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to see the climate dial use a witness documentary on the it is a. place to get your big use and abuse across the. sierra. the dirt shogun trial may be over but questions remain the justice department launches an investigation into the minneapolis police department. and our entire lives is al-jazeera live from london also coming up. hundreds of detained across russia in protests demanding the release of kremlin critic alexei navalny. a lifesaving resource running critically low for grown
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a virus patients in india families turn to social media to find oxygen for sick relatives. and the hunt for an indonesian submarine which disappeared during training exercises north of bali. and or the u.s. attorney general has launched an investigation into the minneapolis police force a day after one of its officers was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd the verdicts handed down today show been on tuesday marked the end of an emotionally charged trial in a case which inspired protests across the globe but merrick garland said the verdicts did not go far enough in addressing systemic racism and the behavior of police. yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address potentially systemic policing issues in minneapolis the investigation i am
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announcing today will assess whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force including during protests the investigation will also assess whether the m.p.t. and gauges in discriminatory conduct and whether it's treatment of those with behavioral health disability is unlawful that's going to top white house correspondent committee how quiet in washington d.c. and committee seems to be a real political push now on on police reform but how difficult will it be to debate to get traction on it. well it has been challenging in the past but the biden administration believes that this time may be different given the overwhelming public support for it in the united states and even around the world that's why the biden administration has tasked the justice department you heard there from the attorney general eric garland to put in place this civil
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investigation into policing practices in the minneapolis police department a concern that there may be discriminatory practices when it comes to training when it comes to use of force and also when it comes to conduct so this is in addition to a criminal case that is already being investigated by the department of justice into the death of george floyd but that's just one aspect because as the vice president of the united states coming to harris said shortly after the verdict in the convictions of officer derek chauvet a measure of justice is not equal justice they want to see that this is change that is an acted all across the united states and that's why there is a renewed push on capitol hill for the george floyd justice in policing act it's already passed in the house of representatives but it needs to pass in the senate essentially what this legislation would do is it would really toughen up the
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a prosecutorial ability of communities and individuals to take on the very high bar of victim a police officer of wrong doing so in addition to that would also try to put in the resources to build trust between communities of color for example and law enforcement but it needs to be passed into law and so the white house feels the time is right to read new a push for this legislation seeing it passed in the senate where they have a narrow majority and then the president biden hopes that he can sign it into law in fact so much so he he said that there's a lot of work to be done as he talked to the family of george floyd after the convictions saying he wants to sign this legislation into law the belief of the white house is that this could be possible committee how can thank you very much it's going to she have a transit in minneapolis and a sense of relief perhaps for many in minneapolis and remember the man who moved the nation into such social and political action. it all
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seems to be settling in and there's a real real discussion and thought being given is towards accountability means what justice means what what this decision means in the the framework all of a system where black people are killed with normally with impunity yes this time apparently not with impunity but that's actually why that the o.j. investigations of the minneapolis police department getting is under some discussion right now as well and they really seem to be an effort by the m.p. d. during the trial to suggest erik chopin was just one bad actor one bad apple and that's why we saw as was called the report of the blue wall of silence crumbles so you have the chief of police and you have the trainer saying what he did is shocking we would never train for something like that we would never tell anyone to do that kind of thing we're shocked shocked that this could possibly happen in our city and it was a surprise here that kind of thing happens in minneapolis and it does happen so
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clearly bats any attempt the suggestion was one back to hasn't worked with the d.o.j. but at the same time we've had d.o.j. investigations in the past into cities like minneapolis in fact officers and their castiel was killed a few years ago there was a there was a statewide certainly and choir and a training program named after for that there castiel $12000000.00 to it went to it but you know here we are again and in fact derek show been on camp also killed down to right last week they were trainers they were actually training rookie police officers when they killed these these black men and they were just actually really interesting press conference that was held back at the courthouse went through with community leaders who. actually what was the word good beyond lip service they were directing their comments directly to joe biden as they have been several days now but joe biden non-commital harris and get on a plane and come and they always there's always that real consciousness that both joe biden and tom the harris has such a big integral role in the cars real state and policing in the us both of them used to boast about their role in the cultural state about law and order and putting
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people behind. and we have this system now in the u.s. of course of the most people behind bars in the world but i think that we still very well welcome it but we've done this before so instead of just the minneapolis police department you have a look at the whole states police department specifically some pull between the city of minneapolis which has a much deadly a rate of killing them than the minneapolis but it's not just the police it's the entire system it's the prosecutors it's the medical examiners it's all the entire infrastructure that means people like derek jovan fail that they can get away with this sort of thing why did it why was he so confident behind me for a night and a half minutes and the entire system that has to be looked at they don't want the same old same old kumbaya as they were saying they want actual action and they want other solutions which is obviously divesting defending the police the militarized police and investing in communities as well and even as the shaving that it was rent she had there is needed another fatal shooting that's not going well no
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contest about that case. it was interesting how quickly that body com video was released in columbus ohio a teenage ago shot by a police officer the clip of the police making the argument that the body count video shows that the video was a danger to someone else and so the police officer followed almost immediately as soon as he got on the scene multiple times in a very short amount of time but again that raises all those questions about deescalation of training why is the 1st reaction then to shoot multiple times to kill if this is a white person and we see this in a cause you just have to google search from you know go on social media now on the so many examples white people brandishing weapons being threatening that i don't shot and killed all the time so those debates. are again being discussed i'm not sure even in the last few hours we have another case elizabeth city north carolina we're getting reports of an unarmed black man stopped after a truck stopped off short rather dead after a traffic stop multiple times again
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a part of his body according to reports from local media lay on the street for 3 hours you know this isn't over she have a tons of thank you very much. the u.n. says alexina romney's life is in serious danger with the russian government subjecting the opposition politician to conditions that could amount to torture comes as at least 400 people were detained across the country for protests demanding his immediate release and access to medical attention russian authorities deemed the purchase unlawful due to coronavirus restrictions a vocal critic of president putin was imprisoned in january for 2 and a half he is a violation of terms of his probation. but it smith is live for us in moscow but it seems that of all the supporters a defiant in spite of the threat of arrest. lauren they've been marching around moscow now for about 3 or 4 hours and we've been
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following them they've been prevented from gathering in one spot which is in front of the kremlin and in the tactic is be they've been posting on telegram the messaging. routes for people to march through and not stand still on the official police estimate is there about 6000 people i would say from what we've seen many many more thousands. it has been allowed to go off generally peacefully the word detentions earlier on in the day a prominent supporters but the many thousands of people out walking through the streets of moscow this evening have been allowed to not be allowed to gather in one spot but they have been allowed to move freely around the city a stark contrast to the protests in january which were brutally broken up there protesting because alexa in the valley is in the soul of 3 cell in a prison a prison hospital he's been on a hunger strike now for 22 days in
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a very very seriously ill condition and he wants his own doctors to be able to see him and treat him this is the right the prisoners have in russia he has so far been denied this right although russia's on those woman says 4 other doctors not connected the prison have seen him and he's ok but that is not the view of his lawyer and his own doctors really want to be able to get to see him and only about amir put in delivered his state of the nation address what was his message. but annual address the bulk of it was focused on domestic issues there was a small reference to international affairs domestically the main issue was certainly trying to combat the coded pandemic which is hit russia harder like this in other countries but i'm here putin says he wants herd immunity here by the autumn but with only just over 4 percent of russians having had 2 doses of a covert vaccine that seems a very very tall order 'd the small reference to international affairs was that
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considering how much international pressure russia is our been under recently with diplomats expelled and sanctions imposed because of allegations of meddling in the us presidential elections of cyber hacking of their massive troop buildup on the borders of ukraine and the occupation of crimea blood in there putin said to all of that we don't want to provoke anyone but provoke of we will hit back asymmetrically he said he said russia is being picked on without any reasons it's like a tiger being circled by hyenas he said in a reference to roger to play. ben smith thank you very much indeed. yes clayton kovac 19 crisis in india has stretched the country's health system to breaking point hospitals in delhi say they have enough oxygen to last just another 8 to 24 hours in haryana people try to newt an oxygen tank or while others are
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using social media to plead for oxygen tanks and beds and his protection has now been ordered for all tankers and oxygen is being imported is still unclear whether a new variant is behind the sudden increase in cases in india on wednesday india reported 295041 new cases just 2000 fewer than the worst day on record in the us in january the world health organization says so far 182553 people have died in delhi at least 22. died when their oxygen supply was disrupted by leaking tank is based around a report. the leak of an oxygen tank outside this hospice of a massacre caused clouds of dense wants gas. tank to supply oxygen needed by patients inside the 773 feeling that there was a leakage occurred while refilling the oxygen tankers and a lot of cover 90 patients at the hospital who were under ventilator support you
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could cut an oxygen supply. for more than 20 patients died 31 but transferred to another hospital the incident happened as many indian states complained of shortages of accident supplies which have led to deaths due to me. i brought my wife here in the night and she was very ill and was talking to run around in the night she told me that she's not getting oxygen and the hospital is not providing it to her i spoke to a few officials everyone said we're checking we're checking all but nobody was checking in in the morning i was told that my wife is dead shortages in the capital led to delhi's leaders pleading with the central government to send more oxygen urgently independent health experts say the government should have anticipated this so unfortunately it seems to be the case that the lessons from last year perhaps were not registered adequately the recognition that those who need admission certainly need oxygen and if that number of cases were admitted would increase
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exponentially as we are seeing right now that there would be a possibility of started up oxygen this would have been something that policymakers and health systems operations should have thought through. the government has now restricted the supply of oxygen and india for medical purposes and there's a ministry of external affairs has been tasked with importing 50000 metric tons of oxygen from hospitals using double the amount they were last year and with hard cases rising and hard to read. that demand is only to go out even more and there's a lot of algea. still to come on al-jazeera branded terrorist to justify land grabs why 1000000 syrian refugees can never go home. european football's own goal the super league is scrapped before balls kicked in.
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the residents of norway and sweden are in for a big shock in the immediate future more arctic air some of it will leak elsewhere and it's not necessarily obvious where it's coming from but it's coming from here on this cold for those lines up they go towards the north pole that is going to be the coldest part of europe most the rest of your of so it recovered from a recent cold spell run into the teens for most places it's even warmer in western france disappointing wet in spain the moment a line of rain that stretches through its city tails off in the balkans moment and then there's more gathering in place that better use and ukraine but look at stockholm at 3 degrees you wouldn't expect it to be there i know it's spring but there is 11 and to have 2 days a snow falling is a little unusual in stockholm in particular that cold will spread into the baltic states some snow fall even in poland but that's where the real cold is held
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elsewhere in europe when you start the rains disappearing in the waltzes with some not with all that bordeaux shows it may be best of all the war was place in europe 26 degrees the average is 70 we. chuckle a little bit in the next couple of days most of north africa is fine particularly hot in libya and tunisia but not in tunis itself. welcome to doha from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey. her. and when you leave with a smile we know a lot of days work is done qatar airways welcome to our home. the only.
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way the. american or much of the top stories here on. the u.s. justice department will investigate systemic discrimination in the minneapolis police it comes after former officer derek show been found guilty of george floyd's murder. at least 400 people have been detained across russia for taking part in protests demanding opposition politician and a news release from prison you and human rights experts say his life is in serious danger. at least 24 coronavirus patients have died in indian hospital after their oxygen supply ran out it comes as the country reports almost 300000 new cases and
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more than 2000 deaths in one day. warships from the indonesian navy are searching for a submarine that's missing with 53 sailors on board a k r i got a 402 was taking part in a training exercise around 100 kilometers north of bali when it missed a shed jeweled early morning reporting call an oil spill has been spotted in the area singapore sending a specialist submarine rescue vessel australia and india have also responded to requests for help jessica washington is in jakarta and says surveillance is ongoing . this vessel the 402 requested permission to dive into deeper waters in the early hours of wednesday morning and shortly after making that request and receiving permission to go ahead the vessel lost contact with indonesian authorities what we know is that around 4 hours after losing contact
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with the submarine intonation authorities were doing an aerial surveillance of the area trying to spot the submarine and where it could be located in this area around bali's north coast and they did find what appears to be an oil spill in the location where they believe the submarine was located when it 1st attempted to dive into deeper waters now hopefully that is something of a breakthrough which help could help with finding the location of this vessel and of the 53 individuals on board this is an older submarine but we do know that it did undergo refurbishment in south korea and that process was completed in 2012 we understand that the engine asian navy is currently in the process of surveilling the area both by air and sea and those requests for assistance from neighboring countries astray and singapore as well as india have been responded to and those countries have offered their assistance with this search effort. the u.s.
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is imposing sanctions on 2 more 1000000 lost state owned export companies over february's military coup it says the timber and pole companies are generating revenue for the military regime comes as 40 and to government protesters have been charged over the murder of 2 policeman video released shows one of them arrested last week attempting to escape a convoy of motorbikes it was rammed by a car administrator and has also cracking down on protesting doctors by cancelling their licenses and revoking passports. the head of the roman catholic church in sri lanka has accused the government of stalling investigations into the 2019 easter bombings it taxol on the church building killed 269 people and left more than 500 injured nearly 200 suspects were arrested but 2 years later no one has been charged the government of the time was criticized for not acting on intelligence before the attacks the military in chad has promised free and fair elections
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within 18 months after the death of the president at a battle yesterday on rest against the armed forces is growing with the unions threatening strikes and rebels planning a march on the capital interested b. was killed us soldiers for rebels in the restive north of the country just a day after winning his 6th term in office is someone who lot has taken over as head of state are there are big correspond. in the capital in german are and says there's a sense of uncertainty as people try to get back to know what to tease and now. the people in the capital are getting back to normal life activities most of them are working day by day to support their families they continue their work as usual despite their concerns armed opposition groups have issued statements saying that they do not accept the declaration that baby son will be the president for 18 months we have been to the central market in gym and all the shops are open and
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people are doing their daily business as usual not all government offices are fully operational some of the staff went to the offices some didn't go because the situation is not clear to them they're all waiting to see what will happen the political opposition parties and some civil society groups have also rejected the claim that debbie son will be president for 18 months. syria has been stripped of its voting rights at the global chemical weapons watchdog 6 years after it 1st an edge of the use them $87.00 countries voted in favor of the motion with 15 including russia china and iran voting against their will as ation for the prohibition of chemical weapons only investigation teams say the syrian military used sarin and chlorine in attacks between 20152018. and president bashar assad has submitted the paperwork to run for reelection he's aiming to get a 4th term in office in next month's poll the u.s. and syrian opposition have criticized the vote calling it a fast it's been 10 years since the start of the syrian uprisings and the country
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is still mired in a war that has displaced millions and killed hundreds of thousands of people. 2 years ago nearly a 1000000 syrians were forced to flee their homes in northern hammer and southern italy during a religious solved by government and russian forces now rights groups say their homes and land are being under free confiscated and given to government supporters say the holder has more. mohammad and his family used to live a comfortable life until a syrian and russian military offensive in northwest syria forced them to leave their home 2 years ago they moved further north to areas controlled by the opposition and lip muhammad is not only unable to return to his hometown in the hama countryside because of security concerns the government confiscated his land or the lock out autumn illusion of a security committee in hama province decided not to allow what they called terrorists from returning to the lanes when government documents were issued
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formally confiscating my land along with the land of at least 100 others who they consider opponents imagine they also confiscated land belonging to my relatives as well this is why muhammad still hides his identity he fears for their punishment against those who stayed behind human rights groups say 44000 hectares of agricultural land have been unlawfully seized since the government captured northern hama and southern from the opposition syrian government has not announced the option or reached out to the individual. they did not provide them with an opportunity to challenge the decision and did not provide the nation when they took over the land millions have been displaced from across the country in the 10 years of war and it's not the 1st time authorities have retrospectively punished their opponents existing laws make it hard for those who can't or won't return to government controlled territory to hold on to their properties. we can return to
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our homes because of the presence of this criminal regime i will try through human rights groups to legally challenge the regime god willing i'll get my land back in any way possible peacefully or even through war. the government has placed many refugees and internally displaced people on a list of what it calls terrorists to justify the land grabs in a move rights groups describe a systematic repression. many it's not just about material losses i think i'll give you an example my father was killed in a regime jail when i used to visit his house i used to see his spirit everywhere his laughter his smile we lost our memories they also lost their only source of livelihood forced to leave their past behind them for their beirut 10 of the 12 members of european football's proposed new super league have now officially pulled out of the controversial project just 3 days after it was announced the chairman of eventis one of the driving forces behind the breakaway
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league admits it can no longer head it's a major victory for football supporters and his need back reports in london as hope for further change. think. outside arsenal's emirates stadium satirizing the super league saga. england's richest clubs have faced days of fury against wealthy owners many feel have put profits 1st for these fans the league's collapse feels like a win to stalk the people they started from. the start as a working class and since then i mean it's maintain that kind of integrity. and if the owners don't realize. i guess their days are numbered really funds players and politicians of all spoken out against the league including britain's prime minister
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i welcome the decision taken by the 6 english football teams not to join the european super league the announcement was the right result for football fans for clubs and for communities across the country. this is where it all began to unravel and the moment chelsea fans got what they wanted. the club was the 1st english side to confirm it was drawing up paperwork to leave the league other rebel english teams followed and soon an exodus of all 6 sides manchester united munched to city tottenham and liverpool i want to apologize to all the fancy tours of liverpool football club and the disruption i caused to past 48 hours goes without saying it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans the collapse followed 2 days of protests from angry supporters and on field demonstrations from premier league players managers and
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team captains declared they were against it but the dust settling on the ruins of the she pleaded now a period of soul searching one of the 6 premier league english sides to join the league now admitting that it made a very big mistake the fans are questioning whether now is the time for many of these clubs to start rethinking their very business of football. that could mean giving fans a great to stay cold and say in how their clubs are run. some players and supporters are calling for the teams to be punished stripped of points even kicked out of tournament those behind the super league said the project was designed to save football for many supporters the formation of a new rival competition felt like a betrayal of europe's football family leave barca al-jazeera flooded. the european union is setting itself deeper and more ambitious cuts to emissions they $27.00 member states agreed to aim for a 55 percent cut to $990.00 s.
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emissions by the end of this decade it's less than what the parliament had hoped for but more than the existing 40 percent pledge is part of an effort to steer the bloc towards reaching net 0 emissions by 2050 quid monday yours catch up any time with our website address what is al-jazeera dot com and you can also watch us live by clicking on the orange live icon out of there dot com. and one of the top stories on out is there the u.s. justice department will investigate systemic discrimination in the minneapolis police comes after former officer derrick chauvinism was found guilty of george ward's murder his death and the protests that followed was seen as a watershed moment for race relations in the country attorney general merrick garland says he hopes an investigation can help heal what he called wounds in many can.


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