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tv   Witness Sudan Seeds Of Inspiration  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2021 6:30am-7:01am +03

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it was about and i know the world and the international community should help us choose our leader and to take our rights back we should be living in a good situation like all the human beings in this region. a generation of palestinians has come of age living with a divided government and no way of changing it at the ballot box the question people are asking is will this year mark long overdue change which the talks are going to al-jazeera. or watching out there these are all top stories and u.s. jury has found police officer derek shaven guilty on all 3 charges including 2nd degree murder over the death of george floyd shaven is due to be sentenced in 8 weeks time and faces up to 40 years in prison. crowds in minneapolis about to keep up the fight until the 3 other officers involved in floyd's arrest also convicted
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the verdict was met with tears of relief and celebration from supporters across several cities. george foy's brother finds people have been demanding justice and urged them to keep on pushing his family held an emotional press conference where they said they were finally able to breathe again. there is president has called the verdict a rare but important step towards justice in america joe biden spoke to floyd's family before addressing the nation calling his death murder in broad daylight we have to listen. i can't breathe. nice words. we can't let those words die we see. we have to keep you. we must not turn away we can't turn away. chad's military has promised an 18
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month transition to free elections after announcing the death of president just debby the army says he was killed while servicing soldiers fighting rebels in the north that he had just won re-election and was one of africa's longest serving leaders his son general will take on the role of interim head of state. a car bomb targeting security forces exploded in afghanistan's capital kabul interior ministry says it was a suicide attack it happened hours before turkey and the delay of afghan peace talks set to be held in istanbul this week. and the chief of military gentle will attend an emergency meeting of southeast asian leaders this weekend to discuss the crisis in the country at least 6 people were reportedly killed by security forces on tuesday. those are your headlines we're back with more news here on al-jazeera after witness. the climate is changing and action now is
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paramount the challenges are immense the overcoming of this crucial will president joe biden galvanized efforts for stronger action stay with us for special coverage of the leaders' summit in quite. 'd a while not a hug or. another and i would give my as it was it i mean 'd certainly good that. it's very hard. to lose a part of your country apart for your civilization your culture.
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and ritual from. one of the. when in fact if you disagree with that. someone had the so that he had the mind of a community but. many of you want to hear more on the way to have the front of the law that they have but i mean with them but i you know. they feel that i mean mana difficult. as the fed they mimic you no doubt about that i know that that and the woman i live in which i had to do for someone that i want to out of a not so yet anyone does in the.
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yet it dumbed. down many at the mean what i'm in my dream out of this without. any. idea the. d.v.d. .
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must surely. know what the sun. is the land might have a human shape when i get off my god i said i like what. god gave you to eat then i met at the end of the walk there when he made jack. the. machine want to raise a family. everyone watch the shoulders with you when you get in. 1. 100 different projects. giving us new. ones as your opinion of all of my. and i think i got a high 5 but the look i'm honest. today if you give me
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a minute i'll be a positive that done. because what that hurt them for only one of the support for the russian might have been i'm not the leader who as i see it from which i can not live with things done with the good in with the i'm good i'm going with the 1st because given enough about that which i think i did duncombe because of the help he has of the rational you know love and i'll get the rhythm of the sword on their record for the idea but they're not the kind if i thought the other without them how many of them and i thank god i had a similar sort of moral values i think if you. had to be from different class of sudanese do you notice that it's like me i'm like a bit of betty but he's like
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a classy people i've been nice if it's not like me i think of people he's a genius but he's on we his wife and. i couldn't then have been instead of iraq the colonial and beyond the hummer. mom and without in the who am i going to look at the corner my we shouldn't look at we'll. come to the gate into question. that there were actually many if you like tranny many quick comments and very crowded also like we see in that scene or in fact that i didn't invent a club for practically. out of the list of i featured in any of the reality do you mean.
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i mean one of them of the. present before the one if i'm going to plan ahead of. that why would they get big. and he has the. right to get out of like russia but that of the badness and be seen in the one in one. of them i'm saddled with over mainly because like a. piece of material i have no gas here i'm an even shot of that i am mad if it's. not a system. and now we are doing our research and development but it's prototype and after that we have to do our best but it's our destiny. just
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a big. wrong. he's very stunned. going. it will spread all over this. or all of the little of. the good. they need to be even you know we have big problems and mentors that we should. so there's one there's something wrong. we change it all. by the way to now not.
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do you want me. to make this new data. everything fly in my mind. more about. a guy called my mom after big remedying. in the us it could be h m m. m you. reason. with i'm. not an islamist not. that in that fashion is not on the some of the. honey. issue was never how does he want to pick you out of. a yacht up and even if they're.
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going to keep that your ship they are still stuck here if. you. let me. think it's right. i love. you i love. you know my late that i'm at the facility yeah. because victims. exceeded what would have begun to cry out you know what it's going to show i had mine at the school but. they didn't. i'm one of them i'm with i'm with the congress and the my big scene is get out of the blue
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fin to look at the committee which i did to beat up. some of the. bigots and 100 and if you had here fairly. this week. and of a ticket in. that easy day it sure you feel i am going to go to the 11 minute. dunning would lay someone a lot come and stand there and it would you have to fear learn a lot of ticket what. you know you give. them a shot of that in or if you are a magician or out of their luck but a lot of them will do you go almost. is dumb of them or more for the initial shock i guess you know that i mean of them of you.
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i'm going to somalia so you've got to give more information about the. how we got. the fish. to take it you know. i'm not. even. going to slowly let actual people thought of the very idea that they're going to pop out of some of it i said i'm. glad i'm there with oh i don't look at you and you are. a lot.
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only i want to give. you a life. you have a lot of laughs. yeah now and i. don't know how your mom i don't know whose it was and it's alive. and i'm sure yeah.
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we did but. here we found a complete date riis. buried deeply in the ground because he only that small pots that got bought for him the 3 maybe if we came here after one years it cannot find any easier it would fight only events with no life let alone in the.
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long. term want to. completely destroy. what that human spawn go longer 3. still to recover that's on. fire it is east it's about 5 metres. and that is sands and the ground. at the knee cup what. he did not. look like 40 years. ago but everything. but the. spot of these.
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9 minutes. in the with the government. in one different. and often a. nothing with a lot. of a lot of. yesterday when we are in the desert. and still think of what. it's like the storm from the bottom gives up. all the nice income come from just peace so please stop all these going to.
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this deep like. they've made you the next they've been a flower for i did. i feel they had a voice. everyone oh they thought it was a life. i am the voice we are the voice. even if i shouldn't tell you no good and you know through him how much i don't i knew i had he was on. my funny time i'm going to study on me with him i mean if i'm not coming down on you. on. my god be. adam for. the people going on on the. way i think you're going to say i'm going to thank you
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for what i feel i think. because i. am only going to do when i. die you have need then you. can do it isn't optional than all of my it is about. the same stuff i would do you know me enough and good as i do that and that's an insult why i hadn't and that i'm not there yet and then i stepped out so far they have not. yet been a very much i knew and that led me now and then he asked that i said yeah. i did. so. well mom idea if i don't get in and i'm not trying to host the residents i'm the time nana so they may know how bad the south much and how crowded that's out of
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. that's how they'll hand out of the new. company i'm seemed to want to see into little innocent. mog that i did what i did as i like in a gun i love them to stop maloney's to feed me no humans could. find out. that it's wrong. and fix it in any court or any problem prevent them from coming in all but a horrible instructor but it gives a huge information about the ground about the law about this and that about the detention index will then. be there you don't you don't find out if the kid on would say that i knew who said here can you. you can achieve great
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monitoring with the wrong you can do i'm going. to beat me. if. i give the only one personally i don't. know really. i mean. i might not get the end of my family. 6 and. you know i'm not as if. i could be with. you in hoping that all the muscle i found on the commission. and there then yeah you.
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if we could we must roy i think it's a great opportunity so i want people to hear our voice more people will believe our goal is. that when they know the things i do any of my will noble with you and i am one of them and then the whole day they were with all of them and i would be done with that i think if it's all one week ago that would be. the problem and i don't think or look with.
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a straight 6 suspects he looked at my office and it's it's still a face that like about the socks yes when i was i'm told everything. would be ok today if i was not on the streets. and so. that's strong sense of the study it's. yeah it's. safer. than. what it was at that house hunting and crying because a lot you know it. we
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. are very proud of them. because. when we saw the. people bought
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a car. i gave that. brain. i have not had any map but about a casualty of. second cross. country. but at the. i meant to add 5 a day that were happy my survey out about well. how.
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would that. prove. that right is that even when they get a kick out of 5 years someone into 9 and that is what we are trying to assure. i don't feel 4. 5 years ago you have nothing you have nothing you now have everything we do alone we stood against everything. and just name it over the fish of the fish you and all but. all that president saddam would vote for a system of brawn i think we can get all the awards to our project and i were in government issue because the people opposed it. does not
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allow to see the light on the end of the tunnel so they have to cut you and me believe me time to. do anything drama come let come. when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show ends the final on call the retirement and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line meet the former circus performers brace from supporting each other on the stage of life keep going lest you got a broken bone and lean mean and off it was beautiful witness presents off to circus on i'm just that's fish loose patience is still must go on. plan is
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a wondrous ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an extra stench of threat in the lead up to us to i'll just say well done special conference documentaries. discussions under pool exploring the consequences of all actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some must see to turn the tide a season of programming exploring the time of crisis head to stand on al-jazeera. i'm like a vase in the south of india to find out how a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating impact and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we did that. for some of the world's most threatened animals and joined the call for an end to the global. earth rides on. the u.s.
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is always open for the people all right the world people pay attention to what you feel you know and i do see it is very good to bring the news to the world. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony find the defendant guilty. a jury in minneapolis convicts former police officer derrick show you've been of all 3 charges for the death of george floyd. kind of them are a couple this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.


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