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time to head home. on al-jazeera there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places mistake al-jazeera pretty invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes 21000 patients die in one hospital in india as their oxygen supply is run out due to a leak. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty
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a jury in minneapolis convicts a former police officer on all 3 counts for the death of george floyd. 2 prominent allies of the are arrested ahead of plan protests and the state of the nation address by president clinton and a transitional military council takes power in charge after the death of president idriss deby. venters chairman says the proposed european cannot go ahead the author will win for you know it was all 6 english clubs withdrawal following fan pressure we'll speak live to a former president of real madrid this hour. welcome to the news hour we begin with breaking news from india where at least 22 patients have died at a public hospital in india's western maharastra states when their oxygen supply ran
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out after a leak in the tank that hospital was been has been treating coronavirus patients elizabeth rodham is joining us from new delhi elizabeth what can you tell us about this incident. hello daryn so we are hearing that there was. oxygen tanks in a hospital in the city of nashik. that this happened as the tank was being filled the hospital said it was able to see. the leak for the health minister said that while doing so that affected the oxygen supply for the people in the hospital resulting in 22 deaths 22 deaths of the 19 patients now the hospital also said that they tried very hard to save lives after this incident the initial number of dead was 11 but that soon went up to 22 now unfortunately accidents in the hospitals aren't uncommon in india they have been
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a number of fires of the past year of resulting in the deaths of code 19 patients in hospitals but this is also happening as many states of india seeing an acute shortage of oxygen supply here in the capital delhi delis leaders pleading with the central government to provide oxygen for hospitals which have said that they're going to run out in a matter of hours one of delhi's because private hospitals which received oxygen on tuesday night after raising the alarm about the shortages told us that they have received oxygen but now it's only they only have enough supplies to last them until thursday morning elsewhere in the country we are seeing many reports of people dying because they haven't been able to get oxygen and we've had on wednesday reports it's come to light rather that india exported double the amount of oxygen in the past year than the previous year and is now in a situation where it's having to import oxygen because of the shortages as more and
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more people are hospitalized with the huge rise in cases that we're currently seeing. what is the response from the central government to all of. those said anything about this latest incident. so this has just happened about an hour ago we haven't heard from the central government but local authorities in maharashtra have said that they are going to investigate what happened and hold whoever is responsible to account this is what we hear after other accidents including those at hospitals we heard from prime minister that in the more d. about what is happening in the country he addressed the nation on tuesday and he said that india is facing a storm but that a lockdown has to be the absolute last resort but despite him saying that we've seen many restrictions come into place and many other parts of the country delhi
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where we are has very strict restrictions there calling it a curfew but it is all the same conditions as during the nationwide lockdown last year where people aren't allowed to leave their home unless it's for essential supplies to get essential supplies if they work in essential services the worst affected states maharashtra where the incident with the oxygen tank leakage happened they are considering a complete lockdown putting $120000000.00 of its people under a complete lockdown master is going to decide about that on on wednesday but for now the government is promising that in the morty. they're asking people to do their bit to stay indoors as much as possible but ruling out a nationwide lockdown to deal with this 2nd wave. as well as the health system buckling as you're describing we also hear that christmas for humans are struggling
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to cope. around the country we have much more ems and burial grounds working day and night we are seeing pictures of dead bodies piling up outside of hospitals because freezes of fall. in india the funerals are held very very soon after death and that is because of the very warm temperatures because of a shortage of freezing facilities but families of victims are having to wait for a very long time people are being promoted outside of assigned cremation grounds the state of karnataka has ordered. public ground to be made available because of the rise and from ations we have reports in the state of gujarat where. i have been working for so long without a break that metal parts and this is starting to melt and also in the state of good rotten also in mother you've been there many reports especially from local
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media where the official death toll does not add up is nowhere near the number of patients who are dying in hospitals and the number of cloven 1000 patients who have been cremated or buried ok a very worrying situation for the time being elizabeth thank you so much for that update from new delhi. as a physician specializing in bioethics and global health policy and he told us earlier the government has failed to prepare by enhancing oxygen supplies after the 1st covert 1000 wave in india and last year. i think when knox is in something i was blonde land last this was probably keeping in mind the local game on the local demand has a really over the last few weeks and i think what we're seeing now is perhaps not enough focusing on that kind of a need we have an acute situation right now in many states and that also means that
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within the country there is an enabling need to be able to provide oxygen to it is because almost every state is now clamoring for more stuff like you know we went through almost 2 to 3 months of cases going down you know we had a lucky break in that sense but given global experience i think there was always the chance that we would see a resurgence and the resurgence this year has been much more sharper than last year so unfortunately it seems to be the case that the lessons from last to perhaps where north registered adequately. recognition that those who need admission certainly need oxygen and if that number of cases at met that would increase exponentially as we are seeing right now that there would be a possibility of shortage of oxygen this would have been something that want to see makers and health systems officials should have thought through unfortunately it seems to be the case that not enough was done in advance and now we are again in a situation where it's almost on
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a day to day basis that planning process and supplies that there is a lot of reluctance to go down there with a nation national state weight loss on that having been said many governments have already started that process they might not want to lock down they sometimes wanted to go if you had said but there is a recognition that there is a huge amount of strain on the health system in many parts of india and we need to bring down the number of cases otherwise it would reach breaking point. a landmark ruling in one of america's most important racial justice cases in decades and minneapolis jury has found the former police officer and chosen guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd chosen was film kneeling on the unarmed black man's neck for more than 9 minutes during a botched arrest last may cho in faces up to 40 years in prison when he's sentenced in june but he may appeal arguing the jury was prejudiced by media coverage john hendren has been following the trial in minneapolis. the verdict was swift and
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decisive the case that became a national referendum on racial justice still held the power to surprise guilty guilty guilty verdict the jury found former minneapolis police officer derek children guilty in the racially charged killing of george floyd on all counts 2nd degree murder 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter today you have a kid who's all wrong to see if so what happened some of bread. you know the most imputes in the world scene has been extinguished and i could do method but what's. especially in a court room over and over and over again as my brother was murdered there's no comparison i can embed that anywhere the world actually compare that. to this because we got justice did we get just as we want we're ok we want
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you he may not be here. but we won it was shelved and expressionless in court who was on trial but it was floyd who became a symbol of racial justice for black americans who felt targeted and abused by police for generations we always maintained the moral high ground knowing that we were on the right side of history. the verdict resonated in the white house where president joe biden called floyd's family we hadn't seen since the civil rights era in the sixty's protests that unified people of every race and generation in peace and with purpose to say enough is enough enough of the senseless killings today. today's verdict is a step forward the legal system had to operate behind barricades manned by national guard troops in a city that border that business isn't closed schools in anticipation of
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a ruling that ended months of demonstrations with celebration. the case that began with a fake $20.00 bill and ended with a nationwide movement might have gone unnoticed if it hadn't been for a viral video taken by a 17 year old girl is excruciating to watch as it was to re watch over and over again throughout the trial of a man treated with dignity speaking his final words to. crowds of man the streets of minneapolis and the nation since floyd died on may 25th as they leave the courthouse square they insist the movement will continue. john hendren al jazeera minneapolis while marches on van jones have been held across the united states following that conviction from the steps of the courthouse in the capital demonstrators returned to the streets promising to keep up their fight for racial equality she had reports from minneapolis.
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huddled around by phone is outside the courthouse the news spread among the crowds direction of the found guilty of all 3 counts there was a lation but no illusion among many of those gathered. that. we are satisfied with just because this is just one step too i'm so glad. it's been a way to watch. and. i'm glad we're all here today because if. i'm a private i. there was disbelief but also belief that the evidence of george lloyd's murder was incontrovertibly. at the site of his death an area now named george floyd square emotions were particularly roll in other cities similar scenes maters in atlanta. not.
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in new york satisfaction at what the black lives matter movement has achieved despite the naysayers all the folks who were nonbelievers for the last 5 years they came out into the streets for what was right and they got a victory we should make no mistake with the protest as we've been hearing from do not agree with the prosecution case 3 heard that this was not the minneapolis police department on trial what we keep on hearing from them is it is the minneapolis police department not only that it's the police departments across the country that were on trial and this verdict may have brought relief at justice finally served but there was also the recognition that the law would not bring george floyd back she had her town see al-jazeera minneapolis. well just as the verdict was being announced police shot and killed a black teenage girl in columbus ohio police have released body cam video showing
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an officer shooting the girl as she appeared to try to stab another girl with a knife protesters took to the streets expressing outrage at her death the city's mayor says an independent investigation is under way the russian president vladimir putin is delivering his annual state of the nation speech right now the coronavirus pandemic and the economy are his top priorities hooten how the breakthrough for russian covered 1000 vaccines and said he believes that russia will achieve herd immunity by the autumn he went on to say the government's main task is to boost the economy well as they know tourism top officials gathered in moscow and russian police detained 2 prominent allies of the jailed opposition leader and a volley protests are planned across the country and support in a volley has been on hunger strike for weeks and is dangerously ill the kremlin critic was jailed in february for a parole violation which he says is politically motivated let's just
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listen to what the president has to say during his state of the nation address to. the. well it's a strange thing the armed forces is. going ahead. all the time. developing a lot of military said just. sit 6 percent of. the armed forces over the last years this is a very very good case so. inter continental missiles and.
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will. usually and. international. are for a quick glance. of the armed forces. and we have also learned increased they asked where. hypersonic cruise missiles that we would. look and certainly. are also thinking about. another hyper sonic weapon. with one. another system is also going to be implemented. when talking
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about a new generation of weaponry. a bit like your home absolutely troubles that. we are constantly trying to engage. in. where i. can make sure that we are secure. and continental ballistic missile. has when you. have been very much involved discussion but talking about defensive weaponry is that and you're going to be doing. what you want. i very much. of late. which came before the security council of the un will be intended to.
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realize here above all on interstate. operations. of the united nations. here. making sure that the situation. for example is. stabilized. and as you know we played a very important part and stopping a military conflict in. which. way. in many countries. in africa. but what i'm. seeing. now you can. actually. go to. the expansion of. the thinking
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with regard to the. other international organizations we are. seeing initiatives. with regard to the welfare of citizens this is a new initiative. what's. actually being realized at the moment. before international organizations. this is not. some kind of. privacy but having a real effect on people's lives. but raids of i have talked a lot about the health system but i just like you conclude that no one knows what
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is ahead for us but the cities of russia board be a lot and will continue to do absolutely everything in order to counter those regulations. but we have reliable potential here in russia in terms of the science education industry. and. we have to go forward with this respect when you. obviously we have to correct our workers to go along it. we have to as i said pay great attention to the demographic situation welfare assistance job creation and to make sure that we modernize the industries. that state government says. we need small socio
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economic welfare measures general for the welfare of our citizens. you know. that is a live picture from moscow where the russian president vladimir putin is delivering his annual state of the nation address was touched a little bit upon the military capabilities of the country and also the foreign policy off russia he didn't say that a russian military is constantly being developed and then he went on to add to that he hopes that no country will cross any of russia's red lines but they say that russia wants good relations with other countries burnouts methods joining us from moscow bernard so the president is still speaking and that's presumably will take a few hours as he's known to take but so far what's been the takeaway message what about her and. well he began his speech by saying we're going to focus on domestic issues social welfare economy and
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he said he'll just mention a few lines on foreign affairs towards the end i think is getting towards the end of his speech actually so most of it was concentrating on how russia has dealt with the pandemic he says russia need he wants herd immunity in russia by the end of autumn but i should say it's a very ambitious target because only 4.2 percent of russians have had the job of the vaccine shot even though russia has a very reliable and. a very well regarded vaccines about a high degree of vaccine skepticism here but he said russia wasn't doing enough yet to try and combat the spread of the pandemic this i should say he was speaking to a hall where half the people were wearing masks he also touched on russia's demographic downturn that that was a major problem and he wants to increase support for single parent families and increased payments for people who have children online i did hear on foreign affairs. which we just missed earlier on he said that the rest of the world is
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picking on russia without any reason he said it's like a tiger we're like a tiger surrounded by hyenas it's like something out of iraq jarred kipling novel so that gives you an indication of how he views russia's position in the world of the mo and bernard as that is taking place in moscow we are hearing reports of detentions at rallies in parts of the country and those rallies are protesters coming out in support of alex and of ali tell us more about that. yes one of his supporters called for nationwide protests this evening to day. to highlight the fact that the valley is not getting the medical treatment he wants or access to his own doctors it's a big country russia russia so there are some areas 86 to 8 hours ahead of us from here in moscow and already in those time zones in the far east that have been protests we've been told so far 43 detentions nationwide some of those protests being violently dispersed in russia's far east that have been detentions
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here in moscow earlier on today of a couple of major supporters. in moscow and in the rest of the country these protests are not officially sanctioned they're not allowed people have been warned not to turn up at them and if they do there is a risk that they are going to be violently dispersed and we're hearing that is already happening as i say in russia's far east where the where it is the evening and where people have tried to protest ok thank you so much for in its mouth reporting from moscow. chad's military has promised an 18 month transition to a free elections after the death of president idriss deby the army says he was killed while leading soldier is failing rebels in the north debbie had just won reelection his son general will take on the role of interim head of states. left
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it is security the defense and security forces are not seeking to seize power and would like to reassure that the members of the transitional military council will hand over power to a civilian government after free and democratic elections within 18 months. many of chad's allies have paid tribute to his death could have wider implications for security in the chads contributes one of the highest number of troops to the fight against armed groups in the region. reports from nigeria's capital. idriss deby presented himself as a strong leader and that's what he wants for his life in the west and in africa. this was him on the battlefront yet like shot last year when his troops fought and eventually expelled bokhara and then i said i feel hated group he's death on another battlefront is a huge blow to our allies and the fight against armed groups and there's a hell and else why enough. that i can sense that with the security challenges
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increasing and who the country may limit or even reduce its participation in external conflict it was reported 3 days ago that debbie before he died was moving units that he had deployed somalia needs year back to chad to help defend the capital these are some of his best units so if the current interim government has to keep those units in chad for security purposes. then that would disrupt at least in the short term france's and the broader g. 5. counterterrorism efforts in. and those rebels remain a threat a father deterioration of security in charge could trigger the withdrawal of its troops from regional to bolster security at home this will in turn leave many countries in the saddle and lake chad regions more vulnerable to. play a significant role in stopping armed groups from overturning many communities. chod a country with a history of coups civil war and tribal conflict is battling various rebel groups
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the latest being the one in which president deby lost his life the group was until a year ago based in libya and was fighting alongside mess in a race on the how do you have to ironically one of the reasons that they're coming back into chad right now is because of the peace agreement that was forged under the united nations also says in libya requiring all foreign armies to leave the country and so they're doing just that they're bringing with them the training and the arms that they gained inside of libya and they're bringing them to chat with the region awash with heavy and small weapons from the libya conflict experts say chide and the entire region could see an uptick in violence by rebels and i'm groups in coming months western powers considered as a dependable and one child in forces to continue to play the tool of the new military government having so much to deal with right now that are no guarantees but chardin troops will continue to fight on those battles one that has trouble.
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i'm with you greece on tuesday to. football's controversial new european super club is on the verge of collapse just 2 days after it was announced one of the main organizers says it won't be able to go ahead after several teams withdrew from the projects all of the english clubs involved including chelsea and manchester city have pulled out after a major backlash from supporters and now inter milan and a classic on madrid have followed and u.k. prime minister boris johnson is hailing the decision as the right result for founds clubs and communities and barker's joining us from london so this collapse name came under immense pressure to talk us through it and what happened. to a huge amount of pressure from all sides the dust is very much settling on the ruins of the european super league off to chelsea on tuesday night with the 1st english team to say that they were preparing paperwork to pull out they were quickly
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followed by much just a 60 words from spying for much less to come a drape then followed them before evening was completely through all of the 6 english teams that said that they were initially time to join this controversial league so that they were now pulling out including arsenal where we are now the arsenal leadership issues or some more contrite apology saying quite simply that they'd entered into the whole contracts to form this leak out of the interests of the club given all the financial woes that many teams have faced during the pandemic here but now they need to apologize and that they were very very sorry to the fans to the players and the management similar messages also from other teams as you mentioned there the italian club ac milan is also confirms that they will be pulling out of the league if we got the 2 the eventis now say that the league most certainly cannot go ahead this of course is much more than about football it's
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about businesses it's about how fans are treated it's about how companies operate and what many are now asking for. all 4 clubs so reform the way which they're structured to give more power to the fans giving them much more of a say a big just stations like this that have proved incredibly incredibly unpopular ok thank you so much for that update from london and do stay tuned with the al-jazeera news hour because our sports will turn in about 20 minutes time we'll have much more on the european super league still ahead after the break syrian refugees face losing be very homes they fled pro-government supporters are benefiting from the nato slang grounds and tokyo's olympic games grapple with more uncertainty as japan's government considers a state of emergency to control surging coronavirus cases in the capital and also liverpool's owner has now apologized to the fans after the english champions withdraw from the proposed european super the details in sports and then later.
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the residents of norway and sweden are in for a big shock in the immediate future more arctic air so it will leak elsewhere and it's not necessarily obvious where it's coming from it's coming from here on this cold for those lines up they go towards the north pole that is going to be the coldest part of your most the rest of your of so it recovered from a recent cold spell right into the teens for most places it's even warmer western france disappointing wet in spain the moment a lot of rain that stretches through its city tows off in the balkans moment and then there's more gathering in place that better use and ukraine but look at stockholm at 3 degrees you wouldn't expect it to be there i know it's spring but there is 11 and to have 2 days a snow falling is
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a little unusual in stockholm in particular but cold will spread into the baltic states some snowfall. even in poland but that's where the real cold is held elsewhere in europe when you start the rains disappearing and the wall says we're not with all that but what i shows it may be best of all the war was place in europe 26 degrees the average is 70 we don't eat chocolate a little bit in the next couple of days most of north africa is fine particularly hot in libya and tunisia but not in tunis itself. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious production goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really time to actually get to and we can go it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry and being an active emissions source people in
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power finland's plummets warriors on a jersey. we tell the untold stories. we speak one of us don't. be caught up alongside us. no matter where it takes us i prefer your fiancee or gal my empathic impartial way tell your stories we are your voice no need. to al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on the all just hour at least 22 patients have died at a public hospital in india's western maharastra state when their oxygen supply ran out following a tank the hospital has been treating coronavirus patients former police officer derek been found guilty on all 3 charges including 2nd degree murder for the killing of george floyd. faces up to 40 years in prison. the russian president vladimir putin is delivering his annual state of the nation speech the coronavirus pandemic on the economy are his top priorities he went on to say moscow is striving to have good relations with other countries. to me and more now where protest leader has been charged along with 40 other demonstrators for the murder of 2 policeman he was arrested last week following a. video released shows a vehicle ramming into
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a convoy of motorbikes the man was then taken away by armed men the military also cracking down on protesting doctor is by canceling their licenses and revoking their passports tony chang is joining us from bangkok to talk us through all of this. what's prompted this decision by the military to target health care professionals. that appears to be an attempt to try and force them to get back to work we understand that medical services in myanmar have effectively ground to hold the the military have been focusing very much on trying to pressure. the medical service doctors but also those running the hospitals to get back to work they've been targeting them they've been targeting the hospitals as well in some of their crackdowns what we heard in last night's 8 pm bulletin on state television news was that any doctors who take
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part in the cd i'm the civil disobedience movement will be disbarred they'll have their law medical licenses revoked and they'll have their passports taken away and that's presumably an incentive to those who are thinking of trying to get out of the country to sew together not to participate in the cd and the doctors themselves are saying that they are continuing to work they're making their medical services available to the protestors on the streets but also informally to anybody who needs it but as i understand it many hospitals are now effectively ground to help people in those hospitals so the military themselves have taken away a lot of the supplies to their own bases in fact they've even arrested the doctor who's in charge of the covert 19 of operations in myanmar so it is something of a health care system in crisis and nonetheless i think this the many doctors in
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myanmar have stated that they are not going to go back to work and they are adamant in their support for the protesters and tony the number of those displaced because of the political upheaval continues to rise that's according to the united nations what are the latest numbers. dude world the special rapporteur for human rights said today that he's being told that as many as a quarter of a 1000000 people have been displaced and we've seen 2000 people coming across the border into thailand we know some have got across the other border into indonesia into india but the majority of the people are people who fled from the big urban centers where the protests and the crackdowns have been focused in the last couple of months and have moved many to their ancestral homes in the countryside but because myanmar is a country in crisis at the moment and the civil disobedience movement movement has brought everything to
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a grinding halt the situation is getting more and more perilous food supplies are short even getting money out of the banks is now virtually impossible and i think the fear is that with so many people spread across the country out in the countryside and the country in such disarray with with the military so intransigent in their of refusal to turn back the clock on the military coup and the protesters adamant they're going to carry on with the protests that this is just heading towards an even greater crisis tony chang reporting from bangkok thank you tony a self korean court has rejected a compensation claim by women forced into sex slavery by the japanese military during world war 2 it ruled the japanese government enjoyed sovereign immunity from civil jurisdiction under international law in a separate case in january of the same court had ruled japan should compensate 12 surviving victims. china's leaders will be attending
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a climate change summit on thursday in his 1st virtual meeting with the u.s. presidents since joe biden took office she is one of the 40 world leaders biden has invited to the event after officially returning to the 2015 paris agreements washington beijing relations have been tense particularly because of china's crackdown on dissent in hong kong and its treatment of muslim leaders in jang now italy and the netherlands are to start using the johnson and johnson after europe's drug regulator recommended it should include a warning label the european medicines agency found possible links between the. vaccine and clots but it says these side effects is very rare and the benefits of the vaccine outweigh any potential risks johnson and johnson cause the. recommendations from the u.s. . as an amsterdam with more. well it means that there is another disputed vaccine actually that could create concerns among people here in the e.u.
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it's very rare in 8 cases in fact they found blood clots and also decided decrease of blood platelets mostly within young women in the ages of 18 to 48 years old in the united states and that was also the reason they stop vaccinating people with this johnson and johnson vaccine but overall they say this risk is so low that of course for the overall population facing this risk of covert 19 still in this 3rd wave that's happening in europe at the moment they should still at minister this vaccine it was an important vaccine that a lot of countries here in europe are counting on especially here in the natl and because it's been developed here and laden in the national and state have asked for 11000000 vaccines here and in the overall of europe 200000000 faxes of johnson and johnson were supposed to be shipped to europe to be vaccinated here in the coming
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months the is of course this concern now this will all be delayed because people will be reluctant and also there will be a choice by the separate countries to impose an age limit for example the netherlands has sat with our stars in a car below 60 we're not using it anymore so that means that every country has a separate policy and of course that this could create delays 2 years ago nearly a 1000000 syrians were forced to flee their homes in northern hammer and southern england during a military assault by government and russian forces and now rights groups say their homes and land are being unlawfully confiscated and given to government supporters that has more. mohammed and his family used to live a comfortable life until a syrian and russian military offensive in northwest syria forced them to leave their home 2 years ago they moved further north to areas controlled by the opposition and lip muhammad is not only unable to return to his hometown in the
1:43 pm
hama countryside because of security concerns the government confiscated his land or the lock out of religion and a security committee in hama province decided not to allow what they called terrorists from returning to the lanes when government documents were issued formally confiscating my land along with the land of at least 100 others who they consider opponents imagine they also confiscated land belonging to my relatives as well this is why muhammad still hides his identity he fears for their punishment against those who stayed behind human rights groups say 44000 hectares of agricultural land have been unlawfully seized since the government captured northern hama and southern from the opposition syrian government has not announced the option or reached out to the individual. they did not provide them with an opportunity to challenge the decision and did not provide the nation when they took over the land millions have been displaced from across the country in the 10 years
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of war and it's not the 1st time authorities have retrospectively punished their opponents' existing laws make it hard for those who can't or won't return to government controlled territory to hold on to their properties. we can return to our homes because of the presence of this criminal regime i will try through human rights groups to legally challenge the regime god willing i'll get my land back in any way possible peacefully or even through war. the government has placed many refugees and internally displaced people on a list of what it calls terrorists to justify the land grabs in a move rights groups describe a systematic repression. it's not just about material. i'll give you an example my father was killed in a jail when i used to visit his house i used to see his spirit every with his left a smile he lost all memories they also lost their only source of livelihoods forced
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to leave their past behind. after all the.
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well chapin is grappling with whether to impose a state of emergency in tokyo and osaka as coronavirus infection surge across the
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country and comes just 3 months out from the troubled tokyo olympics the international olympic committee is meeting to work out how to manage the ongoing problems plaguing the gains rob pride reports from seoul. for the tokyo olympics nothing it seems kind go right the 100 day countdown to the postponed games was accompanied by a cheerless drizzle and as coronavirus cases continue to mount this warning from a senior political leader crane or if it seems impossible to go on with the games they must definitely be cancelled japan's government was quick to walk back that remark insisting the games will go on but it's a far cry from the boundless optimism of south korea's pyong chang winter olympics in 2018 which led to one precedented diplomatic divisions it was meant to her old an outpouring of goodwill in east asia with the run of a lympics in the region the postponed 2020 tokyo games although it's clear how
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those are turning out followed by beijing's winter olympics in 2022 which some countries are now threatening to boycott that's because of protests over china's human rights record a reminder of how vulnerable the games are to multiple let's turn a fact having selected 3 hosts consecutive has within asia you know this is kind of like the asian period of the olympic games and nobody predicted and couldn't predict. a global health pandemic and the games being delayed by. everything that's been happening with china so yet nobody can predict the than it does become challenge for her us that still hasn't dented south korea's hopes of bidding for a joint summer olympics in 2032 with north korea even though the 2 on t.v. are currently on speaking terms. the games would be held jointly by 2 different countries with different ideologies and systems it would serve as
1:49 pm
a good opportunity to embody the olympic spirit of world peace even as many of the facilities from south korea's winter games now sit idle hopes here in june or for a rekindling of that a limb pick magic rob mcbride al-jazeera sole well let's get more sports news with peter now there in thank you very much football's controversial european super league has collapsed just 2 days after it was announced into millennium atletico madrid have now pulled out after all 6 english teams with 2 on tuesday the league's bosses now admit it can no longer happen david stokes reports. the moment chelsea fans got what they wanted less than 48 hours after the club announced it was joining the breakaway european super league the backlash been so fish they decided to pull out that's the best news i've ever had as a chelsea fan and i was in munich when they won the champions league and this is better than that the i've never seen so much joy and i think nothing about i'm so
1:50 pm
happy with a very the premier league and with saving english football and i'm so happy about it didn't take long for the other rebel english teams to follow fellow london clubs arsenal and tottenham announced they were drawing from the super league along with manchester city manchester united whose executive vice chairman ed woodward will step down at the end of the year and liverpool i want to apologize to all the fancy porters of liverpool football club for the disruption i caused to past 48 hours. goes without saying should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans it followed 2 days of protests from angry fans on field demonstrations from premier league players even the captains of the teams involved in the breakaway declared they were against it and the managers clearly weren't sold on the idea either it is not a sport when the relation between the effort and the success the effort and reward
1:51 pm
doesn't exist don't exist so is not a sport the british prime minister boris johnson also spoke out how can it be right to have a situation in which you create a kind of cartel that stops clubs competing against each other playing against each other properly the super league's remaining members across italy and spain and italy said they would reconsider ways to reshape the project but the english exodus has left it dead in the water atletico madrid and into milan have now pulled out and event as president andrea agnelli the vice president of the super league at mit's it can no longer go ahead david stokes al-jazeera joining us now is former real madrid president i'm on calderon and i'm on thank you so much for your time we appreciate it what's your reaction to the chaos that we've seen over the last 48 hour winds. a very good mornin it was expected to order to didn't think either would be the last solito but even worse by the conceived
1:52 pm
worse but for the war he came in they were a sgt moment to knowing that many many clubs are suffering or struggling to overcome the pandemic so i think it's a good good news for the border that the house finished labor day the agreement of 5 few clubs over what it meant to buy debt they wanted to be rescued by. others expenses that was unfair in that a say say it's a lock for football that finally this has been a failure and then as of last only 48 hours how damaging will this be for real madrid in particular the president florentine a pet is given that he was seemingly one of the mosque the minds of the side. no doubt is going to be a dummy gin in our reputation in our image i think at this moment the president
1:53 pm
would be humble enough to appear in front of the members by the way he didn't make any inquiry to them you know that to know if they approved these and say that he made a mistake that the if he were to clear a mistake i know his program is the history involved we not curative best men in a stadium that is going to course nobody knows how much but for a few more than $1000000000.00 euros plus the losses for the pandemic so he need it desperately a situation like it is but they've got some fair to do in the way he did without any. concerted quit the with the governing bodies to a 5 p. 5. i think for us is not the best to have happened and what's your view on a super league concept or i'm on and do you think that there is a need for some kind of reform act you
1:54 pm
a fan. i don't think that it's the need to reform and in my opinion i 1st said that many times the current form art is quite good it gave the opportunity to its more laps to play against the big ones or is sure they play they come play. each other it did the mystic competition it's compatible with the champions league and in fact the us. into the us some reforms there tell him to increase the number of clubs play in that competition and he some of the changes that is going to improve this for mud but they think they know no need to change it to their way of hideous already ok ramon and obviously another thing that we know is that clubs have been talking about a super league ever since the 1990 s. maybe even before that when you were president of around the druid were you ever
1:55 pm
part of any talks about a breakaway leak. i was the vice president of the club's committee in the u.s. firm we were talking about reform but noted never in this way never. against governing body we were talking to them in a normal way enough friendly way and in fact we managed to do things that we wanted to increase the money we received for the outcome but this year at the moment we're very low and we thought we'd wartime fair so or that were so important and from the moment we were i thought we were quite happy but this movement has come to to tried to change things in a very bad way i think. romany hit by a year munich pressure than one of the smug this more knowledgeable people in
1:56 pm
football i've known. the side saying well now the point is to cut costs we have gone too far in transfer fees in salaries so we cannot to pay what we cannot therefore to the key question is not about their thing crease in the income of course the important always at the death necessary but the main main solution now is to cut costs are we going in iran is really desperate to pay the dutch for fees and salaries that we couldn't afford to without doubt the main problem form around the president said i'm on calderon thank you so much for your time pre-shared it's. now the n.b.a. community has reacted to the guilty verdict for derek chosen the former police officer responsible for the death of george floyd in response the n.b.a. and the players association released a joint statement so slow it's murder was a flashpoint for how we look at race and justice in our country and we are pleased
1:57 pm
that justice appears to have been served but we also recognize there is much work to be done the n.b.a. and the players' association together with our newly formed social justice coalition will redouble our efforts to advocate for meaningful change in the areas of criminal justice and policing of players and coaches have also shared their thoughts that's all everybody is asking for in this country is to. hold everybody accountable for their actions and i thought they made the right decision we had other incidents just like it since the time that george flight got killed and so. i guess what you wonder out of all this is is it going to change him. that's what we're going to leave it for mel b. we're going to little bit later with another sports news update thank you so much peter and you can always had online for all the latest sports updates as well as the news updates our website is al jazeera dot com thanks for watching the news
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hour i will take a short break but right after the break sounds a down will be with you and much more of the day's news ahead thanks for watching of life for now. frank assessment it's. exactly how and why taking what a situation like a month you could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing ministry us that this is a message to the region the united states is rethink you're its military posture
1:59 pm
in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story. this is one of them both astounding that no other revolutions in all of this make our planet pretty good we have to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars that need mitchum in motion they need to be mindful when people are just talking about the stars and that's. the world of business and commerce driving energy transition is the promise of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. the rhythm our inflows through the coldest reaches of kyrgyzstan the temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions on enough to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the river nile river contains gold went to villages along the river
2:00 pm
a big panning for gold a nice area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than your in the summer months these tiny little yellow flanks you can see not look much they were around $50.00 a gram. 'd least 22 covered 19 patients have died in hospital in india's maharashtra state after their oxygen supply of ran out. i'm sam is a bat and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up 2 prominent allies of i'd like to know how they arrested the head of planned protests and the state of the nation address by president.


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