turns in brooklyn center minnesota she tells more about what else was said at the funeral. a great deal of despair obviously a. mother couldn't even finish her parents provide tribute to her son but as we've often seen at funerals follow the killing of people of color african-americans in the u.s. by the police there's always that attempt to get to the bridge as to why it seems that easy for the police to kill black people in the united states and there was a great deal of focus on the way that the police dehumanizing black people here and ben crump the right family attorney asked you know how did how did offer support
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a seed on terror i don't suppose it was the the police officer who killed their i don't far away from where i'm standing benjamin crump asking you know if how does america see all children if involves a potter had looked a done to right as she does her own children would she be have been have been so quick to pull out a taser gun and run to the police claim that part of mistook taser for had gotten out of an al sharpton also asked a very poignant or made a very poignant statement you keep thinking where somebody when knots. and those are much made of the 5th out of us 3 of the musician princes death prince native son of this of this area of minneapolis. and al sharpton al sharpton said you thought he was just some kids. but all of minneapolis stopped in his on it today and he was the prince of brooklyn sunday which is where we're standing right now so
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it was a great deal of emotion a great great understood time to understand why the killing takes place but also is a really increasingly a lot of optimism of federal legislation the power of the passing through congress it is also. what we are going to now in his name. in the name of dante we've going to past the judge throwing justice in policing and and settled law we are going to make it against the law all over this country to keep bringing us funerals wow a young prince. so does the children looked like it will pass. through all these optimistic noises and congress in the last few weeks and especially now that we saw the conviction of tara trove and for the killing of
12:43 am
george floyd. the odds woods prohibit various practices that have led to the deaths of so many black people in the past choke holds no knock warrants neck restraints it would create a database of misconduct of police officers right now police officer could do something terrible in one jurisdiction and then just move to another one and no one would be any and any the wiser but there's a sticking point which is on what's called qualified immunity currently police officers perhaps alone among the professions in the u.s. can basically do whatever they want to kill people torture people and not to help us be liable and he finds that of the levied of paid for by the police or the state or the city so this this act would make police personally liable the argument being public if they if they didn't feel they could get away with murder and maybe they wouldn't but that's a bit of a sticking point with the republicans but on the go on the way we're hearing we're hearing positive optimism that something may at some compromise deal may be reached
12:44 am
by may the 25th which will be the anniversary of george floyd's death but we should also add though that a lot of the plot problems of policing a lot of the governance of policing is in fact local. by state and by municipality but certainly this would be a good start it's those she intends you thank you very much. the u.n. security council is calling for an investigation into human rights violations in ethiopia is to agree region its 1st joint statement on the conflict the council says it's concerned about the humanitarian situation including reports of sexual violence against women and girls and it wants unfettered access to provide aid access has been limited since if he appears military launched an operation against the region's rulers in november the head of indonesia's navy says a missing submarine with 53 sailors on board will run out of oxygen by saturday the k r i n one got a 4 to last contact during a military exercise on wednesday a search and rescue operation is underway where an oil spill spill has been spotted
12:45 am
off the coast of bali from jakarta jessica washington reports in indonesia this rescue operation grows more urgent as the hours pass 53 people were on board the care ryan and 4 o 2 when it went missing somewhere in the waters near the island of bali the submarine has been in service for 40 years its crew was taking part in a training exercise when it lost contact in the early hours of wednesday morning. until now we still have not had contact with the submarine. while the 3rd is being done in dense civilly. indonesian authorities requested help from the country's nearest neighbors. assistance from neighboring countries include singapore in the form of the swift rescue ship it's a submarine rescue ship malaysian soldiers are on board a rescue vessel and expected to reach indonesia in a few days and the stranding in government has also offered to provide assistance.
12:46 am
it is not a submarine that a start operates submarine classes is quite different but whatever we are able to do we have undertaken to do. indonesian military personnel spotted an oil slick in the sea which officials say could indicate a fuel leak time is now at a critical stage in the rescue operation. the oxygen in a blackout condition can last for 72 hours or 3 days so that's of consequence last at 3 o'clock the oxygen will last until saturday 3 o'clock authorities say the submarine was in good condition suitable for combat it underwent refitting in south korea and was returned to indonesia in 2012 this is the 1st case of a missing submarine for indonesia but fatal accidents involving military equipment are common the carolina. was built in the late seventy's in germany and has been in service in indonesia since 1981 defense experts have longed for
12:47 am
a major overhaul of some of the country's aging military equipment. indonesia is looking to expand and upgraded submarine fleet in coming is but experts say the task should be treated with urgency that is there i'm not saying our maintenance is not scared but accidents have happened here many times especially when it comes to old military equipment as the search continues investigators are asking how routine drill turned into a major crisis for into the navy just a washington al-jazeera jakarta hong kong investigative journalist has been found guilty of making false statements one obtaining information into an attack on anti-government protesters speaking outside court describe the ruling as heartbreaking and called it a dark day for the territory's press freedom choi produced a documentary shown police officers delaying their response to a mob attack against commuters on protesters at
12:48 am
a train station in 2019 the ruling comes a day after the broadcaster choice works for rejected a press award for her programme. i believe those who have watched the episodes have already be living proof of the value of the documentary itself. even though i was convicted of guilty i don't see journalism as a crime and i hope to get in the street can find ways to. pursue our highest value of journalism in the long run. to be the pattern is in hong kong she says our choice case sets a concern a precedent for journalists in the city. oh you can hear. 'd the parts about try actually leave the court when the judge handed down the her tickets and said that she will not serve jail time that was. only particularly amongst the media community here but there is a lot of concern as to why this case even made it this far merely due to the fact
12:49 am
that the method spouter i was using for the talking man 3 in question is widely used in investigative journalism across the world she access a public state of the information from a public database to be used under false pretenses about troy is a prolific journalist she is a well known investigative journalist and also known for her investigations against police tactics and actions during the 2019 pro with democracy and antigovernment protests here still had this news out in school talk to the collapse of the european super league bullfighters now get more of a say in how football clubs abramovich sent us here with that story. and one thing humans need to that nasa has managed to make on most.
12:50 am
subjects. the.
12:51 am
oral on. how his son out with a sports. thank you very much lauren while real madrid president insists the european civil eagle is still on standby the team is yet to officially pull out of the competition florentino perez says it's completely along to believe the project is over and it isn't the ports. this was real madrid's 1st game since becoming a founder member of the european super league since that announcement on sunday the other teams involved have seemingly been in a race to apologize and call out but not lay out their club president insists his
12:52 am
team are still on standby to play in it appearing on spanish radio to say he was surprised by the reaction it received as going on there i've never seen such aggression by the president of your wife and from some presidents within the spanish leagues it seemed like it was orchestrated we were all surprised by it thinking i've never seen this in my life or never there were threats insults as if we had killed someone as if we had cured football that is the kind of seizure he wants the president who would treat him like god a president that would listen to him a president that would think like him but i'm doing my work for the benefit of european and world football but it's manchester city's manager pat guardiola was one of the 1st to speak out against the league stating it's a lot of sports if teams a guarantee to play in it each season this is the one winter city against aston villa move them a step closer to winning the english title they've already qualified for the next
12:53 am
season's european champions league the competition the super league is intended to replace i know the guys like a working with. politics. i understand the typology but i know them think densham for my chairman. my c.e.o. my older peoples i know really who they are in. and is the most important bella understand the statement and is a chapter is over. a negative reaction from fans played a key role in convincing team owners into a rethink in england where 6 clubs initially join the league a government led review of football look at the way supporters are treated. on the regional. get along to the custodians of all what we think they do under or what they don't want to the plans. and the driving force when they're
12:54 am
on the other guy are going to say. you know it's just about and be an even more greedy liverpool's players led by camps in jordan henderson were also quick to condemn the plan and force their own is hands on means for now the big names and the big chains will be staying where they are. under richardson al-jazeera. well we asked football writer gavin hamilton if the events of this week will change the way football clubs are run. i think realistically the outcome will be a return to the status quo because most clocks are happy with their relationship with the fans because the fans of filling the stadiums week in week out they're paying millions pounds a year in t.v. scription and the clubs are happy with that relationship it's only the teams the top 16 to england who broke away wanted to break away the try to change the
12:55 am
relationship because that super league has been frozen out and stopped i think cops would be happy with the returns just like quote i don't think we'll see anything happening from the government there's a review but when governments tend to have reviews it means they rip spotnitz public opinion but they won't necessarily respond with any legislation from which it and box alone have a slightly different perspective on everything compared to 2 english clubs is how it looks certainly from german clubs because the structures in spain are very different boss learned from which it all but the 2 dominant clubs both clubs have recently reelected their presidents so i'd like both presidents are in a very powerful position around which it were from important enough pellets that the person with the instigators of the break what projects are they will they will stick to and it's going to help but it's it's on the profits for now but it's a bit like a sort of a zombie horror film it will rise again and they will be propped they will return to the whole european. that time by him of it has agreed to
12:56 am
a to one year contract extension at ac milan is a leader who turns 40 in october has been in great form the season he's called 17 goals in 25 appearances in all competitions has lot on also came out of international a time and this season. and while number 3 rafael nadal has taken a step closer to a 12th barcelona open title the spaniard to reach the quarterfinals on thursday he beat japan's quarry to get there a play he hadn't to face for nearly 2 years despite dropping in the 2nd set the doll went on to win 612-2662. in pick organizers continue their efforts to keep preparations for this summer's tokyo games on track on thursday tokyo stadium a stage a test event for rugby sevens the matches were to help organize this run through
12:57 am
athlete safety protocols and at the pandemic the test of an schedule has already been heavily disrupted while will to polo and b.m.x. have been delayed diving has been rescheduled and artistic and math and swimming will be held outside the country. and that's what sport for me i had about to learn in london so i thank you the nasa is perseverance rover has produced the 1st sample of oxygen on mars the extraction converted from a sample of the planet's carbon dioxide rich carbon dioxide rich atmosphere is the equivalent to about 10 minutes of breathable oxygen nasa says this could open up the possibilities of further experiments towards seeing humans on the red planet in the future the atmosphere on mars is mostly carbon dioxide and is 100 times fin of the earth's many humans would be unable to survive without for an oxygen source. and to visit me or to if this news out i mean back in
12:58 am
a moment with more day's news i feel. thousands of children were removed from east timor during the indonesian occupation decades later one i want to join these members of these last generation as they finally head home. on al-jazeera it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture creasing
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the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do with the solution we get organized and what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2040 or 2015 when we're in the targets we're now up front with me welcome on here on al-jazeera. planet earth a one to a study ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing a next the stench of threat you don't get a resort but on top of rights to throw a scare in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discussions under pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions it's very hard to lose a part of the all civilization their culture and showcasing ways in which some must see to tun the top of the straight ahead there is 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the climate crisis
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ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. al jazeera. every. we have to step up president joe biden kicks off his global climate summit with a pledge to cut u.s. emissions in half by 2030. 8 of his al-jazeera live from london also coming up patients turned away and predatory and overwhelmed as india sets a new global record for daily covert cases. a nation.


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