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relax enjoy the breaking news. and when you leave with a smile we know a day's work is done. welcome to our home. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes a moral and economic imperative world leaders discuss ambitious targets of a global summit to tackle global warming. the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half and half by the end of this decade. russia says it's
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pulling back troops from its border with ukraine but the government in kiev says it's still monitoring the situation closely. india reports a global recall of more than 314000 new coronavirus factions made to struggle for hospital beds and oxygen supplies a funeral is to be held for a young black man who was shot dead by a police officer will be live in the u.s. city of minneapolis. and in sport around madrid's president insists the european super league remains on standby florentine president said it's completely wrong to believe the project is punished. we begin this news with the climate crisis and a new goal for the 2nd biggest polluter in the world u.s.
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president joe biden has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than half by 2030 he made the announcement the opening of a virtual white house climate summit that's brought together leaders from 40 nations on it's all in an effort to speed up global efforts and virt a looming crisis biden says the u.s. will not wait to axe the cost of doing nothing is only growing by maintaining those investments and putting these people to work the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half and half by the end of this decade that's where we're headed as a nation and that's all we can do if we take action to build an economy that's not only more prosperous but healthy fair and cleaner for the entire planet. you know these steps will set america on
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a path of nodes 0 michigan's economy by no vision 2050 but the church this america represents less than 50 percent of the world's emissions no nation can solve this crisis on our own as i know you all fully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up and let's go live now to washington d.c. well white house correspondent kimberly how could is line for us kimberly this is quite a dramatic turnaround for the white house we've been used to for the last 4 years when it comes to climate change and environment issues right. absolutely it's a complete about face you have to remember that the u.s. president is trying to reassure nervous partners and allies after 4 years of climate denial a withdrawal from the paris climate accord by joe biden's predecessor president
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donald trump so there is a bit of a bridge mending that needs to be done here but also what we're hearing from the u.s. president is this is a moment of opportunity even if it is also a recognition of the peril that he believes that the planet is in right now so this is a chance for joe biden to reestablish a leadership role. with regard to the united states but as you heard there from his speech he believes that this is something that the united states cannot do on its own and that's why he put together this summit and that's why there was such a great feeling of encouragement when he recognized that some of the other world leaders that there had been doubt about participating for example chinese president xi or even bloody mir putin the russian leader that they were also in attendance. that is an achievement but also the big headline is this ambitious plan which joe biden announced for such a dramatic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions does the white house have
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a plan for how it hopes to achieve that it has a plan but much of this is still being flushed out and the problem is is that it does not have broad support in the united states so well joe biden was speaking today to the international community and global leaders he was also speaking domestically you have to remember that donald trump was very popular in the united states 50 percent of americans supported his ideas that and the denial of climate change and they impact on the on the planet so in terms of the green economy that joe biden is launching surveys show that well in theory sort of a narrow majority of americans support addressing climate change it seems that many are not willing to make the hard choices in order to push this ahead for example taking public transit instead of driving cars last year alone there were
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$17000000.00 cars made in the united states that were a middling these fossil fuels that contribute to greenhouse gases are rather using fossil fuels and so as a result joe biden is pushing for this green economy but he's getting stiff resistance even on capitol hill where the oil and gas lobby spends millions in order to try and do the exact opposite of the policies joe biden is trying to push through so this is his challenge he has to not only win over the global leaders in partnership with for this of bishops agenda he also has to win over the americans that will be a part of contributing to the solution all right thanks so much kimberly how could that from the white house. china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in his speech to the summit president xi jinping pledged to phase down coal consumption by 2030 china has committed to move from carbon peak
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to carbon neutrality in the march shorter time span than what might take many developed countries and that requires extraordinary hard efforts from china support is being given to encourage peaking pioneers from localities sectors in companies we were strictly control coal fired power generation projects we will strictly limit the increase in coal consumption over the 145 year plan period and phase it down in the 15th 5 year plan period katrina you has more from beijing. this wasn't about details for china this moment is about the optics they want to send a message to the world that china takes this issue very seriously wants to transform its image of just being a world polluted to being a sort of proactive leader when it comes to fighting climate change and another important message she jinping sent was that china also wants to set aside or it's willing to set aside the tensions that it has with the u.s. to work on this issue now we've been watching all day chinese state media talk
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about this and there has been quite a lot of suspicion if you will about the u.s. return to leave this climate change effort a lot of tabloids a lot of the state media channels have been saying can the u.s. really be relied on because as we've seen a according to who too who is at the helm of the u.s. they haven't really been consistent in their message and china converse lee wants to send the message that they are reliable and can be looked upon as a leader certainly as an equal to the u.s. and we saw she didn't ping actually join another climate summit last week with angela merkel the leader of germany and then you will knock on the leader of france to talk about china's climate pledges and working with europe and also u.s. climate and boy john kerry also came to china last week to meet with his chinese counterpart and discuss working together on that front but there are disagreements that china believes that the u.s. needs to do more when it comes to helping poorer countries invest in clean energy
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and transitioning into renewable energy there and the u.s. for its part wants china to do more to cut its carbon emissions and implement more stringent targets brazil's president durable so narrow says ending illegal deforestation will mean brazil gets to its goals more quickly. i have determined that our climate neutrality in brazil be achieved by 2050 therefore bringing forward by 10 years the previously announced commitment levels among the measures that are required to bear and i highlight here our commitment to eliminate illegal deforestation in brazil by 2030 with full and prompt enforcement of the brazilian forest code with that we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50 percent by that date scared an idea of the impact of that
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the forestation now well last month brazil destroyed more than 800 kilometers of the amazon rain forest twice as much as in march 2020 while the government is asking for a $1000000000.00 in international aid to fight the forestation one man is making a difference by planting a mango forest on a can of cat has more from rio de janeiro. it has been along in lonely walk for the past 22 years biologist my dumas cathay lee has been patrolling the shores of rio de janeiro's polluted one i better be clearing layers of trash trapped in the mud then planting millions of mangrove seeds one by one fabio are usually has been working with him from the start but. when we arrived here this was a dump we've been planning an average of 40000 seeds every week now we have an entire forest. was cut there lee and his team have recovered 1300000 square
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kilometers of mangrove forest the equivalent to 130 football stadiums the size of rio's maracana now he's working on filling another patch of dirty black mud the same size with this powerful green vegetation he hopes the mangroves will help diminish the effects of deforestation in the amazon in march more than 800 square kilometers of the rain forest were destroyed more than double the amount in the same month last year the yelling mang growth of 4 dimes a capacitor absorbing carbon dioxide the amazon rain forest and of the seas country new device with global warming they will be our last line of defense but mangroves protecting brazil's coast from north to south are in danger not from fire but from rampant urban development and the lack of basic sanitation it's a problem faced by poor and rich neighborhoods alike as we could see on
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a boat ride behind this exclusive condo in baja that usual. we're surrounded by nature and one of rio's richest neighborhoods but this group transparent water here is dangerous it's full of bacteria from untreated sewage which can cause liver cancer. its fishing season here all year round and not the kind that attracts tourists. a black river carrying trash from the sprawling city slums flows into the lake where so far is floating. 5 years ago rio de janeiro promised to clean it sacked for the olympic games but not much was done don't you folks but there's more than enough money to take out of environmentalists what brazil lacks is the political will for a long term plan that would benefit nature as well as the economy but it must last at least 20 years and cannot be changed every time
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a new government if elected it took must get there early 2 decades to grow a mangrove forest almost all on his own he still hopes the results will convince others to follow his crusade monica and i give i'll just sirrah rio de janeiro. anderson is the executive director of the u.n. environment program she joins us now live from copenhagen so 1st of all are you celebrating the u.s. commitment announced by joe biden to cut carbon emissions in half why 2030. well obviously it's a great news that the u.s. is not only back in but back on again with significant bishan and cutting of heart by 2030 as well as other countries that will stretch their commitments we hope canada stepping up around $30.00 to $45.00 reduction and the chinese commitment spending as well plus many others so yes this is good but it's only as good as
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action and so what we and everyone else will be calling voice obviously that all of these commitments from all countries now get translated into what is referred to as a nationally determined contribution that promissory note that every country will deliver to glasgow a cop 26 when they will show exactly what actions they will be taken so yes good news barrie good news because the g 20 and mit 78 percent of all this year or 2 so we need to see the bigger emitters making those commitments as secretary general said in his speech and so celebrating but also making sure and we will be issuing our emissions gap report to him to show how we're doing as a whole as a global community i'm glad you mentioned action there because when you start looking at some of these commitments and adding them up you know china is also reaffirming its commitment to carbon neutrality by 26 the south korea is saying hey we're not going to do any more public funding of any new coal plant sort of commitments from japan from russia how confident are you though that what
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countries commit to is what they actually do and within the timeframe they say. well i think as a humanity we have no option but to reach to be confident and to hold our leaders and ourselves to account because what we've gone through on the pandemic is but a little over 2 or 2 what 4 scale $3.00 to $4.00 to $5.00 degrees would mean for humanity it is a future impossible to imagine with you see that floods with droughts with fires cetera et cetera so we have to live up to our committee and our commitments and what we now have to do is since we're taking all of this public money from stimulus packages making sure that this does not just go back
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into the old normal and making sure that this can significantly shift the lever into that new a greener job and greater equity future it is true that there are some sectors that will be sunset sectors but that we've had before with the steam engine and so on so we can do this but we need to do it fairly and smartly ok talk about we can do this if countries do stick to the commitments that they're making and some of these new commitments coming in in this u.s. led climate summit does this mean we are now back on track for keeping global warming under 1.5 degrees celsius. not yet no it means that we are getting towards where we said we're going to get to remember in paris what we agreed to was every 5 years we're going to meet and it was should have been 2020 but for the reasons of the pandemic got delayed we're going to meet and we're going to say this is where we are in this and this is what we're doing and every 5 years
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we're going to stretch so that we stretch even more right now before we have the net 0 commitments accounted for we're heading to a future about $3.00 degrees by the end of the century with all of these commitments we're now seeing what 2.52.6 degrees so we need more and we need to stretch every 5 years and it is true when we said in paris a number of countries set their targets they didn't know exactly how they're going to get there but they've been introducing a lot of changes look at what's happening you mentioned south korea you mentioned other countries in the e.u. it's a trick so the fact that the us that's not yet have the detail whereas me less than the fact that they will deliver the details by by cop 26 that's what we need to hold every single country to account so that we actually can stretch because at the cup 5 years from now we'll have to present even more stretch commitments but as we
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get better at this we actually have an opportunity of doing just that but we must hold ourselves to account year by year for actions across entire economy all right thanks so much and granderson there thank you for having me. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including the search continues for a missing indonesian submarine the military says oxygen for the 53 people on board will run out by saturday the crackdown on press freedom in hong kong gets worse with the conviction of an investigative journalist. in sports we'll find out which team has become the 1st to make it through to the national hockey league playoffs. russia's ordered its armed forces to withdraw from its shared border with ukraine
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ukraine says it's now monitoring the situation in its eastern regions closely tensions have been rising between the 2 countries after moscow amassed tens of thousands of troops on its border with ukraine. we've got to correspondent standing by for us charles transferred in ukraine's matter of paul bernard smith in moscow russia let's go straight to bernard so what is moscow saying about why the troop buildup is coming to an end now. russia's defense ministry always said that these were long exercises on the exercises would end today thursday or of course they've also been as in an enormous show of strength because we have satellite imagery showing perhaps as many as 100000 russian troops on the russia ukrainian border we have the airborne troops armored units attack helicopters reconnaissance drones jamming equipment and a military hospital all on this ground exercise it was
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a russian show of strength clearly and russia said an indication and notes to nate so about its agitation or its complaints about russia's build up in that area 'd but it's not all over russia from saturday is restricting for 6 months access to the as a. see through the care straight this will prevent the ukrainian navy accessing its eastern ports russia says it's preventing this access for other military exercises but it's. difficult to understand what military exercises would go along all the way to the end of october but it's russia clearly asserting its or forward c showing its ability to control the area around crimea and the black sea all right thanks so much bernard smith let's go over now to charles stratford charles you're in poland the ukraine want kind of reaction are we getting there.
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for the last hour or so the ukrainian president to me is alinsky. he has tweeted a readout of what he says he says reducing the number of troops on our borders proportionally reduces tensions ukraine is always ready but welcomes any steps to reduce the military and deescalate the situation and don't buy us ukraine syncs peace and thanks its international partners despite a tweet like that from the ukrainian leader who we've seen in recent weeks appealing to the international community and nato members for support in the face of what he describes as a russian provocation there is still great distrust in this country. you know you speak to people on the ground close to the contact blind certainly on this side of the contact line where we've been for the last few days and you witnessed some of
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the shelling as well we saw a shelling in the town about. 3 a full days ago i made this escalation and people are very distrustful of anything that russia says and bear in mind that there is still no law stating political settlement that has been agreed upon and we are now entering the eights year of this conflict also is an indication of the distrust we were actually with a maritime border patrol today only as well as all see that you heard bernard referring to. a few minutes ago and we were speaking to these these border guards they reminded us that according to a 2003 agreement both russia and ukraine in theory have joint jurisdiction over these says but then this god says well you know that was before the war started in 2014 and waned as was announced a couple of days ago by the russians that 15 russian warships were entering these
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waters and as you heard from bunnet russia announcing this the straits of the coach straits due to be closed and restricting access into the hands of see. from the black sea again this got to plays into to the idea that certainly in ukraine despite this announcement of the withdrawal of the ground troops russia still cannot be trusted and as i say we're a long way away from really a last thing ceasefire and a permanent political settlement to this conflict all right thanks so much chance for there are livid kevorkian is a country risk analyst specializing in russia. market she joins us now from london good to have you with us so was some kind of understanding reached here between russia and the west or was this simply the end of these exercises that was planned all along for this date. well as the journalists were alluding this was
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a show of. muscles and it looks like. you know ultimately the temporary diplomatic solution prevailed which is good news of course so what what is the diplomatic solution because nothing is been announced in terms of any kind of understanding at least between russia and the west right. well at least we're not seeing further escalation of military confrontation we're not really seeing. skirmishes that usually in this type of conflicts don't get out of control and turning to large scale military operations and that in that sense that positive also prior to deceive and of course a call by the u.s. president joe biden to putin and discussion and indication to to hold a conference. and these are also diplomatic steps that have helped to deescalate the situation has moscow now successfully drawn
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a red line about on around the issue of ukrainian membership to nato. but i think they have always been quite clear as to where they stand in camps of the membership of ukraine or any other former soviet state to nato. this has been highlighted once again during this this recent crisis. i don't think that has the has been any change in russian attitude towards the membership of former soviet states to nato it's another question of why i am asking a lot about the russian argue about whether they have sex and successfully made this issue too pricey now for joe biden or nato to consider. it is something that. it if it doesn't really come down to one country in the west has to be a collective decision and. it has to be said that nato has
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criteria that the member country that those countries that aspire membership need to meet and there is there is a process to the membership and there has to be also political consensus in the west regarding the ukrainian membership. russian position has been always negative and i don't think that the recent escalation is is anything new really especially after the 2014 conflict so it comes down to it and a cost to both of these a membership have been known to do west so it really comes down to the western consensus on this issue and what about those economic sanctions which the u.s. applied how is that impacting the russian economy. but i think that's something that is perhaps less spoken about in this conflict but most potent i know
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that some analyst clark you that sanctions do not work but sanchez do work they work slowly they don't necessarily deter russian actions in egypt but they do have constraining factor so there are things that russian dinner russians and russian businesses do care about and all the surveys would suggest that their living standards are far more important then oldest military engagements prices are rising in russia a job losses to return to pandemic have not been recovered real disposable incomes are falling ruble has become under pressure because of these sanctions because of the threat of the conflict these are all downside risks spurred a russian economy and didn't put in frankly cannot afford to have to attack its economy as it's emerging from a recession and 2020 so the sanctions when necessary to too
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strong to severe however there were a signal from the west that they can be tightened and i think that if they also had a role to play in this deescalation or i thank you so much for your analysis on that limited cover dan thank you so had an al-jazeera an attack on israel from syria will have the latest as investigation gets underway into what happened. it's border japanese star proves these more than just the picture and story coming up later. hello there let's look to the middle east where things are starting to heat up after having cooled slightly we've got temperatures in iraq edging up to 40 degrees
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same story in kuwait and in doha there by the time we get to saturday temperatures will have dipped down to the early thirty's that's come from the change of wind will have a bit of dust kicking around and plenty of hazy sunshine for much of saudi arabia things are looking hot and dry those isolated showers we saw seem to have dried up and it's a similar story for iran where temperatures in toronto be going to be hitting 30 degrees the plenty of hot dry weather so we have to the horn of africa we've got those thundery showers rolling across the ethiopian rift valley affecting parts of somalia and kenya but the unusual weather story is this tropical cyclone off the coast of tanzania we've only had 2 of these since record began so going to be keeping an eye on that it's expected to bring some strong winds and heavy rains to dar es salaam though it is weakening as it makes its way to the coast elsewhere in southern africa things are looking relatively warm and dry temperatures have dipped
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down slightly with capetown at 21 degrees. 3 year investigation into the program i believe would be to god if we were going to . reveal secrets he was visiting out there there were people our age going to make. a connection some don't want to expose in legacy media. shoot documents with night al-jazeera investigation how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines where does your flight go from here the people all know mock the to do the. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion every time i talk about races then i will get a twister or i'm being called
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a racist programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the while today we are about to feed thousands and thousands of hungry magots see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. come back you're watching i'll just time to recap our headlines now president joe biden opened the global climate summit with 40 leaders by pledging to cough in half the coal in petroleum fumes that the u.s. . summit takes place as earth day is marks around the world but most of the marches and rallies that usually take place have been canceled because of the pandemic.
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russia has ordered its armed forces to withdraw from a shared border with ukraine craned says it's now marching the situation in its eastern regions closely tensions have been rising between the 2 countries after moscow amassed tens of thousands of troops on the border. now days after former police officer derek shaaban was found guilty of murdering george floyd the funeral of another black man killed at the hands of a us police officer is about to start in the nearby neighborhood. police shot and killed 20 year old dante right. earlier this month during a traffic stop in brooklyn center near minneapolis friends and family of right along with several civil rights leaders attended a public viewing on wednesday john hendren joins us now live from minneapolis so john some big names are expected at this funeral take us through what will happen. well it will be the.
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rights leader who's going to give the. right. media behind me lining up to go inside and we also expect the senator from minnesota to be in there and the attorney for a right and the family of george floyd benjamin crump will be in there is well a lot of these people have been gathered for the trial which of course just ended with a conviction on all counts and the reverend al sharpton has said that he expects to begin his eulogy by talking about the life. by paying tribute to this young 20 year old man who was killed by a police officer who was shouting taser taser and then fired a gun. to me in the big in the cars.
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probably. would be. in any case you are seeing a lot of dignitaries here and among them will be talking about the life of that he said he's going to go and talk about the civil rights issues involved here that another black man a 20 year old man a father of a 2 year old child was killed by a police officer who had thought she says that she was firing a taser she yelled taser taser and then fired instead her weapon and. the whole issue. expired tags on his car and one of the issues here is is that people here are complaining that police frequently harass african-americans in their cars particularly young men and that is one of the
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complaints of the family of. john this is all coming off to the trial and verdict of the case how is this impacting the mood and the expectations now when you have an incident like this. well it just highlights the frequency of how often this happens you couldn't even get through a month long trial for derek chosen in the death of george floyd here in minneapolis without having another killing of a black man at the hands of police in this case again a white police officer and that is one of the issues that people here are going to be talking about we expect in the services behind me the reverend al sharpton again says that he will be he will be saying that the conviction of derek doesn't mean that the problems between black americans and white police officers are over says
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this is round 2 and he said we need to win that round as well in other words saying that the officer in this case kim potter who is now charged with 2nd degree manslaughter says she must be convicted as well that there must be some kind of deterrents for events like these to keep recurring but of course they have we had the shooting of a young girl in columbus ohio the other day by a police officer she was carrying a knife at the time in the middle cation but the complaint there is that the solution to all of these problems is not simply a gun. thanks so much. the israeli army says has syrian anti-aircraft missile has missed its target and exploded near a nuclear facility in southern israel the blast was felt in jerusalem and other areas in central israel the missile was fired israel was carrying out air strikes
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inside syria israel's military launched more rockets in syria missile batteries in retaliation for the so what the israelis call retaliation of course they were conducting a raid inside syria the syrian government says most of these were intercepted. our aforesaid has the latest from west jerusalem. israeli military says an investigation is underway into what took place in the early hours of thursday morning when it says an errant syrian air defenses misao missed its target an israeli jet and flew across israeli territory to explode in mid-air close to the nuclear reactor add to murder about 30 kilometers or so away from that very high value target the israeli defense minister benny gantz as said n s a 5 missile did indeed miss an israeli jet that is ready defenses tried to shoot it down but failed to do so he said normally such outcomes are different indeed there have been precedents for this kind of thing happening before as recently as 2019
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a syrian air defense missile was found to have set fire to territory in northern cyprus having again missed an israeli jet and ending up there however this location is very different and the timing is very different these are tense times between iran and israel especially just 10 days or so after that attack on the iranian nuclear facility at natanz which iran ascribed to israel in there was pretty considerable briefing apparently by israeli intelligence sources here to the israeli media saying that israel was responsible for that as well now of course at such times of heightened tensions miscalculations misjudgments can lead to dangerous escalations the israeli military says that this was not such an instance that there was no deliberate attempt to attack the nuclear facility at dimona nonetheless there are questions for it to answer given the high value status of such a target and given the fact that it being recently strengthened in terms of its defenses in recent weeks. now india has recalled more than 300000 new coronavirus cases on
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wednesday the highest single day rise seen in the world the rises led to shortages of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in many cities elizabeth fran and reports now from new delhi. sitting outside new delhi's biggest covered 9000 hospital this man has been told all 1500 beds are occupied but he is refusing to leave his ambulance drivers as they traveled for 3 hours to come to the hospital only to be turned away her body low workable mission when. we were told that only if you have approval from the top authorities only then will they admit the patient i don't know the ambulance and say be delayed of that mission straight away now where do it take the patient and the oxygen in the ambulance will finish whom. hospitals in india's capital a full of people arrive in ambulances cars scooters and auto rickshaws pleading for
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admission but even the family members of those inside a worried about their loved ones was at the sheikh's mother was admitted a week ago he says he's only been able to speak to her once. in while. the situation is very grim here no one is paying attention to patient hospitals are open only name in the city and the chief minister isn't giving any answers about this crisis if we call the covert helpline no one on to us people can't even get and balances my question is that my mother has been admitted for one week so who's taking care of her. his sister is also distraught and the. people are going inside the hospital and there that bodies are coming in there was a baby and they denied him admission saying they cannot allow the child inside. delis
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health minister called a shortage of intensive care beds and oxygen supplies in the capital a grave crisis he's asking the central government to help create more beds this woman has come here like so many others after being turned away by other hospitals we have seen patients arriving at hospitals all day struggling to breathe being carried by desperate family members. as are the central government to send oxygen supplies of the capital urgently its judges say the lives of thousands of people are at stake and let's ask the government why it's not waking up to the situation. the government says it's planning to import oxygen and ensure its uninterrupted delivery throughout the country states are converting sports stadiums and holes into code 19 care centers but not fast enough to match the world's biggest surge in
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cases. after waiting for an hour this man was one of the lucky ones his daughter convinced the hospital to admit him most others were turned away elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. indonesia's navy chief says a missing submarine with $53.00 crew on board will run out of oxygen supplies by saturday. fall 02 lost contact during a military exercise on wednesday a search and rescue operation is underway for an oil spill has been spotted off the coast of bali from jakarta jessica washington now. in indonesia this rescue operation grows more urgent as the hours pass 53 people were on board the carolina 4 o 2 when it went missing somewhere in the waters near the island of bali the submarine has been in service for 40 years its crew was taking part in a training exercise when it lost contact in the early hours of wednesday morning.
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until now we still have not had contact with a submarine. while the 3rd is being done in dense of. indonesian authorities requested help from the country's nearest neighbors. assistance from neighboring countries include singapore in the form of the swift rescue ship it's a submarine rescue ship malaysian soldiers are on board a rescue vessel and expected to reach indonesia in a few days and the government has also offered to provide assistance. it is not a submarine that a star operates submarine classes is quite different but whatever we are able to do we have undertaken to do indonesian military personnel spotted an oil slick in the sea which officials say could indicate a fuel leak time is now at a critical stage in the rescue operation. the oxygen in a blackout condition can last for 72 hours or 3 days so that's of contractors last
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at 3 o'clock the oxygen will last until saturday at 3 o'clock authorities say the submarine was in good condition suitable for combat it underwent refitting in south korea and was returned to indonesia in 2012. this is the 1st case of a missing submarine for indonesia but fatal accidents involving military equipment are common make a right angle of fortune was built in the late seventy's in germany and has been in service in indonesia since 1981 defense experts have longed for for a major overhaul of some of the country's aging military equipment. indonesia is looking to expand and upgraded submarine fleet in coming years but experts say the task should be treated with urgency. i'm not saying our maintenance is not scared but accidents have happened here many times especially when it comes out all the military equipment as the search continues investigators are asking how routine
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drill turned into a major crisis for into the navy just to washington al-jazeera to counter. china is warning australia it could take what it calls retaliate traction after camera council the series of projects linked to beijing's belton road initiative china wants to build a network of global trade routes and the australian state of victoria was involved but last year straining a role to new rules allowing the cancellation of any agreements with foreign countries it believed could threaten national interests china says relations between the 2 countries could be seriously harmed by the decision we will always act to destroy its national interest to protect destroy but to also ensure that we can advance our national interests of a free and open indo-pacific and i world that seeks a balance in favor of freedom. a hong kong investigative journalist has been convicted and fined for charges linked to
6:46 pm
a documentary exposing police misconduct during the 2019 protests speaking outside cold choice described the ruling as heartbreaking we called it a dark day for the press freedom choi produced a program showing police officers delaying their response to a mob attack against commuters in protest as a train station the video pollen is in hong kong she says bad choice case sets a concerning precedent for journalists in the city. you can hear. reports about troy actually. on the charge the verdict said she will not serve jail time there was. really particularly amongst the media community here but there's a lot of concern as to why this plane even made it this far merely due to the fact that the method structure i was using for to talk to men 3 question is widely used
6:47 pm
in the investigative. process the world she says. information from a public database. under false pretenses about a prolific journalist she is a well known investigative journalist and also known for her investigations against police tactics and actions during the 2019 pro-democracy and antigovernment protests here now of course in the may be a has adjourned pretrial hearings in a corruption case until may the fish rots down the was 1st exposed in a documentary by al jazeera is investigative units they documented. the documentary revealed corruption in the country's fishing industry implicating the country's top politicians and officials from either miller has more from johannesburg what we're seeing in court is pretrial proceedings so it may be some time before we see the start of the actual trial the case which involves former cabinet ministers and
6:48 pm
local businessmen is likely to be a long drawn out court battle it's alleged that the suspects received more than $7000000.00 in bribes from a foreign fishing company now in today's court proceedings the court was expected to decide if the matter is ready for trial and which judge will be appointed to preside over the matter occurring that last court appearance documents containing witness statements were leaked to the media and this time around there's been an application that's our ask that the suspects statements not be published but that court that has been lost now this is a very sensitive case for the namibian government with the president hog gang garb who too was implicated in the scandal issuing statements denying any involvement this is just one of 20 high profile cases the maybe as anti corruption commission is reportedly investigating courts been adjourned and those accused remain in custody until the next court appearance in may. i had an al-jazeera in spalls after
6:49 pm
the collapse of the european super league of fans now get more of a say in how football clubs are run here with that story. i am.
6:50 pm
if. all right now it's time to catch up with oswald's news and his father sammy thank you for a lot of shit around winter and presidents and sissy european super league is still on standby the team is yet to officially pull out of the competition and foreign tino prez says it's completely wrong to believe the project is over and the
6:51 pm
richardson reports. this was real madrid's 1st game since becoming a founder member of the european super league since that announcement on sunday the other teams involved have seemingly been in a race to apologize and point out but not lay out their club president insists his team are still on standby it's a plane it appearing on spanish radio to say he was surprised by the reaction it received as going on there i've never seen such aggression by the president of your wife and from some presidents within the spanish leagues it seemed like it was orchestrated we were all surprised by it thinking i've never seen this in my life never there were threats insults as if we had killed someone as if we had killed football manchester city's manager pat guardiola was one of the 1st to speak out against the league stating it's a lot of sports it seems a guarantee to play in it each season this c one winter city against aston villa
6:52 pm
them a step closer to winning the english title they've already qualified for the next season's european champions league the competition in the super league is intended to replace i know the guys they can work you with new needs they don't need to apologise i understand the typology but i know them think pension for my chairman. my c.e.o. my older people's i know really who they are in and is the most important bella understand the statement in his own chapter is over. the negative reaction from fans played a key role in convincing team owners into a rethink. in england where 6 clubs initially join the league a government led review of football look at the way supporters are treated. for corby wanted for once. the notion. that he did want the custodian to.
6:53 pm
think they do own or what they don't belong to the ones. and the driving force when they're on the other. or. it's just about and being even more greedy liverpool's players led by camps in jordan henderson were also quick to condemn the plan and force their own is hands on means for now the big names and the big things will be staying where they are. and the richardson al-jazeera. where football writer gavin hamilton if the events of this week will change the way football clubs iraq. i think realistically the outcome will be a return to the status quo because most blokes are happy with their relationship with the fans because the fans of filling the stadiums week in week out paying millions of pounds a year in t.v. scription on the clubs are happy with that relationship it's hardly the team the
6:54 pm
top 6 teams in england who broke away wanted to break away the choice change selection because that super league has been frozen out and still i think clubs will be happy with a return because i don't think we'll see anything happening from the government as a roof but when government seems to have reviews if it means they're responding to public opinion but they won't necessarily respond with any legislation and thus won't have a slightly different perspective on everything compared to english clubs telling clubs certainly some german clubs because the structures in spain and every different boss learned from which the 2 dominant clubs both clubs have recently reelected the president so they both win a very powerful position around which. a person with means. they will stick to and going has but it's on the bus for now but look at. the horror of. it will rise again and they will be probably we will return to the whole
6:55 pm
europe. german football teams will be confined to quarantine training camps to make sure the season finishes on time ahead of the european championship racing coronavirus cases have forced teams time postpone matches putting pressure on the schedule for may 3rd players and staff are only allowed to spend time at home or at training facilities and all clubs will move into bio secure bubbles for the final 2 rounds of. now imagine not winning a match in your league for 609 days thankfully that stat no longer belongs to a u.s. women's football team from orlando the pride produced i got c. performance to beat washington one mill city leroux with the match winner things to a fist from international star alex morgan pair hadn't played together since before their daughters were born in 29 teams. was vegas are the 1st team to clinch a spot in the n.h.l.
6:56 pm
playoffs this season and they did it in style with a home victory over san jose but all the knights were chasing their 8th consecutive victory and they overpowered the sharks $52.00 biggest lead the league with $33.00 wins their only the 4th franchise in n.h.l. history to make the playoffs and each of their 1st 4. golden state warriors coach steve kerr has praised the n.b.a. and the wider sports community for their response to the murder conviction of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvet i'm really proud of our players and so many athletes in the sports world. who. spoke out and who. were outraged and let those thoughts be known because i think you know. i think that matters people's voices and actions matter is really proud of our players and
6:57 pm
so many people in the sports world for taking a stand. after starting the season with a 6 straight losses the oakland a's have now managed an incredible 11 consecutive wins their victory over minnesota was anything but straightforward the game went to extra innings with the twins taking the lead thanks to a 2 run homer oakland were gifted victory when a fielding error allowed the a's to score 3 runs close to get. 2 point. japanese stars shohei or tommy once again cream teas more of ben just a pitcher ascend 24 hours after being on the mound for the tiniest smash to home run against texas rangers fortunately it wasn't enough to avoid seat angels least 74. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you sam.
6:58 pm
paul that's it for this show is about only the double bonus and so do stay with us here now because you're. and. thousands of children were removed from east timor geremi indonesian occupation decades later what i want to enjoy is members of this last generation if they can find their head home. on al-jazeera this is one of the boldest down things that the logical revolutions in all of this make our planet pretty good we have to meet the
6:59 pm
c o 2 emissions targets electric cars that need mitchum in motion they need to be mined sure people are just talking about the solar is it that's going to solve the problem and hurt the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition is the promise of clean energy an illusion the drop side of green energy . on al jazeera. president joe biden into the white house facing multiple crises including the new virus pandemic and a divided america 3 months on has he managed to follow through on campaign promises to fix the country stay with us of a special coverage of biden's 1st 100 days in office on al-jazeera consciously rose here to report on the people often ignored but who must be heard how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under-reported areas of course we cover major global offense but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like
7:00 pm
palestine libya a young man in the sahara legion and so many others we go to them to make a afterwards we care we stay. a moral and economic imperative world leaders discuss some vicious targets that are global summit to tackle global warming. the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half and half by the end of this decade. from sammy's a down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.


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