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people are just talking about. the world of business in commerce driving energy transition the promise of clean energy and illusion the dark side of green energy. and al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the al-jazeera news our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. justice department launches an investigation into the minneapolis police department following the guilty verdict in the george floyd case. dozens protesting in support of opposition leader alexina valmy. also running out
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of oxygen and leaking causes the deaths of at least 22 patients in india a hospital has coronavirus cases and. also an indonesian navy submarine goes missing with $53.00 sailors on board a search and rescue mission is underway at. little more than 48 hours the european super league has been from $12.00 to $2.00 teams. have followed 6 english clubs in withdrawing from the breakaway competition which organizes a now cannot happen. i . welcome to the news in the past the u.s. attorney general has announced that an investigation will be launched into the minneapolis police department becomes the less than a day after former officer was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of
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george floyd jovan was still kneeling on the black man's neck for more than 9 minutes during a botched arrest last may. yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address the tensional e systemic policing issues in minneapolis today i am announcing that the justice department has opened a civil investigation to determine whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing will in a moment we'll be going to john hendren in minneapolis george floyd square but 1st let's cross over to a white house correspondent kimberly how it could be a real political push now we what seems to be a need for police reform but how difficult or easy is it going to be to get traction illness. well it is
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a challenge but the feeling of this white house is that the momentum is in its favor in trying to push 2 different tracks you heard there from the justice department the attorney general announcing that there is now a civil investigation this is in addition to the criminal investigation into the death of george floyd that is already underway this one will specifically address the practices of the minneapolis police department the goal of this white house is to restore trust between law enforcement and communities they know that there's work to be done the vice president saying that just because there has been one guilty conviction of the officer that killed george floyd she said a measure of justice isn't equal justice so that is why there is this effort to examine the police practices in minneapolis to see whether more needs to be done but this is just one aspect or one track that this white house is pushing there is also legislation on capitol hill we have the george floyd justice in policing act
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that was passed last march of the house of representatives but since then has been languishing on capitol hill now they're hoping that this guilty verdict against the officer derrick chauvin will in fact breathe new life into this legislation that it may pass in the senate and that joe biden can sign it into law in fact that's something that shortly after these guilty convictions the president of the united states called george floyd's family of course he is the victim in this case to say that he is looking forward to signing of this into law and that there's more work to be done so this is a president making good on that promise and now instructing his department of justice to pursue every end that they can. legally but also congress legislatively in order to bring about the change that he has promised a white house correspondent kelly how can i thanks very much kimberly let's join him did not he's going for us in minneapolis and john of course one would assume
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there is a sense of relief for many in minneapolis and beyond in a chance to remember a man who has new nation not just into social but political action. that's right the mood here i think is probably it's fair to say a little lighter than it has been for the past 11 months here at george floyd square not just because of the 3 guilty verdicts that we heard yesterday but also the news that the justice department is going to be looking into the minneapolis police department for systematic racial problems and people have been meeting here they have been talking about what happened yesterday and more and more starting to gather let me talk to one of them this is randi weingarten she's with the american federation of teachers and you've been active out here just 1st of all let us know what is the mood like here now so. the mood is. there's there's a feeling of well there's a feeling of hope that there was
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a big turn yesterday. you know by the verdict and many of the people who were in square. 38. were. in that day that that that floyd's life was snuffed out of him by his neck by mr sheldon and they live in this neighborhood and they have basically this space in the square into a place of solace and a place. for justice so today the mood is right or there's a hope but there's also a sense that justice is done we need to create opportunity for people who live in this neighborhood we need to create make sure they have kids have access to good schools to create the businesses that are here so there's
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a result of not only to change the criminal justice system to make it. equal to make it less discriminatory but but to also lift up their opportunity i got the sense that people were surprised by the verdict the response was immediate it was dramatic were they well look it was different there are so many. accountability doesn't happen. everyone saw. those videos kids talk. that that that a police officer. who was crying out for his life saying he can't breathe so that's what we all saw but this is. the 2nd or 3rd time. that that kind of justice accountability happened and it's not there are many many many people within
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policing who are good people who are there for the right reasons but if you can. some kind of racism that you saw in that. then you can't ultimately have justice and there was a sense. will this happen again will justice be again and i think the the joy. there was no justice will be denied today it doesn't mean everything is better but it means a real inflection point and that's what you're hearing and seeing very good randi weingarten thank you very much with the gloves i think we're safe on this there is another incident that is getting a lot of attention today that's in columbus ohio where a young 16 year old girl was fatally shot by a police officer she was holding
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a knife at the time and in an ultra cation with another girl but the police officers badge camera shows that he ran up and fired almost instantly after warning her and the concern in the community there is that there were so many other ways that officer could have responded with a taser or something else in the police chief in columbus ended up having to resign in january because of a series of fatal incidents involving police officers will give you more on that as we learn in the minneapolis. take you to some of the day's other news now least 200 people have been detained across russia for protesting against the incarceration of kremlin critic alexina valley must demonstrate civs of demonstrations are being held demanding his immediate release and access to medical attention russian authorities have deemed the protests a lawful due to current virus restrictions that only he was imprisoned in january for 2 and a half years for violating terms of probation and his aides amongst those detained
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at your station is just that this just is what i think that everything is happening to scare all the other people i was literally detained for the thought of showing up at the rally i'll be detained until the late evening in the police van that you know perfectly well what you should deal you shouldn't be afraid i want freedom front of on the even from the police fanned the valley should be alive safe and free. with joins me now from moscow where those protests have been ongoing let's just begin with those news of arrests and the protests in support of the valley what seems to be going on burned. so well in the valley supporters a call for protests nationwide in russia's far east about 6 and 86 to 8 hours well ahead of us there were protests earlier on today several 1000 people across the country so far a protest at a more than 200 detained this is the square in moscow just in front of the kremlin
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they were calling for an of only supporters to come and protest but as you can see it's been sealed off because the police say as they have around the rest of the country that the protest is illegal breaches coronavirus restrictions the protest here isn't supposed to start for another hour or so and it comes just a few hours after plotted near putin delivered his state of the nation address most of it was focused on domestic policy in. italy dealing with a coronavirus pandemic and a desire. to get rushers get russia herd immunity by all sorts of only 4 percent of russians about the job so far so that's a very tall order but he did touch on international relations he said that russia is being picked on without any reason he said it well like a tiger that you can see all the hyenas gather hyenas gathering around. what i see so we can use russia has its own interests will be protecting and
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upholding them within the context of international law but if someone refuses to understand that and adopt an arrogant attitude towards us we will uphold our line their attitudes towards us are more dangerous now than in the past the direct interference in dello russo is an example to create a coup the so called collective west is involved here. now of course russia is under enormous pressure it feels under enormous pressure at the moment because it's not diplomats expelled from european and from european countries and from the us it's not sanctioned imposed because of allegations of meddling in the us presidential elections because of its occupation of crimea and the vast buildup of troops on the border with crimea and allegations of cyber hacking and of course the jailing of alexei navalny who were just here in the u.n. believes is life is in severe danger as he's in this prison hospital east of
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moscow. ben smith in moscow thanks so much for the update as well pavel felgenhauer is a columnist for the new voyages that specializing in defense and military affairs he says putin's speech did not threaten any specific rivals despite using strategically strong language. this is an you know address it's always traditionally most of the belt social economic issues inside russia which are rather immense client klaus in this sense is always in the last 3rd of the speech and even maybe sometimes less than that sometimes which uses this address for a foreign policy statement or defense statement he didn't do much this time at all there were some threats there was talk about russia being the number one military nuclear power in the world of developing new weapons and that the west will have to
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listen to russia and. recognize russian national interest and russia wants to talk with the west discuss with the west the west is going to recognize essential russian interests he was not specific right now many and in moscow bursts of that as a good thing so that the ruble a bit stabilized that he didn't speak about ukraine he didn't speak about possible military action and that's a seed most likely has better not to speak then and give a specific threats then to give specific ones. had him hold the office or a news hour including take him to games grapple with more uncertainty that's japan's government considers a state of emergency to control such incredible risk cases in the capital also syrian refugees face losing the homes that they fled the government supporters of benefiting from the latest land grabs. and in sport al-jazeera speaks to the former
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president of real madrid to get his thoughts on the doomed european super league. at least 22 patients have died in a public hospital in india's western state of maharashtra after their oxygen supply ran out the hospital had been treating coronavirus patients when an oxygen tank began leaking while it was being refilled the hospitals in india are facing acute oxygen shortages many patients in the capital new delhi only have enough to last an estimated 24 hours while india's health system is buckling as the country reports almost 300000 new cases and more than 2000 deaths in one day both numbers are recorded. are struggling to cope with demand has the death toll climbs the government is being accused of understating the number of fake talent sees elizabeth put on reports now from the capital new delhi. this oxygen tank oxygen
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tank us which supply the 700 bed coated facility in the city of national in the worst affected state they were being refilled when a leak occurred authorities immediately stopped the leak but not before it disrupted supply to some of the patients resulting in the deaths of 2219 patients who were on ventilators 31 others had to be transferred to another hospital authorities have said that they're going to investigate exactly what happened they're going to hold whoever is responsible to account but we hear this a lot and india where accidents and hospitals are not uncommon but all of this is happening as many states in india face critical shortages of oxygen supplies as the number of hospital hospitalizations go up exponentially with the rise in cases that we are seeing now it is a very urgent situation in delhi here in the capital as well with the state leaders
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appealed to the central government on tuesday to urgently send supplies supplies were sent on tuesday night but most hospitals many hospitals rather say they only have supplies to last them a few hours this morning one of delhi's biggest private hospitals told us that they had 24 hours worth of supply but just in the last hour or so they have said that that has now shrunk to just 5 hours because of the number of people who have been admitted today. the relaxation of current a virus restrictions is happening faster than expected in. customers provided they present evidence vaccinated or have a negative test result. or public gatherings has also been raised to 50 from term. being kept under control due to intensive and frequent testing. meanwhile there have been protests in the german capital where politicians have just approved a new so-called emergency brake rules to tackle the pandemic the new law allows for
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school closures and nighttime curfews in areas with high infection rates critics see it as their an attack on their freedoms even as germany battles a 3rd wave of cases indonesia's navy is searching for 53 people on board a missing submarine the german made submarine made in 1979 was conducting a torpedo drill in waters north of the island of bali when it stopped responding indonesia's military chief has requested the help of australia and singapore in finding the submarine navy officials believe it could have sunk to a depth of 6 to 700 metres jessica washington is in jakarta and has more on submarines disappearance. this vessel the 402 requested permission to dive into deeper waters in the early hours of wednesday morning and shortly after making that request and receiving permission to go ahead the vessel lost
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contact with indonesian authorities what we know is that around 4 hours after losing contact with the submarine into the asian authorities were doing an aerial surveillance of the area trying to spot the submarine and where it could be located in this area around bali's north coast and they did find what appears to be an oil spill in the location where they believe the submarine was located when it 1st attempted to dive into deeper waters now hopefully that is something of a breakthrough which help could help with finding the location of this vessel and of the 53 individuals on board this is an old a submarine but we do know that it did undergo refurbishment in south korea and that process was completed in 2012 we understand that the indonesian navy is currently in the process of surveilling the area both by air and sea and those requests for assistance from neighboring countries astray and singapore as well as india have been responded to and those countries have offered their assistance with
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this search effort so that is a research fellow at the royal united services institute in the u.k. u.k. based think tank he explains why the search and rescue operation will face numerous challenges. it's generally speaking a difficult process the difficulty is it's contingent on a number of factors are how much time has elapsed since last contact which made with the submarine the depth and the time a tree of the waters in which the submarine was lost being another factor and generally speaking you know there are a number of things you could use to locate a lost submarine for example if it if the cause was an explosion it might well register on the ides response owned and operated by a number of countries and organizations it in the region and the route that one would also need probably in breast and would suggest a fairly large number of maritime patrol aircraft and surface vessels to scan the
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area in which it might be at and finally in the event that any of the crew us there by being one with typically used a deep submergence rescue vehicle to to attempt a rescue and the and needless to say this sort of mix of assets and things for which you know indonesian it's to reach out to regional part and that's football's controversial new european super league is on the verge of collapse just 2 days after it was announced one of the main organizer says it won't be able to go ahead after several teams with true from the project all of the english clubs involved including in chelsea and manchester city pulled out on choose day after major backlash from supporters and politicians and now in tamil land a similar event to sound authentic of a trade have followed suit many spanish clubs and rail madrid to barcelona are still officially involved these barca has more from london. it was
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a real domino effect and it all happened incredibly quickly under ferocious pressure from all sides not any grocery sir friends but so will the way up to the top as well managers players pundits you name it even royalty was involved in condemning the super league project the likes of prince william who's president of the football association here in england saying that he felt that it would change english football for ever prime minister boris johnson saying that he would throw a legislative bomb into the mix to try and stop the plan in its tracks the likes of the french president emmanuel micro him saying that he would make sure that existing championships were protected with the dust settling i suppose only the ruins of the the simply a period of soul searching questions are also being honest about whether now is the time to seize the opportunity to shake up the management of these teams many of them run by multi-billionaire laws the foreign owed has none of those teams that
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signed up with german many of those looking at their so basically saying look because funds in germany have much more of a stakeholder in those teams that the put the funds themselves avoided those teams going down this particular road if a similar shakeup happened here france would give them more power we wouldn't see that being at the top have a top heavy structure when it comes to how these clubs are all run most certainly the ball is rolling though when it comes to really reassessing the future of european football. well japan's grappling with whether to impose a state of emergency in tokyo and osaka as corona virus infections surge across the country comes just 3 months out from the troubled tokyo olympics now the international olympic committee is meeting to work out how to manage the ongoing problems plaguing the games but bryant has more from seoul in south korea. for the tokyo olympics nothing it seems can go right the 100 day countdown to the postponed
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games was accompanied by a cheerless drizzle and as coronavirus cases continue to mount this warning from a senior political leader crane or don't win here if it seems impossible to go on with the games they must definitely be cancelled japan's government was quick to walk back that remark insisting the games will go on but it's a far cry from the boundless optimism of south korea's pyong chang winter olympics in 2018 which led to one precedented diplomatic divisions it was meant to her old an outpouring of goodwill in east asia with the run of a lympics in the region the postponed 2020 tokyo games although it's clear how those are turning out followed by beijing's winter olympics in 2022 which some countries are now threatening to boycott that's because of protests over china's human rights record
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a reminder of how vulnerable the games are to multiple let's turn all factors having selected 3 hosts consecutive has within asia you know this is kind of like the ian period of the olympic games knew when he predicted it and could've predicted a global health pandemic and the games being delayed by a year and everything that's been happening with china so yeah nobody could predict the than it does become challenging for for her 1st so that still hasn't dented south korea's hopes of bidding for a joint summer olympics in 2032 with north korea. even though the 2 aren't currently on speaking terms you one of them is thought. the games would be held jointly by 2 different countries with different ideologies and systems it would serve as a good opportunity to embody the olympic spirit of world peace even as many of the facilities from south korea's winter games now lie idle hopes here in june or for a rekindling of that
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a limb pick magic probably. sold. well still ahead here on the news hour a transitional military council takes power in chad after the death of the president idriss deby also as one of the tomatoes most active volcano as a child as recent eruptions are disrupting lives and the ripples owner has apologized to the fans and to the english champions withdrawal from the proposed european city. fairly quiet with around the rayburn building to at the moment there's been a big drop in temperature around the levant several degrees as the breeze comes on shore and that's true of northern parts of egypt the breezes coming down the north of the red sea now through the series and the last remaining showers in north and
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turkey are on their way through to the caucuses then we're left with quite conditions not especially hot there were 3808 but only 33 in die hard and there's a little bit of cloud in the sky but even the potential of showers in the west american society that dissipate about tommy get to friday on saturday proper what's happening in western turkey what if you got to say a nice shower to iran otherwise it's fine and dry and reasonably warm there is action for the scientists just developed and this is within the last 24 hours this tropical cyclone job or now it's heading towards the african coast you might think mozambique is the obvious destination but this one looks as though i can't guarantee it is heading towards the coast of tanzania not many cyclons hit the coast to tanzania so that could be quite damaging is not a particularly huge storm but it is unusual in his position beyond that much of southern africa is fine and wall but not the eastern cape here it is wet.
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but. you see. a family man. politicized by the forces of nature. filmed of a 4 year olds a kenyan farmer documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change to see the climate diaries a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an accidental threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera runs special coverage documentaries discussions and reports exploring the consequences of all actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some a seeking to turn the tide
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a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of us today on al-jazeera. oh. look i'm up to the al-jazeera news hour with me it's a whole robin a reminder of our top stories the u.s. attorney general has launched an investigation into the minneapolis police department it comes less than a day after the former officer derek jovan was found guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd at least $200.00 people have been detained across russia for protesting against the incarceration of kremlin critic alexina valley russian authorities have deemed the protests unlawful to 2 coronavirus restrictions
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and at least 22 patients have died as a public hospital in india's western state of maharastra where their oxygen supply ran out following a leak in a tank the hospital had been treating coronavirus patients. syria has been stripped of its rights and privileges in the global chemical weapons organization $87.00 countries voted in favor of the motion 15 including syria russia china and iran voted against it now the move comes after an investigation blamed damascus for 3 poison gas attacks in 2017 the regime of syrian president bashar al assad agreed to join the peace c.w. in 2013 and give up all chemical weapons following a suspected sarin nerve gas attack that killed 1400 people in the damascus suburb of ghouta but it's been repeatedly accused of chemical weapons attacks since then a new p.c. w investigation team has blamed syria for the latter meena attacks in march 27th
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team damascus then failed to adhere to a 90 day deadline set by the executive council to declare the weapons used in the attacks reveal its remaining stores and comply with the p.c. w. inspections alexander keller is a former senior policy officer at the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons joins me now from frankfurt via skype thanks so much for your time and i mean what does having your voting rights removed do in sort of the bigger picture i mean does it have any effect on syria. well it certainly has the political effect in terms of clear political message and. syria will no longer be able to take part in in any road unless it has redress satisfactorily the issues at hand so the practical implications are not massive but it is
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a significant political signal do you think syria will just withdraw itself now from this organization or is it a case that it's actually been kicked out. no it is certainly not kicked out and i think that has been made clear by many of the state's parties or who spoke. yesterday today and also previously the intention and the desire of many really is to see the syrian arab republic come back into full compliance and work with the i t the investigation and identification team that you've just mentioned and other parts of the technical secretariat of the organization so there is no intention or at all as far as i can tell of throwing syria out of the convention how do you see this now moving forward does syria or is syria bligh to actually participate or cooperate if this organization says we want to investigate something in the future which revolves around
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a chemical attack either now or in the past or in the future in syria that obligation that the syrian government is under remains unaffected by this decision because syria remains a state party with fewer rights now but certainly all the same obligations that it had before and which it was not living up to in terms of the o.p.c. w how successful has this organization be in reading any chemical weapons from any state actors anywhere in the world. well i would say it has been very successful overall if you look at the global stockpiles that have been declared to the organization more than 98 percent have been destroyed under international verification that is verification by the organization and the remaining one point something percent are still to be destroyed and in one state party so it is
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very successful in that regard at the same time we also need to be very clear what the mandate of the organization is and what the limits are that it can of the activities that it can undertake on the basis of its mandate alexander keller the senior researcher of the institute for peace research and security policy at the university of hamburg thanks very much for your time sir very well come now the syrian president bashar assad has submitted documents to run for a 3rd term in next month's election the u.s. and the syrian opposition have criticized the vote calling it a farce it's been 10 years since the start of the syrian uprisings and the country is still mired in a war that's displaced millions and killed hundreds of thousands well 2 years ago nearly a 1000000 syrians were forced to flee their homes in northern hummer and southern during a military assault by government and russian forces now rights groups say their homes and land be unlawfully confiscated and given to government supporters as in
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a heart of reports. mohammed and his family used to live a comfortable life until a syrian and russian military offensive in northwest syria forced them to leave their home 2 years ago they moved further north to areas controlled by the opposition and lip muhammad is not only unable to return to his hometown in the hama countryside because of security concerns the government confiscated his land or the lock out autum an illusion of security committee in hama province decided not to allow what they called terrorists from returning to the lanes when government documents were issued formally confiscating my land along with the land of at least 100 others who they consider opponents imagine they also confiscated land belonging to my relatives as well this is why muhammad still hides his identity he fears for their punishment against those who stayed behind human rights groups say 44000 hectares of agricultural land have been unlawfully seized since
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the government captured northern hama and southern from the opposition the syrian government has not announced the option or reached out to the individual. they did not provide them with an opportunity to challenge the decision and did not provide the nation when they took over the land millions have been displaced from across the country in the 10 years of war and it's not the 1st time authorities have retrospectively punished their opponents existing laws make it hard for those who can't or won't return to government controlled territory to hold on to their properties. we can return to our homes because of the presence of this criminal regime i will try through human rights groups to legally challenge the regime god willing i'll get my land back in any way possible peacefully or even through war. the government has placed many refugees and internally displaced people on a list of what it calls terrorists to justify the land grabs in
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a move rights groups describe a systematic repression. for many it's not just about material losses i think i'll give you an example my father who was killed in a regime jail when i used to visit his house used to see his spirit every with his laughter his smile we lost our memories they also lost their only source of livelihood forced to leave their past behind them for their beirut. now a chance military has promised an 18 month transition to free elections after the death of president addressed heavy the army says he was killed while leading soldiers fighting rebels in the north that he had just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders his son general nama will take on the role of interim head of state. the defense and security forces are not seeking to seize power and would like to reassure that the members of the transitional military council will hand over power to
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a civilian government after free and democratic elections within 18 months. in the company and says there is a sense of uncertainty as people try to get back to normal activities now. people in the capital are getting back to normal life activities most of them are working day by day to support their families they continue their work as usual despite their concerns armed opposition groups have issued statements saying that they do not accept the declaration that baby son will be the president for 18 months we have been to the central market in germany all the shops are open and people are doing their daily business as usual not all government offices are fully operational some of the staff went to the offices some didn't go because the situation is not clear to them and they're all waiting to see what will happen the political opposition parties and some civil society groups have also rejected the claim that debbie son will be president for 18 months. for many of chance our
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allies have paid tribute to turkey his death could have wider implications the security in the saddle contributes one of the highest number of troops to the fight against armed groups in the region and that interest reports now from nigeria as capital abuja idriss deby presented himself as a strong leader and that's what he wants for his allies in the west and in africa. this will seem on the battle front yet like last year when his troops fought and eventually expelled bokhara and then i said i feel hated group. he's death on another battlefront is a huge blow to our allies and the fight against armed groups and there's a hell and elsewhere in africa that are concerned with the security challenges increasing and whom the country may limit or even reduce its participation in external conflict it was reported 3 years ago that debbie before he died was moving units that he had deployed to mali and news year back to chad to help defend the
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capital these are some of his best units so if the current interim government has to keep those units in chad for security purposes. then that would disrupt at least in the short term france's and the broader g. 5. counterterrorism efforts in there and those rebels remain a threat a father deterioration of security in charge could trigger the withdrawal of its troops from regional to bolster security at home this will in turn leave many countries in this hell and lake chad regions more vulnerable to study improves their play a significant role in stopping armed groups from overturning many communities. chard a country with a history of quds civil war and tribal conflict is battling various rebel groups the latest being the one in which president deby lost his life. the group was until a year ago based in libya and was fighting alongside mercenaries on the humvee for hotter ironically one of the reasons that they're coming back into chad right now
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is because of the peace agreement that was forged under the united nations auspices in libya requiring all foreign armies to leave the country and so they're doing just that they're bringing with them the training and the arms that they gained inside of libya and they're bringing them to chat with a region awash with heavy and small weapons from libya conflict experts say charred and the entire region could see an uptick in violence by rebels and i'm groups in the coming months western powers considered as a dependable and one charge in forces to continue to play the torch with a new military government having so much to deal with right now that are no guarantees but chardin troops will continue to fight those battles while there is trouble i told i'm with you greece on tuesday to object now the head of sri lanka's roman catholic church is accusing the government of stalling investigations into the 2019 east to bombings the attacks on catholic worship has killed 269 people and
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left more than 500 injured nearly 200 suspects were arrested but 2 years later no one has yet been charged the government at the time was criticized for not acting on intelligence information ahead of the attacks but often and from. 2 years after the easter bombings of 2019 there are still more questions than answers as you can see behind me hundreds of members of the catholic church the clergy coming together essentially in a silent march a sign of sort of cruelty and calling for justice for the victims that were killed on that easter sunday 2019 now the head of the catholic church the archbishop cardinal malcolm brown has been scathing about the lack of progress he said political posturing and the need to protect alliances had hindered the i mean he
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went as far a few days ago as saying that the bombings had nothing to do with religious extremism the draft was about politics and people who wanted to ensure a centrally grabbing power so this has been a sort of us saw issue over the months since the bombings and the government essentially the current government of president rajapaksa that came to power promising transparency promising a sort of a clear and an open door but has been called out the opposition essentially saying that there are too many things essential lead dots that daunte to add up the see that the east cross conducted by a presidential commission of inquiry did not to look into crucial issues things that were white facts within this bombing had not been looked into. let's say the region now and 2000000 more where a protest leader has been charged along with 40 other demonstrators for the murder
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of 2 policeman he was arrested last week following a buying chase in the money our video released shows a veritable ramming into a convoy of bikes the man that was then taken away by armed men the military is also cracking down on protesting doctors by canceling their licenses and revoking their passports the u.n. human rights chief says the violent crackdown following the february coup has a close to a quarter of a 1000000 people displaced 20 chang has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand. medical services in myanmar have effectively ground to hold the the military have been focusing very much on trying to pressure the medical services doctors but also those running the hospitals to get back to work they've been targeting them they've been targeting the hospitals as well in some of their crackdowns and what we heard in last night's 8 pm bulletin on state television news was that any doctors who
6:45 pm
take part in the cd i'm being civil disobedience movement will be disbarred they'll have their law medical licenses revoked and they'll have their passports taken away they've even arrested the doctor who's in charge of the covert 19 operations in myanmar so it is something of a health care system in crisis nonetheless i think this the many doctors in myanmar have stated that they are not going to go back to work and they are adamant in their support for the protesters did world the special rapporteur for human rights said today that he's being told that as many as a quarter of a 1000000 people have been displaced and we've seen 2000 people coming across the border into thailand we know some have got across the other border into indonesia into india but the majority of the of those people are people who fled from the big urban centers where the protests and the crackdowns have been focused in the last
6:46 pm
couple of months with the military so intransigent in their of refusal to turn back the clock on the military coup and the protesters adamant they're going to carry on with the protests that this is just heading towards an even greater crisis. a south korean court has rejected a compensation claim by women forced into sex slavery by the japanese military during world war 2 it role the japanese government enjoyed sovereign immunity from civil jurisdiction under international law and in a separate case in january the same court heard drawled that japan should compensate 12 surviving victims saying their treatment amounted to crimes against humanity. china's leader xi jinping will be attending a climate change summit on thursday in his 1st virtual meeting with the u.s. president since joe biden took office she is one of 40 world leaders by the invited to the event after officially returning to the 2015 paris agreement washington
6:47 pm
beijing relations have been tense particularly because of china's crackdown on dissidents in hong kong and its treatment of muslim weekers inching jang. volcano has been erupting for all than 2 months now plumes have caused a slight consolations and lava flows have destroyed crops and spot wildfires and as michael repeller explains residents are considering evacuating as the molten rock continues to spread the limbs of the ass and a river of molten rock from guatemala spec keno now stretches for more than 3 and a half kilometers it's been erupting for more than 2 months but if they'd been single there for a little like the the activity has increased since the 5th of february it increased with strong explosions with an abundance of ash that led to the closure of the aurora international airport for 2 days due to the amount of. buckeye is one of guatemala as most active volcanoes but the lava flow today is the largest produced
6:48 pm
by this volcano since 1961 and there are fears about where it's heading. to communities that constantly mourn it during. created by the lava flow the community . and fan whole affair with john next in line the lava flow talking about around 1900 people that approaching in these communities. 70 year old old feel for how to do says he remembers the eruptions of 1961 but says this one is far more violent he's worried he'll lose his home if the eruptions don't end soon. the truth is that the lava hasn't faded grand extensions of planet destroying coffee plants forest of trees pastures and it's close to the community of al pacino. experts monitoring the ball to see the lava flow is moving about 30 meters per day the concerns are growing among local residents who have been asked to prepare for a possible evacuation. leave the people who want to leave but don't have
6:49 pm
a place to go that is a greatest worry as authorities from the community. want the lava flow produced by guatemala keno has attracted curious tourists to the region. but scientists say that volcanic activity could change at any moment and warn of the possibility of more explosive eruptions and ash falls went up a little al-jazeera. well still ahead on the news hour it's. the fall out european football bosses admit that the simply could no longer go ahead so don't go away.
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welcome back peter so thank you very much football's controversial unity and super league has collapsed just 2 days off it was announced. on the road and events as have now pulled out all 6 english teams withdrew on tuesday and leaves just. dreads . reports. the moment chelsea fans got what they wanted less than 48 hours after the club announced it was joining the breakaway european super league the backlash been so fierce they decided to pull out that's the best news i've ever had as a chelsea fan and i was in munich when they won the champions league and this is better than that the i've never seen so much too and i think nothing really is about i'm so happy with a very the premier league and with saving english football and i'm so happy about that it didn't take long for the other rebel english teams to follow fellow london
6:52 pm
clubs arsenal and tottenham announced they were withdrawing from the super league along with manchester city manchester united whose executive vice chairman ed woodward will step down at the end of the year and liverpool i want to apologize to all the fancy supporters of liverpool football club for the disruption i caused to past 48 hours goes without saying but it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans it followed 2 days of protest from angry fans on field demonstrations from premier league players even the captains of the teams involved in the breakaway declared they were against it and the managers clearly weren't sold on the idea either it is not a sport when the relation between the effort and the success the effort and reward doesn't exist don't exist so is not a sport the british prime minister barak's johnson also spoke out how can it be
6:53 pm
right to have a situation in which you create a kind of cartel that stops clubs competing against each other playing against each other properly the super league's remaining members across italy and spain and italy said they would reconsider ways to reshape the project but the english exodus has left it dead in the water atletico madrid ac and into my lan and eventis have now pulled out with the event as president andrea agnelli the vice president of the super league admitting it can no longer go ahead david stokes al-jazeera you heard david mention any report that the vice president of the super league admits it cannot go ahead we can now hear from under way and yearly. remain convinced of the beauty of the project of devalued it would have developed the pyramid of the creation of the best competition in the world but admittedly no i mean i don't think. that project is now are still up and running maybe
6:54 pm
something will happen in the future i'm not going to say how many plums clubs contacted me in just 24 hours asking if they could join. really you think. there would have been quotes from across europe you would have got to 15 you wanted more maybe that maybe delayed but i was contacted by a number of teams asking what they could have done to join. could you say which teams they work no i prefer not to because personal matters is a personal. spoke to the former real madrid boss or among culture on he believes the reputation and image of his beloved club has been seriously damaged and says the current president flaunting appeared as owes the fans an explanation he didn't make any inquiry to them you know that to know if they approve these and say that he made a mistake that if he were to clear
6:55 pm
a mistake i know he's problem is involved now we know curative earthman in a stadium that is going to course nobody knows how much but for a few more than $1000000000.00 euros plus the losses for the pandemic still he needed desperately a situation like this i don't think that it's the need to reform in my opinion i pitched said many times the current form out is quite good it gave the opportunity to its small clubs to play against the big ones or so they play they come play. each other did the mystic competition it's compatible with the champions league and in fact the u.s. . into there's some reforms they are trying to increase the number of clubs play in that competition and he some of the changes that is going to improve this format but they think they know no need to change it. in their way or
6:56 pm
30th already so there are only 2 teams left standing rail madrid and barcelona buses coach ronald truman has called on the club's president john laporta to clarify their position on the european super league. local not that she didn't die yes i talked to the president yesterday about this issue he explained to me the stance of the club but there's been so much noise since yesterday that it's better not to opine about it right now because many things can happen nobody knows what will happen we have teams that said they were in the now they're saying they want out so i think we must wait but in the end all i want is the best for this club and it looks like dublin is going to miss out on hosting euro 2020 games later this year the city was due to hold 4 matches at the viva stadium but the irish government say they don't expect to be able to meet you eva's demand of filling grounds to 25 percent capacity the delay tournament is due to be hosted in 12
6:57 pm
cities across europe from june with us to say to make a decision on dublin bilbao and munich on friday after they were unable to guarantee spectator attendance in other sports news a decision on the number of local fans attending the delayed turkey olympics may not be made until as late as june overseas spectators have already been prevented from traveling to japan for the games because of the coronavirus pandemic organizers say a recent spike in cases may delay decision until weeks before the games begin on july the 23rd. book thought all the cards in 1902 ation is ever changing while looking closely at the overall numbers including the outlook for the future i think it is necessary to listen to opinions and make adjustments from the experts perspectives i would like to find a direction by the end of april but i am still considering when to make the final decision based on the situation in the future at all the sport is far more on the way later so if they thanks very much peter because you have been watching the i
6:58 pm
was there and used with you to stomach i mean the whole robin more news on the other side of the break up until it from me on the news stream thanks very much for your time and your company. london is one of the most unfortunate cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on right around the globe and so here at al-jazeera we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people but how it affects their everyday life . we are free to put them on air into really engage those stories because we know that all the audience is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the
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more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go on the reported. the climate is changing and action now is paramount the challenges are immense but overcoming the this crucial will president joe biden galvanized efforts for stronger action stay with the just 0 for special coverage of the leaders' summit on climate. thousands of children were removed from east timor during the indonesian occupation decades later what i want to join these men these last generation is they find head home. on al-jazeera i joined al jazeera as part of the launch team in 2006 protesters have called for a 1000000 man march in that time i've covered wars revolutions elections i'm going to treat poor sick crowds here in tahrir square remain very large and very vocal to tell just 0 we cover the stories that matter the human stories. from the from
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venice of caracas to the battlefields around mosul i would job is to get to the truth and then power people through knowledge. the u.s. justice department launches an investigation into the minneapolis police department following the guilty verdict in the george floyd koenig's. zoabi watching all of their lives my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. russian police arrest dozens protesting and so.


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