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tv   People Power Finlands Climate Warriors  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm +03

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there's a nightly soundtrack here. you can probably hear the sound go just outside the church no it's only just started shooting here the police and authorities are largely absent here but the state security minister did drop quite a promise to get the road open it's election season here. the day after when we tried to leave we struggled to get through to a putz and got the gang who dug up the road just hours after the minister left with the highways closed once more the siege and suffering continues john home and. i guess. this is i'll just say that these are the top stories india's report of the world's largest daily increase in corona virus infections since the start of the pandemic more than 314000 new cases will legislators and hospitals of wanted dangerously low
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on oxygen. we have at least $350.00 covered bishan sent all of them all of them require oxygen oxygen varying from pilot does to 15 leaders to even more assured there is a kind of demand that is there at the moment and because of which the supplies that are coming in we are told video. uncertain there is a lot of an engine in the system we are not able to fully focus our energies on. on the political board offered and we are safely distracted but not straightly not majorly distracted by the. their supply chain problems indonesia's navy chief is warning that oxygen supplies in a missing suffering will run out by saturday $53.00 crew members on board the k r i 9 got off for all too went missing during a military exercise on widens day and there's been no contact since an oil spill has been spotted in the area and a sound was detected around the time the vessel disappeared singapore australia and
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india say they're all ready to provide assistance. a hong kong investigative journalist has been convicted and fined for charges linked to a documentary exposing police misconduct in the $29000.00 protests crowds gathered outside court in support of choice and called for an end to the crackdown on press freedom produced a program showing police officers delaying their response to a mob attack against protesters nearly 2 years ago. the u.s. justice department announced an investigation into the minneapolis police department and its use of force it comes a day after former officer derek children was found guilty of murdering george floyd. those are the headlines these continues here on al-jazeera in about half an hour's time john is that by. all concerned simply leave our rising food prices or is this entirely down to the pond and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in a prime minister designate is at the high meeting today but has the task of fixing
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a war torn economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. finland to set itself one of the world's most ambitious emission reduction targets promising to go cup a neutral by 2035 with initiatives from nature conservation to greater investment in public transport and alternative energy those plans could well be met but only if the country also shuts down its peat industry which has long been a source of both fossil fuel and jobs so can the country's climate warriors get it done.
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it's not always nice to hear the truth but i think some words we heard through. it's really a warning. it is a tremendous message to stop. and since it's. the kind of actions that we are doing on the planet are coursing so much damage and so tremendous. that we need. very fast. as the world tries to recover from coded 19 finland is on a common cutting crusade and it's refusing to let a pandemic stand in its way to climate says hasn't been to call me 19 has learned yes. and no it's really time to act to make. the climate crisis
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nations chasing one of the most ambitious emission reduction targets in the world and pledging to go carbon neutral by 2035. it needs to confront a dirty secret and take on a fossil fuel that's worse than cold. war if you know what. finland is known as the land of a 1000 lakes but that's actually an understatement it's covered by over one 180000 lakes rivers and wetlands and here in silky water is at the heart of life. the lake is very very beep topic for finnish people are really at the center of our old culture here in coverly our fishing is the
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oldest way of life we know our strong would be. each lake has its own being a kind of way of existence and you have to spend considerable time many many years to learn to co-exist and have hoot relations with those lakes or rivers in spring the catch comes from fish traps cool fine commits a tradition thousands of years old but it holds clues to understanding the impacts of climate change to have people out freezing and hunting and in the forests daily acts like human sensors or they are our nodes of observing how does that change who quark for most of the marsh myers and lakes and rivers there is no scientific data that goes beyond $96.00 days so it's actually the only way to know how things used to be in the past. over the past few decades village leader terry must in and has
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been recording the knowledge of soltys elders like enery gordon me your on board is rather like. a bar i have become bhalo you are a. enery has been fishing this lake since the 950 s. and his memories reveal significant changes to the natural habitat he'd want to. learn how. to get at the. months you've got a lot. of money. a lot of it only if you let me go see little me. seen the day it will be yes overhead was here to. get the yoga. yeah. yeah then. floppy oh yeah great because that much i pull on. the net and they get. to. deal with it and you know. the press and this of course to some of all that's happened but if we
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don't know what happened in the past especially recording and my mental change we're all in on waters and that's why it is very crucial to speak with. another. yallow. member who will. be cool. in a way it's a train headed at full speed through a wall things of course moving into a very dangerous state we just learned that there has been the highest recorded temperature in the arctic in the same region we found out that there are oil spills because of collapsing infrastructure resulting from the melting permafrost and all of these actions and with the forest fires tundra fires what's going on in personal
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and australia are what's often known as the pinpoint the only way to summarize it it's a clear and present danger of certain proportions so there is no more time at all. what do you lose. in parliamentary elections in 29 t. the climate crisis emerged as the number one concern for finnish photo shoots in the uk may not only go so obviously that the model on the best real investor your new yeah i guess i mean i was a very odd thing to read all of us here and there about it while the left leaning social democrats received the most votes it wasn't enough votes to rule out right so a cold mission government was formed it now happens to be all female led by prime minister santa maria and the new generation are expecting us to act and we have to feel they expect to see shares of the people it's now the job of these women to slow
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down the speeding train of climate change and make finland carbon neutral in just 15 years well it here to talk about finance and listening to hold you can say that in troll boy it's not so beak but if your county its citizens it's biggest ones and . every country needs to its pocked to its ambitious carbon neutral target finland plans to cut back on logging investment radically reduce its consumption of fossil fuels and keep start a renewable. at some moment so whole world is crying to so. forth every redux and. therefore source if you have lost souls. opportunity course of business. about 5 hours north of helsinki why is the municipality. a poster child for how the
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government plans to reach its carbon neutral goal. than merely over here last summer that it is reducing its carbon emissions fine. to than any other community in finland thanks to a number of climate auctions that start young. on long island and boy. let me. see that the mix. a hunk of valley. it hasn't struck out on. a side. note at this is that the all of the. i. am going to start on. the laps at sea and then on my monaco hate on hail upon being
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no. i don't mind a long way in. a big part of the 2035 target is a massive shift to renewable energy here in 8 they've significantly reduced their use of fossil fuels and rely on energy from wind solar and geothermal sources now we are. the. center. of the library. last year we were accused 3 percent of our energy by using solar panels already a lot to solve a easement and he says the towns on track to reduce its carbon emissions by 80 percent 15 years ahead of the nation to reach that kind of target everyone should be public organizations companies other businesses and also people
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who are living here you need all those actions. ease now home to one of the biggest wind farms. in the country some argue these enormous wind turbines are a blight on the landscape but as well as bringing power they bring profits taxes and jobs which is one of the locals we now can say that we are driving by using a local or when we get the electricity used in this car used here in a local when. there are several with barks in our region these turbines is producing more energy than is used here in. the companies are exporting the energy the other regions. so in this bar with all the turbines the tax revenue is about $1000000.00 annually. so it's
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a big money to us and to all citizens in because without 1000000 we produce the services to the people who live here the turbine means about 15 new jobs these are very positive things and that's 11 very bold and reason why people are people here are they have except the it's been parked. across finland there are pockets of climate worry is like the resident to be using everyday actions to help propel the nation towards its 2035 goal. but in the specie in town of silky village leader taro most in and has an even bigger idea what money woman are cargill in the middle on teleco to local some of the most. that are called at the start and into law in april as cosy 19 swept across the world taro was in
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a race against the melting ice so today we are in a bit of a rush because we are at the tail end of the winter or the ice season and the crown has to be frozen especially at night time with. and that baker's on our equipment. is it's almost here and during this time it has. not just officially been dr terry most inan is also a leading climate scientist writing for the international panel for climate change today along with his team terrors trying to turn a carbon polluter into a carbon capture in a process called rewilding we are building new wetlands that will slowly emerge as carbon sinks meaning they are trapping carbon from the most fear so a lot of the early designed for the side has to do with. how the water will behave and what do we want to do with water on this side. at the beginning of the work we
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have to do some of the human actions you can say all or most interventions large fraction of our wetlands but then very quickly after that when we have done we let the sides to the nature has the power speed and possibility to come back again part of the chord work guys have. formed over thousands of years these pete lands have been destroyed by mining every 2nd the land stays like this it's leaking carbon into the atmosphere ultimately if you don't restore the sides they remain as carbon emission sources so for example this alone if we didn't do this work would be imperial releasing over $900000.00 kilos of carbon every year. there are millions of hectares of damaged wetlands and marsh meyer's in finland and that's why this work is highly needed we should be moving very fast through the country
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and also in other parts where this kind of work i happen of unfortunately is a slow process for national conversation. despite the. credible promise of terrorism idea rewilding carbon sinks isn't it part of the government's $2535.00 plan your thumb up of 4 or 4 sides. has not been supported by the got government or i know when i have spoken with the minister of iraq that their view has been that currently the government has no possibility. to work with. terrorism idea could help unlock finland's carbon neutral goal but it means confronting it dirty secret and a nationwide reliance on what's being called the forgotten fossil fuel. a lot of
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boxer. or someone who. says. north of silky remains p.t. an industry heartland and taking a unit in has been in the business all his life. a lot. and i'm like a lot. of other luck and i will. all. peaches finland's version is called since the 1940 s. it's provided heat and energy dug up by farmers like a key to help fuel the nation's power plants and its wealth while lakes and rivers
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lie at the core of finnish identity so it is. all. thanks to workers like he he says around a 1000000 finnish homes still he said in part by burning pate to become carbon neutral old we will have to wind. extracting pete generates more than 23000000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year more than twice the emissions the finish road right will vote and a traffic. mr
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god but. the government says that burning pete energy must be harmed by 2030 but scientists and activists say it needs to be ended entirely
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a move to government already begun for coal it's very important but not when we are . out there using water between need to do it very. wisely and make certain those people for warmth to be it is important for a living we need to make sure that after getting rid of the pin they are not left alone but i i have said that i think that it has been kind of blind spot for 4 years to finish government still supports the paid industry each year with tax subsidies it also continues to issue new peak mining licenses. for now pete sits like a thorn in the side of the nation's carbon cutting campaign and what's more mining it causes enormous collateral damage. let's start from the fact that the site itself a marsh meyer fan or book will have to be destroyed in order to start the industrial
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production bit money secondly there is a large amount of pollution that happens as a result of greek mining so it's a real killer on many fronts it's affecting thousands of guns n. roses things and on all these different ways. one day in 2010 taro and other local fisherman spotted hundreds of fish floating belly up on the surface of silkies rivers a result of acidic discharge at 1st there was no explanation as to why doesn't it if the. you know had a bottle of the last look. that's not. only. etiquette of them then but of a. terrible approach the state turned p. company. who told him it was caused by feeling leaves terror suspect to be
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a city watches were a result of runoff from the pete field with livelihoods reliant on fishing taro and he's village took the company to court and won the us and water courses are so. dear don't mean doesn't it those that they wanted to go to work on the rest of the dalai knows well i like a little some of the war in the historical and i had longed for most of. these and. i think we are witnessing a transform ocean in fremont the climate impact me so humans but the public is slowly demanding and waking up to the fact that this kind of activity can't go on anymore this leaves the company would and the whole business of pretending with a very profound questions what to do. the international union for the conservation of nature calls the largest natural carbon still on the. it's now the height of summer in silky antero and is steve heading back to the site
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they started rewilding at the tail end of winter they want to see if their work is paying off today we have this is a former mining area that has been restored under water and one of the key questions on. the question of what are they in terms of greenhouse gases how much are they releasing or trapping and what happens before restoration and afterwards and today we are using a very high and scientific equipment something called trace gas and i was there it's one of the firms in the quote area of. criticize methane and korean carbon dioxide my ferments going to. this unit is worth $60000.00 terror is hoping it can provide crucial data to bring the nation and the world on board with his rewilding scheme how does it look like. ok up everything
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for your. consideration and what's going on with the c o 2 and always yeah ok so that's pretty steady so we are identifying that there are some pockets of methane and releases of god then immediately showing on the screen and our real time. numbers. emissions are ending when they are they're down the wetland is expanding and that's already a major auction for climate because it's and being. a source on these very early years we will have to start marking and the fact that some of fame will be released as a result of that but that will dissipate and it will then meet with the way carbon dioxide is being dropped and once we get to that point then over the next century
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transforms into a major natural seemed. on the road to 2035 the effectiveness of taro's work isn't doubt the much bigger question remains whether finland's government can phase out peat before it's too late. it's now under significant pressure to end its peak subsidies. in july prime minister santa maria addressed the united nations urging political resolve our children's destiny must be shaped by accelerating. climate change without politics on this issue has changed will not happen. until that happens what counts 15 lens climate worry is in the early signs if it's a paying off and we can see it every day how immensely beautiful the comeback is
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and. so we should not always think we are destroying nature completely if it has the time and possibility to make a comeback of then it will it may not be the same crime nature that used to exist after i said what it's the or the same nature the same other that's coming back and there in the lies is probably the greatest source of also since and with which with our time forgotten as a global society. there's nothing more beautiful than the sound of the geese thought this was all the waiters or the fish splashing on the river and this is the only ultimate hope that i see also on the planet. this hope would be a new start it's not the end but it could be a news thought that we urgently need to.
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the tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectors. american must nice. and a bizarre yet old dangerous attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic of venezuela. people in power the bay of pigs let's just era. the latest news as it breaks prime minister with their 1st foray i feel by will after for the action because he's promised 50 people jailed jumpstarted economy with detailed coverage many danes waded through asking what politicians don't allow to hold large rallies all they aren't allowed to earn a living from around the world this is about a demand for fundamental change to the way the police operation in the united
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states. frank assessments there are a lot of poison but the government needs to watch exactly how and what measures now taking on a situation like a month you could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking the military positioning of the middle east wasn't just a simple act of reorganizing ministry assets this is a message to the region the united states is rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story are now just 0. we tell the untold stories. we speak when. we cover up alongside us. no matter where it takes us a pretty familiar feeling seared gavel in my eyes. and power and passion which tell
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your stories we are your voice no news you are not al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm so ho robyn you're watching the al-jazeera news our life from my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the biden administration marks by hosting a summit of 40 world leaders as the u.s. looks to reclaim center stage in the fight against climate change but across the globe the challenges are only growing from new coal plants and.


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