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connor's driving energy transition is the promise of energy and illusion side of green energy. on al-jazeera. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty. a jury in minneapolis convicts a former police officer all 3 counts of the death of george floyd. i believe and celebration outside court crowd say they'll keep up the fight until 3 other officers involved are also big.
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time sam is a band this is al jazeera live also coming up india records more than 2000 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours for the 1st time as oxygen supplies run low in new delhi's hospitals. and south korean court rejects compensation claims against tokyo time sexual slavery. a landmark ruling on one of america's most important racial justice cases in decades minneapolis jury has found the former police officer derrick shaaban guilty of the murder and manslaughter of george floyd shove in was filmed kneeling on the black man's neck for more than 9 minutes during a botched arrest last may shove in faces up to 40 years in prison when he's
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sentenced in june but he may appeal arguing the jury was prejudiced by media coverage john hendren has been following the trial in minneapolis. the verdict was swift and decisive the case that became a national referendum on racial justice still held the power to surprise guilty guilty guilty verdict the jury found former minneapolis police officer derek children guilty in the racially charged killing of george floyd on all counts 2nd degree murder. 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter today you have to count. all around the world to see in so what happened some of. you know the most imputes in the world scene has been extinguished and i could do method but watch especially in a court room over and over and over again as my brother was murdered there's no
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comparison i can and does it and there's no word actually to compare that. to this because we got justice did we get justice we want we're ok we want you he may not be here. but we won it was shelved and expressionless in court who was on trial but it was floyd who became a symbol of racial justice for black americans who felt targeted and abused by police for generations we always maintained the moral high ground knowing that we were on the right side of history. the verdict resonated in the white house where president joe biden called floyd's family we hadn't seen since the civil rights era in the sixty's protests that unified people of every race and generation in peace and with purpose to say enough is enough enough of the
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senseless killings today. today's verdict is a step forward. the legal system had to operate behind barricades manned by national guard troops in a city that border that business isn't closed schools in anticipation of a ruling that ended months of demonstrations with celebration. the case that began with a fake $20.00 bill and ended with a nationwide movement might have gone unnoticed if it hadn't been for a viral video taken by a 17 year old girl is excruciating to watch as it was to really watch over and over again throughout the trial of a man treated with dignity speaking his final words at the. crowds of man the streets of minneapolis and the nation since floyd died on may 25th as they leave the courthouse square he insists the movement will continue.
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john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. marches in vigils have been held across the united states following the conviction from the steps of the courthouse to the capital demonstrates his return to the streets promising to keep up their fight for racial equality jabotinsky reports from minneapolis. huddled around their phones outside the courthouse the news spread among the crowds direction of the found guilty on all 3 counts there was a lation but no illusion among many of those gathered. that. satisfied with just this is just one step 2 and. it's been way too long. in. i'm glad.
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i'm a crime but i. there was disbelief but also belief that the evidence of george lloyd's murder was incontrovertibly. at the site of his death an area now named george floyd square emotions were particularly roll in other cities similar seen marchers in atlanta. and. in new york satisfaction at what the black lives matter movement has achieved despite the naysayers all the folks who were nonbelievers for the last 5 years they came out into the streets for what was right and they got a victory we should make no mistake the protest as we've been hearing from do not agree with the prosecution case 3 heard that this was not the minneapolis police department on trial what we keep on hearing from them is it is the minneapolis police department not only that it's the police departments across the country that
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were on trial and this verdict may have brought relief at justice finally served but there was also the recognition that the law would not bring george floyd back she had her town see al-jazeera minneapolis. celebrations of the verdicts haven't been limited to minneapolis in new york washington d.c. and atlanta others have rightly been support there demanding justice for all the unarmed black killed by police in recent years kristen salumi was at a rally in new york. where demonstrators have been gathering in the plaza behind me since the verdict was announced this location where i'm at brooklyn in the heart of new york city has been a centerpiece of the black lives matter movement demonstrators have come here often in the last year in fact you may recall that after george lloyd was killed protests in new york city became almost a daily occurrence in all 5 boroughs of the city demonstrators gathering for
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rallies like this for tox chanting the name of george cloyd and other people who have died at the hands of police new york itself has a long history of tense relations between the minority community and police officers as well so people here gathering expressing their feelings of relief i would say this is being seen as a victory but only a 1st step as we just heard a lot of the people i spoke to tonight not all of them support abolishing the police i've heard views on both sides of that matter but they all agree that the issues that have been raised by this trial have only begun to be addressed and they feel that there's more work to be done and there's talk about about that among the people gathered here tonight. just as the verdict was being announced police shot and killed a black teenage girl in columbus ohio police have released vaulting him video showing it off so shooting the girl as she appeared to try and stab another girl with a knife protesters took to the streets expressing outrage at her death the city's
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mayor says an independent investigation news underway. india's health system is buckling as the country reports almost 300000 new cases and more than 2000 deaths in one day these are both record numbers crim of tory ans are struggling to cope with demand as the death toll continues to climb local media reports are accusing the government of understating the number of fatalities hospitals in new delhi of warned of a severe oxygen shortage emergency supplies were brought in late on tuesday following warnings from hospitals stocks were about to run out and migrant workers continue to crowd bus and train stations in several parts of the country as they flee anticipated lock downs prime minister narendra modi's described the new wave of infections a storm we still are urging states to avoid
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a complete lockdown i'd use friends in today's situation we have to save the country from a lockdown i appeal to states to avoid lock downs and use them as a last resort we have to make the most efforts to avoid lockdowns and only focus on making micro containment zones elizabeth purana miss in new delhi she says the government is under scrutiny for its management of oxygen supply as. we have heard from 4 hospitals which has said that they have now received oxygen supply one of daddy's biggest private hospitals have told us that they've got enough supplies to last them to thursday morning and they're expecting more today so they do have enough to tide them over for another day but they need more delis local leaders have been pleading with the central government to make sure that the supply makes it to the capital the delhi high court has called the situation the health care capacity in the capital it said that it is at the stage of imminent collapse that's
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the situation in the capital the shortage of oxygen has been. a big issue in the worst affected states for many weeks now and elsewhere in the country we are seeing more and more reports of people dying because they can't make it they can't get to a hospital bed where they can't get oxygen supply and it's just come to light that over the past india exported double the amount of oxygen that it had the previous year and did this during the pandemic including in january this year the nationwide lockdown last year had wreaked havoc on people's these people's lives 100000000 migrant because india has a very large population of people who work in different states to where they from lost their jobs and returned home millions of them walked hundreds died on the journey india had its worst economic figures that in 5 decades and it's because of that amundsen that in the movie doesn't want to impose
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a nationwide lot done. russian police have conducted searches and detained supporters of jailed opposition leader alex in the valley ahead of planned for tests those demonstrations could overshadow president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation address due to be delivered in the next hour the nationwide protests are in support of nirvana who's been on hunger strike for weeks and is dangerously ill the kremlin critic was jailed in february for parole violation which he says is politically motivated of the same time tensions between russia and ukraine have been growing russia's foreign ministry accuses ukraine and nato of continuing with preparations along its border or sco is warning it could lead to an escalation ukraine's president has invited putin to meet in donbass where ukrainian troops and russian backed separatists have been fighting since 2014 kiev blames rising
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tensions on moscow's decision to amass tens of thousands of troops on the border russia says it's just a military exercise bernard smith has more from moscow. there are some recently published art of light images showing what is a very serious buildup of military hardware in and around crimea and ukraine we've seen pictures of fighter jets lined up on a runway in crimea we've seen pictures of aben troops are many units attack helicopters smoke generators. jamming equipment reconnaissance drones and a military hospital and the e.u. and u.s. estimate this between 82100000 ground troops along the ukraine russia border russia says all of this the defense minister sergei short view is because nato and the u.s. are indulged and provoke a day of activities in waters and airspace around the black sea he doesn't say what those provocative activities are exactly and he says he's
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a long planned military drills also rushers probably planning to restrict access through the strait that is because they're going to stop they say millett naval vessels going through that strait that provides a link for ukraine to its eastern ports and there is a treaty between russia and ukraine that says those waters the hours of sea in the strait are supposed to be freely accessible to both sides so the ukrainians would see that as a provocation but russia says this is all a military exercise but whatever it is it is a very clear demonstration of russia's military capabilities in and around ukraine in crimea. well still ahead on al jazeera syrian refugees face losing their very homes they fled our government supporters are benefiting from the latest land grabs . fans cry foul the controversial super league on the verge of collapse often a huge backlash.
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it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored plan qatar airways there's plenty of spring right around the moment which of course is good but it has been very cold recently in temperatures only just recovering we had a huge amount of northerly wind and clouds coming in from the article that's more or less stopped except for this small area here and cloud elsewhere there which is pretty widespread isn't producing a huge amount of right now be some coming into portugal some across spain and significant rain it seems likely even to be snowy in parts of western russia but focus on this area here this northerly wind bringing a chill back to denmark and sweden the temperature in copenhagen at 9 degrees the forecast for stockholm going from 15 down to 3 and it starts to snow on thursday as
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one shockey don't really want and the cold is going beyond into germany and poland and then it goes back to the baltic states it won't penetrate most of europe not significantly there will be a chill wind i think into austria for example and the rain will tend to be replaced by the sunshine stuck quite spring was there now in africa this is been seized to hamas and when these strong winds it tends to blow to the sahara is taking a bit of a turn in bringing some pretty dusty conditions and hot conditions up through libya and towards sudden tunisia. sponsible qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land
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we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in the to be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. i'm back here watching out just 0 time to recap our headlines now former police officer derek chauvinist been found guilty on all 3 charges including 2nd degree murder for killing of george floyd chauvinist you to be sentenced in 8 weeks and faces up to 40 years in prison. the u.s. president has called the verdict a rare but important step towards justice in america joe biden spoke to ford's
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family before addressing the nation describing his death as murder in broad daylight. major hospitals in india's capital new delhi are warning they'll run out of oxygen in less than 24 hours india's reported almost 300000 new cases more than 2000 deaths both daily numbers. italy and the netherlands will start using the johnson and johnson job after europe's drug regulator recommended it should include a warning label the european medicines agency found possible links between the one those coded 19 vaccine and blood clots but it says the side effect is very rare the benefits of a vaccine out plainly potential risks johnson and johnson paused the road out of the job last week after recommendations from the us authorities. is in amsterdam with more. well it means that there is another disputed fact seen actually that could create concerns among people here in the e.u.
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it's very rare in 8 cases in fact they found blood clots and also this sudden decrease of blood platelets mostly within young women in the ages of 18 to 48 years old in the united states and that was also the reason they stop vaccinating people with this johnson and johnson vaccine but overall they say this risk is so low that of course for the overall population facing this risk of covert 19 still in this 3rd wave that's happening in europe at the moment they should still at minister this vaccine it was an important vaccine that a lot of countries here in europe are counting on especially here in the netherlands because it's been developed here and laden in the national and state have asked for 11000000 vaccines here and in the over all of europe 200000000 fact scenes of johnson and johnson were supposed to be shipped to europe to be
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vaccinated here in the coming months the is of course this concern now this will all be delayed because people will be reluctant and also there will be a choice by the separate countries to impose an age limit for example the netherlands has sat with astra zeneca below 60 we're not using it anymore so that means that every country has a separate policy and of course that this could create delays. south korean court has rejected a compensation claim by women forced into sex slavery by the japanese military during world war 2 it ruled the japanese government enjoyed sovereign immunity from civil jurisdiction under international law in a separate case in january the same call rule japan should compensate 12 surviving victims from reuters and solve the latest reaction on the court ruling. this was a setback for the comfort women and their supporters who believe that decades on
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they are still waiting for justice these were women young girls who were forced to work in brothels run by the japanese military during world war 2 now the case was brought by 20 plaintive as these are either surviving victims or families of their victims but the case has been thrown out by the court ruling that it goes against this principle of sovereign immunity this is the internationally accepted norm that a government is shielded from the action civil actions being taken in the courts of other countries it does go run counter to a decision which was seen as something of a landmark back in january which ruled in another case involving 12 plaintive saying that japan should be held liable and in fact ordering that each of the plaintiffs in that case should actually receive around $90000.00 u.s. dollars that was seen as something of a landmark case so this runs exactly counter to that not surprisingly japan has been opposed to these court cases saying that the principle of sovereign immunity
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should be upheld calling on south korea to uphold international law and saying that in any case all of these cases pertaining to these so-called comfort women have been settled by various agreements most recently an agreement in 2015 but going all the way back to when relations were 1st normalized between the 2 countries in the 1960 s. and all of these cases are simply dredging up the past many of chad's allies have paid tribute to his death could have wider implications for security in sabha chad contributes one of the highest numbers of troops to the fight against armed groups in the region reports from nigeria's capital. idriss deby presented himself as a strong leader and that's what he wants for his life in the west and in africa. this will seem on the battle front yet like shot last year when his troops food and eventually expelled bokhara and i said i feel cool. he's death on another
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battlefront is a huge blow to our allies and the fight against armed groups in this al and else why not. that are concerned with the security challenges increasing and whom the country may limit or even reduce its participation in external conflict it was reported 3 years ago that debbie before he died was moving units that he had deployed to mali and news year back to chad to help defend the capital these are some of his best units so if the current interim government has to keep those units in chad for security purposes. then that would disrupt at least in the short term france's and the broader g. 5. counterterrorism efforts in there and those rebels remain a threat a father deterioration of security in charge could trigger the withdrawal of its troops from regional hot spots to bolster security at home this will in turn leave many countries in this hell and lake chad regions more vulnerable to study and troops there play a significant role in stopping armed groups from over and in many communities.
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charged a country with a history of coups civil war and tribal conflict is battling various rebel groups the latest being the one in which president lost his life the group was until a year ago based in libya and was fighting alongside mess in a race for have to iran actually one of the reasons that they're coming back into chad right now is because of the peace agreement that was forged under the united nations auspices in libya requiring all foreign armies to leave the country and so they're doing just that they're bringing with them the training and the arms that they gained inside of libya and they're bringing them to chat with a region awash with heavy and small weapons from libya conflict experts say child and the entire region could see an uptick in violence by rebels and i'm groups in coming months western powers considered as a dependable ally and one charge and forces to continue to play the top of the new
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military government having so much to deal with right now that are no guarantees but chardin troops will continue to fight those battles while there is trouble. i'm with you greece on 20. 2 years ago nearly a 1000000 syrians were forced to flee their homes and know them and solve it live during a military assault by government and russian forces now rights groups say their homes and land are being unlawfully confiscated and given to government supporters that a whole has more. mohammed and his family used to live a comfortable life until a syrian and russian military offensive in northwest syria forced them to leave their home 2 years ago they moved further north to areas controlled by the opposition and lip muhammad is not only unable to return to his hometown in the hama countryside because of security concerns the government confiscated his land or the lockout of an illusion of security committee in hama province decided not to
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allow what they called terrorists from returning to the lanes when government documents were issued formally confiscating my land along with the land of at least 100 others who they consider opponents imagine they also confiscated land belonging to my relatives as well this is why mohammad still hides his identity he fears for their punishment against those who stayed behind human rights groups say 44000 hectares of agricultural land have been unlawfully seized since the government captured northern hama and southern from the opposition syrian government has not announced the option or reached out to the individual. they did not provide them with an opportunity to challenge the decision and did not provide. one they took over the land millions have been displaced from across the country in the 10 years of war and it's not the 1st time authorities have retrospectively punished their opponents existing laws make it hard for those who can't or won't return to
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government controlled territory to hold on to their properties. we can return to our homes because of the presence of this criminal regime i will try through human rights groups to legally challenge the regime god willing i'll get my land back in any way possible peacefully or even through war. the government has placed many refugees and internally displaced people on a list of what it calls terrorists to justify the land grabs in a move rights groups describe a systematic repression. many it's not just about material losses but. i'll give you an example my father was killed in a regime jail when i used to visit his house i used to see his spirit every with his laughter his smile we lost our memories they also lost their only source of livelihood forced to leave their past behind them for their beirut. now football's controversial european super league is on the verge of collapse just
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2 days after it was announced all 6 english clubs have pulled out after a backlash from supporters players and politicians david stokes reports. the moment chelsea fans got what they wanted less than 48 hours after the club announced it was joining the breakaway european super league the backlash been so fierce they decided to pull out that's the best news i've ever had as a chelsea fan and i was in munich when they won the champions league and this is better than that the i've never seen so much joy and i think it's about i'm so happy with a very the premier league and with saving english football and i'm so happy and it didn't take long for the other rebel english teams to follow fellow london clubs arsenal and tottenham announced they were drawing from the super league along with manchester city manchester united who c.e.o. ed woodward has resigned and liverpool 2 i want to apologize to all the fancy
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supporters of liverpool football club for the disruption i caused to past 48 hours goes without saying but it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans it followed 2 days of protest from angry fans on field demonstrations from premier league players even the captains of the teams involved in the breakaway declared they were against it and the managers clearly weren't sold on the idea either it is not a sport when the relation between the effort and the success the effort and reward doesn't exist don't exist so is not a sport the british prime minister bertie johnson also spoke out how can it be right to have a situation in which you create a kind of cartel that stops clubs competing against each other playing against each other properly the super league's remaining members now say they will reconsider ways to reshape the project but the english team exodus means the so-called dirty dozen have now been reduced to just 6 barcelona real madrid and athletico in spain
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and in italy it's the 2 milan clubs and eventis the event is president andrei and yell a is the vice president of the super league and says the project is 100 percent going ahead he claims that fee for a new wafers threats to kick teams and players out of their major competitions is illegal the super league has written letters to both governing bodies to open negotiations david stokes al-jazeera. take you through some of the headlines now former police officer derek shaaban has been found guilty on all 3 charges including 2nd degree murder for the killing of george floyd shelving is due to be sentenced in 8 weeks faces up to 40 years prison . can bring george herring floyd back to work but this.


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