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the u.s. justice department launches an investigation into policing in minneapolis after a former officer is convicted of murdering george floyd's. hello there are a kyle this is live from doha also coming up india records more than 300000 covert 19 cases the world's highest ever daily tally. the search for a missing in green focuses on an oil slick north of bali. plans for
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a controversial european super league collapse after 10 of the 12 football clubs pull out. a move to change police culture in the u.s. has been treated with greater urgency following directions conviction for murdering george freud the justice department is launching an investigation into policing in the city of minneapolis floyd died almost a year ago is being hailed as a step towards cleaning up systematic abuse in the force john hendren has more from minneapolis george floyd square has transformed from crime scene to memorial to was somber site of celebration there's a feeling of hope that there was a big turn yesterday. you know we. came back to celebrate. take some time out. to grasp the moment with been
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having these last couple months thing this. is. not as really what it is as many who have been demonstrating for 11 months felt buoyed further by the announcement on wednesday that the u.s. justice department has launched a sweeping investigation into whether the minneapolis police department engages in discriminatory or unconstitutional practices building trust between community and law enforcement will take time and effort by all of us but we undertake this task with the terminations and urgency. knowing that change can wait on capitol hill a bill named after george floyd would ban racial profiling in police chokeholds we must remain diligent in our efforts to bring meaningful change to police departments across the country to reform practices and training and the legal protections that grant too great
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a shield to police officers guilty of misconduct here were floyd spent his last moments of life many said the verdict against former minneapolis police officer derrick show is a start the people we've talked to here at the site of george floyd's murder say this movement isn't over with the conviction of derek show over nor even with the other officers involved they say it will when they no longer have to say that black lives matter for the floyd family knowing the children won't get away with using his badge to justify murder brings a long awaited release i feel better feel relieved actually went to sleep for like 5. of those are great and that offers hope and perhaps change to the next generation of black americans john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis. johnson is the president and chief executive of the national association for the advancement of colored people and. he says legislation being considered to help police
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misconduct could be an important step in the right direction. we have to pass a law so that police officers can be held accountable they're not so they won't be able to use their badge as a shield from accountability secondly you have to go to some of these agencies and figure out how to root out the cancer culture where you have a set of individuals and b. of the agencies who build intended to operate above the law when it comes to african-american and other communities that need to be addressed immediately courtroom in minneapolis we have a very strong police chief and he's going to work hard i'm sure with the ministration to clean up that department he's an excellent job to the point where there was some state law requires that titles hand not federal government on the end he can be more effective of cleaning up the problem in the minneapolis police department when you have law enforcement officers patrolling in areas that they're not familiar where they don't have any cultural sensitivity and they see the
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citizens in all areas as less than human and you always have these problems and so much of what needs to happen immediately is we've been out some of the bad apples supporting the remaining police officers but providing training to deescalate scenarios and be more it's really mine to have more police officers that live in the communities or compromise groups which are patrolling. the police killing of another black man has angered people in the north carolina says he of elizabeth crowds of straights calling for justice out to andrew brown jr was shot and killed as police served a search warrant on wednesday they say yet to release details that witnesses say he was killed trying to drive away from police. india has reported more than 314000 new coronavirus cases that's the world's highest daily tally since the pandemic began it supposes the previous highest one
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day rise of just under 300000 posted by the u.s. in january india also again reported a record number of deaths more than 2100 police are being called in to protect tankers carrying oxygen as the country faces a major shortage at least 22 covert 1000 patients died after a leak caused their oxygen to run out on wednesday is withdrawn and joins us live from delhi and liz the very serious situation there the numbers just keep going up what's the latest. absolutely adored as you said india has required more cases more daily infections than any other country in the world one in every 3 infections new infections in the world right now is from india more than 2000 deaths for the 2nd day and we have to keep in mind with both of these numbers that because india still isn't testing enough the real number of
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infections are thought to be much higher than the recorded number and because less than a quarter of all indians die in hospitals and their deaths are medically certified the real death toll is also likely to be higher than these numbers which we are seeing in the badly affected states of good. the official death toll doesn't match the number of bodies being brought out of clothing line hospitals or the number of clothing 1000 patients who are being cremated because these are of course special cremations or burials which take place when it's a covert 19 patient there are long lines outside predatorial krevin tory arms and burial grounds and many parts of the country there are long lines for everything at the moment here in the capital delhi there are very long queues outside every single testing center with people having to wait days to get their results a month ago they used to have to wait
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a maximum of 12 hours but in not just in delhi but in. any of the badly affected states they have to wait up to 3 days to get results and so to deal with these rises many states are imposing more restrictions are the most recent the worst affected state maharashtra which has announced that it's going to restrict the use of public transport for government to essential workers emergency purposes people are waiting on too large leave their homes of maharashtra unless they're going to work or to get essential supplies and grocery stores will only be allowed to open for 4 hours a day. ok elizabeth problem bringing us the situation. in new delhi thanks very much liz. now the israeli army says a syrian anti-aircraft missile has missed its target and exploded near a nuclear facility in southern israel the blast was felt in jerusalem and other areas in central israel the missile is fired as israel carried out as strikes inside syria israel military now says it's targeting missile batteries inside syria
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in retaliation force it has more from west jerusalem. yes this was a sizable blast that was heard here in jerusalem nearly a 100 kilometers away from the site of this missile cell close to israel's dimona nuclear reactor in the town of or near the town of crane that there were air raid sirens there the israeli military concerning those pretty immediately after the explosion and of course with the context of what's been happening in recent weeks the very high tensions between iran and israel over iran's nuclear program and the attack ascribed to israel sun 10 days ago on the iranian what's hance enrichment facility there were immediately concerns that this could have been potentially the next step in that shadow conflict a very dangerous and escalatory one however the israeli military says what took place was a syrian anti-aircraft battery targeting. the incoming israeli
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ordnance which overflew its target and went all the way over israeli territory and exploded in southern israel that is something that there is some precedent for those similar events in 2017 when such a missile was intercepted by israeli air defenses and other incidents in 2019 when a missile ended up in northern cyprus so that is something that has happened in response israel has continued its strike operations on syrian territory targeting syrian anti-aircraft batteries so for now the israeli military saying this was not a deliberate attack near this very important site rather an accidental. also resigned evidence. that went missing with 53 sailors on board a car and lange garlands it for 02 was taking part in a training exercise 100 kilometers north of bali. morning reporting on
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wednesday jessica washington has this update from jakarta. what we do know is that a huge search operation is underway in the waters to the north of bali we know that there are 5 vessels involved in that search as well as a navy helicopter and authorities are looking into what appears to be an oil spill in the area north of bali but at this stage they say it's too soon to tell whether that oil spill or whether what appears to be the smell of fuel in the area is linked to this submarine we do know that help is on the way from international neighbors singapore and australia have offered their assistance in this issue singapore has already sent a submarine rescue vessel however it could take around true days to arrive we also know that indonesia is sending what is called an hydro oceanographic vessel that has underwater detection technology and that vessel was used recently in the search of the java sea after the shri which crash in january so this is an ongoing
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operation we don't know at this stage how much oxygen the crew has on board but as time passes as it's been more than 24 hours since this submarine lost contact concerns are growing here in indonesia. so has hair on al-jazeera. mass arrests as protesters in russia demand the release of opposition leader alexey novelli. and warnings of severe food shortages in afghanistan after one of its worst droughts in decades. fairly quiet was around the arabian peninsula at the moment there's been a big drop in temperature around them a violent several degrees as the breeze comes on shore that's true north boss of
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egypt the breeze is coming down the door of the red sea or so. and the last remaining showers in northern turkey are on their way through to the caucuses then we're left with quite conditions not especially hot there were 3800 but only 33 in doha and there's a little bit of cloud in the sky but even the potential of showers in the west american society that dissipate about tommy get to friday on saturday prophet what's happening in western turkey what if you got to say a nice shower to iran otherwise it's fine and dry a reasonably. there is actions or desires just developed and this is within the last 24 hours this tropical cyclone job or now it's heading towards the african coast you might think mozambique is the obvious destination but this one looks as though i can't guarantee it is heading towards the coast of towns and near not so many cyclons hit the coast of tanzania so that could be quite damaging is not a particularly huge storm but it is unusual in his position beyond that much of
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southern africa is fine and wall but not the eastern cape here it is way. from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my wife's against bigotry with no hope and no limitations the pandemic actually exposed the injustice in our society to as my town and has and i kept in hospitality we have protected these men who are violent and bully. unscripted on al-jazeera.
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and there again you're watching out of there as reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. justice department has announced an investigation into the minneapolis police department and its use of force becomes a day after former officer dirk 7 was found guilty of murdering george floyd's. india is reporting the world's largest daily increase in corona virus infections since the start of the pandemic more than 314000 new cases were registered many hospitals of one the dangerously low on oxygen. and the israeli army says a syrian anti-aircraft missile has missed its target and exploded near a nuclear facility in southern israel the missile was fired as israel carried out strikes inside syria. the u.n. watchdog says iran has replaced damaged machines it is here a new enrichment plant with more advanced equipment an explosion and power outage
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at the plant earlier this month damaged an unknown number of centrifuges in seattle time again j.j. says these have now been replaced with more advanced ones further breaching iran's nuclear deal with major powers to iran has blamed israel for the explosion israel has yet to officially comment the u.s. says disagreements between america and iran still persist after the latest round of indirect talks in vienna on reviving the nuclear deal a state department official says the u.s. has laid out the sanctions on iran that is willing to lift an exchange for tehran complying with the 2015 accord discussions are expected to resume in the austrian capital next week. russian police have rounded up more than 1400 people demonstrating in support of alexina vali the kremlin critic has been on hunger strike and protesters want his own doctors to treat him but despite the rallies president vladimir putin did not mention during his state of the nation address that his breath reports. russia's president says his country has red lines that he
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hopes no one will cross. annual state of the nation speech came as moscow amasses tens of thousands of troops in a ukraine and western countries impose sanctions over allegations of cyber hacking and spying and election interference. we want good relations with all participants of the international dialogue and really we don't want to go on bridges but if someone mistakes our good intentions for indifference or weakness and intends to burden or even blow up as great as themselves they should know it russia's response will be a symmetrical swift and harsh hootin speech was dominated by domestic issues particularly the challenge of the pandemic and russia's slow vaccination rate. but there was no mention of another challenge opposition politician alexina valmy his supporters held nationwide protests on wednesday despite
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a police draw attention to novell knees ailing health thousands marched through moscow riot police blocked access to main squares so the crowd kept moving thank you mcglenn you how could i not come catastrophic changes for the worse are happening to the country by every measure social and economic previous undoubtedly surprise it's the i came to express my story there it is with the opposition because we have no alternatives all the time we see bureaucrats stealing and authorities don't care this was in russia's far east there were reports of detentions of protesters in at least 82 towns and cities across the country and avowedly a thorn in putin signed for the past decade. aid is seriously ill in hospital after 3 weeks on hunger strike now it could soon get even harder from the bounty on the supporters to have the voices heard on monday prosecutors are asking a moscow court to declare. the foundation an extremist organization putting it on
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a level with al qaida that could be even stiffer penalties for his supporters finances and even harder jail sentences. al-jazeera moscow. pays sanctions on 2 more state owned businesses in manama it comes as the military's crackdown continues this video shows protesters playing security forces in da way washington is banning poll and timber imports from 2 major firms linked to the vans assets in the us of also being frozen more than 700 people have been killed since the coup in february. 10 of the 12 members of european football's proposed new super now officially pulled out of the controversial project just 3 days after it was announced the chairman of event as one of the driving forces behind the breakaway league says the project is on standby to reports from london.
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emirates stadium satirizing the super league. england's richest clubs a face days of fury against wealthy owners see many feel have put profits 1st for these fans the league's collapse feels like a win to sport the people they started from. the start as a working class sport and since then i mean it's maintained that kind of integrity . and if the owners don't realize. i guess their days are numbered really funds players and politicians of all spoken out against the league including britain's prime minister. welcome the decision taken by the 6 english football teams not to join the european super league the announcement was the right result for football fans for clubs and for communities across the country. this is where it all began to unravel and the moment chelsea fans got what they wanted. the
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club was the 1st english side to confirm it was drawing up paperwork to leave the league other rebel english teams followed and soon an exodus of all 6 sides manchester united bunch to city tottenham and liverpool i want to apologize to all the fans of tours of liverpool football club for the disruption i caused to past 48 hours goes without saying but it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans the collapse followed 2 days of protests from angry supporters and on field demonstrations from premier league players managers and team captains declared they were against it but the dust settling on the ruins of the league now a period of soul searching one of the 6 premier league english sides to join the league now with missing that it made a very big mistake the fans are questioning whether now is the time for many of
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these clubs to start rethinking the very business of football. that could mean giving fans a great to stay cold and say in how their clubs are run. some players and supporters are calling for the teams to be punished stripped of points even kicked out of tournament those behind the super league said the project was designed to say football for many supporters the formation of a new rival competition felt like a trail of europe's football family leave barca al-jazeera flooded. syria's northern provinces received its 1st batch of covert 900 vaccines and lever is part of the world health organizations kovacs program that aims to ensure fair access to inoculate millions of people live in dire conditions in the rebel held and play of the ongoing civil war so them cancelled their reports. this truck is carrying covered 9000 vaccines and hope to nearly 4000000 syrians in atlanta most of whom
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have repeatedly been displaced during the war now in sin of and here it is the 1st celebrate to syria as part of the un led contacts program which has already sent back seen doses to more than 100 counties and territories worldwide. as a 1st delivery and we received almost 54000 doses for health workers in the 2 provinces of the been the lead we will receive new deliveries soon during the 3rd quarter of 2021 received these doses through a group of n.g.o.s and the w.h.o. . and. we will initially vaccinate the medical personnel and 1st aid workers who will keep receiving the vaccine in phases to be provided to 850000 civilians in the north of syria including health staff and those with chronic diseases above 25 years old and seniors above 60 according to the world health organization
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a separate 912000 doses have been allocated for a 1st phase of vaccinations in government controlled areas and semi autonomous kurdish regions by the end of 2021 at least. 2 percent of the 17000000 population should have had their inoculations journalist partially covered 19 is a nasty and stubborn virus we've lost many of our colleagues and patients along with our beloved ones then we decided that we need to face this disease many people dream of having this vaccine and they hope that they can have access. the government has started vaccinating health workers but not with doses received as part of the kovacs program it is almost impossible to collect credible data on the 19th death toll in syria because of the conflict the pandemic has increased the problems and suffering for millions of syrians but the vaccine provides just a little bit of hope. al-jazeera. the u.s.
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and the syrian opposition are criticizing and president bashar al assad to run for re-election describing it as a farce the vote next month will be the 2nd during syria's 10 year civil war has been in office for more than 21 years are likely to face any serious competition their position is barred from running. afghanistan is suffering one of its worst droughts in decades aid agencies say one 3rd of the population does not have enough food or water. they want urgent action is needed to stop it from stop the crisis from getting worse. reports from kabul. farmers in the village of g. can do nothing as water levels drop the canals connected to wells through which they were irrigating their fields have run dry the wheat is growing at a slow pace and as water has become even more scarce farmers worry there may be no
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harvest season this year. we worry a lot we worry if there's water get scarce where will we go we're very concerned about where we should go. see what god will decide for us half of afghanistan's provinces have been gripped by a drought crisis and climate change is being blamed thanks there's been limited snowfall and rain both vital during the spring and summer farming season. humanitarian organizations are warning that people in many parts of afghanistan face severe water shortages including thank you water it's also likely to create a flow to do so as there is not enough to properly irrigate crops according to the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies more than 13000000 afghans do not have enough food to eat the covered 1000 pandemic has
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created economic hardships for many but now if help isn't provided for food in a few months 18000000 afghans almost half the population could be affected this is the plan to see reason which comes after spring but the conditions are there's no precipitation enough the moisture on the ground and then they won't be able to plan so that's one project. in coming months there will be reduced food availability and as i mentioned a study that will be around 16 to 27 percent reduced units in weeds alone and that will have an impact or 2 cleans you'll spend a lot of money to import in order to satisfy the local markets but also because of that the forces of supply and demand will mean the present also go up in 2018 the afghan government adopted a drought risk management strategy and received a grant from the world bank in february to fight drought this year and though
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a drought has not been officially declared yet in afghanistan the farmers of. safe no action is taken now their fate may resemble that of other villagers decades ago. we had this kind of drought about 60 to 70 years ago and the people back then left this area but after some years they came back when the water reappeared and now this disaster is on its way again. al-jazeera kabul. the u.s. is returning to sense a stage in the fight against climate change on thursday president joe biden begins hosting a virtual tour de summits of world leaders aimed at speeding up global efforts that explains what's at stake. this virtual summit is a u.s. administration saying we're back in the fight after 4 years of donald trump ignoring the climate crisis for the world leaders have been invited including those nations responsible for 80 percent of global emissions and as you can see the top
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of that list is china and then the united states itself the 2 world's biggest polluters and together they account for nearly half of the world's emissions and that's why i joe biden special envoy for climate change john kerry was recently in china seeking and apparently getting a commitment to cooperate from chinese leaders but he knows much more is required at a moment ago no one nation no one nation can make the difference here if try to went to 0 tomorrow we still have a problem unless the other nations are also reducing but the point of the paris agreement was everybody accepted the goal so the summits aim is to delve in eyes nations much greater ambition ahead of a crucial un climate conference in glasgow in november to limit warming to one and a half degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels remember right now we're already at 1.2 degrees celsius and the effects of even that have been catastrophic from ice
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melt to wildfires to droughts and floods to local swarms and super storms costing billions displacing millions up until this week national commitments to cut c o 2 have pointed to a reduction in global emissions of just one percent by 2030 the experts say we need a reduction of at least 40 percent by that time the world is banking once again on u.s. leadership. with al-jazeera these are all top stories u.s. justice department is launching an investigation into the minneapolis police department to the talent. illegal and unconstitutional practices it comes a day off to.


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