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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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across parts of cuba and you make. qatar airways the u.s. is always open for the people all right the world people pay attention to what you want here and i do see it is very good to bring the news to the world from here. you're watching al-jazeera where we are with the leaders summit on climate change being hosted by the american president joe biden we're about to listen to lots of mir putin the russian president to be addressing those 40 world leaders he's being introduced by anthony blinken the secretary of state of this is to be a slight technical problem i think on the russian and i think that obviously they are waiting to hear what the russian president is going to say about how his
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country is going to deal with climate change and of course. i think the president is speaking right now let's just listen to what amir putin has to say we all share the concern with regard to global climate change and how much where we're all interested and we're doubling the international effort to address this issue whether this effort proves successful will largely determine the future of our planet the development prospects of each country as well as the wellbeing and quality of life of our citizens we believe. is as solely a legal framework for international collaboration and controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions namely the universal agreements reached under the un auspices i'd like to stress that brush treats its international commitments with the utmost responsibility and this fear and i refer in particular to the
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implementation of the un after people see the kyoto protocol and the paris agreement would take active effort and russia to build more than legislation that allows both controlling carbon emissions and creating incentives for their reduction yesterday i presented my annual address to the federal assembly of the russian federation and among our social and economic priorities i listed the task of significantly reducing the net accumulated emissions in our country by 2050 i am confident that despite russia's size its geography climate and economic structure this is achievable or should forget as colleagues have already pointed out throughout this summit very
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collected in the ninety's that's compared to the 1990 level russia has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to a greater extent than many other countries our emissions have harvard dropping from 3100000000 chance to 1600000000 tons of c o 2 equivalent this has become possible. but because of the fundamental restructuring of our industry and energy that has been underway for the last 2 decades as a result as of now 45 percent. everwhere energy mix is accounted for by emission energy sources encouraging nuclear generation and as is well known that greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power plants stand at almost 0 throughout all of the lifecycle of nuclear power plants we intend to further improve our capacities for using petroleum gas and carry out
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a large scale campaign for environmental modernization and create energy efficiency across all economic sectors to ensure carbon capture storage and use from all sources but also building an infrastructure for producing hydrogen to be used both as a fuel and energy source i'd like to take note and that regard that russia has launched a pilot project in cycling region for creating a carbon pricing system and a mechanism for carbon trading this project will allow this russian region to become carbon neutral as soon as by 2025 it is no secret that the conditions that facilitated global warming and mrs seated problems go way back. what kind of comprehensive
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solutions to these issues can we see today 1st carbon dioxide can stay in the atmosphere for hundreds of years so it's not enough to tackle the issue of new emissions it is also important a tool to take up the task of absorbing the c o 2 that has accumulated in the atmosphere let me say that without exaggeration russia makes a gigantic contribution to absorbing global emissions both ours and from elsewhere air into the great absorption capacities of our ecosystems that are estimated at around $2500000000.00 tons of c o 2 with it and per annum 2nd we need to take into account each and every factor contributing to global warming to cite an example methane accounts for 20 percent of all top of genii commissions and the greenhouse effect of a single ton of me thing is $25.00 to $28.00 times stronger than that of
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a tonne of c o 2 so supposing we can hajer of me thing in emissions in the next 3 decades experts project global temperatures to decrease by 2050 by point 18 degrees centigrade which incidentally makes up for up to 45 percent of the difference between the current temperatures and the objectives under the paris agreement and that's regard it would be bearish if you forced a broad and efficient international cooperation and calculation and more intriguing all harmful emissions into the atmosphere we invite all of those interested countries to join collaborative scientific research to jointly invest in climate projects that can make a difference and real life and to actively pursue new low carbon technologies for mitigation and adaptation. i am convinced
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that the fight for preserving our climate should certainly united the efforts of the international community as a hero but she is willing to prepares range of joint projects and to consider potential benefits even for foreign companies that would like to invest in clean technologies including our countries and lastly global development should not only be green it should also be sustainable in every sense of the word and this applies to all countries without exception accordingly this development should go hand in hand with progress on such important tracks as fighting poverty and bridging development gaps between countries and conclusion i would like to eat a rate that russia is genuinely interested and galvanizing international corporation so as to look for for effective solutions to climate change as well as
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to all other vital global challenges essentially it's the and today's big yosemite thank you for your attention. the russian president vladimir putin there speaking at the leaders summit on climate change let's cross over to bernard smith our correspondent in moscow who was listening in the president very clear on the fact of what contribution russia has made to trying to reduce carbon emissions or what his thoughts and plans are for the future. the environment was a sector of his state of the nation address on wednesday so. putin now has trying to cast himself in the role of a sort of protector of the environment but russia has a long way to go but he himself recognized russia is the 4th largest greenhouse
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defying despite the cuts that lot of putin has talked about that coming from a very high base already its emissions a harf the total of those of the $27.00 members of the european union with 3 times the population in the e.u. so there's very very considerable problems with greenhouse emissions from russia and of course he's speaking about from an economy that relies on oil and gas and mineral exports is the biggest major part of russia's economy it's where earns all its foreign exchange russia's economy is not very diverse and it is also a country with really compared to other parts of world still quite a lot of green skepticism so there's a long way to go in russia and although rather near putin has recognized
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the costs of not protecting the environment global warming or russia is warming rather a 2.5 times the speed. all the other parts of the world a lot of new putin has recognized that if the if the melting starts in the northern hemisphere that could be catastrophic for russian towns and cities across the north of the country anyway he says the government's working to cut emissions by 2030 by up to 30 percent but even again can compare that to the e.u. the ones at a 40 percent cut by 2030 but it thanks very much for your analysis of course we'll dip into the later as well when we get more analysis reaction to what president putin that's they've been so much moving on and of course president joe biden opened the global climate summit with 40 world leaders by pledging to cut off the coal and petroleum fumes that the u.s. pumps out of the summit initiated by the white house is underway on earth day 2021
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by maintaining those investments and putting these people to work the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half and half by the end of this decade that's where we're headed as a nation and that's all we can do if we take action to build an economy that's not only more prosperous but healthier fare and cleaner for the entire planet you know these steps will set america on a path of lead 0 emissions economy by no later than 2050 but the truth is america represents west and 50 percent of the world's emissions no nation can solve this crisis on our own as i know you all fully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up. well judy you're standing by for us with the latest reaction out of beijing but 1st let's cross over to a white house correspondent complete how to and complete
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a real opportunity for president by the u.s. to stop it's called what it says it's a rival again back into climate talks. yeah this is a call to action by joe biden the u.s. president but it's also recognizing that the united states plays a pivotal role in terms of leadership and so this is what this message was it had really 2 messages within it one for the international audience for world leaders that are gathered here at this summit it resolving to take action the united states saying it's leading by example making that announcement of cutting its own emissions up from the targets of the obama administration so this is the sort of 1st part of it and it is also to let people know that as we've heard from joe biden repeatedly america is back to the 4 years of donald trump and denials of climate science have come and gone but there's another message tucked in all of this too
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and that is for the domestic audience the fact is that if these lofty goals put forward by the us president are to be met it will mean a significant change of american patterns in terms of their energy use specifically when it comes to the type of cars that they drive because right now at least $17000000.00 of the cars produced every year in that are purchased by americans are using fossil fuels so this is going to have to change radically in order for joe biden to meet these goals that he's laid out and in addition we should point out that this is going to mean a change in the u.s. economy one that the u.s. president has already heralded that he said that there are going to be new green jobs a green economy but that's getting a lot of pushback particularly from conservatives in the united states so this is the message that joe. biden is pushing forward it's one for the international leaders that the u.s. wants to take a leadership role and challenge others to do the same but it's also for americans
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who are listening reminding them that they have to do their part thanks very much can we help you there are white house correspondent. of course move to china now where it's the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases it his speech to the summit president xi jinping pledged to phase down coal consumption by 2030 china has committed to move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in a march shorter time span than what might take many developed countries and that requires extraordinary hard efforts from china supporters being given to encourage peaking pioneers from localities sectors in companies we were strictly control coal fired power generation projects we go strictly limit the increase in coal consumption over the 4005 year plan period and phase it down in the 15th 5 year plan period. talk to our china correspondent katrina hughes joins me now from
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beijing of course cold to take a large part of what the president had to say but he was very clear on the fact that he wanted to present a sustainable developed china that could work with its international partners. that's right he gave quite a feel good speech was a bit light on detail but he talked about how this needs to be a multilateral efforts that there needs to be working together especially with developing countries that the world needs to take a people centered approach on this but that again this wasn't about details for china this moment is about the optics they want to send a message to the world that china takes this issue very seriously wants to transform its image of just being a world polluted to being a sort of proactive leader when it comes to fighting climate change and another important message she jinping sent was that china also wants to set aside or it's willing to set aside the tensions that it has with the u.s. to work on this issue now we've been watching all day chinese state media talk
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about this and there has been quite a lot of suspicion if you will about the u.s. return to leave this climate change effort a lot of tabloids a lot of the state media channels have been saying can the u.s. really be relied on because as we've seen a according to who to who is at the helm of the u.s. they haven't really been consistent in their message and china converse lee wants to send the message that they are reliable and can be looked upon as a leader certainly as an equal to the u.s. and we saw she didn't ping actually join another climate summit last week with angela merkel the leader of germany and then you will knock on the leader of france to talk about china's climate pledges and working with europe and also u.s. climate and boy john kerry also came to china last week to meet with his chinese counterpart and discuss working together on that front but there are disagreements that china believes that the u.s. needs to do more when it comes to helping poorer countries invest in clean energy
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and transitioning into renewable energy there and the u.s. for its part wants china to do more to cut its carbon emissions and implement more stringent targets as we're about to see. of toxic smoke leaking from power plants and factories is a common sight in. the northwest importance has for decades powered china's economic growth primarily by burning coal. it's contributed to the nation becoming the world's top lucia responsible for roughly one 3rd of global carbon emissions. the coal industry employs most of the people who live here. pollution has been polluting for decades shut down all the factories what are we going to do everyone who works for the factories. last year this region produced about 1100000000 tons of coal china's reliance on burning coal as its main source of energy is its biggest obstacle to lowering carbon emissions the government is
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struggling to find ways to curb coal without affecting jobs or harming economic growth pollution caused by burning fossil fuels regularly shrouds the capital and heavy smoke has pledged to carbon emissions by 2030 and eliminate them altogether by 2060 but it's yet to detail how exactly plans to achieve this is not only about commitment is all about what we actually do right in the next 5 years we expect china can include more concrete policies and to give us a more clear roadmap of how they're going to achieve these 2 carbon targets increasing the use of renewable energy sources is crucial china is already the world's largest producer of wind and solar power it's also the biggest market for electric vehicles the government has tightened regulations to pressure calm make it into transitioning away from gas but many say that's not enough us climate and boy
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john kerry was in shanghai last week trying to convince authorities to do more. for a big country with 1400000000 people. some countries are asking china to do more on climate change the free this is not very realistic researchers say china must close down more than 500 coal fired power plants in the next decade to meet its climate pledges to continue. to approve new ones at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world the shanshu government is planning to close down some older factories here and build what it says are greener more efficient whole facilities for some parts of china at least it seems the route to clean energy will be long and small. they doing at the top level of government and the standing committee they seem to be sincere in their commitment at least in their words they've also said that china
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wants to use 25 percent non-fossil fuel resources by the year 2030 as a form of energy but they face a lot of headwinds as we've just heard from local governments from provincial governments who rely on coal and dirty energy for jobs and for the local economy china also has a problem with its infrastructure it's very rigid and very old and it's not very good at accepting and using the renewable energy resources that are already there on another front china has also announced it's going to build about 5 nuclear power plants so that's another direction it's also going in but all the environmentalists we've spoken to all the researchers here in china say that for this to happen for china to really move in the direction of achieving carbon neutrality it needs to put in place more strict policies that enforce this transition to renewal renewable energy and they're hoping that we're going to see those details a more detailed roadmap from the chinese government before the end of the year thanks very much katrina you there our correspondent in beijing let's bring in some
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gale he's acting see china dialogue trust joins me now some of the good to have you with us on the program as. katrina just mentioned a few moments ago john kerry the president climate envoy headed to china only last week sort of to reengage with china on this particular subject how important has that visit been in terms of you might say opening the channels of communication. i think it's very important to have a working relationship between the u.s. and china on climate change the paris agreement was really only possible because it was underpinned by this unprecedented historic joint announcement between xi jinping and barack obama back in 2014 and of course since then that relationship between the u.s. and china really turned sour. not least because of president trump's withdrawal from the paris agreement the sort of return of the u.s.
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to the multilateral system with the return to paris is an opportunity to heal some of those wounds between the u.s. and china and to rebuild a working relationship on climate and that we need in order to get to 1.5 degrees as a sort of jointly agree to paris but i think it's going to be a difficult road i don't think that we're going to immediately see the kinds of warm relationship that might have existed in 2015 come back the geopolitics of that relationship more difficult than ever but i do think that there is a possibility to carve up an area of common interest in essentially the existential risk posed by climate change and the national self interest of both the united states and china in the carbonite in the their economies it's an opportunity as you say but perhaps the only area that both countries need to agree on at the moment because every journey has its. scrapes but i wonder how much of a chink this could lead to to discuss other disputed areas that these 2 countries
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don't really agree on the south china sea hold call. the week is even taiwan. i don't actually think that it's it's going to be an opening for that kind of brewer to detente on on other issues i actually think. it's probably more productive to think of this as an area like nuclear nonproliferation or pandemic response these kinds of core issues on which you need to have cooperation regardless of of rising geopolitical tensions at a point when frankly i don't see much scope for geopolitical tensions to ramp down whether it's on trade or cyber or human rights i think there is room however to keep kind of the that the lines open on communication around this issue where frankly you have to have the u.s. and china at the table if you're talking about climate change because together they account for 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and you really can't have
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a conversation about climate change when where they're not in the room and of course personal working relationships are very important for these 2 superpowers we've seen how china uses that style for soft power in africa gaining not only traction in energy its economy and its needs to you might say drive its own domestic needs in terms of industry and this is where america hasn't really been able to participate as such it's all about money china's been able to pump money into areas like africa that is desperately in need of being helped when it comes to climate change. you know i mean there's there's an unprecedented demand for investment in the renewable energy infrastructure of the future around the globe you know particular at this moment. in developing countries that sorely need new investment. both the united states and china are very well
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positioned to finance that and to support your vulnerable countries to climate change with promises of climate finance with support for a new kind of renewable energy infrastructure. and both can be viewed in a very benevolent fashion if they are to do that and the rich countries pledged in 2015 to $100000000000.00 in climate finance that hasn't been realized if the united states can really step up with the kind of renewed commitments on that i think that would be would be very warmly received similarly china has a record of using its overseas investments as something of an escape valve for a high carbon industry that has less of a market as has china's domestic economy to decarbonise it is so increasingly has a reputation for financing coal fired power and other sorts of polluting projects overseas both countries really in similar fashion can benefit from the sort of soft
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power boost that comes with financing the lower carbon industries that we need for a carbon constrained world. from the china dialogue trust and so much for joining us from london and let's go straight back to the leaders summit where the south african presidents or opposer is speaking let's just listen to what he's saying of the previous agreement it's mitigation the patient and finance. advance the with equal determination and. thirdly we must. up the port in the form of financing technology and capacity building. it will not be possible for developing economy countries including those in africa and hunts amission on either adaptation or mitigation partner it is important that aid on climate change should be provided separately and should not be part of
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conventional development assistance and it is given in the form of loan financing the debt burden of developing countries is worse and we call on developed economies which historically bad the greatest responsibility for emissions the need to their responsibilities developing economies this world a vital to restoring the bonds of asked in developed and developing economies as we have done since the time of. the year leader nelson mandela south africa stands ready to work with other nations the bird bridges to find solutions that secure humanity's future i thank you. thank you very much mr president the floor is not of the president that
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council ministers are on a poser they're the south africans president talking about the fact that climate change or should not be part on the financing of climate change should not be part of the conventional development assistance that developing countries require and that there needs to be technology capacity to be built in countries that will allow them to develop other capabilities to reduce their carbon footprint of course south africa is part of brics b.-r. i-c. s. is the global bank for brazil russia india china and south africa of those emerging economies that are also very influential at the moment in the world we will dip into more of that as the news our continues now continue it was built in only a century ago as one of the most innovative mega projects of its time the 32 kilometer enclosure dam in the netherlands has served to protect the nation from the sea but now rising water levels and increasing storms need the government is having to
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reinforce the structure and reports from the slow dike in the netherlands. they are carefully designed to keep out a rising sea more than 70000 concrete blocks will strengthen the upside day and protect the netherlands against storms and high waves made with recycled material from the old dike every single one of the 6500 kilogram blocks contains an electronic chip you know where you have a super super super storm and there is somewhere some issue with all of these boxes so it's a little bit cold doll nor cracked or something then we can trace it and find out which broke or to take it out. when construction began in the 1920 smen he did not believe the dutch could close off an entire sea and build a 32 kilometer long dike thousands of people worked on the project one stone at a time it was a gigantic project nearly a century ago and it's
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a maggot project once again it will take 7 years before the us like that will be strong enough again but it is predicted the only protect the dutch heartland against the sea until 2050 after that more reinforcements are likely needed people who are protesting against the construction of the diagonal early 1900 could not have guessed how crucial it would be in the future. fishing community surrounding the southern sea lost their source of income when it turned into a sweet water lake behind a dike part of the sea bottom or reclaimed and islands disappeared. you know even the bear's grandfather was among those protesting against the project. all the mansion if all these people could have looked into the future and see how much welfare it has brought and how it has taken our country forward they've not have protested claiming land has been a huge victory for the netherlands. from
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a country importing food the netherlands turned into an exporter well we are now at the bottom of the south to say so they made a huge boulder at the side of say and it is the biggest ball of the world historians say countries adapting to a changing climate can learn important lessons from the dutch experience after building the after day so this fishery communities had a very strong sense of community and that made them very resilient against before this big change so if you have a community that has a very strong sense to togetherness they are more resilient and resilience will be needed because in 30 years this barrier might not be high enough once again what can you do if if you need a stronger by the higher die you call us again. when the dutch built a dike they wanted to prove that in order to obtain land you don't need to go to war not realising that
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a different battle against rising sea levels was just around the corner step fasten al-jazeera on the day. bring you some breaking news now from russia or apparently it's ordered its own forces to withdraw from the shared border with ukraine ukraine says that it's monitoring the situation very closely let's bring in our correspondent in moscow bernard smith of this news just breaking it what are you hearing. this was a shared jeweled withdrawal of troops of russia's defense minister 2 weeks ago said that today the exercises that they were conducting on the border with ukraine they've always called them exercises would end and true to his word he said order the troops back to their bases within russia it was of course an enormous vast exercise in terms of manpower in the build tree and the build up of military in crimea occupy crimea and along the border with ukraine was pretty much on president
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for an exercise in russia says it was in response to provocations from nato from nato members but they did say this was an exercise that exercises come to an end today and those troops will be going back to their bases over russia nothing this is nothing out of the ordinary however what does begin on saturday until the end of october is a restriction to naval passage passage for naval vessels through the courage strait this is the straits that separates eastern crimea from western russia and it gives access to western ukrainian ports russia is saying that it will allow merchant shipping through the strait but from saturday the 24th they'll be no access to naval vessels either to ukrainian naval vessels or to knesset vessels invited by ukraine 3rd party countries now there is
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a treaty between russia and ukraine the says that both parties are supposed have equal access to this area russia says it's closing access off until the 31st of october for exercises but that's a very very long time for exercise to take place. with our correspondent in moscow thanks very much better let's get back to the leaders summit on climate change the president david of the republic of the marshall islands are speaking now another low lying location in the world let's see what he has to say we were who's this. in our in the things in 28 when we have 23 theories throughout he paired with a new look at the road map as our implementation pathway. we recently celebrated basic says that my current job challenge and will be joining the local 23 hours network but all our actions will not. give him it is to act. of purpose of climate change now and we are also leading the way to honor their
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patients we deliver our package and come integration in 2021 people are we not him at that place in black. and equipped and accessible point anything needs and so i support the prison and climate planning thing to quote petion i'll conclude by asking my fellow how we move from planet limitation to online with 1.5 people who can help others through this thing. we were answer will be fine. children and grandchildren and poor mind more about. the republic of the marshall islands president talked about the fact that he's authorized exists that climate change financing for areas to be developed in that small chain of islands of course that are quite low lying obviously sceptical to
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climate change will get more that of course as the day progresses we go to other stories and of course last month brazil destroyed more than 800 kilometers of the rain forest twice as much as in march 2024 while the government is asking for a $1000000000.00 and international aid to fight deforestation one man is making a difference by planting and buying growth forest here has more from rio de janeiro . it has been a long and lonely walk for the past 22 years biologist my dumas cafe lee has been patrolling the shores of rio de janeiro's polluted one about a bay clearing layers of trash trapped in the mud than planting millions of mangrove seeds one by one fabio zhou has been working with him from the start. when real arrived here this was
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a dump we've been planning an average of 40000 seeds every week now we have an entire forest. was cut there lee and his team have recovered 1300000 square kilometers of mangrove forest people have learned to 130 football stadiums the size of rio's maracana now he's working on filling another patch of dirty black mud the same size with this powerful green vegetation he hopes the mangroves will help diminish the effects of deforestation in the amazon in march more than 800 square kilometers of the rain forest were destroyed more than double the amount in the same month last year the yelling mang growth of 4 dimes a capacitor absorbing carbon dioxide the amazon rain forest and of the seas country new device with global warming they will be our last line of defense but mangroves protecting brazil's coast from north to south are in danger not from fire but from
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rampant urban development and the lack of basic sanitation it's a problem faced by poor and rich neighborhoods alike as we could see on a boat ride behind this exclusive condo in baja that usual. we're surrounded by nature and one of rio's richest neighborhoods but this group transparent water here is dangerous it's full of bacteria from untreated sewage which can cause liver cancer. its fishing season here all year round and not the kind that attracts tourists. a black river carrying trash from the sprawling city slums flows into the lake where so far is floating. 5 years ago rio de janeiro promised to clean it sacked for the olympic games but not much was done don't you follow but there's more than enough money to take out of their environment what brazil lacks
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is the political will for a long term plan that would benefit nature as well as the economy but it must last at least 20 years and cannot be changed every time a new government if elected it took must get there early 2 decades to grow a mangrove forest almost all on his own he still hopes the results will convince others to follow his crusade monica and i give i'll just sirrah rio de janeiro. india has reported the world's largest daily increase in crime virus and sanctions since the start of the pandemic well than 314000 new cases were registered many hospitals of war that are dangerously low on oxygen. indonesia's navy chief is warning that oxygen supplies on a missing submarine will run out by saturday $53.00 crew members on board the k r i wrangled garra 4 o 2 went missing during a military exercise on wednesday and there's been no contact since an oil spill has
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been spotted in the area the sound was detected around the time that the vessel disappeared. the u.k. has apologized for failing to properly recognize black and asian soldiers who died in world war one the war graves commission that as many as 350000 soldiers from minority groups weren't commemorated by name due to pervasive racism the u.k. defense secretary expressed deep regret there can be no doubt prejudice played a part in some of the commission's decisions in some cases the i.w.c. assume for communities of forgotten personnel would not recognize or value individual forms of commemoration in other cases they were simply not provided with the names or burial locations but to speak on behalf of the commonwealth war graves commission and the government both of the time and today i want to apologize for the failures to live up to their founding principles all those years ago and
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express deep regret that has taken so long to rectify the situation was we can't change the past we can make amends and take action france has defended the recent military takeover in china despite the opposition calling it an institutional coup france has about 5100 troops base. and from there we will go back to the leaders meeting of underlaying the european commission chief is speaking for i want to thank president biden for convening this meeting on our estate the paris agreement is humanity's life insurance and at the cup 26 and last call we must show that we all have understood this and that we are ready for more climate action because we are getting dangerously close to one and a half degrees of global warming science tells us it's not too late yet but we must hurry up and that is what europe is doing. 11 days after taking office my
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commission launched the european green deal for transforming our economy. and yesterday we agreed europe's 1st ever climate law with the european parliament and our 27 governments as i mentioned with this rewrite into stone the goal to set out set out by the european green deal to make europe climate neutral by 2050 and we have also agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030 in june my commission will table proposals to make europe fit for 55 we will make emission trading work not only for energy generation and industry but also for transport and for buildings carbon must have its price because nature cannot pay the price any longer
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but $55.00 is not just about emissions we will safeguard our nature and and han's biodiversity going for nature based solutions wherever possible and we will ensure that all this is done in a just and inclusive way because for our ambition to succeed we must leave nobody behind. climate action is also a massive opportunity for our economies it creates new markets it mobilizes investment in new and transforming industries and it unleashes innovation for a healthier and more prosperous future and this is why 30 percent of europe's recovery plan next generation your money that i again mention it all together $1.00 trillion your own is earmarked for climate related goals the fight against climate change will be the engine for our global recovery. and it will be our
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compass for cooperation with all of you in many areas in research innovation and breakthrough technologies through forums like mission innovation or in helping vulnerable countries to become resilient to climate change europe wants to be the 1st time a neutral continent in the world but to save the climate we need the world we need all major economies to take their responsibility and to turn the transition into an opportunity for let's set together a new global benchmark for climate neutrality let us work together on a shared commitment and joint action for reducing emissions by 2030 this puts us on a pathway to net 0 emissions by 2050 and that is what our planet needs thank you again president biden for this meeting it is so good to have the u.s.
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back on our side in the fight against climate change together we can go faster and get further and together we will win the future thanks a lot thank you very much not a president i now turn the floor to his majesty king solomon custodian of the 2 of us live on the european commission president speaking of course we'll continue to monitor all of the world leaders that were invited by president joe biden and of course will we want to the story that i was dropped off before we went to live on the story from chad were present they had died from injuries of course staying when he visited troops fighting rebels in the north of the country his son has been appointed leader with the military promising elections next year have a walk and has water and to me that the capital. it is that he was president of chad for 3 decades on the day of the news of his death it was announced his son
4:46 pm
mohamed will lead the country for the next 18 months as head of the transitional military council abderrahim yunus the head of the government was a party says there are reasons for the military to take charge. it's understandable that the constitution says the speaker of parliament should be in charge but it's also understandable why the military is the one in charge what needs to happen now is a dialogue to bring other parties and groups to form a joint military civilian council to lead the country to democratic elections idriss deby who left the country since 1990 died from injuries sustained while leading his soldiers against the rebel front for change and concord group in the northern region of based in libya the group launched an attack on a border position on april 11th days all fighting to push them back left more than 300 of the rebels that almost 150 captured the group says there's no way they'll accept as chad's leader. is not
4:47 pm
a monarchy they can be no dynastic devolution of power in our country the national resistance forces from the front for change and concord in chad or right now on their way towards germany with confidence but above all with courage and determination at $37.00 mohammad to be an army officer is now the youngest leader in the african continent 14 of the military officers are also in the council which stated that a transitional government to will be put in place and that they're not seeking permanent power. we wanted to reassure the public that the members of the transitional military council will hand over power to civilian government after free and democratic elections within 18 months. chats constitution which has been dissolved by the military council states that the speaker of parliament is to lead the country in the. event of the death of the president so some opposition parties are calling the formation of a military council a coup. it's not only political parties that are split over the idea of
4:48 pm
a transitional military council leading the country following the death of. well earlier. in the week leading up to the election hundreds in the capital. and many. that ended with. with debbie's death chats residents are divided between mourning him and denouncing the council that's replaced him. the military council says it's going to form an interim cabinet in the coming days and has called political parties and armed groups for dialogue it's not it clear who's going to agree to be president at any talks morgan are just there are. speaking. there to renew our credentials which are supported. achievements so far but also the commitments that we stand ready to take on before future generations.
4:49 pm
the planet's. environmental powerhouse brazil is at the very forefront of effort supercool me as we get together to discuss climate change we cannot possibly forget the major cause of the problem and there is the burning of fossil fuel in the course of the past 2 centuries. has accounted for less than one percent of the historic greenhouse gas emissions. the richest economies. 3 percent and emissions. we have in place the cleanest. in the world marked by renewed investments in solar wind hydro and biomass based
4:50 pm
energy we are a pioneer in company a pioneering country in its emanation of biofuels renewable fuels such as ethanol which help clean up our urban centers in the countryside we have promoted a green revolution based on science and innovation we produce more using less resources which makes brazilian agriculture one of the most sustainable practices on the planet we are proud to. 84 percent of the brazilian amazon them by all and 12 percent of the earth drinking water resources as a resource as a result in the past 15 years alone we have avoided the emission of more than 7800000000 tons of carbon into the atmosphere. in the light of our common but differentiated responsibilities we continue to collaborate
4:51 pm
towards global efforts against climate change. we are one of the key to developing countries to adopt and to really affirm a cross cutting and comprehensive and these see including absolute targets for reducing emissions if not already for 2025 by 37 percent and a reduction of up to 40 percent by 2030 mr president we could not agree more with your call for establishing ambitious commitments on the climate agenda accordingly i have determined that our climate neutrality in brazil be achieved by 2050 therefore bringing forward by 10 years the previously announced commitment level among the measures that are required to better and i highlight our commitment to eliminate illegal deforestation in brazil by 2030. with full and prompt
4:52 pm
enforcement of the brazilian forest code with that we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50 percent by that date well must recognize that this will be a complex task command and control measures are part of the response but by our administration's budget constraints i have nevertheless determined that the environmental bodies be further strengthened by the funds allocated to inspection actions but it is necessary to do more who must face the challenge of improving the lives of more than 23000000 brazilians who live in the amazon a region the country's richest nation as far as natural resources are concerned but again a region posting the war assist him an element in this cease overcoming the
4:53 pm
so-called amazonian paradox or contradiction is a key and it's a show condition for sustainable development in that region we must also enhanced the land governance and make the bio economy a reality by truly acknowledging the value of the standing forest and biodiversity this must be an effort that will ensure accommodate the interests of all brazilians to include indigenous peoples and traditional communities. in view of the magnitude of these obstacles including financial obstacles it is key that we be able to count on the contribution of companies the business community institutions and people willing to act immediately as well as in a real and constructive fashion towards the solution to these problems. because here the international community will have a unique opportunity to collaborate towards efforts to build our common future
4:54 pm
cop $26.00 would have as one of its main mission as the task of fully adopting the mechanisms envisaged under articles 5 and 6 of the pairs agreement. problem markets are critical as a source of funds and investments to propel and boost our climate action not only in forests but also in other relevant sectors of the economy such as industrial activity power generation and waste management. likewise there must be share payment for environmental services provided by our biomes to the planet at large as a way to recognize the economic nature of environmental conservation activities. as i said before and stressed now we stand ready and remain open to international cooperation ladies and gentleman as we have all affirmed back in 1902 in rio de
4:55 pm
janeiro during the earth summit a conference chair by brazil the right to development must be materialized in such a way as to. equipment believe in sustainability respond to environmental and development needs of both current and future generation. bear steered of collective responsibility and a shared future that i invite you all again today to support us in the information you can certainly count on brazil thank you very much so the world can count on brazil according to john bolton are the president there of the country was talking about the fact that brazil's fossil fuel history has only really contributed to one percent of greenhouse gases and they are spearheading their development in new energy sources where the biomass wind or water they also made a very significant statement about protecting the rain forest which is unusual considering we know and have reported on the many acres that have been burnt down
4:56 pm
in recent years of interest to see what reaction there is globally to that speech or as the day progresses now we'll move on to protesters who are demanding the release of 9 people including priests and nuns kidnapped in haiti catholic schools and universities of closed as part of a 3 day shutdown the gang is reportedly seeking ransom to free the hostages that they abducted more than a week ago a number of kidnappings in haiti has doubled in the past 12 months. despite the fact that we are suffering a lot from the priest apps and the kidnapping call track gradually step by step we've already started by stopping activities for a day but 3 days have passed now believe me if nothing is done the church will be forced to take severe measures and ask the population to fully support us in certain activities to be done if the priest are not released. a whole kong
4:57 pm
investigative journalist has been convicted and fined for charges linked to a documentary exposing police misconduct during the 29 teen protests speaking outside court bar choi described the ruling as heartbreaking and called it a dark day for the territories press freedom troy produced a programme showing police officers delaying their response to a mob attack against commuters and protesters at a train station china is awarding australia their relationship could be seriously harmed and says that it could take what it calls retaliatory action after cambra council a series of planned projects in the australian state of victoria linked to beijing's belt and road initiative the belton road is a chinese effort to build a network of global trade routes last year australia brought in new rules which allow it to cancel any state agreements with foreign countries that it believes could threaten its national interests and you have been watching the al-jazeera
4:58 pm
news a lot more news on the other side of the break will be analyzing exactly what's been said at the climate leader's conference in the u.s. to stay with us. frank assessments there are a lot of poison but the government needs to watch what exactly happened and what measures never taking for a situation like i'm not to get ever again informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking the military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing mr assets this is a massive through the router the united states is rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story on al-jazeera. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture. the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech
4:59 pm
companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2014 or 2015 when we're in the targets we're now up front with me welcome on here on al-jazeera. said his on it change because. people believe in a purpose that is because then they're. trying to make a political muscle you know your arms they represented they put themselves out to make the changes something that we. should have taken this. name as condemnation. we have this culture to slosh or to create new york areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave an establishment outside but all the people and the majority of these legal research
5:00 pm
talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are going to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and mark. so. president biden launches a global summit seen as a rare opportunity for cooperation with china. the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half and half by the end of this decade. the rommany watching observer lines my headquarters here.


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