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tv   earthrise Wild Recovery  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm +03

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these clubs or rather most certainly the ball is rolling though when it comes to really reassessing the future of european football. your child is there with me said holroyd never mind to have all top story the u.s. attorney general has launched an investigation into the minneapolis police department that comes less than a day after a formal officer derek chapman was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd a white house correspondent kimberly how it was more well the momentum is in the president's favor and that's why he tast his department of justice to add to the already criminal investigation that is in place investigating the death of george floyd now we have the announcement of the civil investigation into the police and practices of the minneapolis police department what this investigation will do is it will address sort of what it sees as systemic failures with regard to
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potentially discriminatory conduct as well as training and the use of force. at least 300 people have been detained across russia for protesting against the in concentration of kremlin critic alexina valley russian authorities have deemed the protests unlawful due to coronavirus restrictions russian president vladimir putin is warning moscow will respond in a host way to any foreign provocations but wants to have good relations with other countries he's made the common citizen you will states of the nations speech. 22 patients have died at a public hospital in india's western state of maharashtra when their oxygen supply ran out following a leak in a tank now the hospital had been treating coronavirus patients indonesia's navy is searching for 53 people on board a missing submarine the vessel was conducting a torpedo drill in waters north of the island of bali indonesia as military chief has requested the help of australia and singapore to find it the defense ministry
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says it found an oil spill in the location where the submarine was last detected a protest leader in me and maher has been charged along with 40 other demonstrators for the murder of 2 policemen video released shows a vehicle ramming into a convoy of motorbikes the man was then taken away by armed men the un human rights chief says the violent crackdown following the february coup has left close to a quarter of a 1000000 people displaced. the hurdle strong because roman catholic church is accusing the government of stalling investigations into the 2019 easter bombings commemorations are being held to mark 2 years since the attacks on sore legs catholic community 269 people were killed and hundreds more were injured nearly $200.00 suspects were arrested but 2 years later no one has yet been charged those are the headlines about with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next is earthrise to stay with us.
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it was about troy it's pretty calm albeit rather windy out here amongst qatar's mangrove forests but the has been a real sense of urgency making this in the middle of a pandemic that's brought the world to its means and which started because we have been bringing nature to its name. is just one of many illnesses that is spilled
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over tossed wildlife as we quite frankly plumbed a notch well and come into close contact with boston found. about sars hiv aids 3 out of 4 emerging infectious diseases come from animals and one surfaces every 4 months so the need to safeguard wild spaces like this one and to protect nature for its survival and our own has never been clearer. but the time it has also generate . the desire for a career in recovery or out here is hurtful solutions to the environments crisis was starting the serious attempts was like helping to invent future outbreaks i think such origins of. investigations have been carried out into the likes of baucus and labels and some space that these mammals were amongst the 1000000 plants and was fresh and the extinction for that is hard and yet now we meet the team rehabilitating tropics hunk of it and in southern india locals are defending the
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only remaining home of one critically endangered bats. nearly one in 5 mammals in the world is of bats. and the rumors that surround their existence. as extensive. associations with darkness and evil witches and pirates including contract killer have led generations to see these flying creatures as sinister. but the grime attitudes of call our home to a unique back to conservation story. for decades devastated this land leaving its god and created but that was supposed to stop when a colony of bats was discovered in a cave in these hills belonging to a species so rare that it was thought to be extinct i've come to go not to caught in india to find out how conservationists i'm no coast took on the mining industry
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to win protected status for this land the last remaining home in the world of the elite no spot. only around $200.00 of these bats exist in the conservation reserve. it is also home to 5 other species the majority of which reside in a tiny cave in the rock face. i'm eating. biologist roy chakravarthy and citizen scientists. how i get to finally know where. in here today they are capturing bats using mist nets and collecting d.n.a. samples. as night falls these nocturnal animals begin to emerge out of the cave flying into the soft nets the place on the ring from where i'm thinking the punch grew in 3 weeks then.
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it's remarkable to be able to see any danger of. bats play a vital role in ecosystems including pollination and controlling. our leaf bats eat thousands of insects each day but threats including habitat loss and hunting have left $21.00 species of bats critically endangered globally including this one . is about 7 or 30000000 years and scientists believe their nose structure helped them in hunting under 33 when in complete darkness it's been proposed that bats have links not only to covert 19 but also to other zoonotic diseases which can spread from animals to humans including ebola and sars. this is why the destruction of their habitat has potential public health consequences it's only when people start destroying. directly or indirectly come in contact with bots and there's.
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that's when these 2 are not the diseases so it's not the bot itself the degree to do it that actually threatens us as a species is that the. bats use the technique called echolocation that allows them to navigate using sound damage sound waves to very high frequency which bounce off objects and they bring them to quickly establish what is. in their vicinity if you've seen small boats fly around st leonards you should just obs of the speed at which they got your sex the angle at which their theory is whether it's a theory whether it's predator whether it's object or there's another back so they do all these calculations in $3.00 to $5.00 milliseconds which is really faster than any supercomputer. the mark i got of one of them on the edge but there was no. viewing the spread of coven 19 people have attacked
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bats around the world in march 2020 in solo indonesia hundreds of bats in a wildlife market were called on orders of the mayor. and in may 2020 authorities issued directives to protect bats across the state of rogers town in india after more than 150 were killed there. the goal are legion is one of india's grommets mine. miners would still be on the hill would not for the determination of bats scientists dr barghouti srinivasan who discovered a colony of gold are leaf knows bats inside the cave in 2030 the species hadn't been spotted in several decades we found the roasting side of this bat and we found that there was mining lots going mining happening lots of trucks on this hill and
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the mining had come to almost $200.00 metres near the dosing site so immediately be alerted the local authorities 1st and also the local communities we also ran a signature campaign but the village just continued protests that you know you need to stop mining a ban on mining happened in january 2015. and area of 223 acres was declared a conservation reserve in 29 team finally bringing protection to this critical. these are the months that you can notice the mining that was happening back then because there is no disturbance at all the habitat is healing and the 1st signs of healing is the presence of grasses all around us i mean it just goes to show that when you've given the time to heal it will bounce back. have you seen a difference in the number of rockets are they coming back to the old roosting spot the bats had stopped using these secondary hosting sites because they were small
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dark by the end my nose says the mining ban has happened we have seen that you know that they are coming back to those interesting sites and their populations have also increased wonderfully where do you think their populations will continue to grow yes they're kind of reclaiming lost land in the yes exactly. various species of birds deer and even predators like leopards have been sighted in this landscape in the recent past all because the protection that a batch brought it. today roy and i are heading inside the cave to try recording the high frequency vocalisations of the call our leaf knows bats using an ultra sound recording device will be getting right up close to them the cave is less than a metre high and 15 meters deep. i'm pretty sure there are no classes for
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big bats scientists. this is right next to my peers so who. are in there i mean really if you are the ones who are trapped here but none of them are packing contrary to popular belief. is asking land does not exist. so yes the back. and you can see the axis quote from. 200 kya hota sort this is peak winds here we're at this time so this spectrogram represents the sounds of the bats i'm making right now yes that's 8 to 9 times more than what we think higher than what we can go. faster because only from
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scratch. to call our leaf no spot has a distinct call which can be used to identify it amongst other bats in the cave. to show it without disturbance i need to put your phones on. this a couple of them calling it now. you know when i put these uniforms on i can hear these bought a book a shins that sound almost alien but as soon as i take them off i can hear the sounds of the communities who live nearby of the farmers who live alongside bats i mean if there's any evidence of the fact that bats on humans can co-exist together seamlessly the soundscape is exactly that. this resolve would not have been possible without the support of the community here . some of whom have become ranges. and we're not overlooking the
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good just want to get out there and properly more than live our lives and i love the glory of it what i own i love going to jimmy in and out come from local farming villages around the result of the. day that things are getting a little one looked into. you know. that reason isn't a part of one of them but a problem to get motherhood in your little prick or. managing perceptions around a vilified species takes can so today. especially when public custody to them runs high. protecting bats in the 21st century will entail engaging with the local community as well live alongside bats and awareness while shops like this with the next generation can make all the difference. if they can i'd like to preserve. very few that the bad girl.
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you know what i can. get. my time here has left me with renewed optimism about the survival of the cold our leaf no spot now that it's only home has been safeguarded for the future. if anything this pandemic has heightened the need to feel awfully protect every corner of habitat that we're left with a newly protected areas. are a step in the right direction. so we'll all still reeling from the effects the kind of 19 pandemic remember we said that a new infectious disease imo just every 4 months or so much the estimate there are 1700000 viruses yet to be discovered in mammals and birds and around half of those could cross over to humans now what happens it's really down to us any given
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species of animal has viruses and bacteria that circulate within that population of animals these are viruses that are grown up with that animal over evolutionary time to the point where they've come to an understanding and the normal interactions different animal species might exchange farces or bacteria those pathogens are able to jump from one animal to another human activities like agricultural intensification expansion of farming systems deforestation and land use change even the wildlife trade were moving wildlife out of their natural environment and moving them around the world these are the types of activities that bring people into closer contact with wildlife and create opportunity for those viruses that normally would certainly within wild animal populations to make the jump into people and that can happen directly or via domestic animals and once a virus successfully makes the jump from animals and people then if it's able to spread from person to person and has the opportunity to do that through social
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interactions locally well local outbreak might occur but really because we're connected globally more so than we ever have been in history all it takes is a person getting on an airplane carrying a new zoonotic virus and that virus moves from one location to many locations and that's how a localized epidemic becomes a global pandemic it's almost guaranteed that we're going to see another large scale epidemic or even a pandemic whether it's a corona virus or another type was doing a lot of virus as long as we're continuing to do the types of activities around the world that allow these viruses to jump from wild animals into people we need to stop. thinking about epidemics as random chance of events that were victims of we are directly we are influencing and have the power to prevent pandemics from occurring we need to make better choices and do things to protect ecosystems and the natural environment around us which is ultimately going to protect our own health and security. of the global wildlife trade as we've heard is one of the
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things increasing the risk of animal foresters coming into contact with humans since the start of the pandemic the cools to panic to become louder but no regulation of course will stop the illegal wildlife trait not sesame street up to 23000000000 dollars each year and it's driving a number of animals to extinction the next step is to make conservationists protecting one of the trafficking is most fun rable victims. have been roaming the earth for at least 45000000 years but now they are threatened with extinction despite an international trade ban nearly 1000000 have been trafficked over the past 2 decades with many of them being used in traditional medicines or served as highly prized meet. one of the best here one of the of the trainers and here i'm here to visit a conservation at work break we're going to hire the world's only truly failing and
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. annoy the bustling capital of vietnam far removed from the natural habitat of a shi'ite sensitive wild animal. but behind closed doors illegal trade in penguins continues here even with the country's tough wildlife protection laws and the prime minister calling for their strict enforcement after the 1000 outbreak. i'm on my way to the center of the noise a popular destination for people looking for traditional chinese medicine i hear it's not hard to find the animal scales here for a range of help from. right to lactation problems. i'm going undercover with our producer who's got a hidden camera will tell the shopkeepers i'm seeking remedies for my sister just had a baby and is having trouble breastfeeding. we try 6 stores the shopkeepers either tell us they don't sell scales because it's illegal or say they have them but get
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suspicious then he finds out. they normally don't go and buy it and i am not left out of our own house on the map but if thing like they are now they've left it up like looking out that. came out and made after. all they have opened it down and have a right to step up again on what. were the pangolin is one of the world's most trafficked wild mammals. vietnam is home to 2 of its 8 species the chinese and assumed pangolin. both are critically endangered globally and their numbers are thought to have fallen by 80 percent or more in recent decades. wildlife trade monitoring network traffic estimates that between 201620 nearly 90 tons of the animals scales these globally
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were linked to vietnam. but there is still hope for this disappearing mammal. i am traveling south of annoyed to cook for a national park where local n.g.o.s working tirelessly to rescue and release penguins. can i. hope with a good. time and his team have returned nearly a 1000 pangolin us to the wild since 2014 and to compare. to release another 7 over the next few days. there are currently 20 at the center all rescued from trafficking networks between vietnam and other southeast asian countries many of the animals that come here are weak d.i.i. treated and have serious injuries. like this one penguin
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1588 identified by the last few digits of his coat a number at the center of this 7 year old lost part of his front paw after being caught in a trap is now ready to be released no. one want to. have a. good know how. good we are. but it's how i get the i'm not. a large dog but i know what. they did a more down the middle but you know much. about the. need to lie down but. my. with numbers plummeting each
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pangolin baby offers new. yet their survival rate at the center is low with many born prematurely females that arrive pregnant but injured and stressed. 'd since 2014 only 10 out of $23.00 made it. this female now 3 months old is a welcome addition. rather than a man. not one i want to interfere but our number one home movie if you want to read it you. somewhat not get. medical just went to what i passed my human being offered him the baton i think no man in whatever kind of man i'm in town alone he would have been meaning quitting lots of the want that they got in that job but i think all. this is the only baby at the center right now growing more independent by the day she'll be able to breed herself with
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a year. to cut than to take on the link i want though but i'm up now to help going and i thought i'm going to what they need open up with a mature woman who can come and going to the mayo you're going to have a guy that i don't manage and when you know what can you make of it you know that the mountain won't know. penguins are mostly nocturnal and as night falls it's time to prepare their 1st meal. and i think you will go to the. caracappa to. some. what people call paying. more work in. the home can start looking like i didn't cut in line. i'm joining 1588 for his dinner or rather breakfast. amputated penguins don't always recover well enough to
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be released so he is one of the lucky ones. not too many meals to go here before he has to find his own in the wilds. save vietnam's wildlife releases penguins in protected areas which are patrolled by forest ranger to. these need to be on constant alert to ensure the animals don't fall prey to the most dangerous animal poachers. but there is another threat the rangers will need to look out for pathogens. no evidence has been found but covert 19 originated from pangolin but some have been known to carry coronaviruses related to the one behind the disease. today the rangers are being trained to take samples from animals they encounter in the wild to aid ongoing research efforts on the potential spill over of disease. the specimen for today's training is
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a dead stuart. all on one walk. with. that here with a number that the military might look at. it but yeah. they do say. back at the center it's the big day final health checks have been done microchips attached and pangolin 1588 and 6 others are ready to be released. if another dot com one time because there. was some talk. on. the 14th if. we're going to get our 5 hour journey to a national park in central vietnam where the pangolins are going to be released
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under tight security tonight 'd. and we've got more could come so provoked i think i'm going to back me up will be good right now i think i'm not because of that although the guards took me look at the life and the for. the 1st pangolin we said 3. more get out 11 of the in the good news boy behind that. i've only been here for a few days but during that time i really seen how vulnerable the scriptures are so this is a really special moment i just hope they don't end up as tropical statistics. with
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so few pangolins left in the world everyone that survives in the wild really count . the covert 19 revealed only to clarity how our health depends on the planets but it's also showing that nature can thrive given half a chance during lockdowns world over that was sightings of animals reclaiming open spaces as we retreated into our homes dolphins follett's in the bosphorus lift umble in turkey. he was proud to santiago chile. mountain goats roamed the streets the welsh town of landed now in the u.k. . as beaches emptied out pressing titles nested in the usually high numbers leave us highlands turkey and here in qatar. these glimpses of nature.
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they serve to remind us we must renegotiate our relationship with natural world. fellow creatures on earth is their fault depends on it he says coded mighty and has shown us they really do. jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian on global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed that me and be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new in each who
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could be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there i. think. the u.s. justice department launches an investigation into the minneapolis police department following the guilty verdict in the george floyd case. the robert you're watching over there a lot of the headquarters here and also coming up. was russian police arrest dozens protesting in support of opposition leader alexina valley.


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