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the objective is to get beat you send it to the wall keep changing what's going on exposing real world threats to objective it's often the bombing part sounds from moscow 11000 people were arrested listening post obviously with the news is covered on the jersey of. the derrick shogun trial may be over but questions remain the justice department launches an investigation into the minneapolis police department. and our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. over a 1000 people detained across russia in protests demanding the release of kremlin critic and extended around me. a life saving resource running critically low for
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coronavirus patients in india families tend to social media to find oxygen for sick relatives and. a number of bad batteries territory where the norristown at the heart of a fight between 2 mexican drug cartels we have an exclusive report. i know the u.s. attorney general has launched an investigation into the minneapolis police force a day off to one of its offices was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd the verdicts handed down today show been on tuesday marked the end of an emotionally charged trial and a case which is odd protests across the globe but merrick garland said the verdicts did not go far enough in addressing systemic racism and the behavior of the police . yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address potentially
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systemic policing issues in minneapolis the investigation i am announcing today will assess whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force including during protests the investigation will also assess whether the m.p.t. and gauges in discriminatory conduct and whether its treatment of those with behavioral health disability is unlawful and white house correspondent kimberly how good excuse me has more now on the bad news fission hoping to reform policing through this investigation. it has been challenging in the past but the biden administration believes that this time may be different given the overwhelming public support for it in the united states and even around the world that's why the biden administration has tasked the justice department you heard there from the
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attorney general eric garland to put in place this civil investigation into policing practices in the minneapolis police department a concern that there may be discriminatory practices when it comes to training when it comes to use of force and also when it comes to conduct so this is in addition to a criminal case that is already being investigated by the department of justice into the death of george floyd but that's just one aspect because as the vice president of the united states come a harris said shortly after the verdict in the convictions of officer derrick show been a measure of justice is not equal justice they want to see that this is change that isn't acted all across the united states and that's why there is a renewed push on capitol hill for the george floyd justice in policing act it's already passed in the house of representatives but it needs to pass in the senate and essentially what this legislation would do is it would really toughen up the
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a prosecutorial ability of communities and individuals to take on the very high bar of command victim a police officer of wrong doing so in addition to that would also try to put in the resources to build trust between communities of color for example and law enforcement but it needs to be passed into law and so the white house feels the time is right to read new a push for this legislation seeing it passed in the senate where they have a narrow majority and then the president biden hopes that he can sign it into law in fact so much so he he said that there's a lot of work to be done as he talked to the family of george floyd after the convictions saying he wants to sign this legislation into law the belief of the white house is that this could be possible. he's going to. minneapolis tell us about the reaction that to the news of an investigation into the pleased department . another investigation into
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a police department i mean there is that that's being welcomes there's relief i think the relief comes from it appeared in the direction of an trial the minneapolis police department as it testified itself against derrick shavit with the chief of police of various trainers they was trying to suggest that this is just shocking behavior to them that what. was on hold off they had he wasn't trained to do that so the chief the minneapolis police you said you know this is just ridiculous every it was like how could this be happening in minneapolis but of course the people behind me the community is around and yet this sort of thing happens all the time so i guess is a relief that at least that narrative wasn't believed by the department of justice but then we were listening to some. community leaders a few hours ago who said you know we had the d.o.j. before none of the policies that were implemented off to the long investigation were implemented and it was notable as well we always have investigations in these analyses of these new training regimes as
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a training regime often under castiel was killed a few years ago and the training program was actually named off to a multi-million dollar. here we are again and in fact derek chauvinism trainer for the minneapolis there was a trainer from the minneapolis police department so clearly that didn't work so there's that sense that ok if there is an investigation it has to be much deeper and i'd call just be looking at the narrow focus of the the minneapolis police department but all of policing in the state specifically in some polls as well than the twin to minneapolis which has a much higher killing rate for the minneapolis but also the state troopers but also that infrastructure which allowed derrick chauvet to be so confident as he as he sat and knelt to george floyd for 9 and a half minutes why do you think you get away with it and so that means also looking that the bureaucracy the infrastructure the medical examiners the prosecutors who are all in this together as far as community activists are concerned but also moving on beyond that to say look we have all of these supposed good intentions
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which never get anywhere now we need a radical rethinking of policing itself and what public safety actually means what the purpose of a police force even is we know in the u.s. of course the origins of from slave patrols hasn't changed that much hasn't changed that much but you know policing poor people and black people in a way to protect the rich people hasn't really doesn't seem to have to a lot of people here so that's why there's this concept of defunding the police which means pushing money away from a militarized police was millions of dollars of tanks and weaponry and push it into communities pushing it into public health programs pushing it into education pushing it into welfare that's the way to look at it and there's a real suspicion that joe biden comedy has really will do that because they spent years building up their own political careers by boasting about how they were stalwarts off the system which apparently they're now complaining about they were all law and order and putting people in jail and supporting the police so there's some suspicion about whether they've really changed too she had tons of thank you
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very much. my. russian president vladimir putin has warned the world not to cross his red lines the leader insists he wants good relations with other countries as his military mass is on the border with ukraine but as ben smith reports from moscow it's protesters at home who are taking the attention. russia's president says his country has red lines that he hopes no one will cross. annual state of the nation speech came as moscow amasses tens of thousands of troops in a ukraine and western countries impose sanctions over allegations of cyber hacking of spying and election interference. we want good relations with all participants of the international dialogue and really we don't want to go on bridges but if someone mistakes our good intentions for indifference or weakness and intends to
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broaden. this group has them self's they should knowledge russia's response will be a symmetrical secret and. putin speech was dominated by domestic issues particularly the challenge of the pandemic and russia's slow vaccination rate. but there was no mention of another challenge opposition politician alexina valmy his supporters held nationwide protests on wednesday despite a police draw attention to novell knees ailing have thousands marched through moscow riot police blocked access to main squares so the crowd kept moving thank you mcglenn you how could i not come and catastrophic changes for the worse are happening to the country by every measure social and economic previous undoubtedly suppose it's the right play i came to express my so there it is with the opposition because we have no alternatives all the time we see bureaucrats stealing and authorities don't care this was a bloody hostel in russia's far east there were reports of detentions of protesters
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in at least $82.00 towns and cities across the country. inside for the past decade is seriously ill in hospital after 3 weeks on hunger strike. now could soon get even harder for the supporters to have their voices heard on monday prosecutors are asking a moscow court to declare itself from foundation an extremist organization putting it. the level of al qaida that the bin even step of penalties voice supporters financier's and even harder jail sentences bernath with al jazeera moscow. the escalating covert 19 crisis in india has stretched the country's health system to breaking point hospitals in delhi say they have enough oxygen to last just another 8 to 24 hours in haryana people try to loot an oxygen tank or while others are using social media to plead for oxygen tanks and beds police protection has now
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been ordered for all tankers and oxygen is being imported it's still unclear whether a new variant is behind the sudden increase in cases in india on wednesday india reported about 295000 new infections just 2000 fewer than the worst day on record in the us in january the world health organization says so far more than 182000 people have died in delhi at least 22 people died when their oxygen supply was disrupted by a leaking tank lizabeth for on ports. the leak of an oxygen tank outside this hospital in nashik maharastra those clouds of dense went down. the tankers supply oxygen needed by patients inside the 708 facility the feeling that there was a leakage occurred while refilling the oxygen counters and a lot of covert maybe patients at the hospital who are underemployed to support you could cut an oxygen supply. more than 20 patients died 31 were transferred to
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another hospital the incident happened as many indian states complained of shortages of oxygen supplies which have led to deaths limited amount but i brought my wife here in the night and she was very ill and was talking to run around in the door with it she's not getting oxygen and the hospital is not providing it to her i spoke to a few officials everyone said we're checking we're checking. but nobody was checking in in the morning i was told that my wife is dead shortages in the capital led to delhi's leaders pleading with the central government to send more oxygen urgently independent health experts said the government to should have anticipated this so unfortunately it seems to be the case that the lessons from last year perhaps were not registered adequately the recognition that those who need admission certainly need oxygen and if that number of cases were admitted would increase exponentially as we are seeing right now that there would be
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a possibility of shortage of oxygen this would have been something that policymakers and health systems should have thought through. the government has now restricted the supply of oxygen and india for medical purposes and there is a ministry of external affairs has been tasked with importing 50000 metric tons of oxygen from hospitals using double the amount they were last year i would close with cases rising at the current rate that demand it's only going to go on even more and there's a lot of al-jazeera. spain's prime minister says he will distribute 7 and a half 1000000 of his country's vaccines to latin america and it couldn't come too soon europe why is experiencing a surgeon deaths and infections it was once hailed as an oasis in latin america it is now registering the highest daily case rate in the world on america and human faults. normally sedating a reliance protest by banging pots and pans they blame the government for allowing
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or of why to transit from a success story. to the country with the highest per capita infection rate in the world and in just a few weeks the small south american country which is sandwiched between argentina and brazil had been hailed as the exception in a region of pandemic turmoil. but now the bubble has burst all. we must take care of ourselves those who don't get vaccinated will die simple they're going to die if they get infected they die. with a population of only $3500000.00 or requies seeing more than $3000.00 infections per day by far the highest per capita in the world and also the 5th highest death rate the government has never ordered lockdowns or enforced other measures calling it a matter of principle but this has led to a blahs
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a attitude among citizens even though health experts warned that the more contagious variant of the virus from neighboring brazil wouldn't think them quickly a bucket of water. until the dead are your dead he will think whatever you want until it happens in your family it's difficult for people to become aware of. the latest wave of code that is breaking new records every day in latin america in colombia deaths are surpassing more than 420 daily. hopes his wife won't be one of them as she waits for an i.c.u. bed at this maybe you know hospital they put their david on them a great sense of helplessness because what can you do as a human being you can't do anything the pan american health organization says no region has been harder hit more than 3000000 people. and really. happened right here in the americans.
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back in europe why hospitals are running out of sedatives needed for using respirators in critical care units a painful reminder that in this pandemic overconfidence is a dangerous thing. to see in human out 0. 0 an international effort to find an indonesian submarine which disappeared during training exercises north of bani. european football's own goal of the super league is scrapped before a ball was kicked in. there's one or 2 year in australia and as things are changing the flooding areas also
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change is now tropical queensland it's a very heavy showers the last week or so and i think there are more to come to be honest this is going to be the wet is probably possibly anywhere part of australia where you see the slow moving showers now south of cannes it was cannes or just the north for the studying the for the potential city exists otherwise it's fine it's quite warm in new south wales and despite this breeze coming up from the really colder water we've now 17 in melbourne about 60 in hobart but for the bass strait to be 30 when the rain will catch the edge of victoria the west is drive pursed at $27.00 or thereabouts rising and it will be the next day or so and those showers are still around so things are rather slow to change despite the fact we are of course changing seasons in australia and springs a little different as well in east asia the rains unusually spreading like this stretching north south going through shanghai heading towards the korean peninsula with the eastern side of it fairly warm dry in japan and the destruction evident in this typhoon so. stays over open water it will affect some of the smaller japanese
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audience and probably get the sweat of the east and taiwan acing strive for a nice they get once again further west. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious reduction goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's retired to actually get it and we can do it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry and being an active emanations source people in power finland's plummet warriors on a. new.
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arm under the top stories on our syria the us justice department will investigate systemic discrimination in the minneapolis police it comes after former officer derek shogun was found guilty of george lloyd's murder. at least 400 people have been detained across russia for taking part in protests demanding opposition politician an expendable news release from prison un human rights experts say his life is in serious danger. at least 22 drove us patients have died in an indian hospital after their oxygen supply ran out it comes as the country reports almost 300000 new cases and more than 2000 deaths in one day. the southern mexican state of michoacan is the battleground for a bloody drug war between 2 of the major cartels ground 0 has been the town of idea
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is potentially lucrative mines and drug routes have made it a prize target there generous to be able to reach the town since fighting intensified that was until john coleman and his team made it in to follow this exclusive report. this is the only route into ag aliya the town at the heart of a war between 2 cartels michu a kind southwest mexico. no journalists have been here since the whole new generation cartel advance to take the land around it we've been told to take this dirt track over the mountains to get in but it's not simple we've just seen in quick succession a checkpoint that we had passed. by the side of a road. trip and then the letters in issues about police going to generation cartel actually screwed on the road itself is no real bad about his territory where . when we pass the 2nd checkpoint they want to talk to us. we don't
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have any necessity to rob we're drug traffickers it's true that we're in a fight a struggle but we're fighting for the rights of each of us and for the people. here on the propaganda push to go with their advance into this territory they see the lit through civilians who dared to travel. finally we make it to the town they're fighting for i get. on the outskirts it looks like a ghost town. it might well be one soon thousands of fled the violence and isolation here those left have no one to help them we didn't see a single policeman on our way or a soldier despite the fact the army actually has a barracks in the town residents say they rarely patrol. near the center as signs of life. has been serving the village for 2 decades but many are contentious because it's hard to keep it going. right now less than that it's affecting us
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a lot everything's got more expensive it's really hard to bring in supplies that's because the main road to the nearest city a parting gun has been closed by another group cartel is needles they're fighting the honeysuckle cartel and have the area under siege. petru has to be smuggled in the carriage is out of action gas is scarce so is medicine and bottled water pharma say they can't get their crops or cattle to market and the sea has had other course with danniella and gabrielle is grandad had a burst stomach ulcer they couldn't get him to the hospital on the other side the blockade. is i felt so helpless because we couldn't do anything it was out of our hands and angry too it's not right that when living like this and he wasn't the only one at the same time and lady had a miscarriage because she was trying to get to the hospital and couldn't we heard more stories towns people killed in the crossfire between the cartels on the road or in the town itself is
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a nightly soundtrack here. you can probably hear that the sound of gunfire and just outside of the church no it is only just started shooting here. and where the authorities absent say the townspeople until a surprise visit by the governor last week just as election season began when a teacher day to protest to him he did fish. and embrace many a night when we visited they gave it to demand one thing. number one free transits on the road from. 2 a passing gun and security for those traveling the state security minister also came by while we were visiting the promised just that but he didn't talk to the people of i get instead he held a press conference outside the town the media he brought with him we joined and i asked him repeatedly if he was aware of the criminal checkpoints he said to me this
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isn't done well if you tell me where if you possibly the coordinates when we finish he denied knowing about them the next day we tried to leave passing burnt out empty towns a sign perhaps if i get to use future but we couldn't get through to a putz a gun it's not even 24 hours since the sex trade public security came down this road and said that it was now open and there would be for in transit we just try to get down there that is the surroundings go back down as we're going to. eventually the police filled in the trench that one of the gangs had dug across it that night the criminals dug it out again the highways closed once more the siege and suffering continues john home and how does it or i get a year. the u.s. envoy to yemen says escalating violence in the city of mareeba is the single biggest threat to peace talks forces from yemen's internationally recognized
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government have been fighting hoofy rebels for control of the oil rich region iran back to these alleged an offensive in february u.s. envoy to mend the king says if it's not stopped the fighting could trigger even greater instability. an explosion at a luxury hotel in pakistan has killed 4 people and injured 11 others a blast was in the serena hotel's carpark in quite a military has been fighting a low level insurgency in the province for a decade. warships from the indonesian navy searching for submarine that's missing with 53 sailors on board ek orion and 402 was taking part in a training exercise around 100 kilometers north of barley when it missed a shed your old early morning reporting call an oil spill has been spotted in the area singapore is sending a specialist submarine rescue vessel and australia and india have also responded to requests for help desk a washington is in jakarta and says surveillance is ongoing. this vessel the
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402 requested permission to dive into deeper waters in the early hours of wednesday morning and shortly after making that request and receiving permission to go ahead the vessel lost contact with indonesian authorities what we know is that around 4 hours after losing contact with the submarine indonesian authorities were doing an aerial surveillance of the area trying to spot the submarine and where it could be located in this area around bali's north coast and they did find what appears to be an oil spill in the location where they believe the submarine was located when it 1st attempted to dive into deeper waters now hopefully that is something of a breakthrough which help could help with finding the location of this vessel and of the 53 individuals on board this is an old a submarine but we do know that it did undergo refurbishment in south korea and
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that process was completed in 2012 we understand that the engine asian navy is currently in the process of surveilling the area both by and see and those requests for assistance from neighboring countries astray and singapore as well as india have been responded to and those countries have offered their assistance with this search effort. 10 of the 12 members of european football's proposed new super league have now officially pulled out of the controversial project just 3 days after it was announced the chairman of eventis one of the driving forces behind the breakaway league admits it can no longer go ahead it's a major victory for football supporters and his need back a report let's hope for further change. see what is. outside arsenal's emirates stadium a song satirizing the super league saga. england's richest clubs
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a face days of fury against wealthy owners see many feel have put profits 1st for these fans the league's collapse feels like a window to store for the people they started from. the start as a working class and since then i mean it's maintained that kind of integrity. and if the owners don't realize. i guess their days are numbered really funds players and politicians of all spoken out against the league including britain's prime minister i welcome the decision taken by the 6 english football teams not to join the european super league the announcement was the right result for football fans the clubs and for communities across the country. this is where it all began to unravel and the moment chelsea fans got what they wanted. the club was the 1st english side to confirm it was drawing up paperwork to leave the league other rebel
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english teams followed and soon an exodus of all 6 sides manchester united bunch to city tottenham arsenal and liverpool i want to apologize to all the fancy porters at liverpool football club for the disruption i caused to past 40 hours goes without saying but it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans the collapse followed 2 days of protests from angry supporters and on the field demonstrations from premier league players managers and team captains declared they were against it but the dust settling on the ruins of the super league now a period of soul searching one of the 6 premier league english sides to join the league now admitting that it made a very big mistake the fans are questioning whether now is the time for many of these clubs to start rethinking their very business of football. that could mean
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giving fans a great to stay cold and say in how their clubs are run some players and supporters are calling for the teams to be punished stripped of points even kicked out of tournament those behind the super league said the project was designed to say football for many supporters the formation of a new rival competition felt like a trail of europe's football family leave. london the. top stories on. the us justice department will investigate systemic discrimination in the minneapolis police department it comes after former shaven was found guilty of. his death and the protests that followed was seen as a watershed moment for race relations in the country attorney general merrick garland says he hopes an investigation and help.


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