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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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if you didn't take new into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel that you were there we understand the difference is this in some cultures across the world so much of what we've been using the calendar for that matter to you. this is al-jazeera. when you're watching the arabs their news our lives my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. justice department launches an investigation into the minneapolis police department following the guilty verdict in the george floyd case. was russian police arrest dozens protesting in support of opposition leader alexina
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valmy and a leaky oxygen tank causes the deaths of at least 22 patients in an indian hospital as coronavirus cases and deaths surge also in indonesia navy submarine goes missing near bali with 53 sailors on board a search and rescue mission is underway. with the sports of the european super league project may have crumbled but the fallout continues i. with fans making their feelings very clear as their team arrives for wednesday's spanish league match. i. welcome to the news that the u.s. attorney general has announced that an investigation will be launched into the minneapolis police department and its use of force becomes less than a day after former officer derrick cho of and was found guilty of the murder and
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manslaughter of george floyd jovan was filmed kneeling on the black man's neck for more than 9 minutes during a botched arrest last may. yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address potentially systemic policing issues in minneapolis today i am announcing that the justice department has opened a civil investigation to determine whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing well it will begin to see have returned see a minneapolis in the georgia floyd square offense let's cross over to a white house correspondent kimberly how could he joins me now from washington d.c. kimberly a real sort of political push now it seems on police reform how much or how easy or difficult will it be to get traction illness. well the white house believes the momentum is in its favor the vice president couple of harris speaking shortly after
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the conviction of officer dare show and said that a measure of justice doesn't equate to equal justice and so as a result this is really a big push that is being made there's this feeling that there is a perhaps a more receptive audience on capitol hill in light of these convictions on the legislative track but 1st we had the announcement from the attorney general merit garland that there would be a civil investigation into the practices of policing by the minneapolis police department whether or not there was broad discriminatory conduct whether or not the policies were when it comes to training and use of force not reflective of the concerns of communities of color what this administration is trying to do is build trust between communities and law enforcement and to that end they believe that in addition to the sort of the legal track that is taking place there is another piece
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of that and that's the political or legislative track and already we know in the house of representatives last march there was legislation notice the george floyd justice in policing act this would reform policing in the united states would make it easier to prosecute police this is now something that needs to be taken up in the senate it's been languishing so far but there is a belief in the white house that this may renew the effort to get this taken up the white house is hoping that president biden can sign this into law something in fact that he conveyed to george floyd's family of course the victim in this case shortly after those convictions of officer derrick shoaf and so the white house feels that there is new life a new momentum for trying to bring about the police reform that president biden has promised can be held at all one times correspondent thanks very much the up please . let's see who is live for us in minneapolis and she have really one would assume there's a sense of relief for many where you are right now and little bit further beyond
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the borders of minneapolis a chance to remember the man who's moved the nation now on both social and political fronts. yes i think there is a very deep thought here i mean still sinking in i think. and i think it's a lot a reflection of what accountability for one office and means or more justice actually means and what one case means and what trial and they're going to system means just the mere fact that it was such a surprise and shock even though. perhaps now more than ever it just seems like such an open and shut case that there is shock there noori would come to be obvious conclusion which really that she is of some systemic problem which also leads us then back to that d.o.j. investigation into the minneapolis police department you really got the sense during the trial that the n.p.t. was trying to suggest that there actually was just a bad apple and that's why you had the chief of police and their own all saying
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we're shocked you know we don't train this kind of behavior we're shocked that this could possibly big be going on in our police force no one's shocked around here about sort of thing is going on in the in the minneapolis police department so i would suggest that any attempt by the n.p.t. to keep that narrative running look at the blue wall of silence crumbled we know way we can we can allow this that hasn't worked and there will be no systemic investigation i mean robert levy the police report when george lloyd's died this beheading was a man dies from medical incident during police interaction that was it how did they think they could get away with but how did the officers involved think they could get away with it clearly there is a systemic problem but having said that we've been there before when philander castille was killed a few years back it was a multi-million dollar retraining program in his although it was named a philander castillo retraining program or something similar and here we are again should remember derrick shared with himself was a trainer he was training rookie cops when he did this compulsory killed don't care
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right last week the training rookie cops these are the trainers so that's interesting but yeah but we've been here before jerry which then leads us back to those debates about going back to failed strategies to sort this out or to look at more interesting proposals about divesting from a militarized police force a police force whose roots were in protecting slavery and property for the rich and going into different different avenues to actually look at public health public safety and invest in communities as opposed to the militarized police force that adds an occupation force in communities like this because muscle searching carries on there is not focus on a story that we've been following through the day and that's the shooting of a black woman in a different state by yet another police officer what more are we hearing about that . that investigation is still on the way the body count footage was released very very quickly which is perhaps shows how much of an impact black lives matter has had on police forces obviously the police. were keen to release this
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because that's suggesting it shows an officer rushing to the scene of a moment where a teenage girl was apparently lunging at another girl with a knife having said that there are all sorts of other. thoughts and we're hearing from the ground which yes but this police officer around that shooting almost immediately all their other deescalation techniques all the non-lethal techniques that could have been used this is the the girl herself actually called the police because she was under attack and there's always that by that by point but when white people are confronted by the police holding weapons being threatening they tend not to be shot dead so there's a the usual debate that will now be in the public and much more openly discussed perhaps because of all the activity and activism that we've seen and then just in the last few hours we've been monitoring a story from north carolina police fatally shooting an unarmed black man we're getting more photos from local media suggesting it was during
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a traffic stop and he may have been shot multiple times and that his body may have lain in the road for 3 hours these are the reports we're getting from local media which we're following to shepparton c. minneapolis thanks very much for the update. least 400 people are being detained across russia for protesting against the incarceration of kremlin critic alexina valley there must demonstrations are being held demanding his immediate release and access to medical attention russia north already is of deemed the protests of morphology to coronavirus restrictions the valley was imprisoned in january for 2 and a half years for violating terms of probation his aides are amongst those detained your station is just that this just is what i think that everything is happening to scare all the other people i was literally detained for the fought showing up at the rally i'll be detained until the late evening in the police van but you know perfectly well what you should do you shouldn't be afraid i want freedom for novell me even from the police van de velde they should be alive safe and free. as joins
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me now from moscow where those protests have been gathering through the day and across the country burnet when we spoke to a little while ago there was a small demonstration going on just a solicitor what's being going on in the capital right now. well i think you can see behind me people walking up this hill and what's happening isn't about the protesters are continually walking around central moscow they've been prevented from gathering in a and a square in front of the kremlin and their tactic instead has been to just keep on walking in the valleys people leading the protest of putting out a map on telegram the messaging app telling people where to go this street is now heading towards a security service headquarters and so far the police have allowed it to happen if visual figures on the police in moscow say they're about 6000 people as possibly a conservative figure i've certainly seen many thousands just in the protest that we were rats and there was one elsewhere in moscow and they continue to move around
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the has been a protest in some petersburg that have been partly violently dispersed but a moscow for the moment it's carrying on his wife we know is amongst the protesters and we're there was a rumor that even his mother was here as well we've certainly seen pictures of his mother in the protests alexina valmy himself of course he remains in a solitary ward in a prison hospital where he's now on a drip after 22 days on hunger strike he's in a very very serious condition he's very very sick but his own doctors have not been allowed to see him a still being prevented from seeing in rushes on books woman says she sent in for independent doctors not connected to prison they seen him and there's no problem no valley does have a right to his own doctors that's being denied and that is what these protesters want to highlight this evening of course but it comes on a day where. the protesters weren't directly mentioned what would have been
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president putin state of the nation address in an unusual speech what would the salient points from that this year. that speech was this after lunchtime here in moscow and that was an annual state of the nation address and it focused really of generally on domestic issues particularly on the challenges of the dealing with a krone virus pandemic vladimir putin says he wants herd immunity in russia by the autumn but with only just over 4 percent of russians having had their 2nd job that's going to be a very big ask there was more very small reference to international affairs because russia under enormous pressure it's had diplomats expelled and sanctions imposed after the u.s. and the e.u. accused russia of meddling in presidential elections in the u.s. of cyber hacking of massive chill troop buildup and threatening ukraine
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and of course the jailing of alexey valmy but by the mere putin said we don't want to provoke provoke us and we will respond asymmetrically he said russia is being picked on without any reason that it's like a tiger being surrounded by all these years but as with in moscow thanks very much for the update at least 22 crowbars patients have died in hospital in the indian state of maharastra after a league calls their oxygen supply to run out but it comes as the country reports almost 300000 new cases and more than 2000 deaths both numbers are records elizabeth problem has the story from new delhi. the leak of an oxygen tank outside this hospital in nashik maharastra coast clouds of dense white gas. the tankers supply oxygen needed by patients inside the 700 bed facility if you think that they were a leaky jacket while refilling the oxygen tankers and
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a lot of covered 1000 patients at the hospital who are underemployed to support died you could cut an oxygen supply. more than 20 patients died 31 were transferred to another hospital the incident happened as many indian states complain of shortages of accident supplies which have led to deaths needed me i brought my wife here in the night and she was very ill and was talking to me but around in the night she told me that she was not getting oxygen and the hospital is not providing it to her i spoke to a few officials everyone said we are checking and we're checking but nobody was checking in the morning i was told that my wife is dead. shortages in the capital led to delhi's leaders pleading with the central government to send more oxygen urgently independent health experts say the government should have anticipated this so unfortunately it seems to be the case that the lessons from last year perhaps were not registered adequately the recognition that those who need admission certainly need oxygen and if that number of cases were admitted would increase
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exponentially as we are seeing right now that there would be a possibility of started up oxygen this would have been something that policymakers and health systems would have thought through. the government has now restricted the supply of oxygen in india for medical purposes and there's a ministry of external affairs has been tasked with importing 50000 metric tons of oxygen from hospitals using double the amount they were last year i would close with cases rising at the current rate that demand is only i don't want even more and this is one of the al-jazeera media and. the realisation of trying to virus restriction. this is happening faster than expected in denmark restaurants can now serve customers indoors provided they present evidence they vaccinated or at least have a negative test result the limit on outdoor public gatherings has been raised to 50 from 10 and denmark's corona virus outbreak has largely been kept under control due
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to intensive frequent testing we know there are protests in the german capital where politicians have just approved new so-called emergency break rules to tackle the pandemic the new law allows for school closures and nighttime curfews in areas with high infection rates critics say is as an attack on their freedoms even as germany battles a 3rd wave of cases. now the 1st batch of covert 900 vaccines arrived in syria's northern italy province that hillary is part of the world health organization's kovacs program that aims to ensure equitable access to a chap millions of people live in dire conditions in the rebel held enclave juta the ongoing civil war cynicus who has more. this truck is carrying covered 9000 vaccines and hope to nearly 4000000 syrians in atlanta most of whom have repeatedly been displaced during the war now in sin of and here it is the 1st celebrate to syria as part of the un led contacts program which has already sent
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back seen doses to more than 100 counties and territories worldwide. as a 1st delivery and we received almost 54000 doses for health workers in the 2 provinces of the bin the aleppo we will receive new deliveries soon during the 3rd quarter of 2021 we receive these doses through a group of n.g.o.s and the w.h.o. well. we will initially vaccinate the medical personnel and 1st aid workers who will keep receiving the vaccine in phases to be provided to 850000 civilians in the north of syria including health staff and those with chronic diseases above 25 years old and seniors above 60 according to the world health organization a separate 912000 doses have been allocated for a 1st phase of vaccinations in government controlled areas and semi autonomous kurdish regions by the end of 2021 at least 20 percent of the 17000000
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population should have had their inoculations in general phillips of ash covered 19 is a nasty and stubborn virus we've lost many of our colleagues and patients along with our beloved ones then we decided that we need to face this disease many people dream of having this vaccine and they hope that they can have access. the government has started vaccinating health workers but not with doses received as part of the kovacs program it is almost impossible to collect credible data on the covert $900.00 death toll in syria because of the conflict the pandemic has increased the problems and suffering for millions of syrians but the vaccine provides just a little bit of hope. al-jazeera we're getting breaking news coming out of pakistan that there's been an explosion at a luxury hotel in quarter where the nature of the blast hasn't yet been determined
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but it's reportedly happened in the parking lot of the serena hotel explosion caused fire to a number of cars others caused heavy material material losses we're trying to get more of that in this news as we get it. well plenty more ahead here on the news hour as it was set including why climate change could leave half of ghana sons population without enough to eat and we look at why the global chemical weapons watchdog has stripped syria of its rights and privileges liverpool's owner has apologized to the fans after the english champions withdrew from the proposed european super league. the u.s. envoy to yemen says escalating violence in the city of marjah is the single biggest threat to peace talks yemen's government forces have been fighting for control of the all rich region since who the rebels launched an offensive in february u.s.
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envoy to lend to king says if the violence isn't stopped it could trigger even greater fighting and instability bryant joins us now live on skype from bethesda maryland is a senior fellow at the center for american progress and independent nonpartisan policy institute. the warning bells ringing are they not certain from the american side what are we to make of all what they are saying. well i think. special envoy lander king is trying to raise a red flag about the situation on the ground and its potential impact not only on the yemeni people but his efforts and martin griffith the u.n. envoy his efforts to try to forge some sort of pathway towards a political settlement through diplomacy simple fact of matter is that events on the ground in places like yemen. shape what is potential the potential of what's
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possible in negotiations over a peace settlement and this this offensive by the movies. potentially will undermine those those peace building efforts because it with the fighting going on where is the space then for even a pitot perhaps a cease fire let alone peace talks. i think there's plenty of space always in conflicts like these for peace talks and quite often it's the case that talks are taking place entertain us well there's fighting on the ground i think the real challenge here is how to build confidence between the different parties to the conflict and as we see in yemen it's not what is simplistically portrayed as some sort of proxy war between saudi arabia and iran it's primarily about a fight amongst many different yemeni factions on multiple fronts so the peace efforts which oftentimes don't get as much attention as the efforts to advocate on
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arms sales or security cooperation those peace efforts actually need a lot more time and they're likely to take place in a context of ongoing conflict i think which lender king is trying to say here is that if the offensive still moves forward it will potentially scuttle all all sorts of efforts to to build peace and if you do get the impression that lending is basically saying is taking too long way for the u.s. to see traction on a new go to a negotiated peace settlement while the fighting continues so besides the toll what's the next move by washington is that next move. i don't think they have a clear roadmap. yet. for for sort of the long term trajectory for peace in yemen and i think also after his announcement as envoy. there you know important visits to the region but i'm not certain that there's a clear policy that basically backs up diplomacy with some sort of approach to
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security in the region i think we've we've seen messages from president biden in speeches but the policy work that's needed to actually help deescalate the situation and foster a greater chance for diplomacy i don't see that yet clarified inside of the united states i think there are serious attempts to try to do so there's congressional hearings today to probe that but i think it's still very early in the in the new administration's attempts trying to find a path where the u.s. is that he made a point very clear to riyadh as to what it wants to see they seem to be moved by the saudis to want to see an end and the withdrawal of troops and forces however it's to be interpreted however when you see ongoing missile attacks by the who sees going forward going toward sorry saudi targets they seem to scupper and the chance of any glimmer of hope that there could be a withdrawal or a strategy to make peace and one wonders what the strategy is of the who these to
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keep attacking day we say it saudi targets across the border because when the piece is that when i say when there is a certain calm for a moment of time it's got put by another drone attack. that's an important point and i think i'd say 2 things to that 1st the movies i think have a certain decentralized nature and there may be different factions within that movement as we've seen in other instances like the taliban in afghanistan and other places so it's hard actually to to get a sense of coherence coming from the who are these and then secondly it's important to note that that is the direct perceptions of saudi arabia and those in riyadh are quite real because those attacks happen it's a thing here in america at least that is often downgraded in the discussion and a lot of the onus is placed on just simply the saudis doing something differently and i think you know that simple fact of the matter is is that you need
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a number of factions inside of yemen to take different actions and then importantly saudi arabia and iran to try to deescalate which is why i think the news of recent talks between those 2 countries in baghdad in iraq is an important sign and needs to see continue as well trying to elicit it's good to get you know insight from the center for american progress thanks for joining us from protest in maryland thank you thanks for having me. chance military has promised an 18 month transition to free elections after the death of president idriss deby the army says that he was killed while leading soldiers fighting rebels in the north but then he had just won reelection his son general who will take on the role of interim head of state. of the resign because in the capital and to me that says there is a sense of uncertainty as people trying to get back to normal activities and now. the people in the capital are getting back to normal life activities most of them
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are working day by day to support their families they continue their work as usual despite their concerns armed opposition groups have issued statements saying that they do not accept the declaration that baby son will be the president for 18 months we have been to the central market in germany all the shops are open and people are doing their daily business as usual that not all government offices are fully operational some of the staff went to the offices some didn't go because the situation is not clear to them and they're all waiting to see what will happen the political opposition parties and some civil society groups have also rejected the claim that debbie son will be president for 18 months. football's controversial european super league has collapsed just 2 days after it was announced into milan and athletico madrid have now pulled out after all 6 english teams withdrew on tuesday the league's bosses now admit to can no longer happen need barca has the latest from london. to. see what is.
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outside arsenal's emirates stadium satirizing the super league saga. england's richest clubs a face days of fury against wealthy owners who many feel have put profits 1st for these fans the league's collapse feels like a win to sport the people they started from. the start as a working class and since then i mean it's maintain that kind of integrity. and if the owners don't realise. i guess their days are numbered really funds players and politicians of all spoken out against the league including britain's prime minister i welcome the decision taken by the 6 english football teams not to join the european super league the announcement was the right result for football fans for clubs and for communities across the country. this is where it all began to
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unravel and the moment chelsea fans got what they wanted. the club was the 1st english side to confirm it was drawing up paperwork to leave the league other rebel english teams followed and soon an exodus of all 6 sides manchester united manchester city tottenham arsenal and liverpool i want to apologize to all the fancy porters of liverpool football club for the disruption i caused for the past 48 hours goes without saying but it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans the collapse followed 2 days of protests from angry supporters and on field demonstrations from premier league players managers and team captains declared they were against it but the dust settling on the ruins of the she pleaded now a period of soul searching one of the 6 premier league english sides to join the league now admitting that it made
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a very big mistake the fans are questioning whether now is the time for many of these clubs to start rethinking their very business of football. that could mean giving fans a great to stay cold and say in how their clubs are run. some players and supporters are calling for the teams to be punished stripped of points even kicked out of tournament those behind the super league said the project was designed to say football for many supporters the formation of a new rival competition like a trail of europe's football family leave barca al-jazeera london well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our doctors who took part in d.q. protests are now being targeted by mia mars' military we'll have more on what that means for the country's health care professionals and japanese fans are waiting to find out how many of them can attend the olympic games in tokyo jemma we'll have those details in sports so don't go away.
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fairly quiet with around the rayburn peninsular the moment there's been a big drop in temperature around the levant several degrees as the breeze it comes on shore and that's true of northern parts of egypt the breezes coming down the north of the red sea through the series and the last remaining showers in northern turkey are on their way through to the caucuses then we're left with quite conditions not especially hot there were 3800 but only 33 in die hard and there's a little bit of cloud in the sky but even the potential of showers in the west american society that dissipate about tommy get to friday on saturday proper what's happening in western turkey what if you got to say a nice shower to iran otherwise it's fine and dry and reasonably warm there is action for the scientists just developed and this is within the last 24 hours this
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tropical cyclone job or now it's heading towards the african coast you might think mozambique is the obvious destination but this one looks as though i can't guarantee it is heading towards the coast of tanzania not many cyclons hit the coast of tanzania so that could be quite damaging is not a particularly huge storm but it is unusual in his position beyond that much of southern africa is fine and wall but not the eastern cape here it is wet. but. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious reduction goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really time to actually get to and we can go it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry to its end being an active emanations souls
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people in power finland's climate warriors on a. most people will never know what's beyond this storm. deafening silence this 100000 phones how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious. with me it is not an option. but when most people.
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welcome back to the news are a reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. attorney general has launched an investigation into the minneapolis police department becomes less than a day after form after the church over was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd also at least $300.00 people have been detained across russia for protesting against the incarceration of kremlin critic alexina valley russian authorities have seen the protests unlawful due to the coronavirus restrictions the news just coming in to us at least 3 people have died in an explosion at a luxury hotel in the southwest pakistani city of cueto the nature of the blast has not yet been determined but it's reportedly happened in the parking lot of the serena hotel. let's return now to our top story of the u.s. attorney general launching an investigation into the minneapolis police department j. wyndal gordon joins us now live on skype from baltimore in maryland he's
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a trial attorney and legal analyst good to have you with us on the program from what you heard of what the attorney general had to say what will be the parameters of any such investigation. well definitely they want to examine. their policies practices customs inspectors in prose procedures for constitutional policing. is this a major problem not only. within minnesota's or helping counties police department but all over the country constitutional policing has been going unchecked has been going on check for a very long time so now the attorney general's office is moving and the department of justice is moving in the right direction by examining particularly this office because as you know it wasn't too long ago in 2019 that another officer was convicted and ended up serving time for. excessive force and so this is
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very appropriate it's very timely and it's very welcomed by the citizenry ok sorry social views i don't know what the difference is in terms of the fact that the attorney general says that the civil investigation will be very separate from a criminal probe into the death of george floyd and how the police operate what's the difference. what we're looking at we're looking at policies customs and procedures that's what we're looking at you know whenever you have a situation where police officer steps out the balance steps out of bounds and battling someone's constitutional rights that invites someone to examine what's going on in the department because a lot of times there's a lot of cover up there are a lot of people in place to stand in the way of. citizens and in the public get into the real source of the problem but any time you have someone who could stand on someone's neck or their back what have you want to say put them in a position of a $68.00 position position and think not enough to be so bold and brazen about it
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you have to understand that there's something wrong with the leadership of that organization and it comes it starts from the top down so it's very appropriate as i said earlier it's very appropriate for the justice department to start examining what's going on in the in that department and making sure that they are policing constitutionally and if and that they need to put on they need to be put on some type of consent decree as we see here as we've seen here in baltimore and other places all on a wider level and just briefly the president says he's going to take this on at a political level so are we looking at sort of blanket uniform federal instructions and guidelines to be implemented across all of the states across the u.s. or is that sort of an impossible feat. i don't think it's impossible at all i think use of force policies have been pretty standard across the board however i don't think there's ever been a federally adopted use of force policy that applies to every state nonetheless i
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do believe that uniformity with what would create certainty and what's expected and what's not expected and we would have a better understanding of how police function in how they go about doing their job what the parameters are so that we can address them when they step out of bounds again so i think everything is moving in the right direction and up large the president for his efforts mr gordon it's good to have your insight thanks very much for joining us from baltimore to maryland. thank you for having me. now syria has been stripped of its rights and privileges in the global chemical weapons organization the move comes after an investigation blamed damascus for 3 poison gas attacks in 2017. has more. days khattab says he was injured 3 years ago in a chemical bombing but it's refuse asylum outside syria which is he says his home. but that home is now a displaced persons camp in northern italy province where fay's owns what listen he
9:38 pm
can repairing shoes he lives with 8 members of his family and one tent and says there are 50 families squeezed into just 30 tents in the camp in 2018 faires was guarding empty houses with other anti-government rebels a few kilometers south in circa when the syrian regime launched an attack. helicopter was in the sky and we knew that we have to resort to the shelters because normally it would drop a barrel bomb but that evening there was no explosion so one guy open the shelters door and we were suddenly struck by the smell of chlorine we went outside to find a lot of people struggling and impairing with the gas it is headquarters at the hague on wednesday the global chemical watch told the o.p.c. w. in favor of stripping syria of its voting rights. $87.00 countries supported sanction 50 more against including russia china and iran it sends
9:39 pm
a clear political message and. syria will no longer be able to take part in any voting unless it has addressed such as factually the issues at hand so the practical implications are not massive but it is a significant political signal. an investigation by the a.b.c. w. blamed damascus for 3 poison gas attacks in the village of lata mena in march 27th . it said syrian planes and helicopters dropped chemical bombs there over 20 days for years previous to that the syrian government agreed to join the o.p.c. w after a suspected sarin nerve gas attack killed $1400.00 people it promised to give up all chemical weapons to the investigation found otherwise and testimonies such as those affairs had tabs would suggest the regime even after law to mena
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continues gas attacks against its population fires refuses to leave syria as a refugee saying he wants to see justice in his own land nor about the money al jazeera. thank you and he islam in the u.k. is being sued for libel by a syrian refugee boy and his family they say they were threatened after tommy robinson his real name is steven yaxley lennon published allegations that they deny that involve a reporter from london. stephen yes lee lennon arriving for the start of his trial for libel the man who usually goes by the name tommy robinson accused a syrian teenager back in 2018 of physically attacking girls at his 2nd reschedule it came after this mobile phone footage went viral. that shows refugee jamal his jersey being pushed to the ground and having water poured on his face at school in huddersfield in northern england it attracted widespread condemnation including
9:41 pm
from the vent prime minister to resign may he jazz he says it was part of a campaign of racist bullying by a group of fellow pupils the remarks at the center of the libel trial came into facebook videos that followed i have a witness who's a young girl who would be you know like a man actually lennon also claimed jamal who came to britain under a refugee resettlement program had threatened to stab a fellow student jamal now 17 denies all the accusations his lawyer told the judge at the high court the videos viewed by more than a 1000000 people led to threats against jamal's family who have now had to move elsewhere stephen yaxley lennon recently said that he was bankrupt and couldn't afford a lawyer is representing himself here in caught his defense rests on proving that everything he said in those facebook videos was true the prosecution is hoping to convince the judge that it wasn't i'm not so at least 29000 yeah actually lennon was jailed for 9 months for contempt of court after breaching a reporting ban on
9:42 pm
a sexual exploitation case in recent years he presented himself as a journalist reporting the truth about grooming gangs and focusing on south asian perpetrators he 1st became known in the u.k. as a founder of the english defense league e.t.l. a far right and he is ongoing but he eventually quit the group saying it was because it had been taken over by fascists a neo nazis but he's been banned from facebook and instagram. the repeatedly breaking policies on hate speech this year a judge handed him an interim stalking protection order over his actions towards a newspaper journalist and her partner his current libel trial is expected to hear evidence from peoples and staff of these former school nadine barber al jazeera london. indonesia's navy has surgery the 53 people on board a missing submarine the german vessel was made in 1979 and it was conducting a torpedo drill in waters north of the island of bali when it stopped responding maybe officials believe it could have sunk 6 to 700 meters just to washington has
9:43 pm
more from jakarta on the disappearance this vessel the 402 requested permission to dive into deeper waters in the early hours of wednesday morning and shortly after making that request and receiving permission to go ahead the vessel lost contact with indonesian authorities what we know is that around 4 hours after losing contact with the submarine indonesian authorities were doing an aerial surveillance of the area trying to spot the submarine and where it could be located in this area around bali's north coast and they did find what appears to be an oil spill in the location where they believe the submarine was located when it 1st attempted to dive into deeper waters now hopefully that is something of a breakthrough which help could help with finding the location of this vessel and of the 53 individuals on board this is an older submarine but we do know that it
9:44 pm
did undergo refurbishment in south korea and that process was completed in 2012 we understand that the indonesian navy is currently in the process of surveilling the area both by air and sea and those requests for assistance from neighboring countries astray and singapore as well as india have been responded to and those countries have offered their assistance with this search effort. to me a month where a protest leader has been charged along with 40 other demonstrators for the murder of 2 policemen and he was arrested last week following a bike chase in money or video release shows a vehicle ramming into a convoy of motorbikes the man was then taken away by armed men a military gentry's also cracking down on protesting doctors by cancelling their licenses and revoking their passports 20 change has more bangkok in neighboring thailand. medical services in myanmar have effectively ground to hold the
9:45 pm
the military have been focusing very much on trying to pressure the medical services doctors but also those running the hospitals to get back to work they've been targeting them or they've been targeting the hospitals as well in some of their crackdowns and what we heard in last night's 8 pm bulletin on state television news was that any doctors who take part in the cd and the civil disobedience movement will be disbarred they'll have their law medical licenses revoked and they'll have their passports taken away they've even arrested the doctor who's in charge of the covert 19 operations in myanmar so it is something of a health care system in crisis nonetheless i think this the many doctors in myanmar have stated that they are not going to go back to work and they are adamant in their support for the protesters indeed world the special rapporteur for human rights said today that he's being told that as many as a quarter of
9:46 pm
a 1000000 people have been displaced and we've seen 2000 people coming across the border into thailand we know some have got across the other border into indonesia into india but the majority of the of those people are people who fled from the big urban centers where the protests and the crackdowns have been focused in the last couple of months with the military so intransigent in their of refusal to turn back the clock on the military coup and the protesters adamant they're going to carry on with the protests that this is just heading towards an even greater crisis. afghanistan is suffering one of its worst droughts in decades aid agencies say one 3rd of the population doesn't have enough food or water and they warn that urgent action is needed to stop the humanitarian crisis getting worse fear called to fury reports from kabul. farmers in the village of ji can do nothing as water levels drop the canals connected to wells through which they were irrigating their fields
9:47 pm
have run dry the wheat is growing at a slow pace and as water has become even more scarce farmers worry there may be no harvest season this year. we worry a lot we worry if there's water get scarce where will we go we're very concerned about where we should go. see what god will decide for us half of afghanistan's provinces have been gripped by a drought crisis and climate change is being blamed. there's been limited snowfall and rain both vital during this spring and summer farming season. humanitarian organizations are warning that people in many parts of afghanistan face severe water shortages including the water that's also likely to create sort of piece of plywood as there is not enough to properly we gave crops according to the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies more than
9:48 pm
13000000 afghans do not have enough food to eat the covered 1000 pandemic has created economic hardships for many but now if help isn't provided for food in a few months 18000000 afghans almost half the population could be affected but this is the plan to see reason which comes all business of the spring but the conditions are there's no precipitation enough the moisture on the ground and then they won't be able to plan so that's i'm projecting in coming months. there will be reduced food availability and as i mentioned a study that will be around 16 to 27 percent reduced units in weeds alone and that will have an impact or 2 cleans you'll spend a lot of money to import in order to satisfy the local markets but also because of that the forces of supply and demand will mean the present also go up in 2018 the afghan government adopted a drought risk management strategy and received
9:49 pm
a grant from the world bank in february to fight drought this year and though a drought has not been officially declared yet in afghanistan the farmers of color are safe no action is taken now their fate may resemble that of other villagers decades ago. we had this kind of drought about 60 to 70 years ago and the people back then left this area but after some years they came back when the water reappeared and now this disaster is on its way again. fully a country for al-jazeera kabul. well still ahead here on al-jazeera football's european championships all set to get its 1st female official jemma we'll have those details in school so do stay with us.
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talk about top of his job. the european is superbly project may have crumbled as you've been hearing but it seems the fans of the clubs involved aren't going to forgive and forget easily with. that was the reception the ramage or team got as they arrived at their hotel in caddies ahead of wednesday night's spanish league match they were heckled and cooled money grubbers and barcelona are the only clubs out of the 12 yet to clarify their position earlier al jazeera spoke to the former president around calderon he
9:52 pm
believes the reputation and image of his beloved cup has been seriously damaged and says the current president of. the fans an explanation. he didn't make any inquiry to them you know good to know if they approved these and say that he made a mistake that if he were to clear a mistake i know his problem is involved now we know q-tip earthman in a stadium that is going to course nobody knows how much but for a few more than $1000000000.00 euros plus the losses for the pandemic so all he needed desperately a situation like that is i don't think that the need to reform in my opinion it's done many times the current form out is quite good it gave the opportunity to small clubs to play against the big ones or else or they play the they come play among each other did the mystic competition it's compatible with the champions
9:53 pm
league and in fact do you have far. into the use some reforms they are trying to increase the number of clubs play in the competition in some order changes that is going to improve this format but they think there is no need to change it. in their way or 30th already. meanwhile passes k.h. round came and has called on the clubs president joanna porsche to explain where they stand on the european safely. and local no precedent yes i talk to the president yesterday about this issue he explained to me the stance of the club but there's been so much noise since yesterday that it's better not to opine about it right now because many things can happen nobody knows what will happen when we have teams that said they were in the now they're saying they want out so i think we must wait but in the end all i want is the best for this club. one of the man
9:54 pm
behind the idea and vice president of the save playcentre and yet he admitted it can no longer go ahead but the event is chairman also hinted at that other clubs was thinking of signing up. i remain convinced of the beauty of that project of devaluating would have developed the pyramid of the creation of the best competition in the world but admittedly no i mean i don't think that that project is now still up and running but maybe something will happen in the future i'm not going to say how many plums clubs contacted me in just 24 hours asking if they could join. really you think. pulled out there would have been over quotes from across europe you would have got to be 15 you wanted more maybe just maybe daylight but i was contacted by a number of teams asking what they could have done to join could you say which
9:55 pm
teams they work no i prefer not to because personal matters is a personal manchester united to curry chairman joe glazer has written to fans apologising unreservedly and he's promising to rebuild trust with them they have opposed the support has also got an apology from their club's principal i know john that he henry that many south it didn't go far enough i hope you'll understand that even when we make mistakes we're trying to work in your clubs best interest in this endeavor i've let you down again i'm sorry and i long i'm responsible for the unnecessary negativity brought forward over the past couple of days it's something i won't forget. and shows the power the fans have today more rightly continue to have i don't think this is me ology i just think you have to promise not to hope that the players will not be on that with the assumption that they will.
9:56 pm
in other news it looks like dublin is going to miss out on hosting yuri 2020 games later this year the city was due to hold of 4 matches at their viva stadium but the irish government say they don't expect to be able to meet your wife as demand filling grounds to 25 percent capacity the delay tournament is due to be hosted in 12 cities across europe from june the tournament will also see its 1st female official stefania frappe has been selected as a 4th official she's already made history as the 1st woman to referee a new way for champion's league match and a men's world cup qualifier. a decision on the number of court fans attending the delayed take your olympics may not be made until as late as june overseas a spectators have already been prevented from traveling to japan for the games because of the current virus pandemic. cookbooks thaw the curve in 1902 asian is
9:57 pm
ever changing while looking closely at the overall numbers including the outlook for the future i think it is necessary to listen to opinions and make adjustments from the experts perspectives i would like to find a direction by the end of april but i am still considering when to make the final decision based on the situation in the future despite japan moving closer to declaring a state of emergency the head of the international olympic committee still believes the country is the best prepared for hosting the games talk you continue to be the best. ever. these was underlined by the information we got from the organizing committee and from there called the nation commission. which closely called for $800.00 at full speed. to prepare these games which are approaching very very fast. now i'll have more later. thank. you very much the officer and he is our lord and
9:58 pm
taylor will have more now while london new center straight after the break a dilemma for me on the team a company. jumped into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed that we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are too little to heat
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a new and be part of today's discussion this dream on out is their. joint africa's largest trade and investment in rwanda and to african trade gives me access to more than 1100 exhibitors 10000 visitors and bias and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import bank and their premium partners the i 80 have 2021. transforming africa. to see. a family. politicized by the forces of nature. filmed over 4 years i can inform my documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. to see the climate
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diaries a witness documentary on al-jazeera. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera. the dirt shogun trial may be over but questions remain the justice department north has an investigation into the minneapolis police department. says out to 0 live from london also coming up. hundreds of detained across russia in protests demanding the release of kremlin critic alexei navalny.


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