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tv   Witness Kisilu The Climate Diaries  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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be the hero world needs right. washer. hello i'm so whole robin and welcome to this earth day 2021 special program live from doha. by administration marks earth day by hosting a summit of 40 world leaders as the u.s. looks to reclaim center stage at the fight against climate change but across the globe the challenges are only growing from new coal plants in china and rising sea levels in bangladesh to african nations trying to stop the spread of the sahara desert.
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tell its birthday 2021 normally be rallies and marches around the world because of the pandemic most of today's events will help virtually including a white house summit bringing together leaders from 40 nations and that's set to begin momentarily and we'll be bringing you live coverage of the key speakers there but 1st nick clark explains just how much is at stake. this virtual summit is a u.s. administration saying we're back in the fight after 4 years of donald trump ignoring the climate crisis for the world leaders have been invited including those nations responsible for 80 percent of global emissions and as you can see the top of that list is china and then the united states itself the 2 world's biggest polluters and together they account for nearly half of the world's emissions and that's why i j. biden special envoy for climate change john kerry was recently in china seeking an
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apparently getting a commitment to cooperate from chinese leaders but he knows much more is required at a moment ago no one nation no one nation can make the difference here if try to went to 0 tomorrow we still have a problem unless the other nations are also reducing but the point of the paris agreement was everybody accepted the goal so the summits aim is to delve in eyes nations much greater ambition ahead of a crucial un climate conference in glasgow in november to limit warming to one and a half degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels remember right now we're already at 1.2 degrees celsius and the effects of even that have been catastrophic from ice melt to wildfires to droughts and to floods to local swarms and super storms costing billions displacing millions up until this week national commitments to cut c o 2 have pointed to
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a reduction in global emissions of just one percent by 2030 the experts say we need a reduction of at least 40 percent by that time the world is banking once again on u.s. leadership. china's president xi jinping has pledged to fight global warming but his government continues to build new coal plants something moving towards greener sources of energy could risk jobs and economic recovery because really you has this report from a shower in chiang she province. plumes of toxic smoke leaking from power plants and factories is a common sight in santee the northwestern province has for decades powered china's economic growth primarily by burning coal. it's contributed to the nation becoming the world's pollution responsible for roughly one 3rd of global carbon emissions. the coal industry employs most of the people who live here. pollution has been polluting for. all the factories what are we going to do everyone who works for the
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factories. last year this region produced about 1100000000 tons of coal ton is reliance on burning coal as its main source of its biggest obstacle to lowering carbon emissions the government is struggling to find ways to curb its use of coal without affecting jobs or harming economic growth pollution caused by burning fossil fuels regularly shrouds the capital and heavy smoke has pledged to carbon emissions by 2030 and eliminate them altogether by 2060 but it's yet to detail how exactly plans to achieve this it's not only about commitment is all about what we actually do write in the next 5 years we expect china can include more concrete policies and to give us a more clear roadmap of how they can achieve these 2 carbon targets increasing the use of renewable energy sources is crucial china is already the world's largest
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producer of wind and solar power it's also the biggest market for electric vehicles the government has tightened regulations to pressure can make it into transitioning away from gas but many say that's not enough us climate and boy john kerry was in shanghai last week trying to convince authorities to do more. to get straight to. proceedings have begun the american vice president speaking now very different places but we share this calm is common concern and and as common as common threat . here in the united states a storm the storms. are worst every year. ramattan intensity and of course and of course the nation on a strange or region is immune is immune whether it whether it is less strenuous during your heat where heat waves have made it very difficult to say just stay indoors low risk risking your health risk or the kiss or the guyland rise or rising
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sea levels threaten to encroach to encroach on land the land and home and home ice of lifelong residents or in central and south america or last year last year 2 major 2 major hurricanes devastated the city as a globe is a global community it is in pit is imperative that we we actually quickly and together and together to confront a confront this crisis and this will end this require innovation of ation and calander collaboration around the world it will work it will require the use the use of renewable energy nanotech new technologies and it will go and it will give each of our nations the opportunity to build to build a healthier unit the american vice president speaking and we do apologize for the echo that you've heard of not delivery it is actually at the source of the presentation we have no control over it i'm afraid but let's bring it about the barrel she's executive producer of algiers there was
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a program joins me now live here in. a lot to discuss for these world leaders are they going to make a huge huge number of promises i suppose we just have to listen intently to see which ones will actually you might say come to fruition. absolutely now it's going to be very interesting listening indeed and we do know that some of the big players are going to make some bold promises mean biden for example is going to going to commit to reducing carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030 now this is huge but as we did manage to hear from car with a couple of harris despite the echo there this is very much about the global community so it's fantastic that we've got a leader in the room somebody who's setting a really good example at least for the pledge is it is up to the global community to to follow suit and also to deliver with action on the pledges that are going to be made today that we hope are going to be made today and for those of use a cross the al jazeera spectrum that to be watching our coverage through the day they've seen our stories on coal fire. plants in china does
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certification across africa deforestation of the rain forest they'll be certainly a great deal of interest in areas in the us for example we've been talking about fracking as a subject it's an issue in the united kingdom to parts of europe poing paul does that as a pledge from the us. the pledge of. of stopping fracking yes and well i mean it's up that huge is a massive because it is about breaking away from from from sources of energy which are not renewable and putting all of vestment and all infrastructure into a carbon free future so it is a very big step indeed is that again a bold claim of course brazil's deforestation of the amazon rain forest is always one of those keenly watch subjects around the globe what are the real problems that what are the issues there that we should be looking at well the real issue of
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course is a brazil's n.b.c.'s the national determine contributions which are their part to reaching reaching carbon neutrality a woefully inadequate and it doesn't seem as if they're both in our government has any intention at all of reducing greenhouse gas emission. indeed for the country at the moment within the highest rates of the price station in the amazon for 12 years and and it's so great that this massive rain forest this huge rainforest which is so critical to the collates climate. a month i'm just going to interrupt you do apologize the president told the u.s. joe biden speaking we'll just listening to him the science is undeniable but the cost of an action is keeps mounting the united states isn't waiting where resolving to take action not only the for our federal government but our cities and our states all across our country small businesses large businesses large corporations american workers in every field i see an opportunity to create
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millions of good paying middle class union jobs i see line workers laying sauza miles of transmission lines for a clean modern resilient grid i see workers capping hundreds of thousands of band in oil and gas wells that need to be cleaned up and abandoned coal mines that need to be reclaimed putting a stop to the methane leaks and protecting the health of our communities i see auto workers both in the next generation of electric vehicles and like trishna stalling nationwide for 500000 giardia stations along our highways i see the engineers and the construction workers build a new carbon capture and green hydrogen plants to forge cleaners steel and cement and produce clean power power i see farmers deploying cutting edge tools to make
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soil of our of our heartland the next frontier of carbon innovation. by maintaining those investments and putting these people to work the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half and half by the end of this decade that's where we're headed as a nation and that's all we can do if we take action to build an economy that's not 7 only more prosperous but healthier fare and cleaner for the entire planet you know the steps will set america on a path of net 0 emissions economy by no later than 2050 but the truth is america represents less than 50 percent of the world's emissions no nation can solve this crisis on our own as i know you all fully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up you know those that do take action at big bold investments that are people
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in clean energy future will when the good jobs of tomorrow and make their economies more resilient and more competitive so let's run that race when more when more sustainable future you know we have now overcome the existential crisis of our times we know just how critically important that is because scientists tell us that this is the decisive decade this is the decade we must make decisions that will avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis we must try to keep your temperature and head to an increase of 21.5 degrees celsius you know the world beyond 1.5 degrees means more frequent in a sense fires floods droughts heat waves of hurricanes tearing through communities ripping away lives and livelihoods increasingly dire impacts for public health.
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it's undeniable not you know the idea of accelerated and punishing the reality that will come if we don't move we can't resign ourselves to that future we have to take action all of us and this summit is our 1st step on the road we'll travel together god willing all of us to end through glasgow this november and the un climate conference climate change conference conference you know to set our world on a path to secure a prosperous and sustainable future the health of communities throughout the world depends on it the wellbeing of our workers depends on the strength of our economies depends on the countries that take decisive action now to create the industries of the future will be the ones that reap the economic benefits of the clean energy boom is coming you know we're here at this summit to discuss how each of us each
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country can set higher climate ambitions that will in turn create good paying jobs that vance innovative technologies and help vulnerable countries adapt to climate impacts we have to move we have to move quickly to meet these challenges the steps our countries take between now and glasgow will set the world up for success to protect livelihoods around the world and keep coble warming at a maximum $1.00 degrees celsius we must get on the path now in order to do that if we do will breathe easier literally and figuratively will create good jobs here at home for millions of americans and lay a strong foundation for growth for the future and that that can be your goal as well. this is a moral imperative an economic imperative a moment of peril but also a moment of extraordinary possibility time is short but i believe we can do this
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and i believe that we will do thank you for being part of this summit thank you for the communities that you and the commitments you have made a community are from god bless you all i look forward to progress that we can make together today and beyond we really have no choice we have to get to. the u.s. president joe biden making his inaugural address to this. gathering of 40 global world leaders just before him the vice president spoke of course they'll continue their conversations listen to each of these speeches we do expect small gaps in between the presentations as each speaker takes to the podium his antony blinken he's the secretary of state. and of course he's going to make his address shortly let's go back to amanda barrel who's our executive producer of demand the really
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interesting thing here is that the american president is talking about everybody working together and that was that that is the theme that we've always heard every time these summits happen and then it all sort of turns a slightly fall apart really in the fine print one of the things that each of these countries does have they can't get away from is a carbon footprint and often we see western countries dumping their carbon footprint on to poorer countries do you think that will be addressed in this sort of summit. well i hope very much so and it needs to be and it was one of the agreements that was made at paris the paris climate agreement in 2015 that the developed nations would help developing nations to adapt to climate change which of course is caused by the for the most part by the developed nations but yet the developed countries are woefully off the $100000000000.00 amount that they way to give towards developing countries so i mean it's an issue which absolutely must be
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addressed today and tomorrow and of course the president speaking talking about the 1.5 percent rise in temperature for our viewers who won't really understand what that means in the environment terms can you explain that for us well the $1.00 degrees centigrade is is a is the temperature rise above which we're aiming not to go again but cut the paris agreement to countries nearly $100.00 nearly $200.00 countries agreed to limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees centigrade and ideally $1.00 degrees centigrade and beyond that the effects of climate change will be catastrophic and they're already so bad and we see that everywhere has come about how to harris mentioned in her opening speech when the storms and wildfires and and and droughts and floods i mean this is all a result of the temperature rising over the years and as the temperature rises
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further then those results that the effects of climate change will be so huge that it will affect millions more people well let's talk about one of those elements that's water. and sea levels rising because of that 1.5. degree temperature that hopefully everybody could stay with in countries such as what island such as the bowl deeds and seychelles in the indian ocean and countries like bangladesh where we've also been featuring today's algis there. have real concerns don't they because it affects people's very existence. only existence in small small areas of land. absolutely i mean in countries like bangladesh for example which are at sea level then sea levels rise as glassy as melts and as also as the oceans heats and they expand and that adds to sea level rise and of course for people who depend on the coasts who who depend on fishing for example or
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fishing communities are really in perilous as sea levels rise and at the same time salinity levels increase as well so that crops on land get get affected and ecosystems get destroyed so so it every every time. just going to interrupt you because you've got the u.n. secretary general until you get her speaking well let's just dip in this to him by walking the talk i applaud the commitment of united states to get greenhouse gas emissions 50 to 52 percent below 25 levels by 20 certainty mother nature does not point to the past decade was the hottest on record there injuries greenhouse gases that it's levels not seen in city 1000000 years temperatures it's already reason 1.2 degrees celsius racing towards the threshold of catastrophic you know why are we see ever rising sea levels scorching temperatures there was thinking through because cycles and epic wildfires we need.
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but the world these on red alert we are at the verge of the obese we must make sure the next step is in the right direction we just everywhere must think action 1st by building a global coalition for nancy reagan you should buy centrally every country every region every city every company and every industry 2nd by making these or there could have transformation all countries starting with major emitters. you want more than beaches nationally than contributions from me to geisha and the nation and finance the actions and policies for the next 10 years aligned with the 25th you know it's you know press. so we need to translate those commitments into concrete he needed action so far only 18 to 24 percent of pandemic recovery spending is expected to country would do mitigating emissions reducing their pollution or strengthening nets or capital it really ends up dollars needed for coffee in
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$1000.00 recovery is money we are borrowing from future generations we cannot use these resources to lock in policies that burden them with a mountain of debt on a broken planet we must put a price on carbon shifting taxation income to carbon and subsidies for forcing fools ramp up investments in renewable energy and green infrastructure stop the financing of call in the building of new coal power plants and phase out called by 2030 in the wealthiest countries and by 2040 everywhere else ensure adjusted and what affected people and communities for us to build a totally global that cynically should we need the breakthrough and finance of the nation and these is critical for trust and collective action donors and multilateral national development banks must move from 20 to 50 percent in our comments flows to resilience and that depth nation before the united nations climate conference in november in glasgow we need concrete proposals that either
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excess to greater finance and taken a logical support for the most vulnerable countries develop states must deliver on public climate finance including the long promised 100000000000 u.s. dollars for climate actually in developing countries at the g. 7 summit in june. excellencies young people are pushing their elders to do what is right we are on the frontlines one of the 700 cities have committed to net 0 by 2050 and i'm encouraged by the mobilization of the financial sector around the glasgow financial alliance for net 03 presenting $70000000000.00 u.s. dollars of assets and i call on our members to live as soon as possible behind the gold standard model credibility and then vision is there breached by the asset dollars elias if i can be there to us now mobilize political leadership to move ahead to gather what will come climate change and our war on nature and build lives a vaguely theel prosperity for all and i thank you thank you mr secretary general
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in general it's now my honor to call on the president of the people's republic of china is an excellent sea xi jinping and seeing the. islands on them and going to shoot. your grandfather in relation to. me it's just to come together to foster life and nature. first we must be committed to harmony between man and nature all things that grow living in harmony and benefit from the nourishment of nature mother nature has
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nourished us that we must treat nature as our route to respect it protect it and follow its laws we should protect nature and preserve the environment like we protect our eyes. second we must be committed to green development. green mountains are gold mountains. to protect the environment is to protect productivity and to improve the environment is to boost productivity and the truth is a simple. we need to make sure that a sound environment is there to buttress sustainable economic and social development worldwide. certain we must be committed to systemic governance 2 mountains rivers forests as well as farmlands lakes grasslands and deserts all make in the visible parts of the ecosystem we need to properly balance all elements and aspects of nature and maintain overall balance in the ecosystem force we must be
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committed to a people centered approach environment concerns the wellbeing of people in all countries we need to take into full account people's longing for a better life including vironment as well as our responsibility for future generations here we need to deliver social equity and justice in the cause of green transition and increase people's sense of benefit happiness and security. 5th we must be committed to multilateral as we need to work on the basis of international law follow the principle of equity and justice and focus on the fact of actions we need to uphold the un centered international system comply with the u.n. framework convention on climate change and its paris agreement and strive to deliver the 2030 agenda for sustainable development 6
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we must be committed to the principle of common differentiated responsibilities the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities is the cornerstone of global climate governance we need to give full recognition to developing countries contribution to climate action. and accommodate their particular difficulties and concerns developing countries need time in a musician and action and action and make concrete concrete to help to help developing countries accelerate the transition to green and low carbon development . not long ago the chinese and u.s. sides released a joint statement addressing the climate crisis china looks forward to working with the international community including the united states to jointly advance global environment or governance colleagues the chinese civilization has always valued harmony between man and nature has been
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a constant pursuit of man and nature to live in harmony with each other china will follow this short ecological civilisation and implement a new development philosophy we will continue to prioritise ecological conservation and pursue a green and low carbon path to development china will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and the chief carbon neutrality before 2016 china has committed to move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in the march shorter time span than what might take many developed countries and that requires extraordinary hard efforts from china supporters being given to encourage peking pioneers from localities sectors in companies we were strictly control coal fired power generation projects we go strictly limit the increase in coal consumption over the 145 year plan period and phase it down in the 15th 5 year plan period china will
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host 15 of the convention on biological diversity and support top 26 of the u n f c c c in achieving positive outcomes china will promote joint efforts to build a green belt and road to benefit the people of all countries i am confident that as long as will be unite in our purposes and efforts we will rise above the global climate and environment challenges and leave a clean and beautiful world to future generations thank you. thank you very much mr president i now call upon the prime minister of the republic of india his excellency remoting. yards and see what is in brighton * 1 1. that leads my palo seditions. 1 1 this plan eggs now much scott
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i would like to hang president by then partaking the is initiated. in many tea bagging. me good i know. and this evening with. a good time lead in mind. that the good. 1 1 change had not be as happy or and drag but i made a change. to the i let it be for millions and on the blood of that lie loose and i mean who knows i'll only be facing if bad worse consequences friends but humanity. climate change. accent is needed. we
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need it sent to action at the highest minute on the last kid and we didn't go to school be in india doing a quad i want to and we should as the new one 0 and if you don get out $450.00 gun laws by bringing the tugby solos out of coming right this pride to the point joining teach me how dig on many more steps on believing that is genie and then idiot regency of hottest asian and biodiversity. that the divine the are among the few who can teach and disease are due degrees celcius completed by. the how long to encourage blowing in sickness like
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in turn this to a lot of minds lead id and the coalition but desires journalism the end infrastructure friends as a climber greenspun someone developing country india comes barbers to cleared them cleared abscessed a noble development in india this again also ahead i don't have an open country each will nearly have heard of only access to green finance and clean technologies that be divine but isn't biden and id on launching any on the s. guy mate and clean energy it into they need hard be partner see to be that if we head mobilize age interest mandates that most 3rd
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green technology and it will begin collaborations france today it could discuss global climate action i want to loom month hard week to india i'd get would target a month to bring its 60 percent lower than the global average it did because of our lives dying each t.v. ruperta in such a dish done practices so today i want to emphasize the importance of office life to change in climate action. certainly every lage day this. guy i mean followers of me are bad see must be an important period of our whole economy is daddy
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or. grand i think are the words of the good indian mom so i mean we're gonna eat gardeners door and i away and start an r. and d. the goalie to the it does make this decade of action against climate change thank you thank you very much thank you very much mr prime minister and now the prime minister of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland the right honorable boris johnson mr prime minister thank you very much attorney and. your excellences you're watching of course the climate conference hosted by the american president joe biden we just heard the indian prime minister there talk about the fact that traditional sustainable
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practices in india are less and that perhaps can be taught or learned by other countries and going back to basics is incredibly important hoping that india and its renewable and achievable target of 450 gigawatts by 2030 will help reduce its carbon footprint in a much larger picture of what's going on globally before that of course we heard from xi jinping the chinese president let's bring in our china correspondent katrina you joins me now from beijing and the president very clear on a several point plan about exactly what china was promising to do in the next 20 to 30 years. that's right so we gave quite a feel good speech we heard some comments about how this must be a multilateral approach how china has always emphasized being in harmony with nature and how that developing countries also need to play
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a role in the fight against climate change and that china intends to take a people centered approach and working with other countries as well as working with the u.s. president xi jinping then reiterated his signature pledges when it comes to fighting climate change that china will peak its carbon emissions by 2030 and eliminate them altogether by 2060 apart from that though he didn't mention any specifics about chinese industry or exactly how china intends to move forward i think the key statement was there was that he said that china china really wanted to work together with the u.s. in doing this and that's significant because it's an expression of the fact the beijing is willing to set aside its differences with the u.s. because this is just really too important an issue and of course there are growing tensions with the u.s. from hong kong to taiwan their relationship has really hit a low point so it's significant that they're working together and of course that's
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important because both china and the u.s. combined emit more than half of these greenhouse gases in china alone and it's about one 3rd of these greenhouse gases and we did have john kerry the u.s. climate envoy come to shanghai last week to meet with his chinese counterparts shared jenna one they released a joint statement again a little vague but a little light on details but this reiterating of the commitment to working together on this but of course there are differences and there is disagreement between the 2 sides china wants the u.s. in particular to help developing countries invest more in renewable energies china things that the u.s. has more of a role to play there of course the u.s. things that china's that minutes are not quite. good enough to prevent the temperature rising to 1.5 percent so they'll have to reconcile those differences going forward no doubt indeed through the. katrina we've seen your reports on coal
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coal consumption within china xi jinping there talked about trying to reduce that consumption which sort of doesn't quite fit in with what you're seeing on the ground. that's right so the thing about coal is that it's responsible for a huge amount of what china emits in terms of carbon emissions china has made some balance when it comes to investing in renewable energy for example solar power wind power it's also pushing heavily when it comes to expanding electric vehicles and their use in public transport as well as individuals owning these electric vehicles and that's all well and good but the fact is when it comes to china's carbon emissions 88 percent of that comes from the energy sector and if china is not able to get its call addiction under control then it's not going to really be very successful moving towards those carbon targets and this is quite difficult because for china it really relies on coal as its main source of energy the reason that we've seen china expand at such
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a rapid pace in the last few decades is because it's been burning coal at such a significant pace and there are especially certain provinces here in china specifically in the north east of the country that rely on this for their local economy that rely on this for their jobs and another point is that china's infrastructure is very rigid so even though there are renewable energy sources and options china isn't doing so well actually making use of that renewable capacity it's still relying on coal because this is the old faithful this is the reliable source and many provinces are wanting them to keep the line up for the sake of jobs and the sake of economic growth so the government faces a lot of headwinds and trying to achieve these targets and that's part of the reason that we haven't seen any specific roadmap goals details as to how exactly china is going to achieve that peak carbon emission by 26 c. in a limb eliminate carbon emissions by 2060 because it wants to give these local governments some flexibility doesn't want to create any social unrest so it's going to have to
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do this slowly but all the researchers and environmentalists here in china we spoke to say that in the end china from the top level is going to have to implement some strict enforceable policies. to really force this transition to renewable energy in the long run katrina you. know which will get back to katrina throughout the day as we get more comments from all of these world leaders that's a course back to the barrel here in doha she's executive producer of algiers there was program interesting comments made by the chinese and indian leaders they're all saying the right thing. well yes i mean it's what i have in the bar was set very very high by by by did at the beginning with very very clear examples of how he was going to get to his 2030 goal of reducing emissions by 50 percent but but less clarity i'd say from both the chinese and indian leaders so walking the talk but again where is the action and what are the actual steps they're going to take to to get wherever they're going exactly and one of the things that the indian prime
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minister said was that both he and the american president were keen to start this us india climate green energy partnership is just this is the way forward with governments that are you might say 1st world or 3rd world or richer and poorer countries that richer countries can maybe tag on to a poor country and help it in one way or another is a pub so a good way of moving forward and i think it's you know it's a it's actually one way of looking over moving forward and i think the they need to be many move ways of moving forward together because there's a long way to to move isn't there so i mean it makes it makes logical sense in a way and and it's a modi in his in a dress there that that reminded the world that actually indians per capita carbon footprint is much less than many developed nations so in a way it seems only fair that the nations responsible for climate change should help those who are least who are less responsible one of the things that per prime
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minister modi said i can certainly concur because i lived in india for a while as well for al-jazeera was that indian traditions and cultural sustainability is very important both in the urban and rural. i mean when you're there you do notice a lot of recycling you do notice a lot of shops using natural products in the products they're selling it in the shop india has a lot to teach the rest of the world as well just from a basic ground level as well i think that's up to rice and i lived in india to for a couple of years and i know so many of the solutions that we see that our ways of addressing the climate crisis but of course is part one huge environmental crisis are really about very much to use his phrase getting back to basics and reminding ourselves of our deep relationship with mother nature's good harris refers to they each are. really restoring practices which is the stable and is
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a brilliant example of that in the north of india in the state of awesome where policy was made to get rid of chemicals and pesticides used in agriculture and as a result there's been a flourishing of productivity when it comes to crops and and yields but also with biodiversity and b. s. and and a restoration of of nature as it should be which benefits obviously the ecosystems and therefore the humans who live within those ecosystems as well thanks very much of course we're coming back to you as we get more coverage from these world leaders but let's just go back to a story that we were about to talk about of course low lying bangladesh it's one of the countries most at risk from climate change those rising sea levels could force millions of people from their homes among the hardest hit places is bala island the largest in the country often called the ground 0 of global warming it's also home to some of the world's 1st climate refugees as child really explains. in the middle of one of the world's largest belters an island is gradually disappearing and more
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a big i'm a widow whose family were once wealthy farmers over the years she has witnessed how nature can take everything away and she literally is lynn. with the solution. i used to live in an area called she could abare where we used to own a lot of farmland and dozens of homes but over the years everything got gradually washed away by the sea there's no trace of it anymore all gone and that eventually forced me to move and stay here with my grandson the bangladesh government estimates that nearly 6000000 people are displaced each year due to a very russians most of the people living here in slums like this here in dhaka i watch you could call now climate change migrants that move here because many of them have lost their homes and farmlands to course and rising sea levels according to the un's children find units have 2001000 report climate link environmental disaster are threatening the lives and future of more than 1000000000 children in
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bangladesh where i began with just a teenager when she moved to dhaka from burleigh to find work not even to bangor day get everything we had out there was destroyed by river erosion and rising water levels it's very hard to make a living anymore or find a place to stay the increase in water salinity due to rising sea level is not only damaging farmlands but harming mangrove forests everything is finished because of salt water we used to have great harvesting before but nowadays due to high salinity content in the land crops are getting damaged not growing well even cows don't graze here anymore take a look at these plants some environmental experts are optimistic about u.s. president joe biden's new climate policy i don't have come replacing attitude on climate change in usa because of that there was almost an uncivil i thought them in the usa oh yes that would blow from that climate convention which rather did after huge amount of accumulated you know it's got at the think time that commitment
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$400000000000.00 a year that is expected expected by the developing countries must be faced. in a recent media interview prime minister sheikh hasina say that bangladesh loses 2 percent off its g.d.p. to extreme climate events every year and spends 2.5 percent off its g.d.p. on climate adaptations bond with those contributions merely 0.35 percent of global carbon emissions yet it is people like anwar a beggar who are paying the price for global warming for them climate diplomacy means very little time to charge $3.00 al-jazeera bangladesh as well as the seas rise around bangladesh countries in africa face the challenge of spreading deserts the great green wall initiative homes to plant trees from west to east africa to sow the expansion of the sahara desert the world bank and the european union and countries including france with high carbon footprints have pledged $14000000000.00
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to make that happen the communities affected by the desert say the project is failing nicholas reports. to bob deep in senegal's it's a hell of a region no rains for months our cuz once lush vegetable garden has turned to dust gone are the navy beans to feed her family she uses it to cook and to make juice for her children she says it's as if the land has given up on her but she has not given up on the land. in this land you could grow not just to biscuits but carrots potatoes and cauliflower if only we had water. water in this a hell is as precious as gold yes seen in jari travel west for hours on a rumor that there is a functioning well in what some here describe as a godforsaken land during the rainy season it's another story of the land springs
3:47 pm
to life the state pays others to plant trees as part of the great green wall project an initiative to stop desert if occasion from east to west africa france the world bank and the e.u. have pledged $14000000000.00 to the project it's hoped the completed wall would be a new wonder of the world overtaking the great barrier reef to be the largest living structure on earth look at the great green wall now because of rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall most of the trees planted are either dying or already dead and while polluting countries have recently pledged billions of dollars more in funds for those projects people here say they are throwing money into the desert they say they don't need more trees but more access to water. these fall on the herders are moving further south away from arid climates encroaching on farmland. we will never stop hurting why should we abandon our ways
3:48 pm
it is so difficult to grow food that might kill his value if something goes wrong we can sell them even if the climate is changing i am not ready to change my ways in this conflict over land the state is largely absent armed groups in this a hell including al qaeda and the slamming state are exploiting grievances taking sites at stake is access to land for animals to graze and water and increasingly rare and precious resource that and others desperately need nicholas hawk al-jazeera and back to about. well let's move on to some of the day's other news now india has reported the world's largest daily increase in corona virus infections since the start of the pandemic more than 314000 new cases were registered many hospitals have warned that they are dangerously low on oxygen
3:49 pm
elizabeth purana ms in the capital she describes the crisis hospitals are facing. we're outside one of delhi's biggest public hospitals they have a capacity of 1500 beds for quote 1000 patients they are completely full we are seeing patients arriving dusting for air destroying family members trying to get the message was saying other patients have either already on oxygen supply is an oxygen cylinders and lying in their cars now dallas health minister has said has described this as a good rains a crisis but many of the capital's hospitals only have a few hours of oxygen supply left with so many thousands of patients on ventilators that's why one of india's biggest private hospitals took the matter to the delhi high court to get somebody back to the us the prime minister of india sheikh hasina speaking about let's listen to what. excel in since a solid growth and a good morning i thank president biden for khamenei the summit and inviting me
3:50 pm
to speak to this august gathering by this deeply appreciates the united states return to the paris climate agreement and is keen to and glazed with the international community excellence is this prior to me if i made my little country with const trained by leaders has emerged as a global leader on adaptation and mitigation every year we are spending and every $5000000.00 u.s. dollars about to punch my 1st of our g.d.p. on climate adaptation and resilience building measures $1100000.00 horse fully displaced. from myanmar we have. worsened our village. by now this is partially
3:51 pm
a low carbon block one path who raised our. national don't mind a division endlessly and adaptation ambition we have included new sectors in addition to the existing energy industry and to us or sectors in their mitigation process we are planning. a want to fight ambitious and dizzy by june 3rd to 2 until one excellence is by law this is of those are big we are marking the birth mentally of the father of the nation wrong on those. we are planting 13000000 surplus national while at adaptive climate respond to plan a low carbon economy grow as the chart of the climate by liberal or r.
3:52 pm
and b. 20 by 0 this is he focuses to up on the our interest of the climate by liberal countries we are hosting the south asian region all of us of the global some dark adaptation which is promoting locally live adaptation solutions legend did to roam the covered 90 minute meeting has reminded us that global crisis can only be at just through a strong collective response as such as a sponsible member state of the car and as the 2 are c.b.e. like to make sure you says issuance number one. immediate an ambitious action plan by developed countries to reduce their carbon emissions to
3:53 pm
keep global temperature rise at 1.5 degree celsius the developing nations should also focus on mitigation measures number dual ensuring that a new oil die rid of $100000000.00 u.s. dollars should be balanced $5050.00 between adaptation and mitigation with. attention to the unknowable countries while pursuing laws and them as number 3 major economies indiana so financial institutions and private sectors should come fluoro are far. from alkali made financing as early as innovation and no more for gasoline is needed and green economy and new drug technologies were mission loaded just for
3:54 pm
them our nations i think you are thank you very much kind of prime minister it's now a pleasure to call upon the chancellor of the federal republic of germany for action siana merkel is the other there the prime minister of bangladesh speaking of course being with us for the most vulnerable countries on the planet devastated of the by floods in the north and then they're hit by cyclons that hit the bay of bengal on an annual basis let's bring in the mad barrel again our executive producer of the earth rise program of course we were waiting for see the to speak because we often when we think of countries that are really vulnerable bangladesh is really top of the list. it is incredibly vulnerable we're talking about sea level rise earlier and of course that is the huge threat in the cyclons that you just mentioned but what's really interesting about shaken scene is speeches that she took to cause and developed nations to to mitigate climate change and the need
3:55 pm
for green economies and actually bungler supply you know it's one of the most fun book countries as we said and it's also it's got one of the largest networks of solar home systems in the world i think 20000000 homes have solar solar solar systems and of course this is this is one of the fundamental ways that we get to a green economy is to electrify the countries through very nubile energy and this this also gives not not only mitigates climate change but also gives resilience to it because as our as community which could get so easily cut off because the site clone or floods except for a. whole from national power grids they are able to supply their own alledge still needs through 3 local solar grades so bangladesh is needing huge amounts of international aid in order to be able to counter the threat it's facing but it's also acting on itself as well and of course while her speech may have just talked about what bangladesh is doing talking about. climate carbon plan where they're
3:56 pm
going to pump in around about $30000000000.00 she also talked about the senate as you mentioned they do try that they do try and mitigate and find solutions to their own problems more often than not poor countries are often accused of basically just looking for handouts countries sometimes like india just like bangladesh are looking for solutions or homegrown. absolutely i mean it's not a course when you're forced to take action it's amazing how how adaptive adaptive and innovative you can be in a country as can be and india as well i mean that there are for example soaring temperature rises in ahmed about and in central india for example where temperatures in summer can push 50 degrees centigrade i mean that's there's there's also there's there's about taishan plans to know warn citizens that heat is coming and they should take cover but there's also methods which are being used to try and reduce the temperatures which which which which are reached in summer so some very
3:57 pm
very simple by painting roofs white and other small more technical by building building making buildings which have cooling systems built within the architecture so this is examples of how countries are being forced to take action in the face of huge threats but of course the the hope is that that they're not pushed and countries all around the world you know take action to mitigate the threat from the effects of climate change before they have to adapt to whatever comes their way because if no action is taken or not quickly enough then really there's going to be more the to adapt to that and we can cope with about the barrel our executive producer of the earth prize program thanks very much we speaking to you throughout the day thank them and and of course you're watching al-jazeera the u.s. president joe biden is hosting the leaders summit on climate change we heard both from the chinese president the bangladesh prime minister the british prime minister the indian prime minister of course each of the stating the claim to be able to
3:58 pm
and wanting to reduce carbon emissions to help the global community and to look for solutions in the future we'll continue to monitor what happens from the u.s. in a little bit straight on the other side of the break do stay with us. it's time for the perfect johnny. winter storm supply cutoff at ways hello that much of the weather action in south america is off the eastern coast of brazil we've got a subtropical storm brewing there and that's bringing some thunder we shot was and
3:59 pm
rain to the coast there rio de janeiro seeing some of those downpours and as we head south we've also got quite a bit of fun to read weather expected across argentina we've seen hail storms there and quite a few heavy downpours it's further south that things are going to be drier and fina but much of the amazon basin will see thunder showers and storms particularly heavy downpours for colombia edging into ecuador we could see some localized flooding here as we go deeper into the weekend we're going to see some showers as well across across french guyana and that wet weather theme does continue as we head to central america panama seeing some showers as well as costa rica but mexico things off starting to dry up a few showers across the yucatan peninsula but plenty of sunshine coming in across central areas $28.00 degrees in mexico city and despite the cold air blowing across the caribbean temperatures on nestling up to the thirty's with a few showers across parts of cuba and jamaica.
4:00 pm
qatar airways the u.s. is always i think right before right the world people pay attention to what you told us now does it is very good to bring the news to the world. the old. you're watching are just 0 where we are with the leaders summit on climate change being hosted by the american president joe biden we're about to listen to lots of mir putin the russian president to be addressing those 40 world leaders he's being introduced by anthony blinken the secretary of state.


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