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none of those teams that signed up with german many of those looking at their so basically saying look because funds in germany have much more of a stakeholder in those teams that the put the farms themselves avoided those teams going down this particular road if a similar shakeup happened here from so given more power we wouldn't see there being a top half a top heavy structure when it comes to how these clubs are or rather most certainly the ball is rolling though when it comes to really reassessing the future of european football. you want you'll just there with me sell romney a reminder of all top stories the u.s. attorney general has loads an investigation into the minneapolis police department that comes less than a day after the film off the dark shaven was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd a white house correspondent can be how. well the momentum is in the president's
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favor and that's why he tossed his department of justice to add to the already criminal investigation that is in place investigating the death of george floyd now we have the announcement of the civil investigation into the police and practices of the minneapolis police department what this investigation will do is it will address sort of what it sees as systemic failures with regard to potentially discriminatory conduct as well as training and the use of force at least 300 people have been detained across russia for protesting against the concentration of tremblin critical at simi valley russian authorities have deemed the protests unlawful due to corona virus restrictions 22 patients have died as a public hospital in india's western state of maharashtra when the oxygen supply ran out following a leak in a tank the hospital had been treating crowd of iris patients. syria has been stripped of its rights and privileges in the global chemicals weapons organization
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the move comes after an investigation blamed damascus for 3 poison gas attacks in 2017 and syrian president bashar assad has submitted documents to run for a 3rd term in next month's election the us and the syrian opposition have criticized the vote calling it a farce indonesia's navy is searching for 53 people on board a missing submarine now the vessel was conducting a torpedo drill in waters north of the island of bali indonesia as military chief has requested the help of australia and singapore in finding it the defense ministry says it found an oil spill in the location where the submarine was last detected chance military has promised an 18 month transition to free elections after the death of president idriss deby the army has says it was he was killed while leading soldiers fighting rebels in the north he had just run reelection his son john muhammad will take on the role of interim head of state those who are the
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headlines inside story with the number is next to stay with us. chad's president is killed while visiting soldiers fighting rebels in the north idrees that he leaves behind a power vacuum in an already unstable region so what's next for chad and the battle for stability in africa sadly this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm home the death of chad's president is throwing the country and its neighbors into disarray idriss deby led with an authoritarian grip for 30 years and had just won reelection in a disputed poll despite this western nation saw debbie as a crucial ally in africa's sad region the 68 year old was killed while leading troops near the northern border with libya chad's forces have been battling a rebel group known as fact the army is dissolved the government and appointed debbie son as interim leader this goes against the constitution that's also been scrapped but the military says it will only be in charge for 18 months. the defense and security forces are not seeking to seize power i would like to reassure that the members of the transitional military council will hand over power to a civilian government after free and democratic elections within 18 months. many of chad's allies have paid tribute to debbie his death could have wider implications for security in the sad chad contributes one of the highest number of troops to the
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fight against armed groups in the region i met idris reports from nigeria capital abuja. idriss deby presented himself as a strong leader and that's what he wants for his life in the west and in africa. this will seem on the battle front yet like shot last year when his troops food and eventually expelled. and then i said. he's death on another battlefront is a huge blow to our allies and the fight against armed groups in this al and else why not. that i can sense that with the security challenges increasing and whom the country may limit or even reduce its participation in external conflict it was reported 3 years ago that debbie before he died was moving units that he had deployed somali and news year back to chad to help defend the capital these are some of his best units so if the current interim government has to keep those units in chad for security purposes. then that would disrupt at least in the short term
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france's and the broader g. 5. counterterrorism efforts in. those ripples remain a threat a father deterioration of security in charge could trigger the withdrawal of its troops from regional to bolster security at home this will in turn leave many countries in this hell and lake chad regions more vulnerable to study and troops there play a significant role in stopping armed groups from over and in many communities. a country with a history of cool civil war and tribal conflict is battling various rebel groups the latest being the one in which president lost his life. the group was until a year ago peace to libya and was fighting alongside most in a race how do you have to ironically one of the reasons that they're coming back into chad right now is because of the peace agreement that was floored under the united nations auspices in libya requiring all foreign armies to leave the country
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and so they're doing just that they're bringing with them the training and the arms that they gained inside of libya and they're bringing them to chat. with the region awash with heavy and small weapons some of the libya conflict experts say child and the entire region could see an uptick in violence by rebels and i'm groups in coming months western powers considered as a dependable ally and one child the enforcers to continue to play the torch but with a new military government having so much to deal with right now that are no guarantees but troops will continue to fight those battles while there is trouble i tore a mature trees on to sita a project. all right let's bring in our guests in moscow mahmoud adam bashir chad's ambassador to russia here in doha will lead modibo president of the sudan policy forum and an opera gonna emanuel the awning director of research at the kofi annan international peacekeeping training center
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welcome to the program mahmoud let me start with you today how worrying is all of this for chad and what is the level of concern in the country. thank you so much for this opportunity for us so far. allow me to give my condo this is. these people on the family of the president has france the head of states african head of states is rather less. all the african people who are shocked about that are the. event of the death of the president it is not. a situation of course the deaths of it is that we had no could not easily be filled but is still the country will continue.
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the military council for a transition the transition military council will continue the commitments of all the agreements of. the running of the state until the elections after 18 months corsi from your vantage point do you believe that this is going to lead to instability in chad and what would instability in chad mean for the region well i think i certainly do believe that there's. surprising turn of events off to have been warned the next day with some internet to send the popular vote and negligent. and as das said to would lead to some movement cendant and ip vows in chad let's not forget that history of political and military history of chad from the seventy's and eighty's
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and ninety's to. debbie to cuba the role of the supporters and the ethnic groups office and have a great and cuckoo new way day old rope played by libya and now with the down movement of the front for change. was far from libya as a spin off to the un my dream and said to lead dida mystic tell em just in chad whoa continue to wes. mounting timetable that has been established for an election is not feasible precisely because as a form suffer less chance at a lower level of continuously being suspended excuse is getting so that that narrative from me to me and i now about 10 election and less crowded timetable
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i don't think is going to cut ice with ordinary people nevertheless he won't be able to see is that child's domestic insecurities might possibly contribute to that would draw out of child young troops from you know a misguided central after kyra lake at reduction of the activities in nigeria and in mali. president debbie and i need just to look kids chat precisely because the toughness of his troops do we know that it's a mess that community and i critic i have to swim and that's just who and to their petition for chad and himself i said stop the lies and force in the region if pulling back troops plays it better i'm sorry to interrupt you but let me
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let me get back to you about that point in just a few moments because i want to i want to now go to a lead and i want to ask him about the fact there's still a lot of questions surrounding the death of president debbie i mean at the moment it's the military that's really in control of the narrative is it not and do we know any more specific details about the injuries that president debbie sustained that led to his death. i know we're not yet sure. if it is it hasn't been an assassination or is it just an injury that clipped into his this but what we know for sure is is that we are witnessing witnessing the death of the that is strong man of the the crowd. really getting into the leader more at the expense of the gun than i was in his power he
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is pitted not to the ability of. the bill a civic society in general he exploited also it's all ethnic and privately to be used and obviously the situation in tight exposes the hypocrisy of the west in particular fast because france has given. d p for support not being there and he is an autocrat who has even i mean we're getting he has been we getting this excited he he mid north africa of truth for a transition to democracy and what we see now is just an image that he called the dark and. he he has been making an effort to pass the whole order to his son but his son doesn't have the credibility he doesn't have the
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kid is not that what we're we like it or not the be enjoyed he had some good is not a this. guy he doesn't have any kind he's not nor does he have any experience aside on military experience he doesn't have any political leverage by which by which he can pull together the chaldean society and middens it into the mockers mahmood well it was just talking there about president debbie son who has been appointed as interim leader let me ask you does president debby's son command enough respect from the military to be able to take on this mantle. first of all before we come to because sun there is not hypocrisy from france of any country here in china but it turned the one who brought about
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democracy before him was his own harbury there were no political parties there were not such a thing called civil society there is nor are syndicates saw when present day we came here or into free press otherwise political parties or the lies of an assertion of civil society. dissent the case or for the source your professional groups so everybody has his. he want to create he has his party want to create he has his private the radio or t.v. he has his private jordan all. people associated the political parties the national t.v. was open for all the political parties. he organized a national conference inclusive national conference way out all from all walks of life but dissipated saw debbie is the one who brought about the populace he's
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a one who brought about civil society sort of saying that is his power and his party his force was an expanse of civil society is i think that's not true to come to his son. mr muhammad it is be his or german or 4 star general and he is. he. in the military promotions orderly and he participated in the in the liberation of mali from the terrorist group and he was the deputy commander of the of the operation so he was also explores through to the north and part of charge when the operations he liberated the. the north part of china from the from the rebel groups also so he has a very quiet very calm and he was the head of the presidential guard and even in
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the current opposition where his that were passed away he was there. he was a day on he was part of the opposition saw and he is not alone he has a medical military council the way wife in the 1st place they put forth the military council him in place because our constitution is a constitution which was modified in the on consultation basis. last year said that the president has a deputy president or the vice president would she would be appointed by the president the president didn't appoint his vice president yet. that is if the president is not there the most but is and what their over if the vice president is not there there was a president of the senate there the did this senators the center and the senate is not yet put in place in the organization was not the president is
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a vacancy and that's why the at that time where their military direction will shine more yourself mentioned the command would only be oh i'm sorry to interrupt you but let me wedlock let me just get back to this point that you're making and in a couple of minutes because i want to actually i want to ask question right now with regards to the fact that the president's son was appointed to lead the country from your perspective is this unconstitutional. a matter nor the constitutionality of this particular case in terms of the chaldean constitution but i can tell you for a fact there are very few you know there is a very quick ones. very few and for him to be admitted to a 4 star general i mean it's just simply ridiculous and it's a reflection of guilt i think that awful you know bad behavior office 5 that. has contributed gets to all these sanctions so if used to show olympics ok and it's
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in this language used to scenes that can make decisions and i've been that will contribute to the east i believe mystic instability that i do number of us i worried about you know so well the constitution proper or not i think there's something to tell us out of the experience necessary it's forced i mean it's it's simply ridiculous well let me ask you could you tell our audience a little bit about this armed group known as fact do we know what these rebels want . when we know for sure i mean they. just want to rule the touch bases he had on the issue of constitutionality because according to the charge and was that you should and it is the head of the parliament that should have picking lists and been in
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a period of $45.00 days for $45.00 to $60.00 days. ago an election should be held was which the prison term be assigned to her so it's definitely unconstitutional and it is just got in my mind seeing the condition of the military see the tension the judge and people who have been distributing to me to transition to democracy for us to saying that. we did the has brought about our democracy i mean this is a system of governance that lacks transparency lacks accountability and and and it is not a technician in governance i mean why why should it be a good be more of all more than 3 the biggest 2 to assign a vice president is even though this is a hallmark of. i think i talk crissy and what i get in is it here i think then.
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it's not clear when when you just read. that the clinician of fact another groups i don't think that they have been well i think you need their argument but what is really clear is the day they make it very clear to us to the international community that what crime what ethnic group cannot don't we need politics for more than 40 kids in any unit that is very high that i miss culturally and it's and that is their identity of it you see it here so this is very clear and it is very logical that it in order there for china to be stable it needs more than a strong autocrat it needs. it means some sort of to declare it isn't of democracy it's done deploy additional of cygnus and human rights. let
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me ask you this. what do we know currently about the position of these rebel groups throughout the country what is happening with the military fight against these rebel groups right now. first of all love of course i ought to answer to my 2 colleagues. in our 4 star general you don't know. a man this young young man. who deserved to be but i wanted for so it was not of my he had perceived it participated in or what you are talking march out is stabilizing forces in the region he let either lead or the deputy commander in the in mali in the book or her arm in. in the north of charge so he guy who was tested and he was
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a ruling do you know and have been raised in bottles that's from from one side or the other thing about the president took a city decades to to name a vice president actually to tell you i'm going to stew should be his you used to have the prime minister and all this through the kitted there what a prime minister it was just last year that the people and all with just a large open consultation have decided that no no more ways in but as the. prime minister but as the must have always president and also but as there must have only to tell us it was these modifications were introduced and also there should be another house not only the house of the resent it this should be a house of the of the senators and in this house of senate there's the will will be a shooting did transition when there is. the president is not.
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available or device but that is not available should be the head of the house and this one is jewish and yes they knew it was just has happened last year and it's not yet filled so there is a god and that a time where. that i was you just asked me this question ramos is attacking you said what the robber was or what mercenaries in in libya as your son to name the beginning of the. of this discussion you mention there were they were fighting with . after they were mercenaries they were paid to do so now that deep with the different factions among themselves and they ask all the mission that's to leave libya so they wanted to leave leave it they want to become back to china they don't want to come back citizens they want to come back and take power and they want to come back into power and they had all these heavy material certain order suffocated that's why they and that's. president there be actually there one thing
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which is good news here sparse the way but he left a unified country and he left a victorious military hero here are probably right about victory he defeated all the forces by himself and then he was injured so. it. said in the beginning the president's stance will not want to be alone if there is a council and he has had to deal with this that is a council from all the different military for our forces the people who used to be either the defense minister former defense minister former chief of staff and it's a current chief or star these are the people who are the leading them army they are helping him to do it to do the job he's not alone. and i'm not i'm sorry to interrupt you again but we are starting to run out of time so i need to go to a question here how crucial is the chaldean military when it comes to efforts in
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combating armed groups in the saddle and how large a role do they play. well i think they've been fairly effective. in combat and book around in out in you know. mali but also certainly in the central african republic but debt is disaster for power and it's pressing and extending this region out for i truly am just a quote that. read those in the central africa area public something that ordinary people guessed by now i understand where the ambassador is coming from but no this is about a child young people and not about the establishment's if they do nasty. much as i do men's. flowing and convey saying i can assure you the people of chad just don't want these empty assurances anymore in desert true belief in the i
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believe. to transform that country it should be about building used to sheen's strength induced each to shoes and then sharing that when. narrow down and and intimidating those clips the. access to that 2. minutes all right we've run out of time so we're going to have to leave our conversation there thanks so much to all of our guests mom without them bashir will leave medieval and emanuel kwesi unning and thank you too for watching you can see this and all of our previous programs again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me mamma jim from the whole team here bye for now.
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russian police arrest dozens protesting the.


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